Dec 3 2010

Pina Colada – Post Workout Drink Recipe

Hi BodyRockers,

I tried this recipe today for a post workout drink after I finished my exercise challenge. I used to enjoy a lot of Pina Coladas back when I cared very little about my health or fitness. Alcoholic cocktails are not exactly what BodyRockers (or athletes) should be drinking, but you can treat yourself with a nutritious version of this delicious cocktail with this recipe. Now I don’t mean to sound like a saint who never drinks alcohol. I actually like to have a drink every once in a while, but I am the kind of person who gets drunk after 1 cocktail or two white wine spritzers so that tends to be my limit. I am not trying to take any fun away from you, but you guys should know that if you drink and party every weekend you can’t complain about not seeing any progress in fat loss or workout performance. Alcohol makes you fat, slow and crazy people :)

Enjoy this amazing post workout Pina Colada!


You will need these ingredients:

1/2 a medium size bowl of pineapple, 1 banana, 1 glass of coconut milk, 50g of vanilla flavoured quality protein powder, 1 cup of chilled green tea, 1 glass of ice.

Add all of the ingredients into a food processor (except for the green tea) and mix them  into a smoothie. Add the green tea at the end until you get the right consistency. The cocktail should be thick and not watery.


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  • Javier Rodriguez

    That is sooooo good!

  • Gabby Rodriguez

    gabby r

  • Jennifer Melhado-Knight

    lol I like your closing statement. I didn’t have pineapple so I used strawberries and used chocolate protein instead of vanilla. I will have to get some pineapple to do this next.

  • Mary–kristin

    Hi Zuzana, I think you are so right about the fat, slow and crazy thing. I’m gonna try this Pina Colada this week-end! Thanks for the receipe.

  • Anonymous


  • Alisia

    This is very good! I’ve started using green tea instead of almond milk now and I’m surprised at how great it tastes. Thanks!

  • Alana6

    Hello Body Rockers
    I’m Yet to try pina colada but I’m sure you could substitute coconut milk with skim milk plus 1/4 tsp of coconut essence for a lower calorie alternative. (It’s my substitue for it in cooking)

  • Claudio

    I love Piña Colada..Best Regards from Chile, Southamerica

  • Peggy

    i’m new to bodyrockers =) i will start my first bodyrocker workout today !!! yay… anyway… i love pina colada (the alcohol free version as well) and this drink sounds very YUMMY to me… i’ll try that sometime soon… thanks for sharing!

  • Kim Jorgensen

    try looking up ‘raw almond milk recipe’. You might find a few. I’ve made it quite a few times. I just happen to be allergic to a lot of foods including dairy, eggs, soy, wheat and corn. The recipe is easy and usually consists of soaking the raw almonds, putting in blender with however many cups of water and blending. After blending, strain with cheese cloth. You can blend in vanilla bean or add vailla extract if you wanted or just drink it plain. Hope this helps!

  • Eglutt

    You can always change cottage xheese with curd. Our grand grand grand…. grand parents were using that (as well as mil, btw) and considering we are here, they didn’t die because of it..

  • Anonymous

    This is a very cool idea, and it is something that we are planning on looking at in the future :)

  • Alejandrabatista23

    it sounds very powerfull drink however i will not add coconut milk to my because the amount off extra calories specially after a workout i now that coconut milk is good for you but i think that with the pineapple and banana am getting a good dose of vitamins and also with the green tea am alowing my body to detox combine with the pineapple that is a diurectic

  • Zoe23

    A pina coladas Nutritious
    What good timming just before the holidays
    I finally have a drink that I can drink with my friends ….
    without wasting my efforts Bodyrocker

  • Zoe23

    A pina coladas Nutritious
    What good timming just before the holidays
    I finally have a drink that I can drink with my friends ….
    without wasting my efforts Bodyrocker

  • verena

    oh that sounds good, but I’ve no protein powder. Can I use something else?


    • Lvette #1

      try 1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese or 1/2 cup soft tofu.

  • Olga Kostyanova

    Thanks for recipe, Zuzana! Yammyyyy!

  • YT

    This sounds very nice and tasty!
    I will be trying this tomorrow.
    Greeting from Holland,

  • Cecilia, tug of war, Sweden

    I will deffinetly try this! I love pina coladas =) I drank the virgin kind this summer when I was the designated driver, it looked fabulouse ;)

  • Irene

    I agree Zuzana, Back in the days I could take a beer once in a while. But with a healthy a and energetic lifestyle alcohol started to feel like poison. I never drunk much, but cut It out of my life completely 15 years ago (is 43 years old) and never missed it. Pluss I feel like a better role model for my kids:o))

    Have a wonderful and fun weekend

    Best Irene

  • ivet

    green tee? interesting, who would ever say that. Btw, I found a very good protein powder from the company HITEC (I think that is their name). They came newly to Czech rep. It has good taste and very good quality.