Nov 4 2010

Butt Buster Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

There is a dead simple way to find out if your approach to exercise and diet is the right one for you. Ask yourself this one simple question: Does your body look dramatically better than it did 3 months ago?

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. If you spend any amount of time in the same gym day after day, week after week, as the months go by you start to get familiar with the people coming out of the spin class, and the rest of the crowd that frequents the weight room or the cardio theatre. What I noticed back then, is that even the people I would see at the gym everyday looked exactly the same month in month out. There was no change.

We know that it possible to make visible changes to your body in just 3 months. If you are consistent for a whole year, you can create an outstanding physique with massive improvements in your health and performance. So here is the kicker. If you have been exercising for years and you don’t have the body of your dreams, if you haven’t made dramatic changes, then what you are doing is not working. Maybe it’s time to take an honest look at how hard you are pushing during your workouts, what your diet looks like and how consistent your training is. If you have been spending 45 minutes a day on the elliptical trainer for the last 4 years and you look the same (or worse) than when you started you are long overdue for a change.

People in general don’t like change. They tend to resist it. It makes them uncomfortable. Easier to go to the gym for an hour and watch Dr.Phil on the TV while your legs move up and down at a leisurely pace on the stair master and your mind wanders in a numb semi vegetative state. As a general rule if you are watching TV or reading a magazine while working out, chances are you are not focused on putting your max effort into the training – and the end result will not get you closer to your goals. Remember it’s 3 months of killer effort to start seeing noticeable changes – 1 year of consistent training to completely transform yourself physically. There are no short cuts, but if you are putting in the time, why not reap the rewards and actually make those changes?

The kind of changes you can achieve are mind blowing. I’m not talking about dropping a dress size here – I’m talking about a complete body transformation which will have positive effects on every aspect of your life. Your self confidence will go through the roof, your energy will blaze through – it’s worth every drop of sweat to increase the quality of your life to such a high degree. That’s the goal and thats the journey. That’s what we are trying to share here on BodyRock.Tv with our workouts and diet challenges and we hope that we can all continue to press forward towards our goals together.


Zuzana & Freddy

Today’s Workout Breakdown:

Today’s workout is made up of just bodyweight exercises so the only thing you need is your Gymboss Interval Timer, exercise mat and a chair. Set your timer for 18 rounds of 2 intervals. The first interval will be 10 seconds and the second interval will be 30 seconds long. Your goal is to complete as many reps as you can during each 30 second interval. You will write down your reps during each 10 seconds of rest. The entire workout takes only 12 minutes so make sure that these 12 minutes are super intense. You will go through the circuit of the following exercises 3 times:

1) Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (left leg)

2) Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (right leg)

3) Elbow Plank Side Hops

4) Exploding Star

5) Pendulum

6) Ab Buster Exercise

Elevated Leg Lunge Jump

Elbow Plank Side Hops

Exploding Star


Ab Buster Exercise


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  • Anonymous


    did this one after work tonight!  tough!

    elevated leg lunge jump L – 15, 15, 13
    elevated leg lunge jump R – 19, 15, 14
    elbow plank jacks – 16, 15, 16
    exploding star – 11, 8, 9
    pendulum – 36, 41, 44
    ab buster – 18, 15, 15

    had to keep putting my feet down for the abs, and the stars were so hard after the lunge jumps!

  • Anonymous


    did this one after work tonight!  tough!

    elevated leg lunge jump L – 15, 15, 13
    elevated leg lunge jump R – 19, 15, 14
    elbow plank jacks – 16, 15, 16
    exploding star – 11, 8, 9
    pendulum – 36, 41, 44
    ab buster – 18, 15, 15

    had to keep putting my feet down for the abs, and the stars were so hard after the lunge jumps!

  • Kay

    man those exploding stars are more challenging than i thought!
    1. elevated leg lunge jump (L): 31/32/27
    2. elevated leg lunge jump (R): 25/33/30
    3. Elbow plank side hops: 16/14/17
    4. Exploding star: 14/12/11
    5. pendulum: 29/30/30
    6. ab buster exercise: 18/17/16
    + 5 mins of weighted hula hoop

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    I doubled this one today!
    It is one of my first-ever Bodyrock workouts and an absolute favorite of mine :) My old scores from 1 year ago are in ( ):

    1: Elevated Leg Jump Lunge, R: 47-52-53-63-64-64  (42-47-48-49).2: Elevated Leg Jump Lunge, L: 50-53-55-65-65-65  (45-48-49-53).3: Elbow Plank Hops: 37-40-43-44-43-44  (32-33-29-35).4: Exploding Star: 24-25-26-25-28-28  (18-18,5-19-19).5: Pendulums: 82-86-87-88-88-88  (70-70-73-75).6: Ab Buster: 59-67-67-61-73-72  (26-26-26-29).

    Love it, Thanks!

    Love, Maria

  • Anonymous


    This was TOUGH, especially because we accidently did 18 rounds of 10/50. 

    elevated leg lunge jump 
    LT  30  23   27
    RT  20  20  22
    elbow plank side hops  38  32  34
    exploding star  17  16  16
    pendulum  51  56  58
    ab buster  20  26  28

    Followed with 4 min 10/20 skipping & a cooldown.


  • Anonymous


    This was TOUGH, especially because we accidently did 18 rounds of 10/50. 

    elevated leg lunge jump 
    LT  30  23   27
    RT  20  20  22
    elbow plank side hops  38  32  34
    exploding star  17  16  16
    pendulum  51  56  58
    ab buster  20  26  28

    Followed with 4 min 10/20 skipping & a cooldown.


  • Luke Says No

    My Score:
    18 x 10/30
    1) Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (left leg): 25, 32, 34
    2) Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (right leg): 31, 28, 40
    3) Elbow Plank Side Hops: 44, 46, 60
    4) Exploding Star: 16, 17, 18
    5) Pendulum: 50, 49, 59
    6) Ab Buster Exercise: 28, 34, 45

  • Charlie D.

    Exploding star and Brutus just had a serious conversation.

  • Vivi

    I did this one in first today
     My score is
    Elevated leg jump lunge R : 39.40.46    L: 41.45.51
    Elbow plank side hops : 30.32.35
    Exploding star : 22.23.25
    Pendulum : 68.70.74
    Seated bicycle : 38.50.48
    Great for legs this one !
    And after I made “Sweat is sexy wo”

  • Samantha Robinson

    My legs are still sore from the Pin-Up Legs workout! =P

    Elevated Leg Lunge (left) – 15, 11, 9
    Elevated Leg Lunge (right) – 15, 11, 9
    Plank side hop – 16, 14, 17
    Exploding star – 7, 8, 7
    Pendulum – 26, 23, 22
    Ab busters – 19, 19, 18

  • Felisha

    Elevated leg lunge left: 18, 20, 22
    Elevated leg lunge right: 18, 20, 22
    Elbow plank side hops: 27, 30, 33
    Exploding Star: 15, 16, 17
    Pendulum: ?, 45, 57 (miscounted in beginning)
    Ab Buster: 13, 16, 21

  • Gina Melissa Robles

    I loved the exploding star exercise, you should do it more often :)

  • Vala

    Pure awesomeness of a workout. Did this today:

    1) Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (left leg) – 29-23-21

    2) Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (right leg) – 27-21-21

    3) Elbow Plank Side Hops – 28-30-30

    4) Exploding Star – 19-19-20

    5) Pendulum – 44-43-47

    6) Ab Buster Exercise – 37-37-39

  • Catherine

    This is my 2nd BodyRock workout and it was great! I don’t think I was going deep enough on the lunge jumps as I was able to a good number. If I was going deeper in the lunge I think I would only manage 10!!

    32 – 28 – 28
    30 – 18 – 26
    11 – 10 – 10
    10 – 11 – 10
    29 – 32 – 32
    28 – 28 – 35

    My legs are BURNING now but I feel great!

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  • Mary Lou

    I really loved this one! I was waiting for today’s workout and found this one while looking around. Those ab busters are tough and the exploding stars are really hard if you keep your feet flat on the floor when you squat instead of on the toes.
    Elevated leg lunge left 19, 20, 25
    Elevated leg lunge right 22, 25, 28
    Elbow plank side hops 27, 27, 29
    Exploding Star 11, 11, 12
    Ab Buster 27, 33, 31

  • Mary Lou

    Welcome Courtney! I’m still new myself (Dec. 2010) and am totally hooked! If you like what you see after a week, you’ll LOVE what you see after 3 months! Keep BODYROCKING!

  • Anonymous

    This was my workout for today. I really LOVE this one. It is the 3rd time I am doing it and I keep improving!! That`s great! Here is my score (compared to my PB back in December)
    elevated jump lunges (right): December: 22/22/22 – Today: 25/24/23
    elevated jump lunges (left): December: 22/22/22 – Today: 25/24/23
    plank hops: December: 30/30/30 – Today: 30/30/30
    x-ploding star: December: 18/18/18 – Today: 18/18/20
    pendulum:December: 48/46/50 – Today: 48/50/52
    ab buster: December: 14/14/16 – Today: 17/19/21

    I had planned to do the survivor one for today but this morning I felt like the butt buster ;)
    The survivor will be for another day this week or next week!

    Have a great day!

  • Pia Maria

    I love this workout! It was the first I did when I started following your workouts about 1 month ago :)
    I think I’m gonna try to beat my score for this one tomorrow :)
    Thanks for helping me building up self-confidence ^^ You guys rock!!!!

  • Spicy Brown

    Wow! I’m kinda embarassed to post my scores, this is my first BodyRock workout…

    1. 11/7/9
    2. 9/8/7
    3. 15/7/14
    4. 5/8/0 (needed the full rest of this set just to breathe)
    5. 15/13/12
    6. 12/16/17

    Thought all of the newbie’s out there may be able to relate. Also, all exercises were the modified beginner version. Sweat is dripping into my eyes as I type, time for cool down, thanks Zuzana & Freddy!

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  • Stephi

    Thank you for putting this all together. My hubby has been following you from time to time and finally challenged me a month ago to follow along. I’m super impressed because for the first time I believe I can achieve a body that I’m proud of while still doing my job as a mother, wife and teacher. Keep up the good work. I hope to post pictures in three months and then continue from there. Thanks!

  • Eli

    Ms. Zuzanna, Not only are you an amazing trainer BUT an amazing person. There are soo little trainers out there who break things down “barney” style and I wanted to compliment you on You… I absolutely love each and every work-out you provide because it shows that people do not need pieces of equipment to stay in shape. The only equipment needed is the one that God gave us, our body… Keep up the GREAT work-outs and motivational talks… I am a certified trainer and use your concepts in my arsenal of routines. I am ex-military so I encourage “old school” calisthenics. Again, great job…

  • jenny

    Wow, I just did this workout yesterday and I am SORE! I had no idea I could get such a great workout in only 12 minutes. I’ll be following along in the future. Thanks!

  • Raezim

    Zuzana, it makes such a huge difference when we are able to do the videos along with you. it gave me so much motivation to keep up with and beat you!! haha!! please keep these types of videos coming…it has been SO helpful!!!

  • Teresa

    I am doing my 80th workout today.. your are so amazing! I’ve tried so many workout routines over the past 10 years, and nothing compares to yours! Thank you so much!!!!

  • Martina

    This workout is sooo great! I really enjoyed doing it!
    My personal score is:

    1: 28/24/20
    2: 28/24/21
    3: 22/20/20
    4: 16/16/16
    5: 53/50/50
    6: 14/13/13

    I feel so great right now, after doing this workout :D

  • Carla Gomez Serrano

    Hello ,
    Tomorrow I will try your workout :-)

  • Anonymous

    Whew! That was brutal! My first time following one of your ‘real time’ workouts, and I gotta say, it’s absolutely ingenious! The competition and encouragement made me push harder than I knew I could! Here’s my score:
    1. 30, 20, 23
    2. 31, 23, 24
    3. 25, 22, 21
    4.18, 14, 17
    5. 26, 22, 26
    6. 16, 16, 19

    I feel amazing right now. Thank so much for another fantastic workout!

  • E Eristavi

    Hi Zuzanna,

    I watched one of your workouts a few weeks ago and decided to start and keep it going until I see a drastic change. I was starting the beginning of the month with some recline bicycle, as I really want to improve me legs and bums but it was kind of boring to do that 45 minutes. Then I saw your workout and tried it but I don’t have the condition for it. I couldn’t make one exercise until the end! it’s really hard and it demotivated me not to be able to follow. Usually I do about 1 to 2 hours of fitness class 6 days a week but I never did circuit before. Well, I’ve decided to register to a website that gives me circuits that get harder and harder with the time, and I hope I’ll be able to do as well as you one day. I have a good body shape, except my legs that are never muscled enough. I hope I’ll reach this point. Very nice website. keep up the good work!

  • Tamy

    Wow! Amazing. Don´t give up! It´s inspirating. I hope I could do 1% of your exercises. Tamara from Argentina.

  • elisa

    you are right! this was intense!i love it though! in high school we did a version of the exploding star, except every time we jumped up we’d scream. “go bears!!” so we called them “go bears!” after that work out, it’d hurt to walk up the stairs for a few days. it was awesome! :) thanks for the work out suzana and freddy!

  • ildi

    Hi Zuzana,

    It was nice working out with you I haven’t worked out for 1 month.
    Honestly, I found your work out too hard for me. Last couple of months it became increasingly difficult.
    So, one month ago I just gave up to do it because I was struggling so badly and I lost my strength and my motivation.
    But doing exercises together helps me a lot.

  • Birgitte

    I have done this workout to times now and here is my scores for both.

    Elevated leg jump:
    Tuesday 20*2 – 15*2 – 13*2
    Thusday 20*2 – 15*2 – 17*2
    (only the first round with jumps)

    Elbow plank side hops
    Tuesday 16 – 20 – 22
    Thusday 18 – 21 – 22

    Tuesday 30 – 43 – 35 (very easy way)
    Thusday 30 – 31 – 31 (the correct way)

    Exploding star
    Tuesday 15 – 15 – 17
    Thursday 18 – 15 – 16

    Ab Buster Exercise
    Tuesday 16 – 16 – 19 (whit the feet down to the floor)
    Thursday 16 – 16 – 18 (whit the feet up from the floor)

    I did my best to get better score the last time, and I also tried to do the exercise in a harder way then I did the first time.
    Now I´m also comfortable whit the workouts exercises and I´m gonna beet you one day:D

  • Jenn

    I have to say, you are so right. It’s been almost a year for me following the workouts and now recently the diet and I have gotten amazing results. I used to be one of those people on the eliptical at the gym and doing boring weight routines. Now I get excited to work out and I’m stronger and more toned than ever.

    I truly enjoy the site. Great job. Thank-you!

  • agnes szucs

    such an inspiring text!
    thanks a lot!
    agnes from hungary

  • Elina

    Hi Zuzana, I came across your site a year ago exactly and you are my biggest inspiration ever since. I got so much stronger inside and out by working out with you daily Just when I got into the whole routine, I found out I’m pregnt… now my baby is 2.5months and I am so exited to get back to working out with you, I love your toturials for bigginers even though I’m not a biginner in fitness after a pregnency then labor and delivery plus I’m breast feeding I cant really do high intensity even though I really want to, my doc says I need to take it easy for little longer, so I just want to say that I really appriciate your new feature. You really changed my whole outlook on fitness and personal well being because I was working out already with you I gained only 28lb in my pregnencie and lost 25 by 5th week post partum, if I would not have worked out with you before most likely I would not be active during pregnencie. So thank you for your time and dedication.

  • Ticotexas M/41/69/160


    397 total

  • Jaque

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy,
    I have been trying to follow you. I am a begginer and I want to point out that I also wanted to follow your diet, the very last one. I am a vegetarian and the only dayries I at are just milk and cheese and eggs.
    Do you think I built muscles eating like that and doing your exercises?
    I am prity good and strong with the lower part of my body but I am very with in my arms.
    This training is great and each of the ones you post. And I also have to say that you are my inspiration. Let me tell you that If I can see Freddy.. I’ll be more inspired :D :D:D:D
    just kidding…
    kisses and great job guys

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  • Samantha

    I love your workouts! I am definitely a beginner so it’s great how you break it down a little to make it somewhat easier!

  • Jac

    Whew! Great workout. I didn’t keep count this round. Just on my BodyRock workout number 5 still. Playin’ catch up.

  • lj

    your videos are great,can you please stabilize camera, the constant panning in and out is distracting

  • ursula Topolewicz

    I heard about you from a friend who is been working out with your websie for couple months and she loves it,I wish to try also but I dont know where to start,I need the program for begeiners,please let me know how do I do this,thank you

  • Imma Gail

    Hi, I am Imma Gail and I like watching you!

    Keep it up, very good stuff!

  • Anna Carolina

    1) 20-20-16
    2) 22-21-23
    3) 16-18-13
    4) 13-13-10
    5) 36-34-40
    6) 24-20-15

    Elevated Leg Lunge are great for jump/ankle training. I keep that in mind;)


  • Jocelyn

    This looks like a fun one. I’ll do it tomorrow, I’m still sore from pin-ups legs! But one question- what’s up with the camera moving all over the place? I’m dizzy! :)

  • yan

    Suzana , your the most amazing sportive woman i’ve seen , more power to you , continue success , you reprisent the new generation of women who practice sport , fitness , and i think it’s great , i myself practice fighting , parkour , acrobatics , and fitness , you’re beautiful , too bad you’re married or i would’ve come to you to america or wherever you live , i noticed you’re russian , me to , i live in israel , if you want to talk or see who am i , i left my facebook profile , if not , you’ll see me on tv and in movies 10 years from now anyway , that i promiss , but enough about me , really i think you doing sports and all is wonderful , but you need to add nutrition tips like protein shakes , vitamines , lots of meat , and other stuff to gain weight , mass is power , the more the better and healthier and stronger, if you turn it into muscule , and you can see my parkour vid on youtube ,
    it’s a few years old but the jumps are best , and stay in touch , if your husband doesn’t mind , or better yet , he doesn’t have to know , moreover , i don’t think anybody in this world besides me deserves you , you’re so smart , beautiful , talanted , truely amazing , i can see the real you through the screen , i hope this massage can be deleted , so you won’t be embarrassed , i know the first reaction to this massage is ” another crazy fan who fell in love with me” but if you can be smarter then that , you will notice i’m not crazy , most people are , im sane , anyway i congragulate you on you’re success and wish to you good luck and happyness , check out my facebook links :

    they’re the guide to soul mind and body development of the future , and when i will be known worldwide , you will want to frame this massage as the most inlightning moment of your life because you will understand that god has a way of connecting special people together , so print this massage , scan it , foto it , just save it in case i was right , it will be worth millions in the future , because you’re so lucky to have red this massage and caught my attension , any connection with me is eternal life (soul) saving , and as in sport and food and knowladge , the more the better , i hope you could see the deapth of my words , because it is endless and leads to infinity , so please , dont be like other stupid egoistic dissappointing women , check out my links , because the next stage after body and mind development is soul development which is what im offering you , what neighther your husband nor anyone else could , it’s for your own benefit , because i think your special and you deserve the best , if you caught my eye and heart , it means god loves you , me too… yanthemassiah !

  • Paula

    Hi Zuzana, i´m from santiago Chile. I´d lik to know how can i make my body like yours. I eat helthy, and regulary exercise. My body it´s alwys in changing. But i want to know how many time and times a day i have to exercise to have a body tone as yours. I’d like to make changes in 3 months.Please answer me. I ask u thie cuz i know that u do this with love and care. Best wishes. Pau

  • Kali

    Freddy – when you are filming, try to avoid zooming in back and forth so much. It’s very distracting. Other than that, thanks for posting workouts and keep up the good work Zuz!!!

  • Yana

    looks amazing! wonderful exercises! i will try it for sure)

  • TracyJayne

    I just found your site and love it. I am 50 and want to get into shape. How many calories do you burn while doing this work out. It would be great if you would put the calorie burn for each video you make….
    Thanks for the awesome site. You are the best!
    Tracy Jayne

  • Dania

    Leg Elevated Jump Lunge 30/38/34
    Elbow Plank Side Jumps 15/16/15
    Exploding Star 9/10/9
    Pike-Jump Pendulum 30/27/30
    Ab Buster Exercise 23/24/25

  • Kairi

    Thank you! Great workout, i love bodyrock with you! :)

  • denise

    love doing the workouts with u zusanna! its another feeling doing them together! thumbs up!

  • MarinaGR

    totally butt Busted :)

  • Susie

    Awesome workout! I am dripping in sweat =) Keep up the great work and creative workouts!


  • Rosa

    Wow I like this one! I wouldve called it Heart buster…lol. My heart rate had to be over 160 doing this one I was EXHAUSTED…but loved every minute of it! Glad to know you guys found a place! Thanks :)

  • Rosa

    suggestion…I think you guys should add a link to the warm up on every workout page..cuz I have to search for the warm up video first and then go back to the workout video…just a suggestion.

  • Michelle

    Very tough workout!

  • Brandi

    Great Workout, I’m really loving working out “with” you. I have been following you now for about 2 months and I can really see a difference. I’m a size 8 and I have noticed that I dropped several inches now. I have come a long way, I wasn’t able to do a full pushup, I was doing them on my knees, now I can do at least 30. I also can do more lunges now. Although the workout last week with the one legged lunge was rather difficult, I couldn’t go down all the way, I only got about half way down. But I know I will get better if I keep it up. Thank you for the workouts!
    How is the new site coming along?

  • Susana

    Hi Zuzana,

    I did this workout twice. I did it on my own before you posted the class. I then did it again the following day with you. Please see BOTH of my results below. Of course, I performed much better when I did the class with you!!

    ON MY OWN:
    1) Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (left leg)
    2) Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (right leg)
    3) Elbow Plank Side Hops
    4) Exploding Star
    5) Pendulum
    6) Ab Buster Exercise

    1) Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (left leg)
    2) Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (right leg)
    3) Elbow Plank Side Hops
    4) Exploding Star
    5) Pendulum
    6) Ab Buster Exercise

    Can’t wait for the next class!!!!!

    Susana ;)

  • ixita

    Zuzana, Im loving these guided classes, Ive noticed that since ive been doing them my performance has improved because now I have you competing directly with me. Keep them comming….

  • Em

    Did this workout this morning – my first BodyRock workout – and I loved it! Much more motivating and interesting than doing an exercise DVD, and it’s true about how it gives you energy for the whole day. I didn’t manage anywhere near as many reps as Zuzana, but I guess it’s early days. Thanks so much for this website, guys! I’m looking forward to doing my next workout :)

  • Elizabeth

    OMGOSH! I just did this workout and it was AMAZING and way intense…I am not gonna lie, i put you on pause for a second to catch my breath (hehe)
    I am an active woman, and i workout hard everyday at the gym but i must say this kicked my butt..literally. I loved it.
    Thank you guys for sharing your amazing workouts and diet habits… I also incorporated the new diet plan you shared with us and i think you may have changed my life forever! the results i have seen have changed my idea about carbs permanently.I look forward to seeing new posts and new workouts from you guys. You guys are so cute and so awesome! I love it.

  • Erica

    That in & out movement with the camera is making me sea sick!!!

  • LissA

    hey guys!! i love this web site!!! im a “beginer” i used to do spinning for almost 2 years but i get bored of it!! and i found your web site and i think is incredible!!!
    but i have a question what do you do before start your excercise rutines and after them ?


  • Justin

    How much of your system can be modeled after something like th P90X 90 day routine? I was looking into it, but just don’t want to spend the money. I’ve been working out for the past 4 months, 5-6 days a week, alternating cardio and muscle strength days, just doing traditional machine and weights. I’ve also switched to a very Mediterranean influenced diet, which seems to help a lot, as I’ve lost 35 lbs in this time period. I’m at the point now where I want to mix in some of your home workouts with what I’m currently doing, but I also don’t want to overtrain. Any tips on that? Thanks!

  • Tairyn

    That was an inspiring and motivational journal…thank you <3

  • B

    Hi Zuzanna! What is the name of the workout pants you are wearing in this video? (the name of the modell, I assume they are lululemon=))

    Would be really gratefull of you could answer me!

  • blkjolie

    Did this workout the other day and loved it! My muscles are a little achey, but I look forward to doing this workout again today. Im sore in all of the right places.

    I’ve been telling everyone about this sight.

  • Justina

    Great work out. Thanks

  • Renee Malizia Marandu

    Zuzana! you are my inspiration. I think you seem like the most adorable and genuine and sweet person ever, your excercise routines are unique and personal. I feel like I can hear all your wise words when I excercise everyday. I’ve been losing weight in the past 3 months, I have been seeing dramatic changes! I changed the way I was eating and began jogging in the mornings, starting off with 3km, and now I’m doing 8. I’m used to the running though, so although my body is looking good, I don’t feel worked out after the running as I used to before. I was beginning to lose hope, thinking I’m going to have to run 10km’s to see more of a difference!! And I was just too lazy to do that! and had no one willing to do it with me!
    BUt then I bumped into your sight! I don’t even know how I got here, but I love it so much! I am back everyday! thank you so much for the videos you post and tutorials, and articles! This is helping me tremendously and you are SUCH an inspiration. I want my body to look as great as yours oneday I really do! Thnx again!

  • Sarah

    Freddy, what’s up with the camera today? I was getting so seasick with the in and out and in and out! Hold it a bit steady, buddy! :)

    • Frederick

      It was a little to much MTV style I agree :)

  • Charlene

    I loved hearing Freddy say push LOL my husband does the same thing. I miss working out with him! Does Freddy do the same workout at the same time you’re doing it?

    Can’t wait for the tour video! Congrats on finding a place.

  • GoustiFruit

    I don’t know if these comments will ever be validated, but as I finally received my Gymboss timer and as there were no new workout posted, I decided to give it a new try today, timed and logged this time :-)
    So here are my scores…

    S1: 47-46-26-15-23-19
    S2: 40-47-25-15-25-19
    S3: 49-48-25-14-23-19

  • Irene

    Since I live in Europa I picked another workout this morning. Perfect Butt Workout 31. August. Found something that worked like a sandbag….so had a wonderful morning:o)))Thank you Zuzana and Freddy,you gave me my energy back….no more 2-3 hours at the gym:o)) Bless you

  • adam

    hi zuzanna i think the exercise was really great it really got my arms and my legs working to the full potential do u think since u have bought the shapeups shoes they have helped or would u just stick to normal sneakers im thinking of buying some but i aint sure if it will make any difference can u please reply to me wen u can thank u so much x

  • bea

    I have been slacking big time lately – with diet and exercise – and im not happy. But reading your statement at the beginning really inspired me. I am going to be totally focused for 3 months, (and then longer) but I just got really excited to see what I can look like! And todays workout looks really fun! (which is why I like your site so much – the moves are hard, but they look fun to do!!) thanks guys!

  • Jo

    Tough…. but good! I have been doing your 4min workout every morning for the last 2 weeks to get going for the day. This morning I noticed it didn’t work me as hard as normal – so time for an upgrade! and boy have I found it.

  • Nathalie

    OMG!!! That was crazy good:) Here are my scores,
    1. 25,25,20,16,32,10
    2. 24,24,24,15,32,12
    3. 22,22,25,13,40,11
    This was a really tough workout but I feel so great. Thanks and please keep more coming.

  • James

    What a great work out. I’m still on simplified versions for some things but every time I do a work out I get stronger and closer to following the real thing. The differences I see in my body are massive compared to anything I’ve tried before, including weights. This stuff is hard. Some times I’m sore for 4 days after, some days I recover the next day. The changes I see and your inspiration keep me going.

    Today I received “You Are Your Own Gym” by Mark Lauren. One page in and I’m hooked.

    I’m 43, bordering on obese. This will either kill me or make me into the best I’ve ever been. If I make it I’ll send photos…

    Thank you so much for all you do! You’re doing great things.

  • Rhoda from Australia

    Hi Zuzana, I have been doing your workouts for the past two weeks and LOVE them, especially the latest butt buster workout, I just finished it and an drowning in sweat after just 12 minutes! That’s what I love about your workouts – short but really intense, and we can now do them together!! Thank you so much for posting these workouts so regularly, I really appreciate the time it must take for you and Freddie to put together – keep up the great work!

  • Nicole D. Lopez

    Will you name a workout “Brains and Booty” please? You are so smart and so beautiful, but “Brains and Beauty” doesn’t have the same kind of tone as your other workout names lol.

  • Alicia

    I’m not afraid of change! Which is why I am following you, Zuzana. I lost about 20 pounds, went from 147 to 125, and I am trying to lose about 10 more pounds, but I just CAN’T! It just stopped at 125 :/ I have built some muscle too after watching some of your stuff, but it still isn’t coming off too quickly. I am willing to try any changes you advise on!

  • Myxd Beauty(singing group)

    Hey Zuzana, we LOVE your videos!!!!! Workout with you every other day religiously! We were just wondering when your birthday is cause we would like to do something special for you. =) Thank you for workout videos!
    ~Myxd Beauty~

    • Frederick

      Zuzana’s birthday is April 29th :)

  • http://n/a flane


    I got behind again. I’ve got a ton of stress in my life that I’m not dealing with well at all. I’ve got to get back into my workouts and back on the eating plan. Enough whining. Loved this workout like all ya’lls work. Here’re my numbers. I did a bicycle crunch for the ab buster and used support for the one leg lunges.

    1. 22 15 14
    2. 22 16 15
    3. 16 13 17
    4. 9 7 6
    5. 20 12 18
    6. 15 24 17

    Lotsa Love,

  • Chiyun

    Wow, it’s the moment when you can’t keep going but still encourage and push yourself to finish a workout that inspires me. I think it’s a way to show responsibilities, what you have to do in life. It’s great!

  • Mindy

    The next time you do the exploding star exercise you need to say, “SUPERSTAR!!!!” Like the lady comedian on Saturday Night Live. LOL!!!

  • Leslie

    This is an amazing workout. I love it and can not wait to do it tomorrow.
    Thank you so much for posting this and all of your other workouts. I love the real time workouts! Thanks again. Your the best!


    hollllllyy! that was an awesome work out, i dont even know how im alive, i’ll definitely be keeping track of that one.

  • miriam

    hi, i form mexico, i just want to tell you that your videos are soo amazing, you have me motivated to exercise, congratulations for your work, and thanks for giving us the opportunity to watch free

  • Lori

    Can’t wait for next week!

  • Justina

    LOVED IT!! xx

  • Eileen

    I came across your site by chance. I was looking for other workout clips on you tube. and found one of yours. I’m so glad I did, I have only done 2 of your workouts so far. I love them they will give me the results I am looking for in a shorter time period. The workouts I was duing previously were taking over an hour to complete.
    I am a 45 yr old out of shape woman and I can do these exercises, but I’ll admit not nearly as good as you, but I will soon.
    Thanks so much for having this site.


  • Sasha

    whoa! super intense is an understatement, lol! i can feel the burn too ;)

  • IrisCh.

    Will you work out on a daily basis from monday til friday or every other day as you did the last month?
    I think it`s a great idea, that there is the tutorial video first and then the real time workout!!! It helps a lot!

  • Maja

    1) 24, 27, 29
    2) 25 17 15
    3) 21 22 23
    4) 18 17 17
    5) 47 46 50
    6) 16 16 16
    brruuuttall. but awesome :-)

  • Nicole

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy!! My mom and I have been doing your workouts for about 3 weeks now and we LOVE THEM!! We are from México so it´s a long way, but let me tell you I´ve been going to the gym and different classes since I was 14 but never done a workout that felt so productive, intense and dynamic. We love the real time workouts, they are very useful especially because we haven´t ordered our gymboss timer yet (we will soon!) and my mom wants to say million thanks for the beginners options. We look forward to seeing the new site and we´d love to see a recipe section because we sometimes run out of ideas on healthy cooking. Thanks for sharing your workouts with the world! =)

  • nicole

    this is so intense!!!! i like!

  • mf

    I love that you advocate focusing attention on exercising while you’re doing it as opposed to exercising as a mindless repetitive zoning out. The mind/body connection has been a concept of philosophical inquiry since the earliest record of deep thinkers. This application to fitness is useful, helpful, and exciting!

  • kari

    Hi guys!
    I am very confused as to why there are less and less workouts. Did I miss something? Before the summer, you guys used to update almost every day, and now there are only two posts a week. What happened?
    Also, I was curious about the website. Do you guys know when it will be up? The last update on it said the end of October. I am very excited to see it! Please update us on all of this!

  • Shana

    I did the butt buster workout this morning. Wow, kudos to Freddy on the exploding star, harder than I thought! I love your workouts, they are challenging and I can feel myself getting stronger. Thanks for providing these workouts and I am soo glad I discovered your website!

  • Oli

    Hi Zuzka and Freddy, thank you for other inspirational story and videos!!! This is really great, these live workouts! It made me push harder, even though I thought, it’s not possible :-) Your work is amazing and I am so looking forward to your new site!!! :-) Just wanted to share with you my feelings from the last video. I dunno, if it’s just my feeling, but I started to feel a little bit sick, I think it could be from the camera moving forward and backward quickly all the time. But it can be just my problem, I am also sometimes sick in a car, when I want to read something… Please don’t think, I mean it badly. I love all your work!!! :-)

  • Jane

    I just restarted working out with you. I like this workout very much! It’s great!!!
    My results:
    1) 23, 20, 15
    2) 18, 17, 17
    3) 23, 24, 20
    4) 12, 10, 11
    5) 29, 40, 30
    6) 29, 27, 30

  • marion


    I would like to know when the new website will be online ? I am so excited about it ! I hope it will be today, because you tell us in a video it will be at the end of the week.
    Give us news about the new website !
    Thanks so much !


  • jus

    first time I kept up with you!! great, great workout! but now I’m deat, especially the first exercise almoust killed me!!

  • shalmalee

    You guys are awesome. I am loving your workouts. I have started following you since a few days and it feels grt to do a new workout every time. I guess thats the secret. I use to get bored with the same CD over and over again. Your site is keeping me motivated. Cheers. And the real time workouts are working even better for me :)

  • Olivia

    Loved it! I can do more starjumps than you but fewer jumping planks! You’re like a machine in those!
    Really love the new approach with the full length workout videos, so much easier (cause then we don’t have to remember all the moves!)

  • Becky

    FIrst time I saw your website, I thought omg! What sort of bodybuilders are that???
    But right now, I think you’re doing a great job! Short, but super intensive workouts, easy descriptions and very sympathetic, too. Keep it up!

  • Irene

    I was still soar after the last workout, but I did it, and loved it! So much fun doing it “together”. Think I will never go back to the gym, this is a revolution for me. Thank you guy’s. Have a wonderful Sunday:o))

  • Thea

    Great workout! It was easy to understand how to do the moves and fun!

  • Maria, DK

    I simply LOVED this mix of exercises!
    I think I’ve found a new favourite workout :D

    My scores:
    1. 32, 30, 25.
    2. 27, 36, 25.
    3. 26, 24, 30.
    4. 16, 18, 17.
    5. 56, 58, 59.
    6. 15, 16, 16.

  • cinthya

    Hey guys,

    I love the new style of shooting you are trying. Zu, you are so energetic!!! It is so apparant that you love what you are doing. I think that that is what makes your so different than all the other blogs and website. I look at your old videos and you seem to have flourished in front of our eyes. Great for you!!!

    I have been on thi sjourney with you for 7 months and I have lost 15lbs, but I am a small girl to begin with (5’3). I now weigh 115lbs, my goal weight, my body has transformed, but I can’t seem to get rid of some fat in my belly. I know there is no magic workout for the mid section, but do my abs a favor and hit them hard in the next week. For todays workout, my ass thanks you!!!

    much love,


  • Xavi_Barcelona_KyokushinKarate

    you are an angel (L)

  • KacyCeleste

    I love your site and especially the new ‘class videos’ however it seemed more difficult to follow this workout with the camera moving around so much haha. Kinda made me feel motion sick lol! I hope to see more great workouts from you two, thank you!!

  • Bohdana

    30 31 37
    30 31 37
    28 30 28
    28 19 18
    59 63 61
    21 24 26

  • Isabel

    Hi! my name is Isabel Wigg and I’m native of Chile; a small country in South America. I’ve been following you for quite a while and I love your site! All though I’m a very lazy person and it is very difficult for me to follow all the workouts but I’m trying. I seem not to be able to loose weight.

    I’ve passed the last years loosing and gaining weight which is not good. :(

    I hope you can give me a piece of advice and I will keep trying!

    Thank you!

  • Priscilla

    Alright guys, 1 year starts in the morning!! Thank you so much for the pep talk (blog), you inspire very time I visit this website. And I like your honesty.

  • Francine Sandoval

    As always a butt kicker of a workout! Thank you so much Suzanna you are my fitness hero! I can’t believe how much my body has changed in the short amount of time that I have been doing these exercises. Keep em’ coming!

  • Marmar

    this workout killed me…I’m so thankful that I found your website.

  • Noriko

    I love to exercise with you, Zuzana! This live video is a great idea. It makes me push myself more.
    I started exercise regularly 16 years ago. But I’ve never experienced such great change in my body until I started your exercise over 2 month ago and I realized my change one month after that. This is truely mind blowing! It gave me more confident. Now I realized that the right posture you regularly mention during the video is very important not just for physical exericse but also spiritually. Thank you very much, Zuzana and Freddy!!

  • Danilo Tobias

    Dear Zuzana,
    My first comment is Congratulations you have a nice body!

    So I’m runner for long distances or Ultra-runner (more than 42K). I have a workout for my legs and abs but I’m finding a new workout because are my motor-muscles. Like reference I from Guatemala my next objective is the Miami Marathon on January 30, 2011. Thank you for your recommendations.

  • Anonymous

    how come your workouts are posted every other day i thought we were working out everyday from now on? put more workouts up ppplllleeeaaassseee!!!!!:)

  • stine

    zuzana? i just wondering ,how tall are you? :)

  • jax

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy:
    is there a way to categorize some of the videos so that you can go straight to a video that focuses on using some of the equipment you’ve used over time…such as clubbell equipment and accompanying exercises, or kettlebell, pull-up bar/dipstation etc? I’m been scrolling through a long time to try and find some of these workouts and to check out some of this equipment to build on my home gym. Thanks!

  • Juliana

    Thank you so much for the workouts! I was wandering if one of these days you could do a 400 or 600 rep. like you do now in a class real time kind of video, because as a beginner, for these I do need company and a lot of motivation:)
    Love to workout with you. Keep rocking!!

  • Rebecca

    Hey guys!
    First off, I just want to say I LOVE YOU GUYS. Thank you so much for making these amazing videos. They’ve completely changed my life and I don’t know what I’d do without you :)

    But even though I love the workouts, I miss all the other videos! I know you guys aren’t in the best living situation, but I miss the cooking videos, fashion hauls, and vlogs with Freddy and the doggies. Can you please make some more of those sometime soon? I feel like you guys aren’t as connected to us BodyRockers like you used to be…

    Much Love,
    Becca :)

  • Sydni

    Can you please make a video on your after workout stretching?

  • Ebba

    Hi! I think the website is great, I do all your exercises. But what happened with the camera today? Annoying with the zooming, I like it more old school not jumping around hehe.
    Doing this workout tomorrow! // Ebba

  • Fit in SC

    Hi Zuzana & Freddy, I absolutely LOVE your site. I’ve been following you for about 9 months and have seen incredible progress in my strength and physique. I am wondering if the same intensity/workouts can be continued during pregnancy. I am sure that the last trimester will be out or at least modified to a much easier version, but I would like to know if the body weight/interval workouts are safe otherwise. You are a tremendous inspiration. This is wishful thinking (not to mention a little selfish…sorry!) but I keep hoping that you’ll get pregnant the same time I do, so I’ll know exactly what kind of workouts to do. You guys are awesome! Continue the good work in keeping us fit!

  • Jess Z

    This workout was greatt! I completed it in 30 minutes and 5 seconda woohooo!

    Also I have a great short workout (under 15 minutes) for everyone to try:

    Start by setting your interval timer – 6 rounds of two intervals: 30 seconds and 15 seconds

    1. Burpees/v-ups with alternating legs (30 sec/15 sec) – do burpees for the 30 sec interval and then the v-ups for 15 sec – no breaks, you go from one exercise to the other!
    *V-UPS ALTERNATING LEGS: start in a lying position with your arms stretched straight above your head and your legs straight out and visualize the halfway point between your legs and arms, then v-up by bringing both arms to meet one leg (left) halfway – keep your back straight and your arms straight to touch your leg and keep your other leg straight lying on the floor. lower leg and arms together at same pace and do the same with the other leg (right).
    – to make this more challenging you can keep your legs straight but raised a few inches off the floor at all times!

    take 30 sec – 1 minute (have some water, and prepare for the next set of exercises)

    2. sumo squat with alternating side knee tucks and jump/ plank knee tucks or called the reptile (30 sec/ 15 sec) – keep your timer set for 6 rounds of the same two intervals again and do the sumo squats for 30 sec and the reptile for 15 sec – no breaks guys!
    *SUMO SQUATS WITH KNEE TUCK AND JUMP: do a sumo squat then a knee tuck on the right side followed by a knee tuck on the left side, then squat again and jump up as you come up from the squat, then repeat by immediately squating after you jump (so you are landing your jump in a squat) and do the knee tucks on both sides followed by a squat and jump

    take 30 sec – 1 minute (drink water and prepare for next set of exercises)

    3. mountain climbers/ pike jumps (30 sec/15 sec) – same thing with the 6 rounds of the two same intervals only mountain climbers will be performed for 30 sec directly followed by pike jumps for 15 sec
    *This one is extra tough – your arms will be soo tired :)

    take 30 sec – 1 minute (this is the last set of exercises!!)

    4. finish the workout with 30 single-arm side push ups (15/arm) & then do 30 hip thrusters (weighted if you have weights)
    *HIP THRUSTERS: not your traditional hip thrust. you start standing up in a squat position hold the weight between your legs with striaght arms and straight back, then as you come up from the squat thrust your hips forward and your arms will come up with the weight to about shoulder height – keep your arms straight the whole time as you hold the weight on both sides
    – to make this more challenging, isometrically contract your chest by squeezing the weight with your hands on either side of the weight – you will be working your chest more this way.

    I hope you guys enjoy this workout ! :D

  • Ajoque

    Zuzanna and Freddy!! I LOVE YOUR REAL TIME WORKOUTS!! Please keep it up! It’s so much fun but even better than fun it’s intense and challenging. I loved it! It took me 16 minutes to complete the whole thing and it was worth it. Thank you so much for doing this. You guys rock!!

  • Georgia1

    So Great! I am improving with this format thanks a bunch! Here are my scores:

    1) Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (left leg) 26, 17, 17
    2) Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (right leg) 26, 17, 17
    3) Elbow Plank Side Hops 26, 20, 20
    4) Exploding Star 15, 12, 11
    5) Pendulum 28, 30, 25 (needs to improve)
    6) Ab Buster Exercise 24, 25, 27

  • Elena

    wow… this is the first time I did some exercises better than you… thanks for motivating me :)
    my ‘score’:
    1. ’round’: 25,25,11,15,37,27
    2. ’round’: 21,22,17,16,50,36
    3. ’round’: 23,24,20,13,52,32

    thank you for this workout :)

  • amie

    I disagree. Yes after 3 months you will see a change but changes can happen sooner. I do these workouts religiously (mostly modifications) and still have much to improve on my diet. My goal is to lose 70 pounds. I’m seeing noticable changes in my body after about a month. Can’t wait to try this workout!

  • LaChief’s early Saturday morning in NYC and I’m so ready for the next workout…and what can I say… another amazing workout!!! My twin daughters watched me bust out my best effort. They couldn’t believe how hard you breath and sweat when you do these types of workouts. They should try it being that they are 23 yrs old.
    But anyways, here are my scores:
    1- 22,21,21
    2- 21,19,24
    3- 25,16,24
    4- 15,14,16
    5- 31,32,24
    6- 25,22,25

    Zuzana, tell Freddy that I love his Exploding Stars. I will use that move with my students, I know they will love it!


  • Aggeliki

    Dear Zuzzana,
    According to your article, do you believe that if a person follows eat clean diet tips, with 6 clean meals every 3 hours as well as your workouts 4-5 times per week, will have the body transformation that you are referred to?

  • Cait

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this workout!! The exercises are actually really fun!
    Also, you make some great points in your discussion about transforming your body. I am getting geared up for a good new year’s resolution, and I think I am going to start prepping for a healthy 2011 by marking out where I want to be over the next three months.
    It is so empowering to watch Zuzana’s great enthusiasm for fitness and proactive attitude. Most of the time when I work out with a training video I think “jeez, these people must spend hours at the gym each day” whereas, with Zuzana, I think– “wow! if I follow her example and maintain my self-discipline, I CAN look really great!!”
    Thank you so much for the motivation!!!!!


  • Angela

    This is the first time I have tried one of your workouts. OMG, it was hard! But I stuck with it and gave my best effort. It took me 30 min to recover… and I know i will feel the pain in those muscles tomorrow :)

  • Ana Mendonça

    That’s my frist time to write… i do your workouts since one year!!! And I am still sweating… loved this workout.

    dificult is to do your diet… i have to eat my carbs ;o)


  • Chelsea

    Here are my results;

    1) Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (left leg); 27reps, 22reps, and 25reps

    2) Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (right leg); 28reps, 22reps, and 23reps

    3) Elbow Plank Side Hops; 19reps, 15reps, and 19reps

    4) Exploding Star; 18reps, 18reps, and 18reps

    5) Pendulum; 58reps, 58reps, and 55reps

    6) Ab Buster Exercise; 16reps, 16reps, and 14.5reps

    Ha when the video went from color to black and white during the exploding star I thought I was getting nausea’s or something and seeing in black and white the first round. I felt really silly when I looked around and noticed just you were black and white not anything else.
    Thanks again Zuzana <3 you're amazing

  • Laura Nellie

    WOW! so intense yet only 12 minutes. perfect workout for those busy mornings

  • Josette and Seth

    Elevated Leg LUnge Jump Left
    23, 20, 26
    22, 21, 27
    Elbow Plank Side Hops:
    30, 29, 30
    Exploding Star
    10, 11,10
    52, 44, 50
    Ab Buster:
    29, 26, 27

    Exploding star is the funniest exercise yet.
    funny except for how much it burns after the lunges!


  • Tina


  • Giselle Yannelli

    Hey guys,

    Don’t want to criticize but what’s up with the unsteady camera in the first video?…it was actually making it hard to pay attention to the workout.

    Love what you guys are doing and you get me to workout every day of the week.

    Thank you so much!

  • Z-devo-tee

    I love all your workouts and words of inspiration. And I think Freddy does a great job shooting and producing your videos. That being said, the way the tutorial footage was shot is making me motion sick. I just thought you should know…

    Thanks for all you do and for obviously caring so deeply about the people you’re reaching. You’re changing lives and making a difference!

  • Elena

    Hi! Just finished the workout and I just wanted to share my score before doing my streching:

    1st round: 23,23,13,12,27,12
    2nd round: 17,25,17,10,25,14
    And I took a 2-3 min break before the last round…:
    last round: 22,25,10,13,23,13

    And I would have a question: does the secquence order matter, or can we do the exercises in the order we feel to?

    Thanks! :)

  • Samantha R

    Yep – half my scores for the Elbow Plank Hops and Ab Buster. Just watched you do it and realised I’d counted each movement.

  • Chris L

    Hi Guys,

    So I did this workout today. I like the Exploding Star (a deceptively energy intensive exercise).

    Take care,

  • maggie

    my total on first time and i loved it by the way 1. 24-22-21
    2. 24-24-22
    3. 20-20-20
    4. 12-11-12
    5. 34-37-35
    6. 35-30-44
    =) not bad on a first time

  • Jenny

    Ahhh! The pendulum!! So challenging! But I loved it anyway :)
    Thanks for this workout! And thanks for your motivating paragraphs on this page. Really excellent.
    Zuz, I have a question/request for you: Is there anyway you would consider putting up older pictures of yourself (back when you said you were a smoker and didn’t care that much about fitness)? I think that would be a huge motivator to me and a lot of other people to be able to see how years of dedication makes your body transform. Also, one more question, do you weigh yourself regularly? In the 2 years I’ve been working out with you, I’ve never heard you personally talk about wanting to drop pounds, but rather, get more fit.

    Thanks so much for everything you two do for me!!!

  • Valerie

    I get outta breath just watching the video! Haha, can’t wait to try it! This workout looks tough but very doable, thanks! :)

  • MrsNaughtywed

    Just did your workout!

    25, 20, 20
    24, 22, 25
    15, 16, 15
    17, 15, 13
    26, 28, 29
    15, 15, 15

    That was intense! I’m quite sweaty even though I had my window open blowing in cold Canadian air. lol. Now I’m off to take my dog for a quick run around the block! :)

  • Grace

    I really enjoyed this workout. I live and work in China and the gym hours in my complex suck. Bodyrock is becoming apart of my regular routine. Thank you!

    ps: I heard you mention homemade veggie burgers a while back. Could you please post the recipe…I’d really appreciate it!

    Grace :)

  • nati from Poland

    Hi!! Have u eny cd with exercise??

  • Mihai

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to say I’m the living proof of your theory. I’ll be 34 this week, I quit smoking in February and I discovered your site in May, at a time when nothing I had to wear fit anymore. Your approach of short, high intensity, bodyweight workouts made sense to me. What got me started was the video in which Freddy asked what would happen if you get rid of all the wasted time in a workout. I liked that.

    I started doing easy/beginner workouts in June. I am tracking my weight since September and I lost 12 kilos since then. Hope to get rid of 3 more this month. I’m still at the beginning but the changes are very visible. I was never an active person, but I’m quickly getting addicted to working out – I’m feeling bloated if a day passes without one :)

    So a Big Thank You for inspiring me to get off my big butt! Cheers!

  • Mag

    Hi Zuzana!
    Thank you for you great workouts!
    I started doing them in August and now, after 3 months, I do see great results! They’re definetly working for me and this is just amazing!
    I am not consistent as you are, unfortunately I live in a flat and I can exercise only in the early morning during weekdays… I can’t jump like you do on my neighbours’ head at 7.00 AM! So, I’m doing soft strength training during the week and your workouts in the weekends but I can ensure that they are really boosting my body!
    By the way, I started doing the one leg lifts during the day while I am at work and yesterday – after about 3-4 weeks – I finally managed to do 1 entire leg lift with my left leg without helping my self on the toilet seat ;) … I am VERY proud of my improvements!
    I really owe you so much! I know that the sweat is mine, but you make it much more easy and fun!!
    Thanks so much!

  • Anza

    I forgot to write down all my reps – here’s complete version:
    1) Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (left leg) 25, 20, 18
    2) Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (right leg) 26, 20, 20
    3) Elbow Plank Side Hops 20, 22, 20
    4) Exploding Star 13, 12, 14
    5) Pendulum 32, 40, 40
    6) Ab Buster Exercise 16, 22, 22

  • Anza


    I had a long break between working out and today was the second time that I exercised again. Following you working out in a real time was really nice. I was able to keep track and sometimes even be faster than you but since I’m more like a beginner – I was doing some easier variations but it was intense for me and that’s what it’s all about – right? ;o)

    So – my score for today:
    1) Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (left leg) 25, 20, 18
    2) Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (right leg) 26, 20, 20
    3) Elbow Plank Side Hops
    4) Exploding Star
    5) Pendulum
    6) Ab Buster Exercise

    …in elevated leg lunge I wasn’t able to actually jumping in second and third round but I was pushing really hard and jump with every lunge in first round. In exploding star I wasn’t going all the way down and in pendulum I was lifting legs lower that you – but it was intense for me and now I feel great as always after your workouts – oh… just maybe a little bit sweety and stinky too before my shower :o )

  • mari

    I liked the camera movements, but its a little bit too much…

  • Agata

    Hi Zuzana!
    I’ve got a question to you about your preworkout coffee. Because I’m also a coffee fun and I wonder how many coffees do you drink per day and what sort of coffe it is? Maybe you can reccomend mi some kind of coffe. and coffee fun:)

  • GoustiFruit

    I’m still waiting to receive my Gymboss so I did it “au jugé” and I’m happy to see it was as hard for you as it was for me :-D
    Pendulum doesn’t look like it but it’s a real killer !

  • Nathalie

    I like your videous. Every morning I`m happy to do your exercises. It`s really fantastic. :) good job.

  • Juanvi

    I don’t like tutorials. I love see you doing your exercises with yor maximum effort; crying and sufering.

  • Inger

    Hi Zuzana,
    I absolutley love your site and what you do, its amazing how far you have come with the videos, I love it! :) I wanted to ask you a personal question because its something thats affecting me right now. Are your periods normal? I have been exercising and running and took a power lifting class and it was all good but its been 6 months and no sign of it at all (no i am not pregenant). Whats your story, I really need to hear from someone who looks like me and does the workouts I do. :) Thank YOu

  • Annamaria

    Mockumentary style filming with rapid pans and zooms are so distracting. Freddy, say it ain’t so….I’m dizzy. Love you guys.

    • Frederick

      Ok noted!!!! :)

  • Schuyler

    That was an intense one. I like all the explosive movements you put in to your workouts. It is definitely challenging and exposing some weaknesses.

    Leg Lunge Jump: 25, 17, 18
    Leg Lunge Jump: 26, 21, 16*
    Elbow Plank Hops: 17, 21, 23
    Exploding Star: 18, 15, 10*
    Pendulum: 41, 39, 44
    Ab Buster: 12, 16, 13*

    * My knee started hurting so I modified to less explosive movements.

    PS Nice looking new place!

  • Ivon Gomez

    you rock suzzana!
    you awesome chika:))))

  • Rick Skalak

    Hi Guys,
    I love your site! I found you from surfing on u-tube and have been hooked ever since. I am a masters bike racer and want more interesting core work outs. You are fantastic. Lucky Freddy

    My grandparents were Czech. My wife I and I visited Prague, and fell in love with the city. It felt like a fairy tale. I hope you will be very happy there.

    Best wishes from a new fan,

  • sja222

    Hi Zuzana!
    I’ve been looking over your site for about a month and reading everything and learning and taking in as much information as possible. Only today did I finally gather enough courage to finally attempt a workout! I am so proud of myself for taking the leap into a healthy lifestyle. I am getting married next year and have a gorgeous one year old son so I have more than enough reasons to get myself healthy and into shape.
    Thank you for your guidance and inspirational atttude xo

  • Danny

    I absolutely love this new fitness instructor type DVD thing that you are doing. Before, I just watched and believed there was no way in hell I would be able to do that, but with these new videos I have started. And I just try and keep up with you. As you would say, ” I totally melted” after the workout and I am going to continue. Thank you susana and freddy.

    Cheery bye!

  • Bethany

    I love the exercise classes but the camera movement makes me a little dizzy :) . Keep up the great work outs!! I love you guys!!

  • S

    Cannot express how much I LOVE these new workout tutorials! They are amazing – I love pressing play because it feels like I’m working out with you! Motivational :)

    By the way you should post your food journal on a daily basis :) And share your recipes! I’m sure others would be interested too!

  • K

    Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (left leg) – 25 – 28 – 22
    Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (right leg) – 26 – 28 – 25
    Elbow Plank Side Hops – 25 – 25 – 24
    One legged squats (alternating+with chair) – 4/3 – 3/3 – 2/2
    Pendulum – 51 – 45 – 30
    Ab Buster Exercise – 23 – 24 – 20

    I died. I just re-started the carb-free until workout is done challenge, because I failed that after two days last time due to my midterms.
    Oh Zuzana, I think I might have done the one legged squats wrong..cause the sides of my left knee hurt…Is that normal? I mean, my right knee is fine, so I’m not sure if it’s my form, or just my leg being worked.

    I’m really looking forward to the daily workouts (:

  • Penny

    I had already worked out my legs this morning at the gym but I really wanted to do this workout.

    ELLJ (left): 20, 18, 12
    Right: 20, 15, 13
    EPSH: 24, 20, 17
    Expl.Star: 12, 10, 10
    Pendulum: 59, 46, 40
    Ab Buster: 31, 30, 36

    Ouuchh, lol. Hopefully I won’t be sore.

  • Jill

    Thanks for challenging us each several days with a new workout that always has a bit of the known and new.

    Thanks for the beginner tips, and making it possible for anyone, no matter how much workout experience they have or not, to join you. I don’t feel I have to catch up.

    My reps

    Elevated leg lunge (didn’t do jumps yet):
    L 21,13,19
    R 17,18,18

    Elbow plank side hops (steps in my case):
    I had difficulty with this exercise in that I kept sliding away with my feet. Not sure where I had to feel the muscles work, because of that. Need to come up with a solution, so that I can preserve the form, instead of sliding away.

    Eploding Star:

    28, 30, 28

    Ab Buster exercise:

  • Joelle

    Hello ,

    I hope you enjoy europe :) .Just finish your new workout really enjoyed:).Very happy to hear that you will be busy all week to make some workout to make us sweat :) ) very exiting.Thanks a lot see u

  • ozziepossum

    Wow, great workout Zuzana. Freddie you did great with the encouragement, that came at about the right time for me too! This is the first time I’ve followed along to the “real time” workouts, and it was INTENSE!

    I kept up with the Elevated Lunge Jumps and the Plank Hops but struggled badly with the Exploding Star and Pendulum. I was pretty good with the Ab Buster, I managed to keep up with you Zuzana for these!

    Can’t wait for the next workout, also can’t wait to see more of Prague!

    Aussie Aussie Aussie, Sweat Sweat Sweat!

  • Rachael

    hey i love your workouts i had some extra meat i didnt want and all i did was do your videos my softball and eat healthy and i already feel healthier@! i cheated a little last weekend but thats ok im working hard on it! thank you!

  • tzsports

    Opps. I counted the planks and abs on each side. So my numbers are only 1/2 of what I counted. You do the moves with such great form and not just speed. That will be my goal for next week. Great form first:)
    You guys ROCK!!!

  • Cris Far

    Hello!!! My legs hurt!! aouch!
    Here is my score ;)

    ELLL 25 18 17
    ELLR 25 19 17
    EPSH 24 26 25
    ES 14 13 14
    Pendulum 34 37 35
    AB 24 16.5 21
    Thank you for sharing this, you rule!!!

  • Anna

    I’m a complete beginner, it was my 3rd training. My results are:
    1) 16 reps, 15 reps, 8 reps
    2) 14, 13, 14
    3) 12, 14, 13
    4) 8, 6, 6
    5) 32, 22, 26
    6) 30, 27, 30
    The mager problem was not strength, but breathing, I couldn’t breath normal after first round, and also my feet were slippering on the flore until u put the mat parallel to my body – then amount of reps increased )

  • vale

    Hey, kids,…where is your “Butt buster workout” Life version we do with you. Did not do last night, waiting for life feed, only have tutorial out. Enjoy doing workouts with you, actually pushing harder than before going along with you and trying hard to keep up! Have to mute you,your counting sometimes trips me up and your interval timer too,mine is always a half a second behind. But it’s GREAT. How is the house hunting, haven’t updated on that for a while. Get’s frustrating, I know too well, that’s why I work out:) Will be looking for your latest WO life feed, THAX TO YOU BOTH!

  • Lee

    You have some amazing definition!! Just started following your blog – speaking of transformation do you have some before/after photos of YOU from a few months ago??

  • Janet

    Freddy omg hold the camera still you are making me sick! Ugh….

  • Jyllyan

    Hi, great workout- I do have a question about the site- I can’t find the video to do the workout in real time with you as you mention in the you tube video.
    The only option is to view the same video that’s posted on youtube.
    Also- the search feature doesn’t work. I type in a keyword and I am taken to a blank page.
    I love all your workouts, but the site itself needs better navigation.

  • laura

    Hi=) Loved this one! Amazing how it’s only 12 minutes yet gets you fit fast if going all out! <3 Laura

  • Tarah S

    This workout killed my legs! I have been doing your daily workouts + the warm up everyday since October 20th and I am really seeing a difference in my body and my endurance!

    Elevated leg lunge jump (L) 13/20/12
    Elevated leg lunge jump (R) 18/19/15
    Elbow plank side hop 24/28/25
    Exploding Star 9/11/12 <—my favorite by the way!
    Pendulum 53/54/54
    Ab buster exercise 29/31/27

    Thanks guys
    Tarah S

  • Ge

    Fantastique vos exercise…J’aime quand tu écris tes scores Zuzana, ca me permet de me dépasser en essayant de TE dépasser, lol!

  • Roxy

    Thank you so much. To answer your question: yes I can see my body changing and I am super impressed. Although I know I am long way from looking the way I want it is nice to see that if you control little things in you diet, it can only lead to bigger changes and therefore huge accomplishments in time. Thank you for your work and dedication to keep the world sane, fit and healthy. Have fun in Check Republic and let me know when you’re back in Vancouver, I would love to meet you both. You can search me on Facebook so you don’t think I am some crazy person. Married and everything else. Good luck!

  • Megan

    While I agree that change is good, especially when no improvements are seen. I also think that it is important to set realistic goals and expectations of our body. I am often discouraged because I work hard and am consistent with my workouts as well as eating as healthful as I can, yet my body does not look like those in the magazines, on tv or like Zuzanna’s. I remind myself that my purpose for working out and eating well is to be healthy first and foremost. I would love to be able to workout harder and eat better and get the body I want…however these things are not going to increase the size of my breasts or give me a more feminine body shape. I have struggled with body image issues and eating disorders in the past, and sadly when a certain image is our main goal we may never reach it. We need to remember our own limitations and be able to be satisfied with our efforts if we are doing the best that we can. Being the best that I can be far outweighs a 6 pack in my set of goals.

  • Tina

    I thought you are posting new real time workout this morning, I mean which continents time zone are you talking about.
    I been waitting and missed workout today.

  • jo

    Hi Fred, it was a bit dizzying watching this video with the frequent zooming in and out..

  • Steph Sizzle

    I’ve seen a dramatic difference in my body since the summer. I quit the gym and have focused on your workouts only. My arms are visibly defined, my waist slim an defined, my butt round, etc. I can’t thank you enough. Also, I worked out for years everyday and was gaining fat.

  • Astrid

    Great new workout & exercise ideas! You rock!

  • LROD

    Your comments today have really hit home with me. I’m 36 years old and have been working ever since I was 19 and I have nothing to show for it (other than some corns on my toes…gross, I know).

    But, this is precisely what I needed to hear. No more excuses, no more putting off exercising for another day, no more eating unhealthy foods – it’s now or never!

  • Violet

    Absolutely love love love your workouts!!!!!! I am addicted to them! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  • Karina

    Dear Zuzana,

    Amazing workout!!! I love it!!! I have a question for you: Is it ok if I do the 4 min. pre-breakfast workout together with one of your full workouts in the morning and I do another full workout at night? I am doing this 5-6 days a week. Please let me know if this is a good way to go and see results or not.
    I am used to workout for longer periods of time so working out less time it makes me feel that I need more.
    Please give me your advice, I am really looking forward to get the results I want.

    Thank you in advance for your information and I really love your workouts and all your hard work…YOU ROCK GIRL!!!


  • Svenja

    you’re gorgeous. just to say that. and these workouts are gorgeous. if i’d be more diciplined i could have the body you have.. that’s what i think every time, and somehow that keeps me going. even if i just can’t stick to that clean-eating thing. but i try. i really try.
    u absolutely brought back the fun of sweating and drilling the muscles to me. i’m so grateful for that. keep it going u guys!
    lots of love from germany :)

  • gogo

    Did this today, really tough! I love when you include pendulum, they really work the legs!

  • vlora

    hi szuzana you are the besttttttt thank you

  • Miss Sandra D

    Hi guys… just completed this workout and it was intense… looking forward to tomorrows workout :)

  • Mieke

    Hi Zuzana

    I am such a big fan of you and your workouts! I’m probably one of the million people who thinks you’re a hero. You are without a doubt my greatest and real hero and my great example. I watch every workout, do every workout and I’m very happy with the results and the feeling after the workouts.

    But enough glorified ;) Actually I have a big problem. Well, I do your workouts 5/7 but my problem is the eating! Some days (usually the 3 first days of a week) I eat normal and healthy. But after those 2 or 3 days, I get these cravings for sweets, salt, fat.. You know, all the bad stuff. Usually I’m so weak that I just let myself have something to eat. But after one cookie, I just want to have more! And after an hour, I ate more calories than I may eat. I just have these cravings! Every Saturday my parents eat French fries. Usually, I can refuse this opportunity. But the last 2 weeks, I just can’t! I can’t help it.. It’s not that I have this “down-period” because I eat to little, because I’m not on a drastic diet or something.

    Could you help me, Zuzana? Could you give me some tips or some advice?

    I would love to do your workouts + eat healthy and then see some concrete results.

    Thank you!

  • Krisitn

    uff….was tough today, but now I can eat my carbs…made some ciabatta this morning..and it is looking at me..heheh.
    So, my numbers were:
    R1 R2 R3
    Elevated Lunge Jump(lft) 18 15 12
    Elevated Lunge Jump(rght) 19 17 12
    Elbow Plank Side Hops 25 20 15
    Exploding Star (THE DEVIL) 5 4 4
    Pendulum 38 25 21
    Ab Buster 25 20 20

    This was tough! But yahoo, I did it.
    Have a great day guys.

  • Christina

    This post has really challenged me to consider whether my body has improved or not over the last 3 months. The idea that 3 months is what lies between myself today and myself + changes is really motivating – I’ve never thought of exercise that way before.

    Also, a side note, it looks like Freddy’s trying out a different video style for this video; while it’s pretty cool it also gave me motion sickness by the time I was done watching. Is there another way he could incorporate the different angles but keep the camcorder steady too?

    Thanks you two!

  • Ana

    These real time classes are SO, so awesome! You two are dangerous, I became totally addicted to this! It’s sooo good!

  • Claudia

    thanks, a lot !!!

    that is what i need to read, to understand why i can not see changes!
    thanks for your words! they are just exactely what i was looking at! I have to be more conscient (conscience)! to do my diet and exercices!
    i will be doing it and continue with you guys!
    thanks a lot!!

    p.s, sorry about my english ^^

  • Nurgul

    Hi Suzana! You supper treiner! A am not speak english, but anderstand yours monologies, sometimes))), a am from Kazakhstan! Thank you for this all workouts!!!

  • Deanna

    Hey Zuz,
    You look super jazzed & hyper on your tutorial video today! Have a bit of extra coffee this morning?? ;) Looks like a good workout – although that pendulum kicks my a$$ – and the exploding star looks awesome – good one, Freddie! I’ll be doing this a bit later today!
    Deanna in Nelson, BC

  • Elena

    You guys are just so inspiring! I love it! :)

  • Kristen

    How far away should my front leg be from the elevated leg on the elevated leg jump? Also, about how high should the elevation be?

  • Audra

    Hi Zuzana,

    I can’t wait til your new website opens. I really enjoyed reading about everybody elses comments and progress through following you as I did this time last year. Anyways, here are my results for this workout:

    1) ElevLegLungeJump(L): 20/18/16
    2) ElevLegLungeJump(R): 20/18/18
    3) ElbowPlankSideHops: 36/40/34
    4) ExplodingStar: 18/19/17
    5) Pendulum: 30/22/26
    6) AbBusterExercise: 20/21/20

    I noticed that your getting more muscle definition back in your abs through changing your diet by adding more lean protein. Lookin good as always Zuzana!

  • TraceyW

    Freddy…HaHaHa! You were all over the place with the camera for the tutorial!!! Silliness! :)

  • Juan de la Torre

    Hi Zusana. I’m from Argentina. I love your work. I send your link to my girlfriend in Paris and 15 frieds of her just doing your exercise now. Thank for all. bye (sorry may inglish)

  • tzsports

    That was a tough one!! Love the new exercises. First time for many.

    Here’s the stats
    1) Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (left leg)
    right 49, 50, 48

    2) Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (right leg)
    left 48, 53, 44

    3) Elbow Plank Side Hops
    44, 46, 45

    4) Exploding Star
    13, 14, 16

    5) Pendulum
    41, 36, 47:)

    6) Ab Buster Exercise
    30, 34, 38!!!

    Thanks Guys:)

  • Ashley in Sweden

    Hey Guys,

    I just wanted to share my score from yesterday’s workout. It was 50 burpees and 22 one leg squats on each leg.

    I love where you are going with the website, but OMG Freddie stop moving so much in this video!

    • Frederick

      Hi Ashley – I will keep it steady from now on I promise!

  • Anna

    Dear Zuzana,
    I have been following your workouts with so much pleasure, until I got pregnant – then I took a break from all exercise because of all the nausea and fatigue. My body is still in great shape, as I have been exercising (primarily strength training) regularly for the last 8 years.
    But I feel like I am ready to start moving again and would like to pick up your workouts. My question is – how should I modify the workouts (I am 18 weeks pregnant right now), as my tummy is growing and the lower abs/ligaments I am not that much in control of, as I used to. Also – my cardiovascular capacity has gone down a lot it feels, probably because of extra blood volume, low blood pressure etc. But I get short of breath really quickly now (it was NEVER a problem before)… I love the plyo elements in your workouts, but not sure my body can/is supposed to handle it at the moment?

    Thank you in advance

  • just me

    that was really great.. i am sweating a lot… thank you again for the great exercises you have :)

  • LaChief

    Dear Zuzana,

    thank you for your opening message today. You are so right about everything you said and I have been and still am a firm believer of this message. I was one of those individuals that went in and out of the classes offered at the gym. I saw pretty much the same people take these classes but the one thing that always amazed me was that I never saw change in these people. The difference between them and me was that I did other things apart from the regular classes. I was always involved in different types of training and giving my body the opportunity to try different exercises and different foods that worked for my specific needs. I’m a PE teacher and a Chief in the Navy Reserves and I always educate my students and my troops on fitness. I don’t think you are ever too young to start a fitness routine, everything in modification of course, to fit the needs of the different age groups.
    Discovering you was and is by far one of the best things that has happened to me. I owe much of it to a fellow shipmate whose wife happens to be hooked on your workouts. So Zuzana, just as we say in the Navy, Bravo Zulu to you and Freddy!!! Many blessings to both.

  • LeanMachine

    Freddy’s going crazy with the camera today!!!

  • Lacie

    HAHA!! LOVE this video! u guys seemed to be in a super good mood! i can tell by all the angles u were shooting from! haha! u guys crack me up all the time! keep doing what u guys r doing! i LOVE coming to the site in the mornings with my coffee every morning to see what is in store today! lol!

  • Nancy


    would you stay still I got dizzy watching the tutorial video , LOL

  • Jennifer

    love it!

  • Samantha R

    Hi Both. My lordy lord I found this so hard today (thighs still hurting from pin up legs) – honestly truthfully I felt sick at the end there but I think I did badly today:(


    1. Bulgarian Squat Jump Left: 23, 17, 17
    2. Bulg Squat Jump Right: 22, 18, 19
    3. Elbow Plank Hops: 34, 40, 41
    4. Exp Star: 16, 15, 16
    5. Pendulum: 43, 36, 42
    6. Ab Buster: 38, 41, 42

    Thank you (I think;) I’m missing seeing other peoples scores – can you give us a site update pleasey please please.


  • Nydia

    Loved it. My legs feel stiff now ? Will stretching help ?

  • Cassi Hay

    This is what I tell my friends when they always tell me the want my physique. They always tell me they don’t look the way they want to and I respond by saying I didn’t either, but it takes a lot of effort.

    Its hard to make people understand sometimes, and most of the time I don’t feel like they want to put in the effort to change its easier to just make excuses for the way they are.

  • LocalYokel

    What’s up with all of the gratuitous camera movement? How does this enhance the video? It’s lost on me. An explanation would be useful, since I find so much movement an unhelpful distraction.

  • Natalia

    Hello, Freddy and Zuzanna! Great tutorial but your zooming in & out is so jerky and frequent, it’s making me dizzy! I realize you’re trying to catch all the angles (visually it’s much more appealing then a stationary view) but you shouldn’t incorporate so much zooming (at least make it slower and smoother).

  • GoustiFruit

    I have to agree with others, the camera is moving too fast too often in this one.
    I’m gonna try this workout before you put the whole “real time” online, I hope my scores won’t be too ridiculous compared to yours !

  • maria

    love-love-love the workout :-)
    but the constant zooming in and out in the tutorial video made me dizzy… had to pause and look away several times

  • Shelly

    Can’t wait to do this workout!!! I can feel the burn!!

  • Tali R.

    Hey Guys, nice workout. i just finished it and i can really feel my legs. its been two days from the last workout i did with the one leg squat and let me tell you im still recovering from that workout.
    here are my numbers:
    1. 21-20-25
    2.23- 20-25

    i will love to know your numbers and other that doing the workout. competition is a good thing!!!!

    thank you and have a wonderful day you both

  • LT

    That video was hilarious! Freddie was really exploring the idea of moving in and out and following your movements.

    Thanks for a great workout!

  • Kik

    lunge jump left: 17,22,22
    lunge jump right: 20,23,21
    elbow plank: 40,50,47
    exploding star: 14,14,13
    pendulum: 32,37,37
    ab buster: 30,28,25

  • mel3265


    This one looks great,and there is some of the exercises I never done before, I think I can do it, I’ll try it tonight:)
    thank you for all your posts, your exercises are really great^^

  • Sss

    You are good!

  • paula Leleux Gourneau

    loks like another great one!!

  • Sarah

    Awesome, I been REALLY liking your workouts you been introducing lately. Very creative, no equipment needed but hellish!!! Aaah just what I love!!!

  • Paulina

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy!!

    Great workout, Im waiting for the real time video…. I have been following your site about a year, and I can really tell you that the level that I have reached in this period is simply… amazing…. I am 30, and I had gone to the gym since I was 15. I am a very active person, I have practice a lot of sports and tried a lot of Gyms, different spinning and Aerobics classes, etc… Despite all of that, I had never reach, in all those years, the level and the body that I have now… Is like I have open my eyes after a long period of being blind! Really! Even I feel that I lost so many years of my life trying to achived somthing, that now I reach in just 1 year of cosistency and believe in something…. And as you said, it is not only the body apearence, is much more!! Im so healthy and with a lot of energy the hole day, and positive about life, with much more emotional strenght… It is just amazing, and it is difficult to belive that it is so easy… or moreover… IT IS POSSIBLE! I think that I sound like an advertising of a product in the TV! but the good thing is that it is true, it is possible and it is easy!
    The only thing that you need is believe, concistency and inspiration…. and zuzana and freddy are the best on that.
    Thanks for giving us such good workouts,inspiration and fun and I hope that the new site and everything for you is going great….

  • Rafael Simão

    Hi, Zuzana & Freddy!
    I hope u too are having a great day :)
    Great workout, I can`t wait to compete with you XD
    I have two questions to ask you:
    1. I have bronchitis, and sometimes i feel dizzy when I do the rest and go to a intense cardio exercise right after, do you think I should slow down, consult a doctor or something like that?
    2. I`m really not THAT organized with my stuff, do you have any suggestion to start a real workout journal?

    Thank you for everything and see you!

  • Susanne

    I miss your scores underneath the descriptions, it really helps me to compare, so could you please write them down?
    Thanks a lot!

  • Elena

    You look happier and healthier now than you used to *year ago* :) I love doing your workouts, they’re killing me but that’s good, I guess :D
    Zuzana & Freddy – Thank you so much for you support!

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    I’m glade your back with workouts and I see you’re in a new location so I assume you have a more permanent place to stay in Prague.

    I’ve never used a gym and have a very long term set of goals. But, thanks to you two and my own personal dedication I’ve greatly increased my lean muscle mass and strength. I would agree with you that change can be scary and some avoid it. But, I would think anyone coming here and who is following your workouts and diet advice isn’t afraid of change. In fact welcomes it.

    Take care,

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    what i wanna say is – first of all, i guess the obvious benefit with ur real time work out classes – no one needs to buy gymboss anymore!! yours is just fine! :) )
    second, i remember you had a couple of videos may be few months back where u actually chanted or chier-shouted your commands in very beginning of every exers – THAT was real cool, if you can add that kind of energetic firm aproach to giving instructions – u would be a complete perfect little trainer to me! :) no, actually that looked really professional and very confident, like you know what you r doing! i just loved it!
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    I feel better and actually did use to use the eliptical machine before =P Although i think i had more endurance before because i could run for miles without fatiguing. I am not quite sure how long i run now… But hey i still feel great and actually am getting toner thanx to you and your husband!
    I kind of have a feeling now im working out my Type II muscle fibers and before it was Type I.
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    Your workouts are just the type of work outs I like,I used to do some that was really boring,and I got used to it like really quickly,and kind of stopped having effects for me … So I was going to do your workouts,but here’s the thing,I’m 15yo,so,is there a problem for me to do your workouts ? And I have my diet,but it’s different then yours (obviously) because apparently teenagers needs more good fat then carbs …
    So,if you could help me,I would be really grateful ! Oh,and reply me on my email,cause I kind of get a little lost in your website,haha.

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    PS:I’ve sent this comment in your blog,i think,but I didn’t realize it at the time … don’t know if you still check there so … Here it is again.

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