Dec 1 2010

Ginger Carrot Chicken Soup – The best soup that I have ever made!

Hi BodyRockers,

This recipe is something very special and not only because it is healthy and won’t make you fat. This soup is so delicious that I made twice in a row. It is fast and easy to prepare and you only need a few common ingredients. At first I thought that the recipe sounded Thai, but it reminded Freddy and I of Indian food. In any case it was a real treat. The great thing about this meal is that you can eating any time of the day without having to earn it with your workout. You can also enjoy it as your post workout meal so don’t hesitate to try it at home. Please watch the video for the step by step guide and the amounts of each ingredient used in this recipe. Below is a quick overview of the steps. I enjoy this so much that I am very curious what you guys think about it. As always if you have any suggestions for improving this recipe please share them below in the comments. I would also like to remind you guys to send in your recipes with a large photo/photos attached to this email address: [email protected] so that I can post it in the BodyRockers category and share it with everyone.

Enjoy the soup and cooking,


Preheat a large pot and add a piece of butter or coconut oil if you have it. Chop an onion and saute until it turns light brown.

When the onion is ready ad a piece of ginger, chilli powder and ground cinnamon. Saute for another 2 minutes.

Ad chopped carrots into the pot and mix it with the onions and ginger.

Ad skimmed milk and coconut milk..

Juice and orange…

and pour it into the pot. Cover with lid and bring to boil. Don’t over boil it. When the milk starts to boil reduce the heat to minimum and slowly cook until the carrots are soft.

While the carrots are cooking, you can chop the meat, put it into a non stick skillet. Use extra virgin olive oil and cook the chicken on medium heat until done.

When the carrots are soft take the pot off of the heat and let it cool for a few minutes so that you can use your food processor to make puree.

Mix the chicken into the puree and ad salt and pepper to taste.


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  • Miss Christine

    I just made this with pumpkin & carrots and shrimps instead of chicken. Delicious!

  • Anonymous

    Omg! this soup was soo delish. Have never mixed these ingredients before, they taste so good together, yumm! Will be cooked regularly! !

  • Anonymous

    Cooking this tonight, can’t wait :D

  • Nina_CZ

    Cooking it AGAIN, you are so right Zuzi, this is the best soup ever!!! I can do it over and over again!!!

  • Anonymous

    Can I just say, I absolutely love, love this soup, could eat it every day!!!

  • Nina_CZ

    I think I am gonna try this one this week :) I am slowly going through all the recipes here, so far I loved all of them :D

  • Giggles

    I just made this and it turned out amazing. Wish I had made more. Thanks Zuzana.

  • SZ

    Just made this and it is very good! I had to make coconut milk by soaking coconut in skim milk and then straining it out, and I used half of a grapefruit instead of an orange, but I think it worked quite well. Thanks again for another great recipe. It’s weird, but eating a good, healthy soup always seems to give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, which is nice considering how cold it is outside.

  • Schnappi

    wow this soup is really delicious
    i did without chicken coz of the dioxin scandal here in germany

  • Mellelaura

    I just made this soup tonight, and it was SOOO delicious that i made another batch and froze it!

  • Matt

    I tried this last night and it turned out fantastic! Although, once I finished and cleaned the counters I realized I left the orange sitting there unsqueezed. I knew I was forgetting a step! I have a considerable amount leftover, so I figure I can just add it today. Plus, I’m looking forward to how the flavors matured in the fridge, since most soups are even better on the second day :)

  • Anonymous

    This is incredible!!! I made it without the chicken, I’m a vegetarian! :)

  • Leisl

    OMG looks and sounds so yummy! Can’t wait to try it. Thanks so much for sharing Zuzanna x

  • zoombabe

    wow, this is truly fantastic :o
    Thx for the recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarahj9

    I tired this for dinner and loved it! Thanks for putting it up :)

  • Metaxia

    Hey Zuz,
    i finally tried this recipe and even though i’m not a huge soup person, i loved it!!! My boyfriend even really liked this one too! Thanks!

  • Tallcat1973

    Although I was skeptical about how well the ingredients would blend together–the oj and milks–in this unusual soup, I made it last night and can not RAVE enough about how simply delicious it is!!
    The combination of sweet carrots and the pungent ginger really pop while the smooth texture is hearty and satisfying. You’re sure to enjoy this one!

  • Anonymous

    It’s a Philips :)

  • Barbara GL

    Thanx for the great recipe. We all loved it today, so unusual in a nice way.

  • Dawn

    sounds delicious. I am going to try and cook it in my slow cooker! Everything tastes so good in a slow cooker and only takes the time to prepare.

  • Kgonz0930

    i tried this last night and it was sooooo good! love it!

  • Kgonz0930

    i tried this last night and it was sooooo good! love it!

  • Brandi

    I am a vegetarian so instead of chicken I added a brown rice, black bean, and rotel tomato mixture to the soup. It adds texture to the soup in place of the chicken and tastes delicious!

  • Ariana

    I made a biiig soup today – normally I eat half of my dinner and take the rest with me for work – but unfortunately this one was soo sooo sooo good that I ate all of it in the evening :-) It’s great that you provide us with so delicious recipes – and I love your outfit in this video – looks comfy but sexy at the same time :-)

  • Johanna

    I cry everytime i chop onions… but i have a trick that helps a little.
    Try running tap water as you chop. Cold water. And stand somewhat close to it. It actually helps.

    Let me know how you do! ;)


  • Dominika

    Thank u for the recipe! I wanted to make carrot soup this week and was looking for a recipe, and here it is :-D btw…how do u like all this snow here in Prague! Isn’t it crazy :-)

    • Anonymous

      We are enjoying it – it’s really starting to feel like Christmas :)

  • Anonymous

    guys – its all in the video ;)

  • Blonde girl

    Awesome! I have a ton of carrots that I need to use and this will be a perfect way to use them. Plus, I always feel amazing after eating foods that are rich in beta-carotene. Did you know that we can only absorb 3% of the beta-carotene in carrots when we eat them raw, but that is increased to 39% when cooked and pureed with some cooking oil? Thanks for sharing and saving me the effort of finding a carrot soup recipe.
    Best always

  • Alex

    Hi Zuzana, first let me say thank you for all the fitness advices and recipes! You’ re great!!!
    But I have a tip for you: You should freeze the onions for about 10 minutes and you will never cry again!

  • Katiebauer1

    Just made it! It’s AMAZING!! :)

  • Anonymous

    now in the process of cooking)
    one thing that confused me that the mixture of milk turned as I adder orange juice, is that ok?
    Ok, so we’ll see the result))
    thanks for sharing!

  • Michelle

    Cant wait to try this recipe out Looks delicious…!!!