Apr 11 2011

Hard Bodies Getting Harder Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

We were suppose to kick off this week with a new workout, but Zuzana’s leg is still a bit sore, so she decided to rest it for one more day. We will be back tomorrow with a new workout, but in the meantime you guys can take a shot at The Hard Bodies Workout routine from November 29th, 2009. This is going to be new for a lot of you guys so give it a try. Remember that it is always a good idea to listen to your body – if you need a break then take it – you can always resume BodyRocking as soon as you feel better :)

When I was home visiting my family in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, I had the opportunity to begin Bikram’s Hot Yoga practice. I am lucky in that both my Aunt Beverly and her long time partner Patrick are both certified teachers. We attended a lot of classes together and it was a great way to discover this incredible practice. I did a class almost everyday and life as I knew it changed. Beverly made this great statement that really stuck in my mind – she said “you leave it on the mat”. What she meant, is that you go into your training full of thoughts, worries, fears – all of the hectic chaos of the busy mind – and by being in your body and pushing beyond your limits your mind clears and quiets, your worries drip away, and the anxiety about life that most of us carry around get’s left behind on your exercise mat. What I came to realize is that our home workouts offer a similar mind-body-spirit cleanse. When you put your heart and soul into each rep you can experience this same sense of calm and peace. It’s a powerful gift to give yourself. Try this workout and see what you leave behind on your mat :)


Freddy & Zuzana

I completed this workout in 22 minutes and 13 seconds. There are 5 rounds of 5 exercises that you will go through back to back with as little break as possible. Set your Interval Timer as a stop watch and hit it.

1. Ninja Jumps – 5 reps


Start on your knees. I prefer to kneel on my exercise mat. Get ready to force your body up into. It is a dynamic movement and you will have to engage every muscle in your body.


Jump up and land on your feet into a squat. As soon as you land, jump up again and tuck your knees in. This counts as 1 rep. Complete 5 reps of Ninja Jumps.

2. Elevated Bridge Leg Lift – 10 reps on each leg


Lay on your back and put the heels of your feet up on a chair. Lift your hips up to get your body in a line. Lift one of your extended legs up with your toes pointed and knee locked. Drive the leg as far as your flexibility allows you.  Do 10 reps on each leg.

3. Dynamic Push Ups – 5 reps


Start in a plank position with your body completely rigid.


Drop down to get your chest as close to the ground as possible while jumping with your feet wide apart. Immediately push up jumping your feet back together. This counts as 1 rep. Complete 5 reps of Dynamic Push Ups.

4. One Arm, One Leg Bridge – 20 reps total


Lay on your back with one knee bend. Sit up and push off of the standing foot while supporting yourself with your arm on the same side and push your hips up. This counts as 1 rep. Complete 20 reps total by switching the sides after each rep.

5. One Leg Burpees – 5 reps on each leg


Start by standing on one leg. Bent over and place your hands on the floor in front of you. Jump with your foot back into a one leg plank position. Jump with your foot forward towards your hands and then jump up reaching with your arms towards the sky. This counts as 1 rep. Compete 5 reps of One Leg Burpees on each leg.

Enjoy this workout and try to beat my time ;)


Workout Breakdown

Time: ?min.Workout Type: Time ChallengeExercises: 5
  • Ninja Jump5 reps
  • Elevated Bridge Leg Lift10 reps on each legs
  • Dynamic Push Ups5 reps
  • One Arm One Leg Bridge20 reps total
  • One Leg Burpee5 reps on each leg

Get your gear for this workout here:


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  • http://geniusloci.deviantart.com/ Žymantė

    26:54 and I’m officially wiped out!

  • Bodyrocker Nano

    On November 30th 2011 : 31’31″447″‘

    On April 29th 2012 : 20’20″890″‘     :-)

    On Jun 3rd 2012 : 17’08″502″‘    :-D

  • petra

    hi i just finished this workout about 30min. and i really like it………………………..petra london

  • petra

    hi i just finished this workout about 30min. and i really like it………………………..petra london

  • Paige


    I have been bodyrocking for over a year now.  I’ve always done the Ninja Jump Tucks, but my right foot always dragged so it wasn’t proper form.  no matter how hard i tried I could never do the move as it’s supposed to be done. But today in the final round of this workout, I got on my knees and did my jump and I cleared it!! I was so surprised that I almost fell on my ass before I could do my jump tuck! I was shocked and thought there was no way i could do it again….but i did! I did all five reps in perfect form! I can’t believe it!!! (I had to stop myself from crying like a baby for the rest of the workout XD)

  • sselcann

    soaked in sweat but did it in 17 min! yayy to me :) )

  • http://exercisefoodpoo.wordpress.com Luke Says No

    My Score:
    20 x 10/26
    1. Ninja Jumps – 6, 6, 6, 7
    2. Elevated Bridge Leg Lift – 10, 11, 14, 14
    3. Dynamic Push Ups – 10, 9, 9 , 11
    4. One Arm, One Leg Bridge – 14, 16, 20, 25
    5. One Leg Burpees – 5, 6, 7, 8

  • Devil’s Advocate

    Really?  Because epsom salt baths work wonders for sore muscles too and they work the same way, pulling toxins from the body.  Also, I use medicated oils on my sore muscles (I have chronic back pain) and I can report that, yes, they DO work.

  • http://exercisefoodpoo.wordpress.com Luke Says No

    My Score:
    20 x 10/26
    1. Ninja Jumps – 6, 6, 6, 7
    2. Elevated Bridge Leg Lift – 10, 11, 14, 14
    3. Dynamic Push Ups – 10, 9, 9 , 11
    4. One Arm, One Leg Bridge – 14, 16, 20, 25
    5. One Leg Burpees – 5, 6, 7, 8

  • AmberRose31

    my time was 38:25 but I did more reps than I was supposed to.  I had it written down the right way but didn’t interpet it correctly. First I did the one arm one leg bridge 20 on each leg instead of alternating.  And for the one leg burpees I did 10 on each leg….I can’t do ninja jumps and be honest they frighten me…so I did 10 jump squats instead.

  • http://onlineczech.ru Daria Valentinova

    My time for today (05.09.11): 18:55

  • Vivi

    I beat my score. My new time is 13.52 min ;)

    • http://www.facebook.com/felinemenina Anna Carolina F

      Wow..Vivi your score is incredable! :)
      I really had to push me through this torture. I nearly gave up in round 4.

      My time was 23:45 min.

      Mental fight with those Ninja jumps-I used to do them in proper form but here I needed some support :( .

      I came from a 30min run+ 6min abs workout now and will dance with my friend later this evening.
      It´s time for my dinner now!

      Love, Carol

  • kat

    Just finished this one this morning :) my time was 14:47
    than i did 1000 skipping with rope
    50 ab choppers on stability ball
    20 Burpees for Erin :)
    I feel GREAT and in desperate need of my shower now :)
    thank you Zuzana and Freddy

  • tee

    I did this one today finally!  I finished it in 22 min 44 sec.  but I cheated twice, once on purpose and one accidentally!  I didn’t lay down on the crabs as I can’t get up again! ha ha  and accidently only did 5 burpees total each time instead of each leg, but I probably wouldn’t have made it anyway as they are really hard for me!

  • Anonymous

    Vacation workout# 4, 8/10/11
    Following with golf…swim later.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=528060020 Katie Davis

    I just did this workout in 18:56. I am sweating like crazy :D and my arms are shaky..but I was also doing the burpees wrong, i added push ups to it lol…

  • ZoeRocker

    Barely made it through the torture of this one. My first time doing it I finished in 19:51. My new PB is 18:10. Yay!! Thanks guys!

  • Anonymous

    I did this one today. This was my second time to do this workout. 
    My old time was 19:25min and now I did this in 18:51 !!! :) So proud that I beat my personal best! :D  

  • http://aphrodiitee.deviantart.com/ Isidora

    I completed this workout in 19:49 min :)  

  • Erika Stormoen

    This. Is. The. BEST! Ohhhh myy goodness! The first time I did this my time was 19:36, but I had to modify it. I did the Crab Toe Touch instead of the One Arm One Leg Bridge and I had to do the beginner Ninja Jumps (with hangs) but today I did it with NO modifications and my time was 23:03! I know the time is more, but the fact that I could do the regular ninja jumps made me so happy!! ^.^ 

    For some reason I just don’t sweat very much, even when I run, or do any cardio, but last time and this time this workout made me sweat so much! It sounds funny, but that’s almost like an accomplishment for me hahaha, it’s weird I know ;p 
    Soooo stoked right now though that I could do this!! YAYYY!

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    11:10 :)
    Beat my older score from April with more than 3 minutes!

  • Anonymous

    15:33!  I did this 4/17/11 in 23:00…today all pushups were full.  In April they weren’t. Also, I did 1-arm-leg bridges correctly..sometimes I touched my toes to make it harder. Last time I subbed crab toe touch b/c I couldn’t maintain balance.

  • sgstuntteam

    Argh! 21’53!  what a workout!

  • Monstrosity5

    Warm up:
    500M row; 20 each push ups, KB swing, squats; 10 shoulder rolls

    17:30 on 6/7/11 19:37 on 4/18/11

    OH Squats3 sets 3 @ 45# BB

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabby-Rodriguez/790883617 Gabby Rodriguez

    Hello guys! I took off yesterday to rest:) but here I am today! Here is my time for this wkout: 28:04 secs. I am very proud I was able to do the 1 leg burpees! Last time I did not even attempt to do and this time I did them!

    Guys, I’m down on myself:( my wt just doesn’t go down? and I’m not seeing the results many of you have seen by month 2. I’m 5’6 and wt 135lbs, my diet is clean (I’m vegan) Even thought I am a vegan, my diet does not center on carbs. I have oats in morning w/crans or banana and coffee w/almond milk.  A green shake w/vegan protein powder for snack, a salad w/some type of bean and a grain like quinoa for lunch, my only indulgence is a piece of dark cocoa w/green tea for evening snack and for dinner some grain, veggies and something mk from tofu or beans. I don’t drink (made commitment w/Freddy&Zuzanna) Don’t drink pop and sugar is pretty much low. 

    Am I being impatient? Is 2 months still not enough time to see major results? Will 6 months of BodyRock start to reveal more change? No more weighting myself on scale?  SOMEONE PLEASE MOTIVATE ME!!!!!!! Brutus is getting on my nerves!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=706388249 Tori Larson Bradford

      I have the same problem.  Although your diet seems to be much better than mine.  I’m working on that.  How is your water intake and your sleep.  Not getting enough sleep can make it hard for your body to loose weight.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=706388249 Tori Larson Bradford

      I have the same problem.  Although your diet seems to be much better than mine.  I’m working on that.  How is your water intake and your sleep.  Not getting enough sleep can make it hard for your body to loose weight.

  • Cindy Solvang

    19:09.   I took no water breaks and paused timer when I needed form hints. 
    Wow… that last round was tough  !!  So glad to get this done early, before I get the girls ready for school.   

  • Anonymous

    Just did this workout today. Completed it in 17:45. woohooooo

  • Ela

    I did this fantastic workout this morning to celebrate my third week with you…

    It takes me 37 minutes, trying to balance in the bridges…O.o….now I’m able to do one leg burpees correctly , but just with my right leg, cause the left one was injuried in the hospital last year and doesn’t work good enough yet!

  • http://exercisefoodpoo.wordpress.com Luke Says No

    My Scores:
    20 X 26/10
    1. Ninja Jumps: 7, 7, 7, 7
    2. Elevated Bridge Leg Lift: 15, 15, 17, 17
    3. Dynamic Push Ups: 11, 12, 8, 11
    4. One Arm, One Leg Bridge: 12, 14, 11, 12
    5. One Leg Burpees: 5, 6, 6, 7

  • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

    Finally done!!!
    My old score from 20.10. 2010 (haha) was 25:59, and at that time I was not able to do regular Ninjas, so I did them hands assisted. Today I did it in 21:23, all exercises with proper form, I am sweating like crazy (good that I had my hair chopped short, lol), and SOOOOOOOO happy!! I was pushing so hard, it was like a race with time :D I am so happy soooooooooooo happy now, I can’t even describe it :D looord, those endorfins :D

  • Kungfooflea (Annalisa)

    It was such a beautiful windy evening that I had to do this one outside! Pushed like a crazy person. Those one legged one armed bridges really slowed me down! But it was so great being out in the breeze and hearing the sounds of the night as I pounded it out. 17:34

  • Bverner

    22:45 minutes. love this.

  • http://profiles.google.com/mannayakasha Valeria Boyko

    can’t believe it – I completed in 18:55! I think it must be hot pink gymboss that pushes me to work even harder :D

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    I became really good at those Ninjas in the end :)
    I was a bit nuts the day I did this workout. I wanted to sweat even more after the first 5 rounds…. so I decided to do some more… and then I refused to stop before after the 10th round.
    1-5 rounds: 15:35
    6-10 rounds: 14:25
    GREAT sweat :)
    Love, Maria

    • Anonymous

      You’re a beast!!!

  • Annie_B

    I completed this workout in 20:39 mins. One leg and one arm bridge is so hard and challenging for me. My right side is definitely weaker than my left.I have to work on that.Although, I enjoyed this workout a lot since it focuses on core and balance :) Thank you!!
    PS. Zuzana…I just can’t believe that your body’s changed quite alot :) This really gives me more push and motivation to stay on track.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=573386225 Stephanie Larivee

    Did this one yesterday in 22:55, and I actually managed all the dynamic push-ups! I’ll admit that I had to drop to my knees a few times for the push-ups during the burpees, but at least I could do most of them from my toes! yay! =) Still can’t do the ninja jumps though… I workout barefoot and I think I get too scared of breaking my toes lol

  • Anonymous

    My score for this one is 21’29″ – way better than last time. I added 5 reps for each exercise on top of that. It went pretty fast. I liked the fact that it was not so intense – I needed it today ;)

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  • AudraFit

    New PB of 18:19 =)
    Old time was 21:55 =/
    I love the simplicity of this bodyweight workout!

  • ZoeRocker

    Just finished this one at 19:51 and it was great. I love the time challenges the best I think. Can’t wait for “YEAH” workout in the morning and then I am trying Bikram’s for the first time in the afternoon. I am so excited!!

  • http://BodyRock.Tv Candace

    Phew! Great strength routine…found out my left hammy isn’t as strong as my right so the elevated leg lifts BURNT (on the left hehe)!
    17:34! Ya….I pushed pretty hard.
    Did a 1125m 35 min swim this morning as well!
    Hope your hammy healed up well, Zuz.

    As a Canadian Registered Massage Therapist I see strains/sprains (pulled muscles/tendons and ligaments) very often.To give some advice for any strained (pulled) muscles out there here are some guidelines to follow if anyone was wondering. Please, any other health care professionals out there, add to this if they have any other advice:

    First 48 hours of injury:
    Don’t stretch it/Don’t Massage it/Don’t Use it!
    Ice whenever you can in the duration of your day (20 mins on/20 mins off x3) each time.
    Rest it! Noooo workouts or you will injure it more and set yourself behind even more.

    After 48 hours:
    Start using the muscle with LIGHT exercise. BodyRock will be too intense for SEVERE injuries, modified BodyRock exercises would be okay for MILD injuries.
    LIGHT stretching and a combination of ice and heat (20min heat/20 mins ice x3) a few times a day and ALWAYS end with ice.
    Throw some heat on for approx 10 mins to get the blood into the muscle before the workouts to ensure a good warm up, DO a warm up, and then ice for 20 mins after your workout to get rid of any lingering low grade inflammation (inflammation brings scar tissue) booo excess scar tissue!

    If it’s a mild injury, you should be good to return to normal exercise 1 to 2 weeks after the injury. If it’s a moderate injury 3 weeks, if severe…well, you probably are seeing a doctor/physio/chiro/massage therapist at that point and they’ll tell you when you can BodyRock it out again :)

    Hope this helps anyone with questions regarding this topic!


  • Donna

    Hey I’m back after two days rest. I completed this in 24.12 min I know I could of been QUICKER but I am just thankful I done this workout because to be honest I didn’t feel like but I am sure glad I pushed myself to just do it:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Lanier/100000216811315 Maria Lanier

    Did it for 20m 26s :)

  • Tchiotis

    My body needs to bathe in apple-cider vinegar and rosemary. I do feel sore but i will give this one a go today…

  • http://www.facebook.com/ildiko.mazar Ildikó Sünci Mázár


  • http://kenjibankhead.posterous.com/ ashtromanius

    My 5 year old said, “WHOA! her hair is different… it’s white and LONG!!! Mom, how’d she do that so fast?” hahaha!

    I only had 30 mins to do this today and I got only 4 rounds in in 30:32.

  • Sarihndipity83

    26:57!! Wooooo! Closest I’ve ever come to Z’s time. I rock!!

  • Anonymous


  • Bohdanam

    12 min 51s
    15 min 10s-june 7th ’10
    22 min 10s-nov 27th ’9
    fell better soon Zuzana
    thanks for hard work:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Judith-van-der-Bok/1094972463 Judith van der Bok

    My time was: 26:50

    Not a great time….

  • Lorna

    19:22 First time I beat zuzanna’s score. I hope I did them right.

  • http://twitter.com/JudyINS Judith Huberdeau

    I did it in 25.12! I also did the If You Really Want More Workout on Saturday, April 9 and didin`t had the chance to post my scores so here it is;
    Part 1 = 7.48
    Part 2 = 8-7-6-7-6-5-6-5-6
    Part 3 = 4.09
    I also did a 20min. interval skipping right after. Sunday was my yoga class and Monday was a complete rest! Can`t wait to see the new workout :)

    Love you Guys Judith xx

  • http://delightfultastebuds.wordpress.com Jos

    I did it this morning and finished in 20:36. Speaking of which, my butt and legs were a bit sore from last workout as well, but not as bad. My neck was still a bit stiff but didn’t bother me as much as before.

    One leg burpee was still challenging to me, especially to keep balancing on one leg after the jump up.

    Btw hope you feel better today, Zuzana!

  • http://twitter.com/cschuurr Chelsea Schuur

    No interval timer on this workout you’re just completing the reps and trying to finish the workout as a whole. So you’ll set a stopwatch on or something like that and just do each workout (the amount of reps are already listed), and do 5 rounds :) Stop the timer once you’re done and see how long it took you!

  • Tammy77

    Very cool…the next time I have a sore over worked muscle, I`m gonna give this a try! Thanks!!

  • Tammy77

    Use your Gymboss as a stop watch for this workout.
    Press the start button and then hold it, after a few seconds it`ll change to the stop watch mode…press the side button again and you`ll notice that it`s ready to use in that function.
    If this doesn`t make sense…google `How to set up my Gymboss Timer`, It`ll bring you to the official website where there`s an instructional video that explains the different set ups. Hope this helps, good luck, Tammy :)

  • Tammy77

    Totally know what you mean…my hubby and my 13 yr old were laughing at me….I lost my balance a couple of times, was trying to touch my toes on the lift…uuugghh!! But, as they say, practice makes perrrrfect! LOL. I’m sure the next time this one is incorporated into Zuzs workout routine, it’ll be easier for the both of us! I BELIEVE!!! Lol….

  • Tammy77

    YES!!!! Now come to think of it I think it may be near Norflk Medical Centre downtown???? Thanks Sarah!!! Wowsers….are you from Guelph also??

    • backwardsholly

      Woah! I am also from Guelph! (well currently living here)

  • Mary Lou

    I absolutely LOVE Apple Cider Vinegar (unfiltered & raw)! It does wonders for so many things!

  • Mary Lou

    That was the most intense workout I have done in my 4 months here! I am drenched! The one arm, one leg bridges were the toughest for me, I fell over a few times. Times by round:
    round 1: 4:03
    round 2: 8:17
    round 3: 12:41
    round 4: 17:15
    round 5: 21:53!
    Thanks Zuzana and Freddy for all the INCREDIBLE changes I’ve (we’ve) achieved because of all your hard work! I’ve always wanted to try yoga and after reading your post Freddy, I think I’ll give it a go, it doesn’t seem so unrealistic or out of the question now.

    Zuzana, rest up and feel better soon! You can always post more of these older workouts for us newbies!

    Love, Mary Lou

    • Mary Lou

      I knew my time sounded too good to be true so I went back and watched the video again. I didn’t go all the way back down on the one arm, one leg bridge like sleeping crab, so that messed with my time. Now I can’t wait to do it again to get it right!

  • Lena

    just did this one in 20:50. Really enjoyed this – simple but effective!

    I love how tanned you are in this video btw Zuzana – looks amazing! It must have been really tough working out in the sun and heat like that. Added sweat! I like your dark hair now better than the blonde back then though. And even with paler skin you look beautiful :) You are always gorgeous and you look even healthier and have more of a glow from the inside now which shows on the outside. It must all be due to our daily “mind-body-spirit cleansing” bodyrock workouts ( I love that Freddy!!)!

    Take care and I hope your leg feels better soon. :)

  • Anonymous

    I am getting the sense that there are a lot of KIngston BodyRockers :) Next time I visit we should all go out together and hang out.

  • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

    I just got an email from gymboss.cz, a girl who sells gymboss timers in Czech republic, and also started to sell sandbags some time ago – SHE IS GONNA SELL DIPSTATIONS!!! Near the end of the March 2011 she will have dipstations in stock for 3290 Kč! If you ordered something from her before, the price will be 2590 Kč!!!!
    YAY to gymboss.cz!!! :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Fran,
    These workouts are the only workouts that Zuzana does besides practicing her Capoeira :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alana-Stacy/698175600 Alana Stacy

    Ugh- mental break down during this one. :/ its been 5 months since I started bodyrocking and I still haven’t lost the 15lbs that I want to. I’m feeling pretty down right now.. gonna go skip for 20 mins..
    Managed 4 rounds in 17 mins..

    le sigh… Can’t wait for tomorrows workout!

  • http://twitter.com/cschuurr Chelsea Schuur

    I love bikram yoga! I don’t have the time to practice regularly just because it’s so expensive and so far from my home but I would if I could…That’s a great saying though and thing to keep in mind. I will just repeatedly tell myself that over and over for sure tomorrow while doing this in the morning <3

    • http://twitter.com/cschuurr Chelsea Schuur

      15min and 44sec! wow I’m wiped out!
      Hope you’re feeling better Zuz <3

      • AudraFit

        Your on fire Chelsea!

      • AudraFit

        Your on fire Chelsea!

  • http://delightfultastebuds.wordpress.com Jos

    I will do this one tomorrow..today is my other off workout day..my legs and buns are sore from If You Really Want More Workout..and not to mention my left neck still feels tight from sleeping on the wrong side since Saturday :(

  • Anonymous

    I will do this tomorrow hopefully! idk tho im going prom dress shopping!! lol but anyway, i didnt get to work out today cuz ive been studying for hours for AP history test tomorrow! but i did really good on the most recent diet challenge. I didnt eat and processed food, i had the cashew jar in my hand but put it down because i promised i wouldnt eat them cuz i wanted to get away from studying. I did pushups every few minutes so its not a complete off day!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys…

    Just wanted to start off by saying, welcome back Freddy!…and that hot yoga you’ve been doing sounds amazing! I’ve either gotta crank the heat in my house, put layers upon layers of sweats on and do my yoga DVD, or find a place here in Guelph that offers something similar :) LOL! I also wanted to send good vibes your way Zuzana for a speedy recovery!! Hopefully you’ll be back up and running soon….real soon!!

    I had a hard time getting motivated today to do this one..I’ve been so busy the past couple of days, I haven’t had the time to fit in a workout….and believe me I could’nt stop thinking or feeling guilty about it. But still, I found myself struggling to get through the warm up. However, I pushed through, warmed up and felt energized to get started. By the end of the 5th round, I was soooo happy that I started and finished in 20:23. I think the 1 leg & 1 arm bridge lift slowed me down some…this move just felt a little awkward to me, anyone else feel the same??

    Time for “Grace’s” spinach, kale, and berry smoothy and then off to bed.
    Nighty night to all you BodyRockers acoss the world!!! xoxo

  • Anonymous

    I had never done this workout before so it was new to me. Not sure why I thought this would be easy, but it was fun :) The one leg one arm bridges were hard I had a hard time maintaining my balance and I kept wanting to do the opposite leg and arm. Finished the workout in 19 minutes 22 seconds. I couldn’t believe how sweaty I was when I was done!

    Hope Zuzanna feels better soon,, she is wise to rest her injury though instead of making it worse..take care we love you Zuzanna!

  • Anonymous

    Jump right in and start following our daily posts :)