Apr 4 2011

Not Afraid Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

Today we felt inspired to talk about fear. Fear is the great mind killer. It is the paralyzing agent that slowly suffocates your dreams. What are you afraid of right now? It is important to realize that our fear is mostly just
the stories that we tell ourselves. Those stories that run like computer programs in our minds over and over in the background. All of these fearful thoughts telling us that change is scary. That this
isn’t the right time, or that people might judge us if we stand up to be counted. What if we fail? When you train with our workouts and push your body to the limits something really interesting begins to happen.
Your mind starts to clear – at first maybe just for a second or two, then for 10 reps, then for whole minutes. Getting into your body turns the volume down on the hyperactive mind. It could be described as sweat therapy.
You can literally work through your fears on the exercise mat and leave them there. Rev up the intensity – push beyond your old limits and see if you notice how peaceful and quiet you feel inside.

Today’s workout is inspired by The Eminem song “Not Afraid.” His transformation as a performer, musical artist and human being came from the inside out and it now radiates through his music. The most powerful changes come from within and move outwards – bones to skin and beyond. Eminem made the change from the inside and it reflects in his music, his life and his overall well being. If you want to change your body and the script of your life the change has to come first from within.

The official music video is embedded below – check it out while you do your workout.

Zuzana & Frederick

Workout Breakdown

Time: 20min.Workout Type: Interval trainingExercises: 4
  • Crab Pike Pressmax. reps during 3 min.
  • High Knees (with jump rope)max. effort during 3o second intervals
  • Burpee Knee Raisesmax. reps during 30 second intervals
  • Ninja Lungesmax. sets during 3 minutes

Get your gear for this workout here:


This workout is exactly 20 minutes long and what you will need is your Interval Timer as always, Jump Rope, and Dip Station (if you have one). For those of you who don’t have a dip station, I have a different exercise that you can do, just check the pictures below.

There are 3 parts that you will do back to back and then repeat the whole thing one more time. If you are a complete beginner you can also stop after 10 minutes and complete only half of this workout. Don’t be afraid to modify the length and the intensity to your own fitness level. The goal here is to feel like you had an amazing and reallt intense workout. It shouldn’t feel easy. Remember that the more you push through, the more calories you will burn and the faster you will build strength and shape up your body.

Part 1 – 3 minutes of Crab Pike Press

Starting position

Turn over toward the left side.

Get into the pike position.

Do a Pike Press.

Bring your righ elbow up and behind your back turning your upper body sideways.

Return to the starting position and repeat towards the right side. Do as many reps as possible during 3 minute count down.

Part 2 – 4 minutes of Interval Training

Set your timer for 6 rounds of 10 seconds and 30 seconds intervals (10 sec. of rest and 30 sec. of max effort).  You will be doing High knees with jump rope and Burpee Knee Raises on the Dip Station.

Beginners can do the push ups from their knees.

Knee raises on Dip Station

If you don’t have the Dip Station you can do Seated Leg Raises instead.

Beginners and everyone who doesn’t have the Jump Rope can do regular high knees.

Part 3 – 3 minutes of Ninja Lunges (max. sets during 3minutes)

This is the starting position for Ninja Jump.

Beginners can put their hands on the ground…

…and then jump on their feet.

Make a step to the left with your lef leg keeping low.

Lunge back with your right leg.

Step with your right leg into the half squat again.

Lunge back with your left leg.

Get into the half squat, lunge one more time back with your right leg and get on your knees. This is one set and your goal is to complete as many sets as you can during the 3 minute count down.

Now Repeat all 3 parts one more time. The entire workout is only 20 minutes long so don’t give up half way through and push yourself at max effort.


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  • http://twitter.com/GabayC Gabija D.C.

    Did this again last friday… posting scores now :)

    Crab pike press 20/21 (Old: 22/19)

    high knees 74,68,76/80,70,74 (Old: 70,70,92/84,60,62)
    Burpee knee raises (on the ground) 4,4,5/4,4,4 (Old: 4,4,4/5,5,4)

    Ninja lunges 15/15 (Old: 10/11)

    Some things I did better, some worse but overall I feel how much I improved in my thighs!

    Thanks! :)

  • http://zoe-in-wonderland.blogspot.com Zoe Quixote

    i did it! and i really beat my scores! late for work, but thanks!!!

  • http://aphrodiitee.deviantart.com/ Isidora

    This is def one of my fav workouts, i did it back in April and today i revisited! its so much fun and intense! 

    3 min Crab sumo pike press: 34 / 31

    High knees: 75-69-74 / 76-77-80 its amazing how i started doing alot more! 
    Burpee knee raise (no push up, wanted to do more knee raises) 4-5-5 / 5-5-5

    Ninja lunges: 14 / 15 


  • http://zoe-in-wonderland.blogspot.com Zoe Quixote

    i love this one!!

     1.   Crab Pike Press: 29, 25

    2.  High knees    70, 67, 58; 73, 71, 67

        Burpees/knee raise    5, 4, 5; 5,5,5

    3.    Ninja triple Lunge    18, 13 (last 8 in second set with hands on ground for tuck)

  • Janessa Reimer

    The last time i did this workout i was only able to get through half of it, just went through it once, but this time i went through it twice and i beat my scores from last time!
    crab pike press: 23.21
    High knees:
    Burpee knee raises:
    Ninja lunges: 14.17
    This was a great workout!

  • Anonymous

    I repeated this today with coworkers, & noticed a big overall improvement in my score versus early April!  I really focuses on form & tried to stay low on part 3.  For burpee knee raises, I modified it so that we jumped, did a puskup, rolled over & did a knee hug, rolled over, powered to plank, the jumped to squat & jumped.  I don’t bring my dip station to work.

    crab pike press: 27-29 (20-22 in april)
    high knees: 94-90-88-88-86-87 (43-38-41-43-38-35)
    burpee knee hug: 4-3-3.5-3.5-3-3 (3-5-4-3-3-3).  all full pushups.
    ninja lunge: 18-18 (20-20)


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabby-Rodriguez/790883617 Gabby Rodriguez

    hello guys! I got my dip bar and I did the knee lifts on it! HARD I felt like my lower abs woke up! I don’t think they had been disturbed ever! so now to work them! Have blessed day:)

  • Anonymous

    A mistake would be dropping your hips down :)

  • http://exercisefoodpoo.wordpress.com Luke Says No

    My Scores:
    16 x 35/10
    Part I: Time Challenge – 4 minutes
    Part II: 6 X 30/10
    – HIGH KNEES (WITH JUMP ROPE): 80, 90, 90
    – BURPEE KNEE RAISES: 3.5, 4, 5
    Part III: Time Challenge – 4 minutes
    – NINJA LUNGES: 20

  • Anonymous

    The ninja lunges are killers!
    My scores:
    Crab pike press: 32 // 32
    High knees (rope): 82/82/82 // 82/82/82
    Burpees knee raises: 5/5/5 // 5/5/5
    Ninja lunges: 16 // 16

    Very fun workout!

  • Anonymous

    The ninja lunges are killers!
    My scores:
    Crab pike press: 32 // 32
    High knees (rope): 82/82/82 // 82/82/82
    Burpees knee raises: 5/5/5 // 5/5/5
    Ninja lunges: 16 // 16

    Very fun workout!

  • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

    Done! I am dead here :D Loved this workout :)
    My score:
    Part 1 / 4: 21 reps / 16 reps
    Part 2 / 5: Highknees: 60-34-52 / 66-59-49, Burpee Knee Raises 5-3-3 / 3-3-3
    Part 3 / 6: 10 sets / 11 sets

    Loved the last exercise a LOT!!! My legs were burning like crazy, fell good :D
    Gonna shower now and off to work :) Let’s start a killer week!
    I will try the headstand later today, I didn’t try it yet :)))

  • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

    Hi Helen! :)) Great to see another czech bodyrocker! Thank you for your support! I definitely wanna go to Prague soon to meet other bodyrockers, since I missed the last meeting, I hope there will be another one soon and I will have the opportunity to hug you all in person :D Thank you!!!

  • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

    Best wishes for you too!!! It is good to know that we are not alone in this :)

  • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

    Isabelle! Thank you a lot, I felt very energetic last night during my workout, I guess it was that energy wave you sent me and it just arrived and hit me last night :D

  • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

    Hi LeMarge! Thank you for your kind words :)
    I love the e-mail thing!!! I am gonna do that RIGHT NOW!!!
    I use google calendar as a reminder for my birthcontrol pills, and it automatically sends me a short message to my cellphone every day at 8pm, maybe I will set another reminder for this message EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY….
    Thank you for a suggestion! :)))

  • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

    Hi Katharina! Thank you so so so much for this comment, I feel so special now :D
    I just got back here to check other comments you guys posted, cause I didn’t feel like browsing too much internet lately, but now I am back in a positive mode, waiting for what life has prepared for me and for my future :) I will be back here from now, making you laught again (will try to do my best) :D Thank you again so, so much, this means EVERYTHING to me :)))

  • Whitney Little

    set 1: 13.
    set 2: jump; 5; jump; 4; jump; 4.
    set 3: 15.
    xox whitney.

  • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

    Hi Sam, thanks for sharing and giving me all those nice words :)
    I am really suprised how many of you gone through the same thing! What is happening to the world? Are really guys that difficult to live with??? Everyone around me is breaking up or passing away now, what is going on?
    I felt like doing this a year ago, but I didn’t have the courage either and I though our love will overcome everything… *sigh* No more pink glasses for me :D

  • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

    Thank you for sharing your story Natalia! I am already alone now in a HUGE apartment, but I don’t wanna move out, cause it is amazing place for a good money to be this big. I also miss him being close to me, but I also realize that he was not really that close to me last 2-3 years. He was just THERE. I probably miss the illusion of him I created over those years, everyone though we are an amazing couple and we never showed the opposite. Nights are the worse, cause I have to cuddle with my pillow :D and it still feels WEIRD to have half the stuff now in that huge place without having to clean the bathroom sink every morning after him… It was SO ANNOYING but I still miss it… BUT!!! I already redid my apartment, arranged everything the way I WANTED, so I can start working out again tomorrow, not on a carpet in my old room, but on a wooden floor in my living room which is HUGE and I only use half of it, so the other half is my gym now :)))

  • http://www.facebook.com/hholwegergarcia Heather Holweger-Garcia

    Whew! Those lunges at the end are killers!!!!! and EVIL!!!! and WONDERFUL!!!!!

    Part 1 – 19, 19
    Part 2 – 93/3 89/3 79/3 , 83/3 84/3 85/3 (I did burpees in my doorway and hanging knee raises from pull-up bar in the doorway)
    Part 3 – 12, 12

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  • Isidora

    I LOVED this workout, def added to my fave!

    P#1: Crab pike press: 29 / 29

    -High knees: around 60-70
    – 1 push up + 1 seated leg raise: 4-4-4/4-4-4

    P#3: Ninja lunges: 14 / 16


  • Anonymous

    I’ve just finished this workout, and it was incredible!!! I was having so much fun, but at the same time it was intense.. I really enjoyed these exercises, and Crab Pike Press and Ninja Lunges are really challenging if you’re pushing real hard.. :)

    So here are my scores:
    1. Crab Pike Press – 21, 24
    2. HK with Jump Rope – 60, 76, 72, 74, 58, 69
    3.Burpee Knee Raises – 4 reps in each round :)
    4. Ninja Lunges – 14, 13

    Now, since in the video Zuzana said that she did 23 reps of Crab Pike Press in one of the rounds and 15 reps of Ninja Lunges, I think I did very well if compared to her scores.. :)

  • Anonymous

    My three and four year old did the high knees with me and I had the hardest time getting through them without busting up laughing because they looked so funny and so serious doing them :D This was a really fun workout and I loved the ninja jump lunges. The crab pike made me a little dizzy but was a great move and my kids loved crawling under me while I was doing the pike press so I think they approved of the workout too!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Lanier/100000216811315 Maria Lanier

    Just did it today. Here’s my score:
    > Crab Pike Press – 27, 27 – it’s so fun. This one added as my favorite. :)
    > High knees with rope – 64, 56, 45, 66, 40, 35 – I’m still tripping. Why????
    > Burpee Knee Raise – 5, 4, 4, 5, 4, 5
    > Ninja Lunges – 16, 19 – it’s hard but I find it fun too. :)

    I still don’t know how I’m gonna do the Headstand…

  • AudraFit

    Darn! I should have watched the vid one more time before I did this workout! I forgot the elbow raise after the pike press and the third lunge back on the ninja lunges so I only did one each side :( Sigh… Haha! No wonder. When I looked at my reps compared to Zuzana’s I knew somethin wasn’t right. I’ll still post my scores even tho they’re goofed. Still was a great workout!

    CrabPikePress: 40/35 or (20sets/17&1/2sets)
    Highknees(no rope): 96/93/92/90/88/88
    BurpeeKneeRaise(pullupbar): 7/7/6/7/6.5/5
    Ninja Lunges: 24/22

    • Anonymous

      Great numbers! I forgot the elbow raise too and couldn’t figure out why I could do 36 of them when Zuzanna’s number was so much lower, I nearly forgot the third lunge, I practiced it without it but I went back to the video and skipped to that part to see it one more time so I did get that part in lol

  • Mary Lou

    Fun workout! You do have to do a practice run on the crab pikes thought to find out how much room you need, I ended up all over the place at first. High knees were w/o the rope and I did have to ‘catch’ myself a few times on the ninja lunges. I guess I still need to practice them more often. Scores:
    crab pike press 16, 17
    High knees 83, 79, 82, 81, 80, 78
    Burpee knee raises 3, 3.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 3
    Ninja lunges 10, 11
    Now onto the headstand challenge!!!!!

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  • Donna

    I did this yesterday afternoon and didn’t post my scores so here they are;

    Warm Up

    Part 1. Crab Pike Press 21 reps, 21 reps

    Part 2. High Knees (no rope) 66,70,71,70,72,72 (I find I get my knee up really high without the rope)
    Seated leg raises 15,18,16,16,19,16

    Part 3. Ninja lunges (modified) 15 reps, 16reps


  • Anonymous

    LOVED this! the crab pike press is so much fun
    crab pikes: 22,24

    skipping: 66,58,83,72,44,80
    burpee knee raises: 3,4,4,4,4,3.5,4

    ninja lunges: 16,17

    really nice workout and great sweat. I did 10 minutes of skipping after, 20 rounds of 10/20 secs. In the 10 seconds rest i did either 3 pushups or 1 pull up every other time. Im improving so much at pull ups by doing this, its easier when u take a small break to do them unassisted

  • Dheana

    I’m “afraid” i might not be able to walk tomorrow! :-P

    Awesome workout – will post scores after – off to stretch and help hubby with dinner…

    Thanks for the great workout and post! Glad to have you back Freddy! I’m sure Zuz is too! ;-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/ildiko.mazar Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    That was sweet sweat. The more confident I’m becoming with the regular ninjas the more I start loving them. My fiancee thinks they are rather kamikazes, he thinks one day I’ll kill myself doing them :-). Scores:
    Crabs: 26.5 | 29
    High knees: 86, 84, 84 | 84, 80, 86
    Burp knees: 4, 5, 4.5 | 5, 4, 4
    Ninja lunges: 16 | 18
    I’m going to do some very moderate skipping now (no high knees) and then chill for the rest of the evening. Off to Spain tomorrow – I hope our room will be big enough for some body weight exercises.

    • Mary Lou

      Your fiancee is right! I almost killed myself several times learning, but I’m past that now and I think you are too!!!!!!

  • http://kenjibankhead.posterous.com/ ashtromanius

    I nearly gave up halfway through, giving my pregnancy as an excuse as “beginner”. HA! Then I remembered I’m not a wuss and I need a strong body and 3 months ago I was not a beginner. Although my scores aren’t anything to write home about… I still did the full thing.
    (I didn’t count my high knees)
    Burpee knee raise- 4,3,4,3,4,4
    Ninja lunges- 7,7

    • Donna

      Don’t be so hard on yourself. At least you done it…

  • http://twitter.com/JudyINS Judith Huberdeau

    Hello to everyone!! :)

    I just finished my workout and here`s my scores;
    Part 1 #1= 15 sets, #2= 14 sets
    Part 2 #1= Burpees Knee R: 6-6-6, High Knee: 74-63-73
    #2= ” : 5-4-4, ” : 75-69-61
    Part 3 #1= 11 sets, #2 10 sets
    I was happy to rock a new workout this morning with new exercises!!! The last 2 weeks showed me how much I got stonger and the feeling is incredible!!! I`m sooo happy of the results and it`s a big part because of you Zuz!! :) The post about fear was very inspiring… you guys have a way to kick our butt and made us feel….. at home :)

    Thanks soo much!! Love you guys :)

    Judith xx

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    Stellar scores, Cynthia! You’re on fire!

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    phew. Ran up the hill for 45 minutes first. Not fast, but good steady effort.
    Crabs: 29/30
    hi knees: 83/68/44 80/48/57 a little erratic on this one but tried to keep hi knees in place when I tripped up on the jump rope more than once or twice.
    burpee knee tuck: 5/5/5 5/5/5 did the burpees next to the table so I could use the table for the tucks
    ninjas: 14/14 really tried to stay low and pause for a second at the bottom of each lunge…hold!!!!

    Feeling a little wobbly now! Surf and yoga still to go…plus a load of work sandwiched in between.

    • Anonymous

      Your so awesome Janet! i love running hills :)

  • Anonymous

    Okay, so I just finished the first round and thought I was doing okaay…I mean it took a few of crab pike presses to get into the groove I only completed 15 and will push for more in round 2. But when I came to the ninja lunges…OH MAN! what a burn!! I needed sit for a minute before I start round 2…

    Okay done! Finito! Here are my scores:

    Crab pike press: 15,26
    High Knees: 76,76,70
    Burpee knee raises: 5,5,5
    5,4, 4.5
    Ninja lunges: 6(reg), 7 (assisted)
    14 regular!!!
    (Maybe it was because my husband decided to watch me for the first time ever!)
    But it made me realize I could’ve done way better in the first round looking at my second round scores…what a crazy burn those ninja lunges are!!

    Good luck everyone

  • http://delightfultastebuds.wordpress.com Jos

    Yay, new workout and I did it this morning! Here are my scores;
    Part #1: Crab Pike Press
    P1 23 // P2 20

    Part #2: Interval Training
    High Knees Rope
    P1 43/33/53 // P2 55/40/45

    Burpee and Seated Leg Raise (I don’t have a dip station) – Thx for showing the substitution, Zuzana!
    P1 4/4/3.5 // P2 4/3/3.5

    Part #3: Ninja Lunges
    P1 12 // P2 14

    And I did 60 side burpees yesterday evening as well! Ninja Lunge was fun until I hit the seventh reps – quads were burning!!
    Crab Pike press has a nice flow to it. Thanks for all your hardwork, Zuzana and Freddy!

  • Mary Lou

    I can’t wait to try this tomorrow! I did the crazy monkey workout because I was up early and it looked good. 24 rounds of 4 hanging knee raises, 4 monkey squats and 4 sexy monkey dance moves in 15 mins!

  • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

    Yay, new workouts! :)
    I am really neglecting bodyrock lately, I am going through very difficult life change now :( But I am looking forward to start a new episode of my life, I only have to survive this week… I don’t sleep much and I don’t eat much (nerves…) so I don’t even have energy now :(((
    I hope to start posting my scores near the end of the week :) Wish me luck please guys! :)

    • http://delightfultastebuds.wordpress.com Jos

      Aw Nina, I’m sorry to hear that. Whatever it is I’m sure you will overcome it eventually. We’re all here if you need any support.

    • Annie_B

      Nina we’re here to cheer you up :) Whatever that you’re going through right now, it will pass soon I believe. And soon you’ll realize that this situation makes you stronger. There’s always rainbow after the storm. Take good care of yourself ok:)?
      Lots of love and wishes to you!!

      • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

        Thank you, thank you so much, this is the support I needed :)
        Basically what is happening is that I finally made the decision and I am gonna be living alone from now on :( It was pretty hard to cut the 7 year relationship, but I could not live that way anymore… I am very veeeeery sad now, but I know love sometimes isn’t enough :(( I love my husband deeply, but I can’t live with him anymore…
        I hope my rainbow is close enough :D

        • Annie_B

          Yes,it is hard but you’re brave and strong enough to stand up and chose the right thing for your life. Try to spend time with your friends or family and avoid going to places that you used to go with your husband ( at least just for now :) ) You’re not alone, Nina.You have us here to support you if you need to. Can’t wait for you to come back bodyrocking with us again..sweat therapy together!! :D

          • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

            I am gonna rearrange the apartment a bit, so I will have MUCH BIGGER room to workout in :) So many possitive things are gonna be now in my life, right now I can only see the BIG negative – being without him, but we both know (him and me) it was a right decision, because I don’t know how to live with him and he is not able to give me life I want and deserve… I am not talking about money or things like that, but I need a mental support, shoulder to lean on and REAL life partner. It is sad, but it happens sometimes, life goes on.. :)

            • Annie_B

              That is exactly same reason that I ended my relationship with my ex-boyfriend. We were together for 5 years since college. I thought he was the one but turned out it was not what I expected. I was always there for him but when I needed him he just made up too many excuses. I loved him so much but like you said love itself is not enough.I got to the point where enough is enough. After breaking up, it felt like death. I felt like there is absolutely no chance of me finding the next amazing guy. However, as time passed, I spent time more with myself, my family and my close friends, I started to feel better and was excited to begin my new chapter of life. 2 years later, I found a new guy who is now my husband.Sometimes I think,though, I have to thank my ex because of breaking up with him, now I’ve found a wonderful guy :)

              Positives things are awaiting for you Nina. Push those negatives feeling aside :) You know that you did the right thing for yourself and don’t be sad or regret.Come talk with us. Just like Chris, I would love to give you big hugs right now if I could ;)
              Oh!! before having breakfast tomorrow, try the green smoothie that Ildi said. I’ve been making for a week now.It’s my new morning regimen :) It is sooo refreshing!!! It turns your world downside up :)

              • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

                I feel so lucky to have you guys :)))
                I feel exactly the same as you described Annie, like a living dead :( But at the same time I KNOW FOR SURE I will be better on my own. It is gonna hurt for a while, but staying together would hurt for much longer..
                He will be off this weekend, so starting monday I am revamping my whole apartment (so many rooms for one little me!!!) and I can’t wait to start working out harder than ever, these new workouts are SO AMAZING to watch, I am sure they will be so amazing to do! :))
                I wanted to buy a blender, but now I will have to stop ALL shoppings, because I will be paying for the whole apartment alone :( no blender for me any day soon :D but I will want one for christmas, lol :D
                Lucky me, I don’t need a lot of things and I don’t spend a lot on food when I am alone :)
                Another positive thing – I can only have healthy stuff at home!!!! And I can only cook healthy meals for myself without anyone complaining :))) and I can workout EVERY MORNING cause there will be nobody to wake up by the noise :)
                I feel like crying every minute, but it is more of a relieve cry now, I needed this guys, all your comments make me realize that I was strong enough to make this decision, so I will be even stronger at making the best of my new life :)))

                • Anonymous

                  Hey nina:)
                  my bf broke up w me 2 weeks ago and i know how u are feeling, a little. It sucked at the end, and i knew it was going to happen- but i was afraid to lose him because i was hoping things could get better, like they used to be. I was trapped in worrying about whether it would ever get better, and when we broke up i actually felt extremely relieved and free.. but then i realized how much i had neglected myself and how far i had gotten from me. I didnt know myself anymore, i had been so consumed in worrying about him, and what he thought of me. I didnt stop to think about what i thought of me.

                  Now, Im trying to get back to me. Its hard but im getting closer every day. I dont miss him, i miss the idea of him, the idea of having someone there for me always. but when i think about it he wasnt there for me for a very long time. But what we have to do is get back to ourselves, get to know ourselves again and reconnect to our spirit. You are so positive too!!!! I hope you do amazing in your new life, and if you every need to talk we are here for you!!!!!!!!!!! Writing is such a good way to get things off of your chest and makes recovery a lot easier. Even when im writing now about my situation it feels good, it feels good to tell someone what happened. simple therapy.
                  Stay positive:)

        • Anonymous

          Hi Nina,

          You take care and if I could I would give you an big hug! Sometimes the hardest thing is not letting go when it’s time. You’re strong!

          My best,

    • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

      Hang in there!

    • http://kenjibankhead.posterous.com/ ashtromanius

      You don’t need luck, you’re a BODYROCKER! You’ll make it through this tough time and we are all here just like Jos says. We miss you :) See you soon

    • Kirry

      Feel better soon, Nina. :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Lanier/100000216811315 Maria Lanier

      Feel better, Nina… We can’t wait to have you back and see your score. :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/ildiko.mazar Ildikó Sünci Mázár

      Atta girl! You’re not running to grab the wine bottle or a huge tub of chocolate ice cream but come here to charge up your drained batteries. Do not worry, your decision to break up with your husband must have not come from out of the blue, so you’ll appreciate to not have to deal with the bad stuff from now on – only it’s still hard to see it, because you’re probably missing the good things about him and his company. But you’re truly not ALONE, consider yourself FREE. Free to make your own path forward exactly the way you like.

      • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

        Awww Ildi, your comment really just made my cry… Thank you, you can’t even imagine how much your support mean to me! I haven’t been single ever, I was with someone since 14yrs old, so I am only scared of being alone. But I have my mum who supports me 100%, and YOU GUYS, you are like a family to me, I am so thankful to have you!
        He is moving out on Saturday/Sunday, we are ok, we are comunicating maybe more than we did when we were still “together” and I know it is gonna hurt for a while… But time and bodyrock will help me throught that!
        Luckily I am not someone who eats out of emotions, I am not able to eat then I am happy… so I really slack on eating lately, but I had my breakfast again today :D so things are getting better…
        Thanks EVERYBODY for all you nice comments and support, love you guys!!!

        • http://www.facebook.com/ildiko.mazar Ildikó Sünci Mázár

          Have one of those green smoothies. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find the SOOO energising, I don’t even need coffee (that I have been having first thing in the morning for the past 12 years or so).

    • AudraFit

      Keep your head up NIna! We’re all here for you girl!

  • Anonymous

    I was wondering if anyone would catch that :)

  • Lena

    “Sweat therapy” – I love it! Definitely had my dose with this workout!! I loved the Crab Pike Press (even though I think I might have turned around the wrong way a few times here and there, but that’s OK!) and the Ninja Lunges were an absolute killer!! My legs will be aching tomorrow! I hope we don’t get a legs exercise challenge… Knowing you guys that’s exactly what it will be though! Haha! Oh well, have no fear…!

    My scores:
    Crab Pike Press: Round1: 20. Round 2: 21

    High knees: Round 1: 67, 43 (got all tangled and tripped a few times :P), 67. Round 2: 71, 62, 67
    Seated leg raises: Round 1: 12, 13, 11. Round 2: 11, 11, 12

    Ninja Lunges: Round 1: 14. Round 2: 14+2 lunges

    Great to have you back Freddy and thanks to both of you for this fantastic new workout :D

  • Anonymous

    Hi Zuzana and Frederick,
    it’s great having you guys back, doing new workouts, we missed you!!! :D
    Also, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for bringing the instructional pictures back, it means a lot! I really appreciate it!! :)

  • Alana

    Those ninja lunges look intense, Zuzana! I can’t do them properly yet, so I’ll stick to the beginner mode… :/ Anyways- I’m off to start!

    WOW THAT WAS BRUTAL BUT SO AWESOME. You’re right about the fears… I just left them on the floor, dripping away with my sweat…
    Anyways, my scores are:
    Crab Pike Press: 18/18
    High knees: 96/100/100/100/100/100
    Burpee knee raises: 5/5/5/5/5/5
    Ninja lunges: 18/19.5

    Glad to have you back, Freddy! See you all again tomorrow! :)

    • Alana

      Oh yeah- I also meant to ask, because of my intense curiosity:
      How many calories do you figure we burn in one 20 minute Bodyrock workout? Like the one we just did?

  • http://twitter.com/cschuurr Chelsea Schuur

    I will be setting my alarm to wake up early and complete this =D I can never go back for a round 2 to repeat the workouts haha (damn Brutus). So just so he doesn’t get to me I’m going to do a 6min count down of part one and three and do 12 rounds of part 2! I’m still getting it all done which matters, right?!

    • http://twitter.com/cschuurr Chelsea Schuur

      PART 1 6min count down
      crab pike press – 59reps

      PART 2 10/30sec x12
      high knees and (1/2) burpees

      PART 3 6min count down
      ninja lunges – 43.5reps

      =DDDD told you I would get it done hahah!

  • Anonymous

    The crab pike press looks fun, can’t wait to do this, so excited for a new workout. Welcome back Freddy! Hope all was well in Canada. I love doing old workouts and beating PBs but new ones ROCK :)