Oct 12 2010

Home Exercise Challenges.

Hi guys,

We wanted to take a minute and share these mini exercise challenges that we just started to do around the house. The basic idea is to set up an exercise point at frequently trafficked areas throughout your house, so that when you pass by, or enter you have to do a few reps of whatever exercise you have chosen for that area. We run through some examples from our house in the video. Setting this up can be a lot of fun, and you can get really creative with it. This challenge is not designed to take a lot of time – each challenge could take less than a minute, but over the course of a day the reps do add up and make a difference. This is perfect if you are going to be around the house for long stretches at a time. The more active you are, the faster progress you can expect to make, and all of these little things have a surprising way of adding up. If you set up some of your own home exercise challenges be sure and share them in the comments (we will post your suggestions once the new site launches this month).

See you guys soon with a new workout,

Zuzana & Freddy


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  • Lish Weese

    Hey lovely Zuzana! What JEANS are these? I struggle to find the right jeans and this is the look I love…respond back if you have time!!! Love your new site, you’re an amazing girl~

    • Anonymous

      Zuzi says “PePe”

  • Angeline from Canada

    I love this idea! I am a student and spend lots of time in front of my computer or just sitting around reading and this would really help me keep more active. I bought the pull up bar and dip station a couple weeks ago and now have the dip station by my computer so that I can use it every time I go to sit down. Going to set up more things around the house too!

  • Vic from OC

    This is a great Idea for everyone to have at there home or even an office. I have no idea how i didn’t think about this before. I will definitely start this tomorrow.


    Zuzana and Freddy

  • dee

    Manuela!! LOL! She does squats everytime she goes to the toilet. LOL!

  • Ana Karina

    Hello Susana! i’m from latin america Venezuela and I’ve follow you since 10 months ago i’m changing my habbits for more workout and healthy foods I’ve lost so much weight doing your workouts!:D now i’m gonna start again this challenge right now i’m about 58k. i want to loose more fat as fast as possible i’m gonna put all of me! thanks a lot for this help! take care darling and keep on moving with this website you are such an inspiration for me! Hugs and kisses!

  • Aly

    This looks really great! I really love your workouts!

  • Nicole

    Love this idea. My goal is to complete at least a single one legged squat. It’s so hard!

  • http://www.waisthipsandthighs.com Thomas – Waist Hips and Thighs

    Love the sandbag and the gymboss the only other thing I really added for myself was a 40lb weighted vest. I didn’t think the gymboss would make that big of a difference but it really keeps me focus on the workout knowing I have something that is actually going to let me know when my intervals are completed.


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  • Edward from USA

    i love your workout videos. you probably have a lot of women followers but i want to say that your workout is great for guys too. thumbs up on your website. thank you.

  • Marlene

    Hi Zuzana, i love your videos! they are very helpful indeed!!
    But i was wondering if you could recommend any excercises specifically for building up hips, bum and thighs. Because these areas are the parts that i never put on weight even if i try to. So i have slimmed down overall at the moment, but want to give myself a bit more womanly shape.
    Many thanks for your help :)

  • Erin

    I installed a “fitness pole” in my living room:) not only is it a great conversation piece, it’s a fun way to fit in a bit of exercise! I study at home a lot and when I need a study break, instead of getting up for a snack (which I used to do way too often) I find a fun song online and dance away my stress for 5 or 10 minutes!! Seriously, its pretty impossible to ignore… I can’t walk by it and NOT spin around a few times:))

  • Yuck

    Get rid of those fugly breast implants

  • sarah

    A chair in front of my fridge, and I do step ups. Great for after my morning coffee if Im in a pinch time wise.Working up to being able to use weights too. Love em and they get my heart racing :)

  • Hector

    Great Idea! We have a 19 month old baby so every time I pick him up I’ll do 10 slow squats (he’s about 30 pounds). Thank you guys, as you said, every little bit counts.

  • jana

    Uh, you know that doing this kind of exercise like pull-ups WITHOUT a good warm up before can get your elbows and arms in trouble. You are fit and your body is used to workout (although tough working out cold muscle is not good idea for anyone) but recommending it on a pro site like Bodyrock.tv is merely ill-considered. Instead, include pull-ups in every of your workout and you’ll do your 10 reps in 4 weeks.

    I have bad experience with this kind of stuff myself so that’s why I’m leaving this comment. Be careful, guys!

  • Maria

    Hi, thanks for the challenge. Great way to keep busy while sitting at home. Even my 5 yr old is doing it with me, for example, before we sit down to cuddle on the couch we knock out 20 prisoner squats w/side knee raises (he can only do 7), or when he helps me put dishes in the dishwasher we will do reptile push-ups before we start and when where done, he can’t really do them but at least he tries. This is a great way for me to teach him the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Thanks again

  • TraceyW

    One leg squat question…I can do 2 squats per leg with my butt all the way down, I can do several on each leg if I don’t drop my butt down all the way. What should I focus on?????

    I lost a lot of weight this year by doing weight/burst training at many different times during the day. Along with regular workouts and good food I have accomplished a lot!!

  • Emily

    This is a great idea! Sine I have only 1 “station” in my dorm room, I’m changing the exercise every other day. I started with 5 burpees, now I’m doing 10 squats. I can’t do the 1 leg squats yet…
    Thanks you guys for the great work you’re doing here!

  • Jana

    Ahoj, mám jen takový dotaz…poadle toho jak jsi mluvila na videích…jsi češka? nebo slovenka?

  • Kacy Celeste

    All I can say is WOW!! Now that I have a new office job sitting all day I have been doing an exercise daily however adding this little challenge ontop of that has been wonderful!! Since I don’t own a sandbag I made myself complete 5 One Leg Squats per leg each time I went into my kitchen, and 5 Push Ups since I don’t own a pull up bar to use my bathroom. At the end of the day I had done 110 one leg squats, 75 push ups, and 95 chair dips. I can feel it today, thank you!!!

  • Zuzana

    I suck at pushups so every time I go around the mirror (I have to do them in front of a mirror to watch my form, I really do suck a lot, lol) I have to do 10 pushups. Great idea, Z + F

  • http://www.facebook.com/carlanunesdacosta?ref=profile Carla

    How fun! I am doing burpees every time I go to my sleeping room :) haha

  • Tony Fedora

    I have fitness challenges not so much at home, but at my workplace. I am a warehouse manager, so I am privvy to many objects I can “utilize to exercise”. For example, I keep the forks on my forklift up off the ground about 12″ and whenever I walk by it, I do 4 variations of push-up’s. I “borrowed” 2 five-gallon water cooler jugs (41 lbs. each) and will carry one in each hand as I walk to turn on the warehouse lights in the morning and then again, turn them off at night. This is about a football field long walk! I have a GREAT pull-up bar utilizing the warehouse racking. I have SO much floor room here, that I can use my weighted jump rope and 2 20 lb. dumbbells whenever I feel the need. WHO NEEDS A GYM!?!? :)

  • Julia

    Great idea! I love the approach of integrating exercise into our day-to-day environments. It makes it even more fun.

  • Josie

    Great stuff I do 30 leg squats every time I go to the bathroom!! I’ve been doing that for years:)) I love your ideas!!

  • Susan

    Nice Idea :)
    Keep it up (Y)

  • Honza

    Dobrý den Zuzano,
    pokračujte v tom co děláte. Myslím si, že češi potřebují inspiraci ze zahraničí.
    Preferuji cvičení spíše doma, tak se budu těšit na další ….
    “40věk na krku” sedavé zaměstnání tak jdeme do toho …
    Pěkné dny Vám všem …


  • pavla

    ahoj zuzko, hallo fredy,
    this your latest idea reminds me of my university studies -15years ago, and my preparations for examinations of fysics, and mathematics. when I was trying tu study, I have my watch ready every hour to have me know of my exercise of my body. and I have to do 40 squats. Also I have condition that everytime I enter the hall, I have to do 10 squats. so theese are the czechs brains :-) I keep my fingers across of your pages. I love it
    sorry of my english. pavla

  • http://myblckwings.tumblr.com Rifath

    I love this idea, I have already taken it into my own life. Before I sit down at my desk I do ten modified pushups against the desk, I park farther away to the entrance at the college I attend, I also take the stairs instead of the elevator, and I take the long way around the hallways to get to my classes. ** Sometimes I do some modified push-ups against the sink in the bathrooms, — after I have washed and dried my hands.**

    I am 23 years old. I saw your videos a couple of months ago. But never really tried it out. Starting from yesterday, I do some of your workouts with a variation of my own. Which works great for me! I just started 2 weeks ago getting into shape. I’ve never been in shape, but I have gained a few pounds, that I would like to disappear. I love that the two of you have worked out some great moves that I can do with my cardio. I really want some nice sculpted arms, so what if I’m a girl. I wanna look like I can beat you up!

  • Megan

    Everytime I go to the bathroom I do ten pushups!! ha I also loved your outfit in this video! it was weird to see you in jeans but they are so cute on you!

  • Anya Belarus\Usa

    Dear Zuzana and Frederick! I usually have no time to write any comments,though I have been following your workouts since February 2010. Today I decided to let you know how happy I am to find you. Your workouts are so much fun. Your attitude is inspiring. I love you so damn much! Thank you for your time and effort! Thank you Freddy for all the hard work you do before posting all this videos. It must take you hours( or at least did before you became a master in it:-) ) All my friends already know that I am a fan of bodyrock.tv and think that I am crazy doing this difficult routines. They were very difficult for me in the beginning, indeed. So difficult that I wanted to stop doing them altogether. But I didn’t and now when the workout is not difficult enough for me, I get disappointed. Your latest workouts have been pretty intense. Especially the 600. I even think I overdid it. :-) I felt really tired the next day. Can’t wait for tomorrow. I had to move into the garage for all the jumping that I do. My neighbors from the first floor had to bang on the walls to make me stop. I am getting carried away here.:-) Just wanted to remind you again that there are people who love you, support you and value what you are doing.
    If you are coming to US anytime of your life, please sing my t-shirt.

  • fairy

    Big thank you!! you guys r so great.I am mother of 2 & never have time to workout.This will definately help me.I can’t loose my belly fat.Can you plz help me with that.Thank you again.

  • tiffany

    I was just curious, I’m new to fitness in general, and I know that before a full workout, you should always warm up and stretch, and then do a cool-down stretch afterwards..

    Do we have to warm up before doing mini-challenges like this? Or is it okay since it’s only a couple sets here and there throughout the entire day?

    Thank you for all the time and energy you guys put into this site. I’ve been getting all my friends and co-workers into doing your workouts too! hahaha it’s awesome! :D

  • marta

    Well, it seems like an awesome idea, but shouldn’t we warm up before any kind of strength exercise? Even before these few reps of pull-ups or push-ups, etc.?

  • Roxy

    Great ideas that I kind thought but I didn’t do it. I will do it


  • FitMom

    1. Pull-up in the bathroom doorway (3 reps) – check!

    2. Home-made sandbag in the kitchen (2 reps – still kind of wobbly on one leg) – check!

    3. Dip station in home office (6+ reps) – check!

    Just saying I’m in, guys! :)

    Can’t wait for the new workout!

  • Elise

    I love the ideas….;)


    Love you guys!! Thank you both for empowering and helping me and everyone else here realize that it is possible to change our bodies without crazy miracle pills or fad diets!! Its time that we all break away from those old, tired ideas and start looking at things from your perspective, a little effort can go along way. Your such an inspiration!:)

  • Anna

    My idea to keep in shape at home is using hula-hop. Doing circles on hips with that thing during watching tv is fun, and the results are marvellous :)

  • Cesar

    good idea guys…..

  • Vicki

    Wow! This is a great idea. How did you ever come up with this?! Love it :)

  • k

    They do this at the USMA in the barracks, and the “challenge” is reduced or eliminated for upper class members. They tape areas of the hall and Plebes walking down the hall are not permitted to purposefully avoid the areas. I’d always thought of it more as a version of hazing by upper class member, but I rather prefer your view as exercise stations!

  • trisha

    I think this is awesome. It’s a little silly but I actually do this at work. I have dumbells in the bathroom and I do shoulder presses or tri-kickbacks. I even bought a stability ball that I sit on sometimes instead of my chair. I think i’ll start doing these at home as well.

  • ganymede

    Great! I wonder if you or any BodyRockers could come up with some challenges that could be done in a car when stuck in a traffic jam.

  • Gemz

    Thanks for these great ideas, Zuzana. I have started working on the one leg squats since your last vid. I wasn’t even as consistent as you have suggested, but I am seeing the results so quickly. I can feel my butt tighter and lifted. And the most amazing thing is I managed to work off the area that is right under the butt cheek, which is the hardest to tighten, because for the longest time I’ve been doing squats, lunges, step up and the result is slow to show. I use a coffee table to help myself, but it still works really well for me.

  • Vera

    Hi guys,

    Both me and my boyfriend work at home most of the time. So what we do when we don’t have time to workout during the day is to do 200 jumps every hour/2 hours and 20 push-ups and 20 squats once in a while.
    Most of people don’t work at home, but as you said it may help mom’s, for example.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fdJ2GkpfU0 Brent

    There is a woman on YouTube LisaNova a few months ago gave a great workout tip that really works your triceps and maybe biceps too. you do 100 of these a day and it really tones your arms. I searched and searched and finally found the video. the web address is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fdJ2GkpfU0

  • SteveO

    Nice tips! I do 20 pushups during commercials when I’m watching my shows.

  • Wendy from Australia

    I love this!!!! I have my chin up bar in the laundry door that is off the hallway. Not only do I do chin ups when I go into the laundry, but I do them when I go down the hallway to the bedrooms. I alternate between chin ups, wide grip pull ups and hanging knee raises. I also have my indoor bicycle in the T.V room next to my couches. If I am settling in to watch a show, I can jump on my bike for the 30 mins. Keep up the awesome website!!! It’s great. I am a Fitness Competitor who uses Plyometric type exercises with my comp preparation. Your workouts are excellent for this. Have you ever competed?? Cheers, Wendy

  • http://msjenayafitness.blogspot.com Manuela

    I think this is a great idea and I immediately started with it. Since I spend most of my time in the office I will do it there. Each time when I go to the toilette I will do 5 One Leg Squats. These are really hard for me and I need to use the toilette seat to help me get back up. Whenever I leave my office and come back I will do one burpee with jump up and 5 dips at my table.
    At home I will do 5 burpees with jump up in the kitchen (I love this exercise), 5 One Leg Squats whenever I walk to my couch and I will use my bathtub to do the dips in the bathroom. This will be a lot of fun :-)

  • http://theanswerto.gr/index_en TheoCoach

    This is a great idea. I used to do this when I was back in school. I used to go to the gym then and when I was home, whenever I went out or in my room I used to do 10-20 pull ups. Also several times during the day I would do push ups and bicep curls with kettle bells.

    This made a huge difference in my strength and body shape, so thanks for reminding me to do them again.

    Also a few months I used to push ups every time I found myself around the kitchen looking for something to eat. I would get on the flour and take 40-50 push ups. That was a really good pattern killer – I didn’t want to eat anything after 50 push ups :-)

    Theodore from Greece

  • http://bodyrock.tv vale

    Awesome idea w/home challenges. Thanks for always keeping everyone in mind w/your workouts, from the beginners to stay at home moms, was one for 5yrs and 40lbs overweight, wish i had those home challenges then,started spinning about 5mths now and your workouts and i have lost 25lbs, still need to shed those last 10 and tone up. It’s a GREAT idea, sure the kids will want to get in on it, it’s good to make them aware of good health and excersise at an early age.You are so much more than a hot chic,thank you to you and Freddy for your commitment!

    • Tairyn

      Wow! This is really realistic for me! I’m a 21 year old stay at home mom with two little ones under 3, and…like, 50lbs over weight? =C I’m really hyped, already starting to think of quick challenges…It’s tough to do long workouts with the kids, cause they’re always in the way or try to climb on me–it’s dangerous and difficult! (Especially when I’m lifting weights!)

      Thanks guys! <3

  • sarahi

    haha I do this at my home too!! its fun!!! Some are just doing 10 jumping jacks or doing the hula hoop for a min.

  • Virgnia Holloway

    Love your ideas of home work out. Quick, easy, effective.

    Thank you

  • Claudette

    Which pull up bar do you use?

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    We have a pullup bar that I’m going to set up in our bedroom doorway so that each time my husband & I pass, we have to do maximum reps. Hopefully the door frame is up for the challenge tho :)

  • Kimy


  • Pamela

    Great idea!!!!

  • Vivian

    Wonderful idea! I am inspired, I will do 10 pushes before each of my 6 meals everyday.
    Keep up the good work guys!


  • C.L.

    Whenever I go upstairs I do around 5 pushups on the steps. You can adjust the height of step you use to make it more or less difficult.

    Also, when I brush my teeth in the washroom, I do a wall-sit. I see if I can sit with my knees at 90 degrees for the full 2 mins of brushing.

    Hope that helps.

  • melanie

    Je trouve l’idée très bonne et je fais moi-même des exercices d’abdominaux dans le coin de mon comptoir de cuisine depuis des années.


  • Don Mac Neill

    Great ideas. Could the 2 of you come up with a routine that would involve the sandbag, dip station and cardio, for those of us that need to build strengh??
    take care,

  • Candee

    Hi Zuzana!
    I wanted to contact you somehow to let you know that you lady have been a great example for me to follow!
    I had seen your videos before but never really got the determination to follow your steps.
    About three weeks ago i saw a post you uploaded where you said (not exactly)”I will never stop working out…” “I am the best version of myself” that right there sinked in my mind and then i understood that I too want to be the best version of myself.
    I have been following your workouts and Nutrition tips every single day resting on workouts sundays only (when i run or play a sport)
    Zuzana i have lost 13lbs!!! My ancciety problems are long gone together with depression and all that crap that comes as a bonus with obesity. in just three weeks! I feel like someone totally new, like deep inside me there was this girl hiding under those extra lbs. i did not need pills or special equipment. I can not tell you how helpful you have been and I am glad we can find strong people like you posting this videos i hope you never stop.!

    Once again thank you for all your help, I will continue to follow you as long as you keep making videos. Keep it up strong girl!

    My blessings to you and your family!

  • http://www.naughtygirlfitness.com MrsNaughtywed

    This is such a good idea. We do this too. I have a pullup bar that I use before entering the kitchen for a snack. I have an exercise ball by the tv so there’s no excuse not to do some reps. I can’t walk passed the bedroom before doing a few spins on the dance pole! :)

  • Nicole D Lopez

    Fantastic idea! I am going to set up my pull up bar in between my living room and my bedroom and I am going to do push ups every time I open my fridge. I think I’ll make one for every time I get on my computer too…

    Thanks for this idea! It’s great!

  • http://ozziepossum-diyhealthfitness.blogspot.com/ ozziepossum

    What a great idea! Sadly my chin up bar damaged the door frame, so instead, each time I need to use the bathroom I’m going to perform some pushups. But, to remind me I’ve placed my pushup handles by the door!

    Keep up the great work guys! Still loving the site.

    Aussie Aussie Aussie Oy Oy Oy!

  • http://Www.bodyrock.tv Elizabeth

    Hey guys I wanted to share my mini challenge every time I walk into the living room I have my jump rope and I have tondo 50 high knee jumps :) luv u guys thank u!

  • Alex


    My name is Alex, I am not a guy and I am new to bodyrock. I am very excited and eager. I have been active all my life but never as fit as I would like. I am a little chubby and would like to be stronger and leaner. I am wondering how often I should be working out to lose the chub and gain the muscle. I heard from some people that I shouldn’t work out every day because you need time to relax. So i assumed 6 or so times a week would be good. I have enough time in the day to do it every day and I am good at sticking to it if I want to. But I would just like to know how often is too often or how often I should be working out as a schedule. Thank you! -Alex

  • http://www.insynergy.co.nz Lal

    This is great! My pull up bar hangs in my kitchen doorway which is the main thoroughfare.. I’m kinda nervous to leave it there but it’ll pay off in the end ay?!

  • Jennifer Ekrami

    This is a GREAT idea!! I’m going to figure out what I can set up in my house to do that also! When my daughter was little and she was sitting in her high chair and I was feeding her, I used to do jumping jacks and squats, etc. in between bites. She thought it was entertaining! Great, great idea! Keep them coming!! (grrr, I wish I had a pull up bar!!!)

  • Kelly

    Great idea! I’m a stay at home Mom and my two boy’s keep me very busy. I am home schooling one and the other is just 9 months old. He pulled up to standing today so I’m going to be chasing him around soon also. These little reminders will surely help me out. Have a great one!

  • esti

    Warmup! Please, please remind beginners how important it is to be warmed up! I used to do 20 burpies before each meal, until I hurt my knees pretty badly because I just stood up after some hours of working at the computer. :(

  • Lisa

    Good idea, I used to do this everytime I went to the bathroom I either had to do push-ups off the sink or dips off the tub.

  • Alli

    This is one of the best ideas. I have started doing this myself since I have been recently watching you. You are so inspiring. I have just used my couch to do elevated push-ups. The type where you put your feet on the couch and do push-ups on the floor. It is great to do during commercials on TV.
    Oh, Zuzana and Freddy please keep these great tips coming. I really enjoy them. :)

  • Allison

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy!

    My plan is to do 1 leg squats during every commercial break when I sit down at night to watch my favorite shows. I find that watching an hour or two of TV at night gives me lots of commercial breaks to bust out ALOT of one leg squats :)


  • pat


    Great idea. For the last 90 days before I can have lunch and before I can have dinner I do 100 leg lifts and 50 sit ups. This has made a huge difference in a short time. What is the story of your great house?


  • Rainnn

    Hi Zuzana & Freddy! This is a great video to be active! Other than rummaging for the remote control haha.

    Just wanna ask something irrelevant to this video. I, personally, am pear-shaped. I am really depressed over this because i dunno what i should i do. My problem is that i am rather skinny on the top but fat on the bottom so i look very unproportional. So what advice do you have for me? I would really love to hear from you! :) )

  • Tia

    Seriously, Zuzana, I have never been so inspired by anyone. You are so fired up about fitness and it really rubs off on others. It is so easy to adore you! And please thank Freddy for all of us Bodyrockers, because he is there filming whenever you need him. What a nice husband. However, he DOES reap the benefits of having a beautiful fiery Czechoslovakian fitness queen. You make me want to be like you. But seriously, working out does make everything better, inside and out. Smiles.

  • http://www.toolkitforabetteryou.com Shawna

    I love how you did Fitness Boobie-traps in your house! LOL

  • Lilly

    Hi Feddy and Zuzana!
    this might be a silly question, but how do you do pullups? I can do 30 full pushups in a row, and do lots of body weight stuff, but I have never been able to do one complete pullup, and when I’ve asked people (none professionals like yourself) how you do a pullup they all say I can’t because I’m a girl… I don’t believe this, and you are proof, so how did you get to do a full pullup? thanks for your time :) huge fan as ever

  • Baska

    Ahoj Zuzana, duafm, ze nevadi, ak pisem po slovensky, ak by s tym bol nejaky problem, tak kludne budem pisat po anglicky. mala bysom na Teba otazku, prosim ta, velmi ma zaujalo tvoje cvicenie, ale chcela by som sa spytat, ci sa vsetky cvicenia musia robit v tom poradi ako ich davas na web alebo ci si ich clovek moze aj poprehadzovat /dni myslim/, dakujem, Baska

  • Mia

    This is great…I did this a while ago and it really shows up…I do squats when I enter the bathroom etc. and it’s fun because it doesn’t take up the time,it doesnt make you sweat but it still counts…that’s great

  • chelsea

    Such a great idea! Thanks guys!

  • Andyfeelgood

    Hi u two,

    I´m already addicted to your site, so i`ll just wanna say that you (and fred of course) are and (you hear it often enough)

    are great inspiration.
    I can see that sparkling in your eyes when u explain or found something new (new food, new exercise) which only people get who really BELIEVE in what they are doing and saying.
    It´s so authentic.
    The commitment to youre lifestye is just so overwhelming, …
    (at least i get the impression)
    and i never never wanna miss a workout from you, guys.

    I myself always do one or two sets of bodyweight lunges, squats or push ups, pull ups, dips … (you name it, i do it!) after getting up in the morning.
    It´s great way to start the the day and the body awakes within a few minutes.

    all the respect from Germany

    take care!

  • Pooki

    This is an awesome idea, guys!!!

  • E.E.


  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/41740772@N06/?saved=1 Chris L

    Hi Guys,

    I’ve been practicing this everywhere! If I have a few minutes and there is good doorway for it I will do a few pull ups or if I’m in an elevator by myself I will do a few dips on the handrails.


  • Sandra

    Hello! I would like to thank you for the help you gives me and the challenges that really helped me in my life. I feel stronger and happier than before! Thank you!! //Sandra from north of Sweden

  • annie

    what a fab idea – i will definately be doing this challenge and sharing it with my friends! thanks xx

  • niemah

    Is there a section or vid where you discuss all of your exercise gear and where to purchase?

  • http://www.esipati.lv Laurinsh

    This is SO COOL, great idea!

  • paula

    very good idea with this challenge ! I have a pull up bar in front of my bedroom so each time i leave or enter my room i hang on to it for 1-2 minutes, but I can only do half way pull-ups for now.but I’m improving :)
    keep up the good work!

  • Lily

    Zuzana & Freddy!

    You two are so creative!! Im always so exited to come to your site every day, sometimes couple times a day, to see what new idea you have come up with or what new challenge to help transform my life for the better :D :D

    I recently had a birthday and I got a 10lb kettlebell and 2 10lb dumbbells :D im super exited for this challenge to use my new equipment. By the end of this month i should have a pull up bar so i should start attempting pull ups – which i have NEVER been able to do in my 23 years. I adore you two and your positivity, keep it up!!!

  • Lily

    Zuzana & Freddy!

    You two are so creative!! Im always so exited to come to your site every day, sometimes couple times a day, to see what new idea you have come up with or what new challenge to help transform my life for the better :D :D

    I recently had a birthday and I got a 10lb kettlebell and 2 10lb. dumbbells :D im super exited for this challenge to use my new equipment. By the end of this month i should have a pull up bar so i should start attempting pull ups – which i have NEVER been able to do in my 23 years. I adore you two and your positivity, keep it up!!!

  • Noriko

    This is a fun idea!!! Thanks! I decided to put my exercise ball in the laundry room. Every time i go there, I do 10 crunches on the ball.

  • haitham27

    Hi Zuzana & Freddy

  • Elena

    This is just brilliant! Thank you Zuzana!))

  • Mira

    I have a problem.

    I´m able to do quite many reps of one leg squats with my right leg, but none with the left. What should I do? This bothers me a lot.

    Thank you for this wonderful site!

  • Penny

    Awh, I wish my husband hadn’t thrown away our pull up bar.
    But I like this! I am going to set up some things right now. I’m going to do one-arm push ups for the bathroom and hang signs up to remind me.

  • Helen

    Hi Zuzana How much is the weight of the sand bag for beginners? tanks your a motivation for me !

  • Nina

    Great idea guys! I already pushed myself to do 5 one leg squats every time I wanna go into the toilet at work (before and after, to make it more challenging) and I do 10 pushups on knees everytime I wanna sit to my computer, 10 tricep dips on a chair everytime I wanna sit to my makeup table :D I wanna place a set of reverse crunches somewhere, maybe I will do them everytime I go upstairs to the bedroom :D This is the first time we are living in apartment that have stairs in it, so I am trying to run them up, not just walk slooooowwwlyyy…. :)
    Do you have any tip for an exercise using a gymnastic ball? I replaced my chair at the computer desk with it and I think it is a waste just to sit on it…

  • Jody

    The idea is perfect, but I think that such hard and intense exercises will lead to injury, if you haven’t warmed up before that. In particular the one leg squat is very dangerous. It is very important to be cautious about warming up before exercising because you can experience what I did – the injury I got 4 months ago lead to no exercise for 1 month and even after that I felt the pain.
    I am doing what Zuzana suggests, but my choice of exercises more warm up like.

    Zuzana & Freddy, You are great!

  • Adela

    Idea: squats on the toilet…

    this challenge can be really funny so…why not profit?

    My goal is to be able to do at least 5 claping push ups…so before laying on the bed (to watch TV) or going to bed i am going to do 5 push ups (with a lil hop, that’s all I can do)

    Does anyone have tips for claping pushups? PLEASE :)

    Have a wonderful day Bodyrockers!

  • http://healthydata.ca Izabella

    Whenever you go to the kitchen, try counter one-arm push ups ;)

  • Andreja

    This is so cool. You should publish this in fitness magazines.You really have good ideas.

  • Ludka

    HI Zuzka and Fredy.
    I have to admit that this idea is simply perfect and I love it . I think that I will create something like this in my room in boardinghouse.
    Bye bye

  • Jessy

    This is a great idea! I was just thinking the other day how useful your one leg squad challange was – now I tend to do it everytime I go to bathroom, for example – and that it would be awesome if you shared more tips, more exercises like this, where you don’t need any equipment, but they make a big difference.

  • Terri

    I love this! My goal is to be able to 1 ONE one leg squat.
    My legs are so so weak… my upper arms are stronger as
    I’m able to do 2 pull ups ( on a beam in the basement
    When I go to do laundry.)
    So…squats before I enter the kitchen (i have a plate and
    10 screws in my right ankle and it doesn’t bend to do a one legged squat, but im gonna to work at it anyway.) pull ups when I
    Go to basement, and because Im soo inflexible, I hold 2 or
    3 toe touch stretches before the bathroom.
    I hope this helps me!

  • David

    Great idea(s)!

  • jolie


    you know already how much we appreciate what you guys are doing for all bodyrockers. and i just thought that i could share with you some of my favourite beauty secrets (may be they are no secrets for you at all :) )

    1. every day to finish your shower with a 3 minutes cold water shower beginning with feet and getting higher. it is very important for the health – for circulation and for the skin tonus. then in some time you will surely notice a very healthy blush on the face. :) o it also helps against cellulite.

    2. to store the thermal water in the fridge and use it every morning on the face – good for skin tonus an d collagen.

    3. oils – for the body, face and hair. jojoba, rosa mosqueta, and argan -this one is very good.
    also can recommend the body oils of clarins – super good – antiwater drenante, skin tonus and relax.

    4. every morning drink a glass 1/2 water+1/2 lemon juice to clean and detox.

    5. cosmetics without parabens, dimethicone, mineral oil etc.

    6. be in love

    hope you will like it and it would be useful. thanks again for your work.

  • nichole

    I have a pull up bar in the doorway to my kids’ playroom. When I first started I had a hard time doing one. Now I can bust them out. And even my 5 year old can do them@ :)

  • John

    Great Idea!

  • AdamStein


    As you state yourself these exercises are “really hard, challenging and intense”.

    However, what about the risk of harm from not being warmed up and possibly pulling a muscle and causing oneself injury?

    Please get the new site asap as in its current format its difficult to navigate and find the right workouts and content with the videos etc.

    Loving the videos and workouts etc in general!!!

  • Pav

    Great idea Zuzi.Thanks a lot.

  • Kuwait_Rose

    that’s amazing! Thank you.

  • Dianne

    HI Zuzana,
    I am a new follower of your blog & also new to exercise. I have been putting on a lot of weight lately (10 pounds in 6 months )..yea i know thats terrible but i never bothered until my clothes dint fit me any longer.. now im into exercising since a month but i see no results at all.. I hope you can help me find the problem & guide me to better results
    i wanted to ask you what your preworkout coffee is made of?…why did u choose coffee?.. can i drink a cup of green tea sweetened with 1-2 tsp honey instead?…also i wanted to know what we can have immediately after workout? I am extremely hungry by the time i finish exercise as i am used to eating breakfast as soon as i wake up. i found that drinking 2-3 glasses of water immediately after helps reduce the hunger pangs & 10 mints later i eat a light breakfast . Is that good enough or am i doing something to ruin my workout benefits

  • Tereza CZ


    you are GENIUS! I don’t exaggerate, you really are:) All that you say is so simple on one hand, but on the other hand these are things nobody realises. I’m gonna start these challenges right now and I feel just so excited about it! Especially if putting the challenge into kitchen or corridor leading to pantry – it must get just anybody think twice before eating that cake if you have to do elevated push ups or one leg squats first.

    Thank you so much for this idea!

    Jen tak dál,


  • http://ikarusgreatdanes.goods.officelive.com Claudia

    Wow this is great!!! I´m going to add the burpee. Whenever I step into the living room I´m pulling out 10-20 Burpees plus the all the other ones you mentioned in the video. Still having problems with the one leg squat, can´t seem to master it yet.
    Also Zuzana, you diet is already having a great effect on your body, you can see more lean muscles on you. I´ve done this diet for years, my husband was a professional body builder and won many competitions and this is the diet that he uses (of course he bulks up because he uses lots of weight), but whenever I want to slim up I just get on this diet and I see results immedietly. So I´m really glad to see you using this one!!!
    Bodyrock junckie

  • Cindy

    I do a wall squat while I brush my teeth. U feel the burn if you brush for 2 min like your suppose to. :)

  • Euthie

    I do something like this before this challenge even started–when I play video games with my boyfriend or watch him play I sit on my balance ball and do ab and leg exercises. For me just sitting on it, too, is a workout in itself because I fidget so I always have to use my core to fix my balance.

    Haha if I used the bathroom as one of my stations I’d be working out all day. I think I’ll make the bathroom my one leg squat station.

  • http://sites.google.com/site/ubiklia/ Lia

    Hi guys! love your way of living ;) . And especially love this last video. I am a reaaaaally busy person (especially during the past month, since I have to deliver my master’s thesis the day after tomorrow :/), and that is how I have to do the workouts: in the little rests I get while working. I try also to eat healthy, however I gained two pounds (sitting around does its deed, and also I eat a muffin or two :P ) however I gained some interesting muscles on my arms and legs because of the presses and the one leg situp (man, is so hard! I have big hips and big ass naturally, and making them is such a challenge!).

    Anyways, congratulations :D !. I live in a small apartment where the kitchen, dining room and living room and my office are in the same area :P only separate bathroom and bedroom, and what I am doing, is to leave the exercise mat next to my desk, so that when I am out of ideas for writing, I do side crunches, sometimes presses, sometimes sit ups, and sometimes isomeric abs (I lie on my elbows and my toes, and stay there for half a minut, and sometimes go from elbows to hands, that way I work more muscles :) )

    :D thanks for helping us busy people!

  • Cris

    Hi Zuzana,
    great ideas to keep exercizing during the day. But I have one question: isn’t necessary to stretch the muscles before starting the exercises?

  • http://www.vixenaddiction.ca RobinTM

    Great suggestions! I just found your website and find it very inspirational

  • http://thefruitpersuit.punt.nl Sabine

    We have a pullupbar attached to our kitchen doorway (there’s no door) and the boyfriend always does like 5 pullups every time he walks in and out (and randomly too)

  • LeMarge

    I was really struck today when watching about the round-the-house challenges – you guys have come so far. Meaning, you videos are better, you’re more relaxed, your whole look is more professional – and I know you guys do it all yourself.

    Good work Freddie and Zuzie! and Thanks so much for being an inspiration to probably millions of people world wide – myself included. Thank you, thank you – you have made my workouts so much more fun.

    XO LeM

  • Laura

    I love this idea!! I’m going to set up an exercise mat in my laundry room. Everytime I have to run a load of laundry, I will have to do some pushups before I can get the washing machine running.

  • Shelly

    I like your home exercise challenges. It makes you more accountable do keep moving while at home. I am a fitness instructor in the U.S. and I keep active while teaching, but these at home challenges will force me to keep up with exercising while at home. Thanks!

  • Judy

    Wow! this is incredibly awesome! i’m a stay at home mom of 3 and i’m really busy between children and church activities. i usually do your wrko 3 sometimes 4 times a week. the days in which i don’t wrko 2-3 days in a row i’m extremely tired. for those “active rest days” i can do these fun, short but hard challenges.
    you guys really ROCK!!! God gave y’all an increduble gift.