Dec 22 2010

Dip Station

If you have been following our workouts you will have noticed that we use our dip station in almost all of our routines. This is one of the very best pieces of bodyweight equipment that we have come across and makes an excellent addition to your home gym. This equipment is amazing for building upper body strength and sculpting your core muscles including your abs, and the power moves you can do with it kick our workouts up in intensity. You can get your own dip station by clicking on this link.


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  • Daniellelauren

    Which is more useful for most bodyrock workouts: 
    The dip station or the equalizer?
    The sandbag or the ugi ball?

  • jordanmichelle

    i need an exact meal plan of what i should eat.. that’s easy to make, that includes breakfast lunch and dinner.

  • jordanmichelle

    i need an exact meal plan of what i should eat.. that’s easy to make, that includes breakfast lunch and dinner.

  • Joshua Bell

    I just ordered mine and it should get here by Friday hopefully. :)

  • Ali

    Hey guys:) I’m thinking about ordering a dip station but now having second thoughts about it because I’m not sure if I should purchase the equalizer instead, what would give me the highest intensity workout? 

  • Jessy

    I was wondering the same! They don’t ship this dip station here, so I’m gonna have someone make it for me, but I need the dimensions (how many cm high, etc.). If someone has it and would be willing to share the dimensions, it’d be lovely!

  • Osobni Wellness Trener
  • Ivy

    Too expensive :(

  • Glowmerida


    I just saw that the dip station is on sale!!

    Does anyone know how much the shipping costs to Europe (Austria)? Even just an estimate would be great! I have absolutely no idea how much it could be…


    • Glowmerida

      I just found out myself. It’s 52$ shipping plus 26,39$ taxes for Europe. Can’t afford that :(

  • EspeRH

    Hi guys! I would like to know if the dip station sent to Spain, I have sent several emails and have not received a reply, if you know some shipments to Europe ye should say I will appreciate if I can ask or not. Thank you very much!

  • Miss Christine

    Shipping costs in Europe (outside UK): 52$! I’m gonna get one as soon as the shipping costs are affordable!

    • EspeRH

      That cost is very expensive! I also think I will wait for shipping is more acceptable because the total price is too expensive.

  • BodyRocker_Bonnie

    Hi Rain, I’m 5’2″ and I’ve found the dip station to be fine for my height.  Its not adjustable for height and I was a little worried about the same thing.  Maybe when doing round kicks I have to kick a bit higher than someone tall, but I haven’t found it to be uncomfortable at all.  That’s about the only thing height-related I can think of that might make use a bit more challenging for us shorties.  I say go for it, its an amazing piece of equipment that you can do a lot of different exercises with.  I am LOVING the ability to do hanging leg raises.   Good luck!

  • Valerie Nash

    Zuzana and Freddie, what household or more commonly found items can we use in place of the Dip station, ugi ball and sandbag if we don’t own (or in my case can’t afford) them?

    • Carrie

      HI Valerie, I created a ‘sandbag’ by taping up a 5kg bag of sugar into a plastic bag, then place that in a small backpack. I also use it in place of the ugi ball, though it can be a bit clunky (I need to attach some ‘handles’ that go across the width of the bag to do the ‘clean’ movement more efficiently)

  • Anonymous

    Dip Station exercises are up tomorrow :)

  • Anonymous

    As far as I know they are now shipping internationally :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi – one side is narrow to allow 2 different grips :)

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  • Anonymous

    I believe that they ship worldwide now…

  • Anonymous

    The link is there :)

  • Alana

    I JUST put my dip station together! it looks a little wonky, but I can’t wait to use it tonight! whoohoo!

  • Anonymous

    They will be shipping from London after the 17th of this month :)

  • Alana

    Sale on dip stations! I just placed my order! Can’t wait to have it home!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Summer, some people have had luck sending it to a friend and then having the friend ship it to them. It’s an extra step, but it often is the best way. I’m not sure why they don’t deliver to UAE…

  • Alana

    Grah! Sale on dip stations but I can’t afford one right now. :( I AM SO UPSET. Gonna hope the sale is on for a while so I can do it soon!

  • Drew Martin Lee

    Just ordered it! For now I am using two tall chairs. It is not working out so well….

  • Isi

    Hey cool,so I will wait for that too.I really want to start training with that dip station. :-))))

  • Anonymous

    I believe they will be shipping out of London in Feb or March.

  • Stefan

    Hi Zuzana, is there any chance to get this dip station in europe? shipping and duty costs are enormous when ordering in the us. other dip station are often monstrous and of heavy weight.
    you and bodyrocktv are wonderful!

    • Anonymous

      Apparently they will be shipping them out of London in February – which means less expensive shipping to the rest of Europe.

      • JessicaNL

        So in about three weeks it will be available in Europe? That would be wonderful! I am searching on the web for some sort of good and not to expensive equipment (but the shipping costs are commonly higher than the equipment itself). Can’t wait, I will be one of their first costumers if the shipping costs aren’t that high anymore. I adore and love both of you for your effort on this site, thanks for everything! You probably have no idea what it means to all of us, it means the world!

    • renske

      I ordered 2 days ago the dip station to the Netherlands, and I get it this morning! So thats fast! You can order it from the link above, but you have to go to the european part of the site before you can order.

  • Heidi

    My dip station came today …. after looking at it for a minute, I assembled it quite easily. Can’t wait to do a workout with it when my wrist heals!

  • Anonymous

    You can take it up or down in about 2 minutes – no tools required.

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  • Jewels

    Recently I sent you a post about terrible customer service from ultimate body press. Frank, the owner of Ultimate Body Press called me today and was excellent. I am happy to say that a poor experience with this dip station, took a positive turn. While my dip station did arrive defective I hope that the new one Frank is sending me will be as great as yours and I can support his company.
    Thank you again for all your inspiration and realness behind living a life of fitness. You site has been such an inspiration in my life.

  • Nat

    I’m getting it this week….cannot wait!!