Feb 23 2011

Survivor Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

I have been watching a lot of music videos lately, and a few days ago I came across the Destiny’s Child video for their song Survivor. I liked the song when it originally came out years ago, but I guess that this was the first time that I really paid attention to the lyrics. What can I tell you – they just got me so pumped up with energy that I felt inspired to create a workout from the song and share it here so that we can all rock it together. We are going to embed the video below so that you can listen to it before you do this workout and get pumped up too :) This is our song to Brutus!

Freddy and I were talking today about how great it is to have a workout friend – someone to train with that will push you to try harder and help keep you motivated. It’s great to have someone like this who won’t let you slack – someone who will keep you going when Brutus tells you to quit and eat cupcakes instead. Freddy calls them BodyRocker Buddies – which I think is a great name. Do you guys have someone like this where you are? Even if you don’t have someone physically there with you, one of the nice things is about being a BodyRocker is that we have each other here on the site :) You can always try and beat my scores or someone else’s, and there are plenty of people here to cheer you on :)

I hope that you guys enjoy your workout and don’t forget to push really hard!



This workout is 15 minutes long and it is made up of 3 parts. In the first part of the workout you will have to set your Interval Timer for 5 rounds of 10 and 50 second interval. Your goal is to complete as many reps as you can during each 50 second interval and write down your reps during the 10 second intervals. These are the exercises that you will be doing in the exact order:

1. Backward Lunge Kick Up (left leg)

2. Backward Lunge Kick Up (right leg)

3. One Arm Press UP (alternating arms for each rep)

4. 2 Kick Ups & Breakdance Push Up

5. Pike Jump & Squat Jump

Part 2 is a 5 minute count down and your goal is to complete as many reps of One Leg Squat & Jump Tuck (alternating legs after each rep) as possible.

Part 3 is the same as Part 1.

My Scores:

1. Backward Lunge Kick Up (left leg) – 25 reps, 23 reps

2. Backward Lunge Kick Up (right leg) – 23 reps, 23 reps

3. One Arm Press UP (alternating arms for each rep) – 11 reps, 11 reps

4. 2 Kick Ups & Breakdance Push Up – 7 reps, 6 reps

5. Pike Jump & Squat Jump – 9 1/2  reps, 9 1/2 reps

35 reps of One Leg Squat & Jump Up in 5 minutes.

Workout Breakdown

Time: 15min.Workout Type: Interval trainingExercises: 6
  • Backward Lunge Kick Up (left leg)max. reps during 50 sec. interval
  • Backward Lunge Kick Up (right leg)max. reps during 50 sec. interval
  • One Arm Press Up (alternating arms)max. reps during 50 sec. interval
  • 2 kick ups & Breakdance Push Up (alt. sideds)max. reps during 50 sec. interval
  • Pike Jump & Jump Upmax. reps during 50 sec. interval
  • One Leg Squat & Jump Tuckmax. reps during 5 minute count down

Get your gear for this workout here:


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  • DJ Kini

    Part 1 & 3
    1. 21, 22
    2. 18, 16
    3. 5, 5
    4. 3, 3
    5. 7, 6

    Part 2: 33

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1090268823 Menia Hondroudi

    Part1 &Part 3
    1.(L)28 29
    2.(R)28 19
    3.13 13
    4.8 8
    5.13 10
    part 2 
    52 reps for 5 minute

  • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    I did this today!  I started with Kyla’s 250 Rep workout, then did this.  I hadn’t done it since almost a year ago, so I killed some of my scores.  I did get a weird back/hip tweak after the first set of lunges so that made some of scores less than stellar.  The first time I did this I’m pretty sure the one leg squats were heavily assisted.

    Great workout!  I really love and miss these old BodyRock workouts with Zuzana.  They are SO effective and so creative!

    back lunge kick up on L: 30-24
    back lunge kick up on R: ??-25
    one arm press up: 11-12
    2 kick ups and breakdance push up: 9-10
    pike jump and squat jump: 12-12

    part 2: 47

  • http://www.youasamachine.com You As A Machine

    Just did this workout. 
    While digesting a pre-workout meal I used my time House cleaning (windows/ floors) + warmed up with 
    10x stairs by two’s + light stretching.Last time I did this workout was: March 28, 2011          vs.          Nov. 26, 20111. 24 – 25                                 1. 27 – 262. 22 – 25                                 2. 25 – 253. 11 – 12                                 3. 11 – 10 (worked on better technique)4. 8 – 8                                     4.  8 – 8  (kept getting mixed up with my legs)5.13 – 11                                  5. 13 – 11Part 2One leg HALF Squat                 8 FULL One Leg Squat (NOT pretty) + Jump Tuck+ Jump Tuck                            37 HALF one leg Squat + Jump Tuck= 48 sets in 5 minutes               total =45 sets in 5 minutes.4×100 skips50 Minutes Ashtanga Yoga Standing Series (including first 12 seated postures + 3 backbends +close).1B4E

  • Vivi

    I did it in second Wo (first 365 belly blaster Wo)
    My new score is :

    Part 1
    1/ 30.30
    2/ 28.28
    3/ 1818
    4/ 9.10
    5/ 17.15

    Part 2
    48 one leg squat & jump tuck

    Good cardio & legs training !

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=706388249 Tori Larson Bradford

    Did this Saturday. It felt so good to workout.  I was able to beat my score from June by a few reps.  Awesome!

  • ♥ BodyRocker Rachel ♥

    My scores:

    (R) Backward Lunge Kick Up: 23, 20½(L) Backward Lunge Kick Up: 19, 20One Arm Press Up: 13, 132 Kick Ups & Breakdance Push Up: 6, 7Pike Jump & Squat Jump: 9, 10½I first did this workout February 26th of this year and today I managed to beat all (except for the first round of pike jumps, grrr!) of my original scores!! :D

  • lUCy

    yeah I beat my old score ;)
    -BL left 23-23
    -BL right 23-24
    -1arm p 8-8
    -2 kicks up 6-7
    -Pike j 12-11
    45 sets

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kavita-Doodnauth/513104005 Kavita Doodnauth

    Tried this during the week when I wasn’t feeling well and only got through the first 5 exercises and felt really bummed but today I did it all. My scores aren’t great but I’m feeling better and am taking it slowly.

    28 unassisted but not that low.
    Better 70% effort than nothing!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/barboraz Barbora Zlatušková

    23, 23
    25, 23
    9, 8
    5, 5
    9, 7
    28 one leg squat & Jump Tuck (i had to get help from a table after 10 reps cuz this was waaaaay tough balance wise and strength wise!!! lol)
    my legs feel like jello now :)

  • Cindy

    I did this one followed by 27 minuted treadmill running. My scores:
    Press Ups 11-11
    K ups and Push Ups 8-7
    Part2 52 reps but one leg half squat. I tried to do my best.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=18718826 Gina Melissa Robles

    oh no! this was brutal. I just woke up, did this workout and I’m done for the day lol Gnite :P
    Part 1)

    Part 2)
     40 reps

  • Peta

    So lm very conscious of form rght now, so my scores are
    R: 17, 17
    L: 15, 17 (lost my balance)
    Press-Ups: 11, 11
    K-ups & P-up: 11, 8
    Jumps: 11, 8
    l had BlG trouble with the last part so l did 21 of the one legged squats just on my right leg in the 5 min, havng a break between each.
    No excuses.

  • Amanda Haskin

    Hello all of you beautiful people!!!  Here’s my scores from this workout:
    21 21
    22 21
    10 11
    7.5 7.5
    11 12
    Pt. 2 36 sets
    I hope everyone has a wonderful day!  Not looking forward to a weekend of working midnight shifts, it really messes with my workout schedule!  Hopefully it will pass quickly!

  • Anonymous

    These Kick ups were a little bit difficult.
    Here are my new scores:

    Part I + III:
    1. Backward Lunge Kick up L: 26 22  (old: 24 23)
    2. Backward Lunge Kick up R: 24 22 (old: 22 22)
    3. One arm press up: 10 10 (old: 10 10)
    4. 2 Kick ups + breakdance push ups: 6 7  (old: 6 7)
    5. Pike Jump + Squat Jump: 11 10  (old: 8 9)

    Part II:
    I did 34 sets and I am proud that I did the proper form :D   (old score: 28 sets)

  • Anonymous

    My arms and legs ouch! Here are my scores
    Backward Lunges Kick Up Left: 18, 17 and right: 17, 22
    One arm press up, could not do, My upper body not there yet, so I did push ups: 19,16
    2 Kick ups and breakdance Push up: 5,6
    Pike Jump and squat jump: 8, 6

    Part 2: Leg squat and jump tuck max reps: 40

    Thanks again for great workouts!

  • Anonymous

    My arms and legs ouch! Here are my scores
    Backward Lunges Kick Up Left: 18, 17 and right: 17, 22
    One arm press up, could not do, My upper body not there yet, so I did push ups: 19,16
    2 Kick ups and breakdance Push up: 5,6
    Pike Jump and squat jump: 8, 6

    Part 2: Leg squat and jump tuck max reps: 40

    Thanks again for great workouts!

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    This one was pretty hard on my sore legs – so NO extra rounds today, ha ha :) I found my older scores to compare my improvements:

    Scores on February 26th.:1 Left: 25-242 Right: 23-213: 12-154: 7-65: 14-15Half Pistols & Deep Squats, 5 min.: 45 Reps.Scores on March 8th.:1 Left: 30-28,52 Right: 28-273: 16-194: 6-65: 18-19Half Pistols & Jump Tucks, 5 min.: 53 Reps

    NEW scores May 9th:
    1. Right: 32-25
    2. Left: 31-28
    3. 20-20
    4. 7-8
    5. 22-21
    One Leg Squats (I made pistols) & Jump Tucks: 66 reps.

    Love, Maria

    • MariaBjørgJepsen

      I tried to fix the text many times, but it pops back in that mess all the time – sorry :(

    • MariaBjørgJepsen

      This one was pretty hard on my sore legs – so NO extra rounds today, ha ha :) I found my older scores to compare my improvements:

      Scores on February 26th.:1 Left: 25-242. Right: 23-21
      3: 12-15
      4: 7-6
      5: 14-15
      Half Pistols & Deep Squats, 5 min.: 45 Reps.

      Scores on March 8th.:
      1 Left: 30-28,5
      2 Right: 28-27
      3: 16-19
      4: 6-6
      5: 18-19
      Half Pistols & Jump Tucks, 5 min.: 53 RepsNEW scores May 9th:1. Right: 32-252. Left: 31-283. 20-204. 7-85. 22-21One Leg Squats (I made pistols) & Jump Tucks: 66 reps.Love, Maria

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Davleeva/100001702041662 Мария Давлеева

    1. Backward Lunge Kick Up (left leg) – 24/25 (last – 21/20)

    2. Backward Lunge Kick Up (right leg) – 25/23 (last – 22/20)

    3. One Arm Press UP (alternating arms for each rep) – 12/13 (last – 8/10)

    4. 2 Kick Ups & Breakdance Push Up – 9/9 (last – 6/6)

    5. Pike Jump & Squat Jump – 13/13 (last – 11/11)

    Part 2 – 32 sets (last – 28 sets)

  • Anonymous

    backward lunge kick up (left): 22, 19backward lunge kick up (right): 23, 21one arm press up: 8, 82 kick ups & breakdance push up: 7, 6pike jump & squat jump: 7, 8one leg squat & jump tuck: 30Second time posting my scores! I’m so proud of myself. First time doing this workout. I used to avoid the workouts with the one leg squat because I hate having to do modifications, but I realized I would never learn how to do them if I never tried. I had to use a chair and they nearly killed my thighs, but I did it. I was drenched with sweat after this workout…I love it!

    • Manda_n_OK

      It’s always better to do the beginner modification than not try at all!  How else will you grow?! 

      Great scores!!!!

  • creedy2280

     Part 2 had to stop b/c baby was cryin not even 1 min in.

  • http://thedelicateplace.wordpress.com/ melissa @ the delicate place

    1. Backward Lunge Kick Up (left leg) – 20 reps, 19 reps

    2. Backward Lunge Kick Up (right leg) – 19 reps, 19 reps

    3. One Arm Press UP (alternating arms for each rep) – 9 reps, 9 reps

    4. 2 Kick Ups & Breakdance Push Up – 6 reps, 6 reps

    5. Pike Jump & Squat Jump – 7.5 reps,6 reps

    29 reps of One Leg Squat & Jump Up in 5 minutes.

    this was a nice workout, i felt kinda tired this morning but gave it my best!

  • Anonymous

    pushed so hard for this workout, it was literally 95 degrees and i was in the sun lol
    L – 25,26
    R- 27,23
    1 arm press- 14,13
    pike/jump- 9,9
    breakdance w/ kickups- 7,7

    i completed 38 rounds of one leg squats/ jump tucks.  I went down all the way, but some point on the way up i had to help myself with the other foot- but still really challenging for me.  Im so close to the real 1 leg squat, i think its just balance.  but real jump tucks! 

  • Felisha

    BL and KU(L): 24, 21
    BL and KU(R): 24, 22
    OAPU: 7, 8
    KU and BdPU: 7, 7
    PJ and SJ: 9, 11

    P2: 46

    My scores didn’t improve drastically (only a couple reps on most,) but my form was a million times better. I did super deep lunges each time and kicked higher. My press ups were smooth. I could actually jump switch on the kick ups, and I went higher on the pike jump. I still don’t quite have the pistols yet, but I know it’s only a matter of time :) Thanks, Zuzana! I finished up with 30 rounds of 10/30 skipping.

  • http://delightfultastebuds.wordpress.com Jos

    Hi Bodyrockers, here are my new scores. Not too bad, although not totally beat all of my old scores.

    Part #1 & Part #3
    Backward Lunge and Kick Up (Left) 26 // 24 (old 24 // 24)
    Backward Lunge and Kick Up (Right) 23 // 21 (old 24 // 21)
    One Arm Press Up (alt. arms) 11 // 11 (old 10 // 9)
    2 Kick Up and Breakdance Push Up 9 // 8 (old 7 // 9)
    Pike Jump and Squat Jump 9 // 9 (old 10 // 9)

    Part #2
    One Leg Squat and Jump Tuck – 37 reps (modified – holding on a handrail but squatted all the way down) (old 33 reps – modified – holding on a chair and didn’t squat all the way down)

    After cooled down and stretched a bit, I continued with my own workout challenge
    As many sets as possible in 10 minutes:
    10 reverse push up (I straighten one leg to make it more challenging)
    10 sit ups
    10 jump tuck

    Result? I did 6 sets total.

  • Anonymous

    Nice one! Love the “bodyweight only” workouts, though seemingly all of us struggle with the one legged squats…

  • Anonymous

    Nice one! Love the “bodyweight only” workouts, though seemingly all of us struggle with the one legged squats…

  • http://bodyrock.tv diana l

    hello bodyrockers this are my scores for this workout
    i sweated so much and everyday iam strong and my legs are more stronger. for mi is the best excercises that i can do and i don´t need expensive much time in the gym.
    thank you for this amazig web site it´s the best

  • http://dirtroadrunner.blogspot.com Christyruns

    This is one of my favorite workouts, can’t wait to do it again.  I have done it four or five times since it was first posted.  I love one are press ups, I throw in an extra round so I can do one with the left and one with the right arm.   And how can you not love one legged squats!

    Off to rock my body!

  • Bohdanam

    53 sets
    great, thanks

  • Anonymous

    Beat my personal best from April 22 ’11 

    My scores in order:

    5min countdown: 40 :) one more than last..
    Finished up with 20 side crunches, 10 breakdance pushups, and 20min. of strength training.
    Now for a cardio burst bike ride!
     4 weeks till’ baby!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=196604256 Brooke Nicole


    My Scores:
    Part 1 and Part 3: 
        Backward Lunges Kick Up (left) 22/21.5
        Backward Lunges Kick Up (right) 19/20
        One Arm Press Up 10/7
        2 Kick Ups and Breakdance Push Up 6/6
        Pike Jump and Squat Jump 9.5/8.5

    Part 2:
        5 minutes of One Leg and Jump Tuck (I really wish I had the form of Zuzana, she’s friggin awesome! For part of the time I kept one of my foot on the floor and leaned back in a squat and some of the time I tried lifting my leg off the floor…again my form was probably no where near Zuzana’s but I got 44.

    Love you Zuzana and all BodyRockers!!!

  • http://twitter.com/GoustiFruit GoustiFruit

    I don’t remember doing this one, maybe I was sick or had visitors back then…

    My scores:
    Backward Lunge Kick Up L: 23.5 / 23
    Backward Lunge Kick Up R: 24 / 23
    One Arm Press Up: 9 / 10
    2 Kick Ups & Breakdance Push Up: 8 / 8.5
    Pike Jump & Squat Jump: 10 / 11

    One Leg Squat & Jump Up: 43

    I don’t know for you guys (I mean *guys*), but the One Arm Press caused me trouble on some specific part of my anatomy… it was hard not to pinch/crunch some sensitive area on the floor… :-o

  • AudraFit

    Phew! This was an hour of torture for me. First this workout, then 25 minutes of HIIT sprints and 35 minutes of steady state cardio, yuck! Stupid stubborn fat! Lol. Here are my numbers which improved slightly :)

    BackLungeKick(L): 25/23 (Feb 25/25)
    BackLungeKick(R): 25/20 (Feb 25/25)
    Alt1ArmPressUp: 12/10 (Feb 11/10)
    Pike&SquatJump: 16/10 (Feb 14/12)
    Pistol&JumpTuck: 38 (Feb 20)

    Gonna need a cold shower for this one.

  • Catherine

    This was a good workout, my first time doing it too! I found the addition of the jumps really wiped me out!

    Backward Lunge Kick Up Left: 20/20
    Backward Lunge Kick Up Right: 22/22
    One Arm Press UP: 8/6
    2 Kick Ups & Breakdance Push Up: 5/4
    Pike Jump & Squat Jump: 7/7
    5 minutes One Leg Squats: 40 (I didn’t get very low and used a chair towards the end)

  • Gerrilee Schafer

    well, I still can’t do one leg squats…I can get into a low squat, but that’s it…got lower than last time I tried this though..my scores
    1/  22-21  last time 19-22
    2/  23-22  last time 23-23
    3/  12-12 last time 10-10
    4/  8-8  last time 6-6
    5/  9-10  last time 6.5-8

    one leg half squats with jump knee tuck 55, last time I did 60, but I got lower down this time…always room to improve..I just keep falling over if I go too low
    plus 12 minute 10/20 skip

  • Anonymous

    Here are my scores:

    Backward Lunge Kick Up Left: 30/24
    Backward Lunge Kick Up Right: 31/27
    One Arm Press UP: 11/10
    2 Kick Ups & Breakdance Push Up: 7/6
    Pike Jump & Squat Jump: 8/9
    5 minutes One Leg Squats: 46 (I didn’t do jump tuck though, but i concentrated on going as low as possible without losing my balance..)

    This was a great workout, really enjoyed it =)

  • Mary Lou

    My numbers are comparable to last time. I few more on pike jumps, one more on one arm press ups, and one less on the last round of kick ups. Not sure how I feel about this but I know the one leg squats are better. I did 2 more than last time and was only hanging on to the door jamb with one hand, mostly for balance and psychological help.

    kick up left: 22, 21
    kick up right: 22, 21
    one arm: 8, 8
    2 kick ups & breakdance: 6, 5
    pike jump & squat jump: 9, 8

    part 2: 33 (2 more!)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Natalia-Trofimova/704588888 Natalia Trofimova

    i did this workout in February and i can now see how much i’ve improved :) the score stayed pretty much the same, only a couple of reps more in each exercise than in Feb but my form has improved a lot! besides, today i did almost all one-leg squats unassissted!! i mean on the left leg i had sometimes to push myself from the floor with the hand to get a momentum but that’s nothing in comparison with the Feb squats, all of which i did clinging to the chair for support and especially when struggling to get up. and besides, today is the first day of unassissted LEFT leg squats! wohoo!

    ok, the score:

    1. 26,23
    2. 27,24
    3. 9,10
    4. 6,6
    5. 8,8

    and 26 reps for the part 2, which i am very proud of! BodyRocking works! :D

  • AmBoaksy

    I gotta say, part two was the longest 5 mins of my life.  I actually got stuck in a squat a few times.  Nevertheless, here are my scores:

    Backward Lunge (Left leg):  20, 21
    Backward Lunge (Right leg): 21, 21
    One-Arm Up: 9, 10
    Breakdance Push-Up: 6, 7
    Pike Jump+Squat Jump: 10, 12

    Part 2: 41 (miraculous in my opinion)

    Happy Day Everyone!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rosalie-Salemink/618241291 Rosalie Salemink

    I unfortunately can’t do proper one leg squats, so I did some with help and some half squats.. but I did a total of 60 reps in the 5 minutes. If I try a full one, I just can’t get back up!
    My scores for part 1 and 3:
    Back lunge + kick up left: 21 22
    Back lunge + kick up right: 21 21
    1 arm press up: 10 10
    Kickups + breakdance push up: 8 8 
    Pike jump + jump squat: 12 12
    Pretty consistent scores in the 2 rounds, although the second felt harder, especially lunging after all those one leg squats was a killer!

  • Bverner

    Backward Lunge Kick Up (left leg)20, 19 Backward Lunge Kick Up (right leg) 18, 17One Arm Press Up 8, 82 Kick Ups & Breakdance Push Up 5, 4Pike Jump & Squat Jump 7 (lost count first time)One Leg Squat & Jump Up 41
    This was really hard. I felt really tired this morning but I made it through!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ildiko.mazar Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    Oh, I found my old post in which I asked for beginner version for the one arm press ups :-) . Braggie-braggie: I don’t need it anymore :-) :-) :-)

    I remembered that this one was a killer, so I was quite surprised to see that I did quite alright. I’m so happy and proud to note that within the 31 all-the-way-down one leg squats I did all right legged one with no support (although I couldn’t still do a single one on my left no matter how hard and long I tried, which is a bit frustrating – about 3 minutes out of the 5 were spent trying my left leg). Anyway, my new PB here is:

    BW lunge kick L: 23, 23
    BW lunge kick R: 23, 22
    One arm press up: 9, 10
    Kick up breakdance PU: 6, 7
    Pike jump & squat jump: 11, 12

    5 min 1 leg squats with the jump tuck: 16 proper with the right, 15 (tiny-bit) supported with the left leg

  • Donna

    Just finished my 120th BR workout since Dec 29th last year:):) This was my second BR workout for the day which is becoming a bit of a habit for me:) Give me everything and this today:) I done this one back in late Feb and here are my scores from then and now:) Love comparing and seeing IMPROVEMENT!!!
    Part 1 – Part 3
    1. Backward lunge kick up left leg 21,19 – 23,26
    2. Backward lunge kick up right leg 20,19 – 21,24
    3.One arm press up 9,10 – 10,12 (my butt felt like steel when I put my hand on it and lifted up)
    4.Kick ups & breakdance push up 7,6.5 – 9,9
    5.Pike jump & squat jump 11,11 – 12,14
    Part 2
    One leg squat & jump tuck 54 reps/68 reps (and no I can’t go as low as our Zuzi only half way:( Looking forward to tomorrow’s challenge:) Feels great when your BR workouts and healthy food intake is combined:) Having a good week this week:):):) Wishing the same for all of you!!! God bless :) XoXo

  • Kendra

    This workout killed my butt–to the point where I probably should have found a modification for those one-leg squats.  So, these scores reflect one-legged squats holding on to a bench for that extra help, but I did go down all the way.

    Lunge kick up left: 23-23
    Lunge kick up right: 25-24
    one arm press up: 11-11
    kick ups and breakdown push-up: 7-9
    pike jumps and squat jump: 12-12

    45 of those one-legged squats, holding on to the bench.

    I did this at the park by my house. :)  

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  • Anonymous

    I was scared of this when I started Bodyrock!  I liked this workout.

    1. 24-20
    2. 23-19
    3. 9 8
    4. (full) 8 8
    5. 10 10

    Part 2- 39

    Sweat dripped into my eye during pike jumps.

  • ivy

    part 1/3
    1. 23-20
    2. 22-18
    3. 9-9
    4. 6 1/2 -5
    5. 9-7
    Part  2:
    30 reps

  • Sarah G

    Backward Lunge Kick up (R): 22, 21
    “                                 “  (L): 21, 20
    One Arm Press up: 11, 11
    Pt 2: 36 (modified, with resting leg bent in close instead of fully extended. Made sure to go nice, slow, and controlled on the squats!) Thanks Z & F! I was sweating like crazyyy!

    • Sarah G

      Oops, forgot the Break dance push ups (6, 5.5), and the pike jump and jump up (8, 7)!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=504450020 Laura Fancy

    Apparently I can now do one-leg squats! yayayaya!!!

    My scores:

    32 one leggers! :) :):)

  • http://aphrodiitee.deviantart.com/ Isidora

    2nd try on this workout, last time i did it at the beginning of march :)

    1. Backward lunge kick up  26-25 / 23 -23
    2. Backward lunge kick up  24-22 / 22-19
    3. One arm press up 10-9 / 9-9
    4. 2 kick ups & breakdance push up 6-6 / same
    5. Pike jump + squat jump 10-9 / same

    one leg squat with chair and holding my toe + jump tuck: 31 reps 

    Last time i did jump rope skips so no score to compare on part 2

    :D :D:D

  • Carlye

    ok!! honestly, WHERE and WHEN did you get those Nike shoes!?? I’ve been looking everywhere online and in stores for MONTHS and I can’t find them anywhere??  PLEASE, PLEASE help???
    AWESOME workout too! it kicked my BUTT! Thank you so much!!

  • Kat:)

    Thank you again Freddy and Zuzana :)
    here are my scores for today (I did the workout for Monday also today too)
    Backward lunge kick up
    L 19 17 
    R 18 16

    one arm press up 11 10

    2 kickups & breakdance push up 6 6
    pike jump and squat 9 8

    one leg squat and jump up 45

  • Manuel

    My reps:
    19 – 18
    17 – 17
    10 – 11
    8 – 7
    8 – 7

    47 reps of One Leg Squat & Jump Up in 5 minutes. But I cannot do the One Leg Squat as low as Zuzanna. But I´ll get there because I will keep BodyRocking!!! :-)

    Thanks again for the great work and motivation. This really improves my life. And I must say that I am very happy with my life anyway: Doing the job I like most, which is also my greatest hobby: I am a musician. My daughter finally lives at my place now at the age of 12. I am healthy, have a lot of spare time, enough money to get along, nice friends. And now I finally found a way to exercise that really motivates and is fun! (after several years of gym and different kinds of Fitness Training)

    This page also gets me to cooking and even baking my own bread!! What an increase of life quality!!! :-)

    And a big CHEER to all BodyRockers all over the world:



  • Miss Christine

    Keeping a workout journal is a great idea, now I can proudly say that I’m improving! (old score in brackets)

    Backward Lunge Kick Up (left leg) 23,22 (21, 22)Backward Lunge Kick Up (right leg) 23,23 (21,22)
    One Arm Press Up 12,11 (10,11)
    2 Kick Ups & Breakdance Push Up 7,8 (5,6)
    Pike Jump & Squat Jump 11,10 (old score: 9,9)
    One Leg Squat & Jump Up 33 (assisted, old score 35 but I think only halfway down)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Davleeva/100001702041662 Мария Давлеева

    I love you, guys!!!You are so funny!!))))

  • http://www.facebook.com/Shadowwarrior58 Sarah Spencer

    Yay!!! I did this workout! Plus a 13 minute brisk walk with the dog.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabby-Rodriguez/790883617 Gabby Rodriguez

    ok so the workouts are getting more intense w/the 5min exercise! enjoyed replaying the song survival!!! scores as follows except lost track of last one!
    5min exercise?
    jump rope 5min

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  • Annie_B

    Lately, my husband starts to working out again. He told me that I am the one who push him to get out from his comfort zone. He wants to be healthy and stay around with our kids as long as he can. Although, he doesn’t join Bodyrock.tv with me (he does P90X), we always exchange our workout ideas and tips.We support each other to stay on track. I’m really happy that now we’re on the same page :)
    Besides, I have you Zuzana,Freddy and all bodyrockers here that keep me motivated :)

    Backward lunge &kick up(L) : 25/22
    Backward lunge&kick up(R) : 23/22
    One arm press up : 9/9….this is hard! I haven’t practiced in a while.
    2 kick ups& breakdance push ups : 7/7
    Pike jump&squat jump : 9/9 ….this is a killer!!

    5 mins countdown – 1 Leg squat & jump tuck : 30 reps total. I did deep squats, no chair this time :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Erica-Congiu/1360943957 Erica Congiu

    just finished this w.o.
    Those are my scores:

    1. Backward Lunge Kick Up (left leg) – 22 reps, 17 reps

    2. Backward Lunge Kick Up (right leg) – 17 reps, 19 reps

    3. One Arm Press UP (alternating arms for each rep) – 8 reps, 8 reps

    4. 2 Kick Ups & Breakdance Push Up – 8 reps, 7 reps

    5. Pike Jump & Squat Jump – 10 reps, 11 reps (omg this is so heavy!!)

    45 reps of One Leg Squat & Jump Up in 5 minutes. (beginner version)

    Once finished this w.o., smashing on the floor, the only thing i was able to think was ” omg i fell sooo good” like in a over dose of seratonin!!
    So, again, thanks for this amazing w.o.!!!!

  • Anonymous

    haja,after dentis workout,but good………………..2min.2min.4min.4min.4min.2min.2min………petra

  • Anonymous

    Oh thank you for sharing this, I just did it! :D
    This is a great way to help F & Z promote their site, and at the same time say how much we’re grateful for everything they’re doing for us!!

  • AudraFit

    Me too!

  • AudraFit

    Anony, these workouts and challenges don’t spot reduce fat… They burn fat all over the body!

  • AudraFit

    “The More I’m Told No, The Harder I Go” – Ava Cowan

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, my buddy who motivates me to workout and push hard is my self conscience. But it is a powerful one though ;)

    • AudraFit

      Claire, it’s the most powerful thing we have!

  • Pi-lette

    I did this challenge yesterday but had to rush to work after so I didn’t have a chance to list my scores until now. I was so amazed at how low I was able to go one the one leg squats compared to when I first started your workouts in late Oct/early Nov! I could do 20 unassisted then I had to use a chair for help. It is so empowering to see yourself improve! Thank you so much for your inspiration and all your hard work!

    Backward lunge k/u left: 22 22
    Backward lunnge k/u right: 22 23
    One arm press up: 10 11
    2 kickups & breakdance p/u: 6.5 6
    Pike jump & squat jump: 15 14
    5 min countdown one leg squat/jump tuck 43 (assisted after 20)

  • Anonymous

    We were trapped in Zlin once for 2 hours. We were there for an even and then decided to leave late at night and drive back to Prague. Long story short we set out on the highway and after driving for 30 minutes we saw a sign that said welcome to Zlin. This happened 3 times. It was like a nightmare. We were so tired and we just wanted to get back home! On the 4th attempt we escaped the void and managed to get going in the right direction. We ended up pulling over at a gas station and sleeping in the car because we were so tired :) This is our escape from Zlin story :)

  • SummerD

    i just started bodyrocking again after a bout of being sick- geez i hate getting back into routines! but i’m happy once i’m in them(: attempting redemption, i did double workouts today. The workout for the 24th, and then this workout (one of the ones i missed being sick). Here are my scores from this one:

    Backward lunge Kick Up (Left Leg): 20/20
    Backward lunge Kicke Up (Right Leg): 20/20
    One arm Press up: 7/9
    Kick Ups & Breakdance Push up: 5/7
    Pike Jump & Squat Jump: 8/10 (this was painfull!!!haha)
    Part 2: 23 (working on these.. I definitely cannot do the one leg squats completely right yet. also i still use a chair to help my balance :P )

    thank you again for a great workout, guys!! also, freddy i hope your injury gets better soon:(
    so i am going to vent about something real quick… for a very very LONG time i have felt like my thighs are my enemy. they are chubby and flabby and gross. i dont have this problem with my abs, I love them because they have improved sooo much with these workouts and the diet. but my thighs.. its like i am always feeling i have the worst thighs in the room, etc. and that they will never change no matter how much i try. theres a thighmaster in the back of the closet and i have spent more hours running than i can remember. nothing seems to work for me! I am hoping that they will somehow become my friends before the summer (before i go out swimsuit shopping..yikes) does anybody else feel like this?? is there a magic rule about thighs that i missed???

    • AudraFit

      Yes, I can definately relate!

  • Yashizzle

    thanks! you should definitely give it a shot. it was 20 minutes of my life that i will never regret. :)

  • Yashizzle

    aww thanks. I appreciate it. :)

  • Cindy Beverly

    Ok doing this after my 6k run probably not a good idea but it sure did feel good in a bad kind of way. Here’s how I did…

    Backward lunge kick up L – 20/22
    Backward lunge kick up R – 19/19
    One Arm press (I love these) 9/9
    2 kick-ups Breakdance – 5/4
    Pike Jump and Jump up – 9/9

    And I am still no good at the blasted one leg squat & jumps and my legs were just crying at this point I only got 20.

    Now time for some stretching oh and just a tidbit for those of you who workout by your computer you can use the online stop watch at http://www.online-stopwatch.com/

  • Anonymous

    We can stay in contact here on via e-mail or icq maybe? :)

  • Kristen g.

    Wow what a workout! Hello everyone, my name is Kristen. I have been anxious in beginning your workouts zuzanna, and have found out they are great when I don’t have a ton of time during the course of my day. I did do this workout and found it very challanging. I am a beginner at this, but my goal is to build strength. here are my scores:

    Backward lunge kick up: R and L legs I did 20 each.

    One arm push up: I did 7

    2 Kick ups and breakdance push up: I did 5

    Pike jump & jump up: I did 9

    1 Leg squat and jump tuck: I did 6

    Like I was saying I am a beginner, and am hoping to improve my scores. But I have to say you inspire me Zuzanna! Thank you for the great work outs!!!!!


  • AudraFit

    Just completed this with my Gymboss buddy LOL!

    Backward Lunge Kickups: 25 both legs/sets
    Alt-OneArmPressup: 11/10
    Kickups/BreakdancePushup: 7/7
    PikeJump/SquatJump: 14/12
    Alt-Pistol&Jump Tuck: 20

    Difficulty with pistols as usual :( I have bad knees so I took my time with good form. I can get down but getting up is always a struggle so I also use the doorway when I get stuck :)

    • Anonymous

      Audra, I read a post from you (I think under the on the floor exercise challenge) in which you mentioned that you had done the on the floor abs challenge and were going to keep moving with the survivor workout. Your post motivated me to do the same so big big thank you!
      I just finished both exercises and I am glad I did because I would not have felt satisfied doing only one of them. I did not feel exhausted after the exercise challenge and I know I would have been the same if I had done the survivor one alone.
      Anyways, it is not one of your most brutal routine but I really enjoyed it as it went really fast.
      I did 11 sets of the abs challenge including a roll over to move from mountains to toe touch. Besides I did leg lift/toe touch (and not toe touch alone). My abs were burning!

      Here is my score for the survivor workout. I am proud of myself because I did not take any break between the part (just a few second to reset my timer). The workout which are not interval training (but time challenge) are challenging for me because I tend to take to much break when moving from one exercise to another while it is easier when it is the timer which is setting the rhythm!

      Anyways, enough blabling (right Zuzi ;) ). Here is my score
      Back lunge (left): 30/30 – (right): 30/30
      One arm press up: 12/12 ( I felt like I was more working my abs than arm for this one)
      Kick & Breakdance PU: 8/8
      Jump squat/Pike jump: 14/16

      One leg squat/jump tuck: 52 sets (impressed by my score!)

      I am looking forward to discovering the i am not a cucumber workout you prepared for us today!
      Have a great weekend!

      • AudraFit

        Hey Claire, your pretty fit as well! Wow! I’m amazed by all the progress here! There are a lot of seriously fit people here and I’m proud to be apart of it ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=706388249 Tori Larson Bradford

    Wow. Killer today. I’m so uncoordinated. If someone had been watching me I bet they would have had a good laugh. At least I feel like I got a good workout. Here are my scores:
    1. Backward Lunge Kick Up (L) :17, 16
    2. Backward Lunge Kick Up (R) :17, 17
    3. One Arm Press Up (I had to use two arms, but I tried to focus on putting the majority of my weight on one arm) : 8, 9
    4. 2 Kick Ups and Break Dance Push Up: 4, 4.5
    5. Pike Jump/Squat Jump: 6, 7

    5 minutes One leg Squats and jump tuck (I had to modify and use a chair): 44

    After I finished I decided to do the No Fear Exercise Challenge because I didn’t get a chance to workout yesterday. I was able to do 40 reps of the set.

    I just want to say that this is week two of doing Body Rock and I love it. I already feel better. I sleep better too. Now I just need to work on eating better and maybe I might see better results.

  • Lydia

    I mixed the Survivor work out with the ABS CHALLENGE- it was AWWEESSOOMMEE!

    1) 23,19
    2) 24 19
    3) 9, 9.5
    4) 5.5, 5
    5) 8, 8

    Part 2: 40

    took a minute break and then went into Thur’s AB CHALLENGE:
    200-Mountain climbers/ 187 Toe Touches

    finished with skipping the J LO video was supah helpful!! (and the fact that I may have had to much pro/grade workout!!! lol!)

  • linda

    I don’t see a way to select on any of your videos in this page, and daily workouts doesn’t show me what needs to be fallow? please let me know how i can find this info.


  • http://twitter.com/#!/empowart Jessica

    Hey Zuz and Freddie!

    This workout was awesome! I am sweating profusely, and I love that! THANK YOU! Here are my scores for today:

    Part 1 & 3
    1) Backward Lunge Kick Up (L): 25/25
    2) Backward Lunge Kick Up (R): 25/24
    3) One Arm Press Up: 13/12
    4) 2 Kick Ups & Breakdance Push Up: 7/7
    5) Pike Jump * Squat Jump: 10/10 (This one was killer!)

    Part 2: 36 sets

    Oh, found this quote I thought you might like: “Clear your mind of can’t.”
    Simple, yet powerful.

  • Mary Lou

    I did this one this morning. The pike jumps were scary/fun! I am still doing the one legged squats in the doorway but can tell I’m getting much better at it. Thanks Leslie Anne!
    backward lunge/kick up left 22, 22
    backward lunge/kick up right 22, 22
    one arm press up 7, 8
    2 kick ups breakdance p/u 5, 6
    pike jump/squat jump 7, 7
    one leg squat & jump tuck 30

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  • http://twitter.com/JudyINS Judith Huberdeau

    I did this workout yesterdeay and here`s my scores:
    Part 1 & 3
    BackW Lunge K-U (Left)- 22-19
    ” (Right)- 20-20
    One Arm Press Up- 9-9
    2 Kick Up & BreakD P-U- 6-6
    Pike Jump & Squat Jump- 9-9

    Part 2
    I did 26 sets with perfect form :)
    I enjoyed it alot :) Today, I`m resting.

    Have a good day!!


  • Jade Bear

    1. Backward Lunge Kick Up (left leg) – 26 reps
    2. Backward Lunge Kick Up (right leg) – 20 reps
    3. One Arm Press UP (alternating arms for each rep) – 5 reps
    4. 2 Kick Ups & Breakdance Push Up – 5 reps
    5. Pike Jump & Squat Jump – 6 reps
    48 reps of One Leg Squat & Jump Up in 5 minutes.

    Ran out of time to do the rest…

  • Jade Bear

    1. Backward Lunge Kick Up (left leg) – 26 reps
    2. Backward Lunge Kick Up (right leg) – 20 reps
    3. One Arm Press UP (alternating arms for each rep) – 5 reps
    4. 2 Kick Ups & Breakdance Push Up – 5 reps
    5. Pike Jump & Squat Jump – 6 reps
    48 reps of One Leg Squat & Jump Up in 5 minutes.

    Ran out of time to do the rest…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Elena-Malova/1327315961 Elena Malova

    But you can modificate it alone :)
    Lunges with help of chair
    One arm press up with knee in the floor
    Breakdance push ups with knee in the floor
    Pike push ups jump just a little and jump up the same.

    One leg squat with help of chair o down half way

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Elena-Malova/1327315961 Elena Malova

    I put my vote too!!! ))))

  • Jagdeep Kaur

    this is so inspiring. i am a walker, and i jog sometimes; i am 36 now and having problems keeping my weight the same. i don’t have any upper-body strength; i have never done weights. would starting to do push-ups standing, by the wall help? ..feet about a meter away from the wall. i can’t do a push-up horizontally, yet. :) you are my new guru..bless me please..

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately I do not live in Prague :( I live in Tanvald in the very North on Czech Republic.. BUT it would be really cool to arrange a meeting in Prague! :D Maybe to do some group burpees on Charles Bridge :D

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, we are gonna do it like a dudes :D

    • http://www.facebook.com/delia.niculescu1 Delia Niculescu

      Cool, you can add me on facebook if you wish and we can take it from here dude ;-)

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, I do not have a Facebook :( (deleted it last year, the worst time consumer EVER) :D

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, I do not have a Facebook :( (deleted it last year, the worst time consumer EVER) :D

  • Anonymous

    Just copy and paste a link to your message, the video thumbnails will add automatically…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Elena-Malova/1327315961 Elena Malova

      O thanks a lot Nina!!!! )))))))

      • Anonymous

        You are so welcome Elena!!!! :) )))

  • http://delightfultastebuds.wordpress.com Jos

    I did this workout while waiting for dinner to be done and I survived!

    Part #1 & Part #3
    Backward Lunge and Kick Up (Left) 24 // 24
    Backward Lunge and Kick Up (Right) 24 // 21
    One Arm Press Up (alt. arms) 10 // 9
    2 Kick Up and Breakdance Push Up 7 // 9
    Pike Jump and Squat Jump 10 // 9

    Part #2 – 5 minute time challenge
    One Leg Squat and Jump Tuck – 33 reps (modified – holding on a chair)

    Woot, I could go all the way down with my one leg squat (both legs), even though I still had to hold on to a chair. I take that as an improvement from before, when I could only do half squat. Next step will be doing half squat WITHOUT holding anything!

    Can’t wait to do tomorrow’s exercise challenge!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Lanier/100000216811315 Maria Lanier

    Wow, a lot of us did this workout. Well, I was supposed to do this yesterday but I fell asleep as soon as I got home and woke up almost 11 PM. I wasn’t zero though. I did 45 mins of dancing with my office mate (Prevention: Dance Yourself Thin) to support her. Yesterday, was her first time to do exercise during lunch, she asked me the other day if I feel dancing, so I said, I’m ok to join her.

    Anyway, here’s my score and I survived. :)
    Backward Lunge Kick up, left – 25, 16
    Backward Lunge Kick up, right – 24, 18
    One Arm Press Up – 9, 7 (this is one of my favorite move)
    2 Kick up & Breakdance – 5.5, 6 (oh, i love it. so much fun)
    Pike Jump & Squat Jump – 7, 6 (i’m controlling myself here because got afraid if I flip to the other side, hahaha!!!)

    One Leg (Half) Squat & Jump Tuck – 43 in 5 mins.

    I love this routine. I wanna do it again sometime. :) Thanks, Z&F.

    Note: I don’t have a Bodyrocker Buddy either… Anyone interested to join me? Virtual buddy is ok with me. :) Actually, I already consider Z&F as my buddies… Lately, I’m trying to beat their score. :)

    • Anonymous

      Great scores Maria, how long have you been bodyrocking? I will be your virtual buddy if you need one still, I need one too!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Lanier/100000216811315 Maria Lanier

    I only have my notebook to log my daily workouts. I also have excel format for my logs but it’s time consuming because I do my bodyrock outside and don’t want to carry my laptop, so, double work. I just stick to my notebook to log my scores.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Lanier/100000216811315 Maria Lanier

    Jenny, some tip please for working on one leg squat… I’m still training myself for that. I can only go down half way. Squat for both legs, oh I don’t have that problem. I really want a one-leg squat like Zuzie. Hmmm, wondering when I can perfect it…

    Congrats to your progress. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Lanier/100000216811315 Maria Lanier

    Oh you mean, Cali.. Yeah, I missed them too. On next video, please show Charlie and Cali… :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Lanier/100000216811315 Maria Lanier

    You did??? Wow!!! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Lanier/100000216811315 Maria Lanier

    Just like my experience, I introduced bodyrock to some of my friends because I wanna help them to get back in shape but guess what I got, they said they don’t want muscle. I got really disappointed and promised myself, I won’t speak anything about fitness again unless they ask me. But in some ways, since I keep bodyrocking during my lunch break at work, people noticed changes in my physical outlook and with that, they tend to ask question, complimenting me and they said they want to start theres too. So I said, maybe it’s better not to talk about it. Just lead them by example, that might work. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Lanier/100000216811315 Maria Lanier

    Dheana, I too can’t do all the way down one leg squat. What I did is just half squat. I’m still training myself for that. You may practice squat first. Tip, make sure, when you bend your knees, don’t let it pass your toes. Just push your hips back, chin or head up like giving an attitude and keep your back straight. When you’re comfortable enough, then try it with one leg (half) squat. You can bring your leg front or back, depending on what works for you. Good luck… Good luck to me too. hehehehe :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Lanier/100000216811315 Maria Lanier

    Congratulation. I’m happy for you. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Lanier/100000216811315 Maria Lanier

    You’re not alone, Sonia. I don’t have any friends around me that’s up to workout either. I only have my husband too who kept pushing me. He’s a cyclist too. How I wish to have a Bodyrock Buddy, in person or virtual. :)

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the good work!

  • Dana Kocis

    Hihi! Survived an smiling :) Will do a short high intensity interval skip now 12 mins. I walked to work today (30 mins brisk) and after work I biked to the store for another 30, but that’s no challenge.

    My playlist for this workout:

    Survivor – Destiny’s Child
    Vogue – Madonna
    Die Another Day – Madonna
    Don’t Tell Me to Stop – Madonna

    My Scores:

    1. Backward Lunge Kick Up (left leg) – 22 reps, 22 reps

    2. Backward Lunge Kick Up (right leg) – 20 reps, 21 reps

    3. One Arm Press UP (alternating arms for each rep) – 11 reps, 11 reps

    4. 2 Kick Ups & Breakdance Push Up – 7 reps, 7 reps (1/2 of reps on both feet)

    5. Pike Jump & Squat Jump – 10 reps, 9 reps

    35 reps of One Leg Squat & Jump Up in 5 minutes.

  • Yashizzle

    I made a very suicidal modification to this workout and did 20 rounds instead of 2 rounds of 5.
    Im probably not going to be able to move very much tomorrow but the workout was amazing.
    here are my numbers:

    1. Backward Lunge Kick Up (left leg) – 25/19/16/15
    2. Backward Lunge Kick Up (right leg) –20/18/19/19
    3. One Arm Press UP (alternating arms for each rep) –9/8/8/7
    4. 2 Kick Ups & Breakdance Push Up – 6/6/6/5
    5. Pike Jump & Squat Jump –11/10/9/9
    :) thanks for the great exercises once again.

    • Anonymous

      way to really take it to the next level! :) You Rock!

      • Yashizzle

        haha i was mostly trying to avoid doing the one leg squats ;)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sabrina – your posts are showing up :)

  • Anonymous

    Thats awesome thanks!

  • Anonymous

    So I did it all but I really felt like my body just wouldnt do what I wanted it to, I took a 5 hour energy which I sometimes do for work, they seem to leave me tired later, not mentally but physically. Has anyone else had this problem with them? They contain aspartame, which I know is bad, so maybe its from that? anyway enough…here are my scores :)

    1) 27-22
    ***5 minute countdown=37—half was done with chair assistance :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cienna-Buckner/728905106 Cienna Buckner

    This workout went way faster than I expected. Especially with the 1-leg squats part, I really thought it might drag, but it was over before I even realized. How nice!

    Lunge/Kick (R): 27, 23
    Lunge/Kick (L): 25, 22
    1 Arm Press ups: 10, 11
    2 Kicks/Breakdance Push up: 7, 5 1/2
    Pike Jump & Jump Up: 15, 13
    1-Leg Squat and Jump Tuck: 29

    Feels good to have that done. Now I feel like a sweaty little ball of energy.

  • Leslie-Anne

    Wow! I really like the one arm press ups! I just finished and here are my scores…

    1. 19, 17
    2. 19, 18
    3. 10, 9
    4. 6, 5.5
    5. 6, 8

    countdown: 36

    Plus an additional 24 mins of skipping rope. I absolutely love the skipping rope after your workouts! I turn on some tunes and just rock out!

  • Anonymous

    THIS WAS BRUTAL AND I LOVED IT! I am so hooked on these workouts I can’t wait to get home from work and do them. Thanks a million bazillion a coffee contribution will be coming because you are SO WORTH IT!
    My scores
    , 1. 27,25
    2. 28, 25
    3. 12,12 love these by the way
    4. 8, 6 a little weak here
    5. 10, 11

    one leg squats and pike …45

    I pushed so hard today and feel so good. Can’t even begin to describe how life changing these workouts have been.

  • Lena

    I loved, loved, loved this workout! So many great exercises, I felt like I worked my whole body, and it only took 15 minutes. And the fact that it was broken up into three parts made the time fly by! Thanks guys! I want to do it again soon because now that I have done it once, and know how all the exercises work I feel I could push myself much harder. I might try it again today or in a few days and try to improve my scores.

    I must say though I still have huge problems with the one-legged squats, partially because I can’t seem to get the leg that is off the ground extended properly. I guess it is because I am not flexible enough but I just feel myself cramping up in all kinds of ways trying to get down low :( My left leg is worse than my right as well. I really need to practice these but they are probably one of my most-hated exercises because I am so bad at them and they hurt!

    One other thing, was the Pike Jump and Jump squat inspired by your Capoeira, Zuzana? It looked like it and it was a really effective exercise. My legs were on fire!

    Anyway, my scores for this workout were:

    Parts 1 and 3:
    1. Backward Lunge Kick Up (left leg) : 19 1/2, 19
    2. Backward Lunge Kick Up (right leg) : 17, 16
    3. One Arm Press Up: 8, 8 1/2
    4. 2 Kick Ups & Breakdance Push Up : 4, 5
    5. Pike Jump & Squat Jump : 7 1/2, 8

    Part 2
    One Leg Squat & Jump Up in 5 minutes : 30 reps but not all in great form. Some I only half squatted down, others I used the foot that was off the ground for support a little when coming up, others I held on to a chair for support… It was a bit messy!

  • Donna

    Just finished this workout and guess what I am a Survivor:) I was a bit concerned about this one because I have only been bodyrocking since Dec 2010 and was unsure about the one arm press up but I could do it to my amazement.I don’t have anyone to bodyrock with at home but if I feel lonely or unsure I just have to walk over to my computer and there are hundreds and thousands of bodyrockers waiting for me. This workout went really fast for me because I had to concentrate to make sure I was in correct form all the way through I tried my hardest and pushed through it. Here are my scores for part 1 and 3…..
    1.Backward lunge left leg 21,19
    2.Backward lunge right leg 20.19
    3.One arm press up 9,10
    4.Kick ups and breakdance push upu 7, 6 and a half
    5.Pike jump and squat jump 11,11
    Part 2
    5 min leg squat and jump tuck 54 reps
    Cooldown which is Zuzana’s stretching….
    Thanks Zuzana and Freddy for another great workout!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m all alone on the fitness front. thank God for the internet!
    Backlunge/kick up (L)-18,17
    Backlunge/kickup (R)-17,19
    2 Kick ups/breakdance-6,6
    Pike Jump/Jump squat-11,12
    One-Leg squat/Jump tuck-28
    I kept trying to get to 20 kickups but I couldn’t! Stupid Brutus! :)

    • Anonymous

      Keep up all the hard work!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=685601999 Zachary Pullins

    This was a rough one! My body rocker buddy is my wife. We love this site and enjoy competing. Down to the nitty-gritty:
    1. 23, 22
    2. 23, 21
    3. 10, 10
    4. 5, 7
    5. 9, 10

    Five minute countdown: 54.

    Shirt is drenched, heart is pounding, I feel alive. Thanks!

  • http://fitnfreshblog.com Alycia

    This is only my second time doing your workouts and I am in LOVE! It normally takes a lot to make me sweat and you guys managed to do it in under 15 minutes! So obsessed now lol (:

    My scores:
    1. Backward Lunge Kick Up (left leg) – 21/22
    2. Backward Lunge Kick Up (right leg) – 22/23
    3. One Arm Press UP (alternating arms for each rep) – 13/13
    4. 2 Kick Ups & Breakdance Push Up – 5/6
    5. Pike Jump & Squat Jump – 8/7

    and 22 reps of One Leg Squat & Jump Up in 5 minutes.

    And my quote since that seems to be the thing to do today:
    “How can you expect to see change if you never do anything differently?”

  • Galia

    I’m a survivor, I’m gonna make it! hahaha

    I’m a beginner and I just started today, I’ve done these workouts before but I stopped because my father (whom I told not to) got me a gym membership. After working out at the gym for three months and not seeing much improvement, I now plan on adding your workouts into my exercise routine. These are my results (LAME..hahaha):
    Backward Lunge Kick Up (left): 18, 17
    Backward Lunge Kick Up (right): 17, 14
    One arm press up (alternating arms for each rep): 8, 8
    2 kick ups and breakdance push up: 5, 5 (i got confused sometimes hahaha)
    pike jump and squat jump: 10, 9
    PART 2: 28

    Thanks you guys! Question: how come we never see freddy workout too? Get someone to film you guys, it would be cool to see you guys go head to head..hahaha

    Your fan,

  • Marie MajorFit

    Oh whoops…. on 5 min exercise challenge I got 41!

  • Marie MajorFit

    I did it.. .and I have my boyfriend to push me but today I was the pusher. My boyfriend and another friend joined me today in the workout and I decided to push them harder by having them keep up with me (which in retrospect also pushed me harder!). For some reason they have an inability to count…. LOL!

    1. Backward Lunge Kick Up (left leg) – 21 reps, 23 reps

    2. Backward Lunge Kick Up (right leg) – 19 reps, 23 reps

    3. One Arm Press UP (alternating arms for each rep) – 10 reps, 8 reps

    4. 2 Kick Ups & Breakdance Push Up – 7 reps, 7 reps

    5. Pike Jump & Squat Jump – 9 reps, 8 1/2 reps

    35 reps of One Leg Squat & Jump Up in 5 minutes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Bjorg-Jepsen/754945057 Maria Bjørg Jepsen

    This one looks like SO much fun!!!!
    I revisited the Marine Corps WO this morning instead, but I can’t wait to try this one. Very soon :)
    I had a KILLER time trying to beat my first reps. Was practically drenched in my own sweat and how I LOVE that feeling!

  • Anonymous

    Took me 17:23 to finish (had a glich with the timer). I absolutely have to practice those one leg squats. I go about half way and I just can’t get any lower. I am determined to get them. (So I’m not sure how accurate the reps are for Part 2) Anyway…

    lunge kick left 31/29 (My FAVORITE!)
    lunge kick right 30/25
    one arm press 15/13
    kick up/push up 6/6 1/2
    pike jump/squat 11 1/2/12

    one leg/jump 44

    To all bodyrockers…I love reading your quotes. I’m don’t facebook/twitter (probably the only one in the world who doesn’t) …but your words, quotes, struggles, etc…are motivational “buddies!”

  • http://www.facebook.com/yana.volovik Yana Volovik

    haha, I hardly survived this one, but I finished it despite Brutus :)
    1. Backward Lunge Kick Up – 23, 18
    2. Backward Lunge Kick Up – 15, 15
    3. One Arm Press UP – 10, 9
    4. Ups & Breakdance Push Up – 5, 5
    5. Pike Jump & Squat Jump – 9 , 9
    27 reps of One Leg Squat & Jump Up in 5 minutes.

  • http://twitter.com/ariatw Patrick

    Lunge kick up L 17/19
    Lunge kick up R 18/17
    One arm press up 10/10
    2 kick up + breakdance push up 10/6
    Pike jump + squat jump No chance! Was trying to get the form right but everyone in the gym stopped to see what the hell was wrong with me! Need to pratice @ home. Did push-up with knee tuck instead. 8/7
    one leg squat + jump tuck 42. Anyone else finding that this is as much about balance as leg strength? I’m getting about 70% of the way down now and I think it’s because my balance is geting better.

    Did 20 mins cardio to finish, 10 mins skipping & 10 mins on x-trainer.

    These workouts are so intense. I am getting so, so much more out of these than normal cardio/weight work.

    Thanks again F&Z.

  • http://kenjibankhead.posterous.com/ ashtromanius

    Well, I survived! Excellent workout… I loved the pike jump :) I had some issues with the breakdance one… I was thinking too hard about which leg I lifted up the last time so wasted many a seconds thinking too hard! Here are my scores today
    1. 20,20
    2. 20,21
    3. 9, 10
    4. 4,5
    5. 9,9

    5 min countdown: 26

    Here is a great quote from T.S. Eliot.
    ‎”What we call the beginning is often the end
    And to make an end is to make a beginning.
    The end is where we start from…
    We shall not cease from exploration
    And the end of all our exploring
    Will be to arrive where we started
    And know the place for the first time.”- T.S. Eliot, “Little Gidding”

  • http://www.facebook.com/dana.vanbeneden Dana Grace Van Beneden

    I loved this workout! So fun to move your body in different ways.

    backward lunge kick up L 26,24
    backward lunge kick up R 23,23
    1 arm press 11,10
    kick up and break dance push up 7,7
    pike jump with squat jump 10,12
    1 leg squat with jump tuck 36

    “The pain of discipline is better than the pain of regret.”

  • http://www.tzsports.com BodyRocker David

    I’m really lucky to have a wife that shares my outlook on living a healthy lifestyle. She is the most consistant exerciser I have ever known, a true rockstar. It’s nice to know you guys also share these values.
    Here’s my scores from today
    Lunge kick up L 22-21
    Lunge kick up R 22-22
    One arm press up 8-10 (need some work here:)
    2 kick up + breakdance push up 7-7+
    Pike jump + squat jump 11-10 (that was ugly:)
    one leg squat + jump tuck 45
    Have a great day. See you Friday!!

  • Ioana

    Unfortunately I don’t have anyone around me who supports me with my workouts. Some call me obsessed with myself, some call me insane for trying to do this, some say that I want to be something I’m not. But I don’t care! I am my best BodyRocker Buddy, always becoming the best version of myself and that’s enough, and I am proud o myself!
    My scores:
    1. Backward Lunge Kick Up (left leg):21,18

    2. Backward Lunge Kick Up (right leg):19,18

    3. One Arm Press UP :7,7

    4. 2 Kick Ups & Breakdance Push Up:5,4

    5. Pike Jump & Squat Jump:10,10
    Exercise challenge:24 reps

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    HA! I am back to normal today and fired up! Just enough time to squeeze this one in today for a good rush! No warm up nor cool down :(
    1 Bwd lunge R: 18-23
    2 Bwd lunge L: 21-23
    3 one arm p-u: 12-14 shoulder a little gritty but can do
    4 kick up/push up: 7-7 kept tangling my feet oh well-go-go-go
    5 pike/jump: 10-12

    one leg squat/jump squat: 42 flabby left leg today. Had to hang onto my left toes to help up after a while.
    Puffing and blowing and dripping! All good! Cool workout; off to a cold shower and let the day’s games begin!

  • Kirry

    This was one of my favorite workouts. :)

    1. Backward Lunge Kick Up (left leg) : 18, 15 (serious balance issues…my feet are to narrow. ^^)

    2. Backward Lunge Kick Up (right leg) : 19, 16

    3. One Arm Press UP (alternating arms for each rep) : 10, 9

    4. 2 Kick Ups & Breakdance Push Up : 7, 6

    5. Pike Jump & Squat Jump : 8, 7

    6 . One Leg Squat & Jump Up in 5 minutes : 37 reps

  • Anonymous

    You guys may wanna check out THIS girl, she is amazing, her voice is stunning! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOf3kYtwASo and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TswOLHUQFPk

    I have no Bodyrock buddy around, or anyone who is physicaly active :( So at home I am all by myself, but I have you guys here, that always cheers me up :)

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  • http://delightfultastebuds.wordpress.com Jos

    I don’t have bodyrock buddies at home either, but at least my hubby is pretty supportive with whatever I’m doing. I guess the only buddies I have are all bodyrockers here and of course Zuzana and Freddy :)
    Btw, is there any easier modification for some of the moves (pike jump and One arm press up for example?) I think for the rest of them you already covered it before. Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      You can definitely do One Arm press up with your knees on the ground (kinda like with the easier mod of Dive Bomber), and the pike jump is much easier when you put your hands on an elevated surface (table, chair…). Those modifications were explained waaaaay back it time and these exercises were not done in a looong time.
      I am a little jealous of you guys who can do this, I will do this once I am completely cured :) ))

      • http://delightfultastebuds.wordpress.com Jos

        Thanks for the tips, Nina! I would definitely try to do these without
        mods, but just in case :D
        Hope you feel better soon!

  • AudraFit

    I don’t have any Bodyrock buddies at home except for my 3 year old LOL. But, you two and the Bodyrockers here are all I need to hold me accountable.

  • Anonymous

    brutal, awesome sweat. just untied my shoes and am walking it off. my scores:
    baklunge (L)- 24,27
    (R)- 24,24
    pressback- 11,12
    pikejumps- 13,16 ( i couldnot kickback that far!! idk how you did it zuzana, thats why my score is hi)
    pushups- 7,7

    1 leg squats and jump tucks- 28 reps ( still need arm on chair for balance)

    i think im going to do some nice yoga now instead of more skipping!!! nice workout, and sweat

  • Yashizzle

    Yess bodyweight workout! This makes me excited about exercising! :)

    I noticed that bodyrockers have been sharing some really great motivational quotes, so heres one that i thought that everyone doing this can relate to:

    “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabby-Rodriguez/790883617 Gabby Rodriguez

    I can’t wait to start working out!!! 3 more weeks and I can start working lower body! I will have to do double workouts just to catch up. Last time I worked out with you guys was Feb 3rd!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabby-Rodriguez/790883617 Gabby Rodriguez

      i did it… didn’t wait for 3 weeks:) I FEEL GRRRREAT!!

  • Anonymous

    it says the video is private!! i cant see

    • Anonymous

      got it now! going to try, kicking brutus and my butts lol