Jan 3 2011

Burpee Fusion Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

It seems fitting that the first workout of this year was inspired by BodyRocker Brian’s Fusion workout that he was cool enough to share with everyone in the BodyRockers section. We modified it slightly, and it is an absolute brutalizer. The workout is fully explained in the video below – including the modifications for beginners – the video is just 6 minutes long so make sure you watch it! You will need your interval timer and your sandbag for this workout. If you don’t have a sandbag yet then get creative, many of you guys are following these workouts by using different items at home. As we talked about yesterday, we are starting our run up for summer early, so that as a group we can make massive improvements in our body composition, health and performance in time for the warm weather. Don’t be one of those people who starts to train in late May. Push hard now and you will see huge changes by the time you roll out your summer wardrobe. As part of our big push for summer I am adding an extra jolt after each one of our workouts – I explain this new strategy in the video.



Workout Breakdown

Time: ?min.Workout Type: Time ChallengeExercises: 20
  • 1. Sandbag Swing10 reps
  • Burpees11 reps
  • 2. Sandbag Swing 10 reps
  • Burpees12 reps
  • 3. Sandbag Swing 10 reps
  • Burpees 13 reps
  • 4. Sandbag Swing10 reps
  • Burpees 14 reps
  • 5. Sandbag Swing10 reps
  • Burpees15 reps
  • 6. Sandbag Swing 10 reps
  • Burpees 16 reps
  • 7. Sandbag Swing10 reps
  • Burpees 17 reps
  • 8. Sandbag Swing 10 reps
  • Burpees18 reps
  • 9. Sandbag Swing10 reps
  • Burpees 19 reps
  • 10. Sandbag Swing10 reps
  • Burpees 20 reps

Get your gear for this workout here:


Set your timer as a stop watch and try to go through all 10 rounds. I made it through in 20 minutes and 4 seconds, but I have to say that it was not easy at all. This workout is a complete burn out so if you notice half way through that you can’t keep proper form, switch into the beginner mode and use the easier variations for the exercises.  If you are a beginner, you might not be able to complete all 10 rounds, which is ok – just do your best and complete as many rounds as you can. Let us know in the comments how you did and I will see you guys tomorrow with a new exercise challenge.


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  • Bodyrocker Nano

    I used my kettlebell (8kg)
    My time : 35’05″806″‘ (without any modification)

  • Kay

    done! I got halfway through at 10:00 then i lost track of time.. i’m guessing it took me around 20 mins. i did a burpee! wee!!!!! getting better!

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    April 7

    All done for the day…took me 19:48…used 32.5 lbs in my SB…did 100 crunches and 100 mason twists w/3lb …..plus 11 band assisted pull ups.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    Beat my time by almost 2 minutes!  I got 21:19 last time.  Yesterday I did this and got 19:20!

    My boyfriend did this yesterday and loved it.  He’s fast becoming a BR!  

  • Anonymous

    Finished this workout in 13:12 with a 35 pound sandbag. 
    So happy with my scores! I did stop a few times for a breather and some water but kept on going! 
    Really had to focus on form this time, and modified with only going half way down on some reps in the last 3 rounds just to make sure that I had enough strength to jump after. I dedicate this entire workout to Erin :)

    Bonus: 12 min. skip and 10 half burpees 

  • BodyRocker_Bonnie

    Way to go, BK. Quitting also was appealing to me, I was like “this is just too twisted, all these burpees!” but bodyrockers don’t quit…maybe one day I’ll do this in half the amount of time :)

  • BodyRocker_Bonnie

    Thanks Hotmadusa :) I agree with you, it was killer. A total mind game.

  • BodyRocker_Bonnie

    I got several responses indicated in my Discus dashboard for this over the last
    several days, but none of them have showed up either there or below in
    the comments yet.  So thanks to everyone for their feedback, I
    appreciate it.  I hope they show up, I’d like to read them.  Has anyone else noticed this?

  • Cindy

    I did it at home today. My time was the same as before 22 minutes. Wow! all those burpees left me out breatth but it feel so great when you know you did it and you did not quit.
    Thanks to Zuzka, I really miss you, Freddy, Sean. Jess and Kyla, you are a great team.

  • Gerrilee Schafer

    Lying in bed this morning trying to decide which work out to do.  Decided on this one.  I’ll save the My Buns Hurt for Tuesday morning.  Then of course I had to get out of bed and do the damn thing……argh.  It’s just as hard as I remember it being.  I could hear Zuz and Freddie in my ear saying use proper form.  Jump higher.  I did take a few breathers, but kept good form and made sure I actually jumped from the crouch every time.  My time using 32.5 SB was 24:16.  Did it in 23:41 on October 23.  Think my form was better this time though.  Grey Cup Sunday here in Canada.  I think I earned a few beer.  ;-D

  • Gerrilee Schafer

    Lying in bed this morning trying to decide which work out to do.  Decided on this one.  I’ll save the My Buns Hurt for Tuesday morning.  Then of course I had to get out of bed and do the damn thing……argh.  It’s just as hard as I remember it being.  I could hear Zuz and Freddie in my ear saying use proper form.  Jump higher.  I did take a few breathers, but kept good form and made sure I actually jumped from the crouch every time.  My time using 32.5 SB was 24:16.  Did it in 23:41 on October 23.  Think my form was better this time though.  Grey Cup Sunday here in Canada.  I think I earned a few beer.  ;-D

  • GoustiFruit

    “Winter is coming…”
    I don’t know if it’s because of the weather – here it’s every day darker, colder and wetter – but I’ve felt a bit under for the last 7-10 days; today like yesterday I had to push myself to do my daily workout and because that Burpee Fusion always caused me trouble, I had absolutely no hope to improve my PB, I just wanted not to be too far behind :-
    So what a surprise it was when I stopped my timer and gave a peek !
    18’29 :-D So happy, my previous PB was 20’18 back in June (!) and I only neared it at 20’21 last October. Woohoo !

  • http://www.youasamachine.com You As A Machine

    Not up for this one today so did Survivor Workout, posted my scores on that page: 


    Catch up with you all on Monday.

  • Jen Z

    31:12!!! Starting out I never thought I would be able to complete 155 proper burpees. But after 7 months of bodyrockin, there are no boundaries!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ildiko.mazar Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    Pb broken again, from 21:09 to 19:13. I’m sweating cats and dogs and my pulse is 183.

  • BodyRocker_Bonnie

    Wow, my time feels dismal.  1st time doing this, 40:09.  As I quickly realized these burpees were going to demolish me I decided to focus more on form instead of time.  My goal was to get through this and not be sloppy about it.  And I wasn’t sloppy, so regardless of time I will pat myself on the back for giving it my best. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=706388249 Tori Larson Bradford

    I finally tackled this today only to have to quit just over halfway through (I had a dr apt).  Hopefully soon I can try to finish it again.

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Ohhh myyyy, I tried this killer for the 3rd time this morning! Surprisingly, I beat my PB.
    I was breathing so hard and almost felt like puking afterwards, ha ha. I finished in = 13:35 minutes ( old score: 16/17 min.) I always feel extra proud after I have survived this brutalizer!!!
    Love, Maria

  • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    Great workout.  I actually need to take a day off soon, and was thinking of doing it today, but I got really, really tired and decided that a workout was the best way to gain my energy back!  I was going to do tomorrow’s workout, the Six Pack Abs one, but I did both Hot Fit Tight and TIght Cheeks yesterday, and so my arms and my butt/legs are really sore today.  But because of the reverse push ups and the dive bombers I did NOT want to do more reverse push !  Anyway, this one was a good cardio push with some leg burn in there, and that was nice.

    My time: 21:19.  Not bad!  Not bad at all!  35lb sandbag.

    The burpees I send to Erin, the sb swings to Zuzana and Freddy.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    Great workout.  I actually need to take a day off soon, and was thinking of doing it today, but I got really, really tired and decided that a workout was the best way to gain my energy back!  I was going to do tomorrow’s workout, the Six Pack Abs one, but I did both Hot Fit Tight and TIght Cheeks yesterday, and so my arms and my butt/legs are really sore today.  But because of the reverse push ups and the dive bombers I did NOT want to do more reverse push !  Anyway, this one was a good cardio push with some leg burn in there, and that was nice.

    My time: 21:19.  Not bad!  Not bad at all!  35lb sandbag.

    The burpees I send to Erin, the sb swings to Zuzana and Freddy.  

  • Leilany

    I just did this one today. Haven’t been feeling too good lately and glad that I’m able to get back into things. Not quite the workout to jump in to, but so happy now that it’s done! 

    22:13 for time! 

  • Anonymous

    Hi Zuzka, Freddy & Bodyrocker!
    I did this workout today and it was a great workout. I was so sweaty in the end! It is really challenging doing so many burpees, but I still think that the killer workout is the 400rep workout! Pure torture of burpees!My time was 19min 21sec. I think it was a great time =)

  • Mary Lou

    Whoo! 26:34! 2:50 faster than last time back in March! I used 20 lbs and I think I used a 15 lb dumbbell last time. I see some fantastic times on here guys, nice work!

  • GoustiFruit

    Nope. I still didn’t improve. Burpees are my nemesis.

  • Anonymous

    about 18:45 today… i believe my last time was about 20 minutes?
    I did this with a 7kg kettlebell…
    no jump rope for me today, i already did a 4 min interval this morning and a nice long walk :)

    i listened to “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO throughout most of this workout… and whenever they yelled “PARTY ROCK”, I yelled “BODYROCK”! just a little fun, motivational tip I thought of :)


  • michelle

    i thought it would be a good idea to warm up for this one.. got on the stairmaster with my sand bag and did 12 minutes 70 flights… then started the fusion.. OMG this one was the hardest for me to finish.. it took me 30 minutes but I did it.. it did bring me to my knees though… my arms were on fire.. LOVED IT! 165 burpees wish I had not done the stairs first. lol

  • Bohdanam

    37lbs bag
    and 1b4F&Z

  • Cindy

    I did it today at the gym. My time was 22 minutes. I followed this one with 12 minutes of skipping.

    Great workout!

  • Gerrilee Schafer

    It sounded like it was raining during my cool down and stretch…..hahaha…watch out for the puddles of sweat.
    So I checked my log book, the first time I did this was 4 days into body rocking…I started at 20 burpees and worked down, but quit after 5 rounds…didn’t write my time down.
    The second time I did this was March 21, about 1 1/2 months into bodyrocking…counted down from 20 again, but did 11 rounds total, with the last round doing 10 swings and 10 burpees….didn’t write down the weight I was using, but I didn’t have a sand bag so I think I was using about 20 lbs…it took me 33:16

    This morning I was real bummed about Freddy & Zuzanna, but I really wanted to push and show them that I do this for me, but couldn’t have gotten here without them…My time, using 25 lb SB was 23:41.

    BTW, my husband is my best friend and I couldn’t image life without him…hugs to you both
    Gerri Lee

  • Gerrilee Schafer

    It sounded like it was raining during my cool down and stretch…..hahaha…watch out for the puddles of sweat.
    So I checked my log book, the first time I did this was 4 days into body rocking…I started at 20 burpees and worked down, but quit after 5 rounds…didn’t write my time down.
    The second time I did this was March 21, about 1 1/2 months into bodyrocking…counted down from 20 again, but did 11 rounds total, with the last round doing 10 swings and 10 burpees….didn’t write down the weight I was using, but I didn’t have a sand bag so I think I was using about 20 lbs…it took me 33:16

    This morning I was real bummed about Freddy & Zuzanna, but I really wanted to push and show them that I do this for me, but couldn’t have gotten here without them…My time, using 25 lb SB was 23:41.

    BTW, my husband is my best friend and I couldn’t image life without him…hugs to you both
    Gerri Lee

  • http://www.facebook.com/ildiko.mazar Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    I did beat my PB (21:09 over 22:47), but the execution of this challenge was not any less unpleasant than it was in March (when I first did this). I must have written it even back then that this WO is a killer both physically and psychologically (I bet that if the number of burpees were decreasing over time I would have felt a stronger drive to proceed).

    My survival strategy this time was to dedicate all the +1 burpees of each round to Erin – it helped.

  • Pnic82

    I thought it took me longer.  Surprised to say 28:16.  It felt Iike I was wading through water

  • Julie

    22:51…after working a complete shift on the hospital floor :):):) legs are feeling a little wobbly.  <3

  • Marta

    Yes, use it! When you don’t have the necessary gear, just improve :D is what I do!

  • ZoeRocker

    I just finished this one and I feel like I’m going to be sick! I did this one back in January but it was before I kept track of my scores so I don’t have my old time unfortunately. However, considering I only did it in the second month of bodyrocking, I’m positive I slaughtered my time. I finished in 21:41 and I counted down from 20 instead of counting up from 11. I think it’s faster that way. I hope that’s not cheating…

    • ZoeRocker

      Oh ya, also a burpee for Erin! I thought I couldn’t do one more burpee but figured, if she has the strength to fight cancer, I definitely have the strength for one more burpee in her honour! Power to bodyrocker Erin!!!

  • Gerrilee Schafer

    Think I’m going to do this one tomorrow…I’m still 2 workouts behind, but tomorrow is my day off, and this one might take some time…don’t have my log book with me at work, but I do remember that I did this one counting down from 20 burpees and quit after 5 rounds, with a pretty bad time too….NOT THIS TIME!!!!
    Will post results tomorrow, did the Sexy Supremacy work out this morning….looking forward to the Marine Corp work out…it was the second bodyrock work out I ever did

  • kat

    ok here is my score 21:34 I feel like throwing up now :) wow great workout Zuzka and Freddy

  • Anonymous

    Going to do this workout in a bit :)
    Zuzka – I really like the pants you are wearing in this workout. Are they from lululemon as well?

  • Anonymous

    omg … brutus-alarm, but I kicked brutus in the a**! :) and I beat my personal best – yipiie!!!
    Today, this workout took me 21:27 min. (old time: 24:41 min)!!!

    Nice weekend, bodyrockers :)

    PS: All Burpees go to the people who need some health (especially Bodyrocker Erin) and positivity :)

  • Natalie Anna


  • Anonymous

    Finished 17 in 9 min. 
    Had to stop because my little man woke up from his nap.
    Tomorrow I plan to do the four more reps. 
    Still, today I was sweating like CRAZY!! 
    Great cardio for the weekend.

  • Anonymous

    Okay people, so for my “warm up” I did Friday’s workout now onto this beauty….so scared, lol

    Here we go….Beep!

    -had to stop for a breather after round 3…holy smokes multiple burpees are hard! WOWSERS
    -ok breather…DONE!  Sip of water…CHECK!  Here we go again….

    OMG!!!!!! Someone out there please call 911 cause I think I might be dead right now…..holy cow Zuzka!! My body is in a complete shake right now, my heart is pounding outta my chest and as I was finishing I began to feel very emotional; I almost cried….

    My time: 22:33.

    and extra Burpee for Erin

    To bodyrockers all over the world, have a great day!

    Team Canada

    • michelle

      i did cry…..

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’ve been BodyRocking for 6 days straight &  I’m tired…I finished this workout in about 26 minutes which is poor, but a great time for 6 days of working out none stop.  I have bruises on my legs from all the lunges and squats w/ a heavy sandbag and my shoulders and back ache from all the push-ups and reverse push-ups, however, I always seem to start dancing after I shower after these workouts because I feel great!  :)

  • Samanthina

    Hi,guys I’ve just did this workout and i’m so happy that i beated my old time from 22:40 min.at january to 18:27min.at now.
    And i did a burpee for Erin as always.

    Thank you guys,you’re amazing:)
    Good night to everyone!

  • Vivi

    I did it for the first time this one. This I did another time was “swimming in my own sweat” which is the same but in the other sense ;)
    For this one my time is 14.08 min. But I had to stop few times to have more breath !!
    This one is very very hard for cardio I find !!
    Very good sweat !!

  • Anonymous

    Tough but enjoyable workout.
    Here are my scores.

    3 Jan  34.03 Minute
    21 March  30.14 Minute
    21 Oct 26.13 Minute

    So happy and surprised by my progress. 

    Have a nice weekend all.

    • Anonymous

      Wow – congrats, Swiss_Bodyrocker :) you can be proud of yourself!!! :)

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, i really am proud.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, i really am proud.

  • Marta

    I did this one yesterday! It was soo hard!!! But it did my best, and I’m happy with my scores!
    My time: 19:31

  • http://ladneslowa.wordpress.com/ Dorota T.

    Thank Zuzka one more time. :) My old personal best – 19:46min. My NEW! – 18:16min. :) OMG, it was perfect for my Body, for My soul and for my mission to less last time stress! :) THANK You, I love You Guys and now I’m so happy cause of this burpee-killing-fusion! :)))

    ps. I used to 10kg sandbag and all burpees did in full version. :)

  • Alana6

    Ok so i injured my knee in a decent way last Saturday (during sandbag lunges and must have twisted my knee stepping back). It’s still quite bruised and swollen (as is my confidence on that knee) but I am continuing to bodyrock again very carefully to keep the rest of me healthy and I made up a new routine and for anyone with knee or leg injuries: “strong to the Core” workout is 12m of 30s interval with 10s rest
    Monkey business pushup: 10,  9,  9
    v- crunches 12,  11,  11
    pendulum: 45,  41,  33
    reverse push up (dip stat): 11,  11,  12
    knee raises (dip sat): 11,  11,  12
    pendulum: 38,  36,  33

    I’ve lost a little strength and am a bit slower with caution right now but I’ll improve and get back to it (fingers crossed I don’t have any major damage), it’s still too bruised for any x rays yet.

  • Jrsivers

    I always think the workout I’m about to do is going to be tough, and I’m always surprised that it is even TOUGHER than I imagined.  I knew this one would be rough but not THIS rough.  29:09 was my time, and I used a 24 lb sandbag.  Someday I’ll try to beat my record.  I’ll have to try again once I’ve forgotten how intense it was.  ;0)  (Btw, I’ve been Bodyrocking since June, and I love the definition I see in my abs.  There are these indents on my sides that have never been there before.  I’ve always had a slim tummy [my booty is my problem area] but not this defined.  Yay!  And I could feel them at work during all those burpees.)

  • Vala

    Did this once again today in 21:48 minutes :)
    It took me 1 minute and 54 seconds longer than last time, but I used 4,5lbs more than last time (namely 26,5lbs) and I did it unrested (last time I was). So I’m not disappointed :) It was a really good sweat!

    • Vala

      Did it again :)
      Used the same weight and beat my personal best with 20:00 minutes exactly.
      I love this workout.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Aiymie-Black/100000575033017 Aiymie Black

    Oh man! This workout was brutal.  I couldn’t finish it.  I’ve been taking kind of a break from the BodyRock workouts and training for a half marathon (also gaining weight >..<).  But I'm working really hard with you guys and hopefully soon I'll be healthy and happy

    • Marta

      If you are just a beginner, that’s a great score! If you gave it all, that’s a prefect score!! Don’t worry, you just have to keep praticing, and in no time, you will do all the exercices till the end!
      Keep bodyrocking Aiymie Black!!

  • Kungfooflea(Annalisa)

    I am feeling very proud of myself as I CANED my old record. The last time I did this with a 25lbs sandbag it took me about 27 minutes. Today I used 30lbs and finished in 19:40!! I think a lot of it contributes to my new diet changes too. I’m not on the bodyrocker diet anymore because it doesn’t suit my physical needs…but it’s a great diet mind you! I didn’t want to stop it but I had to listen to my body. I’m smalI and have developed more muscle which I want to keep so I can’t get enough calories in on such a low carb plan anymore as I have become more active as well. You encourage this though…teaching us to listen to our bodies. By doing so I lost more fat and have more energy…today’s score is a testament to that!! LOVE the journey that your workouts inspire!

  • Ieyla sha

    This is the first bodyrock workout that ive done somewhere in early Jan 2011. As a beginner, i  managed only 10 reps burpees on each set at that time.. and i was almost dead ..haha unfortunately i forgot to jot the time ..maybe i was too shocked because how brutal this workout was!!! and dare me tried it as a first timer..hahah. So,  Ive tried again  in Feb and i completed the whole set with a proper form within 39 minutes!!! And today…. tadaaaaa…….. i conquered it in 20:17.. eventhough i didnt beat zuzana time.. but i know… as long as i tried and never give up..yet someday ill be there..with others bodyrocker. Not only in bodyrocking ..in life as welll!!!

    Love.. love this site…to Z&F

  • http://twitter.com/GoustiFruit GoustiFruit

    Noooo waaaay, I lost one+ minute on my previous best :’-(
    I’m really bad at burpees, they are killing me ! What kind of exercise should I practice to be able to improve my burpees ? :’-(

    My time: 22’03 (my best was/still is 20’56)

    Nooooo !!!

    • Marta

      Just do more burpees :P hihi

      • GoustiFruit

        I tried last summer to do the Burpee Fusion for 3 or 4 days in a row and barely improved my times :’-( Will see if I’ll do better in 2 days (cause I’m late, I just did the Marines workout)…

        • Marta

          Well, first I think you have a great score. And the fact that it took you 1 more minute to finish the workout it’s maybe because you’r body and mind are to tired, and I say this because, some times my scores are worst just because I sleet bad ate night, or because I’m to stressed with school. So sometimes you need to rest.
          Well, I think I really can´t help you, so sorry…
          Just don’t be so frustated about it!
          Keeo body rocking!! :D

  • Anonymous

    When Zuzana first posted this workout, I told myself I couldn’t do it b/c I didn’t have a sandbag.  The truth was, of course, that I was scared.  But I did it today.  Threw some weights into a backpack and off I went.  It was brutal, dreadful and wonderful.  What an incredible feeling to realize that you’ve just done 155 burpees!  It took me 30:02.  Not bad, but certainly room for improvement.  I will have to tackle this monster again.

    Also, I started with 20 burpees and worked my way down.  There’s some psychological difference there for me, realizing that the workout is winding down instead of up.  It made it easier for me to get through.

    This one’s gonna hurt tomorrow.

  • Vala


    I revisited this today and did it in 19:54 minutes! I used a 10kg sandbag and last time I used only 6kg and back then it took me 24:54 minutes – this is so awesome :)

    Plus I still had energy left in the end and added 30 Push Ups and 10 one leg squats – I feel really good now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabby-Rodriguez/790883617 Gabby Rodriguez

    Was only able to go to 16 burpees, but I’m so going to revisit this workout! In a month

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabby-Rodriguez/790883617 Gabby Rodriguez

    Was only able to go to 16 burpees, but I’m so going to revisit this workout! In a month

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Natalia-Trofimova/704588888 Natalia Trofimova

    did this WO today in the morning. when it came out it Jan, i was only starting Bodyrocking and doing one proper burpee was quite difficult. and of course i just totally skipped this WO back then seeing it impossible. today i pushed through it in 24:49 min keeping a nice form and i’m proud of myself! Bodyrocking works wonders! ;)

  • Lena

    I didn’t do this one last week and have been feeling guilty all week so I pushed through and did this one today instead of the All I want for Xmas is Abs, which is actually on the schedule. I improved my time from last time by around 4 minutes and I had an extra kg in my sandbag for the swings (12 kgs – I couldnt find my one kg rice bag so I had to do either 10 or 12 ;) ). Today this took me 24:50, last time 28:59. So happy I finally got it over with!! Good on all the Bodyrockers who actually took the challenge last week and well done for all the great improvements!

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  • http://twitter.com/JudyINS Judith Huberdeau

    I started to get better of my cold yesterday so I did this workout this morning. It was harder then the normal but I think it`s suppose to be that way :) I beated my personal best of 25.46 with a score of 22.15!!! Tommorow, I`ll continue the week with the Gaga For Poker Face Workout and I`ll beat my personal best for sure! Hope Freddy is feeling better of his cold and hope that you Zuz don`t feel too lonely… I`m sending positive vibes for sure :)


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  • Annie_B

    Hi everyone!! I was dread to revisit this killer workout. Last time I completed in 27:34 mins. After reading comments,there’re many bodyrockers here pushed through this workout within 20 mins or less.Wow!!!that really gave extra boost:)
    With a cup of coffee and put in good pump up songs, I told myself lets do it…no water break today. I beat my PB….yeah!!! I finished in 18:47 min with the same weight I used last time, 25 LBS. =D Screw you Brutus…hahaha. I was soaking wet from head to toes LOL.
    Many thanks to all of bodyrockers !!! Don’t ever underestimate your inner strength :) You’re stronger that you think!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Lanier/100000216811315 Maria Lanier

    I’m back here. Well, I didn’t beat other bodyrockers here who did it in 20 minutes or less but I’m SO proud of myself. The last time I did it, I wasn’t able to finish it. I only did half and I was darn SO tired. But today, I finished the whole thing. Yay!!! I finished it 35 minutes and 24 seconds. I’m happy with that. I thought I’m not gonna able to finish it but I kick Brutus away… :P

    Oh, before I forgot, I did it in opposite direction. I started with Burpees 20, 19, 18, 17 and go on… Hahahaha!! :) Plus, since my shoes is hurting my toes, I did it in barefoot. A big help! I used 10 lbs dumb bells each hands in replace of a sandbag and swing it both from my side. :)

  • http://delightfultastebuds.wordpress.com Jos

    Did this morning and I’d say I beat my old record!
    I finished it in 25:37 (old time 31:22) – Now I’m aiming to finish this under 20 minutes!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ildiko.mazar Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    Another long morning in the name of BodyRocking. I improved my ultimate groceries bag with 3 additional bubble wrap handles, now it almost looks like (and definitely feels like) a real one ;-).

    I didn’t have a PB for this workout yet, and it looked (and felt) very scary. I think there is some additional psychological pressure when we count UP the reps along the line of the sets. But I did everything in the proper form from beginning to end, my score’s good (22:47) and I’m really happy to be finished already and still have most of the day ahead of me :-).

    • http://www.facebook.com/ildiko.mazar Ildikó Sünci Mázár

      My fiancee having arrived home from work asked what I have for him for tonight: nice cooked dinner and lots of burpees – I said. Hmm, yamm. His time was 32:00

  • Alana

    I buggered up my wrist again, so I’m going to take it easy tonight and NOT do this one. I’ll do another one instead, less push-upy though. Did Real Hot this morning. :) I feel great! :)

  • Dheana

    I can’t believe how many Body Rockers power through this brutality in the 20 minute neighborhood! You are all my heros and inspiration!

    I’m no where near you all, but did manage to knock 17 minutes off my first score, finishing it in 32 minutes and 19 sweaty seconds! and with all full push ups!

    I do have a question though – I find the toughest part of burpees the jumping back to plank, which KILLS my quads – like pure fire cutting through them – it’s excruciating! Clearly my weakest link – but I’m curious if anyone else has experienced this…and if it gets better! :-P

    For those of you about to undertake this one – I salute you! Push through – it’s so rewarding on the other side!

    • AudraFit

      Diam! Dheana! I call that a breakthrough! Geez, now thats incredible improvement! *clapping* =D

  • http://www.facebook.com/dana.vanbeneden Dana Grace Van Beneden

    Omg. In January I was 20.21 and today my score was 23.16. Ya, I didn’t just do 10 sandbag swings between the burpees, I counted up on the sandbags swings as well. So I was doing the same number of sandbag swings as I was burpees. I DID NOT mean to punish myself like this. It was horrible but at least I now understand why my time went up:/

  • http://kenjibankhead.posterous.com/ ashtromanius

    Burpees kinda make me want to puke right now… so i cut this in half. Which I finished in just under 15 mins. I think the first time I did this… or something similar Swimming in Sweat workout? Wasn’t that similar to this? Anyway. I did that in 32:26. So, I guess I’m still keeping up with myself 2 months pregnant and that’s happy news for me :)

    Way to go Audra on your scores. Super impressive!

    Yes… and we have snow here too… I think the whole week is snow, snow, snow. blech

  • Tammy77

    Adda girl Julia!!! Congrats…you should be very proud of yourself :)

  • http://twitter.com/JudyINS Judith Huberdeau

    Hi Zuz!! :) Hi hope you are doing good and not so lonely without Freddy… I`ll rock this Burpees Fusion Workout tommorow and I`ll be back to share my scores. I`ll push the hardest I can to beat my personal best :) My husband and I just reserved our trip to Jamaica in a beautiful resort for April!!! We are soo excited cause its the first time in 4 years that we are going to travel together and it`s on the week of my birthday the 22!! It`s gonna be awesome and I`ll send you burpees video and pictures :)

    Have a great night to everyone :)

    Judith xx

  • Anonymous

    hey bodyrockers:) i need ADVICE

    my boyfriend broke up with me last week, and ive been feeling terrible, i have such a short temper and am just “off” all the time. it really hurt me when he started to ignore me like the past two weeks leading up to that, and i knew it was coming but i kept hoping it was in my head, that it would get better. When he broke up w me i felt surprisingly free and amazing, but that wore off. Now i find myself thinking about how things used to be with us, and how that whole part of my life is gone. I dont know how to feel, i feel like crap but idk y. I love myself, but it makes me sad to think that i wasnt good enough for him. Even though i keep telling myself its not me and theres nothing i could have done to change what happened, i still feel empty. I need to reconnect to myself, which i lost when we were going out- i was too busy thinking about him, or worrying i was losing him. If anyone has advice it would mean so much to me. I know he wasnt right for me, but its hard to just lose someone who used to really love you. thanks guys:)

    so anyway, bodyrock is probably the one reason im not completely depressed. Its the one highlight to my day, and i feel like im closest w/ all of you here and zuz and freddy. I actually procrastinated myself out of this workout yesterday, and felt terribly- the first time i skipped a workout i wrote down already for that day. I was just dreading it so much, this one is torture. so i got up thismorning, got all dressed and ready and woken up for school when i find out there is a 2-hour delay due to the insane blizzard (its crazy cuz all the snow here in NY was melted and i wake up to find inches and a blizzard.) I could have easily crawled back into bed and slept the next 2 hours… BUT i was feeling so terrible, so down about myself that i knew i needed to change that. I knew it was going to pass, but i had to DO something. So i whined a little and got dressed in workout clothes, and mentally prepared for this workout.

    and i got down to business. scared every second that i was not going to make it thru again or my time was going to be pathetically slow. but it wasn’t. By the 3rd burpee, no joke, i was seriously considering quitting. how could i face a mountain of 152 more??? I dug down deep, told Brutus, insecurity, self pity, and whatever other negative emotions to f off, and did every single one of those burpees. I still wanted to quit, but that made me push even harder. every time i let up, i made sure i went back twice as hard, knowing that every second counted

    i beat my old personal best (24:06) with 22:55 !!! YAYYYYYY, i honestly never thought i would be able to complete this torture again the first time i did it. but i proved my self wrong and at the same time proved i had so much more in me than i realized. Like burpees, when life gets u down u get right back up. It always makes me feel better when i say that if i could complete a bodyrock workout, especially one as brutul and completely daunting as this, i could face anything my day has instore.

    like this workout, you have to face life one problem at a time. One burpee at a time, one plank, pushup, and jump up at a time. If you look at it all at once, 155 burpees and 100 swings, your never going to be able to start let alone finish. Realize that problems come to you single file in life, just like burpees. You can tackle them at your own pace, but know you are so much greater than u give yourself credit. and when you collapse on your stomach in a puddle of sweat and tears, have the courage to get back and jump up;)

    lol i love posting, i talk my problems out for myself, its kind of funny. but i can still use more advice about recovering from a breakup


    • Tammy77

      Awwww, Becksssss! I’m so sorry to hear about your breakup!

      However, I do have to admit I loved reading your post. You should read it…again, and again and again…You have included a lot of great advice for anyone out there suffering from life’s struggles and uncertainties, but more importantly great advice for YOU to follow. What you wrote was beautiful…it really was….

      I’m sure it’s hard right now and it’s going to hurt, but think of it as a fresh start to the rest of your life….a new chapter with so much potential and possibilities. And it’s quite possible that the two of you just weren’t meant to be; and who knows maybe you’ll realize (eventually) that you learned something from this relationship that you can take with you for future relationships. What’s meant to be will be Becksssss.

      I hope things get better and that the hurt you feel today fades away….FAST!

      Best wishes for a speedy relationship recovery,
      Tammt :)

      • Anonymous

        I mean Tammy:)

        And P.S………congrats on picking yourself up and finishing today’s workout! Great job!

        • Anonymous

          thank you so much:) and i rly did grow a lot from this even tho it hurt. just need to have faith that eventually it will be better

  • AudraFit

    Well this time I counted down from 20 and I forgot to stop at 11. Oops! I finished in 18:31 with an extra set of 10 burpees on accident. Oh well, I still managed to beat my PB by a little under 3 minutes. How did you do Zuz?

    • Anonymous

      WOWSERS!! I was looking through the comment section to see how well you did…and OMG! Great score Audra! Adda girl!

      • AudraFit

        Thanks Tammy :) You did great as well girl!

    • Mary Lou

      Fantastic score Audra! You’re right about not being afraid though, I was, as Janet likes to put it, sucking my socks halfway through and figured I couldn’t be doing so well, but managed to knock off more than a minute.

      I bet it’s not snowing where you are Audra, can we move in with you? ;)

      • AudraFit

        Haha! Usually by now it’s 75-90 degrees but it’s a windy 61 degrees and I’m lovin it. Mi casa es su casa!

    • Anonymous

      Wow you did so great! It is a killer workout.

    • http://delightfultastebuds.wordpress.com Jos

      Dang you could finish it under 20 mins? that’s super awesome! Last time I did, it took me 30 mins. Now I’m curious how I’m gonna do tomorrow morning.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Lanier/100000216811315 Maria Lanier

      Yeah Audra, how did you finish this workout in less than 20 minutes? The first time I did this, I puke. oops… meaning, I wasn’t able to finish. I’ll do this tomorrow and I’m curious what’s gonna happen to me, hope nothing… :P It just that, my foot is hurting everytime I do bodyrock. I guess I really have to buy a new rubber shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, so I’m back from making it through this workout. I tried to find some previous scores to compare todays with, but came up short on that idea. So today I am starting with a fresh new score – this will be my baseline for future reference.
    My score for this grooling workout is 21:22…..I took a wee breather in round 7…needed to catch my breath. What got me through it? I envisioned a spinach, mushroom and onion omelete at the end of the tunnel! First a cold shower and then lunch!
    Have a great day everyone….Tammy

  • Anonymous

    This is so screaming hard! I was a little expecting burpees this week as we haven’t done them in a while. I cringed a little when I saw this but went ahead and put on my big girl panties and got down to business and finished the challenge in 18:22. I was a big sweating panting mess when I was done but yay feels so good to be done.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Zuz…I’ve been on the site all morning transferring the diet challenges and the daily workouts/excercise challenges into my journal including my scores and was wondering…how are you doing today? I haven’t completed the workout yet, however I think I may shortly as my butt is starting to feel numb sitting here…..hope all is well there in Prague.
    Tammy :)

  • Mary Lou

    I also flipped the burpees to start with 20 and used a 20lb ‘ricebag’. 29:24!! 1:14 faster than last time! Yay! Added v-sits, straight and bent knee stability ball raises, Zuzana’s twist clean & rows (I can’t remember what they’re called) and side and front bends for good measure! I’m gonna skip the skipping today, because it’s – guess what – SNOWING AGAIN! Arrrgghhh!

    • Anonymous

      So tired of the snow! It is supposed to maybe snow here later this week, and I just got to run in my shorts yesterday

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabby-Rodriguez/790883617 Gabby Rodriguez

    I completed all 10 rounds! Cant jump back yet but I stepped all the way through and made it w/sweet sweat on my chin! I’m back!! Woo hoo-now to cool down and stretch. time24min 35sec

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabby-Rodriguez/790883617 Gabby Rodriguez

    I completed all 10 rounds! Cant jump back yet but I stepped all the way through and made it w/sweet sweat on my chin! I’m back!! Woo hoo-now to cool down and stretch. time24min 35sec

  • http://BodyRock.Tv Candace

    Did this for the second time….1st score was 22:59 with push ups on my knees half way through. This time……. 19:43…say whaaaaaaat??!! And absolutely no modificaitons and still using a 20lb dumbbell. Then add the skull crushers with sit up challenge for the second time. 9:31 with 20lb barbell. Pretty stoked :)

  • Anonymous

    This workout BURIED me deep, deep, DEEP under ground!!! :D The last two rounds were challenging, but I’ve managed to finish all the reps without any modification whatsoever! My time wasn’t good, I finished it in 30:52, but I’m still proud that I managed to complete all the sets! Think I won’t be doing burpees for a while, I don’t like them as much anymore… :D
    Kidding of course.. Thanks for this brutality!!

  • Anonymous

    We use rice, other people have used salt – road salt is a great one!

  • Anonymous

    hahahahahahaha – I know exactly how you feel. I can get just a slightly bit grumpy if someone,ahem – Zuzana – interrupts me :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Kristina,
    I have asthma too – although not nearly as bad as when I was younger. Sometimes when I am working out I get a bit wheezy, but nothing close to an attack. How bad does it get for you?

  • Anonymous

    I can see our videos on the iphone and ipad….

  • Leisl

    Geez….that was one of the toughest high intensity workouts I’ve done for a loooooong time! Did it in 20 minutes and 25 seconds. All of us at work got sent home due to the Queensland floods. I went to go to the gym to do my workout but it too was closed…..so I did this home workout instead!….No excuses people, you can workout any time anywhere….!

  • http://twitter.com/koliiibriii Danielle

    Tried this again, it’s murder! :D First time I did 22 S/S per thing and then 10 burpees (pushups on knees). 26 minutes or so.

    I did the WHOLE thing this time, took 44:56. Yeah, I took a few 10/30/60 second breathers :p Starting a new job tomorrow so I can’t be TOTAL mush! But I feel awesome.

  • bowlergal

    my time was 31:15. enjoying the website! i also do crossfit too – very good!

  • Dorota T.

    Aaaaa! I’m burning!

    19:46min …and proud of myself!

    Great Workout! THANKS! :)

  • Nina

    I could only do 5 rounds :(, my first day of exercise after a week of fever and flu. im still coughing, sneezing and wheezing but at least i got part of this done! i did 40 sandbag swings and 90 beginner pushups after just so i dont feel so bad!

  • Anonymous

    wait till you experience todays workout.

  • Janet

    Since everyone has different strengths and weaknesses it is impossible to say where it will hit you exactly. If you do the workout, chances are you will answer the question for yourself, which is really all that matters. Zuzana leaves no muscle untouched…. ;)

  • Marcel

    Jsi opravdu dobrá, zajímavé cviky :) Sluší ti to i při cvičení :)

  • mimi

    did 8 rounds yesterday…(about 25 minutes) had to PUSH myself REALLY hard in the 8th round! then did 5 min of running on treadmill!

    that way day 3 of following ALL bodyrock workouts of this year! onto the squat n rev. pushup challenge today!

  • Shanna

    Whew…that workout was just made of freakin’ AWESOME!!! Tough, but I feel great. I completed the workout in 20:16. Any alternative for skips? For some reason when I do a lot of skips my ankles kill me. 20 mins worth would be a lot of skips.

  • Vanessa Team Norway

    Hi Zuzana!! I have been to your website a few times in 2010 but never really got started with doing the routines. I finally did the Burpee fusion and that felt soooo goood! I could hardly walk up the stairs when I was finished… Success!

    Anyway, I am wondering how the weekly schedule works because today (thursday) it says ‘excercise challange’. Does that mean we should go to the excercise challange part of your website and just pick one?

    I can’t wait to get fit for the summer with you and all the bodyrockers! I have taken ‘before’ pictures…we all love good before and after pictures right :)

    I can’t call myself a bodyrocker just yet…I should at least finish a couple of weeks… but definitely an aspiring bodyrocker!

    Thanks for being so inspirational!

    Bodyrocker to be,
    Vanessa from Norway

  • Anonymous

    hi zuzana!!

    Well the truth i have to admit that at first scared me a little exercise, but today i woke up with energy and ready to overcome my fear, so i tried it and my record was 25 minutes and 13 seconds

    thank you so much! =))

  • KC

    I fought it through in 22 minutes!! I just read Steph’s comment before i start, it really helped!! But I wonder how much weight did you guys use?

  • http://twitter.com/JudyINS Judith Huberdeau


    I was supposed to do this workout today, but I felt sooo sore in the morning that I decide to take a rest. I`ll be back with this amazing workout tommorow and I`ll rock it stronger then ever ;)

    Take care xx

  • Janet

    Glad this is out of the way…I finished in 18:57, with all standard push ups. This is a great one! Hits the cardio! YES! I am going to try another workout since I am a day behind and it is too rainy to go run and too windy to surf…

  • Pingback: January 5, 2011 « Getting Stronger()

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=580486846 Nezer Minx Boakye

    Forgot to post my score! Brutal was the right word! I could barely hold my arm up for longer than 3 seconds to take a sip of water by the time I hit round 5. Strangely enough, I was not sore the next day…

    Time: 35:06 & 1400 Jumps in 20 Minutes. I do it batches of 100 but I think I shouldn’t worry about counting so much. I have gotten better and kinda just wanted to check my pace. I find that the challenge of it makes the 20 minutes fly by.

    Love you guys!

  • Anonymous

    We have a full warmup video on the site in the “home workouts” category :)

  • Anonymous

    I did not complete this workout, it is the second time I have been to this website. I think that this website is awesome and I enjoy learning and listening to Zuzana. Thank you for being so down to earth and encouraging. You are a great motivator for people of all ages. I can’t believe how difficult these workouts are and I feel like I am finally get a good workout with these exercises. I was working out at the gym-boring. I am very excited to keep up the hard work. Thanks

  • Yana

    hi bodyrockers! gonna torture myself tomorrow with this work out so i need your help!)) can you advice me another exercise instead of the one with a sand bag because i don’t have a proper sandbag and don’t want to do it with the small weight. i think it should be the other type of an exercise than the burpees so you could relax a bit between doing burpees))) I am looking forward for your suggestions! )

  • Moji

    I love the first pic, it shows how tired you had become, although your very strong. You are very good at conveying the message of each work out

  • Helene

    Question – do you HAVE to do the cardio after this workout? I’m used to running and then doing pushups, crunches, your workouts, etc.

  • Ana

    I have never sweated this much after a wourkout and I felt absolutely amazing after it. Thank you so much!

    Oh, my score was 29:17 with easier variations, I’m a beginner :).

  • Billy Mitchell

    Doing them reverse order (starting with 20, ending with 10) is about a million times easier, psychologically — at least for me. Throughout the workout, no matter how much you’re hurting, you can tell yourself, “keep going…each round is getting easier…”

  • Tess

    Hey body rockers,

    I passed on this workout but then I read the comments and was so stoked I had to try it. I was dripping with sweat but managed to complete in 24:42. Thanks everyone for the inspiration.

  • Anonymous

    Hi – When I stand on the middle of the rope and hold the handles together and pull up they come up to my collar bone and I am 6 feet tall – 181 cm. I am guessing when you hold the rope that way it is about 170 cm?

  • jellybean

    mmm exhausted after work…but i’m gonna start this in the morning :D

  • Laura

    YES! why should guys have all the hot lady parts to look at, give us some hot sweaty freddy once in a while!

  • Amanda

    I just completed this in 22:51 and I’m totally wiped out! My legs were so wobbly after finishing the last round that I could barely walk!!

    After I first saw this workout post, I made a comment about how hard it looked. My boyfriend and his best friend told me that it didn’t look so bad, so I challenged them to do it with me. The look on their faces was priceless as they realized exactly what they were getting themselves into. (I have been working out with you since August, so I know better than to underestimate your workouts.) By round 5 they were both super exhausted and finally just quit. I always feel great after I finish a workout, but AHHHHH!!! what satisfaction it was to finish all 100 sandbag swings and 134 burpees!

  • Eglutt

    You are NOT only one overweight beginner!!

  • Althya

    I have this workout on my schedule for tomorrow…cant wait for that brutality :-))

  • Kay

    This was so brutal!! I did this at 2am and I tried so hard to get to the 8th round but I felt like vomitting. Completed 7 rounds in 23:24. Will definitely revisit this when Im stronger and beat this.

  • http://twitter.com/koliiibriii Danielle

    Guys, I am SO glad the Disqus comment thing saves your last comment, because Firefox crashed halfway through!

    UGH. Haha. My jump rope didn’t arrive yet, but it should be here in a few hours. Damn UPS!

    Alright, so my time was 26:02 and I did it like this:
    1-3: 20 sandbag swings, 10 burpees (on knees, did jumps)
    4-10: 20 sandbag swings, 5 burpees (on knees, did jumps)

    My sandbag is a 20lb bag of kitty litter wrapped in two trash bags, duct taped, then wrapped in a duffle bag and duct taped. The straps are duct taped on, so I kept the slider door onto the porch open because I was afraid the bag would go flying and either 1) annihilate our pet bird or 2) break the glass door. So then I did them outside :p

    I think I’ll try this again on Friday, doing the 10 swings and high reps of burpees. It seems a bunch of people started at 20 burpees and moved their way down, which I think I’ll try.

  • Anonymous
  • rtc

    I’m always one day behind and this was crazy hard! So rather than quit, I did 470 skip rope reps, 30 burpees, (which was really hard for me! – wow Zuzanna and all the bodyrockers are amazing), and 60 sandbag swings (using my purse with my laptop in it :D). I’m totally sweating and feel really great. Hopefully I can come back one day and do this fully.

  • Lena

    I haven’t commented in a little while but I just have to post something on this absolute killer workout! I did it in 29 minutes without modifications but I seriously struggled! I felt like I was gonna cry and give up at more than one point! I only managed to do 10 minutes of skipping after as well… I was near dead!
    Zuzana, you are hardcore for taking only 20mins and skipping for a further 20 afterwards – I am in awe :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Bjorg-Jepsen/754945057 Maria Bjørg Jepsen

    Get well soon, I know the feeling :( Take care of your body meanwhile and rest!

  • Anonymous

    I have a love-hate relationship with burpees, I completed all 10 rounds in 30mins but could only manage 10 burpees each time. I envy your stamina Zuzana !

  • Anna

    Just try to do a little bit more every day, whether it’s just an extra rep, or an extra minute, build up to a full work out.

  • Cuidsds

    29 minutes and 44 seconds! don’t believe it! I skipped this workout yesterday so i decided that i would do half of it today plus today’s workout, but as soon as i started it, i couldn’t stop until i finished it! i’m going to rest for about 20 minutes and then start today’s workout!

  • Haleigh

    22 min.
    10 minutes of jump rope and then I hit exhaustion.
    Next time, full 20 min. of jump rope and better time on challenge.
    Thank you for such a wonderfully challenging routine!

  • jennifer

    first workout of the new year. my goal was to complete it under 25 min, my time was 24:20.04!!!! i love how hard burpees are, the feeling is amazing. absolutely fantastic routine!!! thank you so much! just the kickstart i needed :)

  • Tanya C

    Hopefully Zuzana or Freddy or well anyone can answer this for me. Last time for the exercise challenge when I did these my low back was sore the next day. Am I do the swinging sandbag exercise incorrectly if my low back is a little sore the next day? I tried to really focus on engaging my abs today and pushing from the hips, so we will see how my low back feel tomorrow. Time was 33min 41sec I started off great, but really lost endurance about midway through, but my time is still good I think ;)

  • Beth

    35 minutes. Wanted to die. I know I’ve thought this before, but this time I really think THIS was the hardest workout I’ve done. Thanks for pushing us! I can’t wait to improve.

  • Hal

    OMG that was brutal. Completed it in 27:11.

    Zuzanna, you are a beast to do it in only 20 minutes.

    Hopefully something a bit easier tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    I finished this in 27:08 minutes. I was dripping with sweat after I did 16 burpees, and my pushups were lagely modified after that. I was so tired that I wasn’t coordinated enough to jump rope. :) I kept tripping, so I did some extra ab work instead. Crazy workout!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XIAYF6ES5OX53J5UNXDG7WIJNM Amanda

    I made it in 34:06. I had to take quite a few brakes though. Burpees are one of the hardest workouts for me. It was a great workout though! Thanks Zuzana and Freddy

  • Jassie

    A day behind: 35’08”
    Wow! This one was intense. Towards the middle and end rounds the burpees were killer, my shoulders were burning but I pushed hard towards the end and found a new level of speed.I feel like next time I do this workout I could easily shave some time off.

  • Jenn

    It took me just under 26 minutes to do this workout! I had a slight delay midway due to a hug from my daughter, and I had to switch to my knees somewhere in the middle of this workout. I’m glad I pushed myself to the finish!

  • stacey

    YEAHHHHH! I did it. I completed all rounds with no modifications in 31:44. Wanted to give up so badly, but held strong, finished and ready for more (crazy right!) the high after a work out is AWESOME.

  • Kristin

    Wow, that was more cardio than I thought it was going to be! 18:18 but I modified the burpees and did 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15. So glad to be working on summer bodies now!

  • Katie

    I was a bad Bodyrocker and I didn’t workout (much) during the holidays. One workout a week :/ I did however want to hit the new year running, or working out rather, so I did this workout Monday. I thought I would die, I wanted to quit, real mental challenge. Not the best time but I finished!! 33m 26s. Thanks for all your hard work Zuzana and fellow Bodyrockers, you are truly inspiring.


  • DC

    My time 36m31sec.

  • Lvette #1

    my bag was 20lb, I’m glad I didn’t try to used an heavier bag.

  • Lvette #1

    2011 is indeed here. Wow! this was a workout. I did the workout this am; and the little “gift” from Zuzana I did in the pm. There was no way I could have done 20 minutes of jump rope right after the burpee fusion.

    BF: 29:20:30 total time – I was drenched in sweat
    20 min jump rope: I did 950 reps – also complete drenched in sweat.

    Thanks ever so much Zuzana and Freddy

  • A0

    I just finished this in 27.05 wow! it was brutal!
    I love you guys :)

  • Melissa

    OMG. This workout was crazy. I finished the WHOLE THING in 47:41. It’s a lot of time but I needed it. I was determined to finish and I did, and I’m very proud of that. My only modification was doing the pushup part from the knees. I did 20 min of jump rope afterwards, too, which felt awesome to finish. I’m still a beginner but getting more hardcore every day thanks to these workouts and all the encouragement from all these awesome bodyrockers :)

  • Juanita

    My my my this was BRUTAL! What a way to start this year’s workouts!
    I wanted to quit during every rep…But I kept going! My time was 29:54, it felt like forever!!!
    I had a 10kg sandbag for the swings.

    It’s true, better start now for the summer than a few weeks before.
    We just came back from a last-minute trip to the Carribean. I have been doing your workouts for about 6 months and thanks to you, the idea of a last minute trip in my bikini did not send me into sheer panic mode! I took a few of your workouts with me and we managed to work out during 5 days of our week-long trip! All the best to you guys for the new year!

  • Marie MajorFit

    This was brutal… I loved it!! I recrutied 2 guys to do it with me. I did it in 24 minutes flat. One of the guys did it in 18:16 (we think he did an extra round too!) and the other one 20:01. I think I have them hooked! I’m so proud of myself for doing all regular pushups!!

  • Christina Mia

    Awesome! As a beginner, I got through sets 1-8, push up mod’s halfway thru, time: 28:50 using iPhone timer. Feels amazing. Thanks so much for sharing. Lookin forward to more.. Now onto the jump rope. :o)

  • Anonymous

    You were not kidding about slaughter…this killed me…but loved it!! I used a 25lb plate as I don’t have a sandbag yet…This workout took me 32:24 and that was pushing…Thanks for the push!!


  • Jenrowland

    my first bodyrock workout. did it last night and only completed half. I’m not very sore this morning so I know I could have done more. I will push myself harder from now on.

  • moana

    23:50 with 24lbs in my homemade sandbag and no modifications (but a few 5 second breathing and water sipping breaks during the last few rounds!). Dripping sweat and feeling pretty satisfiedf. Cool that Brian’s workout got taken up so quickly (with a bit of a burpee-crazy Zuz spin on it).

  • Kathleen

    Official first body rock workout completed

    Brutal burpies 

    The sand bag swing was like an exercise sent by the angels to keep me alive compared to those brutal burpies, thank you exercise angels :). I really didn’t think I could complete this workout. I was wasted by set 3 but I just wanted to get at least to set 5 that would be half way but when I got through set 5 I said it would be a shame to give up now so I dragged and crawled through to complete the 10 sets. My time was 32 mins 36 sec. I did 7 mins of skipping straight afterwards.

    I am very happy to have started this body rock regime.  I look forward to tomorrow – I think – that’s if I can move tomorrow.

    I made my own sand bag last night out of old pair of combats.  Worked out very well. I had no sand or rice so I attacked a big 7 kg bag of potatoes will get sand tomorrow.

    Thank you Zuzanna and Freddy for your time and expertise you are both very kind and giving people. You are beautiful inside and out.



  • Chelsea

    Omg I diedddd haha took me 31 minutes :)

  • Jamesgomm

    That almost killed me! I haven’t worked out for some 6 months or so and have gotten outta shape.(currently wieghing 98KG) I pushed as hard as I could but could only do 6 rounds in 26.56. I was outta energy but still did the skipping.

    That was hard but I’m determined to stick with you and everyone on this site. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that struggled as I felt so outta shape doing this!

    Looking forward to tomorrow…


  • http://30bananasaday.com Windlord

    I have no idea why I just “liked” this. I didn’t LIKE it at all!! ;)
    155 burps really add up!

    used 45# DB for the Shwings (since I know you vary it periodically, could you pls. make note of which load you use in each workout?)

    that was plenty, so I skipped the skips + I’ve got Insanity tonight…

    How’d you do, Fredman?

  • Michelle23

    Wow! That was intense! I did not think I was going to make it through that one. That little voice in my head kept telling me to quit and I took a couple more water breaks than usual for this one.
    I finished in 29:34 and I used 20lbs for the sandbag swing (which is just over 9 kilos).
    Thanks Zuzana for kicking my butt!

  • Anonymous

    I just posted but I can’t see my own comment. Is this right?

    • Anonymous

      The comments are moderated so there is a delay :)

  • KelliV

    Thank you Zuzana and Freddy!!
    This was just what I needed last night, I was in a rotten mood and feeling down. I split the jump rope, 10 min before and 10 after and finished the workout in 24:10 with 25lbs in my sandbag.
    I love how a brutal workout can lift my spirits. I’ve been following you for a couple years now (off and on) and you’ve really helped me stay motivated and excited to workout (almost) everyday. Many thanks!!

  • Galia

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy :)
    My name is Galia. I’m from Bulgaria.
    Zuzana you are really inspirational and thank you about that. I did it for 44 min, I did push ups with my knees on the ground and jump.
    I’ve been following your workouts since August but I used to give up really fast. Starting and giving up. It was awful. But now I think is the time, when I’ll achieve something, which will make me proud of myself.
    I’m not very good but I’m determined to get in the perfect shape for me, so I’ll push harder.
    And want to be in the best shape for the summer and my 18th birthday, which will be this June. :)
    The site looks great. It’s very clean and easier to use. Also stylish. I’m designing websites but only for fun. Congrats you did a great job. I want to mention, that videos are very nice directed. :)

    P.S. It would be cool if we see some workouts done by Freddy. Just curious. :)
    P.S.2. And for everybody, who wants to change for good – just keep up and never give up no matter how hard it is sometimes, because the small efforts we all do when it’s hard after a period of time they become the greatest achievements in our lives. :)

  • Vikaca

    I am new here. Finally, I decided to change my life, to change my body to a better one. I’m sick of that fat body. Two years ago I worked hard and I got results – my body was sexy and fit, but after half year I stopped exercising and started to eat everything and big porcions. Since than I got 15kg fat. I look terrible. So I decided to join this BodyRockers team. Today was my first training day and I can say it was really hard. I did only half of these exercises (up to 6). Then I did some other exercises for abs which I found here, but after it I couldn’t do 20min jumping with a rope, sorry :)) Just my knees were so shaking that I just wanted to lay down on the floor and sleep there. I am sure that after some practise I will be able to do everything and in a good time. So thanks Zuzana and Frederick for your inspiration. It made me to think about changes in my life. I’ll try to do my best everyday :))

  • Lespioupioux

    Je suis super contente de moi. Au complet en 22 min 14 sec après 6 mois d’entrainement avec vous. La corde à sauter n’a duré que 12 min je n’en pouvais plus. Merci pour vos séances toujours aussi excitantes. Bonne année de la France et que tous vos voeux se réalisent en 2011

  • Gabi

    I did it in 28:19 I was sweating like crazy and my face was red like a tomato. :-) I loved it though and didn’t think I could do it but I pushed hard and didn’t need any motification. YYAAYYY!!
    Thanks for the great workout again!!

  • Csibru

    Wowzas this was brutal! My time was 29:51 with perfect form if I do say so myself. Definately room for improvement but I’m just happy I finished it! Ran for 30 minutes after pushing my 4 and 3 yr olds in a stroller.

    Have to brag for a minute too, Yesterday I went on a 6 hour snow shoeing hike that began with a 40 minute trek up a black diamond ski hill along with 8 other people 3 of whom were search and rescue workers. I’ve never been snowshoeing and while all the others were huffing and puffing and complaining about how they’d be sore for months, I was flying along. They nicknamed me the energizer bunny:) Honestly I’ve been fit for awhile but you guys have gotten me in the best shape of my life. Not bad for a 32 year old mom of 3!

    THANK-YOU both for all you do!

  • ~Haley

    31 minutes. 54 seconds. 25 pounds. no modifications. Plus 20 minutes of freestyle jump roping. A~mazing.

  • Steph Sizzle

    I completed this in 24 minutes, but I have to say this was one of the most difficult workouts. Burpees always exhaust me, but my motto is “if I’m still breathing, I can go on.” I very much wanted to quit after the 7th round, but I said ” I am fully capable of going on, so I did.”

  • Branchy

    1:26/1:29/1:47/3:38/3:03/just sand bag swing 0:30

  • Amanda Haskin

    This was awesome!!! My time was 27:42…I really slowed down right around the 16 burpee point. I totally love the idea of the added cardio at the end. Summer, here I come!!!! Thanks guys!

  • Marski

    Only 2nd BodyRock workout.
    Those Burpees are killer ! Who ever invented those?!
    Did all in 19:19, but have to admit I only did 10 Burpees per round (accidently, but would not have been able to add even one!)- push ups are not the problem, its the legs…. Did 20 minutes running on the treatmill

  • Anonymous

    I tried this but it was too hard to complete entirely because I’m a complete beginner. So I did 4 rounds, then 10 min rope skipping. Followed by 2 more rounds and again 10 min of rope skipping. I totally died but hopefully it will get better.

  • Eszter

    Hi Zuzana, freddy and all the Bodyrockers,
    I’m a newbie here, this was my second workout completed (the 1st was the epic abs). I’ve never done workouts like yours here before and I find them pretty much challenging and I’m looking forward to seeing changes on my body! As for my strength I can feel improvement after only the 2nd workout completed! :)

    My time: 29’22 with proper forms, then 20 mins with the rope (1000 reps).

    You are really right when you say that the body gives up later then the mind, so all you should do is to be determined and you’re gonna make it! :)
    I’m now very proud of myself and will come back tomorrow and after that….and after that… :)
    Thanks for the great workouts and motivation!

    • Gabi

      Hi Eszter, are you from Hungary??

  • Kathleen

    Push ups are killing me! Had to modify since 5th round. my time is 38;25
    btw my headache is gone after burpees. I would never have thought this!
    I wonder if I should regester somehow on this site or it’s not necessary?

  • Ruth

    My time was 19 mins and 34 secs of pure torture!! Felt so good about myself after I had finished tho!

    Thank you and Happy New Year :)


  • http://www.facebook.com/christian.isai Christian Isai

    Can I do the swings with a 8 kg dumbell? or the long of the bag has something to do ?

    • Roq

      Dumbell….kettlebell….whatever. You use what you have. I own sandbags but not with these handles so I use my 12 kg kettlebell. No biggy. It’s going to be a challenge whatever you use. Not sure 8 kg is going to be a challenge for you though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=504450020 Laura Fancy

    phew!!! This was a killer!!!
    This was an excellent way to get rid of some frustrations. My washing machine broke today and smelly water leaked all over my laundry room! Had to spend the whole friggin’ day disinfecting the place.. lol.
    This was MUCH needed!

  • Vera

    hi guys! wow, that was something! I completed the workout in 32:45 and I’m totally exhausted… feels great!

  • Jana

    I wanna try this workout but this flu sucks … so maybe next week … I´m so sad and dissapointed because at this time it´s not possible to me to do any movement!

  • http://twitter.com/koliiibriii Danielle

    Just ordered a jump rope with a counter off of Amazon. Hurrah for free shipping! :D So I’ll do this one when that arrives.

    Cheap sandbag material – kitty litter! Just bought a 20lb bag of kitty litter and wrapped it in a crappy duffle bag I bought at a store and wrapped the whole shebang in duct tape. Can’t wait to try it :p Obviously 20lbs is more like a beginner weight, but I lift heavy weights on alternating days, so I’m not too concerned. The hardest part was finding a cheap bag I wouldn’t mind ruining!

    • Melissa

      This is such a great idea!! Thanks!

    • Melissa

      This is such a great idea!! Thanks!

  • Trishamichetti

    This was incredibly brutal!! but i was loving every minute of it in a weird way. I love your site, i’m completely 100% hooked.

  • Maggiespeicher

    Hey everyone! Made it through round 8! Not to bad for my 2nd BodyRock workout! Took me 26:49. Next time I’ll kill the whole thing! This was a tough challenge!

  • Jilliancutter3

    26:28. beginner push-ups for the last 3 rounds.

  • RoseRich

    Wow! I did all of it! I didn’t think I would make it and that voice in my head kept telling me to stop, but I just ignored it. This was tough for me because I just started trying these workouts and I had to make modifications. I don’t have a bag so I used a heavy weight and focused on my hips, and, trust me, I could feel it! Then for the burpees, I was struggling with them the first round, so instead of jumping my feet back, I stepped my feet back one at a time. I know this modification is what allowed me to finish. I completed it in 44:52. This is the first bodyrock.tv workout I’ve completely finished. Super proud of myself :)

  • Suzan

    Brutal.. took me around 22:32 (guilty for checking my texts and having a sip of water a few times!) and after that I was dripping in sweat, but the 20 mins of jump rope took it to the next level of sweat!! Felt so good to finish it all though. Love from Canada to both Zuz & Freddy – thank you both for updating the site everyday, not only with workouts, but amazing inspiration, motivating words, and awesome recipes!

  • Irene

    26,32, but I did a lot of the burpees on my knees . But that’s ok, as it was very challenging:o))

    I did the 1000 jumprope outside yesterday,but i have asthma so that did not feel so good. So glad i can do this on my bathroom, in this cold weather.

    Best Irene

  • Anonymous

    Oh Wow! Completed this in 32:54. It was just painful. I did proper form for the first 3 sets, and then had to modify to my knees. By the last two rounds I was not jumping on the burpee, but I was still moving and I was trying to jump, it just wasn’t happening! haha. I did not like it at all, but at the same time, LOVED IT!! Yay!

  • Zuzana_S

    Hi everybody, this is a little off topic and maybe the answer is somewhere (I searched Fitness tips and didn´t find), please help…

    Where do you write your notes? I mean, I´d like to see my progress but it´s a mess now :( I have a few comments on small papers, something is entered in my calendar…
    I try to find the best way how to organize this, I want to look back in 6 months and find what I´m looking for…
    I wondered about MS Excel or some app for my iPod? Or do you have just a notebook?

    • http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_1jJ435nPv20/TMyTR7gCp5I/AAAAAAAAAbQ/ItS-Z_1oRL0/s1600/%D0%BA%D0%BE%D0%BA%D1%82%D0%B5%D0%B9%D0%BB%D1%8C+%283%29.JPG Chilenita

      Zuzana_S, I bought for me special note book, only for my training workouts. Each day I put date, name of workout, all exercises and my reps. After when I return to repeat something so easy check progress and put little frase “personal best” ;)

    • Roq

      You use whatever you prefer. I use a book to write in. I like to use a moleskine that I buy on Amazon. I love those. My brother is very organized as well but uses computer, iphone, ipad and whatever other gadgets he can find. It’s just a matter of preference. Last year I wrote everything I ate on the left page and my workouts for the same day on the right page. I used a plank page moleskine which I liked a lot. This year I bought a moleskine daily planner so I’ll organize it differently and figure out which way fits me better. I also print out a monthly calendar (have two on each page) and write what exercise I do each day. When I do it that way it’s easy to see how diligent I have been each month.

      I actually prefer to use a nice notebook like the moleskine since I like to keep them for years to come and refer back to them. I don’t think I would do that if I used the computer. You just have to figure out what works out for you.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Lanier/100000216811315 Maria Lanier

      I’m using excel to record all my BodyRock workouts. But I also have a little notebook to write down my score during exercises then transfer it to my excel later after my workout or over the weekend. In my excel, I have date, name of workout, name of each exercises, scores and with filter so I can compare my scores from previous dates I did.

  • Jewels

    My God! This was some challenge! My time was 28 mins and 38 secs. I had to do beginner modifications for round 7 and 9 and decided last round to really push it! I really wanted to quit half way through. I’m very proud of myself with sticking to these exercises, I usually quit when things get way too tough. Even if there are some days I didn’t don’t do so well, I decide not to be hard on myself and just challenge myself the next day to do better. Stop being my enemy but rather my best friend. Hope everyone is having a great start to this new year! Thanks Z and Freddy!

  • Theodoraa

    hey, guys! :) For the past month I’ve been trying (not always been successful) to keep up with you. But during the holidays, my knees started to hurt a bit and also I had some back pains. I’m sure it was all my fault. Not saying anything bad about you! :) I talked to a friend of mine who is a karate trainer and she advised me to go easier and gradually getting to trying to do all that you do. So I will be doing less rounds and only in the beginner form, gradually growing from half the rounds, to three quarters and so on :)
    So anyway, I did 5 rounds in about 20 minutes and some jump rope after. That jump rope really is a killer after a workout, but I’m sure it will do a lot of good :)
    Thank you guys for a great start to the year and happy new year to you and all the bodyrockers! Hugs! (don’t worry, I showered :D)

  • Nina_lyn

    25’08” for the series until the 18 burpees (in beginner mode :( …) I’ve got no arms anymore. But thanks for the workout and HaPpY nEw YeAr to both of you and your families …

  • Heather

    Oops! I forgot my time for those 17 1/3 rounds: 19:15. Go beginners! One day we’ll be intermediates and then advanced!

  • Minna

    Did this one today and i was sooo amazed how strong i’ve got! I remember when in the gym’s bodypump class maybe a year ago i couldn’t even do ONE proper pushup. Now i did all 155 burpees with proper pushups! Yay!
    My time was 31min 24 sec.

    I found this workout really challenging and was nearly ready to give up during the 17 burpees. Then i remembered phrases such as “mind quits before the body” and i kept going :) You bodyrockers are just wonderful.
    Also one thing that helped with this wo was that i remembered how i struggled through the jump squat challenge and didn’t give up so why should i this time? These super intense workouts really build mental strenght as well as physical.
    Thanks for Zu, Freddy and Brian for this little nightmare :)

  • BodyRocker in tha mood

    It was f%$#$%^ brutal!!! It took me 34.32 min… But i’m excited to train for the summer and I am going to try to follow you from now on. A fresh start!

  • Josefine

    Hey Zuzana, Freddy, BodyRockers!!!
    I was so excited for the first new workout of this year. Took me 21:43 sec. I was sweating so much, my arms were tired, as well as my legs,.. but I kept pushing through it till the end. I really like the idea of the jump rope. I really am so appreciative for what you do. I’ve been noticing the change in my body, I’m so happy! It is so motivating to continue this wonderful journey of fitness. Summer 2011!! Yeah!! (I am also really excited for the summer because in the end of July it will be 1 year that I have been working out with you guys)

  • Olgadelgado

    Oh God, it was my fisrt time, I almost die and I only did 8 rounds.
    By the way, I am Portuguese and I thing you two are very inspirating.
    I hope to continue with your exercises and to see changes in my body.
    (sorry my English is terrible)

  • Naomi

    OMG. The floor is soaked with sweat. I am shaking for real!! :) Bring on the summer body!!

  • Samantha R

    Aw my worrrrrd, this was torture! Finished in 20:45 then 1000 freestyle skips. Thank you (I think) – this won’t be one I’ll be revisiting any time soon ;)

  • Pia Maria

    I did it!!!! Yeah I can’t believe it!
    When I first read through the instructions I was like: o.O……OMG I am not able to do that!
    But after my coffee and some self motivation I started mission impossible!!
    I did the complete workout! I was literally drowning in my sweat it was SOO great! I felt invincible and I was so proud of myself during the workout already!
    I did it in 47:35….but I completed it!!! I also have to add that the beginner push ups from the burpees slowed me down a bit ^^
    Finally I want to add some details about how I get creative about building my own sandbag:
    I use my GeorgeGina&Lucie Bag and put a 5kg weight in it with a long and thick scarf around it so that it fills the bag xD my brother said that it looks like I would go out with my training clothes on =D
    But it is the most robust bag I have :D
    Thanks again for the great workout! :D

  • Estefanía

    I needed 20 minutes and 34 seconds. Great workout. Thank you Zuzana and happy new year. Best regards. Estefanía

  • the liquid monkey.

    I started yesterday and I couldn´t finish the whole series. It´s very difficult yet very rewarding. Keep up the good work.

  • Dmvclv

    Could only do 8 sets before feeling totally sick and not being able to catch my breath. Also had to modify and skip the pushups after 2 sets since I had a breast aug 2 months ago. Loved the workout though!

  • Heather

    I completed 17 rounds + 6 burpees and I nearly fainted. Whew! I’m so pleased I made it that far with only a few ‘beginner’ mods thrown in near the end! Next time I’ll do better. I’ll skip a bit later today. Slowly improving, one really, really hard push at a time!

  • Anonymous

    Zuzana, are you still eating 5 meals a day? Also, would it be ok to replace a meal with a protein drink?

  • NoelSD

    This workout was insane! Completed the Burpee Fusion in 25:55. I really liked adding the 20 mins of cardio in after the workout and I’m glad that you are adding that in now. I made a goal for myself to add more cardio in and you did that for me already for today, so thank you! Can’t wait to see what the challenge is tomorrow :-)

    Thanks for everything,


    Not easy wanted to stop and give up, but knew i wasnt going to get results if i didnt try hard and push!! completed in 22:24:74! my oldest even did it with me. I was so tired when I came home from boxing, but still need to push hard!! Thank you for being a big insperation to me!!

  • Kirry

    Im goo, wiped out, missing a piece of skin and my face looks like a tomato…BUT I kicked Brutus’s ass so hard!

    All 10 rounds, no modification, proper form: 30 min and 29 sec.

  • AJ

    First BodyRock workout EVER. I will be joining Team Canada and I am still dripping in sweat as I write :) I did the beginner version and it still took me 27 minutes!

  • Natalistefanovska

    I did 7 rounds with 5kgweight in 29.50.and 20 min cardio-1700skips:)

  • Charlene

    Wow, Z you did awesome. I barely finished in 26min and 46 seconds. It was brutal and I was a puddle of nothing at the end!

  • The Little Pea

    Burpee Fusion Workout Total Time: 20:53 Whoooot!

    Also, jumping rope for 20 minutes was harder than I thought it would be.

  • Rose

    I can’t wait to try this :)

    For the cardio after the workout. Do you do your stretches first and then do the jump rope or jump rope first and then stretch?

  • JUJU1212

    this was excellent i did it in 40 minutes but i didnt give up, I think i can do burpees in m sleep now…thanks for the wonderful workouts you bring to us

  • Shelley

    I am a beginner for sure!! Did 5 of the 10 intervals and after that…had nothing left. It took me 20 minutes. After that…I did do 20 minutes of skipping rope. I stopped several times to rest…but kept going until the 20 minutes was up. I have very sore muscles, but expected this…as I am not in shape. :) Very good workout!! I enjoyed it.

  • JuDy ;)

    Killing……..even changing the reps order!!! I did the workout, but I started from 20 to 11 burpees (in order to complete it)/ with sandbag swing between burpees. Will do better next time.
    Time 29mins.

  • http://www.mediumandthemessage.com/ zoeDisco

    Hi Z & F

    This is my first official BodyRock workout! I did the beginners mode in 30min and 33sec. Whoa am I sweating!!!

    I love your blog, I have been following along for a while but I am focusing now on the amazing workouts you share. I used to go to the gym but I am at a plateau – I can’t seem to shed that last little bit of flab. I quit and have been running and now I am ready to get into being a true BodyRocker!

    thanks for the amazing inspiration. The enthusiasm you both have is great!


  • Julia

    Day 3 as a BodyRocker. I finished 8 rounds in 35.42 before collapsing. Not so great, but I know it will get better!!

  • Morena2798

    I’m in good shape, and I did 10 exercises in 20 minutes. I did modify — instead of increasing the burpee reps by one, I increased the sandbag swing because I don’t have a sandbag. I did use what I have — a 4lb. weight. I worked up a good sweat, and got my heart rate up to the fat burning zone

  • anna

    this & the 20 minutes freestyle skipping = pure bliss ^_^

  • http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_1jJ435nPv20/TMyTR7gCp5I/AAAAAAAAAbQ/ItS-Z_1oRL0/s1600/%D0%BA%D0%BE%D0%BA%D1%82%D0%B5%D0%B9%D0%BB%D1%8C+%283%29.JPG Chilenita

    I made it! My time 19 min 55 sec, sandbag 6 kg
    When I made all time little voice said me “make beginner variation, give up…. heheheeee”, but all time I said NO, I will continue. In 17 round this voice scream to me for stop or modificate, but I continue make, and now so proud about me! It was really hard, and now I am total sweat but so happy that I could!!!!!

    Thanks guys for one more perfect day with sport!

  • K Joanna76

    i just did it in 25.12 … i am not sure if i am still alive ;)))

    • http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_1jJ435nPv20/TMyTR7gCp5I/AAAAAAAAAbQ/ItS-Z_1oRL0/s1600/%D0%BA%D0%BE%D0%BA%D1%82%D0%B5%D0%B9%D0%BB%D1%8C+%283%29.JPG Chilenita

      If you wrote here, means that you still alive and can tomorrow make new chellange again hahahha

  • http://twitter.com/Makavelina_CZ Nina McAvelin

    Did it!!! Time 40:49 but did it all in proper form until the end! 155 burpees total??? I can’t belive how much strenght I gained in only 4 months! I drinked a lot during it :D
    I am usually amazed by Zuzanka’s time and strenght (and I am today too!), but also today I am so amazed by myself! The time sucks, but the improvement! I am still gonna do 20 minutes with a rope :D I ordered a new rope today, it will arrive oh Thursday (maybe tomorrow, yay) so now I will enjoy the last time with supershort rope :D
    Thank you Zuzi and Freddy for teaching me stuff, and other bodyrockers for keeping this great community that makes me wanna improve even more!

  • Anonymous

    This is going to be tough! I’m heading to the gym now! Eeeks!

  • Hardware Hank

    Wow. This was a tough workout. The burpees were extremely difficult. It was a mental challenge too because as you got tired, you had more burpees to do each set. I couldn’t wait to get done.

    19:56. I was pushing myself to try and break twenty minutes and I did it. So now I’m happy.

  • Samain_24

    I just did it. It took me 20min and 24 sec,but I did 10x Sandbag Swing+ 10x Burpees and I managed to go through all 10 rounds. This was really brutal. Some minutes later I did only 10 min of skipping rope.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sarahi-Gomez/1501689496 Sarahi Gomez

    Phew! im tired!!! i finished in 26min and 30m sec. But my main focus was proper form and i was doing slow pushups.
    This workout kicked my butt!!!

    Now im off to disneyland =P

  • Fanofyours

    Oh my! 27:21 and a big old burpee blister on the palm of my right hand :-) Now off to drink the three liters of water I just lost!

    • Kirry

      Mhehehe, I also have a blister on the palm of my right hand due to this workout. /bodyrock highfive

  • PolDee

    Brutal? Thats absolutely hardcore :X