Oct 23 2010

Warm Up Routine

Hi BodyRockers,

It’s been too long since I have shared a warm up routine with you, so we decided to put a new video together today and lead you through the one that I do before each of our workouts. This video is our first experimentation with our new exercise class format where everything is in real time and the idea is that you can actually follow along with me. This is all new for us and I know it will take us some time to perfect it, so both Freddy and I would really like to hear feedback, tips and suggestions from your guys on how we can improve our new format. You can leave a comment below that we will read, or you can email us here: [email protected] and [email protected] Every suggestion will be highly appreciated!

I really want to encourage you guys to get into the habit of doing this 5 minute warm up – the only thing that you need for it is your Gymboss Interval Timer. Taking the 5 minutes it takes to warm up with me will help prevent injuries and insure that you get the max benefits from your workout. I hope you guys will enjoy warming up with me before all of your workouts :)

We will be uploading the workout class soon – Freddy is just working on it so check back for it.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.




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  • Anonymous

     Hi,guys,I did it in 16:40min.I used 8kg.kettlebell.Thank you very much,Lisa,Sean and Teshia :)

  • Anonymous

    I love this warm up. I’ve been doing this before all my workouts since I first discovered Bodyrocking back in November =D. Love the real-time. 

  • http://profiles.google.com/mariahmkids5 Shaheen/ Yasmeen Shaik

    Love this warm up, i do the other first half of the second warm up with this. and I’m set for my workout.

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  • V.I.G.


    Zuzana, and BodyRock in a Norwegian newspapir. The headline say’s: The world’s most sexy workout’s? ….and in the article it say’s: and we do understand why:)

    So proud..love it:)

  • Katie

    It is a bit intense at the beginning but that slows down and you have a bit of stretching to end.  I usually do this warm up, then use the bathroom, then write down my workout and by then I am ready to do it, and it helps me get more out of my workout, so it’s all around a good idea!  Great for days when you don’t want to do much though. 


    • Katie

      Upon re-reading the bathroom comment was TMI. Anyway, I still do this warm up everyday, I love it.  Some days when I don’t work out I still do just this. About to do it right now as a matter of fact, then on to Butt Fat Meltdown! Have a good one everyone, and don’t forget to warm up! 


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  • Anonymous

    I love the warm buzz I get underneath my skin after a warm up

  • Lauren

    I would love to see a write up of this warm-up (and maybe your cool down). Something to stick in my workout journal to do every day. And even when I don’t feel like I have enough time for a “real” workout I think I could find time for 5 minutes! 

  • V.I.G.


  • ingrid haustein

    i feel sooo gooddd with this workout lol i love cardio thanks, grazie, graciass!!!

  • Haben

     There’s a meditative quality to watching your videos. Watching you makes me want to workout. Keep it up. 

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/FitMindy?feature=mhum Mindy McT

    Great warm-up! It has been really helping to get the most out of my workouts. I was doing my own warm-ups but this one really helps to prepare the legs and especially the knees for your workout :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001076654777 Stephani Livingston

    You are on the right track! Don’t forget your 20 mins of interval skipping after the workout. You will see results even faster if you do the skipping :) Good luck. I have been bodyrocking for 2 months and I swear I have read everything on this website. Spend some time on here and you will get things figured out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001076654777 Stephani Livingston

    You are on the right track! Don’t forget your 20 mins of interval skipping after the workout. You will see results even faster if you do the skipping :) Good luck. I have been bodyrocking for 2 months and I swear I have read everything on this website. Spend some time on here and you will get things figured out.

  • Rachel Cross


    I just NOW discovered this warm-up video. I’d never done one of your workouts in real-time! It was awesome!

    I usually watch the workout videos for direction and proper form, but then it gets lonely when I go on to do the exercises by myself. Having you there talking me through it made it so much more enjoyable!

    More real-time exercise routines, please!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=711260124 Anonymous

      I agree with you. I would love to do it with her/him in real time. Cause when you do it alone its not the same as doing it with a partner.

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  • Lotii

    I never do warm out or cool down (I know..shame on me :$)..but now i’m going to do this every time before workout :) thank you!!!

  • Clau

    Uff, is a pity that I can’t find the video anymore – and it was soo good to warm up…If you could explain us how and why is not there would be great. Keep up the great work you do for us!!! Thank youu!!!

  • karenm

    Thank you for posting your warm-up and cool-down/stretch routines right on the home page – it increases the likelihood that I’ll be good and actually do both! LOVE the new site organization.

  • http://www.youtube.com/myxdbeautyofficial Barbieolivera711

    I am sooooo glad you have this warm up routine now! It reallllly helps me to be pumped for the workout I am about to do. I can’t wait to see what I look like in 2 months! Been with you on and off for over a year now but this time I am eating right and working out everyday like you! Hopefully I can be on your bodyrockers one day and you can share my story with the internet world! I really admire and look up to you. Thanks again for everything you do for us! Your an amazing person!


    Barbie (yes, this is my real name..lol. thats how much my parents loved me when i was born! haha!)

  • Helenacvieira

    Hello! Where is the video??? It is gone… :(

  • Jo

    Completely amazing. You have inspired my already fit girlfirend to push to the next level. Thanks to Freddy for all the hard work behind the scenes and Zuzana for the demonstrating the trainings.

    I’ve been training for more than 17 years now and done multiple training style from pure strengh, tabata, plyometrics and more to complete the sports I love and shape a fit body.

    I enjoy the warm-up which will replace gracefully a 5 min. on a cycle or threadmill.

    You guys rock

  • Alura J.

    I like your warm – up routine as you guide me in each beginner step that I make. Thank you so much. Zuzana you are awefully inspiring and motivational.

  • Alura J.

    I like your warm – up routine as you guide me in each beginner step that I make. Thank you so much. Zuzana you are awefully inspiring and motivational.

  • BodyRockerBJJ

    PRETTY PLEASE would you put a recipe tab section up? =D I love to cook foods that are new and different and healthy but still taste good! And I keep eating the things you ate from those two days you have put up of what you eat..and they are AMAZING! So it makes me wonder what else you eat!!! =D

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  • Alex

    please make video how to strech after exercises, and put it in special place (basis for new bodyrockers or sth)
    For me making exercise “in real time” isn’t good, because i manage to do less reps than you, Zuzana. So I will be waiting for you ;)

  • Thao

    I really like the real time videos because it makes it so much easier to follow along and I can no longer use the excuse that I don’t have the interval timer and I can easily copy you instead of having to stop in between for the next move.

  • Barbara

    Sos una genia Zuzana, me encanta hacer gimnasia!! sos una profe excelente. besos

  • Christ

    Really love your workout, especially those that don’t require new equipment (apart from weights or chair). I download the workout and bring them to the gym when I miss my aerobic classes or need something different.

  • Beth

    Do you do anything to cool down? Stretch? I have some lingering injuries that require extra care so a quick little cool down routine from you would be nice :) thanks

  • Tairyn

    Hey guys! I did the warm up, and your so right, it DOES go fast! On to the Butt Buster workout! Feelin’ good…thanks guys!
    [sorry for spamming!?!]

  • Tom Jensen

    Hey Zuzana
    im kinda new too the Bodyrock site, i enjoy too watch you workout and would like too get starten my self, i have seen a lot of the videos, but i realy can´t see where too get startet, doo i just jump in as the videos are posted or is there a few videos i might have too get started with


  • paula Leleux Gourneau

    hey i’m still alittle lost on the site how do i get to your latest workout????

  • Juan

    You’re right Zuzana, by the end of this workout I feel my body nice and warm, ready to excercise, and it’s only 5 minutes!


  • Cassandra

    Z & F,

    This warmup is awesome! Thank you so much. It would be super cool to have your cooldown too. I find myself not really knowing how to cooldown I guess “correctly”. Because I’m just kinda stretching but I don’t know if I’m stretching in the right way.

    Thank you so much!

    p.s. in your videos it might make it easier for your viewers if you link back to this video for the warmup if they haven’t gotten used to doing it by themselves or just like doing it with you (like me :D )

  • http://www.yourprocontent.com Jovana

    This is exactly what I need – I always struggle with warming up and cooling down =) Thanks Zuzana!

  • Hanka

    Hallo Zuzana,

    I like your videos. I was started sport with you.

    Thank you very much. Your videos are very amazing.

    Hanka from the Czech Republic :-)

  • Kathy

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy,

    my name is Kathy, i’m 28 and from Germany. You’re such a nice couple and I love Your blog so much. I have maby an unusual habbit which is to print the step by step discription of your explanation to the exercises, so one day i will have a huge selection of all of this wonderfull workouts. My question so far is, if its possible, could you add some pics to all of the warmup routine exercises, because it’s very hard for me as a beginner to remember them all.
    Thanks a lot for being You, keep going…

  • Lea

    I like this routine.

  • Linda G.

    Is there any way to print the warm up routine because I have no way to watch your video at the same time?
    You are amazing!
    Do you really not spend hours at these workouts?
    Thank you!

    Linda G.

  • Tairyn

    So far, based on just this one video, I have to say this is the best thing that has ever happened!!! It’s the the absolute beginner video, I was doing that workout for 2 weeks straight, no qualms!

    I’ve tried following your other workouts, but they were so full of new and creative moves that I’ve never seen, & didn’t know the names well either. So it was extremely difficult for me to follow, cause I’d have to write down the names of the moves, jot notes for how to do the move, then constantly refer back to it while working out. It wasn’t fun…

    Love the full workouts. I’m so movtivated—This is exactly what I need. Gonna do me some workouts with Zuzana right now!! <3

    Thanks guys =D

  • Luci

    could you also do a follow-along video for stretching? that would be great :)

  • http://www.teresaroelofse.co.za Teresa

    Nice! Done it this morning. Will do so every time now!

  • Luci

    I like this format a lot better than the previous one. :) I hope you keep making videos in real time. It’s much easier for me to follow ~ I don’t need to keep checking what’s the next exercise because I can just follow you :) Great idea!

  • vanche

    Tanhk you

  • Luca

    ehi girl when you wanna come in italy to give us some lessons you’ll be welcome (-: kiss by luca

  • Ryan

    Must there always be jumping? I live on the top floor (with wood floors), and cannot do all of these jumping exercises. It would be nice if you could make a routine for “people that live upstairs and/or have bad knees”, I myself just have the proximity issue, but can imagine the jumping might not be that good for people w/ bad knees either(?)

    Otherwise, love the vids, and I find these exercises seriously challenging. Thanks for posting, and keep it up! :)

  • Cherie

    Thanks so much for this warm-up and your website. I just found it!


  • Mimi

    I’ve always wondered what you did for your warmup. Thanks for sharing.

  • jo

    Thanks heaps! I’ve been wanting this for a long time, appreciate your guidance!

  • Irena

    Thank you a lot guys! Would be great to see more detailed stretch routine! :)

  • KG

    Do you have any recommendations on a quick treadmill warm up? Also do you have some warm down stretches that you can share with us?

  • Maria

    Probe este ejercicio hoy, es muy bueno!! gracias!!

  • vee

    thanks this is a huge help…

  • KelseyV

    This is an awesome warm-up, I always just stretched before but this is helps a lot and makes the work out easier to get started with! Thanks!

  • Francis T

    Great!! Thank you so much !!

  • Katie Dunning

    my name is Katie and in 21years old. today i am 163.0 lbs. and only 5’3 i have decided that i am going to workout using your videos everyday from now until November 29th. which is my birthday. i look forward to see what progress comes of it.today im taking a step to become healthy, for myself and to teach my baby from the beginning how important it is. wish me luck!

  • shinobik

    Tried it today at the gym, got my heart rate up to 130bpm. pretty satisfied with this warmup!

  • Bono

    I was about to go for my first run after a while. I decided to do this warm up, but I could manage just some 1-2 min of that. I am not really sure I can go for a run after that :( Feel weak.

  • tabi8

    I love working out and this is perfect when u can’t afford the gym.hehe

  • Priscilla

    I really like the warm up in real time. I can do it with you and I don’t need to keep pausing the video to finish my set. Also, thanks for the warm-up video, I always run out of ideas.
    My vote is to the real time!!!

  • Miko M.

    This is wonderful! I’ve been using this since it posted. Thank you!

  • Charity

    That was a great warm-up, thank you again, Zuzana.

  • CW

    Hi guys! I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and effort. I am a week and half from having my son :) This warm up and almost all of your work outs will be perfect for me to use to start to get my body back after the lil guy gets here. I plan on doing most (if not all) of my workouts while he’s sleeping. Thanks again for your time and creativity. :)

  • Jess

    Hi :) is it an absolute to have a Gymboss Interval timer on any workouts or warm ups?because i wonder if a timer can also be used in this excercises?

  • min

    Thanks so much for the warm up video, i’ve been following your site and videos for 6 weeks now and loving it! I had been meaning to write to you to ask about a good warm up routin, and now I have the answer. The only other thing now, what about cooling down after? I normally stretch, but it would be great to have some more advice.
    Thanks for everything, I absolutely love your site!!!

  • fiona

    that was fantastic! and actually it is the first time that i ever did a full work out with you (haha) ok, warm up. this was great though. I love this format so much better, so maybe I can actually make it through one of your workouts for the first time here soon.
    thank you both.

  • fay

    I really like this warm up routine video. Is it possible to tag this on the popular page? It will really help me to find this routine in the future. Thank you so much !

  • Susan

    Suggestion for new site:
    Guy please have a search box so I can go back to the Nov/Oct 2009 workouts! I have to hunt for so long to find them. Please make it easy to view some in the past. I like a lot of those because some I can do on my second story apartment. And more my level.
    2nd Suggestion: Have a download option so I can take you to the beach with me on my ipod. Thanks!

  • Shirley

    hey zuzana,
    i’ve been watching you workout videos for only a week and i find them pretty challenging and fun to do. :] you’re my inspiration. :D
    where did you get this purple sports bra?
    i love it. :D


  • kimberly

    love it…need it
    but if feels like a work out
    please record a cool-down,too

  • http://www.Aylio.com Max Krishtul

    Hey Zuzana, I am the owner of Aylio Fitness and would like to send you a complementary resistance band set that you may use in a workout video if you’d like. Send me your shipping address to [email protected] and I will mail it out to you. I think you will love it. Here is the commercial for the set – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNQ7PhxOWac

  • Kurono

    HI zzn ^^ I’ve just seen your latest video.. Hot Abs Exercise combo and I hace a pair of questions. I know your videos are really hots… i mean.. yours.. well you know. So.. my first question is… that combo works? And… how much time should be pass to watch muscle definition and improves? Besaids, my second question is: How many times should I do This? and frecuency? and tabs and series? I mean, I wanna know about succession, times and series PLZZZ. Anser on my email plz

    Advances & Special Thabks :)
    I’m subscribed to your youtubechannel. :)

  • Lea

    The classes are a very nice new format!!

  • Rick

    This is a great warmup. I can also modify and incorporate these exercises into 20 min tabata workouts. Thanx!

  • Luz S

    This is a great format–a lot easier to work out with you than to do it alone.

  • Shaken Mama!

    SOO GLAD U ARE making them in real time. Very much appreciated!

  • Amanda

    Hi, Freddy and Zuzana. First let me say that I love your videos and you guys are very blessed.
    I can’t seem to find a suitable place to post this message so please bear with me.
    This is for Zuzana. What advice can you give for the horrible cravings that come with PMS? It seems to be the only time that I can’t control my diet and I want to eat everything in sight. Please help. This is ruining my weight loss efforts.
    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Barbie

    Zuzana, could you please tell me, where did you buy these amazing bras with black hangers? Thank you very much, I can´t find these anywhere! B.

  • Arwen

    Thanks Zuzana! Am a total beginner so this is a really useful warm up routine for me. Aiming to do this before all my workout sessions!

  • Anne

    Great new format and as always, good videos!!! love Bodyrock.tv!

  • Zoya

    I tried it today and can tell that is a really good one! In 5 min i’m feeling that my whole body is absolutely ready for a further hard workout! It could be good, if you, Zuzanna, post it somewhere in the favorites, or most popular so that people could easily access it every day ;)

  • Eugene

    I have been visited you site recently and found out that the step by step demonstration is very good. It it nice that I can follow the video in real time. I just wondering to know how can I search the archive for some workouts in the past. I saw some of your video in youtube that I can’t find on your web site. I just starting, I think the presentation on your web site are more thorough that what I can see on youtube. Many thanks.

  • http://www.twistedrootsyoga.com Heather

    Excellent! This will be added to tomorrows workout.

  • Anna

    Nice warm-up routeine, im curious for the pictures and the explantation (if im right, not sure if i use the right english word haha)
    After this movie i finally ordered the interval timer, and i can’t wait to see the postman coming and bring me the timer :)
    Nice movies, btw this is also my first comment. I only watch ur movie en blogs like a year already.

    • Anna

      And i got my timer today, so i can start doing ur workouts correctly

  • Jennifer

    I think this was great for u guys to share! Warm-up is soooo very important… Fabulously done!!!

  • Svetlana

    Thank you, Zuzana! It was not a difficult thing to do for a beginner like me. So, thank you very much again! I will do this warm-up before my usual exersises every time.

  • Diana

    Thanks. :)

  • Drika

    Now a day I found this blog from the youtube channel and I liked so much. This is everything that everyone needs to keep a perfect body.
    I’m from Brazil.
    Thanks Zuzana

  • Erin

    AWESOME WARM-UP!! I’m looking forward to starting to workout again and using you and your wonderful husband as motivation to start losing weight again! Thank you both SO MUCH for providing this information for us!

  • Camille

    thank you so much for sharing your precious fitness advices with us. I love your classes! It gives me a much better pace then the old way! I have been sharing your blog to a lot of people! :) hope we won’t loose you!

  • Alejandra

    Thanks for your videos! i need to do exercices for my health, but i live in a little town, where the gyms have old used up staff. So, thanks again for your videos and all your effort!

  • Joanne

    To warm up I usually do the stationary bike for 10 min-I just tried this warm up and I am happy to say that I will be doing this instead of the bike. Thank you!

  • Bruna

    so its 5 min of how many intervals?

  • Emil K.

    This looks like a perfect warm up routine. I’ll try it today! Thanks!

    • Cristina

      I did the workout along with you and I think it overworked the legs and didn’t work the arms, wrists, neck and the back. For example I did months ago (without warming up) some workout you posted here and injured my left wrist. This lead to a synovial cyst that I still have. Maybe you could enhance this warmup so that it also includes the areas listed above? Thanks!

    • BGWendy

      Do you have a good stretch cool down as well?

    • Zara

      How many reps of 15 secs is this warm-up?

    • Monika

      :) i’m not sure. But I think that Emil live in Poland :) :P

  • http://www.vixenaddiction.ca RobinTM

    great warm up routine! I love the format of following along with you!

  • Jennifer

    I started doing your workouts this summer. What a difference, your workouts are so challenging and rewarding. Zuzana you are truly a beautiful person not only on the outside but on the inside too! Thanks to you and Freddy.

  • Cakes

    my first day today, found you last nite! just the warmup kicked my ass, can’t wait to see what the real workout does to me! But I already love the feeling!!! :)

  • Juliana

    Hey Zuzi
    this warm up is great and I think the idea of doing everything in real time is just great!
    Could you please put also a pic or explain the setting of the gymboss timer? How long are the intervals?
    Thank you so much!!
    Keep rocking ;)

  • Coco

    Hi guys,
    I suggest you to put a bit of music in the background during the workout!

    I love the new videos, we can do everything with you. I get more motivation to folow you and do more rep!

    See you later!

  • Tami

    New video format – I LOVE IT!

  • Pamela

    I Love It!!

  • JoAnn

    Hi! I have been watching your videos and incorporating some of your moves into my workouts. I haven’t started your workouts full force yet because they are very intense and I am a beginner, but I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for what you are doing. I am a full-time nursing student with two jobs and your free workouts are convenient and very affordable ;) Thank you for being such an inspiration! Best wishes!

  • Talis

    Hi Zuzana!
    This is a great war up routine.
    It is good for all the entire body without get you tired, keep your energy to the real workout!

  • http://www.jpflowz.com JP

    Hey Zuzana,

    A friend turned me on to your site. She is a workout nut and loves your workouts. I have to say you are a beast and don’t worry, that’s a good thing. I just dropped 25 pounds and am working on 15 more. We have a group that workouts out a couple time a week and I will be suggesting some things from your videos. Keep up the amazing work and if you are ever in North Carolina, you should come workout with us! :-)

    Curious… have you always been into fitness?

    BTW… my suggestion is to change up the workout gear a little. throw some booty shorts in the mix. lol


  • Josh T.

    I like the new format. Much better than watching a timer.

  • Hanna

    Uhm … how warm should you feel? Because I don’t really feel that warm and I most definitively wouldn’t stretch like this. Is that just me being weird or is this intentional? If not what should I do (I did it in your pace)?

  • http://Facebook/daiveedino David Oliveras

    I do not suggest anything, I think you guys are doing great, good & effective warm up.

    Keep up the real time, it’s helping!.

  • bikegirl

    Thanks for all the awesome workouts. Could you pls suggest some routines which will help prevent shin splints. i have always had to run through pain which doesn’t get much better even after taking a break from running.

  • Camilahi

    good morning!, I usually start my daily workouts with stretching only, this is a very good routine to get started!, is really much better to start now with a slightly elevated heart rate ;)

  • Courtney

    ur amazing ms thang :) I have a speacial request… Is it possible that you can do your ab torture workout I love that workout and use to do it at least twice a week However now that we can’t access your older videos I haven’t been able to do it :( I love that workout It’s one of the best ab workouts I’ve done and I like the one with the 40 deadlifts I forgot what that one was called Please please please.. Kep on bodyrocking :)

  • Leni

    Hi Zuzana,
    I like this video :) Can you make similar one for stretching after your workouts?
    thx lot

  • Sammie

    Hi Zuzana,

    I always wanted to ask you about the warm up. Thanks for this video!



  • Sarah

    I know warming up is a big deal. It’s very useful. But is it possible to wear yourself out just for doing a warm up? Lol, I’m just wondering because I know it’s only 5 minutes and I”m not complaining. Just wanting to know if people have ever worn themselves out from just doing the warm up And if that;s the case, then we must be extremely lazy or something to get worn out by a warm up. Unless we haven’t had enough sleep to begin with….Oh well. I just love your site guys and I’m extremely thankful for being able to follow and having the resources to do it.


  • http://sunnydayfitness.com Sunny

    Goodness, that mimics my warm-up almost 100%! All the way from the knee ups, jacks, to shoulder rolls… intentional breathing throughout.

    Nice work, Zuzanna! We’re practically separated at birth, except you got better abs. LoL

    Cheers, -Sunny

  • Marilia Brazil

    Hi suzana cool this new format .. monitoring in real time, I found your site a little while ago, but I already see the benefits in my body

  • Marilia Brazil

    I do as many repetitions on each exercise?

  • Daniel

    My freshman year in high school we had something called the 6:00 am club for the baseball team. Every morning 5 times aweek we would wake up and do all types of pre warm ups then run and workout. That was the hardest Ive ever been pushed in a workout. Now im a freshman in college and while i still lift weights i quit running and doing cardio. Everytime i watch your videos they make me want do more cardio and get back to the lifestyle i had just a few years ago

  • Devery Andrews

    I really enjoyed this because I was curious as to your warm-up routine. Brief and simple! You and Freddy really make exercise way cool because I’m learning that it doesn’t have to be complicated to be healthy and fit. Keep rockin!

  • Brooke

    Hi Zuzana and Fred was wondering if you could make a real time video so we could stretch together ;) thank you so much! love you both!!!!

  • Mandy


    now you are back and i am happy. :)
    as i can see you have a new method to show the workouts.
    but sometimes i am too deflected from the video when i follow the exercises.
    “training with you” is a nice idea. nethertheless i prefer watching your video and checking out the pictures together with descriptions first, before starting a workout. so, when i want to look how the workout will run, i have to spend more time in watching the video now as before.
    i suggest: upload summaries of workouts in addition to your “new videos” – but only if there is enough time you can spend in such an extra, of course.

    moreover, i think it’s odd seeing you speaking during you train as i experienced that this is difficult in terms of breathing.

    well, when you do soemthing like a warming up or strechtung then it is okay and pleasant, whereas in workouts every one should focus on his own breathing.

    i hope you can do something with my opinion.

    good night,


  • Lyssa

    Thank you so much for this video Zusa! I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what I should do to warm up before work outs; there was one of your videos where you show yourself warming up; I’ve been looking for it, but I don’t remember which one it was.

    This is exactly what I needed… :-)

  • Leonora


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    i’m sorry about my grammar!
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    Wendy ;}

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    ps: since you are not far away from Slovenia, my family welcomes you to Ljubljana. You can be our guests.

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    in short, the other way was more instructional.
    when you are doing the routines and really pushing it…not sure how you will be able to talk and give instructions…you work so hard that talking may be hard for you.
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    I have a question though, can you still list the exercises and time intervals for each workout/warm-up routine to go along with each posted video? It makes it super easy to write down my workouts when you do.

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    So you said you wanted some feedback. Can I first say how thankful I am for your website?! You guys are so awesome. You have changed me from a “gym rat” to an at-home exerciser (on top of my regular triathlon training), and I am so blessed to have your website available.

    When I read last night that you were going to be doing “classes”, I must admit that I was a little disappointed. One of my favorite things about your workouts is that you have everything typed out (type of exercise and reps). So I get out my little notepad and write down what I see on your page. And it sounds dorky, but I always do your workouts while listening to radio programs. Gets me caught up on the news while getting in shape!

    Maybe the class-type videos will be really helpful to others…but what I just saw in your warmup reminds me of taking classes at the gym with an instructor in the front of the room…exactly the thing I was looking to get away from.

    Can I make a suggestion? Would it be possible for you to write down the workouts the way you used to so I don’t have to sit through the entire 12 minute workout video? I love your coffee talks, and hearing your time at the end, but other than that, I like to do your workouts alone with the radio playing.

    I hope that’s a little bit helpful, and not too harsh-sounding!

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    I’ve been watching your videos for a few weeks now and just wanted to catch up on a few comments and observations I have:
    - When I first saw your video on YouTube, I was so highly motivated that I actually got up and did a workout that afternoon — and that was my “off-day” from working out. You’re exceptionally low body fat percentage is truly inspirational. Good work!
    - I really like the the outdoor locations that you occasionally shoot — especially the one where you shot in an abandoned ruin (I don’t know where). (BTW, you were blonde at the time if that helps you identify the place.) It was very pictoresque and gave the video a very exotic feel. (I’m in San Diego, CA, so anything that doesn’t look an urban jungle seems “exotic” to me.)
    - Prague: What a coincidence! An ex-coworker of mine left on vacation last month to Prague and decided to stay! (She’s training to become an English-as-Second-Language teacher.) Anyway, I hope you find some gorgeous outdoor locations to showcase.
    - I noticed in the warm-up video that you have inserts that were apparently shot at a different time (because your mouth isn’t moving even though you are talking). Is it not possible to shoot with a two camera setup?
    - You really opened up my eyes with what can be done with bodyweight workouts. I will definitely have no excuses the next time I travel!
    - Before I saw your videos, I was trying out HIIT with circuit training. But, I was losing too much muscle mass. So, I switched a more traditional weight training regimen but added HIIT before and after. I feel pretty good right now. Been doing this new program for about a month. Until I saw you do bookended HIIT, I didn’t even consider the idea!

    Thanks for your great videos!

    Your new fan,

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