Mar 28 2011

Six Pack Abs Workout 2011

Hi BodyRockers,

This is the second week of our workout marathon! We are going Monday to Friday again this week every single day with some of our favorite workouts from the site :) Freddy is still away in Canada, and he promised to take some pictures while he is there so that he can share them on the site. If you have been following, you know that last week he was sick for almost the whole week :( I am happy to report to you guys that he is now feeling almost 100% better :) I have been sending him messages non-stop and I would just like to say that I miss him like crazy :)

I hope that all of you guys had an amazing weekend, and that you took the time to check out our latest diet challenge. Let me tell you that if you are really serious about dropping extra fat then these diet challenges in combination with our home workouts will deliver absolutely life changing results. There is nothing complicated – there are no secrets – it’s really a common sense approach combined with good honest sweat :)

Enjoy today’s training!

Workout Breakdown

Time: 18min.Workout Type: Interval trainingExercises: 4
  • 1) Sumo Squat & Leg Lift (with Sandbag)max.reps for each round
  • 2) Sumo Push Upsmax.reps for each round
  • 3) Jump Lungemax.reps for each round
  • 4) Reverse Push Upsmax.reps for each round

Get your gear for this workout here:


Set your Interval Timer for 24 rounds of two intervals – 10 seconds and 35 seconds. There are 4 exercises and your goal is to complete as many reps for each exercise as possible during each 35 second interval. You will have 10 seconds of rest after each exercise just to write down your reps. This workout takes only 18 minutes so push hard to get the maximum results out of this routine.

Sumo Squat & Leg Lift (with Sandbag)

Sumo PushUp

Jump Lunge

Reverse Push Up


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  • Kay

    my daughter and I did this one together today! fun!
    While I can finally do full pushups since my injury, the sumo ones felt like I was gonna break my arm, so I had to mod them to on my knees instead.

    1. sumo squat leg lift: 17/forgot to count/16/18/7 (tried a 20lb weight)/12
    2. sumo pushups: 9/forgot to count/10/8/7/9
    3. jump lunge: 15/forgot to count/17/17/13/12
    4. reverse pushup: 7/10/11/7/9/10

  • BodyRocker_Bonnie

    Wow, who threw out the anchor?  I tried to beat my last scores from 11/19/11 and I hardly came close.  I was surprised I got tired so fast.  My workout timing is off yesterday & today and I think that really affects me.  As I saw it wasn’t going to happen I had to really work not to be discouraged and just focus on good form and give it my best.  Some workouts are better than others…I will keep moving.

    Sumo Squat & Leg Lift:  19, 16, 14, 13, 14, 13  
    Sumo PUs: 17, 15, 13, 12, 13, 13
    Jump Lunges: 29, 24, 24, 22, 20, 21
    R-PUS: 21, 16, 16, 15, 15, 14

    Followed with 5 sets of alternating:  10 knee raises & 2 burpees (= 50 & 10)

    • BodyRocker_Bonnie

      oh yeah…Squats –  used 25lb SB

    • http://BodyRock.Tv Gerri Lee Schafer

      Still real good numbers Bonnie.  I think some of these 18 minute workouts are designed to make sure you reach muscle failure. Sometimes the body is just tired.  Is this your last workout this week?  I know sometimes I reach burn out by Sunday morning…..but I get up and workout anyway…LOL
      I’ve done this WO twice, but I don’t think I posted reps for either one.  I did make a note to try it with the SB on my back next time.  Found it awkward, bag kept hitting the floor, plus it puts stress on the lower back.

      Think I might join Tee and do the 1000 rep in the am….but that is still a ways away…see how I feel.

      • BodyRocker_Bonnie

        Hi Gerri Lee, I sometimes take Sunday off, but more often it is Monday.  It’s nice having two days in a row to workout without being pressed for time before work.  Overall I kind of have to force myself to take a rest day, I’m really not good at doing that because I enjoy working out so much, but I know its important to give my body a chance to recover from all I’ve asked it to do.  When I really hit a wall I take two days.  Maybe I’ll do the 1000 rep w/o for the grand finale tomorrow, we’ll see…  p.s. yes, SB on shoulders works great on this, that’s the way I do it.  Cheers…! 

        • http://BodyRock.Tv Gerri Lee Schafer

          hahaha that’s funny, I take Mondays off too. My job is pretty physical, nothing like squatting a 60 lb carboy of wine off of the floor, about 6-10 times per day, and beer kegs are really heavy to clean too. They are kind of like doing a barbell shoulder row and partial press to get them around on the cleaning sinks…..and people say to me all the time at work…”I guess you don’t have to go to the gym huh”……if I wasn’t staying in shape with bodyrock, my job would kill me…LOL…but I love being active and have been addicted to working out for many years…and hopefully many more

          • BodyRocker_Bonnie

            We are homebrewers of mead and beer – I completely appreciate what you are talking about….  We also make our own German sauerkraut in 20 liter, very heavy clay fermentation pots from Poland and we have to move them around to to adjust to temps at different points of fermentation.  I always say to my husband ”Now aren’t you glad you have a strong little wife??”  (He agrees:) He doesn’t really understand my love of working out, or the weird looking equipment I use {ugi, SB, dip station}but he has learned to respect it).  P.S.  I have “liked” your BrewMart page of FB – love getting your newsfeeds & reviews.  You rock!

            • http://BodyRock.Tv Gerri Lee Schafer

              Thanks for “liking” my BrewMart page.  I have fun with it as you may have noticed.  My two favorite pictures are the girls with the beer kegs…and of course I have a thing for cats. 
              I started working out with weights as a teen for figure skating, then a bit later to help combat mild scholeosis (spelling?) of the spine.  Then I met my husband, who has a herniated disk, but too damn proud to not try and lift stuff….so I got stronger….and stronger and stronger.  Did free form weight lifting for years, no real focus, Weider techniques mostly…got bored…..hubby got into a motorcycle accident, I “re-cooped” with him…aka didn’t do much and put on weight… found Tony Horton and P90X, got hooked and did that for about 3 years….got bored…..found bodyrock this January, started in February….still love it….I had the muscles when I started, but not the cardio conditioning I’ve achieved now…skipping used to totally defeat me…LOL I did 10 minutes of 10/20 HKS today after my workout….9  months ago I couldn’t even do little kid skips for more than 5 minutes…thank you bodyrock

              • BodyRocker_Bonnie

                I was wondering if one of those pictures of barrel wielding women was you!  You’re an inspiration, glad to be connected here on BR :)

                • http://BodyRock.Tv Gerri Lee Schafer

                  LOL no they aren’t me…but I am capable of doing those things..have a great evening…1000 rep in the am?

                  • BodyRocker_Bonnie

                    Short on time Sun morning – that 1000 rep one will probably take me an hour again…so I did Hot Body Workout :)

  • midimidi

    i just did this one this is perfect intensity and interval times being faster made me push it out more. 
    sumo squat lift 16, 14, 12, 11,13,15
    sumo pu        14,14,12,12,13,13
    reverse pushup 17,17,16,18,20,20
     no skipping today i’m shaky!

  • Cindy

    I did it at home today. My scores:
    Sumo Squat (15pounds) 26-25-25-25-25-25
    Sumo pushups 13-13-13-13-12-12
    Jump lunges 30-30-30-30-30-30
    Reverse pushups 18-18-17-17-16-15
    I did not know if I improved because I did not find my scores

  • Anonymous

    Ugh.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me today.  I feel totally fatigued.  I could barely finish this today, when normally I can power through almost anything and then some.

    sb sumo squat & leg lift:  16-16-16-13-12-14
    sumo pushups:  18-16-14-12-10-15
    jump lunge:  29-22-25-20-21-22
    sb row (45#):  29-23-25-20-21-22

    I’m pretty disappointed in my scores, but I’m sure tomorrow will be better.

  • Gabija D.C.

    Did this 7 months ago. Scores increased so much! -
    Sumo sq+leg lift 29/23/23/25/22/21/16 (total 26 more than before)
    Sumo push up 11/10/9/9/9/9 (total 11 more than before)
    Jump lunges 22/23/20/17/18/18 (total 16 more than before)
    Reverse push ups 12/10/11/9/10/12 (last time I did monkey push ups instead of this because I had no equipment…)

    Feel so good about this! The jump lunges were mentally the hardest ones to do – I hate them! haha

    +burpee for Erin
    +berpee for… me :)

  • Vivi

    i redid it to beat my score and I wan !! Yeah !
    1/ sumo squat & leg lift (10kg):
    2/ sumo PU :
    3/ jump lunges :
    4/ reverse PU :
    And after I did “Fitness is sexy wo”

  • Anonymous

    I just did this for the first time (and one Burpee for Erin) and looooved it. I nearly puked, but now I feel like a newborn. 

  • Mary

    This was awesome!

    Sumo squat leg lifts: 14, 12, 13, 12, 13, 9
    Sumo push-up: 8, 8, 6, 10, 10, 8
    Jump lunge: 15, 13, 12, 16, 10, 9
    Standing row (instead of reverse pushup): 23, 21, 17, 24, 25, 25

    I did the rows and squats with a 15lb dumbbell. So sweaty!

  • Mindy McT

    Did this one today:
    Sumo Squat and Leg Lift with15 lb dumbbell: 17,17,18,18,19,16
    Sumo Push-up with 8 lb dumbbell: 8,8 1/2, 8 1/2, 9 1/2, 10,9
    Jump Lunge: 25,22,19,19,20,19
    Pull-ups: 5,6,6,5 Reverse Push-up: 6,11

  • Zoe Quixote

    wow, this one was soooo hard! i think this is my first time with it…i thought it was familiar, but i don’t find scores in my notebook. so here they are for today:
    ssll: 24, 17, 21, 20, 19, 20
    sumo push-ups: 8, 9, 10, 9, 8, 10
    jump lunges:  26, 25, 24, 20, 20
    reverse push-ups : 11, 11,11, 12, 12, 12

  • Alana Stacy

    I dont know how many times I’ve come back to do this workout.. Over and over and over again! I just love it! It seems though, every time I do it, my scores are getting lower and lower :/ Oh well, I’m not going to let it bother me- I push through every time and whenever Brutus decides to stop by, I just kick his butt back to wherever he came from! 

    • Mindy McT

      Means better form :) Good form tends to take longer, deep squats and lunges, lower push-ups :) Don’t be discouraged.

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  • Gabby Rodriguez

    comingj back from mom day! i feel sluggish and i was a bit disappointed i was not able to fit into my goal for the day:( i wanted to wear these size 29 white jeans, but still 2 tight:{. for Mother’s Day. this morning feel sluggish but I did 2 wkouts: Best cardio workout and this one. Here are my scores guys: last exercise I did jump rope w/high knees, I should b getting my dip bar by end of week:) (mom day gift)

    Sumo squat side leg lifts w/16lb wt: 22,21,19,16,15,17

    sumo push ups on knees 6,7,6,5,5,4

    jump lunges:18,14,10,13,15,11 i dont quit like these:(

    jump rope: 25,39,41,37,40

    I must keep on going! press on Gabby, don’t stop!

    Diet is clean, I don’t obsess about it like i use to. i just eat clean and give what my body asks for. On weekends I’m not as strict but I still keep it clean. If I’m going to eat junk it’s clean vegan junk Jajajaja!

    Anyways, here’s to another wonderful week!

  • Anonymous

    I just finished this workout. I couldn’t believe the sweat! Here is my score:

    1) Sumo Squat + Leg Lift + 25 pound sandbag: 20-21-19-18-20-18
    2) Sumo Pushups: 16-14-13 (regular) 16-17-15 (from my knees)
    3) Jump Lunge: 20-19-18-19-20-19
    4) Reverse Pushups: 15-15-15-15-15-15

    The sumo pushups were killing me so for the last three rounds i went to my knees so I could make it through!

    Great workout Zuzana :)

  • Steve R

    Another awesome workout. You’re inspiring so many people around the world, and changing lives (and probably saving some to). Your workouts are so hard, yet so simple, there’s no excuse for people not to do them, and there’s always time. I remember hearing a quote, (Buddhist I think) that said “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Two weeks ago I made the commitment to get back in shape, that day I found your website, so I guess that quote is definitely true.

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  • Donna

    Just finished this workout. Can’t compare old scores because I haven’t done this one before. These are my scores;
    Warm Up
    1. Sumo Squat leg lift (with sandbag) 19,17,18,16,16,15
    2. Sumo Push Ups 15,16,15,15,16,16
    3. Jump Lunge 17,18,16,16,14,15
    4. Reverse Push Ups 19,20,18,19,20,19

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  • Jos

    Even with some lack of motivation that I’ve been having lately, I still managed to beat my old scores:
    #1. Sumo Squats and Leg Lift with sandbag (I used 15lbs dumbbell)
    22-20-17-17-15-16 (old 18-15-15-12-15-15)

    #2. Sumo Push Ups
    16-15-14-14-14-13 (old 11-11-10-10-10-10)

    #3. Jump Lunges
    26-20-18-19-18-20 (old 20-18-17-17-17-17)

    #4. Reverse Push Up (used my kitchen counter with a bar across)
    11-12-11-10-10-10 (last time I did 15lbs dumbbell row so can’t compare the scores)

    Yesterday I did 10 min interval skip as warm up and proceeded to Psychopath Workout…well let’s say I did psychopath workout incorrectly…instead of 8 rounds of each exercise, i did the whole circuit, making total 40 rounds at once. Phew!

  • Nina_CZ

    I know a lot of people (mostly women) who always say: “I just want to be skinny!” but they only talk, and do nothing. I always tell these ladies: “YOU CAN BE! IT IS THIS EASY!!!” But when they see things like diet tips and sweaty workouts, they quickly lose the interested, and I always ask WHY. The response is usually: I don’t have time for this. People are not willing to invest time to their well being, why? They rather invest a lot of money in workout DVD’s, diet pills and expensive equipment while eating crappy food all the time. I have a feeling recently that some people think that perfect body comes for free. But all you have to invest is a little time each day! Eating healthy is IMHO just as easy as eating bad, I learned that thanx to bodyrock! And spending 20 minutes a day with a workout is nothing, compared to endless hours watching TV on a coach. And the mental change is the most amazing thing about becoming a bodyrocker!!! :) You feel like you can do ANYTHING, once you put your whole body and mind into it :) ))
    I cannot imagine living differently today :)

    • Kirry

      Preach sister Nina! Preach! You´re totally right!

    • Donna

      We care enough about our bodies to exercise and watch what we put in our mouths. That’s why we are bodyrockers and it is our choice to be.There a people that just don’t care, they want to be skinny but they don’t put in the effort. You have to understand that we as bodyrockers would think twice about lying on the couch and shoving junk food in our mouths therefore it is difficult for them to be as dedicated are we are and do a mini workout in a commercial. We think differently!!!

      • Nina_CZ

        You are 100% right, Donna. What really bothers me is that how people say they WAN’T something, but when they are ask to do something to achieve it, they never do. Then they are upset they are still fat and unhealthy. My workmate told me once: “I wanna be skinny, I hate my belly, why can’t I be skinny?” I told her: “Well then stop shoveling the food in and get moving!” I guess she did not wanna hear this answer and she never talked about it again.. People want things for free!
        We are so lucky to be Bodyrockers in our minds and bodies :D

  • Lena

    Yay! Back for another week of daily workouts!!
    I started with the 4-minutes workout yesterday because I was playing tennis as well and then did this one today. I improved on almost all of my scores except for the reverse push ups. I think its because last time I did this I was visiting my parents at home in Germany and I was doing them holding on to the handles of the treadmill we have there. Today I did them under my kitchen table and for some reason that must be harder (lower? higher? … I don’t know but something changed!)

    Here are my new and old (Dec 21st 2010) scores:
    1) Sumo Squat + Leg Lift w Sandbag (12kgs – I didn’t write down how heavy my sandbag was last time unfortunately): 19, 19, 18, 18, 18, 18 (old: 21, 19, 18, 16, 16, 15)
    2) Sumo Pushups: 15, 15, 16, 14, 13, 14 (old: 12 1/2, 12, 12, 11, 10, 10)
    3) Jump Lunge: 28, 28, 25, 24, 22, 24 (old: 20, 20, 17, 19, 18, 21)
    4) Reverse Pushups: 14, 14, 14, 12, 11, 11 (old: 17, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18)

    Good to hear that Freddy is better! Looking forward to those photos :)

  • Anonymous

    Again I’m sort of off subject, but then again maybe not…Happy Birthday Stefani Germanotta! I seriously don’t think she will read this and I will post elsewhere, but I know Zuzana is as big a fan as I so I hope she doesn’t mind!

    Teeth enjoy…

  • Anonymous

    Again I’m sort of off subject, but then again maybe not…Happy Birthday Stefani Germanotta! I seriously don’t think she will read this and I will post elsewhere, but I know Zuzana is as big a fan as I so I hope she doesn’t mind!

    Teeth enjoy…

  • Nina_CZ

    Yay, I can copy and paste my score here from the old topic now! :¨)

    Good morning everyone (including Brutus, who is looking over my shoulder as I am writing this, defeated again and amazed by my new score) :) ))
    Loving this new morning workout plan I have :)
    My new score: (vs. Old Score)
    1) Sumo Squat + Leg Lift: 20-18-18-18-18-17 (old 19-17-15-16-13-14)
    2) Sumo Pushups: 11-8-9-8-7-7 (old 13-10-9-8-8-7 but elevated, arms on a chair, today ALL REGULAR)
    3) Jump Lunge: 15-19-17-15-15-15 (old 16-17-18-12-14-16)
    4) Reverse Pushups: 12-11-9-9-10-10 (old 10-10-9-9-11-9)

    Not really a major improvement, but I am proud of the pushups, last time I did them with arms on a chair, cause from knees they were way too easy and regular ones were still to hard. Today ALL REGULAR, and I am happy that I can say “Yeah, I do pushups.” :D
    Shower now and straight to work, also earned my oatmeal :) ))

    Guys, we need some new recepies please :D

  • Annie_B

    Awww Zuzi, you’re so sweet :) I’m sure Freddy is missing you so much too.I’m happy that he feels better now.
    I already did this workout today and posted in the original page.Looking forward to sweat more tomorrow.Gotta love this going back to beat my own @ss LOL =D

    • Anonymous

      sometimes it is great to beat somebody else whit the scores…but it is always great to beat your own ass…hihihi