May 11 2011

Put It Down On Me Workout

Hey BodyRockers,

Freddy here :)
We have been packing up a storm here in preparation for our big move, and it just amazes me how much stuff we have accumulated in the few months that we have been in Prague. I read somewhere once that if you haven’t touched something in 6 months then it’s not even yours anymore. I like this attitude because it helps keep life light and clutter free. I think we could all look around us and probably come up with a lot of things that we don’t use that would be better off in the hands of those less fortunate. I was thinking that the same principle applies to our thoughts as well. How many of us carry around old resentments and worries that don’t serve us? Better off kicking those thoughts to the curb or sweat them out with today’s workout!


Workout Breakdown

Time: 12min.Workout Type: Interval trainingExercises: 4
  • High Knees with Jump Ropemax. reps
  • Commando Push Upsmax. reps
  • Kick Over and Knee Raisemax. reps
  • Crunches on Balance Ballmax. reps

Get your gear for this workout here:


Watch the video until the end to see the explanations of each exercise and easier variations for beginners.

This workout is exactly 12 minutes long. When a workout is short like this one, the intensity has to go up and it’s only up to you how much energy you will put into your training. Obviously the more effort you put into this, the better and faster results you can expect (if you are also paying attention to your diet). I mean, isn’t it better just to push as hard as you can for 12 minutes at home instead of spending an hour and half at the gym? ;) I think you know what I mean. PUSH HARD IF YOU ARE BODYROCKER!

Set your Interval Timer for 18 rounds and intervals of 10 seconds (rest interval) and 30 seconds (work interval). You will be skipping with your jump rope in between each exercise just like we did on Monday and the workout will look like this:

10 seconds rest

High Knees with Jump Rope

10 seconds rest

Commando Push Ups

10 seconds rest

High Knees with Jump Rope

10 seconds rest

Kick Over and Knee Raise

10 seconds rest

High Knees with Jump Rope

10 seconds rest

Crunches on Balance Ball

(you will repeat this sequence 3 times)

Commando Push Ups

my score

round one – 10 reps, round two – 10 reps, round three – 10 reps

Kick Over & Knee Raise

My Score:

round one – 8 reps, round two – 8 reps, round three – 8 reps

Crunches on Balance Ball

My Score:

round one – 18 reps, round two – 17 reps, round three – 16 reps

..and this was my lunch today :)

Simple, tasty, healthy – Salad and Steak. This is what my portion looked like. Freddy had the same but he had more meat (obviously).

Enjoy your workout and today’s workout song!


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  • kat

    Did this one again :)
    HKwith rope 66 77 72
    comando pushup combo 6 6 5.5
    HK with rope 69 68 76
    kick over knee raise 7 9 10
    HK with rope 69 77 83
    crunches (on floor, my ball is broken :(  34 39 34
    also did
    10 Burpees for Bodyrocker Erin
    30 dips
    10 each side diagonal touch downs
    20 ball(8lb)  crunches
    50 UGI squeeze
    10 Dive Bombers
    Thank you Zuzka =)

  • kat

    Did this one again :)
    HKwith rope 66 77 72
    comando pushup combo 6 6 5.5
    HK with rope 69 68 76
    kick over knee raise 7 9 10
    HK with rope 69 77 83
    crunches (on floor, my ball is broken :(  34 39 34
    also did
    10 Burpees for Bodyrocker Erin
    30 dips
    10 each side diagonal touch downs
    20 ball(8lb)  crunches
    50 UGI squeeze
    10 Dive Bombers
    Thank you Zuzka =)

  • Anonymous

    Hello, everyone!
    Did this again today and I have improved my scores :-))))
    Here is my scores:

    High Knees without jumprope:   81-79-80
    (have to buy me one)
    Commando push ups:   8-8-8
    High Knees:    80-80-82   
    Kick over and knee raises:   7-8-8
    High knees:   80-79-85 
    Crunches on balanceball:   12-11-11

    + 30 squats
    Have a nice day, bodyrockers!!                      

  • Ellen

    Commando pushup: 4, 4, 4 (counting each time I roll as one completed)
    Kickover: 5, 4, 4.5
    Crunches:  22, 23, 25 (no ball, regular crunches with feet off the ground)

  • Janessa Reimer

    This was a great workout! I beat my personal best! yay!
    high knees:93.94.97
    commando pushups: 12.12.12
    high knees: 95.97.99
    kickover and knee raise: 11.12.11
    high knees: 97.98.100
    crunches on balance ball: 20.21.21

  • Carrie

    I had no desire to work out tonight at all, having slept badly in this hot weather last night, and feeling physically exhausted all day. Then I read Dheana’s (hope I’ve remembered that right!) post on your workout for June 28, about how she’d only had four hours sleep but wasn’t going to be beaten by that, and I thought, ‘she’s crazy – but absolutely right, and I’m going to do the same’. So please keep posting your inspiring comments, bodyrockers, because you never know when there’s another bodyrocker desperate for a little motivation and just how much your words could help them.

    • Carrie

      And yes, I do feel 100 times better for having struggled through the workout!

  • Anonymous

    I did this workout today, it’s a workout was great and I loved it!
    High knee w/jump rope: 71,62,70
    commando push ups 5,7,10
    kick over: 18,17,19
    Crushes on ball: 11,14,11

  • Margot

     I’m going to leave the high knee skipping scores off of here, just because I’ve only started to really practice with the jump rope and they weren’t too good yet.  They ranged from 22-39 though.

    The rest:
    Commando Push up: 4, 4, 4
    Kick over and knee raise: 8, 9, 7
    Crunches on balance ball: 14, 12, 13

  • Anonymous

    finally got to this workout! I added some shadow boxing and 500 skips to the end, as usual. I think my arms are getting more defined due to throwing at least 100 punches before and after my workouts. The little things really make the difference long term!
    Commando pushups-4.5, 5, 6
    Kickin’ knee raise-6, 6.5, 7
    Crunches-24, 22, 26 

  • tee

    hi there
    I did this workout today right after finishing take it off workout.  I changed it slightly by instead of high knees (as I have one ankle that gets sore) I did front kick with a cross punch and then the kick over knee raise I did a roundhouse kick and a knee in (have no dip station)
    kick & punch -40, 32, 33
    commando pushup – 5, 4, 4
    kick & punch – 40, 36, 31
    roundhouse & knee in – 12, 12, 12
    kick & punch – 40, 32, 40
    crunch on balance ball – 12, 10, 10  

  • ZoeRocker

    I finished this workout feeling disappointed. I kept tripping on the skipping rope and my boyfriend has made a wood working shop out of the living room so I barely had enough space:( I didn’t work out for 4 days (which is a long time for me since starting bodyrock back in November.) My scores were low and I could feel that my arms have gotten weaker. I am planning on sending in my before and after pictures next week but I have lost some definition in my abs. So I am going to push really hard this week to get back to where I was. Here are my scores:

    HK-78,68,75,74,76,59,34,92,95 The lowest were when I was tripping and the last two were without the rope)
    kick over-13,11,11
    V crunches- 13,12,12 (I don’t have a stability ball)

    At least I was swimming in sweat when it was over. That’s how I know I was trying hard. Thanks guys and happy travels!!!

  • lUCy

     hi, score:
    H.K. 66-68-80
    Comando 4-6-5
    H.K. 60-58-75
    kick over 9-9-10
    H.k. 60-46-80
    crunches 12-12-14 ;D

  • d.

    ugh i’m like dripping sweat now! glad i did this, even though i’m about to go to bed and i walked A LOT today :P thanks zuzana :)


  • Melanie

    High kness No rope 102, 105, 103
    Commando Push ups 10, 10, 10
    High Knees 102, 101, 75
    Kick over knee raises 10, 7, 9
    High Knees 105, 101, 99
    Crunches on ball 14, 12, 12
    Thank you Zuzana and Freddy another awesome workout.

  • Judith Huberdeau

    :) !!!
    I did this one on Thursday, May 12… Here`s my scores:
    High Knees: About 100 reps eac round
    Commando push ups: 8-7-6 
    Kick Over & Knee Raises: 10-10-8
    Crunches on Balance Ball: 15-14-14
    See you guys in my next comment…! ;)


  • Tara Fox

    Hi rebecca just check up above the very first post you can see  where it says sort by and subscribe via emal or something click the sort by tab and it gives u options of newest first, best rating, popular now or oldest first. Try the newest first and see if that helps :)

  • Cindy

    Ijust did it at home today and my scores are as followed
    High Knees 90-80-75-86-72-50-85-70-72
    Commando Push Ups 10-10-10
    Leg Lift on the floor 18-14-14
    Crunces on the ball 20-22-25
    I really enjoyed this short and hard workout because it made feel like burning machine. 

  • Ela

    Finally I did it before lunch…
    my scores:
     -high knees:38-35-40-32-45-42-45-44-45
     -commando push ups:6-6-10
     -kick over and knee rise: 8-8-10
     -crunches on balance ball: 8-10-10 :) happy!!!

  • Mindy McT

     I raise my shoulders off the floor. That is the proper way to do a crunch :) I suppose I may have not came up so high during the last round but I try to pay close attention to form.

  • Nina_CZ

    Just did it and I am done! :D

    I had a long day today, it was a hockey day (booo, we didn’t win), so everyone was pretty excited at work today, I don’t really care much about hockey :D but at least I could paint czech flags on peoples faces at work :D Then I went grocery shopping and bought a HUUUUGE amount of real foods and super foods, I have nothing processed in my fridge now (I don’t know if I should call a greek yogurt and canned tuna a processed food? But other than that – none). and I planned my meals for the week, so I only bought what I am gonna use for cooking. I picked several recipes from Jos’s blog, and I can’t wait to try them, I tried one of her recipes yesterday and it was AMAZING, I brought some today to work for my workmate and she loved it and asked me for the recipe, so I gave her a link to Jos’s blog and she is gonna visit often too, I guess :)))

    Anyway, back to today’s workout! I wanted to do it in the morning, but I wasn’t able to get up today :D So I did it now, it is 8pm and I never did a workout this late before :)))
    My score:
    Highknees with jumprope: 71-66-56 / 60-58-61 / 65-52-60 (last round it were Lowknees, haha)
    Commando Pushup: 10-10-10 (I did 5 sets, and Zuzi says in a video that each pushup counts as one, I wrote down 5-5-5 and then watched the video, so I suppose it was 10-10-10) :)
    Kick Over + Knee Raise with Dipstation: 10-10-10
    Crunches on Ballance Ball: 15-13-13

    It was amazing workout! :) I am gonna shower now, pick some workout for tomorrow and cook some delicious dinner/lunch for today and then I am gonna enjoy my Friday night with myself and my tea :))) 

    Have a great weekend, guys!

    • Jos

      Great score Nina! I’m still working on my high knees jump rope (still couldn’t get the rhythm right). Glad you like the recipes on the blog and thanks for telling your co-worker about it :)

      have a great weekend to you too!

      • Nina_CZ

        Thank you Jos! I wasn’t able to jump and count at the same time for quite a while :D Now I can count, but I have touble breathing, because I focus on counting… :D Honestly, I am just starting to find love for jumprope, I hate it :D 
        Your recipes are amazing and they are not difficult at all, most of the time. The only thing that is really HARD is getting the ingrediences, choices here are VEEEERY narrow, for example I am not able to get a cauliflower here for 4 days!!! :D A lot of stuff you use is pretty exotic (at least for me), and I am so sorry we don’t have that here :( The lotus thing (root?) looks so weird and so funny at the same time :D But I picked 6 or 7 recipes for next week that I can do :) I really love that Pina Colada recipe for the fish, I am not really good with fish, do you think I can use salmon instead of Tilapia? :)

        • Jos

          I’ve never tried it with salmon but shouldn’t be too bad. Let me know how it turns out :)

          Sent from my iPod

          • Nina_CZ

            I will! I have it planned for Monday :) 

  • Anonymous

     Just did this workout, but had to do some modifications because I don’t have a dip station or yoga ball.  So I did regular hanging knee raises with no kick over b/c the backs of my chairs are too high, and I did star crunches.

    High knees: 96-100-100
    commando: 4-4-5    <—-I found these harder than I thought they would be, I don't see how anyone could 
    high knees: 94-98-92                do these so fast!  Good job everyone for rocking those out!
    knee raises: 11-12-11
    high knees: 95-99-100
    star crunches: 16-16-16

  • Anonymous

     I use the backs of two chairs, I just put a bunch of heavy books on them just in case they feel like flipping out underneath me

  • Aleksandra Bilcane

     thank you so much for this workout!! i loved it ^_^
    I can’t wait to see where you’re moving!! it would be awfully difficult for me to separate myself from my stuff or to even get rid of it because i always think – i don’t wear this now but i’ll wear it later. LOL
    my scores:
    Commando Pushup: 8/10/10
    KickOverKneeRaise: 8/9/9
    BalanceBallCrunch: 17/15/21
    btw, i had honey melon for breakfast xD

  • Ziba

    here’s my score…
    High Knees: 86 90 99
    Commando Push Up: 3.5 4 4
    High Knees: 82 82 90
    Kick over and Knee Raise: 8 9 10
    High Knees: 80 92 102
    Crunches on Balanceball: 11 16 17

    awesome workout :D

  • Haben

    This looks great. Thanks for going over each exercise and explaining the correct form, this really helps out beginners like myself.

  • Annalise

    Hi rockers,

    I did this one yesterday, my first workout after recovering from surgery. It was so, so good to pump it again, makes me realise how much I miss it. In total I had two weeks without rocking so it may take a while to re-break in my habit and defeat any Brutus voice; however I am so glad to be back in there!

    My scores were:
    Commando Push Up: 5, 6.5, 5
    Kick over and knee raise: 7, 8, 9
    Crunches on ball: 13, 15, 15

    I am using speakers to lift myself on until I have a dip station! I haven’t managed to get a full kick over yet, but I do a good high kick and good full knee raises. I also supported my neck on the crunches.


  • Kristy

    Did this today and used yesterday as my active rest day. I had to clean the apartment! And it took me 4 hours LOL!

    So my scores:

    High Knees: 73,54,57,48,46,50,50,54,54,60 (accidentally did one too many)

    Commando Push Ups: 8, 10, 10

    Mountain Climbers (Did these because I didn’t have a dip station or chairs low enough): 63,46,46

    Crunches: 12,13,15

    Loved every minute of it Zuz!

  • MissSandraD

    @AudraFit:disqus you are such an inspiration, so glad to have you here on Body Rock sharing your trials and tribulations with all of us as well as every other Body Rocker out there in the universe… feeling the love from u guys which is a blessing as I’m not feeling to much of anywhere else in my life at the moment :(

    These workouts are so important to me Zuzana and Freddy, it’s one of the few times in the day when I take a moment to myself… so thank you for your continued work on this site (even with you making moves, quite literally you still find the time).

    High Knees:
    77, 69, 68, 63, 59, 59, 71, 58, 66

    Commando Pushup: 12, 13, 11

    Kick Over Knee Raises: 8, 9, 8

    Balance Ball Crunch: 11, 11, 13

    • AudraFit

      Aaaww thank you Sandra! :) Wow! I never thought I’d be inspiring people one day. It means a lot to me. I actually read every single post here and Zuzana and all Bodyrocker’s inspire me on a daily basis. I feel the love big time! <3<3<3. You just made my day =D

  • Janet

    This was part of a multi faceted workout: a hill run plus 3 bodyrocks! Go for broke!
    commandos:5-5-5kick overs:9-9-11crunches: 17-19-20

  • Felisha

    High knees:84, 84,84, 82, 84, 86, 84, 84, 86

    ROCP: 10, 10, 10

    P90x swing kicks (no dip station): 29, 30, 30

    Crunches: 13, 14, 15

    Loving this week’s workouts! To count my high knees, I go by two’s. I always start with my left, and only count when my right knee goes up – 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 2, 4, 6, 8, 20 …This is what works for me, maybe it will help someone else :)

    • tee

      I kind of do the same thing but after the second knee I count one, then every time I do that knee I count one more, then at the end after my workout and before I post I just double the score.  I just find lower numbers and slower counting easier when I can’t breathe! lol

  • Tori Larson Bradford

    I bet that was hard for you to give up all your clothes. I’ve decided that I need new clothes, but can’t decide if I want to buy some now or wait a few months. Hopefully in a few months I will be leaner and ready for new sizes.

    Here are my scores for the day:

    High Knees: 87, 95, 80, 87, 87, 97, 93, 88, 88

    Commando Push ups: 4,4, 5

    Kick over and knee raises: 9, lost count, 10

    Crunches on Balance Ball: 14, 16, 18

    I should also get 2 miles of walking in this afternoon and hopefully a run in tonight. Yea!

    Oh, BTW: Anyone have a type of shoes they recommend. I think I need a new pair.

    • Felisha

      I use Nike Free XT QuickFit+. They’re lightweight and flexible, but still have plenty of lateral stability. They also feel really good while jumping rope. They have a place for the plus sensor, but I wouldn’t recommend them for runs over 3 miles.

  • Ela

    Hy guys,thaks for this new workout…I’ll do it tomorrow, today I took my day off cause my bones still hurt from yesterday’s workout ( I did “if you really want more workout”)… :)

    Zuzanne, I understand your worry about your clothes…when I left Canarian Islands, where I was living for three years, I had to give to my friends 10 big boxes of clothes, 3 boxes of shoes, and 6 more boxes with mixed things…. :((

    Freddy, I agree with you about what you say about old bad feelings and resentments…sometimes we have to reset, and what’s better to clean up our mind than bodyrock?!!!

  • Dheana

    Hey Zuz – too bad you didn’t have time to auction of your clothes! I bet you’d have a tonne of interest and raise a pretty penny. Don’t feel too bad sweety, there are plenty of killer clothes in your future…and just think, now you have a perfectly legitimate reason for another fashion haul in your new home!

    Thanks to both of you for your continued dedication to the site during such a busy time. We love ya! :)

  • Stephanie

    Ahhh i LOVED this!!! Thoroughly enjoyed every part of it (ok the knee highs i almost enjoy ha ;) )
    Freddy i think i need to take that saying on board and throw everything out that i haven’t touched in 6 months… i have so much crap cluttering my house!
    Scores on the doors~
    High Knees: 76-73-75
    Commando Pushups: 8-8-9
    High Knees: 63-72-61
    Kick Over& Knee Raise: 9-9-10
    High Knees: 73-56-74
    Crunches on Balance Ball: 9-9-12

    Thank you as always for a fantastic workout. Thank you so much for your time and dedication… thank you so much for creating BodyRock. It makes me feel so amazing inside and out… it gives me power and gives me the confidence i need in life. I may have bad diet days or total slacking days but i know if i just push myself to BodyRock then i will get that ball rolling again and things will be okay.
    THANK YOU! x

    P.S. Lunch looks delicious!!

  • Anonymous

    Great as always :)

    My scores:
    Commando Push ups: 10 10 12
    Kick over and Knee raises: 8 9 9
    Crunches: 13 14 13

    Zuzana and Freddy, you both are amazing – you have busy and hectic days, and you take time and give us great workouts – love you!!!! :D

    Take care and have good luck for your move!!

  • Colleen Keith

    Great quick workout again! Gotta get to work, so is great to know it’s over for the day already :)

    Push-up: 10, 12, 12
    Kick over knee raise: 9,9,11
    Crunches: 18,19,20

  • Cynthia Hannah

    I forgot to post my scores last night . Her goes :)

    1) Commando push ups(w/ new count of ea push up 1 rep) 14,14,16
    2) Kick Over & Knee Raise- 11,12,12
    3) Balance Ball Crunches- 19,19,18
    I did high knee rope skips in between averaged between 85-90 for those, think I could have pushed harder on skipping but my stomach still sensitive.
    This was an awesome workout , thank you for keeping up on the site during your move. It would be totally reasonable for you not to so your effort is really appreciated Freddy and Zuzana. :)

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys, just finished this short workout during my study break. I have to admit that I really LUV the benefits that these 12 minute workouts give me. Before I finished this, I was ready to fall asleep, but now?…I’m WIDE awake and ready to get back to it!! For my next break I’m going to repeat Monday’s 12 minute workout and see if I can beat my scores:)

    Here are my scores:

    High Knees: 70,64,76
    Comando Push-up: 12,11,12
    High Knees: 64,80,80
    Kick Over & Knee Raise: 10,11,10
    High Knees: 82,71,77
    Crunches on balance Ball: 20,20,21

    Thanks sooooOOOO much you two!! For you to take the time and STILL put together these great workouts goes beyond saying; it means a lot to me personally so, thank you :).
    Best of luck packing up your things.
    Oh and Zuzanna, if you need to get rid of anymore of your clothing, you can send them to ME!! LOL…I promise to take great care of anything you send!!!

    take care and have a great day everyone,
    Tammy, (team Canada!!)

  • Ивчето Пифчето

    Hey BodyRockers i Just do my workout and i will post my score here.
    Commando Push Ups (beginner mod) 6/5/4
    Kick over and knee raise 8/11/10 (it was a little tight so i can’t do kick side i do kick forward)
    Crunches on Chair :D yeaa i don’t have a ball so i do it on chair :D 8/8/9 (it was hard when u don’t touch the ground with legs :D )
    Best Wishes and thanks for great workout :)


    LUV this workout!!! Challenging yet I could still breathe throughout it and now that it’s over, I have INSTANT energy! I feel great!! Thanks Z & F!!! :)

    High Knees: 60/82/84
    Comando PushUps: 9/9/11
    HN: 52/82/86
    Kick Over w Knee Raise: 10/9/10
    HN: 68/84/90
    Crunchies On Ball: 16/16/18

    Have a great day BR’s!! :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi! Just finished this workout. I used 2 chairs back to back for the knee raises and did 20 side crunches and 12 monkey pushups at the end for a cool down :)
    High Knees: 92,66,92,83,93,99,92,92,92
    Commando Pushup: 8,6,6
    Knee Raises: 7,6,6
    Crunches on Balance ball: 13,13,13
    Now I’m going for my daily run :)

  • GoustiFruit

    For Freddy to be filming you from so close when you are jumping with the rope, I can only imagine he is inside the rope too, jumping in synchronization with you :-D

  • Jos

    Since I still can’t do high knees jump rope fast enough to wipe me out, I
    chose to do regular skipping with intense speed to get the most out of

    I didn’t count the skipping

    Commando Push Ups

    Kick Over & Leg Raise (I subbed with Front kick)

    Crunches on the Ball

  • Isabelle G.

    Hi guys!
    Happy packing and moving, Zuz and Freddy! Can’t wait to know where you’ll end up…..
    I managed to finish this short one (and I gave all I had) but…. I hurt my “tendon d’Achille” (I don’t know how to say that in English….? It’s in the back of the leg, between the heel and the calf) and skipping is painful, to say the least. I guess I’ll have to take a day off, or two…. and I hate to stop for a stupid pain that appeared out of nowhere…

    Anyways, my score:
    #1. high-knees: 83-82-81
    #2. commando push-up: 11-11-12
    #3. high-knees: 82-81-88
    #4. kick-over and knee-raise: 12-13-13
    #5. high-knees: 77-77-93
    #6. crunches: 14-16-16

    Beautiful and sunny day, here today! Great!

  • diana l

    today a made these workout and my scores are:

    1. 8,10,12
    2. 8,11,11
    3. 19,19,18
    it was really intense; i was thinking that i was going sweat so much but iwas wrong i sweat so much.
    i lke more this workout that go to the gym specially because i don´t have much time.
    excuseme for my english…. i am studing

  • AmBoaksy

    I’m loving these shorter workouts this week. Usually when I’m studying for exams, I don’t have time to workout or I’m too tired from staying up late. I’m still tired, but it’s easier to get through and make time for shorter workouts. Like Marija 24, I really appreciate you guys taking the time out of your busy schedule to put these workouts together for us!!! With that said, here is my rather abysmal score from today’s workout.

    High knees: kept losing count. lol

    Commando push-up: 9, 11, 12 – but I don’t have the room in my apartment to do the roll, so these were actually kind of slow

    Knee raises: 7, 8, 9

    Crunches: 7, 10, 10

    Pathetic, I know but I only got about 6 hours of sleep (for the fourth night in a row) so I’m not functioning up to par atm. Luckily, today is my last day of exams so I can sleep after this and BodyRock better!!!! woot!

  • Rosalie Salemink

    I love feeling my abs burn! Great one. Didn’t have a rope, just did high knees, and had to improvise with the knee raise too, but it worked!
    Scores: Commando push-up: 10 10 10
    Kick-over knee-raise: 8 8 9
    Crunches on balence ball: 26 29 24

  • Rosalie Salemink

    I love feeling my abs burn! Great one. Didn’t have a rope, just did high knees, and had to improvise with the knee raise too, but it worked!
    Scores: Commando push-up: 10 10 10
    Kick-over knee-raise: 8 8 9
    Crunches on balence ball: 26 29 24

  • Mindy McT

    First round I used my rope and a basketball for crunches, second and third I just did high knees and crunches on the floor:

    1.Jump rope/High knees: 45,98,92

    2.Commando push-up: 6,6,5

    3.Jump rope/High knees: 39,96,93

    4.Kick-over knee-raise: 10,9,10

    5.Jump rope/High knees: 39,95,92

    6. Crunches
    : 15,24,26

  • Anonymous

    Hi there,

    my scores:
    1.high knees jump rope 73,69,99
    2.commando push up 8,8,8
    3.high knees jump rope 70,67,74
    4.kick over knee raise 9,8 1/2,9
    5.high knees jump rope 61,67,71
    6. crunches on balance ball 14,14,14

    of to the beach


  • Stephani Livingston

    I love these short workouts! They are going to be great to refer back to, so that I can do them before I go to work in the morning when I don’t have a lot of time! Thank you :)

    My score:

    High Knees (without rope): 104,96,98 90,82,84 86,88,88

    Commando Push ups: 6,8,10

    Kick over & knee raise: 9,10,11

    Crunches: 11,10,10

  • Anna Carolina F

    My score:

    1) High Knees: 86/72/85 80/89/75 84/80/87

    2) Commando Push ups: 5/6/8

    3) 2 rounds Knee Raises on Pull up bar, 1 round Kick overs: 9/11, 20

    4) Crunches on the floor: 10/14/15

    I love your outfit Zuzana!! especially the armlet. Oh..and those jeans are so pretty- looks like boyfriendstyle!?

    2 days ago I´ve been in a perfumery because of ” Womenaty” :). It smells like “stunningly flower fields”. My test strip is still smelling wonderful-the flavor last for hours/days!

    But don´t worry- I let the parfume be your personal fragrance! – Perhaps I will buy it when I`m 29, too :P.

    Regards, Carol

  • Annebel Wind

    Hi everyone,

    I do not post my score today.. Because comparing to you guys and Zuzana and Freddy, it’s kind of imbarencing. I do not know what it is but i seem to get slower, instead of faster. I do not seem to have any energie…. If you guys have any tips for what to eat before a workout, to get more energie I really like to know…

    • Anna Carolina F

      Hopefully you not fall ill, Annebel *fingerscrossed*.

      I got some tips for you: Add some fruits to your postworkout-meal like bananas, grapes, berrys, apples, kiwis…

      You feel energized instead of rich like when you eat whole meal bread with cheese or meat or things like that. What you need are short carbs like fructose sugar in fruits ;)

      If you like to add some oat flakes -be free it taste delicious when it´s a little bit soaked.

      Don´t forget you proteinportion after workout for recovery, like we add to every meal->diet challenges

      Good Luck!

      Love, Carol

      • Annebelwind

        Thanx Anna. I allready do not eat bread in the morning anymore.. I had yoghurt with a banana before the workout… And plenty of water… But I think my sleeping problems are part of the weak feeling.. Any more tips are always welcome… Thanx.

      • CMetaxia

        Yes bananas are excellent post workout you’ll need a good hit of potassium after your workout. I like to add fresh pineapple too and it is excellent. Have a couple of almonds as well on the side if you need an extra boost.

    • Stephani Livingston

      Hello, Are you taking advantage of your active rest days? I know that I start to feel like that if I’m not getting adequate rest/sleep. Sometimes I keep myself too busy and forget that my body needs to take a break. Hopefully you will get back into your grove soon! Good luck

      • Annebelwind

        Thanx Stephani, And now you are saying it, I have problems sleeping. Lately worse day normal.. So this will ad to the lacking energie offcourse.. i will take some more rest. maybe I am pushing to hard… Thanx again.

        • Stephani Livingston

          You’re welcome Annebel! I hope you get to feeling better :)

    • Samantha R

      Hi Annebel – have you had a close look at your diet? You might not be eating enough although the lack of sleep will be a major factor. Are you drinking enough water? Have you anything stressing you out? It might just be a case of needing to take two days rest to recuperate and see how you are after that. Hope you feel up to speed again soon. Take care. Sx

  • Donna

    Hey Zuzana and Frederick, Zuzana I don’t know how you managed to just pack one very FULL luggage bag of clothing with all that workout gear you have:) I would be OVER THE BODYROCK MOON to fit into something of YOUR’S let alone keep it for good:)

    It has felt so good this week to be able to do your workouts without being SICK:) Next time I get sick I plan on skipping your workout DEAL:)

    These are my scores;

    High knees with jump rope 99,81,75

    Commando push ups 10,9,10

    High knees with jump rope 99,82,73

    Kick over and knee raise 12,12,13

    High knees with jump rope 101,73,77

    Crunches on balance ball 16,14,16

    Thank-you for the workout today even though you guys are really busy with organizing and packing your move. I am so curious to find out where you are headed but all in good time I guess. I don’t think you will be staying at the NEW destination for to long either for some reason…

  • Samantha R

    I think there’ll be a few envious Bodyrockers around today……I wish I’d been on the receiving end of the bag of clothes. I bet it was heartache to let some of them go;)!

    Managed to do this again before my breakfast – I didn’t think this would be possible for me but I’m into my second week:

    1. High Knees: 81, 77, 86
    2. Commando Push: 10, 10, 10
    3. High Knees: 83, 81, 83
    4. Kick Over & Knee Raise: 10, 10, 10
    5. High Knees: 82, 77, 83
    6. Crunches: 16, 16, 17

    Happy packing guys! Sx

    • AudraFit

      Right back at ya Samantha! You push pretty hard as well =D

  • Chelsea Schuur

    WOD complete :) I’m not going to allow myself to get out of the groove this time despite finals! & next week healthy eating habits challenge will be MINE hahah :)

    10/30sex x 18 rounds
    1. high knees – 101, 93, and 96reps
    2. commando push ups – 6, 6, and 6reps
    3. high knees – 100, 90, and 92reps
    4. kick over knee raise – 11, 12, and 12reps
    5. high knees – 100, 94, and 90reps
    6. crunches – 29, 32, and 35reps

    After Zuzana I did the tone it up slimming pyramid! It’s great for a warm up/cool down but not on it’s own. That’s pretty much how I feel about all of their pyramid workouts though.

  • Sofia

    I thought the same as that we needed more meat. But that actually makes me feel betterr because i’m not a huge fan of meat and when i manage to eat it I never eat more than that, so it makes me feel good that i’m not missing out on anything :). I need to cut out on the carbs a bit.

    I had to do a whole bunch of modifications to this workout because i don’t have a lot of the equipment but i ended up just as sweaty :) so i guess it’s a good sign.

    commando push ups – 4, 4, 4. I’m so behind on this score by i managed to do them without modifications this time so i’m satisfied :)
    leg raises, up and down and side to side – 10, 10, 11
    sandbag sit ups – 11, 9, 12

  • Anonymous

    My first reaction is: OMG that piece of meat is soooo tiny? Don’t we need more to build muscles? But then I remembered how distorted our perceptions of food portion sizes are haha! It’s still be hard I think to cut down to that much. Especially cause I HATE filling up on tea haha!

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  • Maria Lanier

    I will definitely do this too tomorrow. I did the right workout today. :)

  • Lena

    Looks like a great workout! I am going to save it till tomorrow because I really wanted to do an older workout today that someone pointed out in a recent post on one of the workouts (sorry, can’t remember who it was but thanks SO much – it was a great find!). Its called the Metabolic Inferno Workout which Zuzana did back in December 2009 in Malta ( This was an AWESOME workout! Its a time challenge (4 circuits of 3 exercises, only equipment you need are two chairs) and I completed it in 20:36. I finished up with 10 mins of interval skipping to give me a 30 min workout :D So happy and energised now!

    Looking forward to this little killer tomorrow! Have a great day everyone :)

  • Anonymous

    great workout!!
    i added another round of high knees and then a round of pullups for a total of 24 exercises instead of 18
    commandopushups- 4,4,4 (umm how did people do 12 of these? i count 2 pushups, 2 knee tuck&roll as 1)
    kicks&kneeraises- 4,6,6
    hiknees- 83,78,71
    crunches- 10,10,10
    pullups- 5,5,5

    and some awesome yoga after:)

    • AudraFit

      In the video Zuzana counted each pushup as a rep this time. Instead of 2 pushups and a roll as one rep as she usually does. I did 6 each time this way. So when I seen her reps posted I figured out the change. Hope this helps :)

      • Sofia

        ohh now it makes sense! haha i counted 2 as one :)

        • Jos

          I counted 2 push ups, 2 knee tucks and 1 roll as 1 as well!

          • Nina_CZ

            lol did that too :D It was like this in the past, right? 

            • Jos

              Yup I think so

      • Anonymous

        thanx Audra, I just finished and I was like…?????… I assumed something like that,but wasn’t sure..I also counted 2 as one..but it is easy to multiply

      • Dana Grace Van Beneden

        ooooooooooooooohhhhhh!!! Thanks for the clarification! I was so confused as to why I got creamed on the commando pushups by everyone. Not to say it isn’t possible but still….

  • AudraFit

    Hi Zuzana, I managed to squeeze these 12 minutes in tonight :) I really appreciate you and Freddy for continuing the updates during a stressful time of moving. Can I just say that you have whipped me into shape! Thank you!

    High Knees: 90/90/88/88/87/87/86/85/85 (No rope this time either)
    Commando Pushup: 12/12/12
    KickOverKneeRaise: 10/9/8 (two table chairs back-to-back) yup, still no dip station…
    BalanceBallCrunch: 21/20/18

    • Samantha R

      Awesome results again Audra! Sx

    • Carrie

      Nice one! I think to make up for no dip station I’m going to try kicking over chairs like you, then going straight into sumo squat position and doing a knee up to the side from there, if that makes sense!

  • Tara Fox

    yummo !! your lunch looks delish!!! ill be doing this workout this arvo as well as introducing bodyrock to 2 of my friends . good luck with the move

  • Tara Cruz

    Wahoo! Workout done and feeling great!

    Commando PU: 12,12,13
    Kick Over Knee Tuck: 12,12,13
    Crunches on Ball: 16,20,21

    I averaged 70 high knees for each round! I love this site!

  • Sara

    Sigh… this looks like fun, but I’ve got a raging toothache. I tried working out last night and was up most of the night with a throbbing jaw. I will hopefully get the tooth out on Friday, but until then, I’m keeping things gentle. Just wanted to say how pretty Zuzana looks and wish you both the best of luck with packing!

  • Alana Stacy

    I will be doing this workout and the one we did on monday today.. I fell behind… eep! :)

    • Alana Stacy

      Okay, only time for one today..

      Comando PU: 10, 10, 10

      Kick over knee tuck: 10, 10, 10

      Crunches: 15, 15, 15

      and the High knees I averaged about 95-100 per time. Woo. I;m sweaty! :)

  • Anonymous

    I’m looking forward to this workout either tomorrow or Friday time permitting. I love the challenge of commando P/U’s. You lunch looked yummy :-D

  • Kat:)

    Thank you Zuzana and Freddy for another wonderful workout. Will jump on this after my run ;)
    Zuzana your lunch was almost like mine. I had a salad, with grilled Salmon ;)

    • Kat:)

      skipping rope 60 48 57
      comando pushups 5 6 7
      skipping rope 37 58 60
      kick over knee tuck 6 8 9
      skipping rope 50 18 (damn rope kept twisting on me) 56
      crunches on ball 12 15 20
      gotta work on my skipping as you can see. Darn rope kept twisting on me. Does this happen to any one else? If so, what do you do?

  • Karen Manchur

    Wow. This was a good one. I don’t have the clearance for a skipping rope, so my numbers are all based on high knees, and without a dip station I was able to do the Kick overs and knee raise with two chairs whose backs are the same height. Here are my #s:
    1. High Knees – 82-89-94 (will push harder from the start next time)
    2. Commando – 4 – 5 – 5
    3. High Knees – 81-87-87
    4. Kick Overs – 9 – 9 – 10
    5. High Knees – 86 – 89 – 92
    6. Balance ball crunch – 12 – 11 – 12

    I find it helps counting jumps/high knees in tens, marking with my fingers as I go. Much easier to count 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0 nine times than saying 89-90…And I find since I count it faster, I go faster, hence the higher #s for this in rounds 2 and 3. And to make myself feel REALLY awesome about this, I like to count TOTAL high knees – today it was 787! :D

    LOVE this workout. Especially the commando push ups – but I’d like more than 30 seconds to try to do more in a set. I didn’t feel exhausted on these and wasn’t using the beginner mod. Maybe in a 50 second round would be fun!

    • Kat:)

      Wow you are killing on skipping :)

  • Jos

    Yay another short workout. I will do this tomorrow morning as today I already did Sexy and Jacked Workout which I’ve done twice in the past (first time only did 3 rounds took about 19:27, second did full round took about 18:58) and today I finished it in 16:16 :)

    Thanks for putting up this workout even though you’re busy packing for the big move.

  • Anonymous

    I’m definitely doing this one tomorrow!!! :)
    Thank you guys for putting up workouts, even though you’re packing and having pretty hectic week of packing in front of you. This is why you rock and why we’re hooked to your site and workouts!!! :D