May 4 2011

Hot Body Workout

Hi BodyRockers,
Freddy here :) Sometimes our journeys towards self improvement can seem really lonely. This can be especially true if you are surrounded by people who have not made the choice to pursue a more healthy lifestyle. Taking the time to go off on your own and exercise for 20 minutes a day can feel like you are stepping out and away from friends and family who don’t get what it’s all about. It can be an isolating experience, especially if you are a newbie. I just want to remind all of you BodyRockers out there that you guys are never alone in this. At any given moment there is another BodyRocker out there pushing through the same challenges that you are. This site blossoms everyday with new comments and stories from people from all walks of life offering their encouragement and support. There is a lot of positive energy here that you can embrace when you feel like you need support with your own fitness journey. Just keep that can-do attitude of faith that you are moving forward and give each of your trainings your max effort. You are gifting yourself and those close to you by being a quiet example of strength and health. You never know who you might be inspiring at any given moment by being the best you possible :)

Enjoy your workout!
Freddy & Zuzana

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Workout Breakdown

Time: 15min.Workout Type: Interval trainingExercises: 5
  • Side Lunge Jumpmax. reps
  • Reptile Push Upmax. reps
  • V-Crunchmax. reps
  • Prisoner Squatmax. reps
  • Hanging Knee Raisesmax. reps

Get your gear for this workout here:


You could see people wondering around at the gym for and hour and half who won’t get even half of the workout that this 15 minutes can give you if you push yourself.

For this workout you will need a watch or an interval timer to do this workout. I am using my Gymboss Interval Timer

There are 3 five minute rounds of the following exercises and your goal is to complete as many reps as you can in 55 seconds. Then you have 5 seconds to write down your score and move directly to the next exercise.

Side Jump Lunge

My old score: 51, 50, 48 reps

My new record: 56, 54, 51 reps

Reptile Push Up

My old score: 24, 22, 18

My new record: 26, 25, 21


My old score: 34, 30, 33

My new record: 39, 36, 34

Prisoner Squat

My old score: 62, 58, 62

My new record: 64, 63, 63

Hanging Knee Raises

My old score: 21, 21, 11

My new record: 26, 23, 19


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  • Christyruns

    miss the video  :(

  • Bodyrocker Nano

    I did this workout without any modification! :-)

    Side Lunge Jump : 57/51/51 
    Reptile Push Up : 9/10/9
    V-Crunch : 24/25/25
    Prisoner Squat : 23/19/20
    Hanging Knee Raises : 22/21/22

  • Miss Rebecca

    It totally sucks that the video has been removed.

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    July 9, 2012

    Did this one with my girlfriend this morning.  Nice quick WO.  Did SB squats using 38 lbs instead of prisoner squats.  My reps.

    1/  69-65-65
    2/ 25-19-17
    3/ 23-22-21
    4/ 31-30-31
    5/ 31-30-28

  • JessJN

    I had to workout inside late in the evening, so I went back to this barefoot-at-home workout.  

    8# fitball side lunge jumps 48  44  39
    reptile p/u from knees 17  16  15
    v-ups 24  22 19
    prisoner squat pulses 75  70  64
    hanging knee raises  24(10*)  21(9*)  20(8*)  *no touchdown

  • lUcY

    Hi my new score was:
    this was so hard to me because I let it go like a half and a month without workout  :( I was lazy but I´m back :) now keep it going!

  • Anonymous

    yes, I’m a week behind because I was occupied with finals last week. I just did this workout today. Here are my scores:

    1. Side jump lunge – 46, 43, 43
    2. Reptile push up – 11, 11, 11
    3. V-crunch – 24, 30, 26
    4. Prisoner squat – 26, 27, 28
    5. Hanging knee raises => Toe touches – 26, 20, 22

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  • Gerrilee Schafer

    Did this one on Saturday, the day after the Smoking Hot Body WO, so my reptile PU #’s suffered…hahaha …still feeling yesterday
    1/ side jump lunge 67-67-66
    2/ reptile PU 21-17-20
    3/ v-crunch 38-42-42
    4/ prisoner squat pulses 66-59-60
    5/ hanging knee raises 26-24-24
    plus 10 rounds 10/20 HKS
    plus 1 wide pull up 1 chin up and 1 pull up using the front facing handles.  I’ve started doing this after every workout instead of the burpees for Erin

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  • Samanthina

    Hi,everyone i did this workout half an hour are my scores:

    side lunge jump-62 65 65  (old score-56 57 62)
    reptile push up-26 23 25  (old score-16 18 17)
    V-crunch-33 33 34  (old score-39 42 43)-I’m definetly not so proud of myself :(
    prisoner squat-62 72 70  (old score-41 45 47)
    hanging knee raises-35 35 35  (old score-28 30 30)
    + a burpee for Erin
    Thanks a lot for this,Zuzka and Freddy:)
    Good night to everyone.

  • Kendra

    This workout was fantastic!!!  Man, those reptile push ups are killers!

    side lunge jump: 55-45-43
    reptile push up: 19-19-15
    v-crunch: 36-32-24
    prisoner squat: 64-52-64
    hanging knee raises (pull up bar): 20-23-20

    And a nice 18 min run afterwards! 

  • Anonymous

    WOW, so I don’t know whether to cry or be angry. I’m very disappointed in my scores. Granted I’ve been slacking in the workout department as I am struggling to figure out a workout schedule that fits both my family and my needs. It’s difficult balancing a family, work, house hold duties and somewhere in between, me. My scores sucked big time compared to when I did back in May. Here we go:

    Side Lunge Jump: 53,53,56 – (old scores: 66,62,66)
    Reptile Push Up: 18,17,18 – (24,18,20)
    V-Crunch: 33,33,35 (40,42,40)
    Prisoner Squat: 63,63,63 (66,71,71)
    Hanging Knee Raises: 27,32,31 (30,21,28)

    Well, I guess I know what I need to do huh….

  • Cindy

    I just did at home today. My scores are:
    Side jump lunge 59-58-58
    Reptile push up 25-25-24
    V-crunch 45-45-40
    Prisoner squat 77-70-67
    Hanging knee raises 23-25-24
    This workout looks simple but it is a real killer workout.
    I love it!

  • Annie_B

    Hi Zuzka,Freddy Bodyrockers :)!!
    Just did this workout lae afternoon after picking my little girl up from her school. We walked home :) Gotta enjoy this beautiful weather before fall/winter arrive. Got my kids had their snack then jumped right in the workout I did this one first time on May 6. I had to do Reptile push ups on knees on round 2 and 3. Here’s my scores for today ;

    Side Lunge Jump : 58,54,54 ( vs.old 56,47,49)
    Reptile Push Ups : 21,16,16 (vs. old 15,13,12)
    V-Tuck : 40,36,36 (vs.old 30,25,28)
    Prisoner Squat Pulse : 68,65,65 (vs.old 58,49,48)
    Hanging Knee Raises : 26,25,25 (vs.old 25,24,22)

    I’m really happy with my score today esp. Reptile push ups, I did them all from toes!! Although, they’re still HARD!! Now I’m going to enjoy my paleo pumkin muffin :DThank you so much !!

  • Anonymous

    Hi, bodyrockers!
    Did this workout today and here are my scores :

    Side lunge jump:  37-39-37
    Reptile crunch without push up:   17-17-18 ( Reptile was to hard with push ups this time :-(( )
    V-Crunch:       22-21-22
    Prisoner squat:   66-59-60
    Hanging knee raises:   18-20-23

    10 x3 Biceps
    10 x3 Triceps
    10 x3 Shoulders

    I trying to do this great workouts every day…..but can not simply manage it. Often I do the workout 3 days a row :-))…
    then It takes 4 day without workouts…then 2-3 day with workouts…and so on. I feel that I am starting in the beginning everytime!! I know that I has been stronger, but…Frustration!!
    Maybe one day I will be as good as you! I will still trying :-)))

    Have a nice evening, everybody!

  • Sherice Potter

    Did this workout today.. I knew if I waited for the new one I wouldn’t get one in.. now I can watch Biggest Loser tonight and not feel guilty.. They are my biggest inspiration!!

    Side Lunge Jump~ 66, 61, 70

    Reptile Push~13, 25, 22~…
    on this first round I was fighting w/ my 11 wk old puppy. he thought we were playing, my
    form isn’t great on these but as I get stronger it will be!

    V-Crunch~25, 22, 23

    Prisoner Squat~63, 70, 63

    Hanging knee raises~25, 26, 26

    I’m shaking and sweaty all over.. I feel great!!! :)

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  • Anonymous

    did it again and loved it ! :)

  • Tori Larson Bradford

    Frustrated.  I have a head cold and I tried to do this workout.  I got through my warm up and felt wiped out.  Dang cold.  I really wanted to workout today.  Hopefully, with some rest today I can resume my training tomorrow.

    • Sherice Potter

      take a couple rest days.. don’t get discouraged, you’ll come back with a vengeance!!

      • Tori Larson Bradford

        Thanks.  I always feel guilty when I don’t workout.  I think I’m obsessed.

        • Sherice Potter

          aren’t we all :)

  • brettm

    Its also my 2nd time doing this, beating most of my scores:

    1) Side lunge jump: Old=52,45,42 New=52,48,45
    2) Reptile push up: Old= 23,19,18 New=24,20,22
    3) V crunch: Old= 26,26,26 New=36,28,28
    4) Prisoner squat: Old=43,43,37 New=60,63,53
    5) Knee raises: Old=23,22,21 New=24,21,23

    Excited to see what new workout you two come up with :)

  • Christine Bastien

    I had set it for 5 rounds of 5 sec/55 sec and I restarted it 2 more times for a total of 3. Or you can set it for 15 rounds of 5 sec/55 sec. I thought the 5 sec was a bit too short to write down my reps. I could have set it for 7 sec instead of 5 sec, or just not write my reps down. Next time!

  • Christine Bastien

    Did this workout yesterday and my reps are not amazing… but my bums and shoulders seem to think otherwise this morning!
    Side lunges: 50, 48, 47
    Reptile push ups: 16, 14, 14
    V crunch: 20, 20, 20
    Squats : 42, 45, 33
    Knee raises : 19, 17, 21
    Thank you for everything!
    Going to try the banana ice cream then it’s body rocking! wouhoo!

  • BodyRocker_Bonnie

    Gwyn, that was funny!!  way to go on your RPU’s.

  • Monstrosity5

    Side L:  55-55-56 (touch ground)Reptile P: 39-39-39Vcrunch: 32-33-30Prisoner S: 72-75-76Knee R: 30-31-32
    Skipping – 15 mins – :55/:051775!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank goodness for Hot Body Workout. The last time I did it was 8/27/11.My previous and current scores:
    49/46/54-21/24/34 -didn’t do mini squats lol
    Crazy in Love by Beyonce was playing when I did my last set and that song will make you speed up to do anything. LOL

  • Anonymous

    thanks…I will now details by the end of the week

  • Arika

    Well it is technically still Monday here even I did this one pretty late. I was beat so my scores are not that impressive but I still got a really good workout!

    1)Side Lunge Jump: 34,28,28
    2)Reptile Push-up: 15,17,12
    3) V-crunch 20,24,23
    4) Prisoner Squat- 31,30,26 (I added a jump because I didn’t watch the video and thought you were jumping in the picture. That will teach me to just glance at the picture!)
    5)Hanging Knee raises: 20,18,21

  • Anonymous

    9/26/2011 Barefoot

    Side Jump Lunge with 8# Dynamax Ball 48-48-45
    Reptile PU (all on knees) 21-21-20
    V-Ups 21-21-20
    Prisoner Squat Pulses 76-59-60
    Hanging Knee Raises 26-25-22
    I beat my last scores :)

  • Samantha Robinson

    My scores aren’t that great, I was trying really hard to talk myself out of doing it since I’m so sore. But I pushed thru and did it! 

    Side jump lunges – 38, 36, 33
    Push ups – 10, 10, 10 (I can’t do the reptiles yet)
    V-crunch – 16, 15, 14
    Prisoner squats – 17, 16, 14 (I did full squats, I forgot what I was doing!)
    Knee raises – 11, 11, 11

  • Elizabeth_BodyRocker

    Great workout! Loved it!!

  • Janessa Reimer

    thanks! i am for sure gonna try it some time, maybe this week!

  • Jenn

    I don’t think I’ve done this workout before, so here are my first time scores:

    Side Jump Lunges: 50, 50, 49
    Reptile Push Ups: 15, 14, 13
    V-Crunches: 25, 24, 22
    Prisoner Squats: 28, 27, 26
    Hanging Knee Raises: 24, 23, 22

    I did 50 push ups before the workout, so I think that made the reptile push ups much harder.

  • Anonymous

    Did this workout and I did so much better than last time plus I did 8 minutes of skipping, one burpee for erin and ten lunges for kristin, whoot!! :-D

    For me these workouts are like meditation. I totally concentrate on the right movement and forget everything around me. Afterwards I am totally relaxed, focused and in a happier mood. Thank you so much.

  • Anonymous

    Did this workout and I did so much better than last time plus I did 8 minutes of skipping, one burpee for erin and ten lunges for kristin, whoot!! :-D

    For me these workouts are like meditation. I totally concentrate on the right movement and forget everything around me. Afterwards I am totally relaxed, focused and in a happier mood. Thank you so much.

  • Anonymous

    just finished.  i improved a little over last time, but not by as much as i had hoped.

    side jump lunge: 65-62-60 (57-45-56)
    reptile pushups:  27-24-19 (25-21-21)
    v crunch:  23-18-16 (24-21-23)
    prisoner squats:  56-53-63 (39-30-30 – but i think i did full squats last time)
    hanging knee raise:  33-32-27 (25-24-23)

    those v crunches kill me every time!

    see you tomorrow!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve done this workout 2 times before and manage to beat my personal bests with 2.5 exercises :D
    Summer slacking is showing…
    But soon I’lll be as strong as before by bodyrocking every day!

    My scores for today:
    Side jump lunge: 71/65/59

    Reptile push-up: 20/16/15

    V-crunch: 38/37/39

    Prisoner squat: 66/69/74

    Hangin knee raises (on a bar): 24/24/22

    The reptile push-ups were the hardest today, as my arms are still sore from yesterdays Smoking Hot Body workout (I wonder why my comments and scores were not posted there..).
    All in all a super whole-body workout!

    Sweaty greetings from Estonia!

  • Kirry Kaatje

    Score! :)

    1- Side Lunge Jump: 48, 51, 44
    2 – Reptile Push Up: 16, 15, 13
    3 – V-Crunch: 29, 34, 29
    4 – Prisoner Squat: 64, 64, 64
    5 – Hanging Knee Raises: 26, 26, 24

  • Tomorbaatar

    are you using the ugi for te side jump lunge/

  • Piotr Stec

    side jump lunge: 54, 42, 40.
    eptile push up: 20,19,17.
    v-crunch: 23, 16,19.
    prisoner squat: 42,45,39.
    hanging knee raises: 22,23,24.

    It was my first time for this exercise was killing me but i feel good tatatat. lol

    Nisrine stec

  • Mamaredhead

    whoot! ;-)
    Just completed it with a couple of modifications I had to incorporate because of my ex-broken elbow and the lack of a dip station. But having done yoga for years is letting me be creative! THANKS for making me sweat and shake!!! ~:o)

  • Cala

    I did this workout for the first time today, and am still sore from the workouts i did the last four days!
    I had a hard time with the hanging knee raises but i held in there. By the time it was over i thought i was going to puke! When i layed down on the workout mat i left a sweaty inprint of my own back.
    Thank you Zuzana & Freddy, I have been  aworkout fanatic since i was 11 years old, my routines had become dull, and I was having a hard time finding my former enthusiasm until now!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your kind words of support :) It’s amazing what can happen when people connect to support and encourage each other.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your kind words of support :) It’s amazing what can happen when people connect to support and encourage each other.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your kind words of support :) It’s amazing what can happen when people connect to support and encourage each other.


    Wow….I’m spent!!!!  I started with my run today then did 10 Burpees. I struggled with my run today but I’m not surprised since my eating habits weren’t the greatest yesterday.  I tackled this workout and pushed the best I could, only to look back to my results from MAY with this workout and saw that I didn’t improve one bit, infact I did worse today!!  :(  I beat my old scores on the hanging knee raises but that’s about it.  I’m VERY disappointed in myself and I’m not even gonna post my scores-they don’t even compare to when I did this one in May.   Sooooo upset…… :(

    Freddy and Zuzka…….any words or advice to those of us struggling with our results lately?  Could our cardio prior to the workouts be throwing off our results???  Maybe this could be the next coffee talk topic??

    Have a great day BR’s!

  • GoustiFruit

    Done :-)

    Side Lunge Jump: 71 / 74 / 74
    Reptile PU: 32 / 24 / 20 (ahhhh !)
    V-Crunch: 39 / 32 / 34
    Prisoner Squat: 78 / 79 / 85
    Hanging Knee Raise: 24 / 22 / 23

  • Jenn Coppack

    Thanks for another great workout!

    Side lunge jump:  47/45/46
    Reptile P/U:  19/19/20
    V Crunch:  25/27/26
    Prisoner squat:  43/50/48
    Knee raises:  23/27/27

    One day i will buy a dip station :) I promise!

  • Bodyrocker_Audra

    I did improve on the prisoner squats and hanging knee raises :)  But, I failed to on the other three and I feel it may have to do with the weight training I’ve been doing for the past 4 months?  So even tho I plateaued, it was still challenging for me.  I have also cut down on Bodyrock to every other day to give my body time to recover fully and do moderate cardio on the days when I don’t Bodyrock.  Otherwise my body just eats up muscle.  Low on energy today but, I’m gonna push thru and do my back and chest today and 30 moderate cardio.  Thanks for the repeat on this workout Zuzana,  as I now know what I need to work on.

    Side Lunge Jump:  57/57/52 (old 59/57/56)
    Reptile Pushup:  21/20/16 (old 23/23/16)
    V-Crunch:  33/31/30 (old 39/38/37)
    Prisoner Squat:  67/62/60 (old 65/62/50)
    Hanging Knee Raise:  30/28/26 (old 26/26/24)
    + healing burpee for Erin ;)

    • BodyRocker_Bonnie

      HI Audra, thanks for the reminder on the need to rest. You are a good example. I haven’t been…at all…but that’s because I have an 8-day fishing trip to the Boundary Waters with my husband on Oct. 1st. I’m excited to go, but the idea of 8 days being sedentary in a boat (and camping on an island – so no hiking probably) has me feeling slightly panicked, because I truly love how bodyrocking makes me feel. So I’ve had my nose to grindstone working out every day for most of the month. I know I won’t fall apart for taking a break from BR’ing, but the thought of loosing ground when I’m doing so good drives me nuts. Its a lesson I know that is important in the journey though – BALANCE. But just wait until I catch a really big walleye!…then I’ll be just so proud of my functional fitness to haul that monster in! Also, if it’s freezing I know I can count on doing some burpees. I don’t know if anyone has burpee’ed the Boundary Waters Canoe Area yet so I’ll do my part. Will do a shout out over the border to BR’ers in Canada :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi there….
    I wanted to share something else..I am in a search for a place of my own (not for living but for working)…and today I have one more meeting, and this sound promising…I have done some power point presentation, from all the things I have been “couching” in my years of animation (aquaerobic, aerobic, pilates, medicine gymnastic) pictures and words of course, and I put a picture of me doing a massage (being a Wellness therapist)..and at the end of my power point presentation I put this picture..and I wrote on it…MY PERSONAL WORKOUT-BY ZUZANA LIGHT! 
    Hope you don’t mind it Zuzka?
    And hope you like the picture?

    kisses to you all

    • Elizabeth_BodyRocker

      Girl… Nice picture! You look great!
      Good luck with your presentation, hope you will get it!

  • Mary Lou

    This is my 2nd time on this one, 1st time was on 5/6. I was rushing around and didn’t realize the Prisoner Squats were pulses and did full squats, oh well.
    side jump lunge: 48, 45, 45  -3
    reptile push up: 20, 17, 16  +3
    v-crunch: 37, 34, 35  +5
    prisoner squat: 24, 24, 22
    hanging knee raises: bar 23, dip station 30, bar 23  +3
    I love that the weekly schedule is back up guys and that you’ve dropped the ‘earning your carbs’ part of the diet. I don’t eat that many starchy carbs anyway (gluten intolerant), but sometimes you just feel like having a bowl of oatmeal and it was becoming complicated. Thanks a million Zuzana & Freddy!

    • Janessa Reimer

      I’m gluten intolerant too! i am not a very good cook, do you have some good recipes? hope you don’t mind my asking   :)

    • GoustiFruit

      Same for me with the Prisoner Squats and also with the V-Crunch which I did back then as full abs crunches. I re-watched the video this morning and understood why my scores were so lame in May ! :-D
      I’m now getting ready, will start in about 30 minutes…

  • Lauramilnes

    Guys, from the research I have done regarding high intensity/interval training, I have found most of it leads to the following conclusion: muscles need a day (sometimes more) in between to rest and recover, and to substitute with a lower impact type of exercise (walking, yoga, swimming). What are your thoughts on this? I’d like to maximize my results as best as possible and want to go about it in the correct way. I know you are educated from a personal training standpoint so would appreciate your feedback on this. Thanks!

  • Nadiyah Abdul

    gotta work on those Reptile PUs!!!

  • AmBoaksy

    O man…so can’t compete with Zuz’s scores on this one.  In fact, they’re pitiful in comparison.

    Side Lunge Jump: 40, 25, 25
    Reptile Push Up: 11, 12, 12
    V-Crunch: 14, 15, 15
    Prisoner Squat: 70, 69, 75
    Windmills (bc I don’t have a dipstation): 12, 13, 13

    Have a good day everyone!

  • BodyRocker_Bonnie

    I last did this on 9/16/11 and I was happy to see that my scores improved for all the exercises.  My legs were tired from trying to learn to use my jump rope yesterday, so the lunges and squats felt pretty hard from the very start.

    Side Jump Lunge  48,45,22
    Reptile PushUp 15,12,13 (working hard on form to make sure I do the push up)
    V-Crunch 22,22,18 (I seem to have to lay back more to do these, balancing tricky!)
    Prisoner Squat 45,35,42
    Hanging Knee Raises 22,22,20

    And 5 burpees for Erin!  Everyone have a great day.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Z & F
    I finish and my score is
    2)17,14,14,(i don’t know how you  do as many)
    4)25,25,24 ( I did it whit 14kg sand(stone) bag,and proper squats)next time I will wach te video and read it all.
    Then I did 5 min. skipping(Idid 603)
    And don’t forget Erin burpees 3x.
    Thank you and can’t wait for tomorrow new workout have nice day 8)

  • Anonymous

    Did this today, was my second time to do this one. :) 

    Side lunge : 55,54,59 
    Reptile PU : 24,23,22 
    vcrunch: 32,34,33 
    Prisoner squat :75,60,69 
    Knee raises : 30,32,32 

    After this I also did Grazy Home Bootcamp workout. Feel great to beat the old scores! :)

  • Vivi

    I did this one in second one today. (the 1st one was “My buns hurt”)
    My score is stable but this time instead of knee raises i di dips (with a chair)
    Side lunge Jump : 81.86.84
    Rptile PU : 31.24.26
    Vcrunch : 47.50.45
    Prisoner squat : 70.68.66
    Dips : 22.25.22

  • Anonymous

    Just finished now, followed by 4 min high knee skipping.
    Here are my scores, beat my PB. What a nice feeling even if its only in one or two reps. 

    1. Side Jump Lunge – 52,51,51
    2. Reptile Push Up – 20,20,20
    3. V-Crunch – 26,28,30 
    4. Prisoner Squat – 55,63,64
    5. Hanging Knee Raises – 25,26,24

    Have a good Monday all.

  • Sarah G

    Revisited this, and beat my scores! :D Hurray for progress!

    Side Jump Lunges: 70, 65, 68
    Reptile Push up: 20 (16 from toes), 18 (12 from toes), 15 (10 from toes)
    V-Crunch: 45, 40, 36 ( did these properly this time, and controlled the movement a lot more)
    Prisoner Squat: 73, 68, 65
    Laying Leg Lifts: 22, 19, 18

    I literally had to sit down and collect myself after this brutality.. My body was numb!

  • Vivi

    This one for me today

    Side lunge : 80.90.87
    Reptile PU : 29.23.28
    vcrunch: 52.56.55
    Prisoner squat :45.46.46
    Knee raises : 28.30.32

    • Vivi

      for prisoner squat I did squat & not mini squat that’s why my score is not as good as the last time !

  • Anonymous

    8/18/11, barefoot at home.
    I added more cardio to this workout

    Side Jump Lunge 48-48-47 (+15 from last time)
    Reptile PU 16-10-10 (significantly less than last time…BUT today I did all full push-ups & focused more on form)
    Mtn Climbers 99-89-76
    V-Ups 18-18-18 (-4)
    Jump Jacks 50-51-52
    Prisoner Squat 28-29-27 (-20…what?!  I just reviewed the video, & I did regular full prisoner squats rather than pulses.)
    Hanging Knee Raises 26-23-20 (+6)


  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    I beat my old scores ( ) from May 5th today: 11th of August:

    1. Side Jump Lunges: 90-88-90   (90-83-86)2. Reptile Push-ups: 35-33-39  (31-30-25)3. V-Crunch: 51-50-49  (40-40-46)4. Prisoner Squats: 83-108-99   (55-71-73)5. Hanging Knee Raises: 39-36-35  (31-34-27) My sweatty hands were slippery!!!

    • Anonymous

      so here you are!!!!
      I missed you…kiss

    • GoustiFruit

      Happy to see you too :-)

  • Amber Dillon

    Woo Hoo!

    Jump Lunge: 59, 51, 55
    Reptile PU: 17, 15, 15
    V Crunch: 23, 21, 19
    Prisoner Squat: 67, 60, 61
    Knee Raise: 18, 18, 15

  • Kendra

    Good workout for a Saturday morning! I think maybe I bounce too little on the prisoner squats because my numbers are higher–I do really little bounces.  

    side jump lunge: 46-40-37
    reptile push up: 16-14-14
    v-sit: 33-34-35
    prisoner squat: 72-83-79
    hanging knee raises: 23-23-22

  • Janessa Reimer

    I just did this workout for the first time today, it was great!
    side jump lunge: 55,56,53
    Reptile pushup: 16,17,15 (no modification, did regular pushups this time!)
    V-crunch: 35,34,34
    Prisioner half squats: 65,66,65
    Hanging knee raises: 22,21,19
    my abs really hurt by the end of this one! thanks!

  • Ms.Giginka

    Oh my god… :)  incredible workout :) It’s funny that something I did very well but other a lot less than you :D but I really enjoyed workout

    1. 72-65-632. 15-12-103. 31-31-304. 33-35-385. 30-21-24

  • Laurie Skora

    My scores for this one were:
    Side jump lunge: 57/63/63 (I think I need to stand up taller in between though..oops)
    Reptile pushups: 19/17/18 had to switch to knees pretty quick
    V Crunch: 45/47/46 need to work on getting my legs fully extended before bringing them back in
    Prisoner squat: 52/60/68
    Knee raises: 21/18/21
    I was out of breath and dripping sweat, so another great workout :) thanks!!

  • Vivi

    I did it agin, to try to beat my score, but I make mistakes in 2 exercises so my score is different, and i will have to try another time !!That will learn me to look badly at the explanations
    My mistakes are for V crunch, i go down on my back, and prisoner squat i go up and no a little squat so my score is less well for these 2 exercises.
    My new score is :
    side lunge jump : 78.79.75
    Reptile push up : 35.29.32
    V crunch (but not as the video) : 29.25.26
    Prisoner squat (not as the video to) : 47.60.50
    Hanging knee raises : 25.27.25

    I’m happy because for the exercises i made correctly, i beat my personnal score !!

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  • Luke Says No

     My Score:
    3 x 55/10 per exercise
    – SIDE LUNGE JUMP: 63, 56, 49
    – REPTILE PUSH UP: 20, 20, 17
    – V-CRUNCH: 32, 32, 30
    – PRISONER SQUAT: 32, 31, 28
    – HANGING KNEE RAISES: 35, 30, 15

    I liked this one a lot, but i think next time I’ll make it one 12 minute exercise and not split it up.

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  • lUCy

    hello, my score was:
    side lunge jump: 48-50-54
    reptile: 17-19-20
    V-crunch: 34-30-35
    Prisioner s.: 21-24-28 :( ohh I did not short (mini-squat)
    H. knees: 26-28-30

  • Armriley

     46, 12, 31, 27, 20
    46, 8, 32, 27, 25
    47, 12, 32, 31, 19
    This was tough, today. I’m sore everywhere from doing weight training opposite days of these workouts. Holy smokes. I’m glad tomorrow is yoga. :D

  • Anonymous

    The links to everything that we use in the workouts are above in the post :)

  • Margot

    I couldn’t seem to find my old scores for this. Maybe I didn’t actually do it like I thought! Here’s my scores for today:
    Side jump lunge: 43, 40, 39
    Reptile push up: 14, 14, 12
    V-Crunch: 16, 16, 16
    Prisoner Squat: 23, 22, 21
    Hanging Knee Raises: 21, 20, 16

    I was completely spent at the end of it. Thanks!

  • Micha79

    Did this one yesterday! Was a KILLER! I’m super sore today, but LOVING IT! My scores:

    Warm up – 10 min skipping

    Side lunge jump – 45,36,32
    Reptile Push Ups – 15,10,10 – these were so hard, but my form was the focus
    V-Crunch – 23,25,28
    Prisoner Squats – 50,46,45
    Knee Raises – 15,15,16 – I don’t have my dip yet – get to order at end of the month, so I had to use my washer and dryer.. heheheh – it was a bit difficult, but I feel my lower abs

    After – 10 min skipping – and I was able to do finally get my coordination down to do high knees with my rope! yay!

  • Мария Давлеева

    I haven’t been bodyrocking for 4 days as I had a sore throat & felt sick & the only thing that I was really missing was a good workout. I got used to everyday routine so much & it’s become a part of my life. my scores are:

    Side lunge jump – 47, 48, 52

    Reptile push up – 14, 16, 16

    V-crunch – 24, 23, 26

    Prisoner squat – 35, 39, 37

    Hanging knee raises – 17, 13, 17

  • Mia

    Hi everyone,

    I love this wkout, it’s so brutal! I improved since last time, yeyh me. I did more reps and wiht more dificult form: lower on lunges and squat, all regular (opposed to knee last time) and “completly high” knee raises all time. I think last time I gave myself 10sec rest between sets, but this time I did the 5sec only rest. Totally pooped now, my abs were killing me on the last round and the squats, ouch!

    so…jump lunge: 59.58.59
    reptile p.u.: 15.14.12
    v crunch: 29.30.30
    squats: 40.44.45
    knee raises: 18.20.17
    I feel great :)
    Take care

  • Anonymous

    1. 46,43,42
    2. 15,14,10 – I accidently did these a little differently…I let myself go almost all the way supine before coming back up, so it made it harder.
    3. 17,16,14. oof! I just about collapsed on the last rep. I was on my knees for these.
    4. 21,21,22. I watched the video after :P and realized I was squatting lower than I was supposed to. I think if I was stopping closer to teh 90 degree level I could have completed a few more reps.
    5. 15, 15, 14.

    Sweat nation!
    Felt great! Now going to hop on the stationary bike for about 30min and stretch it out.

    • Margot

      I found the same thing with the squats afterward too. Oh well!

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  • Anonymous

    I know! I just visited the United States and went into a Subway in order to try and get something “healthy” while we were on the road that day and their “tuna” was swimming in mayo. I just about gagged. It was nauseating to think of all that grouse stuff in my body! Blech! It was literally the consistency of warm melted ice cream. That’s not tuna to me! That’s a mayo sandwich.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Tanith! That’s good motivation. The only problem is that I’m married HAHA! Now I can’t just be selfish and go everywhere and anywhere that I want all the time! My husband doesn’t have a career that enables him to get up and go. I always try to think of what type of work he could get into so that he could just get up and go but I can’t think of anything. Any ideas guys? Cause we are not financially well-off enough to actually be able to just move around and travel alot -so it would have to be a career option for him. But we can’t think of anything : -(

  • Kayla

    Great workout to get me back on track…I ate way, way too much food this weekend.

    Side Lunge Jump: 62. 56. 52 (I must not be going down as far as I should?)

    Reptile Push-up: 13, 15, 12

    V-Crunch: 24, 25, 28

    Prisoner Squat: 37, 33, 36 (Seriously, how do you get in the 60’s for these?!?)

    Hanging Knee Raise: 35, 32, 25

  • Tammy77

    HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the moms out there!! I am SERIOUSLY behind on these workouts this week. Big disappointment, but sometimes life just gets in the way, ya know? So, my morning is starting off with this workout, will report back with my scores once it’s done.

    Okay I`m back….. REALLY??? WOWSERS…….I feel like I could puke right now BUT, that was
    AWESOME!`Here are my scores:

    Side lunge jump: 66,62,66
    Reptile push-up: 24,18,20
    V-crunch: 40,42,40
    Prisoner Squat: 66,71,71
    Hanging Knee Raises: 30,21,28

    Time for a shower and then off to my mother`s day lunch date with my husband and 3 BEAUtiful girls :)

  • Anonymous

    The people at my workplace make fun of my lunchbox that I carry everyday. I know how you feel, I’m the only one who doesn’t eat fast food for lunch.

  • Anonymous

    Finally getting a workout in! This week has been nuts for me. Some of my reps for the exercises are low because I was trying to make it challenging by doing full lunges and deep squats. Have a great day!
    Side lunge jump-38, 37, 37
    Reptile pushup-14,14,15
    Prisoner squat-24,21,21
    knee raise-23,25,20

  • Bverner

    SIDE LUNGE JUMP: 58, 52, 59REPTILE PUSH UP:12, 9, 10 (these are still so hard for me. I am trying really hard to do more each time though)V-CRUNCH:34, 21, 26PRISONER SQUAT:29, 29, 32laying KNEE RAISES (I don’t have a dip station)27, 30, 35I also did a 15 minute run


    Luv luv luv this workout!!!! I want more like these!! :) My goal was to get a higher number each round and….success!
    I found my hands slipping lots on the Hanging Knee Raises which made me stop several times :( I will have to get some grip gloves soon!

    Side Lunge Jump= 52/61/71
    Reptile Push Up= 18/19/23
    V Crunch= 40/48/55
    Prisoner Squat= 52/64/72
    Hanging Knee Raises= 10/15/16

    I did “Burpies are Forever & Ever” prior to this workout….I’m gonna be sore tomorrow!!! LOL. Plus I gotta double up on workouts tomorrow in order to catch up from this week. I’ll be doing “Right There” and “6 Minute” workouts tomorrow morning!

    HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you Mommy’s out there!! CHEERS! xo :)

    • Tammy77

      UH-MAZ-HING scores!!!!

    • Tammy77

      UH-MAZ-HING scores!!!!

  • Cindy

    I did it yersterday in my home. This is short but intense workout. Thank you!

  • tee

    hi guys!
    did this one last night. really enjoyed it, (in a sick way! lol)
    reptiles had to go to my knees and the last set I just did regular pushup from my knees, nice and low and slow (must have been all those burpees!)
    hanging knee raises were off two stools but last set I sat on the edge of the stool and did them off the stool, felt them more that way as I’m sill too heavy and knee raises become all about my hands, arms and shoulders and not my abs
    prisoner squats I did full ones not pulses
    side lunge jump 62, 55, 47
    reptile push up 6 full/22 total(after going to knees), 14 (knees), 14 (regular off knees)
    v crunch (form horrible lol) 34, 33, 27
    prisoner squat(full) 34, 27, 25
    hanging knee raises 20, 17, 18

  • Lila ♥

    Hey Forest, I have pushed very hard sometimes also and felt sick to my stomach. Is it normal? I tought it was a bad thing to feel like that after working out. Why do we feel like puking?

  • Donna

    I was planning on taking a rest day today because my calf muscles were still sore this morning.

    I did this late afternoon when the pain settled after all the walking around I done during the day:)

    My body wanted to shut down during reptile push ups (I know all those burpees yesterday) and this was the first time I done hanging knee raises on my free standing pull up bar. (they were tough)

    These are my scores;

    Warm up – 10 min skipping

    Side lunge jump 63,61,60

    Reptile Push Up 29,28,26

    V. Crunch 60,55,50

    Prisoner squat 62,60,56

    Hanging knee raises 22,19,15

    No skipping because I want to be able to walk on Mother’s Day Sunday morning:)


  • Donna

    Hi Zealot, This is my system:) I have a very large A4 book which I call my exercise log book. Firstly I write the date followed by the name of the workout. I then write the exercises we will be doing in order. I check the number of rounds and interval times and write those next to the exercise. I also write down what I will need to complete my workout e.g sandbag, interval timer, stop watch, chairs, broom, water etc etc

    I always have my exercise log book right next to me when I work out so I can record my times in my break before the next exercise begins. Sometimes this is very rushed and I lose time from my working interval:(

    I know when I have done a workout before because it is recorded in my log book:) So I compare my new scores with my old scores. If I haven’t done the workout before I complete it and then re-do it a couple of weeks later:)

    Hope this helps:)

  • Alana Stacy

    I did this back to back with the new 6 Minute! Workout. That one was a KILLER! But I Looooove the burn!

    Scores for this one are:

    Side jump lunge: 48, 49, 48

    Reptile pushups: 17, 17, 17

    V crunch: 23, 25, 25

    Prisoner squat: 37, 35, 36

    Hanging knee raise: 25, 26, 26

    Next time I’ll do the reptile pushups regular and not on my knees.. and hopefully my scores will improve greatly! :)

  • Lisa

    This was a hard workout today! My scores:

    Side Jump Lunge: 67, 57 (or 67, I may have repeated the 50s!), 69

    Reptile Pushup (Killer!): 17.5, 13, 12

    V-Crunch: 38, 35.5, 33

    Prisoner Squat (I think I went too deep for these ones…is it supposed to be a half quick squat?): 40, 41, 42

    Hanging Knee Raise: 28, 29, 29

    I didn’t eat a very good supper tonight, so I think that’s why I found this workout so tough. Amazing how food really does fuel the body or make you feel sluggish! I just ordered my Gym Boss timer. I’m tired of lugging the laptop around with the timer on it!

  • Sofi

    OMG great workout guys :) here are my scores:

    I think i need to improve my reptile push ups.. :/
    excellent scores as usual Z.

  • Lena

    I felt a little stiff from all the intense workouts we have been doing this week but I did it anyways. The reptile pushups were the hardest exercise, I think, probably because of all the burpees we did the day before!

    Here are my scores:

    Side Lunge Jump: 52-51-48

    Reptile Push Up: 23-18-17

    V-Crunch: 24-22-24

    Prisoner Squat: 50-50-52

    Reverse Crunches (no dip station) 31-35-35

    Great workout and amazing improvements Zuzana from when you first did it in Malta!

    Good luck with the move this weekend and a wonderful weekend to all other bodyrockers as well :D

  • Anonymous

    Great workout!
    1) 66-70-70
    2) 20-17-18
    3) 32-33-34
    4) 63-58-60
    5) 17-21-20

  • Mily Miguel

    @lezanda:disqus Get well soon, if the doctor says that… well we pretty do not have more choice.
    When you feel better you will have more energie and perform better.Wow now we can mentions ourselves, nice ;)

  • AudraFit

    Hey everyone,

    I’m loving the positive atmosphere here lately and Freddy, you really should have a book out on inspirational or positive thinking, you really have a way with words! I’m behind on the workouts but, here are my reps for this one:

    SideLungeJump: 59/57/56
    ReptilePushUp: 23/23/16
    V-Crunch: 39/38/37
    PrisonerSquat: 65/62/50
    HangingKneeRaise: 26/26/24

  • Charlie D.

    Nice one. I didn’t really count my reps, but I pushed hard.

  • Mary Lou

    Reptile push ups kill me every time, separately the push ups and knee tucks are ok but learning how to do 2 moves at once totally zaps me. Way to go today (or yesterday) guys! Lots of you have superb scores!

    side lunge jumps: 48, 47, 46

    reptile push ups: 18, 17, 16

    v-crunch: 34, 32, 35

    prisoner squat: 43, 45, 42

    hanging knee raises: bar 23, dip station 30, bar 20

  • AudraFit

    I second that! I would love to workout with ya Z!

  • Patrick

    Maybe you are not eating enough? Between exercising lots and studying for finals, your body may need more energy. (Far from expert here) I have seen Z and others mention that they eat about 5-6 times per day. People have also mentioned that it is not easy to eat that many times per day, but you do get used to it. Good Luck! :)

  • Aleksandra Bilcane

    wow, we haven’t had interval training like this in a long time. nice!! but i had problems to write the reps down – i was too slow – and i usually need 2 seconds to mentally prepare for the next round of pushing.
    it’s great that you can travel a lot without being bound to one place. i’d love to do that, too but it’s impossible. well, i’m also very curious where you’re going to move to. the weather seem very lovely where you are at the moment :)
    And thank you for your encouraging words Freddy: “At any given moment there is another BodyRocker out there pushing through the same challenges that you are.” I always remind myself on this when i feel liking slacking off.
    my scores:
    side lunge 55/55/59
    reptile push up (Beginner) 14/15/14
    v-crunch 26/32/39
    prisoner squat 67/62/70
    knee raises 19/18/21

  • Jillian J.

    Thanks so much to both of you!

  • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    I’ve been traveling all day yesterday (from 5am), didn’t have the energy to do this when I finally arrived to my parents’ house (and then I got fed my top favourite dish, so I was too full, and then I fell asleep early). Hence I started today with this and will do the “Right There” later in the evening (to miss any of this week’s training would be unforgivable ;-)).

    So this one was quite sneaky. I whizzed through the 15 minutes with great scores, but 2 minutes into my stretching my blood sugar level dropped and I found myself weak, nauseous and fainty all of a sudden. I had to lay down for 15 minutes to collect myself. How weird… I used to do my workouts much earlier in the morning, but apparently my body’s not used to it anymore. Oh well, next time it will cope better ;-). It’s all just conditioning.

    Now. Scores:

    Side Jump Lunge: 54 | 54 | 55
    Reptile Push Up: 33 | 34 | 35
    V-Crunch: 38 | 33 | 28
    Prisoner Squat: 63 | 70 | 66
    Knee Raises: 28 | 25 | 27

    ps.: My mom and gran watched me do this and during the first round they kept saying that this is what they should do as well (to lose weight and keep fit and healthy), then towards the end of round 2 as the volume of my grunts and sweat streaming down my arms and face increased, they wanted me to stop :-). Of course I didn’t. :-)
    I wish they DID do something for their health and fitness, but maybe seeing my perseverance while I’m here will motivate them.

    • Mary Lou

      Great scores Sun!

  • ZoeRocker

    Just did this one, and like chelsea below my comment… I definitely should have done this one this morning. It is quarter to 1 in the morning here in Vancouver and I ate a pretty large dinner (mostly veggies) but I’m still full from it and it slowed me down. I work out much better on an empty tummy.

    side jump lunge- 48,46,46
    reptile push-up- 17,15,15 (i am so bad at this exersize!)
    V crunch- 32,33,35
    prisoner squat- 57,57,53
    hanging knee raises- 31,30,27

    I am so excited to see where you are moving! I hope Charlie did well at school;-P

  • *oahulover*

    LOL my dog watches me bodyrock too!!! Sometimes she feigns sleep but I can tell she keeps watching. That’s so funny!!

  • *oahulover*

    GOOD FOR YOU!!! I am lucky everyone I know supports me, if anything, they are neutral… (well one of my sisters thinks its dumb, though sometimes I see her peeking over and watching haha) but if my family was like yours, I would have such a hard time!! so i really congratulate you on standing up for yourself and making the right decision.♥

  • Chelsea Schuur

    I found it! Dec 22, 2009 oh man this is an oldy ha! But all goodies of course ;D Too bad I didn’t start till Oct 2010 so this won’t be a oldy for me! Zuzana workout of the day complete! I should have done this in the morning though like my alarm was telling me to sigh. Snooze you always get the best of me!I hope I can keep my workout schedule up to par next week with finals! Eeek! I’m suprised I’m not stressing out more? Yay for a easy semester haha!

    side jump lunge – 55, 55, and 55reps
    reptile push up – 24, 26, and 22reps
    v crunch – 51, 50, and 51reps
    prisoner squat – 48, 56, and 59reps
    hanging knee raises – 33, 35, and 33reps

    If you guys would like to follow my fitness blog here’s the link! I post a lot of Zuzana, Tone it up, and blogilates routines as well as fitness/nutrition advice and inspiration pics haha :)

  • Donna

    Hey Bonzersquad, thanks to you I have laid off the agave nectar:)

  • Donna

    Great improvement Jillian:)

    Welcome to bodyrock and you can post your times and scores as often as you like:)

  • Donna

    Hey Josee, Wow that is quite a bit of moving in two years:)

  • Donna

    I think she might be a bit concerned that you end up looking better than her…lol

    Overweight people lose weight faster that thin people:)

    So keep on bodyrockin and she will end up joining you because of your great results;)

  • Donna

    I will be doing this one tomorrow:)

    I love prisoner squats because they remind me and make me think of Gerard Butler in Law abiding citizen, in one of his many great scenes he is arrested with no clothes on;)

  • Nina_CZ

    Great workout!!! First time for me, so no score to compare to, just yours :)))

    1) Side Jump Lunge: 47-44-50
    2) Reptile PushUp: 14-11-13
    3) V-Crunch: 31-27-30
    4) Prisoner Squat: 54-47-49
    5) Knee Raises: 20-20-19

    5sec. of rest were definitely not enough! :D I didn’t even have time to sip a bit of water, it was killer and I was sweating so bad :D Near the end I realized my vision is blurred, but then I realized I don’t have my contacts in yet :D :D didn’t do skipping today as a warm up, used you good old 5minute warmup routine as usual :)))

    Shower and work now! :)

  • Sara

    Beating your personal best is when you compare your scores to the last time you did the workout… if you haven’t done the workout before, you don’t have a personal best to try to beat, but you can always try to beat Z’s scores! (Easier said than done.) :)

  • Patrick

    No disrespect to your wife at all. But when it comes to bodyrocking, don’t listen to her. How to win the argument? Put your scores here every day, and show her what you look like 3 months from now.

  • Anonymous

    Finished this workout! It’s my favorite so far..

    And for a extra challenge I added a extra to try to beat Zuz’s averages from her P/B (her scores are first)
    51/60 21/26 36/35 63/50 23/29 :)

  • Isidora

    okk here are my scores: great workout btw

    1. side lunge jump: 51-48-48
    2. reptile push up: 20-17-15
    3. v-crunch: 26-23-25
    4. Prisoner squat: 40-42-44
    5. Knee raises: 24-20-22


  • Susanna Anderson

    side lunge:50,51,57
    v crunch:30,39,40
    prisoner squat:40,48,53
    hanging knee raise:22,23,22

    not 2 bad :)

  • Susanna Anderson

    side lunge:50,51,57
    v crunch:30,39,40
    prisoner squat:40,48,53
    hanging knee raise:22,23,22

    not 2 bad :)

  • MissSandraD

    When you guys what something you go out there and get it… safe moving you two…

    Side Lunge Jump: 53, 47, 44
    Reptile Push Up: 15, 15, 12
    V-Crunch: 22, 21, 18
    Prisoner Squat: 58, 64, 71
    Hanging Knee Raises: 22, 19, 24

    Beautiful day outside… going outside to enjoy it…
    Have a good one Body Rockers :)

  • MissSandraD

    When you guys what something you go out there and get it… safe moving you two…

    Side Lunge Jump: 53, 47, 44
    Reptile Push Up: 15, 15, 12
    V-Crunch: 22, 21, 18
    Prisoner Squat: 58, 64, 71
    Hanging Knee Raises: 22, 19, 24

    Beautiful day outside… going outside to enjoy it…
    Have a good one Body Rockers :)

  • Susanna Anderson

    i also practice pole dance in my own home! My husband installed a pole for me! It takes ALOT of strength…and SO much fun!!! :-)

  • Anonymous

    For the first time I counted and wrote down my reps. I cheated a bit, as in I put the timer for 10 and 50 and seconds :D. And still, I see I beat Zuzana Side lunge jump score !!!! I don’t know if I’m shivering of excitement or because of exhaustion ( hee hee ). Here are my scores, per round :
    61, 19, 20, 53, 15
    55, 20, 20, 48, 15
    59, 20, 20, 57, 14 .
    I just wanted to make a positive observation towards Zuzana’s reptile push up: did you see how much you improved since the Malta workout ? Your push ups now are way lower :). Way to go Zuzana !

  • Sofi

    I’m definitely doing this tomorrow :) today is my rest day so i’ll post my scores tomorrow ;)

  • Janet

    I was feeling a bit tired this morning but gave it my best.

    side lunges:59-53-55
    reptiles:20-21-22 (left shoulder is about 85% healed)
    v crunch:31-29-31 did these without grabbing my knees
    prisoners: 45-58-70 shifted style on these from slower squats at the beginning to more of a pulse towards the end…not sure which is right but they both created a nice burn so I guess they are both right
    hang knee raise: 26-28-31

    It was a race to write it down and get in position for each set. I’m going to take it easy for the rest of the day and do a yoga this evening to get the kinks out.

    I can’t imagine where you will settle next. Maybe Hawaii?? :)

  • Chelsea

    OI VEY! That was awesome!! I did 2 workouts today! Yesterdays at 6 this morning and Hot body workout today…well I just finished it actually! I was a day behind so I had to do 2 today. WOW I feel great!
    SD LUNGE – 62, 67, 68
    REPTILE PU – 19, 17, 15
    V-CRUNCH – 44, 42, 35
    PRSNR SQ – 73, 76, 68
    HNG KNEE RS – 21, 19, 18

    I can’t wait for tomorrows workout! :) Have an awesome rest of your day/night! :)

  • Rachel Cross

    Just did this workout… the v-crunches were unexpectedly hard!!!

    Side-Jump Lunges: 51, 53, 37 :(
    Reptile Push-Up: 16, 15, 14.5
    V-Cruch: 21, 18, 19
    Prisoner Squat: 41, 37, 40
    Hanging Knee Raises: 9, 16, 15

    It’s fun to look back at your guys’ old videos and see how much you’ve both matured—Freddy as a cameraman and Zuzana as a host. :) Keep it up!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Marketa, Will you be there running? –Chris

  • JoannaKonieczna

    my scores:
    Side Lunge Jump: 55,52,52
    Reptile Push Up: ANd in this place i did mistake and i did “push ups with side knee tucks”;) 16, 15, 19- last reps “ReptilePushUps” ;)
    V-crunch: 25,25,28 – i didnt do a lot of v-crunches because I was thinking about last exercise…I knew i did something wrong but i wasnt sure what?!!;)))
    Prisoner Squat: 50,53,55
    Hanging Knee Raises: 20,24,26
    …something like….worse day… ;)

  • Zoe Quixote

    cyprus? santorini?
    looking forward to trying this one again :)

  • Stephanie

    Whewee! LOVED THIS so much. Lots of fun – and so so tough ha.
    My scores aren’t so good compared to everybody else but that’s what it’s all about right? Trying to get better and to be a true BodyRocker! =)
    side lunge: 46-47-48
    reptile push-up: 14-16-9 –My pectorals are killing from the burpee’s, these were EXTRA killer!
    v-crunch: 28-23-29
    prisoner squat: 32-35-35

    Still trembling! Great post Freddy, really made me smile and wonder what the heck i worry about sometimes!
    And yay for moving! Look forward to excitement and new workouts in a new location hehe!
    Ciao ciao! x

  • Dheana

    Congratulations on your pending move – soooOOOO very exciting!

    My scores aren’t exactly awesome for this one – for some reason those reptile pushups kicked my arse and I think I got a little discouraged after that. But I will post them all the same to encourage those that are just starting out or are still working up to Z’s level:

    side lunge: 55-56-53
    reptile push-up: 18-12-12
    v-crunch: 35-25-24
    prisoner squat: 51-45-45
    knee-raise: 19-19-17

  • Anonymous

    great post, freddy :)
    I wish you both all the best for the next move :) it´s so great for being here – we see the world and get amazing sweaty workouts *haha*

    Here are my scores:
    1. 54 48 41
    2. 12 10 11
    3. 18 21 23
    4. 32 33 35
    5. 17 17 17

    Zuz, your results are awesome!!!!!!

    thanks again :)

  • ZoeRocker

    I have never said that being fat is bad or anything like that. I have only talked about myself and my own fitness goals. If people that lead a sedentary lifestyle that have no intentions of changing, can’t handle these topics then I shouldn’t talk about it around them I guess. I’ts just such a big part of my life now and people tell me I look fitter so I have to tell them why. I’m sick of hearing that I am “obsessed with working out.”

  • Annebel Wind

    Hi everyone,

    My scores for today:

    jump lunges: 44, 40, 32
    reptile push up: 11, 9, 9
    V crunch: 26, 25, 25
    prosoner squad: 32, 38, 36
    Knee raises (lying down): 17, 18, 19

  • Tori Larson Bradford

    My scores:
    Side Lunge: 49, 40, 41
    Reptile Push up: 18, 16, 14
    V Crunch: 14, 19, 25( I finally got my balance)
    Prisoner Squat: 40, 50, 47
    Hanging Knee Raise: 19, 17, 14

    I’m hoping to go do Zumba tonight. I feel so good. Plus the sun is shining.

    I hope you find somewhere nice and warm. Have you thought about moving to the USA. You said you like California. I would suggest Utah, but you would have to move to St. George to be somewhere warm. Salt Lake can get pretty cold.

  • Mily Miguel

    Stay safe in any city you decide to move :) my best wishes there.

    I feel so bored, I could not work out today, yesterday I had a busy day so I
    posponed my workout (which was OK I have been working out the whole week already)
    but during the day of yesterday my shoulder started to hurt, very slightly.
    I went to bed with a warm lotion hoping to wake up better and I woke up worst :/
    This is so annoying!

    • Tori Larson Bradford

      I hate being sick or injured. I always feel bad when I can’t workout. I hope you feel better soon.

      • Mily Miguel

        Thanks :)

  • Mindy McT

    Side Lunge Jump: 58,54,56
    Reptile Push-up: 18,24,23
    V-crunch: 31,31,26
    Prisoner Squat: 33,29,30
    Hanging Knee Raises: 20, 27, 22

  • Isabelle G.

    Great! I wish you luck in finding a wonderful new place to live! Someplace warm and sunny, haaaa! Meanwhile, we’ll keep on bodyrocking, waiting for you to tell us where is it you decided to go…
    And now, my scores:
    side lunge: 57-58-56
    reptile push-up: 18-18-17
    v-crunch: 30-29-31
    prisoner squat: 53-53-57
    knee-raise: 30-31-30

    Today, good news: I find my body to be stronger (except for those reptile push-ups…. hm, I’m not as strong in the arms as I am in my legs and abs), and leaner!! And I’m happy, just simply happy to see and feel that I do something good for my body, my health, my mental balance (!) I really enjoy the feeling of exercising and having a good time.
    Thanks! I’m gonna go right now in the kitchen, take a beautiful tomato, and eat it right away!

  • Jos

    First time doing this!
    1. Side Jump Lunge 59-50-50
    2. Reptile Push Up 12-10-11
    3. V-Crunch 39-37-36
    4. Prisoner Squat 32-33-31
    5. Hanging Knee Raises (I did Leg Raises) 19-18-18

    Reptile push up is so hard! My chest is still hurt from yesterday’s burpee push my upper inner thighs are still sore from Jacked Up Chick Workout (Monday I did Get Hot Cardio workout cause the site wasn’t updated yet).

    For someone who’s been doing bodyrock for about 6-7 months, my scores are not that impressive…I know..that means I gotta work harder! I prolly start plateauing now.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jos,

      Sometimes you seem so hard on yourself. You rock and will keep it up, okay!


      • Jos

        Thanks for the encouragement! :D

    • JoannaKonieczna

      hi Jos :)

      I do bodyrock
      regularly since 8 months and once my results are great, other times worse. But dont worry, do your best, will be better :)

      And you know w
      hat…your v-crunches are much
      better than mine! :) keep doing;)

  • GoustiFruit

    Oh no ! my scores are even worse than I thought after checking how the other bodyrockers did :’-( I think I didn’t do the V-Crunch and Prisoner Squats properly though…

    Side Jump Lunge: 61 / 56 / 58
    Reptile Push Up: 24 / 21 / 16
    V-Crunch: 27 / 23 / 24
    Prisoner Squat: 30 / 29 / 29
    Hanging Knee Raises: 21 / 15 / 18

  • Rosalie Salemink

    Great workout, and it really got me hot and sweating! Hope it’ll help me reach my goal :) But I definitely treide my hardest!
    My scores:
    Side jump lunge: 84 81 76
    Reptile push-up: 23 20 20
    V-crunch: 68 68 62
    Prisoner squat: 50 47 47
    Hanging knee raises (had to do them on a chair, so wasn’t really hanging) : 40 39 37

  • Samantha R

    Don’t lose heart – it could be all sorts of things, stress with your finals or the food your having to eat. (you don’t happen to be in the UK do you?). I don’t know if this way of thinking might help but I see exercise as part and parcel of my everyday life and just get on and do it. Sometimes I do something different if I don’t feel like a bodyrock workout i.e. weight training session, swim, run. With these workouts if you’re just starting out you need to give yourself time to build your strength, it will come I promise. If there is no modification posted for a move you find too difficult then you could try substituting it for another exercise from a different workout. It also helps to keep a workout diary – I can’t recommend this enough, its easy to look back at your previous scores and see improvements and also quickly pick a different workout if you don’t want to do the one thats posted on the site for that day. I hope this offers some help. Sx

  • Miss Christine

    You’re moving again? I totally feel you on the “somewhere warm” part. Let me know when you found the perfect place! At least after this cold winter Germany is rewarded with a really nice spring.

    Here are my scores for today’s workout:

    Side Jump Lunge 49,49,49
    Reptile Push Up 15,15,12
    V-Crunch 33,35,34
    Prisoner Squat 43,48,49
    Hanging Knee Raises 18,18,16

  • Samantha R

    Me too;)

  • Samantha R

    Hi Bry. Yes these are the only workouts Freddy and Zuzana do – if done correctly and at your max effort believe me you won’t need much of anything else;) Always warm up and cool down and there are a couple of videos if you check out the ‘Stretching and Cooldown’ tab at the top. Some of us are still adding 20 mins of freestyle skipping at the end of workouts if you feel like it for a bit of extra fat burning and co-ordination training. I hope this helps. Sx

  • Anonymous

    Aren’t people funny, sticking their nose in. If you were ill all the time, cold after cold, weak, sallow skin … then sure people should say “hey, maybe your diet isn’t so much. Or maybe you should back off on the exercise” but sounds like you’re both body conscious people who eat well. And probably naturally slim.

    Never defend – just smile and say nothing, they eventually stop talking to themselves.

  • Monstrosity5

    Side L: 67-74-75
    Reptile P: 32-35-34
    Vcrunch: 33-30-30
    Prisoner S: 44-46-41
    Knee R: 27-27-28

    Skipping – 15 mins 1323

    • Janet

      I hope with that outstanding number of reptile push ups that Monstrosity5 is a man so I don’t feel compelled to keep up!

  • Milla

    I wish I could do the same thing and move somewhere warm place,so happy for you :) and I did love your malta videos:)

  • Anonymous

    we are not going to Malta :)

  • Margaritavailas

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy
    I’ve been following and doing your workouts for over a year now! How do I send a picture??
    Also Zuzana I’ve been looking for Nike athletics for SO long like the ones you’ve been wearing recently! You have to tell me the model so I can gt them!!!!!!
    Love you guys!!!

  • Adithya Nagesh

    hi everyone
    i did this workout half an hr ago, my scores:
    side jump lunge- 54 47 46
    reptile pushup- 20 18 22
    v crunch- 25 26 23
    prisoner squat- 45 46 40
    hanging knee raises- 24 22 24
    i know, it’s not impressive for someone who has been doin this for 6 months, but i went rock climbing in the mornin, my whole body was fatigued. but i did this anyway.
    tomorrow’s will be better, i promise.
    thanks for the workout.

    ps/- n brutus is nowhere to be seen ;)

  • Catsnp

    Wow, that does sound like fun. Let us know how it goes.

  • Anna Carolina F

    I´m pretty sure you guys are moving to California. You were so in love with LA, the food, the shopping options, the people, the weather! There are a lot of career opportunities for you.

    Bye, to you globetrotters;)

  • Roni Yager

    Amazing workout today! This was my first time doing this one and it was killlller! It was hard to start skipping afterward, my legs just didn’t want to move!

    Lunges: 67, 56, 60
    Pushup: 10, 10, 8
    V-crunch: 31, 28, 30
    Squat: 35, 37, 38….I now realize I wasn’t doing enough of a pulsing action.
    Leg Lifts (don’t have a dip station): 16, 15, 16

    Good luck with your big move! Three weeks is such a short time to get everything packed and moved!

  • JoannaKonieczna

    Hi Bry
    I do how you said… warm up, workout and streatching :) I think that warm up is very important, if i didnt do warm up i had some contusions…too often:)

  • JoannaKonieczna

    i think it is: 15 rounds, 55 second of training/5 second of “rest” to write the reps :)

  • ZoeRocker

    I hope you will live in Vancouver for the summer!!! It is so warm and beautiful until late October. I love it here for that!!! Vancouver is AMAZING!!

    I had a really good friend (13 years) tell me today that we haven’t had a good conversation in the last 2 years because I am superficial and all I care about is fitness and weight loss. He says I am rude about fat people. I know he is wrong about that because I have friends that are all shapes and sizes and I care about them deeply and equally. Awhile (6months and prior) ago I was an alcoholic. I found this website and it changed my life. I decided being fit and active is the way to live. I got so tired of being sick and with a hangover all the time. I feel like it’s false to only be able to tell people what you really think unless you are intoxicated, which my friend was tonight. I was exteremely offended and I am not sure I can continue to be friends with this person. I love him very much and I hope there is a future for us in terms of friendship. Am I obsessed with working out? Or is he sensitive because he does not have similar goals? He says our mutual friends feel the same way about my attitude on life. I don’t know what to think, but I feel very distraught about this…. Please help!

    • Anonymous

      Your friends could be feeing left out and replaced by your workouts. If you were a big drinker before and now instead of drinking with friends you workout then they just don’t get it. Maybe you should sit down with him (sober) and tell him how important it is for you to be working out instead of being sick all of the time. Let him know why you have changed your life and see if he understands. If your friends cant support you in your new journey then maybe they weren’t really your true friends to start out with. I would give them a chance to see where you are coming from though and maybe just be sure you aren’t pushing your new way of life on them.
      Hope this helps :)

      • ZoeRocker

        I think he is sensitive because he is substantially overweight. I don’t say mean things or snide comments about fat people, but I do sometimes talk about myself keeping in shape and the importance of diet (for myself). I only talk about that when it is brought up by my friends. I am not pushing anything on anyone. I guess I just need to be more careful around him. I have weeded out a lot of people in my life in the last couple of years due to splitting a bad relationship, and too much substance abuse going on around me. Those people are still dwelling in that and I cannot watch them ruin their lives. So instead of pushing my active, healthy lifestyle on them, I’ve left them to their own devices. I think talking to my friend sober is an excellent idea but when he said we should hang out, he suggested “getting drunk in the daytime together”. I just can’t do it!

        Thank you for your advice.

    • Zoe Quixote

      just my opinion, but i think when people feel they *should* be doing something, but can’t seem to get themselves to do it, and then they see someone else doing it, they project their own feelings into the actions of the other person–like: what he feels about himself, he imagines you saying (outloud or via body language). that way, he can blame it on you and keep ignoring the issue. i hope that made sense. :P

      • ZoeRocker

        That totally makes sense. That what my mum told me too. I think you are right. thanks:)

  • Pavlina

    Bizarre but even I experience a sense of nostalgia watching this video, it reminds me of when I did this workout and all the sunny videos you were posting of that time. As if I was there with you LOL.

    It was kind of cute having you both again in front of the camera, Freddy sipping nervously coffee just to avoid talking too much!! :))

    And as everyone else, I’m quite curious as to know where you’re moving… I suppose there are few ‘technicalities’ going along as well, so fingers crossed it all runs as smooth as possible! Good luck!

  • GoustiFruit

    I never realized, but there are so many bodyrockers all around the world that indeed there must always be someone else somewhere doing the same workout at the same time I do mine !? Ooooh :-o

  • Mia

    Noooo, not LA… anywhere but there ;) ehehehhe

    • Stac

      Hahaha, Texas is always warm : ) Come on down!

  • Anonymous

    The timer was preset from the warm up – it was a false start, but I liked the shot so much that I kept it in the video when I was editing it.

  • Anonymous

    You got it :)

    • Mia

      most people just don’t get the amount of time and effort one has to put in to make a site like this, that works likes this – with daily updates,of photos, vids, post … oommphh.

      and most people don’t realise as well how much money is in publicity. I don’t either really but I know it’s just enough, right Freddy? ;)

  • Samantha R

    Oooo you two…..where will you be next???! My husband got offered a 15 month job in Italy yesterday so I’m looking into taking the children out of school for a year and doggy passports this morning…..where there’s a will there’s a way right?

    Side Jump Lunge: 60, 57, 59 (prev 57, 56, 57)
    Reptile Push: 15, 15, 14 (prev 21, 21, 17)
    V Crunch: 42, 40, 40 (prev 28, 30, 30)
    Hanging Knee Raise: 24, 26, 25 (prev 17, 22, 16)

    My reptiles were RUBBISH today – hurt my shoulder when I was walking the dog last week and its felt mega dodgy ever since.


    • Samantha R

      Oops – Squats: 54, 57, 53 (prev 46, 41, 48)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Guys,

    I sort of hoped you would stay around long enough to plant your own tomatoes and harvest them. But, I can understand your urge to travel. I don’t much like winters and it has been slow this spring to warm up so far here in Seattle.

    If you want a place which is warm year round you need to be close to the Equator.

    Take care,

  • Anonymous

    First of all: Thank you so much for all your support, you are amazing !!!!!

    Side lunge jumps: 54,42,40
    Reptile push up (beginners): 12,13,6
    V-crunch (i couldnt, i did bicycle): 65,64,60
    Prisoner squat: 34,42,48 (i pushed really hard, i love this excercise)
    Hanging knee (modification with chair): 14,10,10

    It was the hardest workout so far for me, my arms are so weak..
    I did 10minute skipping after workout. I knew i dont have power to do 20minutes but i didnt want to give up so i did 10minutes rather than give up.
    Yesterday i realised i didnt eat protein enough so i was really hungry in the evening. So from now on i will add protein shake + green smoothie after each workout, and one protein shake in the afternoon. One shake is: 25g protein, 5g carbohydrate, 3g of fats. So i hope it is a good one.
    And i started to do my smoothie with much more water (cca 0,5litres of water), so its my little step to drink more.

    This week im having week off, but next week i cant do workout in the morning (i love to excercise before breakfast). My day schedule is: 4:15am get up and go to work, 2pm i finish at work, 3pm i have to go out with dog, 3:30 -6:00 pm i run my own business and 6-7:00 pm i walk my dog. After that im soo tired, not physicaly but emotionaly… i hope i will manage to do workout!! Im so afraid that i will not find the power…
    Next week i will talk with my boss about part time, so fingers cross!
    Thank you for oportunity to feel like im part of this great comunity :))

    • Anonymous

      It is hard at first but I know too you’re loving the work outs. On days when I’ve felt overwhelmed or skipped because I was too tired, I’ll do half or 10 burpees or make myself do something just so I don’t feel like I’m a slacker.

      Don’t kill yourself either, exercise is important but rest and feeling refreshed is important too. On some days when I’ve slept and said screw the workout I’m too tired (I get up at 4 too to do the workouts) I’ve been glad to feel not so exhausted by the end of the day. Be kind to yourself.

      I’m going to call you the incredible shrinking woman! Good luck on the part-time ISW.

      • Anonymous

        I loooove my new nick name!! :)))) And i will take a photo of myself when i will be slim (i will post it here) and i will change my nickname from “SizeXXL” to “ISW” :))) Thats so cool :))
        I Cant wait!! :))) Thank you very very much :))

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I really like your videos from Malta too!! Not only because of the beautiful weather, but also because it reminds me of the time when I was starting BodyRocking!!! :)

    Wherever you go, I’m really looking forward to seeing you working out outside again!!! :))

    • Mia

      so funny, I feel exactly the same :)

      nd also, when Zuz and Freddy shoot videos outside it always creates a different feeling, it’s better, like I can almost feel the warmth and the sunshine on my skin. It can deliver a tip of envy sometimes eheheh because here in Scotland the weather always sucks big time. But I am going to my home in Portugal soon, and I am soo looking forward to doing my workouts outside!! I totally understand the need to go somewhere else and be outside of the city too.

  • Anonymous

    Awwww you guys are so cute together!! :) why are you want to move in so short time? I mean, Praga will be warm in three weeks..summer is almost here :) anyway, i can’t wait to hear where are you moving! Wherever you go, I’m sure you will love it..and we will be still with you. :)

    Have a nice, healthy day! ;)

  • Ziba

    I wish me and whoever im spending my life with would have such a life … it’s awesome =) u guys are blessed..

  • Courtney Riddles

    Here’s my scores really quick:

    68, 54, 62
    31, 22, 30
    48, 52, 56
    33, 32, 43
    19, 24, 26

    Now back to studying for my first final tomorrow (O. Chem lab, yippee! /sarcasm)

  • Anonymous

    My dip station arrived!!! I love it.

    24 (10 from toes)-21 (6 toes)-20 (6 toes)

    For fun I did some reverse push ups & roundhouse kick/hanging knee raises afterward.

  • Alana

    Another timely post Freddy!! You guys are awefully wise and a lot of your posts ring true to a lot of life lessons I am learning. They can can be used in all facets of life from fitness, relationships, career etc… Thank you for helping to keep such inspiration fresh in my mind. I look forward to kicking my own butt on this workout from my last attempt and can I recommend WESTERN AUSTRALIA for a warm, sunny destination. It is a month from our winter and still 25C- 28C outside in the day.
    “You can have more than you’ve got now, because you can become more than you than you are now.” (Jim Rohn)

  • Nina_CZ

    Great post today :)
    You are right that lonely journey is hard, even if you enjoy it, cause you have nobody to share it with. My boss had an “amazing” comment yesterday (again). He suffers from holarthritis, a LOT. He is not allowed to eat like 75% of all food, and most of the forbidden food is stuff he loves (chocolate, coffee, fried stuff, beef meat, alcohol…). Yesterday he grabbed a piece of chocolate and my workmate told him: You should not eat that, right? And he replied: I doesn’t matter if I die under the bus, or by eating chocolate, I will die anyway. WHAT??? WHAAAAAT??? He has 2 little kids and a wife, he is only 36 year old, why is he so selfish, why can’t he realize that he MUST be here for his kids and for himself as well??? Some people are so dumb and it makes me sad :( I wanted to tell him that, but I am too tired of being laughed at at work again…

    • SoniaC

      It is sad that you say I am too tired of being laughed at at work ..again…but I feel the same, every time i have something exiting to share with people at work, they roll their eyes or say..not again…
      And it’s all over…so glad I found this amazing website…didn’t start working out with Zuzka yet but working on it…pretty healthy my self but these workouts rock!!!

  • Anonymous

    Because I’m old enough to be your mom, I’ll say to you what I say to my young colleagues. When are you going to settle down and give me some grand children? Or in your case bodypebbles

    ;-p – kidding of course, your wanderlust is wonderful for us bodyrockers. We get super workouts and a travelogue. :-D


    • tee

      bodypebbles! ha ha that’s funny!

      • Kirry

        Hehehe, cracked me up aswell. ^^

  • Anonymous

    oh, yes…and I looove tomatoes ! yum !

  • Anonymous

    I so TOTALLY understand you why you want to move to a warm place ! I live in Virginia and this has been the longest winter and now it’s May and we still have temperatures in the 40’s ( Fahrenheit that is ). Not fun at all. You guys are lucky you can move around so easily, whenever you feel like :).
    Good to see you Freddy, you shouldn’t be so shy :D.
    Madeira is a beautiful island, everything is kinda tiny there ( the roads especially ), but people are so friendly, most of them speak English and they said the ocean is warm enough for swimming in winter !
    I am actually excited about your move, because I am sure you’re going to choose a nice place and you’ll share it with us through pics! You’re so right about being outside… with all this cold weather I feel like a caged animal sometimes.
    Wish you inspired dreams to find the nicest warm place !

  • Anonymous

    And I have to say..don’t you guys ever get tired of moving around? I mean it sounds like so much fun, but how can you afford to do that?? And since we’re all friends here, lol…do you two have “regular” jobs??

    Nosey BodyRocker……xoxo

    • Anonymous

      nevermind guys, figured it out….15 rounds, 5 & 55 sec’s….go through the circuit 3x’s…

    • Lila ♥

      Yes Tammy, I’m nosey too, I want to know the same thing! What if I can do the same thing and move around as much as they do. I would really love that!! I can’t imagine how they can manage all the immigration issues and all either.

  • Ozziepossum

    I envy you guys so much with all your travelling, I lived like that for 6 years and loved it! I would love to do it again……. Always living in the summer months does amazing things to you! So maybe you should come to Australia! Although it is coming up to Winter here, it is still lovely and warm up north, and when the weather improves, you can come visit the south of Oz, Melbourne for example :)

    Aussie Aussie Aussie
    Give Me Sun!

    • Anonymous

      awww…Ozzie, Australia is like my dream land since I was a little child…always wanted to go live there. because of the warm weather. I thought of suggesting it … oh darn it, why is this weather so moody here ? it’s like PMS-ing all the time, for one sunny day you get a whole week of cold and rain. At least I know summer is supposed to come, sometimes soon…

  • Anonymous

    Umm Zuzana…….how many rounds for the 5 and 55 seconds? In the explanation you mentioned that it was 3, 5min exercises, however there are 5 different exercises…if anyone can help a sista out that’d be great! I’d like to do this befoere bed…

    • *oahulover*

      At first it threw me off too when she says 3 rounds of 5 min exercises but I realized it is just 15 rounds on your interval timer. It is 5 sec rest + 55 sec work = 1 min per exercise and you do each of the 5 exercises 3 times. Get it? So: 15 rounds of 00:05 and 00:55. Good luck :)

  • Donna

    It will be HOT HOT HOT no matter where you two end up:)

    Happy, safe travels:)

    I can’t wait to see where you two end up in 3 weeks time give or take. Curious to know how many times you two have moved and also how many different countries have you explored???

    Has anyone followed bodyrock from the very beginning to know this answer:)

  • Anonymous

    ITALY GO TO ITALY lol!!!!!!! it was so nice when u guys vacationed their- another island or the coast would be sweet, but its totally up to u guys!
    great workout i just squeezed it in tonight

    side jumps- 48,49,44
    reptile pushups- 12,11,11
    v crunches- 27,27,28
    pulse squats- 54,50,44
    leg raises- 16,15,16

    i feel so much better!! When i work out i get so restless and jumpy and…. i cant function. daily sweat is just as vital to me as daily shower!!! I feel ‘dirty’ without it, not rly but idk how to describe it. You guys know what i mean!!!!!!!!!!

    • JoannaKonieczna

      I♥Italy :)

  • Lila ♥

    Oh my gosh! What do you guys do for a living to have this such marvelous and adventureous life? So exciting!! Move to Mexico!! Are you guys spies or something like that hahaha, just kidding!

  • Neo Xin Fang Angeline

    One of the best moments I had during this exercise journey was when my senior told me that he was so inspired by my workouts that after our overseas work assignment, he continued exercising at home and even made the effort to run at night at least 3 times a week.

    He was so inspired that I had the determination to work out in the hotel room.

  • Sarah Spencer

    Awww!! I’m sick! Can’t work out right now. *sad face* Hopefully tomorrow I will feel good enough to do this workout which looks awesome to do! Now, if I could just get well….

  • Anonymous

    Your guys are full of surprises – I envy your way of life. I would love to be able to travel that much. My boyfriend and I dream of having our own business online and travel a lot so we decided to create our own company (designing website – I am a business person, he is a designer so it’s perfect!)

    It so nice to see Freddy and how shy he is in front of the camera! So cute ;)

  • Susanna Anderson

    GREAT inspirational message!!!! You hit the nail on the head…for me at least. That is exactly how I feel. But it is so awesome to have motivation and inspiration from you two, and other body rockers all around the world. What an amazing community of people who believe that this body and life are the only ones we get, and we should be as strong inside and out for EVERYTHING. That comes our way.

    I cannot wait to do this workout tomorrow! These are a few of my favorite exercises…. :-))

  • Nina Brigham

    Move to Vegas! yea Vegas baby

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  • Isidora

    coool i had this workout on my to do list of old workouts!

    what a suprise!!! moving again lol ! :P

  • Anna Carolina F

    Home is where you are! Doesn´t matter which place in this world.
    But there exist some vib cities out there you´ll be in love with.

    • Nina_CZ

      That is so true! :D The Earth is home, hahaha :D

  • Anonymous

    You guys are ridiculously fortunate to have careers that allow you to just get up and go whenever you want. Wish that was my life!!!

  • Cynthia Hannah

    aw man , I am suppose to do this one tomorrow(did Burpees are forever today) , but I am so tempted to squeeze it in tonight after my son’s basketball game, LOL.

  • AudraFit

    The secret agents are on the move again :) LOL
    The coffee talk was more like a quickie talk haha!
    Hmmm I wonder where you’ll move to this time?
    When you decide, it would be fun to give us little clues or hints and the first Bodyrocker to guess the right destination can win an autographed Bodyrock t-shirt or something. Just a silly thought really, tho I respect not finding out where you’ll be moving to next because of privacy and the like. My day off tomorrow so I’m gonna return to this workout on Friday. Peace!

  • Jos

    Hm how many rounds should we set the interval timer: 5sec off and 55 sec on for ?? rounds?

    Are we doing interval on each exercises or you do the entire 5 exercises, repeated 3 times??

    • Anonymous

      15 rounds. Repeat the entire circuit 3 times. It’s clear in the video.

      • Jos


        Sent from my iPod

  • Catherine Casey

    Come to California!! The Bay Area is temperate all year round and warm and sunny from May-Sept. I’ve been taking my workouts outside because the weather is so nice! Plus, health and fitness are HUGE to Bay Area residents! Just saying… :-)

  • Flavia Requim

    Yeah!! I remember that workout and I really loved it, it´s sooooooo intense and it gives no time for even a litlle drink of water.. =P
    I really like it and it´s pretty challenging too!!
    I have no problem with tomatoes, I love tomatoes.. ^^

    So, as I said in facebook, wish you the best in your new path in somewhere warm!! It´s very good to know new places and cultures!! =)
    I´m going to workout now, so let´s see how I´ll be going!

    By the way, the tribal and krav maga classes are still going veeery good!!


    I really understand what is to exercise alone and to keep on going, I live with my husband who really doesn´t like to exercise at all, I tried everything, all types of exercises to estimulate him to start but nothing seems to work, at least he gives me all the support I could even think to need, everything I wanna do he says: great! go and do it, do you need anything to start? But I get worried about his health, so I won´t give up, if he´d exercise at least 3 times a week, I´d be already happy..

    • Patricia Grade

      Oi Flavia, agora é só para nós que falamos Tuga, pode ser?
      O meu marido é igual, nada de fazer os treinos na Zuzana… os meus filhos dizem que ele é um mariquinhas, porque não aguenta um treino! Eheheheh.
      Ele corre e tal, mas nada de treino de força, fica só na zona de conforto…
      É bom saber que posso “falar” português aqui, embora seja rude não me deixar entender pelos outros (:p)
      Vou fazer este treino mais logo, porque agora estou viciada nos treinos.
      Quanto à alimentação, os hidratos só depois do treino é um desafio que está a custaaaaaarrr… Mas tenho mesmo de seguir esta dieta…
      Alguns conselhos para uma novata?
      Uma beijoca
      p.s. para a próxima já escrevo em inglês…

  • jenny w

    Great post today, Freddy! I think a lot of people can identify with your message. I view my workouts as something I NEED to accomplish each day, like drinking water. It’s essential for my survival and health. It can feel isolating when people around me treat it like I’m doing something inessential or extraneous. Like I’m ‘lucky’ to have the time to work out.
    I am lucky, because it’s something I value, I am an active person, and my mind and body reaps the benefits!

  • jenny w

    Great post today, Freddy! I think a lot of people can identify with your message. I view my workouts as something I NEED to accomplish each day, like drinking water. It’s essential for my survival and health. It can feel isolating when people around me treat it like I’m doing something inessential or extraneous. Like I’m ‘lucky’ to have the time to work out.
    I am lucky, because it’s something I value, I am an active person, and my mind and body reaps the benefits!

    • Susanna Anderson

      So true Jenny! I agree completely. Rock on sista! ;-)

  • Maria Bjørg Jepsen

    This one looks fun – calling for Little Miss Mary in the early morning glory ;)

  • Maria Bjørg Jepsen

    This one looks fun – calling for Little Miss Mary in the early morning glory ;)

  • Chris Renz

    You guys move SOOO MUCH!!! Oh my god find someplace to stay!!! LOL

    • Anonymous


      • Maria Bjørg Jepsen

        Italy, Greece or France ;)

        • Lila ♥