Nov 17 2010

Medal of Honour Abs Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

Today’s coffee talk is about how to convince our parents to exercise on a regular basis because we love them and we want them to be around and healthy for as long as possible. The old saying ”use it or lose it ” is so true and it has been proven thousand times over and over again. It doesn’t really matter how many years you have been kicking around this world, because if you are using your body and your muscular system on a daily basis, you don’t have to turn into a fragile senior. The good news is that even if you are already fragile senior, you still have a good chance to turn things around and get into the best shape of your life. If the modern science has proven to us that 70 year old person who exercises regularly can achieve the fitness level of 30 years old who exercise only moderately, than why not give it a try? The problem with our parents is that they believe that regular exercise would kill them. The key is to start with some super easy workout for complete beginners that won’t discourage them right away. Another important thing is to make sure that they are actually having fun, because our parents (or at least my mom) has completely different goals than us. She has no idea why anyone would need or want  six pack abs :) Figuring out how to make workouts fun for our parents might be tricky because we enjoy all kinds of body and mind torturing exercises like ninja jump tucks, Burpees, etc. which may have no appeal to them. I haven’t been lucky to convince my own mom yet to exercise on a daily basis and build some muscles, but at least she does some joint mobility exercises which is also hugely important for all of us especially as we get older. If you guys have similar experience with your own family or if you came up with a strategy how to convince them to workout, please share your experiences with us in the comments.

Enjoy your workout!

Zuzana & Freddy

Workout Breakdown

Time: 15minWorkout Type: Interval Strength TrainingExercises: 5
  • 1. Leg Elevated Plank with Hip Circlemax.reps during 50 second interval
  • 2. Super Star Body Springmax.reps during 50 second interval
  • 3. Elbow Plank/Side Plank Lift - left sidemax.reps during 50 second interval
  • 4. Elbow Plank/Side Plank Lift - right side max.reps during 50 second interval
  • 5. Leaping Mountain Climbermax.reps during 50 second interval

Get your gear for this workout here:


Set your interval timer for 15 rounds and two intervals. The first interval is 10 seconds (your rest interval) and the second interval is 50 seconds. You will complete a circuit of 4 exercises three times and your goal is to do as many reps for each exercise during the 50 second intervals. Use your 10 seconds of rest to write down your reps. This entire workout takes only 15 minutes so make sure to push yourself to the limit. Every exercise from this workout will target your abs a thousand times more than some crunches, however don’t forget that working out itself won’t help you to lose fat unless your are paying attention to your diet. Check out the Rock Your Diet category, because I have been sharing the best diet strategies that I have come across so far.


my score:

14, 15, 14

check out the video tutorial for the: SUPER STAR BODY SPRING

my score:

13, 8 1/2 , 7

check out the video tutorial for: ELBOW PLANK/SIDE PLANK LIFT – LEFT AND RIGHT SIDE

my score:

Left – 7, 7, 7

Right – 8, 7, 6

check out the video tutorial for the LEAPING MOUNTAIN CLIMBER

my score: 34, 26, 28


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  • Alejandra Nader Lema

     I did 25 killer minutes of this one!!! Sooo hard…  Scores:

    leg elevated plank w/ hip: 32 26 28 26 27
    Super star body spring: 20 19 18 19 18
    Elbow plank side plank (Lt): 11 12 11 11 11
    Elbow plank side plank (Rt): 11 11 11 11 11
    Leaping Mountain Climbers: 65 58 60 55 57

    + 5 min extras, abs with ugi, dip, side plank jumps… and 1:30 min 50 knee raises on dip.

    Like always: then breakfast and today no skip but, 15 min of spinning bike.
    Thank u soooo much it was great!!!


  • Vivi

    Thanks ;)
    But I hope you didn’t see Maria’s score before begining….they are terrifying !!!!!!! hahaha
    You will tell me how you feel after…me my triceps are still sore today !!!  So I think I let my arms quiet today !!…in the same time sometimes to make them work again permit less aches…
    I will see at lunch time how I will feel ;)
    Enjoy this workout <3

  • Vivi

    New score for today!
    1/ hip circle : 40.38.44
    2/ suerstar jump : 28.29.26
    3/ Elbow plank combo R : 14.15.16
    4/ Elbow plank combo L : 14.15.16
    5/ Leaping climbers : 80.78.87

    Great sweat ! OUCH !

    • MariaBjørgJepsen

      Hey sweety! You asked for my new scores, they are here: 
      1) 48-40-41.2) 25-25-26.3) L: 18½-19-19.4) R: 19-19½-20.5) 80-120-138. 

      • Vivi

        OMG !! I knew that there will be a difference between us but….AWESOME score you have !!! I’m very impressed ! You inspire me so much everyday !!!

        • MariaBjørgJepsen

          That is just the sweetest comment, my dear girlfriend! I can only say: right back at you!!! I think of you every single time I sweat :) And there was A LOT of sweat during this one, haha.

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Scores one year after :) My shoulder were already wiped out after I did the exact same Elevated Plank movement 3 times yesterday, as well! The first 1½ round I did the Leaping M.C. but then turned to regular ones, because my brain gets too confused, haha.

    1) 48-40-41.
    2) 25-25-26.
    3) L: 18½-19-19.
    4) R: 19-19½-20.
    5) 80-120-138.

    Love, Maria

  • Anonymous

    One of my favorite workouts. Just finished it and improved. :D
    I love these short workouts. I did this one between Star Wars Online sessions… you know.. to get the blood back flowing. ^^

  • Jazzy


    leg elevated plank w/ hip circle: 23,17,12
    Super star body spring: 18,16,15
    Elbow plank side plank (Lt): 8,8.5, 7.5
    Elbow plank side plank (Rt): 8,8.5,7
    Leaping Mountain Climbers: 41,36,35

    Burpee for Erin and everyone else who needs it.

  • Sarah G

    1: 25/20/19
    2: 16.5/15/15.5
    3 (L): 8/8/8
    (R): 8/8/7
    4: 51/43/38

    Phew! I really gave this one my all!

  • Vivi

    I really love this one! I beat my score ! Whoot !
    1/ 34.31.27
    2/ 19.19.17
    3/ 12.12.12
    4/ 13.12.12
    5/ 65.67.70

    The 5th exercice is killer for the first exercise from the second round !! I’m sweating on the floor !!

  • Zoe Quixote

    woo-hoo!! :) ))

    1. Leg Elevated Plank with Hip Circlemax.reps during 50 second interval  
            (24, 24, 22)
            30, 24, 24
            32, 30, 30

     * 2. Super Star Body Springmax.reps during 50 second interval
            (15/8)s (12/11s)
            (11, 11, 11)
            14, 14, 14
            15, 13, 15

    3. Elbow Plank/Side Plank Lift – left sidemax.reps during 50 second interval   
            6, 7, 7
            7, 7, 7
            7, 7, 7

    4. Elbow Plank/Side Plank Lift – right side max.reps during 50 second interval   
            (5) (7)
            7, 7, 7
            7, 7, 7

    *5.  Leaping Mountain Climbermax.reps during 50 second interval
            40, 40, 40
            40, 42, 40
            49, 44, 41

    plus burpee for erin, 30 core splits, 20 air kicks from pull-up bar, 5, pull-ups
    thanks, guys!!

  • ♥ BodyRocker Rachel ♥

    I love digging into the archives for new workouts!

    My scores:

    Leg elevated plank with hip circle: 15, 12,17

    Super star body spring: 9, 8, 9

    (R) Elbow plank/side lift: 5, 6, 7

    (L) Elbow plank/side lift: 6, 7, 7

    Leaping mountain climbers: 35, 56*, 53*

    * = These seem way too high. I think that, towards the end, I concentrated less on the leaping and more on the climbing ;)

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  • Zoe Quixote

    whew! i love this one!
    and i beat my scores!!!

    i hope you guys are just taking a vacation. i don’t have facebook, so i can’t check up on you anymore :(
    be well!

    1. Leg Elevated Plank with Hip Circlemax.reps during 50 second interval  
            (16) (1st and 2nd time, i couldn’t keep up with my scores, but i tried to remember at least one)
            (24, 24, 22)
            30, 24, 24

     * 2. Super Star Body Springmax.reps during 50 second interval
            (15/8)s (12/11s)
            (11, 11, 11)
            14, 14, 14

    3. Elbow Plank/Side Plank Lift – left sidemax.reps during 50 second interval   
            6, 7, 7
            7, 7, 7

    4. Elbow Plank/Side Plank Lift – right side max.reps during 50 second interval   
            (5) (7)
            7, 7, 7

    *5.  Leaping Mountain Climbermax.reps during 50 second interval
            40, 40, 40
            40, 42, 40

    3rd time: followed by 30 core splits, 20 air kicks, and 10 minutes skipping
    this time as well!
    now i gotta eat before dance….

  • Kathy Schneider

    Very difficult to motivate older adults.  They have to want to workout or they won’t do it. I am a senior fitness personal trainer and mostly do one on one sessions.   It’s not that they don’t like to exercise.  Mostly, they feel that they have gotten this far in life why do I need to exercise? Older adults are not willing to exercise to even eliminate medications. The best thing I can do is explain to them how their life can be extended by increasing those biomarkers and show them how much better they can feel over a short period of time.    

  • Marta

    Did this one right kow… damn it was so hard! Brutus was allways telling me to give up! But I didn’t, I alsow did one more round… Well, but I really disappointed with my results….
    Leg elevated plank with hip circle – 19, 13, 12, 10
    Super star body spring – 14, 12, 13, 15
    Elbow plank/side plank lift -left – 6, 6, 7, 6
    Elbow plank/side plank lift – right – 5, 6, 5, 6
    Leaping Mountain Climber – 31, 34, 23, 31

  • Anonymous

    I just did this workout today! I added a round of exercises to this workout so that I could make it even more challenging :P
    So here are my scores:
    Leg elevated plank side hip circle: 23-16-16-17
    superstar body spring: 15-12-12-11
    elbow plank/side plank lift (R): 8-9-8-8
    elbow plank/side plank lift (L): 8-8-9-9
    leaping montain climber: 40-30-30-32

    The superstar body spring was really dificultt…I think that I didn’t made a really proper form, but I’m going to improve.

  • Anonymous

    I read about this work out in one of the comments on yesterday’s workout post 6/20. I loved it!!!!!! THANX Zuz!
    I love searching and picking workouts I didnt know existed!!!!!!!!

    Leg elevated plank side with hip circle : 25,19,16
    Superstar : 10,13,12
    Elbow plank/Side plank lift left: 7,9,8
    Elbow plank/Side plank lift right: 11,8,8
    Leaping mountain climbers : 51,50,58!

  • Isidora

    this was my workout for today, its my 3rd try on this, i love it! This time i changed the leaping m.climber to side to side plank jumps. and instead of 15 rounds i did 20. 

    1. Elevated plank + hip circle: 27-20-17-17
    2. Superstar body spring: 19-17-16-17
    3. Side plank lift + elbow plank: 8-8-8-7
    4. Side plank lift + elbow plank: 8-7-7-8
    5. Side to side plank jumps: 42-40-40-40
    :D dripping sweat!

  • Laurie Skora

    Holy man!! This one was brutal! In a good way of course. I had a few issues with this one though :( First my chair kept sliding and didn’t even think about using my stairs..duh! And then I forgot to do the knee tuck before the hip circle!!! I knew I was doing something wrong but kept going anyways.. by the end I was doing them from my knees..killer! The elbow planks were impossible for me to do :( I really did try my best but ended up doing a push up instead just so I could carry on and get more reps in. That’s about it haha.. aside from being distracted by my 4 year old I think I did ok. I will definitely be stronger and faster next time I do this workout. Only been doing full time body rocking for 2 1/2 weeks now but I can feel and see the changes already! Amazing!! Thanks so much for all you do! Here are my scores:
    Leg Elevated Plank w/ hip circles: 20/15/18
    Superstar: 12/15/18
    Elbow plank/side plank L: 6/5/6
    Elbow plank/ side plank R: 5/6/7
    Leaping Mountain Climber: 45/41/44 (Also had to switch to regular mountain climbers a few times just so I could keep moving)

  • Nina_CZ

    Dead again :) Picked this workout for today and it almost killed me :)
    My score:
    1) Leg Elevated Hip Circle: 15-13-12
    2) Super Star: 9-8-8 (killed my legs)
    3) Elbow -> Side Plank L: 8-7-7
    4) Elbow -> Side Plank R: 7-7-7
    5) Leaping MCs: 26-33-25

  • Vivi

    I redid it today after 365 reps belly blaster wo” so I was already painful before beginning, but anyway !
    My new score is : my old between bracket)
    Leg elevated plank side with hip circle : 31.29.23 (24.25.27)
    Superstar : 17.15.12 ( 16.14.17)
    Elbow plank/Side plank lift R : 9.11.9 (8.8.11)
    Elbow plank/Side plank lift L : 10.10.10 (10.10.12)
    Leaping mountain climbers :50.51.61 (40.50.63)

    SO i’m mitigated, some are better and others similar.A small progress for this one….

  • Mary Lou

    I did this one today (6/1/11), here are my new and old (2/7/11)scores:
    1. 19, 16, 13 (13, 10, 11)
    2. 12, 10, 10 (8, 6, 7)
    3. 6, 6, 6.5 (5, 5, 6)
    4. 7, 6, 5.5 (5, 5, 5)
    5. 52, 57, 54 (37, 38, 37) I thought I was kicking up pretty high, but maybe not…
    All in all better! And just as a side note, today is my 15 year wedding anniversary and I look and feel much better than I did 15 years and 3 children ago, all thanks to Zuzana and Freddy!

  • Jenny

    Late night workout because I cheated on my diet today xD

    1) 17, 11, 12
    2) 12, 10, 8
    3) 7, 7.5, 8
    4) 7, 8, 7.5
    5) 42, 43, 43

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  • Anonymous

    It is the 4th time I do this workout! I love love love it! And perfect for the abs (I needed to rest my arms and legs after the hotel room workout and the my buns hurt workouts!)

    Anyways, to make it a perfect abs workout, I combined it with the exercise challenge on the floor abs challenge.
    I did 5 min of 20 mountain climbers & 20 one leg lift toe touch (on the floor exercise challenge) followed by the medal of honour abs workout and followed again by 5 min of the on the floor abs challenge.

    And I beat my PB from a month ago!! So proud ;)
    Here is my score
    5 min on the floor abs challenge (replaced the toe touch by one leg lift toe touch): 8 sets
    Elevated plank: 30/28/30
    Super star: 22/20/22
    Elbow plank/Side plank: R-9/9/10 L-9/9/10
    Leaping mountain: 74/80/92
    5 min on the floor challenge: 8 sets

  • Donna

    I did this today and my scores are;
    Warm up
    1.Leg elevated plank with hip circle 15,12,12
    2.Super star body spring 11,9,11
    3.Elbow plank/side plank lift (left side) 4,8,8
    4.Elbow plank/side plank lift (right side) 7,7,7
    5.Leaping mountain climber 40,42,46
    Exercise 1,2 and 3 where the first time for me.
    Enjoying looking back and doing your old workouts before I became a BODYROCKER…

  • Anonymous

    I did the Mr Vain exercise challenge first and moved on to this one. I love this workout! And it definitely burns your abs. The first exercise is ok for the first round but it burns in the 2nd and 3rd round.
    I did real progress since the last time I did this one:
    Here is my score for today
    1- January 2011: 23/19/20 – Today (March 2011): 30/28/28
    2- January 2011: 19/17/20 – Today: 18/18/18
    3- January 2011: 9/8/9 – Today: 8/9/10
    4- January 2011: 8/9/9 – Today: 8/9/10
    5- January 2011: 50/62/67 – Today: 72/72/82

    Enjoy your weekend!
    What did you get for your B-day Freddy?

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  • http://BodyRock.Tv Candace

    Loved this so much I did it twice…IN A ROW :)

    Hip circles: 21-20-19 / 28-19-21
    Super Star: 12-10-11 / 14-11-11
    Plank lift R: 6-7.5-8 / 8-8.5-7
    Plank lift L: 7-8.5-8 / 8-8-8
    MC’s: 33-26-26 / 29-30-26

  • Amanda

    I used to make my mum do jumping jacks during the adverts while she was watching TV, then she got rid of the TV…

  • AudraFit

    This my second time doing this workout since last November and the improvement on my numbers make me proud :)

    ElevPlankHipCircle: 26/21/18 (old: 22/17/13)
    SuperStarBodySpring: 17/15/13 (old: 15/14/12)
    ElbowPlank/SidePlankLift(L): 8/8/6 (old: 7/7/7)
    ElbowPlank/SidePlankLift(R): 9/8/7 (old: 9/7/7)
    LeapingMountainClimber: 60/65/55 (old: 39/37/40)

  • Marina Aslanidou

    Hey Z & F,

    When i was doing the workout and writing down the reps i was really dissapointed…i was thinking: “I’ll scroll down and see Z’s reps and I’ll be embarassed…” But then i compared mine to yours and we are only 2-3 reps away!!! I am thrilled :) I’ll drown in chocolate now…just kidding ;)

  • Maria Lanier

    Guess I’m a day behind.
    I did this workout at my lunch break today. Here’s my score:
    1. elevated plank with hip circle, left – 24, 20, 12
    2. elevated plank with hip circle, right – 15, 11, 10
    3. elbow plank/side plank lift, left – 7, 6, 6
    4. elbow plank/side plank lift, right – 7, 6, 6
    5. leaping mountain climber – 40, 40, 37

    – skipping before I started – 100
    – skipping, 10 mins interval (15 10/30) (after medal)
    – 77, 60, 55, 48, 48, 59, 58, 47, 48, 57, 55, 65, 56, 47, 67 = 847
    – pull ups, assisted = 15

    my history score back in 11/18/10 –
    1. 15, 6, 6
    2. 10, 6, 7
    3. 6, 6, 6
    4. 7, 6, 6
    5. 30, 25, 23

    I see difference from my before and after score… I guess, I still have to work on my elbow plank/side plank lift. Either way, I got stronger and I’m so happy. :)

    I love it. :)

  • Anonymous

    The Leg Elevated Planks and the Super Star Body Springs were the hardest for me! I’ll have to look back to see my old results. Hopefully I’ve improved!

    Leg elevated plank with hip circle 20/10/11
    Super star body spring 14/12/13
    Elbow plank/side plank lift left 5/4/4
    Elbow plank/side plank lift right 5/6/5/
    Leaping mountain climber 42/35/41

  • Anonymous

    The Leg Elevated Planks and the Super Star Body Springs were the hardest for me! I’ll have to look back to see my old results. Hopefully I’ve improved!

    Leg elevated plank with hip circle 20/10/11
    Super star body spring 14/12/13
    Elbow plank/side plank lift left 5/4/4
    Elbow plank/side plank lift right 5/6/5/
    Leaping mountain climber 42/35/41

  • Ngarcia-duarte1

    I love this post because I go through the same thing with my family. Luckily I was able to motive my dad to workout with me. He’s 50 years old and his line of work requires a lot of physical work but without muscle strength he would come home with many injuries, weather it was his back, his hip, shoulder, etc… He as a herniated disc due to a fall he had many years ago and sometimes suffers from lower back pain. He is working out with me on a daily bases we are both beginners he takes it super easy and if he feels that he can’t do a certain workout with the modifications you do for beginners it truly helps to motivate him in doing them and doesn’t get discourage. He feels so much better and if able to preform his work much better and without injuries. Everyday he looks forward to working out. I’m really proud of my dad, he’s a very hardheaded person and before he would feel embarrassed that we both were doing the same workouts with me being a girl and him being a man but he soon realized that that kind macho attitude would get him no where. Please continue with the instructional videos and modifications as it helps out so much. I have yet to motivate my sisters, husband, and especially my mom they all have a million excuses as why they can’t or wont exercises, but I will continue to workout and hope to be a role model maybe when they see how mine & my dad’s body have evolved and transformed they will then follow our lead. We’ve been working out for 4 weeks now and my dad has lost 10 pounds.
    Thank you for all you do for us!

  • Mary Lou

    Wicked! I worked abs I didn’t know I had! I enlisted the kids help to keep the chair from pushing out from under me, which they thought was extremely funny. The only part that isn’t a good hurt is the fact that I took some skin off my elbows on the elbow plank/side to side jumps from 2 days ago, and these planks added to it. I am almost able to go up with both arms at the same time like Zuzana – almost! Scores:
    leg elevated plank circle 13 10 11
    super star body spring 8 6 7
    elbow plank/lift left 5 5 6
    elbow plank/lift right 5 5 5
    leaping mtn climbers 37 38 37

  • Marie-El Domingue

    Hi there :)

    Here are my results: I really liked this WO !

    1. 16/12/14
    3.4/41/2 :P /4

  • Anonymous

    Hi, will you be posting your new scores for this workout? :)

  • Anonymous

    We are working on a getting started guide, but in the meantime you can start with the latest workout :)

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  • Lorraine_olivera

    I loved it! This workout really brought on the water works…..Sweat was pouring off of me! ; ) I really love a challenge and zuzana sure brings it on. She keeps it fun, easy and challenging and most of all the i love that the exercises are quick only a few minutes a day. Since we live a fast pace world and don’t have alot of time so this works great for me. Especially if you don’t want to spend alot of time working out but still feel the burn with the hight intensity. ; ) Thanks zuzana!

  • Radka

    Really hard workout for me and especially for my arms:

    Planks: 15, 10, 8
    Super Star: 13, 12, 10
    Elbow plank left: 7, 8, 6
    Right: 6,5, 8, 6
    Leaping mountain climber: 41, 43, 42

  • Natyva2785

    i´m so happy with this workout. my score is similar than yours. thank you very muchfor this website!!!!

  • Aphrodite

    my heart was about to explode heh :) like 210 bpm (dont worry im 16) my scores

    1. leg elevated plank with hip circle 24-16-19 this one made me sweat ALOT
    2. super star body spring 17-15-15 ouchhhhh
    3. side+front plank 9-8-7
    4. side+front plank 8-9-8
    5. Leaping m.climber 50-46-49 (in some parts i didnt do it so high)

    and about parents…. ive got my mom doing these workouts with me, shes 48 and modifies the exercises but atleast she tries! and my dad plays tennis and rides bycycle with us :D … The only problem my mom has are her eating habits, she tries to eat healthy but always ends up binging , especially at night . Anyway thanks for everything u do guys u rock!

  • lil-z

    hi Zuzana and Freddy,

    I seem to be alittle behind of you in terms of workouts but I tried this one out today and boy was it intense. The best thing about your workouts are that they may be really hard but they are also so much fun to do. Today I pushed really hard and for the first time I managed to keep up with you.

    My Score:

    1.22 ,16 18


    I will try your other orkouts in the next few days and seeif i can still keep up or if this was just a one off.

    Keep them com,ing

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  • Shawnna

    That’s what I got for my mom last Christmas – Wii Fit. She loves it!

  • Anitkatomana

    Hi! i have a question. what should I do when I can not finish workout? I did 10 rounds and after it i can not breathe my legs and arms are shakeing. I do not know what is happening. I tried to do next exercise but i can’t my body does not listen to me….. :( I’ve done yours workouts before and everything was ok… :( :(:( my score:
    1) 15, 13
    2) 19, 16
    3) 8, 7
    4) 8, 9
    5) 26, 18

  • moana

    Haha, I think you put “abs” in the title to distract us from the intense shoulder workout we were in for! I just finished (I’m running behind schedule) and found all the plank variations really maxed out my shoulders. Not sure I feel it specifically in my abs (my obliques will let me know tomorrow) but I feel some shoulder caps coming on LOL.

  • LizR

    Wow Z! This kicked my butt! I wanted to stop halfway through, but I kept going. Thank you for another awesome workout!

    My scores:
    1) 15, 10, 20
    2) 7, 11, 11
    3) 4.5, 5, 5
    4) 4, 4, 5
    5) 21, 23, 20

  • Amularska

    great workout :)
    because I don’t have my gymboss, yet, I have to do regular exercises. I did 3 rounds of the following exersices with about 10-20 reps each in 10 min. It was fantastic, I could feel it burn :)
    Thx a lot Z.:)

  • Anonymous

    read our 5 week diet challenge posts and start following our weekly workout schedule!

  • Elena

    I’m a little bit late with this workout… i didn’t do these workout for 5 days, so now i’m trying to do all of them.. :D
    my score:
    17, 16, 15
    17, 17, 16
    6, 8, 7
    7, 7, 9
    40, 38, 43

    Many hugs for Z&F from Serbia :) xoxo Elena

  • kirti

    HI, I AM beginner and obese 78 kgs and 33 yrs old. Can I join these workout form coming week? Would it be too difficult or I should attempt only after having some fitness level.

    • Anonymous

      You can jump right in and do your best – we will be posting easier variations for beginners so that you can modify the exercises.

  • Alicja

    I don’t know english very well, so forgive me for mistakes.
    I’m fom Poland and I found Your videos month ago by mistake on youtube.
    I never be able to motivate myself to work out, but after watching Your videos I went, very next day, to buy things I needed to training and I started to work out.
    You are my muse. Even though You do not know me, you are helping me find the strength to become what I want to be.
    I still need to continue to work on my strong will and learn how to consistently perform the exercises, but I’m closer to than I was before.
    And for this reason I want to thank You
    You are my little hero :)

  • Klaudia Bielecka

    Hey Zuzana,
    I just finished this workout and all I can say is WOW.. It was so brutal but I like brutal.. Im still sweating like a sauna and I can barely type :) I have never ever posted my results because i always thought i didnt do too good but now i have more strength and well here are my results.

    26 20 22
    18 19 20
    8 8 8
    9 8 8
    40 54 60

    I hope i get some feedback from fellow bodyrockers. good or bad =)

  • Adela

    my mom and my grandma don’t want to do any kind of exercise, but sometimes i convince them to dance (actually zumba)…and I am always saying “…ohh…only this song. This is the last one before you can have a break.” And when it ends i tell them there is only one dance left on the dvd so they can do it and so on… :)

  • ana

    hey zuzana:)

    about your coffee talk… I also try to say to my mom, that she should start working out more intense. just as you said about your mom, my mom is showing me some easy moves and tells me, that she can’t do anything else. she is doing some yoga positions (but completely wrong:)) and she is doing a strength training (she calls that strength training:)) with 1 kg of spagetti in one hand, and with 1 kg of salt in other hand:)… i really try to show her some new exercises, but she doesn’t let me… :)
    other funny thing is, that my parents only believe that walking is the best exercise and that the gym (weight training and similar stuff) are for those, who live in cities and don’t have anywhere to go for a walk (and for them people who exercise in a gym are stupid).
    but i love to go in a gym. i really like it. but parents are trying to get me out of there… stupid.

    i don’t know anymore, what to say to them.

    anyway, i love your workouts, and you are my best inspiration!

    love, ana:)

    • ana

      and don’t laugh at my english:)
      i’m from slovenia:)

  • Maria Medvedeva

    Hello, Zuzana.
    I have the same problem that you have with your parents.
    My mom is a very beautiful woman, but she has never exercised before, so she doesn’t look the way she could. I conviced her to start exercising recently, and I have lots of problems with it now, but today I’ve understood the reason. I FORCE her, and the best way is to EXPLAIN and SHOW that exercising can really help her to improve her life and to get rid of her illness and inferiority complex. Of course, she is afraid of your exercises, because she thinks that it’s too challenging, but I tell her that she doesn’t have to do these exercises,(but if she wanted to, I wouldn’t mind:) ) and that exercising kills bad mood, headaches and it makes her love herself. Don’t make your mom exercise the way you do, but help her with starting and give her some simple exercises that are good for health and that give an opportunity to keep fit. And don’t surrender, because if even I finally could convince my mother to start exercising, I believe that almost everyone can do it! ))

  • Anonymous

    We LOVE that so many of you guys are posting your scores now!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    we get our pull up bar next week – then you guys are in for it!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Michelle – no need to feel bad. It’s actually really nice that everyone liked them so much and took the time to be vocal. We love hearing from you guys and take your feedback very seriously. No harm done and we are very happy to have you as part of our group :)
    Freddy & Zuzi

  • Anonymous

    Hi Natalia – we gave up on sugar in coffee a while back. It took some getting use to at first but now I don’t even notice it :)

  • Tamar

    I’ve been following BodyRock for about 2 months now and I love it!
    I run 7 klm 4-5 times a week and now I added your exerceises to my weekly training. They’re perfect and I’m starting to see the results and been getting some positive feedback from ppl around :) . I’m way stronger than i used to be eventhough this workout was hard for my shoulders :) (really..) yet, I had so much fun doing it.
    I eat really healthy but i love to drink and i absolutely love chocolate so i really need to be carful with those :)
    Thanks for the tips and the amazing workouts, keep posting them because I’m tuned to BodyRock everyday..(getting addicted here…)
    so thanks again,

  • Flane


    Gawd this forum is humongous.

    Here’re my numbers. I almost quit two-thirds of the way through due to knee pain. It seemed to settle down and I went on. My numbers are especially crappy.

    These also killed my shoulders.

    1. 19 6 8
    2. 8 4 9
    3. 4 2 3
    4. 3 4 4
    5. 15 12 13


  • Panayota Yota Alexopoulos

    Hi… my scores

    1) 29,23,22
    2) 17,13,15
    3) 7,6,6
    4) 7,6,6
    5) 17,20,20

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  • Anonymous

    If you can manage it, I say go for it!

  • Anonymous

    we needed names :) we have made over 425 videos so far and sometimes the name well can run dry :)

  • Samantha

    hi guys!

    Thank you so much for the great workouts. I am still an absolute beginner so I am so glad you provide modified versions of the exercises. I still find them a huge challenge but thats a good thing right? I’m not trying to lose weight, just tone up, and I am sure you will help me with that :) That being said, I am almost ashamed to post my scores. This is the 2nd workout of yours I have ever done! Also my chair kept tipping on the first one so that also made it a lot harder.

    Leg elevated plank with hip circle – 10 – 8 – 7
    Super star body spring – 5 – 7- 7
    elbow plank / side plank left – 8 – 5.5 – 4
    elbow plank / side plank right – 5 – 4 – 4
    Leaping mountain climber – 28- 25 – 37

    Thanks so much again!

  • Cris Far

    Couldnt these guys keep their mouth shut? This was HARRRD hehe ;) This is my score!
    LEPHC 21, 14, 12
    SSBS 10, 9, 8 (ouch!)
    EPS/PL 7/7, 6/6, 6/6
    LMC 27, 23,25

    Beat me! :D
    Hope everybody really suffered with this one…Thank you Zuzana and Frederick! :D

    me :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Hank, thats an interesting question. I really don’t know how I do it or why I am not doing weird faces during an intense exercise :) Is there something wrong with me? I have only ugly veins popping on my forehead lol

  • Reeree

    did this workout before work this morning and it kicked my butt! my scores:
    6-7-7 (right)
    7-7-7 (left)

  • Chiaki

    I really wish that I could get my parents to do the same thing. My father has some heart problems, and he is afraid that if he pushes himself too far something may happen. Both of them work in a restaurant and are constantly moving around, but it’s a different type of movement. My father thinks gym memberships are ridiculous and the idea of working out is a waste of time. But I still hope I can find some form of success like you did with your parents.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Julie – this is going to be our aim for next week. We were a bit behind this week time wise just because we were dealing with launching the new site and all of the little fixes that go along with that.

    • Julie

      HI Freddy..that’s awesome, thanks so much. I can’t even imagine the hard work you guys are putting into it. Thanks again sooooo very much to both of you!! Coffee time ;)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Tara,
    We are still adding some of the older routines to the new site.

  • Nora

    Hi Zuzanna,

    Congrats on the website :)

    I have a question, what do u do when it’s the time of the month? do u stop exercising for a couple of days till u feel better? what is your advice for girls?

    Thanks and have a great day


  • Pauly

    Ahoj Zuzka, preco uz nedavate cele videa, kde mozeme s tebou cvicit sucasne?

  • Rocio

    Oh Zuzana, convincing my mom to move for her life! has not been one of my achievements at all.
    I actually think I make her mad pretty quick if I start talking about she should be more active, she should exercise doing something she enjoys, etc, etc, etc.
    I feel like a nag sometimes, so I do my best to avoid the subject. But I do it again every time… I end up trying to persuade her that she should workout for her own sake.
    It is funny because if I got interested in exercising was because of her. And because of my dad too.
    So far, he is like me, or me like him, when it comes to working out. But my mom used to be pretty committed to do her own home workouts and she introduced me to how to do it myself, and also to yoga and meditation, healthy diets and so on. I liked so much all what she taught me by example or by suggesting me books to read or different type of material that helped me learn more that since I was a child I didn’t want to stop doing what I was discovering about body, mind and soul. And now it is a vital part of my days… but for some reason, all this “crap” it is the most annoying and unappealing thing for my mom.
    Oh well, I think everybody is free to choose, just like I am. And I appreciate all what I learned from her and love her very much, no matter she is not listening to me now.

  • CBR

    I don’t know if WOW really does this workout justice. Very challenging, keep up the booty kickin’
    My score:

  • Anonymous

    Repost – we really loved doing the real time workouts, but we discovered that because this format is so much longer and takes up hours and hours more time (especially the render and writing of the video files and upload) it would simply not be possible to create a video like this on a regular basis and keep going with the site. There are only the two of us behind this little blog and it is important for us that we can update as often as possible. We are putting our energy into creating this workout schedule that people can follow each day, and making tutorial videos for each exercise in our new “all exercises” tutorial library. We are also getting set to add new recipes and diet posts on a regular basis.

    • Adell

      I wasn’t really into the real time workouts anyway! It was a great idea, but I like to set my own Gymboss timer and blast my music, thats my real motivation. I don’t wanna listen to somebody else struggling as much as I am, that just reminds me that it’s hard and I’d rather lay on the couch.LOL

    • Maria Lanier

      Hi Freddy and Zuzie, I hope you won’t get mad at me, but I started downloading your video from youtube. Now, I’m enjoying going back and forth on any workout that I will pick when the new routine is not up yet. It really serve and help me well for the proper form too. Usually, before I go to bed, because I’m bodyrocking during my lunch break at work, I always watch your workout thru my HDTV. So, I don’t really need the real time style. I know and understand your effort for video editing, rendering, etc… We are really fortunate to have you both to help us keep in shape and motivated. You both are our STAR… Thank you… thank you.. thank you and never ending thank you. :)

  • Anonymous

    Very cool – you are a facebook ambassador :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Paulica – we have this in the “All Workouts” section :)

  • Anonymous

    We don’t use music in our videos because that would require rights and permissions :)

  • Lisa

    Skinned my elbows on the side planks…didn’t notice till later. It’s all good though. :)

  • Yajaira

    Hi Zuzana!!!

    beep, beep, beep!!! Lovely sound of the gym boss!!! =0) Super Great excercise…!!!

    My score!!

    Leg elevated Plank;
    13, 11, 10

    Super star body;
    7, 5, 5

    Elbow plank left side;
    9, 7, 5

    Elbow plank right side;
    9, 8, 7

    “Deadly” Leaping Mountain Climber;
    40, 28, 25

  • Katie Grace Rose Wilson

    I love you guys so much!!!!! you are for sure changing lives!!!! so stoked on this site!!!

  • Kelly

    Are you going to be doing anymore real time workouts? I loved them!

  • GoustiFruit

    Ok, I admit it. This one was a killer !
    One thing I did not understand is in the second exercise, how you go from the plank position to the elbow plank and up: for some reason I can’t do it whereas it seems so easy for you !? Did anyone have difficulty with this or am I the one to have some problem ??? So I did it but one elbow at a time.
    My scores…
    1: 19-16-17
    2: 16-16-15
    3: 7-7,5-7
    4: 6-8-7
    5: 33-23-23

  • Roq

    Damn!! This exercise is AWESOME!! Can’t wait to do it :-)

  • Martin

    Oh dear this one was a killer….my abs and thighs are shot. I can really feel it has been 3 days in a row with workouts…usually i do one every other day.

    About getting your parents to do some more exercise, my father is a lost cause im affraid. Too many work related injuries has left him without the will to do anything about it. My mom is starting ever so slowly with increasing her walking volume and a bad back has landed her a series of exercises from her doctor.

    I have shown my parents your site and talked abit about your diet advice, which i might add im not following too religiously myself, and they have begun changing their diet by removing potatoes and pasta and adding salads instead.

    Cant wait untill tomorrows workout, now im gonna go stretch and take a shower..

  • Sweetese

    OMG, the pictures are back!!! Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!!

  • Samantha R

    My parents just think we’re nuts doing the amount of exercise we do – they do zero exercise and they also criticise our diet. I’ve actually fallen out with my father over these things so I don’t even go there any more. Sad really. Here’s how I did today:

    1. 22, 15, 16
    2. 16, 12, 13
    3. 8, 8, 7
    4. 8, 8, 7
    5. 47, 42, 46

    Thank you. Sx

  • Debbie L

    Nice nice nice niiiicee!!!!!!! Great workout today, great vidiogame names (you make me lough everyday this week xD), great new site! The searcher is finally working! Great idea about the “all exercices” section…
    Well, you guys are great!

    Thanks and kosseeees!!!

  • Laurenne

    What another fun workout! I find that performing one of these routines is the best way to start my day. I especially love to compare my scored to yours and write them down next to the exercises in my workout booklet. It gives me more motivation to push harder and go faster.

    Today’s scores:
    1) 22, 17, 20
    2) 15, 13, 13
    3) 8, 8.5, 10
    4) 9, 10, 11
    5)34, 28, 30

    Thanks again for continually inspiring me every day. : ]

  • Beretta Heart

    hiii zuzanna !!!!

    dont take the criticizm too serious ;) ppl maybe dont do the technique in the right way …. so then its not THAT challenging ::) … when u rly do it the proper way … 98% of ur workouts are really hard ::)
    im fitnesstrainer since years, and im done after it evrytime …. so dont worry … u do a really really good job <3 <3 <3

    greetings from austria
    xoxo danii

  • Anonymous

    Hi…well this is a really good topic, because we all have parents and love them…But as I told you yesterday I work with seniors who exercise, and they are great motivators. During the summer I work in camps,as tourist animator, every day we have gym in the morning and aerobic in the afternoon, and there are a lot of seniors coming on regular basis…
    But a greatest inspiration for me is my own father. Eight years ago he was passionated smoker, had diabetes, and so on. And the year I changed my life (2003), and start to work as animator ( all kinds of sports included, specially working out as trainer) I fall in love whit all of this work outs, my dad quit smoking, start to eat properly, join the gym, start riding horses, start to stretch every morning before he goes to his office, and now, almost eight years letter he is still doing all of this, and much more!!! He looks and feels so much better, and he is 60 years old.
    So, when I feel like I don’t want to do my work out, I just think of my father ( we are pretty close, he is very important to me) and I have to do it. I mean if he can do it, we all can!
    And my mom…well, she needs a push, so…we are trying..and things are moving. Recently she discovered Zumba, and enjoying it!
    So, somehow the change in our family come together for all of us..

    Well, I am finally feeling better, I am finishing my coffee, putting my work out clothes and start to work!!
    Thanks for everything!

  • Maria Lanier

    Wow! That’s amazing story. Congratulation!!! :)

  • Maria Lanier

    Click that cup and you will find out. I will buy Z&F a coffee sometimes, I promised because I love them. I love their effort, dedication and being honest here to all of us. They are amazing people and God’s gift. Can’t thank them enough!

  • Gina

    I would love it if you did more pull type exercises in your workouts. You do a lot of great leg, abs, arms exercises though! Love the short workouts and high intensity.
    Have you ever looked at Tactfit Commando workouts? Great body weight stuff that looks right up your alley. :)

  • Dusk

    I had to modify this one a little bit because my back muscles can’t handle alot of planks yet and my arms are still recovering from slight injury.
    Alternated between on knees and full planks:
    13, 10, 13
    Star spring:
    11, 10, 12
    Elbow/side plank, first set was full planks,but I didn’t bend down onto elbows,last two were on knees:
    right side- 6, 15 1/2, 25
    left side- 6, 15 1/2, 26
    I hold all my weight in my butt and hips so i couldn’t get my but any higher in the air so I did regular mountain runners:
    22, 26, 35

    I enjoyed this one very much and literally I was dripping sweat from my eyebrows onto the floor and my glasses almost fell off a few times! :) And your warm up is now just a good warm up for me, when I first tried doing it, it almost felt like its own workout. It was that intense for me. But i can do it now no problem!

  • Maria Lanier

    Looks like you beat Zuzana. Nice job! :) Let’s see if I can beat her too. I’ll do it tomorrow. I just did the Counter-Strike today. :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi – I posted a response explaining why in the Halo of Sweat Workout yesterday :)

    • Vala

      Thank you! I searched for an explanation also :)
      If so many like the RTW you should think about doing a dvd or something like this, which people can buy – 50 RTW or something like this ;)
      But I have the greates idea which makes me laugh: what about some audio tracks in real time with Z yelling “faster, do it! come on, are you a bodyrocker or what?” and so on… but hm… actually one didn’t have to do it in addition? You could record your workouts and just offer the real time audio version – when we work out, we cannot watch Z anyways…
      Just an idea though, I’m absolutely happy with everything you guys do :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Tia – I deleted your other comment by mistake – my bad – sorry!!!

    • Maria Lanier

      Maybe Freddy is tired or sleepy. Hahaha!!! :P

  • Anonymous

    Hi Tia – whenever anyone asks Zuzi and I what we do for a living it always makes us chuckle :)

    • AudraFit

      Me too you secret agents! LOL!

  • Yashizzle

    This workout was definitely a challenge! love it!!

  • Leslie-Anne Crego

    Wow, Z! This workout just about made me throw up! Lol!

    Leg Elevated: 20-13-16
    Super Star (modified- bum knee): 9 -11-12
    Elbow Plank RT: 8 -8.5-7
    Elbow Plank LT: 7 – 8 -9
    Leaping MC: 43- 48- 32

    Thanks for kicking my ass once again! xoxo!

  • AudraFit

    Hi Zuzana,

    When I started following Bodyrock on a daily basis last October my parents thought I was getting too skinny. I was 150LBs and in 4 months I dropped to 130LBs which is what I’ve been able to maintain since. In March, I was able to convince my Mom who is 62 years old, to at least walk 3 miles a day with me for 4 days a week and she lost 30LBs in 5 months all while taking up my diet advice. I still walk with her to this day because I feel it’s my responsibility to support and educate her on the importance of moving daily. Now if I could only get her to up the intensity! Thank you Zuzana for sharing this post with us as it does hit close to home with my Father having a heart attack in January of 2008. He’s still stubborn and won’t exercise with my Mom and I, but by educating my Mother on a healthy diet she was able to cut down on his sodium, soda, and sugar intake, at least. As she is trying to stay healthy for him. Love you guys!

  • ComeMonday5

    I don’t understand the time intervals

    • Maria Lanier

      Time interval for this workout. If you have Gymboss Timer, set it to 15 rounds and make sure you have 2 intervals. 1st one, set to 10 seconds, that’s your rest time, 2nd one is 50 seconds, that’s your workout time. Following that timer, you will be doing 3 sets of those 5 workouts as stated above. In total, that is 15 minutes. (3 sets meaning, you will be doing exercise 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 every 50 seconds, in betwn of exercise, rest for 10 second. You will do that series for 3 times.) Hope this helps!

  • aurkene

    This was such an intense workout, phew.
    My score:
    Plank circles: 22, 20, 19
    Star Spring: 15, 15, 14
    Elbow Plank Left: 7, 8, 6
    Elbow Plank Right: 7, 6 1/2, 6
    Mountain Climbers: 42, 46, 43

    oh boy am I gonna be sore tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    They are here with us driving us nuts :)

    • Maria Lanier

      Hey, take a video clip of just charlie and cali… are they bodyrocking too? :)

  • Tania_khalil

    Thank you for the explanation on the timer. It was a HUGE help. I am using the Gymboss app for iPod Touch and wasn’t sure if I had entered the last workout properly as I have never done this kind of workout before. Secondly, I would love to know what your suggestions are for people like me who are new and don’t yet have the strength to perform all of the exercises listed. For example, I can do precisely ONE push up. LOL Thank you for all you both do…you are a great inspriation.

  • cholie

    haha! me too! when i first see it post to youtube i sit here and wait and constantly refresh! just got done with this one and it was pretty intense… cannot for the life of me get myself into the plank position from my elbows… gotta work on that i suppose!

  • SouthernUSgirl

    I am so excited for this workout, I have been waiting all day here (U.S.A.) for it!! In the a.m. I am ready to do this one… Lately I am training for a marathon and have not done much cross training but these workouts (1) are fun and (2) challenging to make me actually sore…

  • kissmekate888

    Good one! Definitely challenging!

    My scores:
    Leg elevated plank…: 12, 11, 9
    Super star body spring: 12, 12, 12
    Elbow plank/side lift left: 7, 5, 8
    Elbow plank/side lift right: 3, 5, 7
    Leaping mountain climbers: 34, 36, 40

    I’m really proud of my mountain climbers! Pushed myself to the limit on those.