Dec 23 2010

BodyRocker Michelle – Killer Workout

Hi Guys, I just did a workout that I put together, (of course all inspired from your site, lol) that was fun, but super intense and I thought I would share it with you.   Dont know if you are interested but here it is:

Part 1: Time Challenge: 6 rounds of

1) Side Jump Lunges- 50 reps

2) One leg squats-5 reps on each leg

Part 2: interval timer set to 30:30 for 6 rounds, alt

1) Reptile Pushups

2) Reverse pushups

Part 3: interval timer set to 30:30 for 3 rounds, alt

1) side plank lift with cross over-Right

2) side plank lift with cross over- Left

* This exercise is the one in your shape shifter workout.

In total the workout took me about 24 minutes!!

Just wanted to share because I really enjoyed it!!

Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Love Bodyrocker Michelle


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