Nov 22 2010

Burpees Are Forever Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

This week’s workouts are inspired by 007 movies. Freddy and I both love James Bond in all of his incarnations – Freddy’s favorites were Sean Connery and the new Bond Daniel Craig. I LOVE Daniel Craig, because after watching Casino Royal he converted me into a fan of the movies. We thought that it would be fun to put together 4 super intense workouts this week that would have any “00″ sweating through his tuxedo. Did you guys know that Freddy’s middle name is James?


For those of you who have been writing in requesting more sandbag workouts, you will be happy to hear that we have a killer sandbag workout for you tomorrow and we will be incorporating the sandbag into our routines moving forward. For those of you who don’t have a sandbag yet, don’t worry you will still be able to follow along with just your own bodyweight. I am looking forward to kicking up the benefits of these workouts to a whole new level!

Enjoy your workout!




Workout Breakdown

Time: 12minWorkout Type: Interval Strength TrainingExercises: 3
  • 1. One Leg Burpee & Side Jump (alternating legs)max.reps during 50 second interval
  • 2. Side Burpee (alternating sides)max.reps during 50 second interval
  • 3. Starburst Burpeemax.reps during 50 second interval

Get your gear for this workout here:


Set your timer for 12 rounds and two intervals. The first interval is 10 seconds and the second interval is 50 seconds. You will be doing 3 types of Burpees  and your goals is to complete as many reps as you can for each Burpee during the 50 second intervals. You will have 10 seconds between each exercise to write down your reps. If you need more explanations or easier variations for the burpees, check them out in ”All Exercises”. Enjoy and let us know in the comments how you did.

Click here for the tutorial for One Leg Burpee & Side Jump

my score:

7, 6, 5, 5

click here for the tutorial for Side Burpee

my score:

9, 8, 7, 7

click here for the tutorial for Starburst Burpee

my score:

7, 6, 6, 5


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  • Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    This workout is evil.  I did this for some extra cardio after #19.  OUCH!  Almost gave up, but then I reminded myself that it’s better to get through it and not do as well as I hoped than to quit.

    one leg burpee: 8-8-7-7
    side burpee: 10-8-8-8
    starburst burpee: 8-7-7-6.5

  • petra

    i just finished and burpees are foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ist really hard……….1)22×2)24×3)22x and this is it:-)…………………………….petra london

  • sselcann

    decided to do this one today until bodyrock or zuzana posts a new workout: 

    1) 9 – 7 – 7 – 6
    2) 8 – 8 – 8 – 8
    3) 9 – 7 – 7 – 7

  • Miss Rebecca

    I totally get it!!  The first time I was able to do an unassisted one-leg squat, I literally broke down and starting crying right in the middle of my workout.  I never, ever thought I would be able to do one and that moment when all of the practice and hard work finally pays off is just amazing.  I still can only do them on my right leg, but I am getting really close on the left leg.  Congratulations on your breakthrough!!  Oh, and your scores for this workout are amazing!!  :-)

  • Cindy

    I did Burpee are forever workout and Mission abs possible workout.
    1- 9-9-8-6
    2 10-8-9-7
    3 10-8-14-14

  • Kendra Eyman

    Thank you SOOO much for constantly give us inspiration through your innovative approach to working out. I appreciate the short and a** busting workouts, the holistic approach you take to fitness, and your positive attitude to all of us.  I have a hard time picking myself up every day and getting through a workout, but after watching your videos and having a cup of coffee, I am ready to go, and after EVERY workout, I feel alive.  Truly alive.  Thank you for everything. Your touch so many people. 
    my scores a few days late…
    SL burpees 5,5,6,6
    Side burpees 8,6,7,6
    Starburst burpees 10,8,6,8

  • Woodnuck

    First time doing a burpee and I did 96… quick workout and I really enjoyed it!

  • Woodnuck

    First time doing a burpee and I did 96… quick workout and I really enjoyed it!

  • BodyRocker Michey

    I absolutely love this video! Zuzana is so funny…love the end where she can barely spit out, “Burpees are forever…” I still have her voice stuck in my head, “Burpees are forever” :)

  • freedlets

    I am confused….is Zu totally disconnected with this site????

  • ARockinBody

    My left leg is SO much weaker! Here is my breakdown:

    Burpees are forever baby.

  • BodyRocker Peta

    Dear pumpkin pie Zuzana,
    All I want for Christmas is for you to do a new workout video for us…Just to see you in action one more time before the yr ends.. thanks.. P.S I will wait by the chimney..

  • GoustiFruit

    It was one of the first I did, but back then I didn’t keep a log (yeah, I was stupid) so I can’t compare :’-(

    Todays scores…
    One Leg Burpee: 8 – 7.5 – 7 – 7
    Side Burpee: 10 – 9 – 9  -9
    Starburst Burpee: 10 – 9 – 9 – 10

    I hate burpees but it was long since we had them so I was happy that we focused on them lately.

  • Gerrilee Schafer

    I think I need a break from burpees…….please……A bit tight from the 1000 rep WO yesterday…on top of the Burpee Fusion I did on Sunday… more burpees for a few days.

    1/ OLB 8-7-7-6
    2/ SB  10-8-8-8
    3/ SBB 8-8-8-7

    finished with 6 min 10/20 HKS

    • GoustiFruit

      Get ready to do the 400 reps workout :-D

  • michelle

    sooo good to see zuzana!!!  love this workout!!!

  • Annebel Wind

    Hi everyone, did this one today. i didn’t go very well, but what can i expect after yesterdays 1000 reps challenge.. I didn’t have my day yesterday, and I don’t have it today eighter.. But no problem, I know I have these periods where I am just not so energized.. My scores:

    One leg burpee & side jump: 6, 6, 6, 6
    Side burpees: 7, 6, 6, 6
    Starburst burpees: 6, 6, 6, 6

    I am very consistent tho  ;D

    Thanx guys…  Love seeing you Zuzana.. Even when it’s an older workoutvideo.. Love to see you in a new video.. a coffee talk maybe.. Miss you..

  • Bohdanam

    10  9  8  9
    12 11 12 11
    10 10 10 11
    B for all

  • Samanthina

    Hi,everyone i did this workout after  Abs mission possible workout,here are my reps:

    1 leg burpees-7 8 8 9
    Side burpee-9 9 9 10
    Starburst burpee-8 8 7 8
    + a healing burpee for Erin

    Thanks a lot ,Freddy and Zuzka  and i wish good night to everyone! :)

  • Ricky 29

    Half Burpees: 6,5/6,5/6/6
    Side Burpees: 6/6/6/6
    Starburst Burpees: 6/6/6/7

    I was focusing on doing at least 6 burpees in each round. I think this was the first time I kept going all the time, no stops.  Now I’m totally whiped out! Good feeling :-D

    BTW: There’s no result for the Physique of the year competition yet!

  • Jennifer Zissou

    Great workout! Call me sick but I thought the starburst  burpees were great fun.
    One leg burpees: 5.5, 4, 4, 4
    Side burpees: 7, 6, 6, 5
    Starburst burpees: 6, 6, 7, 5

  • Mmghia

    Does anyone have to wonder why we miss Z so? She is too cute, too fun for words.   Her sweetness and passion for what she does shines through. Boy do I miss those smiles and little talkes before the workouts!  One day I’ll stop whining but I guess it’s not today.

  • Erika Hamelin

    this is the funniest bodyrock video i have seen so far, i enjoyed it very much, thank you guys. i am getting ready to go to bed now and wake up early to start my day with this routine, loved it!

  • Andy

    I really feel good after finishing this workout, thanks Zuzana & Freddy for helping me to be fit, strong & more confident.
    My scores:
    1. 5,5,4,52. 9,7,6,53. 5,5,5,5

  • Bodyrocker_Audra

    Hi everyone!  I just finished this one and happy to have it over with lol!  My reps are around the same as last time :/   The important thing is I’m still here busting a$$ with all you amazing Bodyrocker’s!
    1)  10/9/9/8
    2)  12/12/11/10
    3)   9/9/8/8

    +healing burpees for Erin!

  • Carissa Wooten

    I cannot tell you how much energy I have now after this workout!! I love doing a different workout everyday…I just ordered some workout equipment, so that may have jump-started this day!!
    My scores:
    1. 7,6,5,5
    2. 7,6,6,5
    3. 7,6,6,6
    ….and feeling GOOD!!!!

  • Hoptimus Prime

    I’ve decided I’m going to post my scores so I’ll have more reason and motivation to keep bodyrocking!


    Kick starting a new life style for 2012!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Bodyrokers
    I finish this workout I dont like to do burpee but that how it is.And I did one for Erin I do enjoy this one every time.
    My score:1)7,6,6,6
                   3)9,7,7,7 My thigh was burning I like this kind of pain is show I do something good.
    PS: Zuzi I have working out whit you for long time abouth 2 years I can see change on my body shape but I don’t lose much weigh on scale i know the muscle can increase my weighbut I like to lose more I did change my diet but still not much change please can you help me.
    Thank you and have nice day all you bodyrocker on
    FACEBOOK overe 161.000 people way to go. =0

  • Ms.Giginka

    I did this workout today and I also did a cardio on skipping rope for 20 min :) nice sweating:D
    1. 7,6,6,62. 9,7,7,63. 7,6,7,7

  • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    I can still surprise myself. I wonder where the limit is.
    I did the exercise (I needed something short with no equipment) on my parents’ sun bathed terrace (there’s like 37 °C out there), I was dripping like hell, but I still beat my PB. Unbelievable:
    1leg side jump: 8 | 8 | 7 | 7
    Side burpees: 11 | 10 | 10 | 9
    Starbursts: 11 | 10 | 10 | 10

  • Anonymous

    Try this at the first time. :) I can’t say that I love burbees… ;D 

    Here’s my scores: 
    1) 5,5,6,5 
    2) 7,6,6,6 
    3) 6,6,5,6 

  • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    This is our all time favourite workout with Craig, and we’re getting better every time. Here are our scores.

    1leg side jump: 6 | 5.5 | 5 | 5 (02/04: 5.5 | 4 | 5 | 5 – 19/02: 6 | 6 | 5 | 5 – Jan: 3 | 4 | 4 | 4)
    Side burpees: 7.5 | 8 | 8 | 7 (02/04: 6 | 6 | 6 | 7 – 19/02: 6 | 6 | 6 | 6 – Jan: 5 | 3 | 4 | 5)
    Starbursts: 9 | 8 | 7 | 8 (02/04: 9.5 | 8 | 7 | 8 – 19/02: 6 | 6 | 6 | 6 – Jan: 5 | 6 | 5 | 6)

    1leg side jump: 8.5 | 7.5 | 7 | 7 (08/03: 7.5 | 7 | 7 | 6 – Jan: 6 | 6 | 6 | 6)
    Side burpees: 10 | 10 | 9.5 | 9 (08/03: 9 | 8 | 8 | 7 – Jan: 7 | 8 | 7 | 6)
    Starbursts: 11 | 10 | 9 | 9 (08/03: 9 | 9 | 8 | 9 – Jan: 8 | 8 | 7 | 7)

    I won’t dare to try this again, my scores are SOOO excellent, I could only spoil them.

    • Craig

      She is very good. If I was as focused as she was on getting better every time, who knows, but truth is ‘she has the ‘eye of the tiger’!

  • Anonymous

    again, this one is so brutal but it goes so fast though ;)
    I beat my PB from March for the side burpees and starbust ones but not for the one leg :S
    My score
    One leg burpees: 9/9/9/9 (March: 11/9/9/10)
    Side burpees: 11/10/10/11 (March: 10/9/9/10)
    Starbust burpees: 10/10/10/10 (March: 10/9/9/10)

    Great one as always ;)
    Have a great weekend!

    Zuzi, what did you do for your birthday? What did you get for her Freddy ;)

  • Anonymous

    aarrghh! This one is so brutal but the feeling afterwards is indescribable!
    I was able to improve for the one leg burpees and starbust ones, but there is always room for improvement ;)
    Here is my score compared to December 2010
    One leg burpees
    Dec 10: 8/7/7/8
    Today: 10/9/9/10
    Side burpees
    Dec 10: 10/10/10/10
    Today: 10/9/9/10
    Starbust burpees
    Dec 10: 9/9/9/9
    Today: 10/9/9/10

    Have a great day and again Happy birthday Freddy!!

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  • Aphrodite

    Nice workout

    did an extra round.. tho before i took a few sec break cuz i honestly couldnt breath :)

  • Squirrel

    I love this one. I just did it…I knew it would be a hard one…But it is only 12min so it really motivated me!
    Here is my score
    one leg burpee: 8/7/7/8
    side burpee: 10/10/10/10 (i thought it would b the easiest..or better say the less hard but they killed me!)
    Starbust burpee: 9/9/9/9 (I had to push myself hard to jump and extend the legs and arms…you are so tempted to just to a little hop!)

    Carbs, carbs, carbs!!!

  • Lambda

    Unbelievable. First interval training of my life and first hard exercise in nearly a year. Almost quit after round 3 but toughed it out.

    5-5-0-4 (yes, that’s a zero)

  • Kik

    I’m still playing catch up but feeling somewhat better. I actually did this last night (11/29). Here are my scores:
    One leg: 7,5.5,5,5
    Side: 8,6,6,6
    Star: 7,6,6,6

    I’m about to do Sweat Another Day so I’ll post again in a second.

  • Milena

    Hi,I just did this one,and my score is;
    -one leg burpee and side jump 5,4,4,5
    -side burpee 6,5,5,5
    -starburst burpee 5 1/2;5,5,5
    very bad bad compare to Zuz and other Body Rockers,I have to improve:) I can only say that after 550 reps iam already sore.
    I have to stick to diet as well,and cut pivo off :D
    Love all your workouts!!!!This is the best workout site ever:)

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  • Anonymous

    Check the latest post – Zuzana explains the challenges there.

  • Lauren King

    Oh man, that was rough. :D Haha. Here was my score:
    5 6 4 5
    7 6 7 6
    7 7 6 7

    Sooooooo sweaty right now. Thanks!

  • nathalia

    haha this video is sooo exciting! even the beginning with sandbag hahaha :D
    Zuzana and Freddy i love you two! you are so great! sharing knowledge not in boring form! this video shows how much fun you have! (ok every video of you shows how much fun you have but this shows exactly that you even have fun by taking the video) haha :D i just love watching your videos and i’m now practicing for about 1 month! and it makes me so happy!
    so thanks for sharing!
    I’m really addicted to ^^

    keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    JANET!!!! We were wondering what happened to you :)

  • Anne-Laure

    Dear Zuzana,
    first, I wanted to congratulate you about the fact that the website is amazing and I love this series inspired by special agent 007 so classy pictures for presentation! I love the video format when you do the whole exercise, it’s like a real fitness class and you still look amazing!
    Then, I am trying hard with these work outs in aim to loose those horrible love handles!!! will you soon give us new work outs on these body part? And one for the back would be great to!!

    Thank you so much,
    website is wonderful! a treasure and my pleasure to share the website


  • mf

    Totally killer. Wow.
    7 8 6 8
    7 8 8 8
    8 8 7 8

  • Marla

    Hi Zuzana! My name is Marla. I recently started working out just a few months ago. I looove your site and i have been logging on everyday to get new recipe ideas and new workouts. I just watched your burpees are forever workout and i was curious what you use for your preworkout coffee. i wanted something to give me a healthy boost! thanks alot!

  • Anonymous


  • Cardigirl

    I love burpees! Well, love might not be the right term, but I LOVE what they do for my body and my fitness. When my trainer first told me how to do them, I thought, yeah right. But they are amazing! Going to try this workout tomorrow. Thanks for all the work you two do to help us all live healthier lives.

  • Pseudo from Oz

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy – I want to thank you for your amazing workouts and advices. I only found out about this site three days ago, and have already been trying different workouts for two days (2 sets of workouts each day). Believe it or not, the results are already paying off as I found myself to be a lot more energetic and agile during the 1hr tennis today (although the 6k runs I’ve been doing almost everyday for the past 2 months might have helped the build-up). Never had I found burpees to be that much fun, until now! Please keep up the awesome work!

  • MinaG

    Love this site and love this workout! Leaves me breathless! Thank you so much!

  • Sola

    I love burpees, cuz they can be done anywhere! My score was

    1. 6, 5, 5, 5
    2. 6, 5, 5, 5
    3. 6, 5, 5, 5

    and I’m quite happy with that. That was the “quick-and-dirty-run”, so to speak, where I tried to focus more on speed, cardio and number of reps, than on form. Since I am still too weak to do more than 2 – 4 proper plank push ups in one set, I made it a point of doing all of these push ups from plank position, which means I did not go down very far (just a few cm towards the end).

    And because sloppy form doesn’t really help to gain more upper body strength, I decided to do a 2nd run in proper form, but veeeerrry slowly (where I did about half of the push ups on my knees, which slowed me down even more, but ensured that I went down all the way on the push up movement). Results of the “slow-and-careful-run” were:

    1. 4, 3, 3, 2
    2. 4, 4, 2, 2
    3. 4, 4, 3, 2

    And now I think I deserve a shower ;-)

    BTW, I’m on a personal mission to loose approx. 8 kg until next spring. Since this is only 4 months away and weight loss is only healthy at a rate of approx. 2 kg per month, I have to start now. As in right now, today and not tomorrow! I’ll stick to 5 meals a day, very small portion sizes and mostly veggies. I have already started to cook a proper vegetarian meal 3x a week and when I make christmas cookies it will be in small numbers only, to prevent myself from pigging out. Hopefully I will succeed with my mission. If so, I’ll let you guys know and send some pictures ;-)

    Pls wish me luck and strength!!!

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  • Quinn

    I really need to start getting serious about these workouts. I love watching the videos and it gets me really inspired but somehow I still only actually do these once a week. OBVIOUSLY not enough especially with the upcoming holiday season.

    My new goal is to submit a picture to you in a couple of weeks after religiously doing your workouts. By body deserves to be rocked!

    Burpee Workout:

  • Jena

    Wow Zuzana, you seriously kicked my ass with this workout today! I thought i was in shape until i did this work out! Burpee’s are now my new worst enemy. This website is changing my lifestyle, thanks for all the workouts and great tips chicka!

  • Anonymous

    There are always “work” intervals and “rest” intervals. For the work intervals you hit it at your personal max intensity while keeping proper form. The rest interval gives you a chance to write down your score and maybe grab a quick mouthful of water. If the workout is broken down into sections, then move as quickly between each section as possible for you. I hope that this helps!

  • Ruby

    Hey Freddy and Zuzana,i just finished this workout. My score is so bad, not funny at all.
    I tried so hard, tried to push as hard as i could. This was an awesome workout.
    I’m a beginner, so i’m not really surprised.
    I’ve just come to the realization that i was afraid of changing my body and becoming health after 15 years of being out of shape. Afraid of the responce i would get. I’VE HAD ENOUGH!! Time to get busy. Let’s go!!
    Thank you for your help.

  • TB

    Excellent workout! My scores:
    1 leg burpee/side jump: 8, 7, 7, 7
    side burpee: 8.5, 8, 8, 7
    starburst burpee [my favorite ;) ] 9, 7.5, 8, 7.5

    Looking forward to the next workout in this series. Thanks for your creativity with this theme!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Tara – get better soon!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Anu – Zuzi doesn’t do anything extra – just what you see in the video :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Josefine – she is doing the fitness nutrition course :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi – this is it! What you see is what we do. Just make sure you push for your personal best and max intensity each time and read through the diet section.

  • Anonymous

    Nice!!! “Octoburpee” is a great name!!!

  • Anthony Oates

    Those side burpees are REALLY challenging I find. I had bring one side on the knee before standing back up. Was that cheating?

  • David

    Hi guys, I’ve been following for around six weeks. I hadn’t been keeping track because I thought I wouldn’t need to until I wasn’t using any beginners modifications and now I am because I realise that could take a long time! Thanks for a wonderful site that has finally got me off my butt instead of wishing I could go to the gym!

    Here are my results (if I counted correctly and I switched to somewhere between beginner and full halfway through):

    1) 10, 9, 7 (b) , 7(b)
    2) 9, 8, 7(b), 7 (b)
    3) 8, 8, 8 (b), 8 (b)

  • Cassandra Case

    I have decided to start my journey to my dream body, and following your workouts is my start <3 I did them over the summer and MAN did i get results. Keep em coming!

  • Hal from Vancouver

    Hi Zuzanna:

    Tough cardio this time! My score:
    1-leg Burpee and side jump 7/6/6/6
    Side Burpees 5/6/7/8
    Starburst Burpee 7/7/6/8

  • Chelsea Schuur

    Wow I was a hoss at this workout. I’ll admit I pause a few seconds in between sometimes just to grab a sip of water because I feel like I won’t have time though =/ I still did good though!

    one leg burpee and side jump 7reps each time
    side burpees 11,9,10,10
    starburst burpee 10,9,9,8

    Thanks Zuzana <3

  • Anonymous

    The one we got is listed in the workout breakdown :)

  • Alicia Lloyd

    Fantastic workout!!!! This was a real killer, just the way i like it!
    My scores:

    I didnt manage to do as many reps are you but was extremely consistent!

    Cant wait for tomorrows workout! :D

  • Leisha_jo_gibson

    Me too! My homepage is Bodyrock.TV baby!!!! I check here before I check the news and no longer stay up late watching Family Guy but catching up on the latest recipes, articles and tips from other body rockers and so much past that I have missed!!

    • Sandra Luiza Mazan

      Definitely my homepage now lol!

  • Koalaluverz

    thank you guys! haha the beginning was funny~”teeteedeehh”
    my scores: 1.) 7, 6, 6, 5 2.) 10, 8, 8, 7 3.) 8, 8, 6, 7 I was pretty surprised I got those numbers! It was veeerryry challenging cardio-wise, and now my left pec area hurts. Have a beautiful day guys!

  • Chilenita

    Hi! I am from Russia too, but I live in South America, was interesting here found somebody from my country! Salut y nice day!

  • danny

    Hey Zuzana and Freddy,

    When is the best time to do any type of workout?

    Thank you,

  • Lulu

    For sure I check more often now then Facebook:)

  • Alanna

    Just now, it’s the first time I’ve evet tried a whole workout. I pushed my boyfriend into doing it with me (he hates to work out. I love it! I have a job as a fitnessinstruktor!) and we were both totally worn out by the end. I LOVED it! I have used some of your exercises in my bootcamp classes. I hope you don’t mind. People gives great respones, and I direct them here to your site after class. ;-)

    Thank you so much, both of you. :-)

  • Quinn

    This workout out looks like it hurts…. “hurts soooo good!” I can’t wait to try it. Although I feel slightly intimidated. Great job for pushing through it Zuzana! :)

  • Anonymous

    Yes… Pivo and Mam hlad.

  • Anonymous

    You just made my heart beat faster…

  • Anonymous

    That would be cool!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Jessy – we will be targeting the back in tomorrows workout :)

  • Anonymous

    I knew you were up to something!!! haha

  • Anonymous

    scores posted!!!!

  • Véro

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy!
    I have been doing your workouts since march of this year and I absolutely love them! Thank you for getting us bodyrockers constantly motivated!
    I have a general question for you guys : Do you recommend ISSA for the Personal Trainer Certification? Do you know if it is recognized in Canada?

    Thank you for everything!
    You change people’s lives for the best! You should be proud of yourselves!


    • Anonymous

      Hello Veronique – Zuzana got her cert from ISSA!

  • sarah

    Hahaha cute intro guys! Loved it :)

  • Marian Adona

    I love it! I also love hearing you struggle. That’s not a mean or dirty thing. It just means, here you are, a fitness professional, obviously has taken care of herself and her body, yet you still find these workouts challenging unlike other fitness “gurus” who do workout videos and don’t seem to break a sweat because they have taken breaks in between DVD takes. I can tell you are the real deal.

  • AnnaSirena

    ^ ^,!
    I liked the little play in James Bond, but why don’t you try to play in Lara Croft? I think you are very similar)))
    I liked the workout – thank you!!

  • Anonymous

    check the link below – they delivered ours to Canada.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks reminding us!!!! Zuzana is looking for her journal frantically now…. :)

  • JessPatrice

    I’m new to the website and have tried a couple of workouts. After only two workouts, I feel stronger and more fit (probably because I’m sore) than I have with any of my other strength routines (probably because I don’t do much strength training). Anyway, I feel great and am jumping on the bodyrocker bandwagon! Keep the workouts coming!

  • Anonymous


  • SM

    I like the workout but it seems like you’re doing lots of pushing exercises and very little pulling lately. I feel like your workouts were more balanced in the past since you incorporated the pull-up bar and the dip station. I love your workouts but I’m currently in physical therapy because I injured my shoulder, the doctor told me that back muscles have to be strong and people often forget to work the back which include the shoulder blade muscles that support the shoulders. Inverted rows, pull-ups, and one-arm rows with weights are all great exercises that help make your back and shoulder blades strong to make your push-ups even better. I hope you do incorporate those more in your newer workouts. -SM

    • Anonymous

      Hi SM, my dip station and pull up bar just arrived from Canada so I will be using them again, however, just because I don’t do the obvious exercises for back like pull ups, doesn’t mean that I am not working my back muscles… ;)

  • Jenniferag

    I love love love that you and Freddy were talking a little bit during this video! You two are so cute together! I just love your playful attitudes! You make working out fun!

    This is a great workout! Thank you so much!

    • Anya2455

      I agree! It was definitely motivating and made for a fun work out!

  • Elina

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