Dec 29 2010

Breakdance Push Up Exercise

This exercise will not only improve your core and upper body strength like regular push up, but also your agility and flexibility. This exercise is a lot of fun :)

1. This is the starting position. Don’t shrug your shoulders and keep your abs engaged.

2. Decide on which side you want to do the push up and which leg is staying on the ground. Then slide the other leg under and flip over into a one leg plank.

3. From the plank position do a one leg push up keeping your core tight.


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  • Antphoenix66

    Bob…. ” I pitty the fool”

  • Emilyanneneal

    2 month ago I broke my rib… then 2 weeks ago I sprained my ankle. I soooo can’t wait to do these work outs again! I’m dying to workout again lol.

  • Leandro Cejas

    Maravillosa! yo tengo 44 años y estoy usando los ejercicios que acà se exponen y con eso he bajado 12 kilos en 20 dias, junto con mucho cuidado alimentario.
    Tanks susan!!
    Leandro desde Argentina
    ¿cuando vienes de visita??

  • Rob

    Ditch the belly button jewelry, your abs don’t need any adornment at all!