Feb 22 2011

No Fear Exercise Challenge

Hi BodyRockers,

I just wanted to pass on something that happened to me recently as a cautionary tale for all of you guys. Not long ago I hurt my shoulder playing tennis. It’s an old injury that I managed to aggravate again. Even tho I knew I had this weakness in my shoulder I continued to push in the workouts – in short I didn’t listen to my body and take a break. Tonight I started with this challenge and very quickly arrived in a place where I have hurt myself even more. What was mild pain is now something that feels a lot more intense. How many times have I written in the comments “listen to your body – take a break if you need to?” Easier said than done it seems. I think that I fell into the old trap of not wanting to miss workouts instead of putting my recovery first. So please – if your body is telling you that you need a break, or you are getting over an injury, imbalance or weakness – take the break and then come back at it again when you are fully recovered. Take my word on it :) I know that you guys will keep on Rocking it even if I have to sit out for a while, and that I can join back in when I feel better. Besides, this gives Zuzana a chance to win some challenges and workouts for once :)



P.S. My score for this challenge is 44 sets, but I did have to switch back and forth between the regular clapping push ups and the easier variation of this exercise for begginers.

Yours, in pain,


Workout Breakdown

Time: 10min.Workout Type: exercise challengeExercises: 1
  • Ninja Jump-Jump Up-Clapping Push Updo as many reps as you can

Get your gear for this workout here:

Watch the video above for instructions and easier modifications for beginners.


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  • DJ Kini


  • Anonymous

    hey!  did this one today!  Last time I used both hands on the floor in front to modify the ninja and did a regular pushup.  did 32 sets, today I did the ninja’s with two hands slightly touching two piano benches, to help get up.  as I went on I realized the hands on the benches weren’t really being used, it was just more mental than anything. (hopefully I will soon trust that I can do them and get rid of that security! lol)  I still can’t do the clapping so I did tapping pushups instead.  today I managed to do 37 sets

  • Paige

    I did 24 sets! WHEW!!! I really had to take my time and try and focus on doing the exercises right instead of trying to breeze through them.  I had to take a few breaths sometimes to tell myself to trust my body and that it won’t let me fall on my face XDDD can’t wait until i can do both the exercises with no modifications!

  • Gerrilee Schafer

    still can’t do the ninja jumps….can’t being that I’m frozen on the mat…my brain says no…..so I did a jump up using my hands….real clapping PU all the way   51 sets total….last time I did 40 sets
    also did 15 minutes 10/20 skip

  • Bohdanam

    72 sets ( about 20 clapp. push ups from my knees)
    Back in february I did only 60 sets)
    and 5 B’s for E.
    thanks B

  • Cindy

    Even though I have no fear for this exercise challenge, I had to modify to complete it. I did 59 reps in 10 minutes. I have to keep trying to do those clapping push ups. I followed this challege with 45 spinning class.
    Thanks Z&F!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=706388249 Tori Larson Bradford

    I just finished this challenge followed by the I’m crazy but you like it challenge.  I’m dripping.  It was my first time doing this challenge.  I managed 37 sets with just regular push-ups.  I’m still struggling to get those down.  I did 40 sets of the other challenge which is only 4 more from my pb in Feb.  However, plus 4 sets after doing one challenge is all right by me.


    WOW….toughie!  I still cannot do the Ninja Jumps fully…..seems easier for me withOUT shoes on cause I always find the toes in my shoes catches the floor towards the end of the jump and I usually have to put my hands out to save me from doing a faceplant!  So I did these with modifications from one knee, switching knees regularly.  The clapping pushups I did BOTH ways.  I tried to do majority of them from the advanced push up stance but also did some from my knees.  What a good sweat I feel, thanks Zuzka and Freddy!!!  ”Sweat is fat crying……” lol

    Now I’m gonna attempt today’s workout, “Hot Mess” and that will make me all caught up for the week!  :)

    • Anonymous


  • Lvette #1

    Completed 47 reps in 10 minutes. For face of destroying my “money-maker” (aka my face), I did the clapping push up on my knees.  I’m still very scared of a full face plant doing it the regular way. I guess I need  Sean (Freddy’s brother) back again, seeing him do Ninja Jump Tuck his first try got me over my fear of the Ninja. Now the Ninja Jump Tuck is my favourite exercise of all time.

  • Anonymous

    Beat my previous score!

    Feb 23:  70 sets
    Oct 14:  74 sets

    i did the first 30 as ninja jump/jump tuck, but had to do ninja jump/jump ups after that.  legs like jello.  mmmm…jello!

    i switched up the protein powder i have been using.  i had been using vanilla flavoured, but wanted to change because it was too sweet, so i switched to unflavoured. 

    word to the wise:  “unflavoured” doesn’t mean “no flavour”.  yuck.

    again, thank you for the workout!


  • V.I.G.

    I did the challenge with a roll over between each reps, I mixed it up with the other challenge hahaha…
    I did 44 reps….

  • Anonymous

    Did this today at my lunch break, and while my number isn’t anywhere near the great scores posted here (great job bodyrockers, very impressive), I did improve so I suppose that is something to be proud of. Might not be noticeable in the numbers, my previous score was 41 and today’s score was 40. However, the last time I did this, I had to modify both exercises. This time, no need to modify the ninja jumps, but unfortunately still had to with the clapping push ups. The fact that I can do the ninja jumps though is huge for me, because for some reason I was very afraid I would always have a challenge with this. Also, today instead of doing jumps I did jump tucks (due to the very low ceilings in the office) and for some reason two push ups instead of just one for each set. So while I certainly need to practice my clapping push ups, I’m confident that next I will be posting event better improvements. Thanks as always.

  • Hal

    Ahhh…. I was wondering why I beat you so much on this one.  You’re injured.  My glorious victory is somewhat tarnished now:)

    Anyway, 71 in 10 minutes.  Feel great.  No cheating either.


  • http://www.youasamachine.com You As A Machine

    I made up my own workout today b/c I wanted to lay off my arms and pecs and really was just doing this as a warm up for my yoga practice day…And didn’t have time to search through the site for a different option.  When I’m organized I do that the night before so I’m ready the day of.

    After warming up with 10x stairs up by two’s down by singles (up + down = 1x)+ some light stretching, then did this 10 minute countdown challenge:

    1. Prisoner Get Up – 10 reps
    2. Left Leg Squat Lunge w/ sandbag on shoulder of front leg – 20 reps
    3. Right Leg Squat Lunge w/ sandbag on shoulder of front leg – 20 reps
    4. Ninja Jump + Jump Tuck – 10 reps

    Was able to complete 3 Rounds + 3 Prisoner Get Ups in 10 minutes.
    10x stairs (singles) to bring heart rate down.
    Followed by 45 minutes of Ashtanga yoga (no vinyasa).

    And a burpee for Erin.

  • Vivi

    Yes yes Yes !! I can do regular clapping PU ! Not on my knees !! So happy !!
    72 sets for me !!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=18718826 Gina Melissa Robles

    Susie I was wondering if you guys have a PO box so we can send you things :D maybe you could do videos showing the presents that we send you!

  • Niko

    50 reps, bang on! No mods, very happy with that but am now a bit knackered… :)

  • Mary Lou

    YES! 43! 20 unmodified clapping push ups then the remaining on knees! Only a few times did I have to catch myself with my hands on the ninja jumps! I only did 31 back on 2/23 and I know the ninjas were modified and all the push ups on my knees! YAY!

  • Manda_n_OK

    55 sets!   WHOOP!  I had to do clapping pushups from my knees after 25 full version, but I’m ok with that.  When I started bodyrocking this year I couldn’t do that many unmodified ninja jumps (I think I had to modify them at the last several), so I’m good with that!   If any of you do weightlifting.. don’t do this the day after a shoulder workout like I did.  You’ll wear out quick!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nóra-Karcsics/100001485836139 Nóra Karcsics

    I did this wo. this morning before a maths competition.:P I hope it’ll help. Last time I did 50 reps with modifications /10,08,2011/. I couldn’t do any clapping push up. Now I did 43 without any modification :) Yayy, I was afraid that I won’t be able to do it but I was chanting NO FEAR! So proud!

  • Sara

    This was a great example of why one should keep track of one’s scores and try to beat one’s personal best… I last did this one almost exactly five months ago, on 2-22. I did 42 sets (unmodified) on that date. Today I did 50!
    It was extra good to have that boost and evidence of improvement, because I’ve been feeling kind of chunky recently (I have an hourglass figure, so I’m never going to be lean and svelte), but I can’t be too grossly heavy if I can get that number, right? Curvy but fit…

  • Anonymous

    50 !!!! I’m so HAPPY with that. I didn’t think that I can manage even 20! :D Uh! Well, I did the clapping push ups on my knees, but still… I’m happy! :)  

  • http://twitter.com/ariatw Patrick

    I managed 40 reps today. I did them in sets of 10 though, with a 2 min break between each set. Still very happy, tbh I was surprised to be able to do these without modification.

    10 mins on x-trained each side of the Bodyrock.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sarahi-Gomez/1501689496 Sarahi Gomez

    Let me start off with saying i completed 50 Reps!! yay! (Assisted clapping push ups on 40 of the reps =P)

    But once the 10min were over my stomach started hurting really bad… so i went into the restroom and lets just say a hell broke loose.
    After this 10min workout and like a 15min session in the restroom i felt like i ran 10miles! and 20lbs lighter.

    Does this ever happen to anyone? After a workout you just gotta go… poo?

  • Annie_B

    Happy Monday everyone :) I’ve just finished this exercise challenge after Survivor Workout.
    I manged to completed 49 sets totally with regular ninja jumps & clapping push ups. I could barely believe myself!! I checked if I did anything wrong but I did everything right :) I’m sooo proud…yeah!!I’ve never though I would overcome a fear of this clapping push up.
    Although, had to do the last 10 sets on a rug because my knees started to get red and sore from doing on a hard wood floor ( my husband was using exercise mat lol….I have to get him another one!)
    Thank you guys

  • Anonymous

    Hi Zuzana and Everyone,

    I came back to this challenge today and did it without remembering what Zuzi’s score was…I did 45 sets and feel I could have done more, but my wrists were really hurting from the hand claps at the end Next time I will put a pad where my hands end up being when I power up to clap.


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T7ZKTWRY43SXUCE2CA3WQIDDFI Zealot

    50 proper form

  • Sean

    That is insane! Trying it.

  • Anonymous

    I did 56 sets (but did 20 clapping PU on my knees). My arms were sore from the hot warrior workout but I loved this challenge! I moved on with the you push me workout. Loved it too!

  • Mary Lou

    WOO-HOO! I did them! On Wednesday I had my kids demonstrate them for me so I could watch them closely. I learned barefoot and lost some skin off my left toe/foot in the process, but I did some. I attempted the challenge today (Sat.) after the Push Me workout and wasn’t sure if I could pull it off with sneakers, but I did! YAY!!!! They are nowhere near as beautiful and graceful and you Zuzana, but if the point is to go from on your knees with your feet folded under you, to on your feet (pointing sideways?) without touching the ground with your hands, then I DID IT! 31 rounds and I only touched the floor for balance about 4 or 5 times towards the end! I did the clapping push ups on the knees, but there wasn’t a FACEPLANT in sight today! YAY! I’m so happy I’m going to go do One Legged Squats!

  • Mary Lou

    Ouch! I can totally relate as I took all the skin of the top of my left toe trying to figure these out.

  • Anonymous

    So, this was my second workout for today in order to “catch up” for the rest of the week. I find the nija jump power up move X-tremly tough! I am having the hardest time powering up in the starting position with both legs on the floor so sadly…I had to do this exercise combo challenge modified.
    I was able to complete 38 modified. I plan on practicing this move along with the one leg squat.

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  • Anonymous

    61 sets!!!! i took absolutely no rest and did the pushups without going to my knees!! killer
    then i did the abs on the floor challenge

  • Andre

    I completed 31 with no modifications in 10 mins, but wasn’t satisfied and didn’t feel like 20 mins of skipping, so I decided to do 29 more (no mods.) to make it a total of 60.

  • Anonymous

    Where did you get that top???

  • Anonymous

    Oh gosh this moves scares me more thatn the 1 leg squat! if only I was a fly on the wall watching myself trying…I must look sooo stupid! Everytime I attempt the ninja jump I pause and stop…like jumping in a cold pool lol…think I’ll try and master it using the modified version. Will popst my score later…Wish me luck!

  • http://twitter.com/#!/empowart Jessica

    Hey Guys! I cant believe I managed to do clapping pushups without any modifications! WOW!!! I completed 40 sets of this challenge! I cant wait to do this challenge again in the future to see the progress I have made with those bad boys! After this workout I did a quick ab workout. By the way, I love that shirt Zuz!! Very hot and terminator(ish) Hope you are having a great day!!

  • Lvette #1

    I completed 42 sets in 10 minutes. 17 regular clapping push up, 25 modified clapping push up. Ninja’s were all regular jump. This was a great routine to come back after 5 days off.

  • Nownewstrue

    I felt bad for missing several workouts this week, but you’re absolutely right – when you feel bad, take a break, and come back stronger than ever. :-) Wish you a speedy recovery!

  • Anonymous

    Of course that’s alot! Wow -impressive.

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    Bet you still got a great workout :)

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    The great thing about Bodyrocking is you get to do it home alone so no one gets an opportunity to laugh at your valient efforts…soon they will be begging to know your secret haha!

  • Sabrown84

    I’m a first time Bodyrocker today. I love this site!!! I watched this workout and at first I thought, “there is no way I can do a ninja-jump-up.” After trying and setting my timer I did 34 sets. Now I can’t wait until tomorrow for the next workout!!!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t feel bad, sometimes I end up figuring out exercises as I go too! The next time I do them, I feel better about it. Learning experience. :)

  • http://www.mckettlebelle.blogspot.com Mac

    I completed 46 sets with no modifications and I had done it immediately after doing yesterdays Quantum of Sweat Revisit and beating ALL of my old scores!

    Now, I want to chop my arms and legs off because they’re burrrrrrning and my heart is thumping out of my chest even after a 10 minute cool down. YOWZA!

  • Witch2eyes

    Correction: I don’t know if there ARE bodyrockers at the gym I go to, but I really wanted to say that I haven’t noticed anyone breaking a sweat like you or OTHER bodyrockers! lol, and no, it’s not the first time I’ve done ninja jumps, I started doing them when Zuzanna first put demo’ed them on bodyrock tv, which is ages ago now.

  • Anonymous

    Impressive! Keep it up -we’re here to support you! And if Brutus does get to you with the “o that’s too hard”…it’s better doing an easier variation than nothing at all. And gradually, when you are more comfortable as a bodyrocker and into the rhythm of things…you’ll begin to enjoy the challenging ones from time to time. ;-) You go girly-o !!

  • Anonymous

    Impressive that this is your first bodyrock challenge and you can already do ninja jumps. I’m two months in and still can’t :-( Kudos to you!

  • Anonymous

    Just thought I’d put in my two bits worth. I was similar -tons of cardio and weights at the gym -really intense- basically no results. I’ve only been doing this for 2 1/2 months now and I’m seeing lots of results, in particular in my upper body (abs and arms). My lower body has always been the tougher spot for me so I get a little discouraged with that -but my pants ARE fitting loser and my husband says there is definite changes (though we always suspect our partner of ‘o you’re just saying that’ haha). That said, I gain and retain muscle really easily while I don’t lose fat as easily. That’s my body type -hope this has helped somewhat.

  • Anonymous

    When you say you don’t know what to eat at all, what are you specifically referring to? Do you not know which foods are best for you, portion sizing, etc.? Let us know so we can help! I do struggle with taking a day off as well -I feel guilty and panicky a bit. But that’s part of who I am, and I have that mentality -the compulsive panic rigidty can’t skip type of mentality- in alot of other areas of my life as well. It’s an area we need to grow in so that all and all we lead more balanced, enjoyable, lifestyles rather than compulsive ones. Take heart -and have grace for yourself ;-)

  • Joeward_739

    46 ouch !! :-)

  • Anonymous

    I think that you should definitely stop working out until you see your doctors again – take it easy until they give you the green light to workout again.

  • Mary Lou

    BubblyOne, you’ll get there! Just keep pushing back at Brutus and don’t forget everybody here started somewhere too. We’re all rooting for you!

  • Marie MajorFit

    I feel awesome… I did 51! my first 10 were with regular clapping pushups then I had to go to my knees. Every now and then I was able to throw in a clapping pushups in proper form! My boyfriend did 62 with full clapping pushups! I followed this up with 10 minutes on level 17 on the stepmill!! Great job to all the bodyrockers today!!

  • http://oceanoxia.wordpress.com/ alteredstory

    Are they jealous, or do they live downstairs from you?

    • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

      I’ll bet both these answers are correct :)

  • Jeff

    Of course I added a nice chest workout to yesterdays workout!!! Clapping upsh-ups are gonna hurt!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Freddy,

    My sympathies, I hurt my right shoulder long ago carrying 90 pound bundles of roofing up the ladder and every once in awhile I have to slow down and let it heal again. At least you are now listening to the hurt. I have acquaintances who would push thru the pain. All that will get you is surgery, a hospital stay and physical therapy for months.

    Get well and beat Zuzi’s times again! :-)

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    I woke up with a Random Elbow Pain this morning for no apparent reason. Google says I have a tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow duet (I have not done either). My only crime since being painfree yesterday was sleeping. I had to pass on this challenge and went for a nice run instead. At my age this kind of stuff happens all the time. One minute you’re bulletproof and the next you’re flat on the sofa. Like blowing your neck out by flossing your teeth (been there, done that). Never fear, fellow Bodyrockers…I will be back better than ever tomorrow.

    • Mary Lou

      You are so funny Janet!

      • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

        I am using this new injury as a way to eat less since it hurts to lift a spoon to my mouth. Of course, I could use my left arm, but that would spoil the fun. Washboard abs here I come!

  • AudraFit

    Wow Zuzana! I am so proud! I completed 43 sets with NO modifications :D It was so, extremely tough and had me cursing in the last 2 minutes tho LOL. I also did 20 minute interval skipping for a complete workout. I’m gonna enjoy the endorphin high now and have my protein drink and banana. Haha I kicked that blah feeling Brutus left in the a$$!

    • http://www.tzsports.com BodyRocker David

      NICE!!! No Modifications!!! You are tough:)

    • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

      YES! No Mods, great effort!

    • Mary Lou

      Fantastic work!

    • Anonymous

      LUV IT! Great job Audra! Always look forward to reading your posts…Just finished the quantum of sweat…was going to do 20 min of skipping but think I’ll do this one first since it’s only a 10 min challenge…then will finish off with the skipping. Again, very motivational. Thanks

  • http://delightfultastebuds.wordpress.com Jos

    I did it this morning, total 47 sets – with all modified clapping push ups..I still couldn’t do the real one yet. Maybe someday :) But even from the knees, felt pretty intense as well, especially I pushed myself as low as possible then powered up and clapped. Towards the end my right elbow started to feel hurt…oh well gotta take it easy

    • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

      Uh oh…looks like this elbow thing is contagious. Sorry, Jos, that’s my pain you picked up.

  • http://www.tzsports.com BodyRocker David

    Wow there’s a lot of great advice here in the comments. I do feel like I need to keep pace with the posted workouts and at the same time listen to my body. Not an easy balance beam to be on. One simple rule (a runner thing) is hard/easy days. On the “easy” days I give myself permission to back off a bit before even logging on to see the workout. That way I can protect my weak links (we all have a few of those). And on a “hard” days I give it hell and beat my times!
    60 for todays challenge. I like this one. Cheers All:)

    • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

      So true!

    • Anonymous

      Well done! That’s freak”in crazy!!! This move frightens me…I can’t seem to master it :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roman-Petsko/1206145032 Roman Petsko

    47 reps >_< it's hard…. But I like such a challenge)))

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1274989426 Ravienne Parker

    Wow, talk about good timing. It was just confirmed that I have a stress fracture in my right fibula. I am not good at being patient and waiting to workout, so this message is just what I needed. I hate that I can’t just jump in and do what I want to do, and that I will have to resign myself to less labor intensive exercises. I am not a fan of bike riding, but apparently that is my fate for the next 6-8 weeks. I am going to add in some weights and lots of ab work I guess, and hopefully I will be back to full swing bodyrock in a couple of months. :( Sorry about the shoulder, that is no bueno for sure!

  • Anonymous

    OMG! You have to share your skin secrets in your next fashion haul! PLEEEEEEEASE! Your skin always looks FABulous! Not a blemish in site! Must be all that Prague water eh?…and your new hair cut…really looks great! I’m always afraid to cut my hair shorter than what it is…not sure why. It’s like a security blanket for me I guess. I know change is good…but still can’t bring myself to change my blonde hair or cut it shorter…good on you tho!

  • Anonymous

    Best wishes Freddy on a speedy recovery! You’ll be bodyrock’in before you know it!
    Tammy :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/dana.vanbeneden Dana Grace Van Beneden

    69. I only did 5 real clapping push ups. The rest were modified! Great challenge! ((hugs)) to Freddy. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  • Mary Lou

    Your timing is impeccable Freddy. I was looking forward to Quantum of Sweat yesterday but woke up feeling horrible! I rested and feel better today, but not 100% so I will wait some more. I admit I’ve become ‘addicted’ to you you guys and have maybe taken 2 days off since I started in December. After reading what Audra posted about rest days, I decided that Thursdays would be my ‘regular’ day off, just due to the fact that it’s crazy day with the kids activities and I am hard pressed to find the time to squeeze in a workout. So I will rest more today, take my Thursday off, and hopefully be able to give it 100% on Friday.

    P.S. I STILL can’t do Ninja Jumps! I’ll have the kids do ‘em for me…

  • Dheana

    On point, as always Freddy.

    I was feeling pretty sorry for myself until I read your post. I was so eager my first 3 weeks of full-time Body Rocking that I went full force on concrete floors and gave myself some achy breaky knees that I’ve now need to pay a little attention to.

    This challenge was a lot of fun (and pretty easy on the knees) but I lost track after 30 reps. I love ninjas, but sometimes feel a challenge in my hip flexibility in that low squat position. Has anyone else experienced this – or better, improved their hip flexibility? I think improved ROM would also help those dreaded one leg squat too!

    Hope you feel better soon Freddy – keep your chin up!

    • Anonymous

      Ugh -I hate losing track of my reps haha!

  • Jessy

    I think the line between being devoted to working out and doing too much of it is very thing; it’s easy to get carried away. I hope you feel better soon, Freddy!

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    I was wondering if this would ever come up as a topic with the daily workout schedule. It is always more fun to have a rest day than a forced layoff. At least Zuzana has created such an amazing variety of workouts that if we want to continue bodyrocking but without using a certain muscle group, we can easily find one. I’m waiting for a shoulder to recover at the moment, so I sympathize with Freddy. Patience is a hard lesson to learn.

  • http://kenjibankhead.posterous.com/ ashtromanius

    Hear, Hear, Freddy! I had to take a near 2 week hiatus to recover from a viral/bacterial infection of my upper and lower respiratory tract. Every time I pushed myself, meaning going to the store or running my kids to lessons… the next day I was worse. I learned my lesson for sure! Hope your shoulder gets feeling better… go get it checked out by a physical therapist, because it could be quite serious.

    My score for today: 25.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Lanier/100000216811315 Maria Lanier

    I’m testing this challenge right now (after I watched Dirty Harry, Sudden Impact) and looks tough. I kind of wonder if I do this tomorrow or just dancing to make it light since our topic is to allow our body to rest.

    For anyone, I just have a quick question, is it ok to train our abs everyday or it should be every other day? I appreciate any tip or comment. Thanks.

    • http://delightfultastebuds.wordpress.com Jos

      It’s always good idea to train same muscle groups on every other day.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Lanier/100000216811315 Maria Lanier

        Thanks Jos. I might do that. I’m just eager to have a six pack like Z.

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  • Anonymous

    Luv, luv, luv your top!

  • AudraFit

    I’m glad you brought that up. I have 3 rest days in a week due to work. I do this so my body can recover from these intense workouts and to avoid such injuries. Rest is crucial for your muscles, joints, connective tissue, etc.. Your body needs time to repair itself. Maybe a post on overtraining would be good to put up here. How ironic, I commented earlier on the repeat Quantum Of Sweat workout about how I plateaued my reps and felt blah about it. So, I’m gonna save this challenge for Wednesday and I’m gonna do it without modifications and see if I can at least match your reps Zuzana :) Listen to your bodies Bodyrocker’s!

    • Anonymous

      Hey Audra -
      Just a quick question. Are you just wanting to stay fit and healthy or are you also trying to lose weight? If so, does working out four times a week do the trick for you? I am needing/trying to lose some weight and so my mentality is I need to workout everyday, can’t take a break, etc. Do you think that even those wanting to lose weight should have several rest days a week as well? Would this still be effective to lose weight?
      Thanks girl!

      • AudraFit

        Good question Karah ;) Last summer I was working out everyday supplementing Bodyrock with weight training and darn near killed myself. While I managed to lower my body fat percentage my weight was unchanged. The diet was very difficult too stay on tho. Now I’m at a maintenance level where I’m just able to keep my weight steady. My body tends to hold onto fat really well. I’ve always enjoyed exercise and staying active but never seen the results. Bodyrock has given me the most amazing gains and fat loss in the shortest amount of time and also taught me how to eat right which is about 80% of your results by the way. So far for me 4 days a week is working for my weight maintenance. I notice tho when I tighten up on my diet that it is all I need to lose more fat. Everyone is different tho. If you can workout everyday, by all means, go for it! Your definately gonna have weight loss Bodyrocking 6 days a week as opposed to 4 days a week and even greater results with a clean diet. Good luck!

        • Anonymous

          Thanks Audra -just for clarification, when you say “tighten up on my diet”, what does that look like? I eat 110% clean AND have been staying to the “earn your carbs” routine but I just can’t seem to get smaller (I should have clarified, when I said I want to lose weight I meant I want to lose size). So the “tightening” which you find effective is… ?? Thanks! Or maybe I just need to be more patient -I’ve only been bodyrocking 2 1/2 months.

          • Anonymous

            Don’t get me wrong -I’m not asking with the “if I do everything you do I’ll get exactly the same results” mentality haha -just curious to hear what has worked for others. Cheers.

            • AudraFit

              No problem Karah, I can’t give you advice on nutrition simply cuz I’m not an expert on it. In the past I have gone as far as calculating my lean body mass and using that to figure out daily macronutrient totals. Which, by the way, is an individual thing and I can say that after a while it gets to be way too time consuming and obsessive. It’s great if your looking into competing in fitness but, I soon realized for me that was not something I wanted to fret over. Instead, now I have at least a lean protein with every meal and green veggies. I occasionally have a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts and bread is a rarity for me. If I do have bread it’s Ezekiel bread only. No matter what I do tho, it seems I’ll always have a bulky bottom genetically and I’m ok with that.

  • Yashizzle

    hope you feel better! :)

    p.s why do you look prettier and prettier every day??? lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Lanier/100000216811315 Maria Lanier

    I already did the Sexy Pain workout + my own Abs routine today during my lunch break at work (since I didn’t see our today’s challenge yet so I pick from our old ones), after Freddy said that we have to listen to our body, I am now thinking if I still need to do this No Fear Challenge. I am feeling a little soreness on my abs and thigh right now but I also I’m still ok. My fellow bodyrocker, help, should I do this too or just wait for tomorrow?

  • http://delightfultastebuds.wordpress.com Jos

    Aw, take a rest day, Zuzana. We’ll all still be here bodyrocking and if you don’t have a new workout tomorrow, we can always do your older workouts (you have TONS here). Take care your shoulder.

    I’ll do this challenge first thing tomorrow morning :)

  • Stephenie


    This post came at the perfect time. Today, I woke up feeling flat, dull, and achy (my old piriformis/hamstring problem was not happy), and while working out usually helps me to feel better, I told myself, that despite the most perfect weather I have seen here, I would not run and do a workout, as I haven’t taken a COMPLETE day (from both running and Bodyrocking) off in a little while. I begrudgingly agreed to make myself put on jeans instead of my workout clothes, and snuck a peek at the site and saw your post, and it made me feel much better about my choice. I have been working out and suffering from an old injury/imbalance for way too long and have made too much progress (thanks to Bodyrock) to put me back where I started. I always feel better after a complete day of rest — that means no running, Bodyrocking or even exercise challenging, so thank you for reminding us that complete rest of one day is always better than misery for many. It does way more good than harm :)

  • Anonymous

    I love you hair Zuzana…..and you face is so clear and beautiful…….well you are beautiful in every way ! Will try the workout tomorrow :)