Mar 18 2011

Red Hot Workout – Beating My Personal Record

Hi BodyRockers,

I realized how fast time goes by thanks to few days of a beautiful weather that we had here in Prague. The winter is officially over and you can feel the spring in the air already. This means that now is the time to get the most out of your workouts if you want to make major changes to your body before the summer is here. I have been always telling you how important it is to write down your scores so that you can always come back to your old workout and try to beat your personal best. This is one of the best ways to push yourself really hard because you have a specific goal – either completing more reps or being faster than you were the last time. Improving your workout performance is very important, because it allows you to make changes in the way you look and the way you feel. If you hit a wall with your training, than you can’t possibly expect any progress – that’s why I decided to go back to our older workouts for the next little while so that we can push this envelope. Make sure that you are also making the right choices when it comes to your diet so that you are not sabotaging your training. If you feel lost when it comes to eating then start following our weekly diet challenges and start right from the beginning with Diet Challenge #1. If you have been following us, then you are now at Diet Challenge #4 and you should be already be seeing some positive change in your body composition.

Enjoy today’s workout and let me know about your progress! :)


BodyRockers Zuzana & Freddy

Workout Breakdown

Time: ?min.Workout Type: Time ChallengeExercises: 5
  • 10 Seated Pull Ups & 10 Knee Crunches10 sets
  • High Knees with Jump Rope500 reps
  • Core Twist Push Up50 reps
  • High Knees with Jump Rope 500 reps
  • Sandbag Hip Thrust50 reps

Get your gear for this workout here:


Set your timer as a stop watch and complete the workout as fast as you can. The first time I did this workout it took me 22 minutes and 7 seconds. Today I managed to beat my personal best and completed this routine in 21 minutes and 35 seconds. It might not seem like a huge difference, but as long as you do at least a little progress in your workout performance, you are on the right track.

Seated Pull Up – 10 reps

Sit in the middle of  the Dip Station, grab the handles, squeeze your upper back muscles and pull yourself up. Lower your butt down on the mat in a controlled manner. Remember to keep your chest up, abs tight, and don’t shrug your shoulders.


You guys might not be able to pull yourself up, but you still get the benefits if you grab the handles and try as hard as you can. It is ok to start with zero movement as long as you are trying to squeeze the muscles. First you have to teach your muscles to contract before you can expect progress, so don’t get discouraged by practicing this exercise, you are helping your body to get stronger which is the first step.

Knee Crunch – 10 reps

Place your hands behind your for a slight support – lean back but do not lean on your arms. Extend your legs in front of your and then bring your knees towards your chest. This is one rep, complete 10.


You guys can modify this exercise by bending your knees slightly and touching your heels down during the extensions.

*complete this combo 10 times and then move on to the next exercise

High Knees with Jump Rope – 500 reps (each knee up counts as 1 rep)

Core Twist Push Up – 50 reps

Get into the basic plank position, tuck one knee across and under your body. Do a push up and then return to the plank. Alternate sides after each rep.


You guys should first practice regular push ups which you can also do from your knees to start with. As soon as you are able to do regular push ups from the plank you can look at trying the Twist Core Push Ups next.

*after this exercise complete another 500 reps of High Knees with Jump Rope

Sandbag Swing – 50 reps

Grab the handle of your Sandbag with both hands. Bend your knees slightly and push your hips back keeping your back straight. Swing the Sandbag in between your legs and then push your hips forward with a lot of power to swing the Sandbag up to the level of your shoulders.


Start with a very light Sandbag.


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  • Nina_CZ

    Done today (7th January 2012) as a morning workout! Done first thing in the morning, no washing my face, no breakfast, no brushing my teeth, just grabbed my timer and did it!
    My time today is 23:37, which is CRAZY compared to my last score (over 30 minutes and no jumprope), I am so superproud of myself today!!!! :)

  • Anna Carolina F

    Workout [2] score of yesterday:

    24:33min. I had to skip the last excercise because I was on the run-> work

    the  100 seated pull ups were hard. I sit on a medicine ball, feets away from the ground and pull up until my chin reached the bar (playground bar)

    Have a nice sunday, folks!
    Regards, Carol

  • Isidora

    This was my first try at this workout, my legs were pretty sore from yestredays workout (born this way) so i decided to do this workout which is full/upper body focused. 
    The high knees with jump rope were killeeeeers i stopped every 100 jumps.
    oh and i did some modifications on exercise 1 and 3.

    1. 10 pike presses + 10 knee crunches x 10: 7:20 min.
    high knees: 5:26 min
    2. Core twist push ups: 5:09 , this made my sweat alot at the end! 
    high knees: 6:12
    3. pike jump + santana plank x 50: 5:22 min

    total time: 29:33 min.

    then i did 25 3kg dumbell swings on each arm. :)

  • Anonymous

    I beat my PB today …. but I don’t feel too good about leaving out the rope…March score was 37.56 with rope, today was 22.08 without the rope, but I did stay true with form for every exercise…..and my arms were killing me at the end of the core twist pushups. Well good luck to all that do this one!!

  • Lenka Slovakia

    34.30 -not happy much but was swiming in the sweat and tried to not sacriface the form..
    1 part took me 9 min 54
    2 pat was in 17 but did 550 raps/mistake
    3 part in 23
    4part 32 min
    5 part 34:30- No modification:} jeeej
    Great job everybody who made it under 25 min… I look up to you…

  • Donna

    I did this on the 20th of May because I missed it:( My time was 19.33 min:) This was a super tough workout:(

  • Anonymous

    I thought my 22:10 time was decent, until I reviewed the workout & realized that I did the first part wrong. :(   I only did 10 seated pull ups & 10 knee crunches…I didn’t write down to do it 10 times!  I’ll have to repeat this one!

    I used a 15# DB for the swing.  All my push-ups were from my toes!

  • Gabby Rodriguez

    Hola peeps! I have been doing the Best Cardio wkout in mornings along w/daily wkouts. But by the time I do the daily wkout I’m pooped! So scores or performance are not so good. But my goal is to be about to see a major difference in scores and speed w/one workout and then when I blow the scores with the one workout I’ll do a new challenge and do that one till numbers and time are high and etc… So that being said: for this workout I completed in 20:38sec but Did not do the seated pullups (will be getting the dip bar for Mother’s Day!!!!!!) and Did the push ups on knees! Ok everyone have a wonderful weekend!

  • Anonymous

    Yay I beat my PB by more than 2 min!
    After reading Janet’s comment, I switched the knee crunches by V-ups too.
    Great workout. I did the beach workout yesterday and my legs were and are still so sore! Love this feeling! Anyways this workout was great for my abs, arms and cardio and was a great complement to yesterday’s workout!

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  • Lena

    Wow! This was hard today. I didn’t beat my PB unfortunately. Last time I did this workout (Dec. 10th 2010) it took me 26:20 but I didn’t use my jump rope and only 8kgs for sandbag thrusts. Today it took me 32:52 but I used the jump rope for high knees (I could hardly breathe after them!) and upped to 10kgs for sandbag thrusts. Plus it was super hot and humid here today but it probably was in December too… I was hoping I would improve :( Oh well, I still feel like I worked out REALLY hard. I’ll have to push even harder next time.

    Excited for the workout marathon this week. Good luck to all Bodyrockers!

    Hope you’re not too lonely without Freddy, Zuzana. Thanks for staying with us to Bodyrock :)

  • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    Whoops, my comment from yesterday (with our scores) is not displayed, I think I must have called the core twist push up names (blush). Apologies, I’ll never swear again.
    So Craig and I did this together again, his time was 19:11, mine 21:01.

  • Jos

    Hi all,

    Unfortunately I didn’t beat my old time :( – but it might be because last time I did, I didn’t use jump rope for the high knees.

    My new time 30:47 (old 27:07)

    Seated pull up was the toughest..I think the first set took me about 10 minutes already.

    For the sandbag hip thrust, I added more weight to my backpack so it was close to 20 lbs instead of 15 lbs.

    Anyway, I’ll take today’s score as my new score and will beat this one next time I do this workout again.

    Have a good weekend, everyone!

  • Janet

    A few edits on this one…warm up was a fifty minute hill run..knee crunches were V ups instead. I was sucking on my socks on some of the jump rope: still my downfall, but vastly improved. Overall took 21:58

    • Mary Lou

      Phenomenal Janet! I can’t wait to be able to do that kind of a time with the rope, sucking socks or not!

    • Mary Lou

      Phenomenal Janet! I can’t wait to be able to do that kind of a time with the rope, sucking socks or not!

    • Dana Grace Van Beneden

      A fifty minute hill run was your warm up??!!! You’re putting us to “10 minute warm up skippers” to shame, Janet:)

  • AudraFit

    The last time I did this workout was with a rope and 20LB barbell for the swings and my time was 19:41.
    This time I just did high knees to keep momentum going and a 24LB barbell and my new time is 16:36.
    It’s definately not a new PB because I omitted the rope but, it was still a great workout :)

    • Anonymous

      I actually find that the high knees are more challenging! I tend not to lift my knees high enough with the jump rope so I would consider that as a real progress… And you increased the weight of the barbell too, so I definitely count it as a new PB ;)

  • Annie_B

    Spring has finally sprung :) It’s warm and sunny here in NC as well.
    I did this workout this afternoon and beat my old record =D. Last time I completed in 35:27 minutes and used 20 LBS. for sandbag hip thrust( both arms).I even wrote down that “I’m so freakin’ weak :( …had to stop every 50 reps for high knees jump rope” lol. Today I finished in 24:48 minutes!!! :) I used 25 LBS. for single arms hip thrust.I could go for 120 reps skipping now. I’m soooo happy with my improvement.

    For my diet,I’ve been sticking with your diet challenge for 4-5 months now and it has been doing amazing result for me.Not only the fat around my midsection is disappearing but I also feel so much energize during the day. I feel great every time I choose better choice for my body.Never feel guilty or deprived. Next month,it’ll be 1 year that I’ve been a bodyrocker .I can’t wait to send you my pictures and my story :) Thank you so much Zuzana,Freddy and all bodyrockers out there!!!

    • Mary Lou

      Hi Annie! Can’t wait for your amazing story and pictures! Keep up the fantastic work!

      • Annie_B

        Thanks Mary :) And you too!!

  • Anonymous

    Hello Zuzi, Freddy and Bodyrockers!~

    I did a combination of 2 exercise challenges today: abs tastic & on the floor abs challenges
    Here is my workout
    - 20 hanging knee raises
    - 5 min jump rope – alternate between different styles (high knees, one leg, jack)
    - 20 hanging knee raises
    - 5 min on the floor abs challenge (I replaced the toe touch by One leg lift toe touch which means that I did 20 mountains followed by 20 reps of one leg lift/toe touch alternating legs)

    I repeated for a 2nd round and ended with another set of 20 hanging knees (to end up with a total of 100 hanging knees)

    Last time I did the on the floor abs challenge (3 weeks a ago), I did a total of 11 sets. This time I did 14 sets total. However, last time I did leg lift toe touch (vs. one leg lift toe touch today). And I think the one leg lift toe touch is faster even if I feel like it burns much more. Besides I did 10 min in a row last time vs 2 x 5min today. But I still consider that as a great progress and my abs are burning!
    I was hard to move on to the hanging knee raise after that!

    Have a great weekend!

  • Judith Huberdeau

    Hi Zuz, Freddy & Bodyrockers!!

    I`m done with this workout for today!! :) It was good….but I didn`t beat my personal best…! I made it more intense for this one by increasing the weight of my kettlebelt for the sandbag Hip Thrust and I don`t know why, but I did Knee Raises instead of knee crunches so I lost time there too. My old score was 25.13 and for today it`s 26.46. Yesterday, I did the Marine Corps Workout and I`ve manage to beat all of my old scores!!! I felt amazing & very proud :)

    Judith xx

  • Lvette #1

    Mar 19/11 finished time 22:50:65 with a 23lb bag on sand bag hip trust.
    Dec 7/10 my time was 25:15:11 using a 20lb bag for hip trust.

    Core twist push up is still the hardest for me in the routine…I’d to do them in sets of fives. Both time I replaced the high knees with jump rope with just high knees, I’m working out at home and I live in an apartment. So far, no complain from the person below me when I do the routines at home.

    • Maria Lanier

      Me too I’m living in apartment at the 4th floor. If we have something jumping routine I’m kind of hesitant because I’m afraid if somebody complain. So far none… But most of the time, I’m bodyrocking at work during my lunch.

      • Dana Grace Van Beneden

        I’m curious to everyone who says they bodyrock on their lunch break at work? Where in the world are you doing this? I’m just picturing an employee break room filled with people eating their sandwiches and soup and some crazy lady in the corner doing running lizard push ups…haha:)

        • AudraFit

          LOL :D

  • Mary Lou

    Wow! The first time I did this one (Dec 8th) it took me 42 minutes. The high knees with the rope was 25 mins of tripping, so I did it w/o the rope this time. The idea is to get the heart rate up and keep the abs tight, and not smack yourself, right? This time it took me 21:48. I am stunned. The seated pull ups were brutal indeed and I was reduced to 5 at time on the core twist push ups. Take that Brutus!

    Happy Spring as well! We’ve had a couple of great days as well, I’m trading the skipping for a hike later!

    • AudraFit

      Thats a great improvement Mary Lou!

      • Mary Lou

        Thanks guys! It really is an INCREDIBLE feeling!

      • Mary Lou

        Thanks guys! It really is an INCREDIBLE feeling!

    • Nina_CZ

      That is crazy improvement Mary Lou, great job!!! *claping hands*

    • Annie_B

      That was awesome Mary Lou :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi there,

    so once again it is proven that it is so easy to get out from the shape, than to get into it…last time that I have done this workout it toke me 23:57, and today 26:18. The first time I was very, very regular on my workouts, I workout almost every day, and now with 3 times a week I am weaker and slower..with my job and travels, I know that is not an excuse…and I promise I will try harder…I guess I had to see this results to get some motivation to push harder…

    kisses top you all

    • Annie_B

      At least you didn’t stop working out.Even though you’re getting busier now, you still carve out your time and do bodyrocking :) Thumbs up for your dedication Ivana!!

      • Anonymous


  • Yashizzle

    I didnt have a chance to the bodyrock workouts for the past few days cuz i’ve been on the go too much. So ran and lifted weights at the gym. Theres not enough space in my gym to do bodyrock workouts :( . But yesterday I caught up with some of the workouts….

    The 4 min workout was a killer i couldn’t keep count let alone breath. lol After my heart rate calmed down I did 60 rounds of the Capoeira move in 13:48:59. Then i did one of my pilates workouts. After i was done there was a lake in the middle of my living room. It was awesomee!!! :)

  • Tereza_CZ

    I didn’t beat Zuzana’s time but I beat my time by more than 2 minutes (from 24:38 on 17th Dec to 22:19 today) that’s pretty good. I was also running for 40 minutes in the morning but there was a meal and 3 hours of rest between it so it doesn’t have much influence on the performance for this workout I guess.
    Anyways: Weight of bag 12 kg both times. Last time I couldn’t do High Knees with rope yet so I did regular ones which are faster than the rope ones but today I was faster even with the rope, awesome:) But my arms were in such pain when skipping! I had to stop few times so that they couldn’t fall off…That’s it for today, thank you guys and congratulations to everyone for getting your times and forms better, Zuzana must be really proud.

  • Nina_CZ

    I didn’t beat my time :(
    BUT!!! In december my time was 27:44 , and I did all pushups from knees.
    Today my time was 30:50 BUT I did all twist core pushups in proper form, yay, I am so happy about that! They took me 6 minutes :D but I feel so accomplished! :D
    The first part (Seated Pullups and Knee Crunch) took me over 11 minutes! Crunches were OK and pretty fast, but the seated pullups are SO HARD, or my upper body is SO WEAK or I don’t know how to work my upper back muscles to help myself pull up, I think I am only working my arms and not incorporating other muscles properly… Need to work on that :)
    Even though I did not beat my time, I am so happy about doing all those pushups properly :) )) And it is still AM, so I have all day full of energy ahead of me! :)

    • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

      Both the seated pull ups and the core twist push ups are killers. Putting them both in the same workout is a deliberate murder, so let us be happy to be still alive and kicking ;-) .

      • Nina_CZ

        Tell me about it! My arms, both biceps and triceps and upper back hurts like crazy today! :D

        • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

          Mines too :-D I thought that stiffness is just a memory from the past but nope, today I’m feeling a bit tender. …not to mention my elbows and wrists that are red-purple from the bruises gained from the walking frame (that we used instead of a proper dip station).

          • Nina_CZ

            Awww, don’t hurt yourself Ildi :D You may start looking like a victim of a domestic abuse :D :D

            • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

              I AM a victim of domestic abuse, it’s called bodyrocking :-P ;-)

              • Anonymous

                Hi Ildikó,

                Love your dedication! But, maybe you could add some padding where you make contact with the walker. I’ve used pipe insulation you find at the hardware/home improvement store with some athletic tape with good results on the DYI Dip Station I made.

                Take care,

                • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

                  Thanks Chris for the good idea. Trust me though, I’m as dedicated of a tinker as a bodyrocker :-) there’s no way I could have avoided the frame. The problem is that my arms/shoulders are not broad enough to grab the (by the way nicely padded) grip from outside (not that I could have pulled myself very high like that), and from the inside my elbows were just jammed to the lower-level bar (here’s how my walker looks like so that you can see what I mean:, plus my wrists were rubbing against those blue flap thingies.

                  Well, soon enough I’ll invest into a proper dip station, until then I endure the bruises ;-) .

                  • Anonymous

                    Hi Ildikó,

                    Sound like it would be hard to modify it. The walker I had for a short while rubbed me with it’s legs and if I had keep it I would have used the padding I suggested to fix the problem. Walkers do come in different widths and heights, but if you’re getting a Dip Station that doesn’t much matter.

                    Take care,

  •!/empowart Jessica

    Hey guys! I just did a late night workout and Im feeling energized! Hopefully that will fade into a sleepy state :) I beat my old score by almost 6 minutes!! When I last did this workout it took me 28:55. This time it took me 23 minutes! Those sitting pull ups were brutal! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us tomorrow!! Sweet dreams bodyrockers.

  • Anonymous

    beat my old personal best!!
    december 2010- 27:24
    TODAY- 25:18

    o yea, brutal workout as always

  • Sarihndipity83

    Oh yeah…. and since I don’t have a sandbag, I’m using a 20-lb bag of kitty litter. lol.

    • ashtromanius

      I hope that doesn’t break open… that would be a royal mess!! Way to improv tho! I was using 2 10lb flour bags inside a duffel bag… they burst and yah. I was cursing myself for awhile!!!!!

  • Sarihndipity83

    And they delivered my dip station today!! Wooooo!!

  • Chelsea Schuur

    18min and 49sec!!!!! I beat my personal best of 24min and 10sec last time!
    Those chin ups were soooo hard though. I think they’re the hardest thing for me. I also didn’t use a jump rope this time (I always get caught up in the rope ha). I stuck with just making sure my high knees stayed high!

    Dripping in sweat and couldn’t be happier that I got off my tooshie today!

  • Nina_CZ

    Yay, done this on 7th December, I can’t wait to see my progress (if there’s any, lol) :) Last time I did all pushups on knees, I will try to go for max. reps of proper form :) Tomorrow morning it is, now off to bed :)

  • Anonymous

    Love this colourful top Zuzi!!