Jan 1 2011

Exercise Challenge – Backward Lunge Kick Ups

Hi BodyRockers,

Welcome to 2011! I hope that you guys are feeling bright and chipper today – no headaches (haha). We had a very nice New Years dinner and then went out with friends. We even ran into a few BodyRockers last night in Prague which was really cool.

As we mentioned in our last post, we are starting up our workouts again on the 3rd of January, but we still had an exercise challenge scheduled for today, so here it is :)

This challenge is tough, but not crazy tough, so while it will get you moving it shouldn’t be too much for you to handle even if you were up all night last night like we were (we got home at 5am).


Freddy & Zuzana

P.S. My time for this challenge is 17 minutes and 57 seconds. I was doing 20 reps on each leg at a time and I have to say that this challenge tests not only your body but also your inner strength. This type of challenge literally builds character. You will see for yourself that you will be tempted to give up many times throughout this routine because it can seem never ending. You have to believe that the torture will end at some point and that you are strong enough physically and mentally to complete all 400 reps (200 on each leg).


Workout Breakdown

Time: ?min.Workout Type: Time ChallengeExercises: 2
  • Backward Lunge Kick Up (left leg)200 reps
  • Backward Lunge Kick Up (right leg)200 reps

Get your gear for this workout here:


Set you timer as a stop watch. You will be doing 200 reps of Backward Lunge Kick Up on each leg for time. Beginners can hold on to a chair for support and cut down on the reps.

Start by standing with your feet hip width apart, chest up, shoulders back and down. Engage your abs and lunge back until your front thigh is parallel to the ground and the back knee is just a few inches above the floor.

Push off of the front leg and kick up as high as you can.


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  • Anonymous

    I decided to do this one today in my workout after watching Rosa do it on youtube! :)  I started with a workout from 6 pk abs, one round then into this.  I did 20reps one leg at a time.  24 min 17 sec. yikes!  followed with an adaptation of P90X Kenpo and some Taebo put into 48 rounds of 10 sec and 30 sec then finished with two more rounds of the 6 pk abs.  I am totally soaked and feel great!

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      cool…which of the kenpo moves did you use????? and math whizzzzzz…48 x 10/30 = ??????

      • Anonymous

        ummm not totally sure now which were Kenpo X and which were from old Taebo tapes
        and 32 minutes exactly. lol
        here’s what I did
        twist & pivot, L then R / hook & uppercut L then R / 3 jab (moving sideways) & cross alternating / knee kicks L then R / front kick L then R / back kick L then R / front kick back kick L then R / cross punches alt. / jab cross knee L then R / roundhouse L then R / high sword low hammer alt. / high blocks alt. / side kick L then R / squat front kick alt. / uppercuts alt. there are 24 exercises this way and you do it twice.

        I’m having fun changing all these P90X into intervals. then I don’t have to listen to tony horton talking endlessly and all the breaks they take doing certain amount of reps. I can be finished in more like 30 minutes rather than the hour these always took! lol and do some weights in there!

        • Gerri Lee Schafer

          thanks Tee !!!!

        • Gerri Lee Schafer

           hey Tee,

          did this today, my upper legs / lower booty was soar from Tati’s Fireball WO so this fit perfectly.

          i did 3 jabs and cross left, then right and did one set of alternating swing kicks instead of round house kicks

          a nice moderate cardio day, loosened everything up nicely

          thanks, Gerri Lee

          • Anonymous

            you’re welcome! :)

  • Kay

    well.. i stopped at 150 reps on each leg (300) because I was feeling dizzy. so to at least get 400 of something in, I did 10 different ab crunches, 20 reps each to total 200 reps. 

    Not bad for someone on their 5th workout getting back into it! i’m proud of myself :oD

  • Estelle-France

    Pfff, I gave up after 20 reps on each side. Shame on me ! Next time, I’ll fully commit to this workout.

    • Estelle-France

      I had to try again today and I did it !
      I did not set the time and kept being interrupted by my daughters but I think it took me almost half an hour to complete the workout.
      This time, my goal was to achieve all 400 reps. Next time, my goal will be to improve my time.
      Also, I changed legs every 10 reps and that helped me a lot

  • Anonymous

    I made this mental strength needed workout today. It was my second workout for today actually. ;) I did this in our yard, and repel flies and horseflies revolve around all the time!! I didn’t want to stop the training, so I just shake my hands to drive away these flies, and did the workout at the same time. :D It was so GRAZY!!! :D 

    My time was 24:03 min. Happy with that. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Davleeva/100001702041662 Мария Давлеева

    18 minutes 51 second plus see your abs workout

  • Anonymous

    About 50 reps into this workout I decided I would only do 200 reps total…400 seemed like an impossible task even though I was alternating legs often. After 200 I somehow convinced myself that I would do just 100 more so that I could at least say I did more than half the challenge. After that 100 was done I decided to take a quick peak on the site to see if I could find some inspiration to do the final 100 reps…sure enough, after reading Zuzanna’s comment at the end, and what all of you BodyRockers had to say, I was able to challenge my inner Brutus and complete the final 100 reps. Yay!! Thank you all :)

  • Mary Lou

    I, too did 20 at a time, and finished in 18:29. I have no idea if I beat my last time but my back was straight and shoulders were back the entire time!

  • Donna

    After two days off with plenty of rest what a challenge to come back too. I never thought this was possible for me back in Jan after only 3 days as a bodyrocker. I must of thought you were incredible fit or a little crazy when I saw the reps for this back then and gladly left out. I had plans to come back to this and today was a better day than any. I am extremely proud to announce that I completed this in 15:35 min. I was planning to do two sets of 100 on one leg then move on and be half way done. I read your comment above and I am glad it did because I wanted to give up so bad but I just changed tactics and did 20 on each leg back and forth till I hit my 400 mark. I am drenched in sweat and my heart rate has not come down to normal level yet. I am so glad this is over with:) Looking forward to another week of bodyrocking. 365 rep belly blaster to get down tomorrow. To stay true to myself I have to come back to this one again…

  • Anonymous

    Great sweatout! Finished in 20min. :)
    Doing the workout tomorrow.
    Can’t wait

  • http://profiles.google.com/emily.27.uk Emily Hale

    Well I only managed 250 in total, 125 on each leg but my knees were hurting and it was effecting my form so decided to stop.  managed it in 13 mins 14 seconds, hopefully next time we have this challenge I will be up to the full 400.  I was surprised how much I felt this in my abs, who knew?!?!
    Em xxx

  • Anonymous

    It took me 24.22 Min. My legs are shaking, but love it..For those of you who did it 15 Min or under , you were really flying through them.

  • http://twitter.com/GoustiFruit GoustiFruit

    15’34 for me but I’m not as flexible as Zuzana, I can’t kick that high !
    Mentally horrible, I love and hate those challenges :-)

  • Anonymous

    omg, this one is so tough, but I am happy that I finished the 400 reps. I did it in 15:40 (25/25 strategy) Nice weekend everyone :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/FitMindy?feature=mhum Mindy McT

    You have to be out of your mind! My butt is so sore from 365 workout. I wont be able to do another lunge till at least Monday. Maybe I will try this then.

    • AudraFit

      I’m with you Mindy lol. Our rears need some R&R after all those weighted squats and lunges :) Smart thinking!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rosalie-Salemink/618241291 Rosalie Salemink

    My time is 14:55 :) I used your 20/20 strategy, it worked great! I would get the burn in the last 3-5 reps, just in time to switch! Looking forward to doing saturday’s workout tomorrow, it looks like a good one ^^
    Have a great weekend!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Natalia-Trofimova/704588888 Natalia Trofimova

    my time is 17:32 :) when i did it back in January, it was the second BodyRock workout for me and if i remember correctly, it took me about 27 min. i remember how sore my legs were the whole week, lol 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Natalia-Trofimova/704588888 Natalia Trofimova

    my time is 17:32 :) when i did it back in January, it was the second BodyRock workout for me and if i remember correctly, it took me about 27 min. i remember how sore my legs were the whole week, lol 

  • http://www.facebook.com/ildiko.mazar Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    One thing is for sure: I couldn’t have done 400 backward lunge kick ups never mind under 20 minutes if I stayed up until 5am. Hat off Zuzana – I wonder what your new time was yesterday. 9 minutes 42 seconds or something? ;-)

    Unlike those lucky others who enjoyed every minute of this challenge, I struggled all way through – lunges are my forever-dreaded enemies. The first 200 reps I could do in the 20-20 breakdown, but then I broke down and I had to switch to 10-10s until the last 40 lunges (by that time I was senslessly numb so it didn’t matter how I grouped the reps). It felt like I’ve been kicking around trying to keep my balance and chasing my breath and for about 40 minutes, but in fact I wasn’t that bad, my time was 20’57”. Maybe next time I can push it under 20 – I certainly CAN wait until this exercise challenge comes around again ;-). Wishing you all a nice weekend.

  • Kendra

    I agree with Christie! Sounds like you’re wearing yourself out.  Don’t get me wrong–exercise can be addicting, but you should take at LEAST one day off a week, and if you’re doing 2 workouts a day you’re definitely due more than that!  Most of us do just one.  Sometimes I’ll add 10 or 20 minutes of a light jog on to a 12 minute workout, but sometimes not.  They’re short and intense for a reason.  Rest is good.  It will allow you to heal and rock better next time!

    I totally understand wanting to push yourself, but know that rest is as much of the process as working out is.  

    Cheers to you, and have a great weekend!

    • Donna

      Thanks for your concern Kendra much appreciated:) I plan on resting all weekend!!! There is a method to my madness!!! If you read my reply to Christie you will understand WHY.

      Wishing you a great weekend also:) Cheers!!!

  • Anonymous

    This challenge is on! Can’t wait to do it Saturday morning. Thanks

  • Christie

    Oh my gosh! You do 2 full bodyrock workouts a day? Don’t feel bad about taking a day of rest your body probably needs it, being over trained is not a good thing.

    • Donna

      I only started this week because I had an ankle injury last week and after working out 6 – 7 times a week and being told you can’t do nothing but rest. I was basically climbing the walls. I was so frustrated that I would day dream about working out. The doctor said 7 days give or take, I started after 5 because she said I could if I wasn’t in any pain during my workout. If I had pain in my ankle I had to stop that was the deal. I was so happy that I could bodyrock again that I just went a little crazy…BUT DAMN IT FELT GOOD!!!

      • Christie

        Ahhh ok I see where you’re coming from, yea I can imagine having to rest for a week could make one go stir crazy.  Glad to hear your better! :)

        • Donna

          Thanks Christie!!!

  • Donna

    My comment disappeared twice:(

    • AudraFit

      It’s happened to me a couple of times and then it magically reappears lol. Must be a glitch in the matrix.

      • Donna

        Feels good not being the only one. Thanks Audra:)

  • Anonymous

    Since i had done another bodyrock workout today already that took me over half an hour..I decided to do 100 reps on each leg. Took me 11 minutes and 59 seconds. Want to do the full challenge sometime soon though.

  • Tripledaz

    wow, tried this today a few hrs ago and my legs are still hurting. Ill be feeling pain tomorrow. Harder than it looks.

  • Ioana_Romania

    Don’t know if my first message got here, so sorry if it’s a duplicate. This workout was so much more than brutal, after 50 reps on each leg I already felt like I was going to die. After 150 I felt like I wanted to die. But finally, 31 minutes later, I managed to finish it. # hours later though, my legs were still feeling like pudding :p. Love it

  • Anonymous

    only did half! 100 on each leg. im stopping now. im going to finish the other 100 later. 7:59

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QYWAPJRSOKWAFHFSEQWURCYDEQ Annabelle

    Oh, man….I tried this workout two days ago and it was killer!!

    I was just about ready to give up after the first 100 reps on each leg, but then I thought, if Zuzanna can do this, so can I!!! And I was right by the way….but not without much sweat and pain by the end of the workout!! It took me about 51 minutes to finish all 400 reps…..but I’m so glad I was able to finish!! That was my goal and even though my time wasn’t the best, I figure that up, up, up, there’s only up from here!! (like the Shania Twain song) :P

    And boy, I really hope this workout was worth it, because I am REALLY feeling how sore my legs are….stretching has really helped with the tightness but I still had to take a rest day in between because my legs were that tired – they started shaking every time I tried to go up or down the stairs!!

    That doesn’t mean I’ll stop doing these workouts though – I know every workout I finish is one step in the right direction towards better fitness!!

    Thanks so much Freddy and Zuzanna for making these workouts! :)

    P.S – Shoutout to Team Canada for the World Junior Championship Hockey finals!!!

    • Anonymous

      I second that shout out :)

  • Bodyrock junckie

    26:36 ahhhhh!!!
    Okay, so I just did this one today and it was total torture. I always try to compete and keep up with you Z, but not today. I did sets of 50 on each leg with 2-3 breaks during the 50 reps, i.e. 20,15,15 reps on one leg and then the other side.
    Bodyrock junckie

  • Heidi

    Hi guys!
    I did this workout last night. (I am not on schedule, but am doing as many workouts as I can.) I got my dip station yesterday. It is so cool! Since my wrist is still tender, I decided to do this workout. I stood in my dip station and used it to help support my balance so I could kick higher and not wobble so much. It worked great. I did all 400 reps in sets of 10. My time 31:55. Slow, I know. But I look forward to do the day I can do this faster and without the dipstation. Regardless, I was drenched in sweat when I was done. Thanks Z&F for another great challenge!

  • Iceland

    Hi from Iceland

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=517536499 Rosa Ines Acevedo

    Ouch..I thought I’ll take it easy today by doing this one. Boy, was I wrong! Took me 26:34 to complete all 400 reps and not proud to say I took many breaks..but in the end, sweat like a pig!!

  • AudraFit

    Finished this yesterday in 18 minutes and today my bum is perfectly sore :)

  • Yashizzle

    23:56. i did 20 at a time for 320 of them and the last 80 were 10 at time. Definitely felt that i could have gone faster….rested too much :( next time. :)

  • BlondeBird

    16:40! Ok, I managed 200 on each leg and but I cheated and concentrated on the lunges only. still hard work and still melting!

  • Sofie

    I completed this challenge with my 25lb Sandbag & only did 100 Reps per leg, switching legs each 25 Reps. Boyy, did I feel it the next day =)

  • http://twitter.com/JudyINS Judith Huberdeau

    I just completed this challenge with a time of 24.45!!! I`m proud of myself cause I didn`t quit and I was reeally tempted to at one point :)

    Thanks soooo much Judith

  • Marcin

    Great stuff, so simply yet so hard to complete! Happy New Year all.

  • Danaz3d

    This is my first day doing BodyRock. I am totally inspired by Zuzana’s physique!
    I did 100 reps holding on to the dresser.:) Can’t wait to get better and better everyday:)

  • supersimpa

    This is not human.

    No, seriously. I am in good shape but the workouts and the challenges in this site are for super athletes, not for “in shape people”. I will need to adapt them to the uman being (me). :)

    Thanks so much, awesome resource, by the way :)

  • Anonymous

    only 40 rep left
    only 40 rep right :D

  • Anonymous

    only 40 rep left
    only 40 rep right :D

  • Paula

    A lot harder than it looked. Whew… 19 mins.

  • BodyRocker_Juan

    12 min 53 sec took me to get this workout done….

  • Ze

    I’m a fat beginner and after doing 20 reps each leg I was already tired. I then decided to make 50 reps each leg and continued doing it and almost died completing 50 reps each leg in 11minutes and 15 seconds.
    I started doings these work-outs from bodyrock yesterday and I’ll try to continue everyday. Thanks for this amazing website. Happy new year to everyone

  • NAHMi~

    Hey Guys! My name is NAHMi ! I’m new to BodyRock.tv and I love the site! This was my first day of training and though it was only one exercise, I AM POOPED! Lol I’m honestly not in the best shape and I struggled through it and I’m more than positive my form wasn’t perfect, I didn’t quit! =0)

    I finished the workout in 15.15 seconds and now I’m ready for Day 2! Pray for me Guys!!!!!


  • Umka

    Hi Zuzanna!
    I was wondering: is it a bad idea to workout when you’re sick? I feel like I’m really coming down with something, but do want to workout…

  • Anonymous

    I just finished this with a time of 24 minutes even. I did 25 reps at a time and I didn’t wear shoes. I’m not sure if going shoeless was a good idea, because my lack of balance made the exercise take longer. My thighs were burning by the end of this. Great challenge!

  • Jirka CZE

    Hi Z&F (and BodyRockers) !

    …and it was as I went through purgatory… Oh my God..:)

    Thank you very much, because YOU ROCK:)

  • Hopper2850

    Hi Zuzanna!
    I’m a beginner and just did this challenge. I tried to complete the number of reps – impossible for me.
    So i did 100 reps on each leg and i am soaked in sweat all over! I could not do the proper form because i am not strong enough. Therefore i didn’t go all the way down with the backward lunges. My time was 15:05min. Very slow but i tried to have my shoulders down, engage my abs and so on…
    I will do this challenge in 4 weeks again and then i would like to do all the reps :)

    Thank you and Freddy for this fantastic site!

    I love it!

    Doris (Germany)

  • http://twitter.com/Makavelina_CZ Nina McAvelin

    Oh and also, I wanted to tell you Zuzi, I love how you tweak your old tops to make a new ones :D I used to do it too :D I plan to buy my first Lululemon bra in January (yay!)

  • http://twitter.com/Makavelina_CZ Nina McAvelin


  • http://twitter.com/GoustiFruit GoustiFruit

    Noooooo !!!! I did 17’59, I lost for 2 seconds !!!

  • Candy

    I did this challenge this morning. Just so you know I’ve been doing this about 8 months. The last 2 months I have been slacking. I’m getting back on the horse. I couldn’t do the whole thing. I only did 100 each leg. I might do the rest later today…maybe not. So beginners fear not, do what you can. My time was 18:42 for what I did do.

  • Nina_CZ

    26:11 here :D
    Started with 20 reps at the time, but I got exhausted so quickly! After 200th rep I switched to 10reps at the time and finished like that. Last 20 killed me :D If this won’t shrink my butt overnight, then nothing will :D :D :D (This one is good for butt, right?)
    I feel my abs and inner thighs like crazy!
    I really don’t feel like going to work tomorrow after 2 weeks at home, but I will look forward to a new workout on monday, so hopefully the time will run fast :)

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  • http://deeplytrulyelisa.blogspot.com/ Elisa

    I can’t wait to try this one tomorrow! Today I was actually thinking of doing one of the longer workouts, since I have a little bit more time. But first my preworkout… tea ;P
    5 months to focus on getting in shape for the summer? I am so in!!! Even tho I have no intention of stopping after the summer, this is life long commitment, I am a bodyrocker after all :D
    Have a good one everybody!

  • Anonymous

    24.38 :(

  • Louise

    It´s brutal – but i did it :)
    25 min

  • amigo1983

    24.38 :(

  • Dantev

    Greetings …we haven’t seen each other for about a year now :)

    my first workout in 2011……and as I could expected…Zuza kicked me in the face with my ALL TIME favorite………JUMP LUNGES :):)
    My (poor) time : 27m 47 s
    I hope this week training won’t be focused on legs :)
    All the best in 2011
    keep up your awesome work!

  • Anonymous

    My score for this workout was 18:47. You were right this workout was DEFINITELY a mental challenge as well as a physical one. I was burning burning but I didn’t stop in each set of 20. Was tough because there were so many reps I felt like each one I did wasn’t making a dent in the big 400 number. So then I started counting on 1 to 10 scale every time I finished 20 on my left leg – since that’s the same as 400 hah.

    Thank you so much Z&F! I was just thinking how my legs haven’t gotten punished for a long duration in a while so I really appreciated this workout! Bring on that familiar thigh and butt burn 2011 :D.

    xoxo Everybody!

  • Pia Maria

    This one was hard for me! First I struggled a little bit with the kicks and the returning into the squat but as soon as I figured out how keep the balance I did all 400 reps in proper form :) It took me 37:45 to complete the challenge….-.-‘ I never looked on my interval timer during the challenge so I was really surprised how long it took me!! I thought that I had been much faster xD but next time I’m gonna beat my time!!! For sure!!!
    Thanks for the great challenge!!!

  • Julia

    This exercise challenge was really nerve-wracking, but as Zuzana said: it builds character – or at least a kind of psychological resilience ;)

    But also my muscles were challenged a lot ;) By the time my kicks got weaker and weaker and lower and lower :((

    I hope new Bodyrockers (New Years Eve may have brought some new followers) don’t get shocked while trying their first challenge – and quit for the rest of the year ;) Stick with it! It is worth it! And fortunately Zuzana and Freddy are constantly varying those workouts and challenges :)

  • Dorota T.

    Happy New Year! :) For You and all BodyRockers! :)

  • http://twitter.com/GoustiFruit GoustiFruit


    It’s Sunday but I will try anyway cause I think (hope) the next workout won’t be before Tuesday (with the time laps).

    Do you still have problems with comments on your site ? I posted a few comments lately that didn’t make it through :-( Also very often I see that comments are “old” (>= 1 day) even for fresh workouts so I think people are still posting but their comments won’t show up. And finally I don’t receive any notifications anymore even though I check the corresponding option when posting my comments.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cindy-ten-Eikelder/100000366904170 Cindy ten Eikelder

    Damn.. It hurts, haha.

    300 Reps in 16.06 min.