Nov 26 2010

How To Make your own Sandbag by Chris

Hi Zuzana, Frederick and the Bodyrockers here is a short description of a sandbag (with some images) I made a few months ago to temporarily use with Zuzana’s workouts that required a sandbag.

A 40 pound DIY Sandbag For Bodyrockers

Shopping list:

4- Contractor Trash bags

1- roll of Duct Tape

2- 20 pound bags of Cat Litter

1 length of 15 or 20 feet of rope

2- Surplus military laundry bags

What I did first was take one of the Contractors Trash Bag and dumped a full bag of Cat Litter into it removed most of the excess air and rolled it up loosely into a 2 foot long by about 8 inch in diameter cigar shaped roll. Then I mummified it with Duct Tape! Next I split the second bag of Cat Litter into two and poured that in to two more Contractor Trash bags again mummified them with Duct Tape. This pretty much used up the tape. Next I slipped the last Contractor Trash bag over all three bags stacked them like hot dogs in a package and rolled that up. This I stuffed into the first Laundry bag pulling the draw string tight and tying it tight. I then pulled the other Laundry bag down over the first, up ended this and pulled it tight and tied it shut. You could skip adding the rope and just use this as is, but I looped rope around my bag and made it fast.

And you could use other filler than the Cat Litter, but it was cheap at $2.50 each bag.. The Duct Tape could have been packing tape and the canvas bags could have been several pillow cases or even a duffel bag. The advantage of splitting up the Cat Litter bags is the ability to adjust the weights. By just removing one of the smaller bag it becomes only 30 pounds! Or you could use more bags and make 5 pound rolls. It would just take more tape to mummify them!. The Laundry bags I used couldn’t fit more Cat Litter than about 40 pounds worth so if you wanted a heavier sandbag you would need to find a bigger set of bags.

I’ve got to say I enjoyed the extra punch you get in a workout with the Sandbag and I think it’s worth the time and energy to make one. Mine cost me a little under 25 bucks to make. My link has images that relate to this project and as always I will answer question about it’s construction as best I can.

As an addendum: I would add 3 more Contractor Trash bags and one more roll of Duct Tape and double up the bags on each of the bags with Cat Litter as one of mine sprung a little leak!

Be careful when exercising and lift weights using correct posture and only to your capacity. My is 40 pounds because I can lift it safely so make yours responsibly. That is adjusting the weights to what you can lift safely and please use common sense. If you don’t follow my advice and are injured you have only yourself to blame!

By the way, I did eventually buy an Ultimate Sandbag Strength Package.



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  • ۞ BodyRocker ♥ Beth ۞

    WoW !!! very useful Chris !!! Excellent Job !!! I LOVE IT !!!

    <3 your freind,

    BR Beth 😀

  • Seo

    I want to buy one too!!! Do you have an extra you would consider selling? I’d love one as a Christmas present for myself!

  • amberlinn

    that looks BETTER than the “real” thing! I’m assuming you are a crafty, sewer type and have machinery to do such a thing?? Looks awesome. How much to make me one? LOL

  • Charmaine

    Wow what an awesome idea!! I’ve been trying to figure out how to DIY a sandbag, but now I have the answer! Thank you Chris, you da man :)

  • Elena

    Aw dude, thank you so much. This will save us a lot of money.
    You rock!

  • Nina_CZ

    You don’t want me to show you my old one made from old jeans 😀

  • Juliana Lhp

    Very good idea!

  • OACG

    Thanks Chris !!!!! : ) : ) : )
    Will get the ultimate sandbag eventually but in the mean time, your DIY tips help a great deal. Cheers!