Dec 31 2010

Epic Abs – The Last Workout of the Year 2010!

Hi BodyRockers,

Congratulations – you have reached your last workout of 2010! No doubt many of you will be tempted to skip this workout because it’s New Years Eve – but just before you give in to the voice try and catch yourself. Think about it. What better way to show yourself that you mean business than to find 20 minutes to get your workout done on New Years Eve. That’s hardcore commitment – it’s in these moments when everyone else is on their way to the store for chips, dips and alcohol for the big party that BodyRockers dig in and take the time to get their sweating done.

We are going to be back on the 3rd with the first workout of 2011 – I hope all of you will make a special point of kicking off the year with us then. Until then you guys are welcome to come back and do some of your favorite older routines – be good and enjoy your New Years celebrations! Freddy and I wish every single one of you a blessed and happy 2011 filled with happiness, love and heath.

Zuzana & Freddy

Workout Breakdown

Time: 12 minutesWorkout Type: Interval trainingExercises: 6
  • 1. Ninja Jump Tuckmax. reps
  • 2. Reverse Push Upmax. reps
  • 3. Snow Boardermax. reps
  • 4. Triple Plank Jumpsmax. reps
  • 5. Side Crunch (left side)max. reps
  • 6. Side Crunch (right side)max. reps

Get your gear for this workout here:


Set your interval timer for 18 rounds of 2 intervals – 5 seconds and 35 seconds. There are 5 different exercises which are all explained in the video above including the easier variations for beginners so make sure to check it out. You will complete the circuit 3 times and your goal is to complete as many reps as you can during each 35 second interval.

P.S. So we went to the fights last night and got to see our friend win which was nice and I have to say that it was really interesting. First of all what I realized was that you don’t need to be necessarily bold and tattooed to be a champion in K 1 :)  The guys with the tattoos and the shaved heads looked scary enough to frightened small children (and me) but it’s all about good training and technique. It was really refreshing to see a clean cut guy who looked more like a tennis player and moved like a dancer kick the other guy’s ass almost without breaking a sweat.

I took just a few pictures with my iphone so they are not as clear, but it can give you an idea of what it looked like. In the photo I managed to capture a K.O. of one french fighter who was winning and dominating the whole match until seconds before the final bell when a stray punch knocked him out. He was down and out for at least a minute which looked pretty scary. You can see the Czech fighter who won the fight holding his son who rushed into the ring after the fight to jump up into his fathers arms. I thought it was incredibly touching.


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  • Kay

    yay! my 4th workout getting back into things! 
    1. ninja jump tuck 8/7/6
    2. reverse pushup (had to change to something else cuz of my shoulder) 13/13/11
    3. snow boarder 23/21/21
    4. triple plank jump 9/8/8
    5. side crunch (L) 15/13/14
    6. side crunch (R) 15/13/12

  • ivy

    Did this workout today!!! 2/1/12
    1. ninja jump tuck: 7-5-5
    2. reverse push up: 9-10-7
    3. snow boarder: 16-15-14
    4. triple plank jumps: 7-7-9
    5. side crunch left side: 13-13-12
    6. side crunch right side: 16-13-15

    Before doing this workout ^ I combined exercises from “enjoy the burn workout” and “hot viral sweat workout” I put together this workout:
    1. santana push up left side:8-6
    2. half burpee:14-12
    3. santana push up right side:6-6
    4. jump lunges:30-27
    5. ninja jump tuck:5-6
    6. pike side jump:36-36

    12 rounds and two interals of: 10 sec rest/50 sec work.

    Have an awesome day guys! :)

  • Monstrosity5

    Ninja J Tuck: 11-11-10Rev Push Up: 12-14-14Snowboarder: 27-28-28Tri Plank J: 10-10-11Side crunch R: 18-19-20S crunch L: 18-19-20
    All as Rx

  • Anonymous

    Did this workout today. I wanted to do it before my lunch….but i think it was a bad idea, because i usually have a really small breakfast and then my body was really exhausted. results:

    Ninja Jump Tucks  7/6/6
    Normal Push Ups (No Dip Station) 12/12/12
    Snow boarder 27/27/26
    Triple Plank Jumps 6/6/6
    Side Crunch L 14/15/15
    Side Crunch R 14/15/15

  • Andy haros

    i did this workout today! and it was super killer! i was sooOOOO exhausted already from the whole day, and getting to start my workout is always the biggest challenge, but once i click the START button, its ON! no turning back no matter how brutally exhausted! always always end up gladly happy when its over!  

  • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    I couldn’t do pull ups in my hotel room so I decided to try this older workout (I did dive bombers instead of the reverse push ups). I increased the “rest” periods to 10 secs from the 5 to be able to record my scores, which are:
    Ninja jumps: 9 | 7 | 8
    Dive bombers: 6.5 | 7 | 7
    Snow boarders: 21 | 22 | 22
    Triple planks: 9 | 9 | 10
    Side crunch L: 16 | 17 | 16
    Side crunch R: 16 | 18 | 16

    • Craig

      Nothing and nobody can stop you!

  • Jenny

    Ninja Jump Tuck (Beginner’s): 6, 8, 8
    Reptile Push Up (Instead of Reverse Push Up): 9, 10, 10
    Snow Boarder: 11, 12, 10
    Triple Plank Jumps: 6, 6, 7
    Side Crunch (Left): 11, 11, 11
    Side Crunch (Right): 10, 11, 12

  • Donald Cubery Thomas

    Just started this whole thing today. Gotta get ready for my Marine ROTC scholarship and decided running wasn’t enough. My first time ever scores are:
    Ninja: 10/8/7
    Reversies: 22/20/18
    Snowboard: 18/10/12
    Trip Planks: 10/10/6

    Lovin’ it so far =D P.S. I have a slight breathing problem, and I love to push it all the way since the more I do, the less it bothers me.

  • Heidi

    Did this tonight, January 10, I am behind on the workouts.

    My reps:
    NJT: 4,6,4 (first time I could do them–YAY!)
    RP: 11, 11, 12
    Skateboards: 16,19, 17
    Subbed elbow planks and rolled from side2side because of my hurt wrist: 3, 4.5, 5.5.
    SCR: my form wasn’t exactly right, but 18,14, 14
    SCL: same as above, and 11, 16, 17

    Someof the sets were cut short, simply becuase I couldn’t get my reps written down fast enough, then get back into position.

    I’d like to do this one again and use better form and get better numbers :)

    THanks z & f

  • Marissa Myatt

    Did this a few days ago…wow! The Ninja Jump Tucks weren’t scary but more just challenging – and awesome!

    Ninja Jump Tuck 6/5/4
    Push Up (regular; no dip station) 14/11/12
    Snow Boarder 23/20/18
    Triple Plank Jumps 6/6/6 (each plank as 1 rep)
    Side Crunch Left 18/15/21
    Side Crunch Right 17/16/20

    I think next time I’ll give myself 10 seconds to write my scores…I was tripping on my earphone cord and all! lol Thanks for the challenge.

  • Rosa Ines Acevedo

    Wow I just did this one today…brutal.

    # 1. Ninja Jump Tuck – (these are tough, Im a first-time on these) 6, 5, 6
    # 2. Reverse Push Up – 15, 20, 16
    # 3. Snow Boarder – 20, 16, 21
    # 4. Triple Plank Jumps – 7, 8, 7
    # 5. Side Crunch (left side) – 14, 15, 18
    # 6. Side Crunch (right side) – 16, 17, 22

  • Anonymous

    That’s awesome!

  • Vala

    Just did it:

    Ninja Jump Tuck: 7-7-6+1/2
    Reverse PU: 23-18-19
    Snow Boarder: 26-24-22
    Triple Plank: 9-8+1/2-9
    Side Crunch L: 17-22-25
    Side Crunch R: 17-22-25

    I got better with the Side Crunches, because my room is really small and I figured out how to lay myself down best during the workout, so I lost less time positioning myself. The room is so tiny, I had to turn around 90° for the Triple Plank Jumps^^ Just prooves you can do these workouts anywhere.

    Does anyone have a tip how to learn to jump higher when doing Ninja Jumps Tucks? I mean the first jump, from knees on your feet. I keep being really low and in the second round I kind of don’t even lift from the floor and just have enough push to shift over, but my toes are moving the ground.

    • Janet

      maybe keep your eyes up and chest up? I tend to have toe drag when I get tired. They are hard!

  • Jennie

    I was wondering if anyone that have the dip station Zuzana and Freddy are using, can post the mesurements of it. I would love to buy one but with shipping fee + import tax the cost will be over 300 dollars (I live in Sweden)! However when my dad saw the dip station in a bodyrock-video I showed him, he said if I have the mesurements, he can make me one just like it at work (hurrah for bodyrock-supporting dads). So if anyone pls have the height, width at top, and how far apart the bottom pipes are, it would be very helpful.

  • Candace

    Loved this workout. Had a realllly tough time getting those ninja jump tucks to work so I gave up and did the modified version. Whew! I work a night job, and was able to do this workout at work! Sweating my face off!
    Thanks for your site, it’s my goal to follow this every day this year!!

  • mf

    Ugh. Didn’t workout yesterday and had a heck of a time getting through this one. So now I’m even more motivated for tomorrow!

  • Anonymous

    Happy New Year Zuzana and Freddy! I am so happy to have found this site! I just started a blog to track my efforts! I’m off to the gym (yes, the irony, home workouts at the gym… I need to leave the house to get motivated sometimes.. haha)!
    All the best in 2011! Sue :)

  • Kavita Doodnauth

    Whew! Did this after a somewhat decadent weekend. A couple of late nights – no drinking but more eating than usual. It’s hard when you’ve got visitors from out of town and you’re entertaining! But I’m not complaining I had fun. Anyway I’m a few days behind but I’m getting back into the swing of things.

    Happy New Year everyone. I know 2011 is going to be great. Health, love and laughter.

    My score:
    Ninja Jump Tucks – 6, 7, 6
    Dive Bombers – 8, 6, 5 – good idea for a sub Josephine! Thanks :-)
    Snow Boarder – 18, 16, 13
    Triple Plank Jumps – 12, 9, 8 counting each plank/jump as a rep
    Side V-Crunch (LS) – 20, 19, 21
    Side V-Crunch (RS) – 17, 20, 20

  • Xandriah

    I wish you both, Zuzana and Freddy, a happy, healthy and successful new year 2011, too! May you achieve all your personal goals and keep up sharing lots of new workouts with us :)

  • Niomay

    Happy New Year, Zuzi and Frederick and all BodyRockers!

  • Michelle (SA)

    Happy new Year to both of you. May the year ahead bring success, joy and fulfillment.

    Michelle (SA)

  • Kathleen

    Happy NEW YEAR to all of you guys!
    The first thing I’d like to do on the first day of this year is to thank you, Zuzana and Freddy, for the feeling I have. while others feel themselves as the french fighter on the photo you posted, I’m ready to beat my personal bests in all spheres of my life. Once you said that the 1st of January is not the time for resolutions but another day of consistent work. This phrase made me change smth in myself. Love you guys with all my russian heart!

  • Linda

    Off topic. I was wondering what other bodyrockers do when you get a cold? I just try to take it easy based on how my body feels. But as for eating, I lose my appetite and can’t eat most of the food that I normally do like eggs, protein shakes, etc. What do you guys eat?

  • sheniye

    Meilleurs voeux, pour la nouvelle année, à tous les bodyrockers du monde!

  • Jkpatton

    Wow! This was tough! Lots of sweat. My sister did it with me and it was her first work out in a while so YAY FOR MEGAN! We don’t have a way to do reverse pull up yet so in the meantime we did TYI exercise. Here are out scores!
    Ninja Jump Tucks: 7, 7, 6
    TYI exercises: 19, 17, 11
    Snow Boarder: 17, 13, 13
    Triple Plank Jump: 5, 5, 6
    Side Crunch Left 9, 13, 13 modified
    Side Crunch Right: 9, 12, 12 modified

    Ninja Jump Tucks: 7, 5, 6
    TYI exercises: 5, 3, 5
    Snow Boarder: 10, 6, 7
    Triple Plank Jump: 5, 5, 0
    Side Crunch Left: 3, 11, 15 modified
    Side Crunch Right: 6, 15, 14

    I am gonna try to motivate Megan to keep working out with me every day and eating better.

    Thank you for making this website and keeping everybody inspired! :)
    xoxo Jessie and Megan

  • Felix

    Hello Zuzana, I just started working out with your videos. It has been about a 10 day since I started. I have been sore every morning but I am loving it. I will have surgery and will be out for 2 weeks but i can’t wait to start back up.

    Thanks for your dedication to health and good workouts…. it keeps me motivated.



  • Damian Finke

    Ninja Jump Tuck: 7, 5, 7
    Push ups: 14,10, 12
    Snowboarder: 20, 16, 15
    Triple Plank Jumps: 5, 6, 6
    Side Crunch Left: 11, 11, 13
    Side Cruch Right: 12, 12, 12

  • Windlord

    Couldn’t let the old year take its leave without entering once more into the breach, dear friends!
    Thanks again for all you do for us, guys :)
    And congrats to your victorious ring-warrior buddy!

    1. Ninja Jump Tuck
    2. Reverse Push Up (supinated grip on bar)
    3. Snow Boarder
    4. Triple Plank Jumps
    9/9/10 (counting each plank as one rep)
    5. Side Crunch (left side)
    6. Side Crunch (right side)

    Šťastný nový rok!

  • AudraFit

    Happy New Year’s Zuzana, Freddy, & Bodyrocker’s! It’s The Home Workout Revolution!

  • Tania_khalil

    Modified Ninjas – 12,12,10
    Push Up – 10,10,10
    Snowboarders – 12,10,11
    Triple Plank Jumps – 2,2,1
    Side Crunch L – 13,13,12
    Side Crunch R – 14,13,13
    Gotta work on those NINJAS!

  • Josefine

    I did the workout! I am so happy and glad I did! This was the first time I had done it. I did dive bombers instead of reverse push ups.
    Ninja Jump Tucks – 6, 4, 6
    Dive Bombers – 4, 4, 4
    Snow Boarder – 18, 16, 14
    Triple Plank Jumps – 6, 6, 6
    Side V-Crunch (LS) – 15, 15, 15
    Side V-Crunch (RS) – 15, 15, 15
    Even though this workout was only 12 minutes I was sweating so much. Amazing. Thanks.

    Happy New Year to YOU (Freddy, Zuzana, Charlie, and Cali) and all the BodyRockers!!!! May 2011 bring more laughter then tears, more blessings then worries, and more sweat from these awesome workouts! LOL. I really look forward to this year. :) Thank you so much for everything. This site is the bomb diggity! Like I said before… finding this site 5 months ago in this year of 2010 has been the best thing that has happened to me. I feel so blessed to be apart of this community. BodyRocker for life!

  • Kay

    This one was a lot of fun- short but intense.
    Thanks for a wonderful year of workouts<3
    Looking forward to 2011's routines (:

  • Bohdana

    9 9 9
    15 15 20
    27 28 31
    10 9 10
    27 31 35
    30 31 34

  • Carla

    That was a tough one! Those side crunches are a killer
    !Happy New Year!

  • Duovka

    Happy New Year to You and wish you all the best in year 2011 with pile of health and hapiness!!!!and deeply thank you for all your time you gave us in last year 2010!!


  • Kat

    Happy New Year Zuzana and Freddy! :D

    I’ve been following your workouts for the approx. 6 weeks and have had two comments on my appearance. I’ve been asked ‘Have you lost weight?’ twice in the past week!! I’m feeling so much stronger and fitter than ever before. Thank you so much for such a wonderfully inspirational site and all the best to you both in 2011. Long may the fantabulous workouts continue!!! :D

  • Cynthia

    Just completed workout , great way to finish strong ! Happy New Year to you guys , looking forward to training with you guys this coming year, I can hardly wait :)

  • Jade Bear

    This one kicked my butt.

    Ninja jump ups 6, 6, 5
    Reverse push ups 5, 7, 5
    Snow Boarder 12, 26, 21
    Triple plank jumps 3, 2, 3
    Side crunch left 18, 15, 15
    Side crunch right 16, 16, 20

    The triple plank jumps were brutal, even with the beginner modification that you had in another previous video!

  • Steph Sizzle

    Happy New Years Zuzana & Freddy. Thank you for all of your dedication to the website and bringing this community together. May 2011 bring you many blessings!

  • ZHA

    oh i forgot to mention, I’m losing weight very fast around my legs, but having a hard time with belly fat :( how can i get rid of belly fat and other body fat fast?

    thanks again!

  • Angie Saldivar

    That hurt so good! Here are my scores:
    Ninja Jump Tuck: 4.5, 5, 5
    Rev Push Up: 10, 11, 10
    Snowboarder: 20, 20, 16
    Triple Plank Jump: 6, 6, 6
    Side Crunch R: 14, 13, 14
    ” L: 13, 13, 15

    Off to shower then New Years Eve party! Happy New Year, Bodyrockers! 6pk for 2011 Summer!

  • ZHA

    hi Zuzana =) .. I have a question for you, I’ve been exercising for around 7 months now, very intense, very long workouts (2-4 hours mix of cardio, and strength training), I’ve lost weight, but not as much as I have hoped for, i’ve been following a good healthy diet… but I want to make the weight loss faster and more efficient…. how can I do that?
    I’ve been doing your workouts for a month now, even though I knew about you for a year now… but I dont know why i havent done your workouts…. anyways…. i Love them, I really enjoy HIIT workouts… and killing my body muscles in a very short time… .

    but I was wondering how can I maximize my weight loss?

    thank you so much

    Wish you and Freddy a happy new year ^_^

  • Axelle

    Hi Zuzana! I love your workouts! I am not new to exercising (I am a runner), but I don’t do much strength training. Your workouts are so convenient. My dogs also like to watch me exercise. They try to jump around with me!

    I have a quick question. I get really sore after a lot of your workouts. Is this alright? Is there something I can do to reduce the soreness, or do I just have to wait for it to go away? Do you think that I will stop being sore as I keep doing your workouts? Thanks!


  • Alana

    I dont have anything supportive enough to do the reverse pushups here at home, so I’m going to do them before I leave work then continue the workout at home.. Weird, but.. It’ll work! haha. :) Thank you so much Zuzana and Freddy for your awesome workouts and I hope you have a great new year as well! :)

  • Seabay10

    This was an awesome workout! Thank you so much, and thanks in advance for the soreness I’ll most likely feel tomorrow in my obliques :-)

  • Anonymous

    did no one do this workout today? oh well, i’m glad i did it; it felt good to do this workout…Zuzanna and Freddie, thankyou for all the great workouts…i am a month or so into your workouts and i would like to do a before and after picture of myself and the change i hope to see in myself. anyways here are the amount of reps i did (obviously i am not very fast yet-but i will be) in each exercise for 3 rounds:
    1. 6/5/6
    3. 17/15/17
    4. 6/6/6
    5. 13/18/15
    6. 13/18/15
    i need to buy myself a interval timer…its so annoying to keep on checking the timer on my microwave, it slows me down, as well i need a dip station… i have been using my chairs, which is kind of awkward…well can’t believe its new years eve..zuzanna and freddie-have a happy new year celebration and i hope that you have a very good restful enjoyable few days off together…take care….

  • Mommydena

    At first I felt wat too sore to do this workout but I’m glad I did it. I feel much better about going into the new year. I’ve done the workouts three days in a row now and I hope I keep it up!! Here is my scores. I had to modify the ninja jump tuck as I’m a beginner.

    Ninja jump tuck: 6, 6, 6
    Reverse push up: 10, 8, 12 (not easy with chairs and a stick!!)
    Snow border: 18, 20, 16
    Triple plank jumps: 9, 8, 7 (these were harder than I thought they’d be!!)
    Side crunch (left): 18, 20, 18
    Side crunch (right): 20, 23, 20

    I really had to push myself on these ones but I’m so glad I did!! I want to be fit again! It’s very hard to keep myself motivated but I’m trying to hard to. I want to fit into a bikini again for this summer and look damn good in it too!! :-D I think I’m going to start a fitness journal and measure the inches so I can acutally see how many inches I lose. I’m not so worried about weight it’s more about inches for me!! Thanks for all you guys do!! It’s awesome!!!!!

  • Maria Lanier

    Happy New, Zuzana and Freddy. Thank you SO much for all your support for keeping us motivated and in shape. You don’t know how much you help all bodyrockers here. :) I’m thinking doing workout tonight but I sprain my risk last night. If I can’t do it tonight, then I’ll do it tomorrow, January 1 + I’ll add cycling in my routine for the 2011. Thanks again. Luv ya, guys.!!! :)

  • Alishaahill

    I just got my dip bar and my sand bag!!!! I am so excited for all the workouts in 2011! Thanks for all the inspiration and the kick *ss workouts of 2010!