Dec 29 2010

Suicidal Sweat Workout – Beating my Personal Record

Hi BodyRockers,

How are your New Years plans coming along? We had some plans to go to a Ski Lodge in the Czech Mountains with a group of friends, but the trip just got canceled today so we are just all going to hang out instead. Freddy has a theory – that when ever you try and plan out New Years Eve it never works out the way you expect it to. It’s like there is all of this pressure to make it into something spectacular. Freddy thinks that the best New Years Eve’s are just random and spontaneous – I think that I agree. What are you guys doing for New Years? Any special plans?

Check out the workout that we are doing today:

Workout Breakdown

Time: ?min. Workout Type: Time ChallengeExercises: 11
  • COMBO #115 sets of
  • 2 jump squats and 1 jump tuck followed by
  • 3 half way down push ups and power upMy time was 3 minutes and 14 seconds
  • COMBO #26 sets of
  • 10 kick ups and
  • 10 mountain climber peaksMy time was 2 minutes and 37 seconds
  • COMBO #34 sets on each leg
  • 10 reps of One Leg Pike Pressfollowed by
  • 10 reps of One Leg Jump SquatMy time was 6 minutes and 26 seconds
  • LAST EXERCISEcomplete 20 reps of
  • Breakdance Push Upmy time was 1 minute and 18 seconds

Get your gear for this workout here:


There are 3 combos and 1 exercise in this workout and your goal is to complete them as fast as you can. Set your interval timer as a stop watch, do your warm up and get started. This is a bodyweight workout so you don’t need anything else but yourself. Check out the  Workout Breakdown and the Video Tutorial for detailed explanations of each exercise. Enjoy!

P.S. Tomorrow night we are going to see a boxing match. One of the boxers is a friend of ours and we are going to cheer him on. Freddy has never been to a boxing match before so I expect that he is going to faint :) It can be quite brutal. It’s been a really long time since I have been to the fights, and I’m going there tomorrow to be supportive. It should be an interesting experience because two of those guys used to be best friends and now they can’t stand each other – they have been provoking each other in the press and in public and it’s all coming to a head tomorrow night in the ring. We will take some pictures and share the experience with you guys.


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  • bodyrockernyc

    Is there any way that zuzana’s older workouts be reposted. I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Kay

    workout 3 since ok to start working out! 

    had to modify any pushup moves to planks and omit the breakdance pushups, but i did it all in 13:56 :)

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    New scores:

    1) 01:31.
    2) 01:14.
    3) 03:43.

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    New scores:

    1) 01:31.
    2) 01:14.
    3) 03:43.

  • Anonymous

    plus a burpee for erin and one for zuzka

  • Anonymous

    oh, i’m so excited!! 3rd time doing this and i finally pushed it on those one legs! beat almost all my scores…

      * COMBO #1
    15 sets of
        * 2 jump squats and 1 jump tuck followed by
        * 3 half way down push ups and power up

        * COMBO #2
    6 sets of
        * 10 kick ups and
        * 10 mountain climber peaks

        * COMBO #3
    4 sets on each leg
        * 10 reps of One Leg Pike Press followed by
        * 10 reps of One Leg Jump Squat
               10:28 :(

    20 reps of
        * Breakdance Push Up

  • DonnaChiotis

    This was my very first body-rock workout and I decided to revisit it today:)
    Combo 1 – 4:09 last time 3:12
    Combo 2 – 1:25 Last time 1:34
    Combo 3 – 4:57 Last time 4:54
    Combo 4 – 2:38 Last time left this out completely
    All up 12.29 minutes and considering last time was my first body-rock workout ever I know I didn’t have proper form…

  • Jennifer

    Combo #1: 4:19
    Combo #2: 3:15
    Combo #3: 8:06
    Breakdance: 2:55

    The last part was soooo hard because I was sooooo exhausted from combo 3!!! I guess my scores are not as great as some others but I pushed really hard and I proud I finished with proper from and didnt wuss out!

  • Zoe Quixote

        * COMBO #1


        * COMBO #2


        * COMBO #3

               10:28 :(


    burpee for erin and 5 minutes skipping :) gotta run– thank you so much, guys! have fun!

    • Zoe Quixote

      my break dance push ups took too long, so i punished myself with 10 core splits and 20 air kicks. haha :D

  • Dheana

    I decided to take on this workout today to see if I could beat my scores from last January. Boy, did I! What a great feeling to CRUSH your past times. I still didn’t come anywhere near Zuzana for Part 3, but that’s okay, progress is progress.

    Here are scores: (prev > today)

    Part 1: 4:06 >  3:14
    Part 2: 2:57 > 1:58
    Part 3: 9:38 > 8:52
    Part 4: 2:52 > 1:55

    Nards! I just realized I grabbed the wrong container from the fridge for my lunch today! Anyone ever do that? Instead of 4 oz of fish and 4 oz of yams, I have a full dish of just yams. Ooohh, it’s going to be tempting not to eat them all! LOL…I do love yams.

  • Isidora

    Here are my scores:

    p#1: 3:01 min (PB beaten)
    p#2: 2:48 min (PB not beaten: 2:23)
    p#3: 6:00 min (same)
    p#4: 2:15 min (PB beaten)

    and i did a part 4, taken from part 1 of this workout

     p#5: 3 rounds of 10 snowboarders and 10 kick up lunges on each leg:  4:11. it was much harder than i expected!


  • Vivi

    No new workout today, so i made this one + “Hot Fit Tight in 2011 Wo”

    My time are :

    1 COMBO : 15 sets in 2.39 min
    2 COMBO : 6 sets in 2.12 min
    3 COMBO : 4 sets each legs in 4.59 min
    4 COMBO : 20 breakdance push up in 1.28 min

    Very good workout !! Even if for the  4# COMBO, my arms began to tremble because of 2 workouts !!
    And one leg jump squat are killers !!!!

  • Aletinita

    i decided i was gonna start doing these workouts during my pregnancy… i saw this workouts on youtube and thought: “ok this is what i want to do”. now i have been working out for almost 2 months and i can see the strength i have reached and that i NEED the workout, i really need them. So thanks for all the work you do just to make the videos and to post them on the web. They are amazingly energizing workouts and i haven’t found anything like this in my entire life… and i have done many different kind of sports throughout my life. so congratulations and keep it up, i will too ! Thanks guys!

  • Aletinita

    i decided i was gonna start doing these workouts during my pregnancy… i saw this workouts on youtube and thought: “ok this is what i want to do”. now i have been working out for almost 2 months and i can see the strength i have reached and that i NEED the workout, i really need them. So thanks for all the work you do just to make the videos and to post them on the web. They are amazingly energizing workouts and i haven’t found anything like this in my entire life… and i have done many different kind of sports throughout my life. so congratulations and keep it up, i will too ! Thanks guys!

  • Anonymous

    I want to share my progresses with you guys! I am so proud of myself ;)
    I did this workout for the 3rd time and I did it in 20’10″ (I did not reset my timer after each exercise so my time includes the break)
    See my progress: June 2010: 31’54″ => August 2010: 26’56″ => today: 20’10″ YAY!!
    The jump squats and one leg jump squats were killers

  • Monstrosity5

    I know this is an old one…I needed to find one with no equipment necessary…on the road.  I made this one a little longer than the original, yet wrote down my times at the Rx reps as well…Took about 18 mins with my version
    Combo 1: 
    2:19 for 15; 4:26 for 30 total

    Combo 2:1:16 for 6; 5:23 for 20

    Combo 3:6:22 for 4 sets

    Combo 4:1:46 

  • Zoe Quixote

    i think each push-up is a rep. :)

  • J J Fitzgerald

    I decided to go back and do an old workout. This one is just as brutal as I remembered it being before. I have definitely made progress since the last time I did this.
    Combo #1 2m40s (my aim is always to compete with Wonderwoman [Zuzana])
    Combo #2 2m10s (muahahaha I managed some pretty decent times on these first two combos)
    Combo #3 6m28s (I felt dead after this one)
    Combo #4 1m21s (damn! She beat me again!)

    Thanks Zuzana & Freddy!

  • Bella

    I loooovvvee this workout. Its so fun! I’m going to do it again! Last time i did it i was too sore from the workout the day before to give it my all. I’ll post my score when i am doneeee..

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  • Kurt Gusinow

    Combo 1: 3:00. As always “this isn’t so bad….”
    Combo 2: 3:32. Need to get a rhythm on the kickups
    Combo 3: 6:41. “Oh, I am going to die,” especially on those jump squats
    Combo 4: 4:38. “I have now died.” Guess I better practice these

  • Anonymous

    Only 2nd BodyRock work out.
    Those Burpees are killers-Who ever invented these?!
    Did all in 19:19, but have to admit that I only did 10 Burpees per round (by accident), but could not have done even one more! Push ups not my problem, its the legs-or what was left of it…..
    Finished with 20 min run on the treadmill. Exited but also afraid what tomorrow will bring. :)
    Is there a Holland team out there?!

  • Polina

    oh I looove hoe you say “bodyrockers” in the beginning of the video!)))

  • Charlie D.

    Ok. I got 2:58:05 on combo 1, 2:38:40 on 2, 4:57:34 on 3, and 2:16:26 on 4. OH NO!! 4 sets on EACH leg. Well shoot. I’ll have to do this one again. But I liked it. I’m so excited about getting stronger and so grateful for all your help. Happy New Year.

  • Anonymous

    I was so excited to see how well I did I so bet my time from the last time and I totally forgotten how crazy hard this workout was wow i’m still sweating!!!! I LOVE IT!!
    Last score:
    C#1 3m 41s
    C#2 7m 34s
    C#3 4m
    C#4 5m

    Today’s score:
    C#1 2m 37s
    C#2 2m 58s
    C#3 5m 34s
    C#4 2m 05s

    Im full of energy and pumped up now :) thank you I hope you had a wonder holiday!!! And time to bring 2011 with a body rock all the way :) love ya


  • Cienna Buckner

    My weekend falls on Wed & Thurs. so I just got around to this workout this afternoon. I love how hard your workouts are, even if my means my scores are shameful. Oh well, just more room for improvement.
    Combo 1 – 4:39
    Combo 2 – 2:35
    Combo 3 – 8:52 (arg, this time bothers me the most, can’t wait to blow it out of the water next time)
    Push-ups – 3:23

    I was a quivering mess after this, so much nicer than spending an hour on the elliptical and not feeling like you’ve worked at all!

  • Judith Huberdeau

    Hello to everyone!!!

    I completed this workout with nice scores… I beated my personal scores for the majority of the combos!!!!
    Combo1- 3.16- New 2.01
    Combo2- 2.23- New 2.19
    Combo3- 7.12- New 5.24
    Last Exercise- 2.24- New 2.27

    I wish everyone a warm HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! :) I`m very grateful for what you Zuzana & you Freddy are doing for us!! This site changed my life almost 2 years ago, and now… I`m ready to Rock 2011!! :)

    Wish you the best for 2011!!!

  • iRReaL

    combo 1: 4:19 min
    combo 2: 3:19 min
    combo3 (I just made 2 sets…because I confused with the reps): 3.22 min
    last exercise: 2:46 min

    I really enjoyed this workout!! :] thank you !!!

  • Maria Lanier

    You may post your number, don’t be shy. As long as you were able to finish the whole routine, you’re good. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you were. Keep yourself active regular, that’s what counts. Keep bodyrocking with us, Joslyn. We’ll see you next year. Happy New Year!!! :)

  • HNC43N1

    I did this one today. I like to stay a day behind so the workout is ready to go first thing in the morning.

    Combo #1 3m40s
    Combo #2 2m18s ( I dont know what happened here, no way I’m stronger or faster than you. Maybe I wasnt keeping my butt as far off the ground as I should or kicking my leg up straight enough, or jumping high enough on the mountain climber peaks)
    Combo #3 7m47s (these were hard, for the last set on each leg, I leg my toe gently touch the group before each jump)
    Combo #4 I didnt even try to time it!THIS WAS HILARIOUS!!!! I love this exercise I thinks its allot of fun and I think we’ve only done it twice before. But my tri’s we so sore from yesterday, (I did Medal of Honor Abs, but my tri’s are feeling it!!) that I couldnt even keep my butt off the floor when I’d flip over. So it really was like I was break dancing. I was cracking up so hard! Thats what I do when its hard or hurts, I laugh! Plus it must have been a sight to see. But I finished 20 of whatever it was I was doing.

    AND ABOUT POSTING OUR SCORES WHEN THEY ARE LOW. If more of us step and do that, more people who are begininers or just weaker in a certain areas will post their scores!!!! Its a snowball affect.

  • Melanie

    Combo 1 3.32
    Combo 2 4.54
    Combo 3 3.27
    I completly forgot to do combo 4 I dont even know how I did that. Lol, I did this one before but I never wrote down my time. This was actually the second workout that I ever recorded doing. Now I keep a log that I got about 40 of your workouts wrote down and completed so far. Thank u both for all u guys do.

  • Carrie

    Way to go! As long as you finished, that is my motto. Keep up the hard work

  • Jay

    It was really brutal! but feel great!
    Combo 1 3m48
    Combo 2 2m49
    Combo 3 8m38
    zuzi pushup 2m42

  • Anonymous

    I’m a few days behind, but I did it! I have been a fitness enthusiast my entire adult life, but these workouts are much more intense than what I am used to and also address my weak areas (upper body!). This was my first time. I a considered a beginner (and I am 50 years old), so here are my times.

    Combo 1: 4:49
    Combo 2: 3:12
    Combo 3: 6:12
    Break dance: 2:54

    I modified the upper body exercises so that I could complete the full reps. We would never want to see me do these on video! Maybe on 1/1/2012, but not today :)

  • Klaudia Bielecka

    So i did this workout yesterday (yes i am very behind) but i just didnt have time to post my score.

    1) 2:56

    2) 1:08

    3) 5:51

    4) 4:30

    this was such an intense workout and it definitely rocked my body.. Im still sore today but i LOVE IT!!! Today i think im going to try the workout posted by one our fellow bodyrockers :)

    Happy New years everyone

  • Shona

    Heey! I’m new to this site;o)
    really good and super challenging workout
    1: 04:10
    2: 02:24
    3: 09:30 (really had to push hard here!!)
    4: 04:02

    Thanks for the workout! love your site!

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  • GoustiFruit

    I did it today, taking advantage that my neighbors were out, because there are a lot of jumps in this workout !

    C1: 3’16
    C2: 2’10
    C3: 3’00
    C4: 1’18

    But my time was too god for C3, I checked again and indeed I only did half the combo. If I had to do the full 4 reps on *each* leg, I’d probably have it done in 10+ minutes, cause this one was the most difficult.
    Also for the kick ups in C2 and pike press, I couldn’t fully extend my legs, I miss some flexibility.

  • stacey

    loved the workout. i was super phsyched to see that i beat my first scores on all exercises this time around. I have been trying to go back and do older exercises to see how i have improved, and it is amazing how much i have improved. The diet needs a bit more work, but all in due time.
    combo 1 : 3:08
    combo 2: 2:32
    combo 3: forgot to set timer, realized after half done, last half 2:32
    combo 4: 1:45
    keep up the awesome workouts.

    I have to say that your workouts are what gets me through the day. I stared bioidentical hormones almost 5 months ago, but have had to deal with an increase of weight off and on, that is temporary until we find the right combination for me. So as frustrating as that is, your workouts have kept up my strength and flexibility. I look forward to the new year and getting all of this figured out. it is amazing how through a 5-8 pound gain. i still have definition in my obliques and upper/lower body. Before the hormones i lost about 6+ pounds not to mention inches and felt wonderful. I continue to work out daily and am looking forward to get that complete definition in my abs. Thanks for all that you do for us daily. Have a wonderful new years eve. and a prosperous 2011.

  • AudraFit

    Hi Zuzana,

    This is my 3rd time doing this workout and I beat my PB in all parts except Part 1 but overall I’m excited to see my improvements. I’m feeling strong today :)

    Part 1: 2:42
    Part 2: 1:48
    Part 3: 4:09
    Part 4: 1:15

    P.S. For those Bodyrocker’s who are just starting out here on Bodyrock. I just want to tell you that I have been doing Zuzana’s workouts for more than a year now and it has been an incredible journey for me as far as my fitness level is. I too, would get embarassed about my numbers in the beginning and I found that if I stuck with it I saw incredible motivation through my improvements. Even to this day I still surprise myself. I agree with Zuzana’s comment on how your supposed to improve on your own level. Everyone’s strengths are different here. Just keep a journal and post your scores & you too will be so proud of how fit you are gonna get :)

  • Cindy

    I completed it in about 18 minutes. Happy New Year to Everybody!

  • Vala

    Oh yes, this was SO awesome!
    I have to get a lot better, I had to push really hard and cheered myself on “Go baby, push, only 7 left!” XD
    I had still muscle soreness in my upper body and the pike presses were just brutal for me. When I finished them I was shouting out loud “yeah!” – I couldn’t help it and I’m still smiling and I am really proud of myself for pushing through.

    My times:
    1) 4:00
    2) 3:15
    3) 12:50
    4) 2:36

    Next time I’ll be better.

  • Katie-Kate Rita

    I will never be embarrassed by my scores bc I DID IT! I usually look at Z’s scores and about double that for my goal :) When I come closer than that I feel pretty good about myself, I am realistic lol. Here are my scores for this workout- it was my New Year’s Eve last chance for 2010 workout! Thanks for the great routine.

    Round 1 4:39
    Round 2 3:30
    Round 3 7:57
    Round 4 2:10

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2011 is the Year of the Hard Body!

  • Ticotexas/41/69/150


    total 15:56

  • David Pajer

    First time on this one, so my scores are GREAT!! Pushed very hard.

    Good thing BodyRockers don’t have New Years Resolutions. Can’t feel very good to live a lie.

    Happy New Years EveryBody:)

  • Kathy

    my times:

    1.) 3:40
    2.) 2:33
    3.) 5:35
    4.) 3:17

    That was an awesome workout! :)

  • GoustiFruit

    What I like about your workouts and that should un-intimidate (?) beginners is that they are short (15-20 minutes) and they are about *moving* so even complete beginners can start anywhere and just do their best. Even if they can’t perform the full moves, even if they can’t do the perfect form, as long as they move and do their best for 15-20 minutes, they will quickly see progress, they will be able to improve workout after workout, and soon they will be able to target for the proper form and better scores. Try it beginners, just move with all your energy for 15 minutes, you’ll be sweating like crazy and soon demanding for more :-)

  • esmeralda

    hi both of you guys!

    i’m going to chicago for new year…i’m french!
    hope it wll be “spactacular”! :)

    love your web site, love it, love it, love it

  • Alexandra Fedorova

    Oh Zuz, you are right, this is too hard. I finished only two first combos and started 3rd one. And though I protect my wrists from damaging with putting more layers of mat my elbow nerve started to hurt :(

  • Courtney N

    Hey Z, as I saw in the video you did those push ups for combo 4, but you never posted the exercise or the time for it below your video =o

  • Kay

    I’ve been waiting for this workout all day, even though I’m still sore from yesterday’s workout.
    Combo 1: 3m48s
    Combo 2: 2m55s
    Combo 3: 7m32s
    Zuzana Pushups/Breakdance pushups: 2m57s

    My wrists kind of hurt from all those pushups! :P (Can you guys do a workout specifically targetting the abdominal area tomorrow?) Hope you guys have fun at that boxing match, it sounds really exciting!
    Also, thanks so much for updating daily, I’m already looking forward to tomorrow’s workout! (:

  • Nina_CZ

    I sooo remember this one, I did it 2 times already, but did only 10 YourPushups the last time.
    You are not getting older, no way :D I love you so much in this video :D
    I can’t wait to do this tomorrow morning! I am already feeling the heat of it, guess I will wake up very early! :D