Nov 17 2010

Leaping Mountain Climber Exercise

This exercise is an excellent full body cardio/strength drill and one of the best bodyweight exercises for your abs and core. Leaping Mountain Climber is very similar to the regular Mountain Climber except that we are adding an extra challenge by driving the hips up and aiming for high jumps.


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  • Cricri from the french Riveira

    I Zu and Freddy,

    I loose my job since one week, i have too much eat bad food, and today i decide to start again with you, the 5 week diet challenge and the workout !!
    1) 17-10-12
    2) 12-10-9
    3) 6-5-6
    4) 6-6-6
    5) 24-32-28

    Thanks for your energize !!