Dec 22 2010

BodyRocker Marisela

Hi Zuzana and Freddy!

First I would like to thank both of you for your hard work and dedication and for sharing such great workouts with all of us.  I have been following you since May after my husband found your videos on YouTube and shared them with me.  I have 18 month old twins and no time or desire for the gym so your workouts are perfect for me.  I have to say I am in better shape than before I had the boys and this is thanks to your fitness and diet advice.  I worked out prior to becoming a mommy, but spent hours at the gym with minimal results.  I am attaching a few photos from around July ( I have not taken any since but I have obtained better results)  and some of my boys when they were about 6 months old.  Thank you again for making working out pleasureable.

Best Regards,



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