Dec 22 2010

Interval Timer

The interval timer is the one “must have” piece of equipment that we use in every single workout and exercise challenge. This timer is what pushes you to max effort, it acts like a training coach – telling you when to rest, when to work and when to move on to the next exercise. Using an interval timer is a completely different training experience – it allows you to be 100% focused on your workout, and it will push you much harder then you have ever trained before. You can get your own interval timer here.


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  • EM

    i think you need more videos with her doing the exercises she has good breathing technique and she wears more clothes just saying

  • Guest

    What’s wrong with a small spiral notebook? That’s what I’ve been using at the gym to log my weight training routines.

  • Guest

    Would it be better to get the original Gymboss, or the newer Gymboss Max? The website says the Gymboss Max has a stronger vibrate function but a very quiet beep sound, and the original has a higher beep sound, so it’s better to use that one if you have background music or other noise.

  • Guest

    I tried, but it doesn’t work with the new iPhone OS update. The company states that they have not yet updated their software. :(

  • Neslihan

    Hi there! I want to buy the Gymboss interval timer but the set-up seems too complicated! Is there any good video tutorials that you can recommend? Thanks!

  • Miss Christine

    Just wanted to let you guys know there’s the new Gymboss MAX with up to 25 different Intervalls instead of just two!

  • Lexie poos

    yes i have been looking an i cannot find a guide to setting the timer and what intervals Zuzana uses, please help?!!?!?!?!

  • Loysi

    I just bought my timer, i got my dip bar a few weeks ago, love it!!!!, next one will be the sand bag, yay, thanks so much Zuzana!!!!!!! on my way to getting the best body ever.

  • Loysi

    I just bought my timer, i got my dip bar a few weeks ago, love it!!!!, next one will be the sand bag, yay, thanks so much Zuzana!!!!!!! on my way to getting the best body ever.

  • EspeRH

    I am very happy because today I received my gymboss from the United States in pink, were very fast! Now I will not have to rely on the pc to do my workouts. 
    Tomorrow I will try it, so nice!

  • Anna Carolina F

    I ordered a new Gymboss for me today. I can´t find my old one (camofl) :( and of cause I cannot be without!!

    My new one will be black. The interval timer is awesome! I had to change only one time the battary in 1 year of using ;)

    Of cause I clicked on the “Zuzana-Button” to answer the “How did you hear about us?”question in my order. Last time I wrote it down in order-comment ;).

    @ Zuzana

    if you´ll got gymboss´s for free now- let´s have a competition in future !?

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  • Fax

    Got mine last week. It has got to be the coolest little gizmo for exercising I’ve ever purchased! And I really appreciate how when you use it, you explain what setting to use.

  • poacheR

    HowTo: Interval training without a Gymboss Timer

    Let me preface this by saying that the Gymboss does indeed seem like an amazing piece of equipment. Moreover, if Freddy and Zuzy are making *any* profit from referrals (which I don’t know to be the case, but I truly hope it is!), then they fully deserve our support since they’re otherwise offering this great website for FREE.

    However, if you don’t have one and want to whip up an interval timer from scratch, you can do this easily on your computer / laptop:
    1) Create a 50s (or whatever your ‘action’ interval will be) mp3 using a sound-editor facility. I recommend Audacity (free / open source and very simple to use). This could be just a simple ‘beep’ or something funny (e.g. ) in the beginning of the clip, or even a motivating track you’d want to be playing during your ‘action’ interval (I’d so go for Fox NFL theme for this :D )
    2) Do the same with a 10s clip for your ‘rest’ interval. You could have cheesy ‘elevator’ music for 10s, for that extra giggle during your workout :p (e.g. )
    3) That’s it. Put these files on your playlist in any media player, and repeat them on the playlist for the number of reps you need. (i.e. for 5 reps you’d have 10 items on your playlist)

    I know some basic programming so I made an interval timer for myself to use on my laptop, which means I have no real need for the device itself, and I prefer it that way. And the only reason I haven’t bought it in terms of supporting bodyrock is because I donate whenever possible instead — don’t be ungrateful!

  • Anonymous

    there is a max one? what is that? :)

  • Anonymous

    we have regular :)

  • Anonymous

    Good to hear that you got it sorted out. Those guys really do a good job.

  • Anonymous

    They have great customer service – they should take care of this for you.

  • Anonymous

    You can set it for beep or vib. They have some great tutorial videos on YouTube and I believe that they have info on their site as well.

  • MishMishDXB

    Just bought one of these for myself, this will let me concentrated on the effort of exercise, not my watch. Thanks you Zuzana (and Freddie) for all your help in getting me fit again! Love Bodyrock!

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  • Mrsquinlin

    I just got the pink one for Christmas from my husband!

  • Princessporkie

    i have the pink one and it makes the workouts so much faster.

  • Missy

    Just got the gymboss!!! So excited for tomorrow’s workout!

    Missy, New York USA

  • Andrea

    The interval timer is one of the most useful pieces of kit I own and it’s very. very cheap, especially considering the invest your making in your health by getting one.

    I love mine, I’ve got the pink softcoat one and it is honestly my favourite wee gadget ever. One of these and a matt is all you’ll ever really, truely need as far as I’m concerned.

  • Flora

    hi zuzana ….sorry for my English….but i would like to tell you iiiiiiii love your are my inspiration…i used to workout at the gym..but i always look the say ..i just used to workout my legs..but now i like how my arms ,,stomach look oooooo i’m so happy….i have almost all the tools…first i get the interval timer and then the sandbag and now my boyfriend is going to give me my dip station for christmas im so happy …i realy like to workout ……thanks for everything…….mery christmas and a happy new year.