Nov 27 2010

The Trainer Who Loved Me Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating over the weekend! Freddy and I already had our thanksgiving back in October because Canadians celebrate it earlier. We don’t have thanksgiving in Europe, so I had my first experience of this holiday just a few years ago. It was also when I first tasted stuffing, butter tarts and pumpkin pie. I absolutely love pumpkin pie, and it’s a really good thing that they don’t seem to have it in Prague, because I would eat it non-stop until I exploded. So to everyone who is about to enjoy all of those delicious foods, have a bite for me :)

This is the last workout for this week, but check back this weekend because I am going to be sharing more recipes and posting more BodyRocker pictures and recipes. The new workout schedule goes up Sunday, and we are changing up the frequency of the workouts for next week so don’t forget to check in.

Enjoy your workout :)

Zuzana & Frederick

Workout Breakdown

Time: ? min.Workout Type: 300 rep Time ChallengeExercises: 5
  • Jump Up & Star Lift60 reps
  • James Bond Lunges60 reps (alternating legs)
  • Monkey Business Exercise60 reps
  • Side Crunch30 reps on each side
  • Breakdance Push Up & Knee Tuck60 reps

Get your gear for this workout here:


Jump Up & Star Lift

James Bond Lunges

Monkey Business Exercise

Side Crunches

Breakdance Push Up & Knee Tuck


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  • Kay

    my doc says i’ve pulled a fibroid in my shoulder, so i’ve had to not do any weights/pushups. not til may! as a result i’ve had to modify some things. I had to do 60 jump ups and 60 star lifts separate to avoid the pushup motion, and just do 60 jump ups for monkey business (cuz i cant do the pike pushup) and i just did 60 alternating knee crunches on all 4′s instead of the pushups as well. I added 60 full crunches after this workout to even things out. aside from the additional full crunches it took me 15:52. :)

  • Isidora

    Yay i just beat my pb. Today it took me 30:58 min. 
    I did all exercises in regular form, except for the side crunch, were i did 60 one leg leg lift and toe touch (mission abs possible), last time i think i also did another ab exercise. I have scoliosis so doing side crunches feel a bit weird. 

    anyway, monkey business exercise was hell !! 60 reps of that is a real torture! while i was doing the breakdance push ups i felt like it had been over 10 min and that there was no way i was gonna do it under 33 min. but i did it! and did all push ups without any modification, loved the burn of those. 

    stretching + burpee for erin + yummy snack sandwich (grated cooked apples with cinnamon, turkey ham, ricotta cheese, a bit of butter, 2 slices of zuchinni) wonderful :D  

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    I just found my oldest time score from 8 months ago = 18:23!
    You know what? it is the exact same time I got today. But I am very proud, because back then I only made tiny Jump Tucks and had to modify 50 of the B.D. Push-ups. Today I did EVERYTHING in the evil proper form!!! I tell you, those last 20 push-ups at the end was a living hell. I am drenched in sweat and so, so happy :)
    THANK YOU, Zuzana & Freddy!
    Love, Maria

  • Anonymous

    I was sweating like crazy after this workout! :D Love the feeling. ♥ My time was 26:38 min. I’m so happy that I finished it under 30min. :)  
    (I did the push up knee tucks by knees, just hadn’t enough strenght in my hands anymore… but still happy.) 

  • Gabby Rodriguez

    did this workout outside! boy! HARD!!! completed but had to rest A LOT:) completed in like 45 mins. w/modifications big time:)

  • Tereza_CZ

    Yes, I admire that too… Even though I don’t call myself beginner anymore, my eyes are still bursting out after 8 months of Bodyrocking:)

  • Tereza_CZ

    As written in the workout breakdown, you “just” do 60 reps of each exercise, from number 1 to 5 – 300 reps altogether. There are no sets, the goal is to finish the whole workout as fast as you can – it’s a time challenge. Then you post your score here;)
    And thank you guys for gratulations, I’m going to push even harder on today’s Counter-Strike, so encouraging it is;)

  • Anonymous

    This workout felt like it took foreva! At the end of the monkey pushup I started to feel pooped..that was until I was finishing off with the breakdance pushup,,,oh man! This was tough!!! However, that being said I finished in 26:52! On an endorphin high right now:)

    A little off topic but who doesn’t want Brad (aka “The Bachelor”) to pick Emily??? She is soooo beautiful and sooooo nice! A real southern bell. LUV, LUV, LUV her outfit during the day date!!

    Best of luck evryone, and I hope Zuzanna and Freddy are having a FAB time in L.A…….anymore star sightings btw? It was afterall the oscars lastnight…

  • Cindy Beverly

    Ok do I have a story for everyone! So I was downstairs in my home gym doing this workout and of course my two girls are right beside me doing it with me, great! When I get to the monkey push ups the girls ask me what this work out move is called so I say its the monkey push…well my two girls just thought that was the funniest thing in the world and begin running around our basement going ooh ooh aww aww mommy is a monkey and laughing hysterical. Just thought that I would share one moms workout nights. But I still managed to finish this one in 33:03 not bad. Take care everyone and I hope that all your workouts be laughs.

  • Alison

    Hard workout! I too, wanted to quit in the middle, but pushed to the end :)


  • Josefine

    I did this workout today and it took me 33 minutes, which is pretty good I think. Last time I could not do all the 60 breakdance push ups – I could only do 30 and then I did 15 reps more on each side, of the side crunch. This time though I was able to do all the push ups. =) The sweat was just pouring off my body. Love it!
    Enjoy your time in LA!

  • Josefine

    I did this workout today and it took me 33 minutes, which is pretty good I think. Last time I could not do all the 60 breakdance push ups – I could only do 30 and then I did 15 reps more on each side, of the side crunch. This time though I was able to do all the push ups. =) The sweat was just pouring off my body. Love it!
    Enjoy your time in LA!

  • Isabelle G.

    Hi everybody!
    My score is (tadam): 37:57!!
    I was confused at one point, when I caught myself doing some triceps push-ups (I don’t know if it’s the way they’re called…. the position is almost the same as the side crunch…) anyway, when I realised that, I had already completed both sides, so I just added the side crunches after those, and then continued with the push-ups… By that time, my arms were burning and shaking!! I did 20 push-ups with proper form, then 20 more push-ups without the knee tuck, then…. 20 push-ups on my knees. My son was encouraging me all the time, singing along the playlist, and counting aloud for me! What a great way to start a day!!
    Thanks Z and F!! Have a great trip in L.A.!
    I’m super-jealous of bodyrocker Kaja, by the way…… hahaha!

  • Tereza_CZ

    So I did this workout today again – according to the Workout Schedule. Although I didn’t feel like finishing it at all in the middle of exercise #1, I finished it. Moreover, I improved massively. First time I did it (11th December), my time was 36:41 – Push Ups modified after 20 reps. Today it was – dramatical pause – 28:27! Pretty good score compared to the feeling about not finishing the workout in the beginning. I didn’t modify anything, I only about 4 times in the end fell on the ground when doing the Push Ups, but everything else was in the proper form, I’m so happy:) Thank you, guys, and I wish such a great improvement to other Bodyrockers as well!

    • Anonymous

      Fantastic! Adda Girl!

  • evo

    puh! i I tried to do this workout on saturday but felt too tired and powerless even after the first excercise. so i stopped and was really depressed, but I had no energy left…
    today I finished in 45min (took my time to focus on the proper form)!
    happy now!!!

  • Anonymous

    You mean Sept 23rd this year?! Wow, amazing progress!!! You must have been incredibly consistent with your workouts as well as your diet!! Congrats!!

  • Anonymous

    Couldnt finish this workout :( I did only 15 from the last exercise…My time was 27 minutes, hopefully one day I’ll be able to finish this routine at least with modification to the last exercise. Thank you for this workout, my body is all sore today!!!!!

    I can’t wait to see you pictures of Prague, I herd it’s beautiful in the winter!

  • Vivian

    YeY! I did it in 26:56.6 min!! I’m so proud of me!! I put some music and try to focus on it, and try to think in another things than that I was feeling so exhausted and like dying, so as seems it worKs!!

    Al fin me siento super orgullosa de mi!! Quiero rebajar por lo menos 10 lbs! Asi que veré cuantas logro de aqui a Navidad. Empecé en Dic 1ro asi que les dejaré saber cuantas logro. :D

    So don’t give up!! Think how good you feel when you finish the workouts and how you want to look. Sorry about my english :)

    Gracias Zuzana!
    Thanks Zuzana

    Vivian from Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

  • Anonymous

    Follow the workout schedule for a week and you are in… :)

  • Anonymous

    I was just having fun with the Austin Powers reference :)

  • Laurence

    34 minutes — also had to alter the last exercise – its a killer at 60 reps. Loved this one ! has everything.

  • Anonymous

    Hi – don’t get down on yourself – you will get stronger & faster. Keep rocking it.

  • April

    Holy cow that was awesome! I found your website about one month ago and LOVE it! Thank you so much….you are such an inspiration. I did this workout in 35 min and 28 seconds with only one modification; had to go to my knees on pushups at number 35. Thanks again!

  • tanya k

    This workout was a some loved it. I did it today and i beat my goal yesterday i did it in 31 mins today 24 love it i get better everyday thank you to you guys love you and your workouts. im a mom of two kids and im 23 going to be 24 and i want to get in to even best shape ever for my self and my kids and my hubby. thank you again and keep coming with your vedios love them all.

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  • Surfernesta

    Surfernesta 27:00 minutes no modification :)
    Katie 26:41 no modification :)

  • Anonymous

    I *barely* got all of this done in 31:50!! Zuzana, you kicked my butt in the best way possible! Thank you! =) I didn’t modify anything but I took a lot of breaks. Getting back into a routine is hard but I’m determined to stick with it. Thanks for the great workouts!

  • Squirrel

    After watching the video and reading the comments, I was expecting the worst from this workout and it was hard to motivate myself…I was always trying to find something to do before starting it to delay it!!!
    Anyways, my time is 31’54″…So I am glad that I as close to you time Zuzana. But it was not as hard as I expected…so I should have pushed harder. I did the 60 breakdance push up with no modification tho.

    I found that when I expect a workout to be hard and are prepared mentally, it is not as hard in the end vs. when I think a workout will be an easy one (even if there is no easy workout with you ;) . Anyways I think as well that I push harder when I expect a workout to be less intense vs. when I expect one to be really intense like that one…

    Love you guys!!

  • girl_from_greece

    Oh my God you are absolutely CRAZY both of you, Zuzi and Frederick!! Loved the workout but it nearly killed me- 35 min. 53 sec ( I had to do baby push ups for the last 40 reps)! Monkey business and breakdance push ups were soooooo tough! Thanks (how come I thank you for torturing me, I’ll never figure out! ) :P

  • Anonymous

    We will be adding these don’t worry!

  • Mortah

    Zuzana, Thanks so much for this workout!!
    I was going to skip my workout today but as soon as I played your video I felt motivated :)

    Brutall …took me 27 min

  • T.D

    Hi Zuzana- This workout was was great, as always!!! I live by your workouts, they have become my fitness bible. Thank you so much for all your fitness advice, i don’t know what I would do without them.

  • T.D

    This workout is awesome!!! Thank you so much for ALL your terrific workouts and advise. I live by all your workouts, i don’t know what i would do with out them.

  • Kirry

    Don’t give up Manuela. Im a beginner and also struggling a bit, but onces you got that first push up down… Wow, what a feeling! Even if it takes some time, It’s like what Zuzana said: “This is a life time journey.” We got plenty of time to get in shape, just be consistent and eager. Goodluck! :)

  • Kirry

    Me too. :) I was finally jumping rather high and touching my knees. I had allot of fun with the jump tuck.. Everytime I did one I did a ‘Whee!”.

  • Kirry

    Phew, this was a complicated and hard work-out for a beginner like me, but doable. I had to modify the last workout; the breakdance push up. I just didnt have any strenght left and I was so exhausted, so I did a combo of baby pushups with those burning little ab crunches. I do think that shortend my time allot. It was a very intense workout for me, and I dont even celebrate thanksgiving in Holland. ^^

    My time was 35 min and 15 sec.

  • Claudia

    OMG! Did this workout yesterday… the brakdancepush ups took me 10 minutes to do. I did the workout on 36 minutes – no modification. I felt i didnt do my best so I had to do it again this morning. I pushed myself so hard and manage to do it on 30:27 min! My boyfriend watched me and was very impressed :) Its good with audience – it makes me push even harder :)

  • Snowy

    THIS IS BRUTAL! I took 36:48 and i can feel the burn around my arm area

  • Maria Lanier

    Thanks for reply. I was pretty on Saturday, running around so I was only able to do the Quantum. Today, Sunday, busy still cleaning up my apartment so I did the Challenge – 1,000 skipping. Definitely, tomorrow, Monday, I’ll do this Trainer Who Love me. I heard enough – they said it will kill you but I will love that. Anywway, there will be even in my work tomorrow so gotta burn it. :) :P

    See you 1lvana, tomorrow and all BodyRockers!!! :) Thanks again for a great workout Freddy and Zuzie. :)

  • Alex

    Muy bueno gracias

  • Sandra Luiza Mazan

    Just finished this workout. My time: 25.20. I modified the push ups after 18. I’m dying!!!! But feels great :) Thanks for the great workouts. They help me to distress and survive through my finals in school.

  • mf

    29 min 51 sec
    I broke the whole workout up into two parts, 30 reps of everything all the way through, then started over at the beginning with the second 30 reps of everything.
    (Modified pushups: 30 straight leg, 30 bent knee)

    I thought I would stop after going through the first half, but I went through the whole thing twice! Yes!

  • Hal from Vancouver

    This was a tough one for arms shoulders. Mine hurt right now. My time was 32 minutes and 5 seconds.

  • Anonymous

    I love the monkey business I had really wanted to try the workout you did a while back in a hotel room before you found the house with the bears lol….. I haven’t tired but I wonder if you guts still have available….. Do you guys celebrate Christmas? How’s the weather? <3 from Miami

    • Anonymous

      We celebrate Christmas and it’s cold and snowing!

      • Anonymous

        You guys need to take a photo out in the snow I have only seen it once for myself and I have been dying to see it again and built a snow man! Enjoy and stay warm a lot of holiday blessings to u both!

  • Jennifer Di.

    I’ve done only one of ur workouts so far..watching for a while…now that Thanksgiving has passed, there are no excuses! I have been at the gym this weekend but starting tomorrow I will be officially committed to participating in your workouts in the a.m. and gym in the p.m. I hope I remain consistent with u! (gym no problem)..I will use my timer on my phone until the day I decide to buy a gymboss…can’t wait til 5am!

  • Jenie

    Just finished this one…24:15…had to modify push-ups…7 reptile, 18 regular, 35 knee…my arms are still shaking as I type:) Love it! ALSO, I’VE ALWAYS WONDERED ABOUT YOUR BREATHING “TECHNIQUE” AND IF THERE IS A PURPOSE BEHIND IT OR JUST HOW YOU NATURALLY BREATH DURING A WORKOUT? Thanks!

  • mickyunit

    wow..this was brutal hubby and i did this..he has a pretty excellent command of the breakdance push up and knee tuck! we’d do the exercises together and he would finish before me and stretch/drink water while waiting for me to catch up! our legs felt like tree trunks after the 1st 2 exercises! i can only do about 5 breakdance push ups (no knee tuck yet) before i have to modify…and i mean a serious modification. happily, i completed everything 41:08. it’s a relief to see that you have to make some modifications too. it shows that you are intense but that in order to maintain proper form, sometimes you do need to change it up a little bit. that means so much!

    thank you freddie and zuzanna!

  • Anonymous

    There it is! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    no don’t worry!

  • Anonymous

    This is the first Merry Christmas message of 2010!

  • Anonymous

    I’m too far away!!!

  • Zoe23

    2 im complete the last exercise = normal push up -_-
    My time 42:46

  • Laurenne

    I completed the workout in 29:29, but I didn’t do each exercise one after another. I had to switch it up otherwise I could never do 60 of those pushups in a row. This one kicked my ass!

  • Arianna

    Hi Freddy and Zuzana,
    I’m sorry for bothering you both and I bet you are busy doing other stuff, but as a beginner, is there any hope that you will explain these exercises on the “All Exercises” section with the modifications for the beginners?

  • Stephaniedignan

    really tough workout! I did everything except forgot to touch knees on the jump in the monkey business exercise so maybe it would’ve been a little longer. Proper form for push-ups. 24 minutes 16 sec.

  • mariafb

    i finished this workout in 28mins and 31 seconds. I also modified last exercise and boy was i sweating by the end of the workout. i feel good though…..cos i hadnt worked out for the last 4 days. on thanksgiving day i ate a lot so i needed this!!!! phewwww!!

  • Irene

    Ups, the workout changed name…:o)))

    Finally finished this 007 week, I forgot to set the timer, but believe it took about 40 minutes. No I know the feeling of monkey business:o) I am so gratful for not having to leave the house and go to a gym, since it’s a little snowstorm outside.

    Greetings and love from snowy, cold Norway

  • Trina

    This was a killer workout for sure. I had to modify the last exercise with knee push ups. I really enjoy this site and wanted to send out koodos from Sweden. I’m originally from Canada but here now for a bit…Trying to get back in shape. Its real hard. They say when you start you should not stop as it becomes harder to restart. My time was 57minssssssss. Hope to improve that for next time. Have a great weekend everyone.

  • Pgourneau

    great theme ,love james bond myself !! keep’m coming!!

  • Anna

    Jesus Christ…this one killed me more than any workout before!
    This 300 reps wo took me as long as the 600 reps “bad ass wo” of October.
    It took me 43:55 min. totally, the 600 reps wo took me 45:57 min. I can’t believe it… ;-)

    But it was super intense and I really enjoyed it!!! Thank you!
    Have a nice active rest weekend! :-)

  • Mouchete

    please what do you drinking during your exercice

  • Salma7182

    I love this workout! Can’t wait to try it! I think the last exercise should’ve been called “breakdance reptile push-ups” just a thought :)

    Because of thanksgiving I wanted to do a really hard workout so I did the “kiss my tigh ass workout” and the “hot quickie workout”….it was intense. Both combined were 33 mins and kicked my booty :)

    Thanks for the awesome workout, I will try it tomorrow for sure!!


  • Windlord

    ROFL, your two separate but distinct workout names!
    Can’t beat the contrast of “Shaken, not shtirred,” with “Yeah, baby, Yeah!” :D D

  • Chelsea Schuur

    Thank you Zuzana you’re too sweet <3 I didn't work out yesterday due to the holiday, but I did yesterdays video earlier today! I'll be doing this workout and running 5k tomorrow :) I'm excited for these exercise challenges!
    Happy holidays Zuzana, you're phenomenal!

    ps. I'm jealous of all the apple computer equipment you have (it was in the background at one point haha)!

    These are my before and after pics thus far btw (I'm not where I want to be YET!)

    • Jennifer Di.

      before and afters ARE amazing. since u were already skinny, some might not think u progressed much or that u even needed to lose weight/tone up. Did u get a lot of comments…”oh you don’t need to lose weight!” lol….u went from “skinny fat” to skinny TONED/DEFINED..u look amazing girl and I know it musta took a lot of work! woo hoo :)

    • Haski_kel

      How long have you been doing these workouts?

  • Chilenita

    Super workout and like alwayes will kill all musculs ))), thanks guys!!!

  • Tanya

    YAY!!! It was so great to see Cali and Charlie :) they look so great, healthy and happy!!!! Thank you. This workout is on top for tomorrow morning looking forward to it, thanks for all your hard work.
    ps don’t be embarrassed if you have to modify once in a while you are human, even if you are classed super human to most people ;)
    Thanks again for the dog show, I missed them!

    • B.Rocker

      I was just thinking about Cali and Charlie yesterday, and MISSING them! They are really cute and make me smile. Especially Charlie, he seems like such a ‘good boy’.
      Thanks for including them in the video!