Dec 27 2010

Sexy Sweat in 400 Reps – Beating my Personal Record

Hi BodyRockers,

As we mentioned in yesterdays post, we are starting the run up to 2011 this week by tackling some of the toughest workouts of 2010. This is all about hitting the ground running and getting some amazing sweats in before the ball drops on 2010. Why are we doing this with just one week left in the year? I will tell you why – because 99.99% of everyone else is talking about starting after New Years. The road of someday leads to a place called nowhere.  To BodyRockers, January 1st is just another day, just another workout. We don’t need any resolutions because as a group we are dedicated to being the best versions of ourselves as possible, and offering up resolutions isn’t worth the weight of our sweat from even just one of our killer workouts. Stop talking about it, put the work in on yourself and make it happen.


Zuzana and Freddy


Beginner variations are in the tutorial video – so if you need these modifications you can find them there!!! Freddy’s score for this workout is 31 minutes and 10 seconds.

Workout Breakdown

Time: ?min.Workout Type: Time ChallengeExercises: 5
  • One Leg Jump Up10 reps on each leg
  • Sandbag Cross Lift & Row20 reps
  • Crossed Ankle Burpee20 reps
  • Snowboarder20 reps
  • One Leg Bridge & Star Crunch20 reps (switch legs for each rep)

Get your gear for this workout here:


Set your interval timer as a stop watch. This workout is a time challenge so your goal is to complete it as fast as you can. You will also need your exercise log, exercise mat, and a Sandbag. There are 4 rounds of 5 exercises that you will go through back to back. You can take as much rest as you need to in between each exercise, but remember you can not pause the stop watch when you are taking a break. That’s why you can beat my time only if you push yourself throughout the entire workout and go through without taking any break ;) If you are a beginner, try the easier modifications for each exercise (check out the video tutorial for the modifications) and focus more on proper form instead of racing through the routine. If you have done this workout before, then try to beat your own personal best and if this is your first time, then you can try to compete with me and other BodyRockers :) Have fun!

One Leg Jump Up

Sandbag Cross Lift & Row

Crossed Ankle Burpee


One Leg Bridge & Star Crunch


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  • Kay

    I reinjured my arm. heavy 5 year old swung on it and it wasn’t healed yet. *shakes fist*. This is my 2nd workout to get back into things. :)

    took me 37 minutes. had to modify the burpees. and cuz of my arm i can only use 2 lb weights  :(

    but i did it! yay!

  • Marilyn Rietveld

    I did this workout for the first time. Really bad time: 48/m. I got dizzy quite often. I am not in a very good condition. For the past couple of weeks I am very tired and got a bit of a sore throat. So for now my time is ok, but when I am back in ‘top condition’ again I am sure I will smash my scores :)

  • Sarahi Gomez

    32.34!! Loved every sweaty moment of it! 
    Miss ya Zuzy

  • kami haupt

    34:58, which is 4:25 faster than the first time I did this on 9/28/11!  So happy right now!  I’m still way off your times, but that gives me something to shoot for!  Thank you for creating these workouts! 

  • JessJN

    I beat my last time, but after the workout I thought I may have skipped the push ups in round 4.  I’m betting that I did the entire workout, based on my time, but just in case, I did 20 untimed extra push-ups (from the knees…I was tired!)

    Today 29:55, including a water break. ~22# in the bag

    Followed with 20 min 10/20 skipping (4/4/6/3/3 min intervals)
    & this 100 rep ab bonus:

    2 rounds of
    10 sand bag sit ups
    20 bicycles
    then 10 prisoner get up
    & 1 more round of
    10 sand bag sit ups20 bicycles


  • Isidora

    I hated this workout so  much! i didnt use any weight and did the follwing

    1. One leg jump up – 20
    2. Cross lunges & squat: 20
    3. Crossed ankle burpees: 20
    4. Snowboarder: 20
    5. Grab the knee plank:20

    4 rounds took me 28:57 min. This is one of the few time challenge workouts i dont really enjoy! anyway it was a good sweat! 

    burpee for erin + stretching! 

  • Kirry Kaatje

    I didn’t write down my old time.. doh. But I’m very sure I’ve beat it. Today I did it in 34:36. :D  

  • Daria Valentinova

    Great workout!
    My time for today (27.08.2011) was 39:35

    REALLY didn’t think that I can manage that.
    At the beginning (exactly on “cros-legged burpees”) I decided to do only  200 reps (2 rounds), but after that I found my second breath!

    It’s AMAZING!!!

  • Kendra

    I liked this workout!  I did it in 35:19 using 2 20lb dumbbells instead of a sandbag.  That exercise was definitely the slowest for me.  This workout wasn’t the most fun, per se, but it’s a great workout.  And it worked some different muscles, which is what I was looking for!

  • Vivi

    19.14 min for me ;)

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    16:33 –> almost a minute faster than 2 months ago :)

  • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    This challenge wasn’t even AS hard as I anticipated. …well, of course, according to the BR standards.
    With my 8kg ultimate groceries bag I completed the 400 reps within 26:35. Cool :-) .

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Okay… I just beat my old Personal Best from 28th of December!

    Back then my time was: 21:35 with an 8 kilo sandbag.

    TODAY my time is: 17:25 with a 15 kilo sandbag! 
    I am quite excited :)

    Much love, Maria

    • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

      JESUS!!!! 17’25″ with FIFTEEN kilogram? Madness!!! I’d really like to see you work out, Maria. You must look like a flashing blur. Please-please get somebody video record you sometime and share the movie. …or tell me where you do your workouts, I swear I’ll save the money for the flight and check you out – I MUST see how you do this. :-)

      • MariaBjørgJepsen

        You are too cute, thanks a LOT :) Please, those money can be better spent, ha ha!

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    I just now discovered this “old” comment and I can’t believe how sweet and complimenting it is. THANK YOU, dearest!!!! :)

  • Anonymous

    I did only 3 rounds because after the second round I get bored and my energy level droped down for 50%..And I didn’t push myself as hard as I could because just a thought that workout will last more than 30min pushed me away from even doing this I will stick with shorter workouts next time. :)
    My score for 3rounds with 9kg sb: 22:50 :/ (first time all 4 rounds:34:31)

  • Anonymous

    Great start!

  • Alison

    I did this workout today… I did it before over the xmas holidays… and I beat my old time by 6 minutes!!!! I now have a new personal record of 35m14s. I was so amazed!! And it kicked my butt :)

  • Alison

    I did this workout today… I did it before over the xmas holidays… and I beat my old time by 6 minutes!!!! I now have a new personal record of 35m14s. I was so amazed!! And it kicked my butt :)

  • Savagegirl

    Loved it! I have been doing your workouts for some time now, but the burpees still kill me. I am ashamed of myself…I gave into ‘that’ voice and my time suffered (36:20) I didn’t have that hard of a time with the rest of the workout (they still burned just the way I like it), but the burpees are my stumbling block. Can you help me? Maybe I am incorporating the wrong muscle groups, or breathing poorly, I don’t know.

    However, I am getting stronger, quicker and love the sweat! Thanks Freddie and Zuzana!

  • Ramona

    This was an awesome workout that kicked my butt!! I did 20lbs (2-10lbs burlap bags of pintos beans) in a duffle bag and had one strong espresso before the workout (good thing I did, I needed the extra boost since I completed this before a late dinner when my energy is lower). My score time was 25 minutes and 25 seconds with 15 millisec. Far as I know I did the workout inproper form, though during the last two rounds of star cruch I struggled to keep my legs completely straight. I did have to bend the knees a bit. What was your score Zuzanna? The challenge to beat a score is now becoming addicting for me, and I find coming back to do a workout more exciting, especially now that I am seeing better progress.

    I also have been recording my Pre-Breakfast Workouts all last month. I started out with the knee raises and mountain climbers the first week of Dec. and then for each week I added two different exercises to do and record. Seeing my reps increase by the last day of each week was inspiring. Now, this first week of Jan. I am repeating those sets again and I have increased my reps on just my first day of Jan. from my last day of the first week in Dec. I was stoked and seeing the results on paper I couldn’t believe that I am increasing in strength and performance. I encourage bodyrockers to keep record of their progress. If you do not write it down you will not have the proof that you really are making somekind of progress. Do not stop regardless of how long it takes, you will eventually see it in writing if not in the mirror alone.

    Thanks so much Zuzanna for your dedication and concern for the bodyrockers. Many women and men do not know where to start, how to organize and prepare a workout session or cannot afford a personal trainer to do it for them. So I thank you personally for doing all the work and helping us to get healthy and fit.

    Here is my schedule for Pre-Breakfast Workout:

    First Week: Knee Raises and Mountian Climbers
    Second Week: Squat Planks and Floor Touch Squats
    Third Week: Jump Over and Burpees
    Fourth Week: Pendulums and Jump Back Lunge
    Fifth Week: Side Step-Ups (L) and Side Step Ups (R)

    First Week of Dec/last day score:

    First Week of Jan./first day score:

    Hurray for determination and inspiration!

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  • Soph

    So, I’m a beginner and this is my second real workout. I did the 200 rep one, though and the modified exercises.. lol Wow, I was sweating like crazy after this and my face was red. My time (for half and modified exercises) was 26:05. It was a little shorter, but as I was looking in my mirror right after the leg bridges and star crunches, and I realized I didn’t do my (modified) burpees. So I started my timer again and finished them. I am very happy I finished (even though it’s only half. I usually give up after the first 2 minutes because I think it’s too hard…) Your mind definitely gives up before your body does (whoever said that, it really helps me through these workouts so thank you:) and thank you Zuzana for mentioning it in your vids and also for just saying good things that make me want to change my lazy ways and get me really motivated) Next time I do this workout, I would like to do the full one and try to do the real workouts. I’m seeing improvement in my body and posture everyday since I started your workouts. Thank you for reading and for having an awesome site.

  • Me-110

    Zdravím Zuzanku.

  • Sjanett de Geus

    brutal… those burpees killed me! I did it in 40.51 minutes… did drink some water in between and I just started following you guys. 2011 will be my bodyrock year! :-)

  • Carrie

    Happy new year guys! I did this workout on New Year’s Eve before I went out and it felt as if it kicked my butt all the way into 2011!!! I managed it in 36 minutes with modifications to the sandbag exercise and the burpees from the third round on (by which point I wanted to run crying to my mum), and my butt is still feeling kicked today. Starting 2011 with your breakfast cake recipe and no hangover – happy days!

  • Ren

    I cut the workout in half (this is my second workout after a TOO long hiatus), and my time was 24:41, but I did it without mods. I love the feeling post-workout when I know I did my best and it can only get better. I’m ready to kick some butt (literally…lol) in 2011!

  • Marecrowley

    I’m a cross country runner and track runner in high school, and I’ve been working on my six pack for the last four months, and I have it, just a tiny bit of fat on my lower abs, and I think if I do these workouts on top of my running, I will have that six pack by the end of the season. Thanks for these videos, they are great.

  • Sarita

    Oh dang! 29:43 in Tampa, FL. I’m feeling really good!!
    I am traveling from Houston, Texas to Miami, Florida (a 20 + hour drive in 3 days) so I need to do some great workouts after all the driving, Thank you!!!

  • Elizabethwidzinski

    hardcore!! 28:10

  • Claudia

    Finished in 34 minutes & 07 seconds! It was hard specially doing the burpees followed by the snowboarder?!…ouch!! Loved it! Thanks guys!

  • Anonymous

    Cool :)

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  • Ticotexas/41/69/150


  • Elena

    I did the workout this mornig, for the first time, and it took me 45 min…! :) Just a few pounds in my bag (11lb), but the push-ups were done like Zuzana does them!!!!!! :)

  • Mike L

    I could only muster 2 rounds. I am fairly muscular and heavy from lifting heavy weights for years. I am trying to transition, so these workouts are pretty tough. The first round took me 15:50. I need to build up my stamina.

  • Kalee

    This was my 4th Bodyrock workout. I only completed 200 reps. No sandbag, so used a five pound rice bag, but other than that no modifications. 20:04.

  • Anonymous

    thank you zuzana you make sweat a lot! =))

  • BodyRocker_Juan

    there is no word to describe how much i hate BURPEES !!!! so hard to do…..anyway 27:51 is not bad

  • Annie Considine

    I’M SO PROUD! I beat you for the first time!! 27:22!!! :D

    Thank you so much – AND TAKE THAT, BRUTUS! :)

  • Anonymous

    You guys need to send in your pictures to Represent Team Argentina… :)

  • Anonymous

    Happy Day 3!!!

  • Anonymous

    wow, it’s amazing that you did this in 30 min zu…i only did 2 sets of each category and in 26 min and 39 seconds…one day i will catch up…anyhow i am glad that i worked out…have a great day zuzana and freddie.

  • Cynthia_dilascio

    Hi I’m Cynthia and I’m the 2nd argentinian whos follows this workouts I started about 3 weeks ago its really a challenge doing the workouts. I love doing ejercice I do zumba body combat body step and I was looking for something new so I found it bodyrocktv and I love it in a short time you can sweat as a pig like Zuzana said..happy new year!! and BODYROCK TEAM ARGENTINA ITS PRESENT!!

  • If_one

    Hey Zuzana, This has nothing to do with the workout…although I tried it and loved it! I just wanted to ask you…I got a mini trampoline for Christmas from my husband and I was wondering if you know anything about them…Basically, say if I were to do say some of your warm up routine on it, do you know if that would be working more muscle or less?? I would just like to know if it’s really worth it, to use it, to switch up my workouts?

    Thanks, Keep up the good work! I love the workouts!

  • quinse

    I LOVE YOU!!!!
    I started to follow you a couple weeks ago, I read about you in a spanish blog (i’m from canary islands) and I liked it but it seems to me it could be not a lot work(i thought “i´m a man, this is not hard to me…but you surprise me a lot, your are a great athlete!).
    And today i tried your rutine and it )was fantastic (i have to say that I made it in 24’44 s, jejejejejeje)and i used my son (plus wriste wheigths) like sandbag and he love it
    I’m trying to fit and lost weight, and your work it’s perfect.
    thank you for your work, I will recomended you to my friends

  • Jess Hensel

    38:12 That was intense!

  • Sarahmock

    This was my first time doing this workout i must of missed it last time, but I finished it in 36:34 but then i noticed i was doing the crossed ankle burpees wrong and crossed on the left side then on the right side then jumped up to my hands the jumped up. Nothing wrong with a little extra…..I don’t know why but i get the feeling that we will be seeing your 600 rep workout pop up this week since we are going to be getting ahead of the rest and you guys are going to be kicking our butts right into 2011… the way i hope you guys enjoyed the elf yourself card i sent you for Christmas thought u guys would get a kick out of it.

  • Miss Christine

    30:11 yeah!

  • GoustiFruit

    I agree with you on the Sandbag Cross Lift & Row, it caused me lower back pain too and moreover I never found the proper form (I must have a coordination problem !) so I ended doing anything but what it was supposed to be, and about half of it without the sandbag at all.
    So I did 29’17 but it would probably be a few minutes more with the proper form on the sandbag exercise.

    • Barbara GL

      In first rows I felt it too, the pain in the lower back – the thing is as soon as you pull your abs hard in, it goes away. It is very important to keep your back strong and streight, this you get by pulling the abs in…
      this I discovered recently, hope it helps…

  • Melissa

    WOW! I completed this workout in 39:50. I had to tell “Brutus” to shut up so many times during this workout, I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish. I used 10lbs of weight and modified the burpees to doing pushups from my knees, and on the last two round moved the burpees to the end b/c they were definitely the hardest for me. I’m so glad I finished everything!! I’m a beginner and this was my first time doing this workout so I’m excited to keep improving and beat my own score next time!!

  • Anonymous

    I beat my personal best, too! So happy. My old time was 36:12, and my goal for this round was under 35 minutes. My time was 32:47! woot! Also, I used 20 pounds of weight instead of 10. I love your post workout “dare” to all bodyrockers. :)

  • Natalie

    Hey guys!
    I’m about to do this workout and I am kind of scared but excited at the same time haha. My sand bag finally came in the mail! But all I got was the bag =/ because the sand isn’t included, apparently lol where did you get the sand for your bag?? Thanks!

    • Jonny

      i think the best is to use rice. may be slightly more expensive than sand… but far easier to source. I got three fillers with my sandbag and used 5kg bags of rice for each. jonny

      • Natalie

        did the rice come with the sandbag?? or did you have to buy it separately?

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  • Nina_CZ

    Oh myyy, I am dying! I did this for the first time (I dunno why I didn’t do this one before…), and SORRY, it took me 45:23 :D The only thing that really slowed me down were the pushups, BUT!!! I did them all with proper form!! No knees, no modifications, full 80 pushups in proper form, I almost cannot belive it :D It is so hard to realize that 4 months ago I was not able to do ONE PROPER PUSHUP and doing 10 pushups from my knees was killing me for the rest of the day :D Thank you Zuzanka and Freddy, for pushing me and making me wanna push myself :D I will have a better time next time, I promise :D

    • AudraFit

      Hi Nina,

      I can relate. It’s such a great feeling of accomplishment to be able to do proper pushups without the knee modifications. Keep believing in yourself girl cuz it only gets better from here on out :)

  • Dantev


    I needed that. Had two days with no workouts at all just alcohol and some not healthy food. This workout has cleared my head and slaped me in the face…..did it in 28 m 14 sek.
    Thanks again. No rest for me from now on….but I’m afraid what it be like in new years party.

  • Simonsheet11

    I did this workout in 32:47! I thought I was going to keel over on that last set of burpees:)

  • Irene

    27.30 :o )) the burpees was very challenging, but I think I has gotten stronger doing push ups:o)))

    Today it is a beautiful day outside, the sun is shining,and the snow is like powder:o) Hope you all have a lovely day. Is proud to be a BODYROCKER:o))


  • TheBootCampGirl

    28:10, good workout, I used weights instead of a sandbag since I don’t have one.

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  • Yana

    Hi! Zuzana, what is the weight of your sandbag in this exercise. And one more question: in the “snowboarder” each time you switch sides counts as one rep? Thanks!

  • K.O.

    38:52…. yikes! those sandbag cross train and cross ankle burpee really did me in. I felt like I couldn’t get the movement down right. Plus I did the Mission Abs Possible workout yesterday and that one always kills me. It has the ankle cross push up in it as well. I am going to feel this by the end of the day for sure. Maybe next time I’ll make it to 30 minutes. :D

  • Kasper

    Phew, just did this workout, loved it as normal :D I managed to do it in 31 mins and 10 seconds, so high five to Team Freddy even though I didn’t beat Zuzana’s time :) I used a 14kg dumbell for the rows which turned out to be very tough for me.

    Looking forward to next workout from you guys :)

  • Sydney Bristow

    This workout looks fabulous ! I am always one day behind Zuzana & Freddy (they post in the afternoon and I do it the next day, usually in the morning …but today it will be AFTER work). Judging from other people’s posts and times, I see that I should probably set aside 45 minutes. I am still a beginner (this is starting Week 3 for me, today) and I usually take about twice as long as Zuzana and/or Freddy to do the same routines. Eventually I will bring that time down, of course, but right now I have a lot of stamina to build !

    Oh … and a little bit sore from the 150 chair step ups yesterday ! Sore in all the right places …

  • Anonymous

    We counted 1 rep per side and 1 rep per jump for the burpees :)

  • Pam

    Hi guys! Quick question about the sandbag cross lift and row….how much weight was your sandbag? I just did this workout with a 40 lbs bar (I don’t have a sandbag), and it took me 38:22! :( I’m normally a lot closer to your times, and this move was totally exhausting, so I’m wondering if this was way too heavy? Thank you so much for all your hard work!

  • Katie-Kate Rita

    LOVE this message!

  • Kameldine

    superbe video !
    j’adore vos reportages
    Et freddy film super bien.

  • yooo

    i got confused in this one … in the crosslift and row excersise one rep counts when you have done both sides or one side is one rep ??? (so we have to do 40 rows or just 20???) annddd i have sort of the same question with the cross ankle burpeee its one everytime we cross the leg or when we have crossed both legs is one rep ???


  • aphrodite1911

    Okay…I just finished this workout in 24:35. If I remember correctly, your time was about 30 minutes. I know I am in good shape but I can’t be in that good shape. I guess sometimes I misunderstand your instructions. For instance when doing the workout with 75 high knees with a skipping rope and then 25 squats with the sandbag. I was actually doing 150 high knees instead. I love your workouts, I would just like a little more clarification on exactly what each workout contains. Thanks for the awesome job you are doing…you are an inspiration and your workouts have helped me lose 25 pounds in the last 9 months…

  • Sam

    Hi zuzana,
    I’m a huge fan and I love your workouts. I have a question for you. I often beat your times on these challenges and don’t know why! Like for this one, I just finished it in 18:22! I do the entire workout and go through the full range of motion and I don’t think I am fitter than you…I at least don’t have your muscle definition! The only thing I can think of is that I am a dancer so maybe It’s because of my stamina? I didn’t take many breaks and they were just to take a couple of breathes. I just want to make sure I am getting the full benefits out of your workouts. I definitely sweat and feel my muscles working. What do you think?
    Thanks for being such a phenomenally inspiring woman!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Sam – you must have made a mistake like Zuzana did with the challenge yesterday :) Unless you are an elite athlete (and even then it would be almost impossible) I can’t see how you could complete all 4 rounds and 400 reps in 18:22… check the list of exercises and reps again and see if you hit everything according to the breakdown.

      • Jonny

        I did this in 28:40 and I am pretty fit (been flowing this site for about 6 months and cross training for over 15 years) and I did not take more than a few sips of water during the entire routine. I am amazed by the times that some bodyrockers are achieving unless they are elite athletes. It would be educational if people who are professional or competitive athletes to disclose as much (or perhaps bodyrock could do a survey or something in terms of those who manage to beat zuz’s times regularly). Jonny from South Africa

  • Anonymous

    This was so hard and now I am SO SWEATY! Thanks for another great workout. Since I have only been a bodyrocker for 2 months now I hadn’t done this one before and I did it in 2 min and 5 seconds :) I pushed super hard. This will be hard for me to beat next time I think!

  • Noel

    Beauty is strength and sweat.

  • Melanie

    I guessed right!!!! I wanted to workout before it too late and I saw we were gonna be doing a 400 rep workout today so I just went back in my log and I found the Sweat is Sexy Workout and I did it, and that the one we were doing today. Thats awesome, anyway my timer quit working so instead of stoping and trying to fix it I just kept going but I know I beat my time because last time I gave up with only a half round left to go but today I didnt give up. I pushed really hard and now my face is beet red and Im sweating like crazy. : ) and I am proud of myself. Thank you Zuzana and Freddy for taking time out of your lives to make these videos for us.

  • Suzan

    Zuz did you eat any sweets over the Christmas holidays?? I ate a piece of fudge today – couldn’t resist. But I’m feeling guilty! If you or Freddy tells me that you’ve had a treat or two over the holidays I’ll feel less guilty about it. Hehe

    • nessa


      I ate a slice of pumpkin roll cake on Christmas Day, just couldn’t resist.

      Zuz I’m new to your workouts and I’m loving it. I must confess I only did three rounds as I was exhausted.

    • Ren

      Its actually better to eat sweets minimally instead of cutting them out completely, because then you are more likely to stick with the healthy eating plan.

  • Steph Sizzle

    Yikes, I remember this workout as being very difficult. It’s funny how initially I thought this workout would be an easier one and boy was I wrong. When I’m sweating and totally depleted I laugh at myself at how deceiving some workouts can be (looks easier, but makes my body shake in exhaustion). Lets face it, all your workouts are tough and that’s why we love them!

  • Deja

    and what was Freddy’s time? :)