Jan 2 2011

Andrea & Baby BodyRocking!

Hi Zuzana & Freddy!

Just wanted to wish you two a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!  I have been following your workouts religiously for about 3 months now, and have noticed a tremendous difference in my strength.  I also am so much more toned now!   Now I just have to keep working on my diet – I do eat clean, but I still just eat too darn much of everything, but it is something I am working on to continue to improve for my own health and well being.  I won’t waste space talking too much about how absolutely incredible your workouts are (because they are!), but I just wanted to thank you so much for doing such an amazing job with them & for being so committed to this website.

My mom, also a Zuzana (both of my parents are from the former Czechoslovakia) has given up the carp tradition too for Christmas…she hates it!  Instead, we are substituting it with a beautiful, clean salmon dish (yummm).   She will also be making pečená kachna s knedlíkem a se zelím (I think that is the correct translation – duck with dumplings & red cabbage) – one of my favorites, for Christmas Eve.  I cannot wait!

I just wanted to share this picture, which was taken on Thanksgiving morning.  Normally my dog is my audience, but since I was home for the holiday, I had my 2 year old nephew as an audience – he absolutely loved watching my workout and was jumping along with me the whole time.  That day, there were pike presses in the workout, and every time that interval came, he would lay underneath me, giggling….it definitely made my workout very entertaining (not to mention, it provided some great motivation not to collapse, haha).  It was just too cute not to share!!

Happy Holidays from Michigan!!

-BodyRocker:  Andrea


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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Lanier/100000216811315 Maria Lanier

    Yes, that’s funny! Maybe the boy’s thought you’re playing. hahahaha *LOL*

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree with Nina_CZ, very cute!!! :)

  • Nina_CZ

    LOL that is the cutes bodyrock picture ever :D