Mar 9 2011

Pretty Fly Exercise Challenge

Hi BodyRockers,

Today’s exercise challenge was inspired by a song by The Offspring – it’s an oldie but a goodie and it can get you pumped up for this challenge. We have been really enjoying adding music to our posts and sharing great workout songs adds another layer of fun :)

I wanted to let you guys know that I finally re-activated my facebook account. I was one of those people who just didn’t get the whole facebook revolution, and my only experience with it recently has been posting on our BodyRockTv page which you can find here. Now that I have my own profile you guys that are on facebook can add me as a friend if you like – you can also add Freddy as a friend. It’s just another way to stay connected :) Even tho I didn’t really get what all of the fuss was about with facebook at first, after spending some time on it yesterday and today, I can definitely see how people can spend way too much time on there :)

In other news as I posted yesterday, we are celebrating Freddy’s birthday this Friday, and if you guys are in town it would be great if you stopped by and had a drink with us. A few of you BodyRockers have said that you are going to come over and hang out with us which is really cool. We are meeting at Harley’s Bar in downtown Prague around 10 pm :) We would love to see you guys there!

What else… how are you guys doing with the diet challenges? Are you keeping up with us? I just wanted to check in with you on the challenges to see how you are making out with them. If you are late finding us you can always just start at week one here and make your way through week by week. Take a look at them because it is so important to support your training with the right diet approach.

Tomorrow we will be back with another kick butt workout, so until then push hard with today’s challenge and enjoy your training :)


Zuzana & Freddy

Instructions for this workout are in the video above

P.S. My score is 18 and 1/2 sets. Freddy completed 17 sets.

Workout Breakdown

Time: 10min.Workout Type: exercise challengeExercises: 2
  • High Knees (with Jump Rope)30 reps
  • Knee Hugs10 reps

Get your gear for this workout here:


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  • Anonymous

    14! :)
    I need someone who does the marks for me, so i don’t have to write anything and can immediatly move on!! :D

  • Paige

    I did ten sets in this challenge.  I don’t know why, but sometimes for these challenges i say, “Omg…zuzana only did 18 sets?? That’s so easy pffff I can do that” Then i start and realize that 18 sets is NO JOKE!!! haha. Anyway, I’m so thrilled that I did 100 knee hugs in ten minutes!!  Although it’s no where close to Zuzana, once i realized this, i was soooo happy :)

  • Alana Stacy

    I changed this to 12 minutes to make up for the lack of the new workout, and I only managed 17 sets. :/

  • Hanne

    I did 10 sets. And I am so happy!!!

  • Jenny

    15 reps :)

  • Gabby Rodriguez

    Completed 6 rounds. the hugs were killers!!!! Muakkkk guys!

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  • Nina_CZ

    Nothing to be embarassed about Carootje! Everyone has to start somewhere and it is normal to have low numbers at the beginning, if you didn’t do any exercise before. Just don’t let low numbers discourage you, keep going, I promise you will see and feel progress very soon! Keep going! :)

  • michele

    Hi there, was just wondering if all you do everyday is a 12-20 minute workout? I guess it is hard for me to believe you stay in such great shape doing minimal workouts.
    What is your workout schedule?

  • Veru_PRG

    Last time I forgot to count so I did this one again today and I only did 11 reps. And I thought I was really fast, but then the timer beeped :-(

  • Krilskyte839

    just 10 sets

  • Yajaira Christian


    I did 13 reps in 10 min..

    Good combination!!

  • Christine Jappy

    Hi everyone, Zuzana, Freddy and all the bodyrockers :) Im fairly new to this, and I just wanted to say thanks so much for the beginner modifications, Its great to be able to join in with all you guys and get fitter! I hope someday soon ill be able to do the full exercises, but thanks for now for helping me get started and for being so motivating every day! :)

  • Anonymous

    OKAY, so I made that bloody Facebook page, but only for you guys!!! :D :D :D :D

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear, I wanted to beat my mom :D NO WAY!
    I am soooo sore from yesterdays Set Fire workout! My butt and my abs and my shoulders hurts so bad :D
    I did it without a rope and only managed 10,5 sets! Highknees were OK, but knee hugs were not that great, still suffering from Crunch Scissors :D So this time it is 1:0 for mum! :D Maybe next time :D

  • Annie_B

    Did this challenge after You Push Me workout. 13 sets only :( I could have done it better if I didn’t run back and forth between kitchen( jump rope) and living room( knee hugs) .Well, at least I kept moving and didn’t stop the timer ;) I will do it again in a day or two. This time, I will get workout mat next to the kitchen :)
    Love your workout top!

  • Mary Lou

    I took yesterday off and did this after the Only Girl workout. I used the rope and they are still not that ‘high’ but I managed 12 rounds! Trying to keep your lower back pressed into the floor on those knee hugs is tough!

  • Mary Lou

    Good question. I fight them as well and find I can only jump rope so many days in a row before I need to lay off. It’s getting better though, so maybe it does have something to do with calf muscle strength. Anybody with better info?

  • AudraFit

    17 & 1/2 sets chasing Zuzana! However, I did manage to one up Freddy by a nose :P LOL..
    Lately, I’ve been doing these challenges before a workout and this one will match up nicely with the “Only Girl In The World” workout. Don’t get me wrong this challenge was hard enough on it’s own but I’m gonna push myself because it’s spring break here already and pretty soon it’s gonna be bikini time!

    • Annie_B

      I’m with you Audra :) Bikini season is coming soon!! I find doing exercise challenge + Z’s workout is really firing me up.
      PS. Impressive score for you girl :)

  • Gabby Rodriguez

    Thank you guys! I was able to do this workout cause didn’t require any upper body movement! 2 more weeks and I have to play catch up to everyone!!!!! Lots of kisses

  • Anonymous

    I look at it every time I have cravings for something unhealthy :D Apple tastes SO good after :D :D

  • Anonymous

    I have 2 pictures of Zuzka in my workout room on the wall and everytime I think I need to push more during the workout, I turn my position to face these pictures and suddently there is an alarm in my head saying: If-you-need-those-abs-you-need-to-push-more :D
    I also read somewhere that if you really wanna start dieting and exercising but you are afraid of quitting on yourself, you need to write it down on a piece of paper like an official document, and sign is as an official document. It would give it more of an “officiality” and you will have to do that, because “you signed that contract!!! :D It helped me a lot, I have it on my door in my room. Something like paying the rent, you just have to do that, you signed for it. You will have to stick to diet, because you signed for it. Sometimes these psychological tricks help a lot :)

  • Anonymous

    The same here!!! My husband is so skinny, he has such an amazing legs, I always say that if she shaved his legs, he has better legs than many female models :D He just stopped smoking (finally!!!) and he is one of those people who substitute smoking with food, he is eating A LOT, sweets, chocolate, candy, popcorn, chips, fries, grilled cheese, thick fat sauces and stuff like that, and is still superskinny :D Actually, he would like to gain some weight, but he just can’t :D
    I KNOW now that I am able to lose weight pretty quickly, but I am just a huge slacker on diet.. But because I KNOW it is possible, I feel like “I can start whenever I want,” which is bull*hit of course :D I have to start again RIGHT NOW!!! :D I want that butt fat off of me till summer! :D

  • Lvette #1

    10 combo and 25 reps jump rope.

  • Maria Lanier

    this is too hard… I only managed to do 11 sets in 10 minutes. Hmmm, gotta do it again sometimes. It’s easy for the high knees with rope but not the knee hugs. Well, if I total all reps I still did 440 reps (30 + 10 for 11 sets – 40×11=440).
    Thanks for this very short and yet, challenging combo. :)

  • Anonymous

    I got to 12 sets! I fell a little behind because my abs are still sore. :( I did 10 minutes of skipping afterward.

  • Anonymous

    The Offspring!!! I went to junior school, and i loved them!! Can’t believe I forgot they existed.
    Today, I won’t embarras my self with postig my scores :))) I missread it and instead of 10 kneehugs did 30 each time so.. also i did it right after set fire workout, which i also misread.. long day long story ;). Thanks for inspiring me and being our best trainer in the world!

  • Dana Grace Van Beneden

    I’m glad there are some other people commenting on their reps because I was surprised when the timer beeped and I only completed 15. I knew that Z+F were at 17 and 18 so I was pushing super hard. I’m not suggesting this ISN’T possible because it wouldn’t be the first time I was beaten by them but usually I’m fast with the high knees so I was surprised I got creamed by 3 entire reps…..

  • Janet

    right here, right now. Just give it your best shot

  • Janet

    45 years young!!!

  • Janet

    I’m with you, Freddy. An even 17. This was one of my more sterling efforts at high knees. I think the new jump rope without kinks makes a big difference. To keep track of my score I line up on the table ten random objects lying around in my studio (a Sharpie pen, spray can of varnish, tape gun, plant clippers, a piece of sandpaper, box cutters, pliers, scissors, hammer…) and move them one by one as I proceed through the sets. It is way easier than diving under the table for my dropped pencil. I loved this micro challenge. I believe it took me longer to costume up than to do the deed. Now that’s my kind of workout!

  • Anonymous


  • Tereza_CZ

    Are you from Brno?^_^ I’m currently in Vyškov but moving near Brno really soon, I would love to have a Bodyrocker friend to hang out and maybe sometimes work out together or just spend some active time together, my boyfriend and other friends are couch potatoes:) If you like, my e-mail adress is [email protected] so we can arrange a little non-official get together;)

  • Jos

    Btw for the diet challenge, I am pretty much stick to Primal/Paleo approach and so far so good :) Small meals don’t really accommodate me, so I just listen to my body and eat when I feel hungry and stop when I feel full.

  • Anonymous

    Most people actually follow one day behind due to the time differences and when we update. Don’t sweat it tho, just keep rocking it :)

  • Tammy77

    Hey guys….
    Hats off to the both of you! Can’t believe you were able to do as many sets as the two of you did! I was able to complete 13 sets in 10 minutes. Hopefully the next time I try this exercise challenge I can beat my score.

  •!/empowart Jessica

    Hey guys!! I managed to complete 15 sets of this challenge. I think I could have done a few more if I wasn’t keeping track of it on paper. It has been rainy and snowy here for a couple days now and I am really itching to get out. I cant wait for spring to finally roll around. I miss summer! These workouts really get me through the miserable, dreary days. So thanks to everyone for being such an incredible inspiration!! I just made myself a delicious vegetarian chilli with a lot of wonderful super foods! A great option for a cold rainy day :)

  • Anonymous

    13 sets for my mom!!! :)
    She is awesome, she is strong and has a lot of power and endurance, she just needs some more self confidence :)
    After she was done she wrote me: I did 13 ONLY.
    I was like WHAAAAAT? ONLY!!! That is amazing! :) Can’t wait to try to beat her tomorrow! :D

  • Jos

    I only managed 12 sets as well..seriously I need to work on my high knees jump rope more…for some reason I couldn’t do it as the same rhythm as I do regular skipping…anyone experienced this as well or is it just me? My high knees jump rope is more like a faster version of a playground hop (w/ high knees)…

    • Janet

      I am the biggest spaz alive with a jump rope. As a great believer in retail therapy curing all, I have tried a leather one, but the welts it gave me were too much to take. I think it was short, and the ball bearings didn’t spin. I switched to cheap plastic and it blew up and died in my hands. Another plastic one refused to unkink. The most recent one I let hang with a little weigh on the end to unkink…and suddenly I could do the high knees pretty well.
      But, more seriously, I find it helps to swing the rope through faster for high knees. The rhythm is definitely different but I can’t put my finger on it. Probably why I am so uncoordinated with it.
      Albert has observed my frustration and kindly brought his laptop to where I was fumbling through a set. He had found a youtube lesson on how to. He went back to his half gallon of ice cream and I continued to fumble. The different jump rope made the biggest difference for me although it may be all psychological.

  • Renske

    I did 11 sets. I also could done more if i didn’t had to write down the numbers(but I had to otherwise I would forget).. My diet Is going good in the foods I eat. Only my mind is playing with me. I am hungry, and I want to eat snacks!! So I notice now how difficult it is not to answer these cravings. Till now I manage it, but I don’t know for how long.. I hope this feeling will go away soon. But man, this is hard!

  • Judith Huberdeau

    Hi Zuzana, Freddy & Bodyrockers!!!

    I`m happy that you guys are back :) I was feeling depressed these days cause I wasn`t able to do my workouts :( I was recovering from a back injury and it was really bad. I did physio for one week and I still have to wait another week until I can workout… Until then, I stretch everyday ;) Here what`s happening when you don`t listen to your body :S I`m happy that you guys had a great trip!! I wish I could be there friday for your birthday Freddy!!! My diet is going great!! I had the chance to built good habits when we tryed to be vegeterians :)

    I`m still following you everyday… Love you guys :)


  • Tereza_CZ

    Zuzana and Freddy, are you sure it was supposed to be only 10 minutes? I can’t imagine the whirlwind you had to unleash in your living room to complete that many sets…you have my admiration and congrats if 10 minutes is not a typing error:) I finished 12 sets + 10 High Knees. It could be maybe more but I had to write down each set otherwise I wouldn’t know the score at all.

  • Anonymous

    Forgot to share something! :D
    Currently I have a hard time with sticking to my diet, and searching for a motivation, I found this amazing website on twitter, it is always reminding me of eating well when I browse it :D Check it out! :D

    • Tereza_CZ

      Já řešim kila navíc, a to nemusim ani jíst dobroty jako je třípatrový grilovaný sýrový dort:) Mám teď dost náročný období, a taky jsem teď nějaký čas řešila podobný problém, nebo jsem si spíš dokonce uvědomila, že mám možná trochu “záchvatovitě přejídací problém”, a objevila jsem tyhle stránky, který mi ohromně pomohly. Jsou jenom v češtině, tak ani nemá smysl, abych tenhle příspěvek psala anglicky.
      Rady typu “začněte jíst v jiné místnosti, než kde se obvykle přejídáte” nebo “je lepší se chvíli chovat nehospodárně a zbytky od jídla vyhodit než nikdy nepřestat s přejídáním” mi pomohly velice moc. Sice si teď připadám trochu jako pacientka, ale takovýhle nakopnutí jsem přesně potřebovala. Nechystáš se náhodou zítra do Prahy?:)

      • Anonymous

        Já hodně vypadla z rytmu diety teď jak jsem marodila, když mi došlo doma ovoce a zelenina, začala jsem se cpát i jinak přehlíženýma čokoládovýma tatrankama :D Dost jsem okusila následky Emotional Eating, ale nebylo to jako z depresí nebo smutku :D ale vyloženě z nudy. Celý den v posteli, nemohla jsem nic dělat, tak jsem sežrala na co jsem přišla :( je to trošku znát :D cítím se těžší :D Snažím se dostat se zpátky na správnou stravu, protože mě to i hrozně bavilo tak dobře jíst a opravdu jsem viděla že v kombinaci se cvičením se postava mění…
        Bohužel mám zítra dost nabitý program a teprve včera jsem si toho všimla že je meeting teď v pátek :((( Doufám že bude brzo další, jela bych hned :)) Děkuju za odkaz, mrknu na to :)

        • Tereza_CZ

          To znám, nuda a odkládání nepříjemných povinností jsou můj největší Eating Brutus:) Ty stránky jsou sice hlavně zaměřený na léčbu anorexie a bulimie, ale může si konkrétně z tohohle článku dost vzít i relativně zdravý člověk. Na nudu je nejlepší nějaká fajn knížka nebo meditace, začala jsem teď pronikat do jejích tajů a zjišťuju, že to má fakt něco do sebe, viz třeba Osho – Oranžová kniha. Tak ať brzy zajedeš zpátky do těch správných kolejí, občas tělo holt potřebuje pauzu, ale nic se nesmí přehánět:)

          • Anonymous

            Já čtu hodně, ale spíš po večerech v posteli, tam už na jídlo nemám myšlenky. Ale hodně se věnuju práci a počítačům, začala jsem zase hrát PC hry :D a zjistila jsem že mi stačí nastavit si budíka na jednotlivé časy kdy bych se měla najíst a v mezičase už na jídlo ani nepomyslím :D

  • Alana

    I only managed 12.5 reps… I was trying to beat you, Zuzana. Oh well, hopefully next time!

  • Iarina Croitor

    I only got through 12.5 reps.

  • Donna

    I got through 13 and a half reps in 10 min. Loving your sports top!!!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to check out a fashion haul with all the cutie workout stuff you bought while in L.A. Luv, luv, luv your top in this video! Sooooo cute!

  • Anonymous

    Love the new shirt!