Mar 10 2011

Only Girl (in the world) Workout

Hi BodyRockers!

I really enjoyed our workout today because I was able to add another 2 completely new sandbag exercises that we have never done before here. You should have seen Freddy after his workout – he made a swimming pool in our living room :) I was reading through the comments and so many of you guys have posted positive results and the number of emails rolling in describing how you guys are changing your bodies is just so motivating! We read through so many incredible stories of how you guys are loosing extra weight, becoming more toned – how you guys are getting stronger, faster and fitter – Freddy and I can feel the energy here and as a group I really feel like we are building up this incredibly powerful and positive momentum :) It’s difficult to put into words, but you know that feeling when something just feels great? I hope that you guys understand what I mean :)

On that note, I want you guys to really put an extra push behind yourselves today. Very often we are capable of so much more than we realize. This is me gently placing my boot on your arse and giving you that extra shove :) Remember that BodyRockers never quit – tell Brutus to go fly a kite :)


Zuzana & Freddy

Workout Breakdown

Time: 16min.Workout Type: Interval trainingExercises: 4
  • Lunge Chopmax. reps
  • Side Jump & Santana Push Upmax. reps
  • Round Trip & Santana Push Upmax. reps
  • High Knees with Jump Ropeat max. effort

Get your gear for this workout here:


This workout is 16 minutes long Interval training and is made out of 3 parts. You will need your Interval Timer and Sandbag.

Part 1

This is 6 minutes of Interval Strength Training. Set your timer for 6 rounds of 10 and 50 second intervals. Your goal is to complete max. reps for each exercise during each 50 second interval. Write down your reps during the 10 second intervals.

10 seconds of rest

1.Lunge Chop

1o seconds of rest

2. Side Jump & Santana Push Up

10 seconds of rest

3. Round Trip & Jump Squat

Repeat this circuit one more time

Part 2

4 minutes of high intensity interval skipping – High Knees with or without Jump Rope. Set your timer for 8 rounds of 10 and 20 second intervals. You will be skipping at your max. effort during each 20 second interval.

Part 3 = Part 1


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  • Menia Hondroudi

    part 1&3
    1.16 13/16 14
    2.9 11/11 9
    3.12 11/13 12
    part 2
    and ab bonus with Sean
    1.ass up abs:16
    2.military abs:7
    3.superman abs:20

  • Kat<3bodyrocker4life

    Did this one today =)
    lunge chop 16 15
    side jump + santana pushup 6.5 8
    round trip + jump 11 12
    part 2 (did this differently, I did 1000 skips in 8:16)
    part 3
    lunge chop 17 19
    side jump + santana pushups 8 8
    round trip + jump 13 12

    Bonus upper body (using 15lb sb)
    20 sb bench press
    20 dips
    20 reverse pull ups
    20 seated pull ups
    20 sb rows
    20 dragon lunge dead lifts
    20 sb cleans + pressups

    30 crunches
    30 crunches with sb
    20 leg raises
    20 elevated bridges
    20 star abs =)
    Thanks so much for this Amazing workout =)

  • Anonymous

    i loved it:

    15, 14, 17, 15
    6, 6, 7, 7
    7, 8, 8, 9

    plus two burpeesfor erin :)

    thanks, zuzka!!

  • You As A Machine

    Tried to post this from my phone and I don’t think it worked…
    This was my second HIIT workout in a tiny cabin in Kelowna.
    I brought my sandbag and skipping rope on this road trip, so this workout fit the bill.

    23 June 2011. Vs. 23 Aug. 2011
    Part 1
    13-8-8-13-8-10. Vs. 15-8-11-14-9-11

    Part 2 Skipping
    43-37-36-36-47-38-35-40 Vs. 53-41-44-37-40-42-51-52

    Part 3
    14-8-9-13-8-10. Vs. 16-9-11-14-9-11

    As with most of these workouts there are times when I want to just stop and rest – that would be Brutus…but I talk myself out of it, chanting in my head that “I can rest when it’s over”. Taking one interval at a time.

  • Lisa

    Second time doing this workout. Happy with my results! I was using a 20lb sandbag. The last time I did this (March 27th) I had filled a backpack with canned goods. Not sure what the weight was.

    Lunge Chop: 14, 14 regular (old 22, 20 modified)
    Side Jump/Santana: 8, 8 (old 8, 8.5)
    Round Trip/Jump Squat: 10, 10 (old 9, 9.5)

    High Knees with Jump Rope: 56, 55, 55, 53, 47, 54, 45, 54 (old 52, 53, 47, 40, 46, 54, 40, 48) Beat myself!

    Lunge Chop: 14, 11 (old modified 24, 20)
    Side Jump/Santana: 7.5, 7 (old 8.5, 8)
    Round Trip/Jump Squat: 11, 11.5 (old 9, 9)

    I am attributing the lower score this time on the side jump/santana due to the fact that I was doing regular lunge chops, which worked the arms more than just leaving the sandbag on my back. That’s my story and I’m stickin to it! I am a sweaty mess either way.

    Another great workout, now on with my day!

  • You As A Machine

    Did this 3 part workout today in my tiny cabin in Kelowna. The last time I did this workout was 2 months ago. Here is the comparison:

    June 23, 2011. Vs. Aug. 23, 2011
    part 1. Part 1.
    13-8-8-13-8-10. 15-8-11-14-9-11

    Part 2. Part 2.
    40-37-36-36-47-38-35-40. 53-41-44-37-40-42-51-52

    Part 3. Part 3.
    14-8-9-13-8-10. 16-9-11-14-9-11

    Brutus was knocking on the cabin door. I was chanting in my head “you can rest when you’re done”…that’s how I got through today.

    Cool down stretch. Post workout lunch then cool off in the lake.

    • Lisa

      Great job, nice improvement!

  • tee

    did this one today! missed it when it came out!
    I used 2 – 5lb dumbbells in place of the bag!  did the chops, and the around the world as if I was holding a bag,  but I walloped my head once when I realized I was going around the wrong way and tried to change it midstream!  oops lol!  the chops killed my shoulders!
    lunge chop – 17, 13    20, 13
    side jump & santana pushup – 6, 5     5, 5
    round trip & jump squat – 8, 8     8, 6
    high knees with rope (tripped too many times, and got distracted when my son walked through a couple times and was talking to me!)
    37, 37, 34, ?, 40, ?, 31, ?

    followed this one wth mr. vain and threw in a couple sets of tabata skipping!  I think I had puddles in my shoes!

  • Kat

    Just did this workout.  Felt like lifting something besides my own body weight so chose this workout from the archives.

    Part 1:
    1. 13 – 13
    2. 8 – 8
    3. 8 – 10 

    Part 2: 4 Minutes Interval Skipping. Haven’t been skipping enough lately so I kept tripping over my rope.  Averaged 40 high knees in each 20 second round. Amazing how quickly you lose it when you don’t use it.

    Part 3: 
    1. 14 – 13
    2. 8 – 8
    3. 9 – 10

    Plus 5 Pull Ups (forward grip) followed by full body stretch.

  • Anonymous

    Part 1/3

    lunge chop (16# total, dumbbells)
    new 24-24-21-19
    old 16-20-18-17 (can’t remember if I used weight)

    side jump/santana plank
    new 10-8-8-8
    old 8-7-6-6

    squat jumps (no round trip with dumbbells…)
    new 41(16#) -30 (4 with wt, rest, none)-34-25(lame!)
    old (no weight) 32-30-31-25

    Followed with 10/50, 4 rounds of:
    leg lift – star crunch – butt lift
    side to side knee drop, lying on mat.

  • Luke Says No

    My Scores:
    Part 1 & 3 – 4 X 10/30
    1. Lunge Chop: 10, 11 / 13, 11
    2. Side Jump & Santana Push Up: 4, 4 / 5, 5
    3. Round Trip & Jump Squat: 13, 13 / 15, 13

    Part 2 – TABATA
    – High Knees with or without Jump Rope: 43, 60, 62, 61, 62, 64, 65, 72

  • Gabby Rodriguez

    So i did this workout while praying hoping my little wouldn’t wake up so I could finish. I was in a rush that I didn’t record my numbers! Happy sooooo belated B-day Freddy, may the Lord continue to grant you many many more years! You’re a blessing to me!

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  • Anonymous

    There you are!!! sorry to hear about your foot….best wishes for a speedy recovery! I was starting to get worried not seeing your posts until I started “creeping” lol. Glad to see you’re still around and thanks for the birthday wishes a cpl weeks ago!

  • Anonymous

    Here is my score:
    1- (16.5 lb/7.5kg bag) 12/12//13/13
    2- 8/8//8/8
    3- (16.5 lb bag) 8/8//9/9

    Jump rope: 56/56/52/52/52/52/56/56
    The 4 min workout looks so intense – I will combine it with an exercise challenge tomorrow or Friday!
    Take care

  • Anonymous

    Hi Tanyshka,

    I have similar situation, just started to work, traveling a lot, and I am not so regular on the workouts like before…but, every night before I went to sleep I tell myself that I am stupid, try to remember how i felt great when I was regular, and in the morning I promise myself that I would work out…and if I don’t I feel guilty…and then I start to make up some excuses like I am tired or something…but this workouts are short,and you know that we feel only better after?!…
    so maybe your motivation can be that you are not alone in this situation…today you have been my motivation, so if you can help me, maybe I can help you?

    good luck

    p.s. sometimes I yell at myself, like move your lazy butt or something..hihihi

    kisses to you all

  • Pure2raw Twins

    This workout looks great! We just did a burpee video the other day we hope to send it you soon!

    Time to go do this workout :)

  • Ali

    I too enjoyed this workout, and Zuzana you are my one and only trainer in the world. The ONLY trainer who got me to drop 2 PANTS SIZES since I started this Feb 1!!!! You should be equally proud of yourself as I am of myself!

    Here are my scores:
    Lunge Chop 15, 14, 12, 13
    Side Jump plus santana push up: 4, 2, 5, 4
    Round Trip + santana push up: 4, 5, 8, 10
    High knees: 34…I didn’t realize I was supposed to count them until my last round, and I wasn’t about to do the whole thing again so I just did 34 times 6

  • Annie_B

    Hi guys :) I’m waiting to see pictures form Freddy’s b-day party =D
    I did this workout and Mr.Vain exercise challenge this morning. LOVED new moved that you mixed in Zuzana. I could feel my obliques when I was doing rountrip exercise. I used 22 LBS. today
    Lung chop : 12,11 / 11,10
    Sidejump & santana push up : 10,10 / 9,9
    Round trip&jump squat : 10,10 / 10,10
    High knees skipping : 61/58/56/59/56/55/54/53….The last beep was like a sound from heaven to me(hff hff)

  • AudraFit

    You still killed it tho girl!

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome :) Thanks so much for all of your kindness and support :)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks – blushing now :)

  • Vic

    Hi !!! I was wondering how much weight are you using in your sandbag? Thanks.

  • Violett Gelman

    hey guys, i wanted to start using this great workouts and i have some questions..
    1.whats the weight of that bag? and what can i use insted of it ? :)
    2.are these workouts ment to be done everyday?
    3.would be very glad for some tips, im new at this =]

    ty :)

    • Anonymous

      The bag weight changes, but its around 10kg. We follow the schedule that is posted – 1 workout per day, just jump in and start following :) There are always beginner modifications for each workout in the video :)

  • Anonymous

    I finally got around to doing this workout. my diet has been pretty bad this week, I must admit. I feel really bad about it, but the only thing to do is start over and keep on going, right? I had some greek yogurt after this workout, and I’m planning to eat lots of super foods today!
    Lunge chop-10,11,12,12
    Side jump and santana-6,6,7,8
    Around the world and jump squat-7,8,8,8
    I did the interval high knees with jump rope twice for a little extra push.

  • Kelly Devine

    So I hope the birthday celebrations went well, gutted I couldn’t join you.

    Yesterday I had an active rest day, lady hormones got the best of me. But today I went back at it. I woke up at 7am and lay in bed, Brutus trying to talk me out of it. But at 7.30 i got up, into my training gear and started the couch to 5k podcast again. I only got to week 3 the last time I tried this program and then lifestyle choices got in the way. So 8 months later I decided to pick it up again. Only I didn’t go back to week 1, I started from wk3. Now the last time I was doing this, week 3 floored me. But this morning I got through it like a breeze. I put it down to doing body rock for the last 2 and half months solid. So I did that, and then I have just done this work out. But Brutus, and worrying about the neighbors got the best of me. I completed part 1 and 2, but quit part 3. It is Sunday, and I don’t think my neighbors appreciate me jumping around on their ceiling. They just don’t get it! I want to have a banging body rock body! Surely they can put up with 16 mins of ceiling bouncing!!! Clearly not.

    So here is my reps for 1 & 2
    Lunge chop = 17,20 ( my make shift sand bag broke grrrr, had o change to modified version)
    Side Jump & Santana Push UP = 8, 9 ( i did these proper form, first time ever!)
    Jump Squat = 17, 24 ( again sand bag problem so modified version)

    Skipping = 49,46,47,49,47,50,52,40 ( again slightly holding back because of the neighbors )

    Then I finished off with 4 yes 4 unassisted chin ups!!!! I could only do one last week!!!!!

    Zuzana your the only PT that has got me so motivated and kept me at this, so yes, you are the only girl PT trainer in the world for me…

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  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday freddyy :)) I hope you guys will be posting something from your get together in Prag.. ?? I’m so curious…………….. my scores:
    1.) 10 16 14 14
    2.) 9 9 8 6
    3.) 8 8 10 10

    Did not count skipping, and now – throwing my self at MR VAIN :)))

  • Smally65

    hi zuzana and freddy!! i love your workouts!!! im actually a personal trainer and i do your workouts but i love them they are quite challenging which i love! this workout was niceeee!!

  • Ioana

    so: 1st round-lunge chops-10,7
    side jump&santana push up-6,7
    round trip&jump squat-8,6
    2nd round:17 sets
    3rd round:23 rounds
    4th round: LC-8,7

  • Ioana

    New exercises yay! The last days were damn busy and I didn’t have enough time to do the last 3 workouts, so I will mix them like this: 1st round:lunge chop, side jump&santana push up, round trip+jump squat, 2nd round:5 mins of high knees and knee hugs, 3rd round:5 mins of the hot breakdance workout, 4th round:same as 1st round. I’ll be back with my scores!

  • Lena

    Did this one today. I had to modify the Lunge Chop…I just couldn’t get the movement right so I just did the Side Lunges with the weight steady on my back the whole time. I really like both of the other exercises, especially the Side Jump and Santana Push Up! And the High Knees with Jump Rope really were a killer!

    I had 8kgs in my sandbag. Here are my scores:

    1) Lunge Chop/Side Lunges: 14-14 / 16-13
    2) Side Jump + Santana Push Up: 7-8 / 8-7
    3) Round Trip + Jump Squat: 7-7 / 7-7

    Thanks for the workout Z & F. Looks like you took the day off today ;) Must have been a successful bday celebration! Good for you guys :)

  • Nina_CZ

    Booo, I am dying over here :D
    The skipping part was hell for me :D Before I bought a jumprope (I think it was in December), I never used a rope before, so it was pretty hard for me to learn how to skip it without tripping :D Since then I was skipping almost daily after workout, today was the first time I grabbed my rope after 3 weeks of not using it, and I was AGAIN tripping like crazy :D But I was more tired from it than before, when I was not tripping :D So I didn’t even count my reps for skipping, I had enough work with focusing on skipping and breathing (which is STILL my biggest issue).
    So here is my score for part 1 and part 3:
    1) Lunge Chop: 12-11 / 14-11
    2) Side Jump + Santana: 6-5 / 5-5
    3) Round Trip + Squat Jump: 8-9 / 9-9

    DEAD!!! :D
    I used only 4kg sandbag, 8kg was too heavy, I need to buy a rice bags already so the weight adjustment will be easier :)

    I am sweating like crazy again, but feeling amazing :) Happy I took the day off yesterday :)

  •!/empowart Jessica

    Hey guys!! Soooooo? How was Freddy’s Birthday celebration!? I cant wait to hear stories and see photos! I gotta say, I loved the new exercise combos in this workout! Im feeling great! Here are my scores for today. I had about 15 – 20 lbs in my sandbag.
    Part 1/3:
    1) Lunge Chop: 13/13/15/13
    2) Side Jump & Santana Push Up: 8/9/10/9
    3) Round Trip & Jump Squat: 9/10/10/9
    Part 2:
    * High Knee Skipping: 60/60/60/53//57//58//60/60

    So Zuzi, where will you be celebrating YOUR birthday?? :)

  • Anonymous

    Hooray I got it done finally! Loved it, loved it LOOOOVVEEED it. Grazie!
    Here are my numbers, I am sweating buckets as I write this

    1 Lunge Chop 8,10,12,10
    2. Side jump, santana 8,9,9,9
    3. Round trip 10,11,13,12

    high knees with jump rope

    I have my first 5k of the year tomorrow wish me luck! My goal is under 23 minutes.

  • Janet

    I missed this yesterday because we were vacated for the tsunami coming from Japan. Deepest prayers to all affected!

  • Janet

    Happy Birthday, Freddy!!!

  • Janet

    A fifty minute good push on my hilly trail run to be “loose” haha.
    part 1:
    1. 11/11/13/12
    2. 7/8/7/8
    3. 6/8/9/8 my sandbag flew out of the sack on the first round so I had to stop, retrieve it, and stuff it back in.
    Part 2:
    oh man. Around 50 each time and just about blew my cookies.

    Then a few ab exercises to get closer to a Zuzana stomach, but I think have to starve myself (more) as well….life is so darn challenging! In two weeks I have only managed to drop 1.5 pounds….I swear fat sticks like lumpy crazy glue when you get older or is this just my excuse?

    I really gave it all I had! (Tummy still there winking up at me….)

    • Anonymous

      I tried to throw my sandbag behind me once on the first round I had to stop and regroup too lol

  • ashtromanius

    Happy Belated Birthday, Freddy! Hope the evening was lovely and fun was had by all! :)

    I did this today. I’m using a kid’s duffelbag so it’s about the same size, but the handles do make cleans, and chops awkward for sure, but did them anyway!

    Round 1&3- 16,18,18, 15
    6.5, 9,11,12
    round 2- I never count… I just go.

    Happy weekend to you all!

  • Nina_CZ

    I wonder, how heavy was your sandbag in this workout Zuzi?
    Going to do this workout tomorrow, today was a passive rest day :D

  • Anonymous

    this was a rly awesome workout!!! so close to skipping today, i got home at 4 and had to be ready to leave at 5:30 for the musical (i play in the pit band for the musical). So i procrastinated a while to see if i could get out of the workout for lack of time, but i told brutus to go fly a kite and did the workout!!!

    i only used a 15 lb dumbell, it was all i had for weight- still a huge challenge. scores:

    lunge chop: 13,11,14,10
    santanapushup/side jumps: 8,7,8,7
    roundtrip&jumpsquat: 6,6,6,7

    jumprope hiknees: 58,39,52,47,51,46,42,48

    so happy i did this.

    and zuzana, you are my one and only trainer in the whole world8)
    (not to mention the best one in the whole world)

    • Anonymous

      When I am procrastinating doing a workout (like I am right now lol) I remind myself that I always regret skipping a workout but I never regret doing one. Okay off to get dressed in my workout clothes :) Great job on your workout by the way!

  • Lvette #1

    I ate a piece of chocolate cake at 7am this morning for Freddy after doing this routine. I just had to sacrifices myself for Freddy’s sake. Now Freddy, you can handle the booze yourself. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREDDY! Bodyrockers are in Harley tonight, you all have fun now.

    Part 1&3
    1.Lunge Chop : 14-112-14-11 (20lb weighted bar)
    2.Side Jump & Santana Push Up: 6-7-7-7
    3. Round Trip & Jump Squat: 10-10-11-9 (20lb weighted bar)

    Part 2: 36-35-27-33-36-29-34-37

  • Tammy77

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREDDY!! May you have the best birthday eva! Wish I was there to meet you both, however if you’re ever back in Ontario, I’d luv to hang out with you both! Have a cocktail on me to celebrate!

    Can I also mention that my heart goes out to everyone in Japan, the west coast and across the region that has been effected by this devestating event, that I saw in the news this morning :(

    Okay, I just finished this workout moments ago and I am completely drenched! I so luv the feeling of finishing a great workout like this one, it leaves me with so much energy to do everything that’s on my “to do” list :) I had to use my home made backpack of 10lbs as the 18lbs I origionally had in it for other exercises was too heavy to swing on my list of purchases. Funny how it used to be a pair of boots, purse or new jeans I wanted, now has changed into purchasing new exercise equipment, and I LUV it! It just means I’m one step closer to cancelling my gym membership and I’m soooo thankful to the both of you for that! Anyhoo, back to the task at hand…here are my scores:

    Part 1 & 3:
    Lunge Chop: 14,14 – 14,12 (10lb backpack)
    Side Jump & Santana Pushup: 7,7 – 8, 7.5
    Round Trip & Jump Squat: 11,10 – 8,8 (10lb backpack)

    Part 2 (with VERY high knees lol): 50,53,52,35,34 (I kept tripping on my rope – grrrr!), 42,44,49

    Pheeeeeew!!!! Done! Finito! Finished! In closing…this was great sweat….and once again I rate this workout 5 burpees outta 5! Have a FAB Birthday once again Freddy……..I am soooooo envious of all the BodyRockers that get to spend time with you two tonight in a social setting.

    All the best,
    Tammy (Team Canada)

  • AudraFit

    Happy Birthday to you Freddy!!
    I wanna be at Harley’s tonight to meet everyone in person! :( It’s definately gonna be a crowd of fit, sexy Bodyrockers that’s for sure! No drunk burpees aloud! LOL! It’s so easy for one drink to turn into 5 & when your fit it hits you hard. Hmm, I wonder what’s gonna post on Saturday, a Hangover Workout? LOL!
    So, I just finished this and I still don’t have a sandbag yet. My duffelbag is twice the size and awkward but I managed to make it work with 20LBs of weighted plates wrapped in towels.
    Lunge Chop: 11/10/10/8
    SideJumpSantanaPushup: 10/9/9/9
    HighKneeSkips: 60/57/56/56/54/53/53/48

    And Zuzana girl, “You Are My Only Fitness Trainer in the World!” LOL!

    • Janet

      whoa, Audra! Raising the bar for all of us. Pretty happy I read your post AFTER my workout!

    • Anonymous

      Audra you have awesome numbers! I hope mine compare cuz here I go to do this workout finally!

  • Jos

    I had to do the modified versions for the lunge chop and round trip/jump squat cause I might sprain my upper left back shoulder when practicing the moves :( ..prolly b/c my 15lbs backpack was a bit too bulky to swing around…I should’ve used a dumbbell instead.

    Anyway my scores:
    Lunge Chop (modified without the swing)- used 15lbs backpack
    P1: 20-18 // P3: 23-21

    Side Jump and Santana Push Up
    P1: 6-6 // P3: 6.5-6

    Round Trip & Jump Squat (modified without the swing)
    P1: 13-13 // P3: 14-15

    I didn’t count my interval skips – too lazy :P but I knew I pushed myself hard and still need to get faster with it.

    And of course, you’re THE ONLY TRAINER for me, Zuzana! Ever since I’m following your workout, I’ve progressed a lot, all thanks to your tips and workouts!

    Happy Birthday to Freddy! Have fun tonight with your lovely wife and other Bodyrockers at the bar! Don’t drink too much cause the next day would be another brutal workout :D

  • Mary Lou

    Happy Birthday Freddie! Have an excellent night!

    I too, have a homemade sandbag, it’s a small duffel bag filled with 20 lbs of rice and tied up with resistance bands. It’s kind of wobbly so I think I’ll tape it up with duct tape like others have done to keep it from scraping my arms. My high knees still aren’t that ‘high’ with the rope, so I did them without, and manage in the 50’s. Scores:
    Lunge Chop 8, 8, 7, 7
    side jump/santana p/u 5, 5, 6, 5
    round trip/jump squat 6, 6, 6, 6
    Kudos to all you people who can do 16, 17 and 18 lunge chops in a go, it was all I could do to keep from bonking myself in the head!

  • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    Today’s sandbag exercises could not have been done by any of the weights I normally use, so I decided to follow Katie’s creative idea and build my own equipment. I spent the whole morning gathering food stuffs from the cupboards (1kg brown rice, 500g red split lentils and 500g broth mix) and then going to the local Co-op for more rice. There were only 3 of the 1kg packages left in this tiny store, so I took them all and bought 3 kilos of cheap white sugar: that’s now the content of my ultimate grocery-bag. :-)

    Then I stuffed everything into a sturdy orange shopping sack, duct taped it around a million times and fitted two neat handles that I made out of 2 30x30cm rolled up scrap bubble wraps. The creation survived the workout and the handles were actually rather comfortable, so I’m quite proud of myself. I think my scores are not bad either (at least I know that I worked extremely hard, spitting my lungs out and sweating a pool by the end of the routine – I wish I could compare my results to Z&F’s though).

    1. Lunge chops: 14, 12, 13, 11
    2. Side Santanas: 7, 8, 7, 8
    3. Round trip jumps: 10, 10, 10, 10

    My roped high knees were: 50, 53, 51, 49, 50, 51, 50, 53 followed by sudden death and miraculous resurrection before the last part of the workout. I loved it.

    Dear Freddy, happy birthday to you, dude, have a great time tonight with your lovely wife and a barful of cheerful bodyrockers… oh my, what a spectacle that will be, that place packed with beautifully sculpted gorgeous people… Take pictures for us please, would you?

  • Anonymous

    The first time I saw Zuzi’s last name (Light), I saw it was a pseudonym ;) … but yesterday I realized that it is not!!! This last name couldn’t be better suited for you two :p

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  • Tereza_CZ

    This is my second workout for today, the Prague get together motivates me a lot:) So I just finished this with score:
    Part 1 & Part 3:
    1. Lunge Chop: 8 – 8 & 10 – 9
    2. Side Jump & Santana Push Up: 8 – 8 & 9 – 9
    3. Round trip & Jump Squat: 8 – 9 1/2 & 10 – 10
    The Tabata High Knees were crazy:) It’s really nice how one during that realizes that other exercises (round 3) can be faster as well. I honestly say I put everything into this workout.

    My morning workout was something I came up with yesterday, it’s a time challenge circuit which is repeated 3 times:
    1. Sandbag squat – 20 reps
    2. High Knees (rope) – 100 reps
    3. Reverse Push Up – 20 reps
    4. High Knees – 100 reps
    5. Core Split – 20 reps
    6. High Knees – 100 reps
    My time for this was 19:41 but I believe it’s not that difficult to beat it, I’m going to beat it myself when doing it again next time:)
    So that makes something between 1300 and 1350 High Knees for me today which is satisfiing:)

    Thanks for a great workout and see you guys at Harley’s, hopefully it’s not going to be too crowded so that I can find you.

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys,
    I was just thinking, because you’re already putting so much effort into uploading the videos and putting up the posts for us, asking you to put up instruction pictures is really too much!! So, I was wandering whether it would be possible for you to put up pictures only for the new exercises, since we already have pictures for the older ones?
    I’m sorry if I’m asking too much, I love your site either way, and respect and appreciate everything you’re already doing. I just wanted to make a suggestion, cos I think it would be easier, and we would have a nice collection of all exercises..
    Thanks again for everything that you do!! :)

  • Anonymous

    Happy b-day Freddy!! :) My b-day is next friday, yay! :) Hope I will have a brutal workout for my b-day too :D Gonna do this tomorrow, yesterday’s challenge is still waiting for me :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Freddy and Zuzana,

    Only girl in the world? For you? I hope so! Happy Birthday to you Mr. Frederick James Light and many happy returns to the day! You folks don’t drink to much at Harley’s and I wish I could be there to personally buy you a Kahlua Coffee! :-)

    Anyway, remember the movie Boomerang were Eddie Murphy played self obsessed Marcus who has to have a woman with pretty feet? For some reason that movie comes to mind right now. :-)


  • Kirry

    Happy Birthday Freddy!! Enjoy your day and I hope you two will have a great evening. Big hugs to Miss Califonia and Charlie. Xx

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could be in Prague and share this bottle of champagne with you ;)

  • Donna

    Hey guys, You took your sweet time uploading this:) I just realized you made us work harder for Frederick’s piss up session at Harley’s bar for his birthday. I thought this was going to be easy until I scrolled down and saw your lovely 3 part sessions with a 50 second interval period. I am finished I am resting my heart rate before my cool down. These are my scores;
    Part 1 and Part 3.
    1. Lunge chop 18,18,16,16
    2. Side jump and Santana push up 7,8,7,8
    3. Round trip and jump Squat 10,12,11,12
    Part 2. 4 min high intensity interval skipping – knee highs
    8 rounds of 20 second intervals 50,47,44,35,47,44,45,48
    All I have to do now is stretch then enjoy my cold shower:)
    Love what you do, have a great night socializing with the lucky, wonderful, fit, stunning bodyrockers that turn up to celebrate with you:) XoXo

  • Yashizzle

    Brutus is too lazy to fly a kite. lol

    cant wait to try this tomorrow morning!!

  • Anonymous

    Yay, can’t wait to do this tomorrow. I love when you guys have new exercises :)