May 19 2011

Hot Attack Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

Hi BodyRockers!

So as many of you have figured out by now we are visiting and exploring Los Angeles for the next little while :) It’s great to be back here in West Hollywood!

The trip from Prague went off without a hitch. It’s always a little bit stressful traveling with the dogs, but Cali and Charlie were just incredibly well behaved and they seem happy to be here too.

Now that we are here, we are going to continue with our workouts and also hopefully show you guys some of the sights :) We have already run into bunch of BodyRockers around West Hollywood – it was awesome to meet each one of you :)
Every time you guys stop and say hello to Freddy or I it makes us feel very welcome here so thanks for that.

Enjoy your workout!
Zuzana & Freddy

Workout Breakdown

Time: 12min.Workout Type: Interval trainingExercises: 6
  • Crab Toe Touchmax. reps
  • Dive Bombermax. reps
  • Jump Lungemax. reps
  • Mountain Climbermax. reps
  • One Leg Hot Attack Exercisemax. reps
  • Thigh Shrinker Exercisemax. reps

Get your gear for this workout here:


This workout is only 12 minutes long, but don’t even think that I can’t make you sweat buckets in such a short time. Try it and see for yourself that these workouts are not for cucumbers. These workouts are for BodyRockers ;)

Get your Interval Timer ready and set it up for 4 rounds and two intervals – 10 seconds and 50 seconds. You will go for maximum reps during each 50 second interval. The first part of the workout is made up of 2 exercises: Crab Toe Touch and Dive Bomber. It will look like this:

10 seconds rest

Crab Toe Touch

10 seconds rest

Dive Bomber

You will repeat this sequence one more time.

Crab position

Crab toe touch. Alternate sides for each rep.

I did 35 reps in the first round and 28 reps in the second round.

Dive Bomber

The pictures above show step by step flow of this exercise, however to complete 1 rep you have to reverse the movement and get back into the starting position.

I did 10 reps in the first round and 9 reps in the second round.

After completing the first part of the workout, reset your timer for 6 rounds of 10 seconds and 10 seconds intervals. You will go for a total burnout. There is no rest interval – you will work at your max. effort throughout the entire 2 minutes. There are two exercises that you will be doing back to back (no rest in between): Jump Lunge and Mountain Climber. You wont be able to write your reps down since there is no rest interval so just push hard as much as you can.

Jump Lunge

This is the starting position. Keep your abs tight, chest up, shoulders back and down. Jump up and switch the legs before your land. Go for maximum reps.

Mountain Climber

This is the starting position. Arms are extended and your hands are in line with your shoulders. Abs tight and one knee close to your chest. Jump up keeping the hands on the ground and switch legs. Go for maximum reps.

The  third part of this workout is another 4 minutes of intervals. Set your timer again for 4 rounds and intervals of 10 seconds and 50 seconds. this time you will be doing One Leg Hot Attack exercise and Thigh Shrinker exercise.

10 seconds rest

One Leg Hot Attack

10 seconds rest

Thigh Shrinker

Repeat this sequence one more time (to get the 4 minutes in)

Do a One Leg Squat pushing your hips back and keepig your abs tight. If you can’t go all the way down into the squat, then try to go at least half way down. You can also hold on to something for support when doing this exercise.

Now bring the leg that was in front of you in the back and put your hands on the ground. Don’t forget to keep your back straight and abs tight.

Bend your elbows and bring your face as close to the ground and possible. If you don’t have the strength to do that, then try to bend your elbows at least a little bit. You will gradually develop the strength in your arms but start with the easier variations.

I did 6 reps in the first round and 5 reps in the second round.

One Leg Squat and One Lep Pike Press count as 1 rep. Switch legs after each rep and do as many of them as possible during the 50 second intervals.

Thigh Shrinker Exercise

The pictures above represent the step by step flow of this exercise. This counts as 1 rep. Do as many as possible.

I did 10 reps in the first round and 7 reps in the second round.

After this you will do another 2 minutes of the same burnout as before – Jump Lunges and Mountain Climbers.

That’s it! Enojoy today’s torture  workout :)


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  • DJ Kini

    Part 1:
    1) 39-26
    2) 8-9
    Part 3:
    1) 8-7
    2) 10-12

  • Menia Hondroudi

    part 1
    1.34 30
    2.15 13
    part 2 and 4
    1.10-4 10-4
    2.17-15 17-15
    part 3
    1.7 7
    2.12 13

  • Cindy

    Crab toe touch 42-39
    Dive bombers 12-10
    Jump lunge/MC 10/20 6 rounds
    One leg hot attack 8-8
    Thigh shinker 16-17
    Jump lunge/MC 10/20 6 rounds
    I did it in 17 minutes.

  • kat

    crab toe touch 50 48
    Dive Bombers 12 14
    jump lunge 10 10 8 9 8 8
    mountain climbers 20 20 20 20 20 20
    one leg hot attack 5 6
    thigh shrinker 14 15
    jump lunge 10 10 10 10 8 8
    mountain climbers 20 20 20 20 20 20
    also did
    5 rounds  crunches (50 reps) pushups (10)

    2 rounds diagonal knee raises (20) Reverse pushups (20)

    300 high knees no rope
    5 burpees
    Thanks Zuzka :)

  • Glowmerida

    I absolutely love this workout!!! my thighs felt like cement during the jump lunges ^^ great combo of strenght and cardio!

  • Luke Says No

    My Score:
    Part I: 4 X 10/50
    – CRAB TOE TOUCH: 40, 38
    – DIVE BOMBER: 7, 8
    Part II: 6 x 10/10
    Part III: 4 X 10/50
    Part IV: same as part II

  • Anna Carolina F

    Crab Toe Touch 37- 42
    Dive Bomber 8-8
    Jump Lunge/ Mountain Climber -nc-
    One Leg Hot Attack Exercise 4-4
    Thigh Shrinker Exercise  7-8
    Jump Lunge/ Mountain Climber -nc-

  • Daria Valentinova

    My scores for today (27.09.11, 10th week of pregnancy)

    Crab Toe Touch – 30 / 33
    Dive Bomber – 7 / 6
    Jump Lunge (1) – 13 / 10 / 9 / 8 / 8 / 8
    Mountain Climber (1) – 23 / 20 / 19 / 18 / 17 / 18
    One Leg Hot Attack Exercise – 5 / 5,5
    Thigh Shrinker Exercise – 11 / 11
    Jump Lunge (2) – 15 / 15 / 13 / 12 / 13 / 12
    Mountain Climber (2) – 24 / 21 / 22 / 20 / 23 / 20

  • Daria Valentinova

    My score for today (27.09.11, 10th week of pregnancy)

    Crab Toe Touch – 30 / 33

    Dive Bomber – 7 / 6

    Jump Lunge (1) – 13 / 10 / 9 / 8 / 8 / 8

    Mountain Climber (1) – 23 / 20 / 19 / 18 / 17 / 18

    One Leg Hot Attack Exercise – 5 / 5,5

    Thigh Shrinker Exercise – 11 / 11

    Jump Lunge (2) – 15 / 15 / 13 / 12 / 13 / 12

    Mountain Climber (2) – 24 / 21 / 22 / 20 / 23 / 20

  • Zoe Quixote

    great workout, followed by burpee for erin, 8 pull-ups, and 5 minutes skipping. didn’t beat any scores, tho :(
    thanks, guys!!!

  • Vivi

    I did it for the secon dtime and I beat my score, very happy !!
    Part 1
    Crab toe touch : 51.49
    Dive bombers : 12.9 (difficult with triceps in pain with yesterday’s workouts)

    Part 3
    One leg hot attack : 9.10
    Thigh shrunker 19.21

    Part 2 & 4
    Jump lunge : on average 10-12
    Climbers : on average 20-22

  • Anonymous

    Hi there,
    All of our newer routines have bodyweight only modifications so you don’t need any equipment to complete the workouts. Thanks!

  • Aletinita

    oh my god. i am dead. thanks

  • kat

    just did this one today :)
    Crab toe touch 42 44
    dive bombers 13 14
    jump lunge/mountain climbers (8/21)
    one leg hot attack 7 8
    thigh shrinker 14 17
    jump lunge/mountain climbers (7/20) 
    100 sit ups and 10 burpees for Erin :) time for Shower :)
    Thank you Zuzana and Freddy

  • kat

    just did this one today :)
    Crab toe touch 42 44
    dive bombers 13 14
    jump lunge/mountain climbers (8/21)
    one leg hot attack 7 8
    thigh shrinker 14 17
    jump lunge/mountain climbers (7/20) 
    100 sit ups and 10 burpees for Erin :) time for Shower :)
    Thank you Zuzana and Freddy

  • Luke Says No

    My Score:
    Part I: 4 X 10/50
    – CRAB TOE TOUCH: 38, 32
    – DIVE BOMBER: 8.5, 6
    Part II: 6 x 10/10
    Part III: 4 X 10/50
    Part IV: same as part II

  • Zoe Quixote

    whew!! 3rd time doing it. for the thigh shrinker, i accidentally did sumo jumps–just the first part of the exercise, where you jump each leg up and twist towards it? (i didn’t scroll down far enough in the photos :P), so my numbers are crazy high, haha:

    Crab Toe Touch
    33, 36
    40, 40
    42, 41
    Dive Bomber
    5, 6
    6, 7
    8, 11

    One Leg Hot Attack
    6, 6
    7, 7
    6, 6

    Thigh Shrinker
    11, 12
    13, 12
    sumo jumps by accident: 88, 70

    it felt awesome!! thanks!!

    • Zoe Quixote

      and i followed with 10 pull-ups, 20 air-kicks from the pull-up bar and 20 from the dip station (i’m not sure which is better :))

  • Janessa Reimer

    This workout is awesome! i did this workout a month and a half ago and today i decided to try it again and i totally beat my scores from last time! thanks!

  • Elizabethtown22

    I was wondering where you get your awesome sporty tops? I love all your oufits i’d deffinetely like to work out  as great as you if i had those nice threads  :)

  • Zoe Quixote

    they suggest doing only one, but doing it with enough intensity that you *can’t* do more. but do the warm-up first!

    • Zoe Quixote

      the link is to their warm-up

  • Zoe Quixote

    i don’t have jet-lag, but i almost died!!
    but my scores improved!!

    crab toe-touch
    1st: 33, 36
    2nd: 40, 40
    Dive Bomber
    1st: 5, 6
    2nd :6, 7

    One Leg Hot Attack
    6, 6
    7, 7

    Thigh Shrinker
    11, 12
    13, 12

    whew! it took me dog-years to cool down!!

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Hey hunks & dolls!
    I added an extra round in the 1st and 3rd interval. I beat my personal best :) 

    Scores on June 15th (+ old scores from May 21st):
    1.Part: 6×10/50: 
    Crab Toe Touch: 53-50-48 (50-48)
    Dive Bombers: 12-10-9 (11,5-9)
    2.Part: 6×10/10:
    Mountain Climbers: 26 to 21 (25 to 20)
    Jump Lunges: 12 to 8 (12 to 7)
    3.Part: 6×10/50:
    One Leg Hot Attack: 9-9-9 (8-8)
    Thigh Shrinker: 20-22-21 (17-18)
    4.Part: 6×10/10:
    M.C: 26 to 22 (25 to 20)
    J.L: 13 to 8 (12 to 7)  

    I added 6×10/10: Plank Jumps & V-Crunches
    + 60 Knee Raises from pull-up bar 
    Have a FAB Wednesday :*
    Love, Maria

  • Laurie Skora

    Wow! That was tough! My scores were:
    Crab toe touch 36/33
    Dive Bombers 10/9… have never done these before and they are killer lol
    One leg hot attacks 8/7 I can’t get down that low but I did my best.. the worst for me was trying to push myself back up after going to my hands! haha 
    Thigh shrinker 13/16
    I screwed up and forgot about the last group of lunges and mountain climbers! Oops! But I went back even after my cool down and did it! hahaha Does that qualify me as a true bodyrocker? lol Thanks for another great workout :)

  • Anonymous

    Crab Toe Touch 42-38
    Dive Bombers 11- 9 (1 on knees)

    1LHA: 7 – 6.5
    TS 12.5 – 12

  • Tarra RB

    Awesome workout – still cant 1 leg squat but getting better! Thanks Zuzanna and Freddie! :)

  • Anonymous

    I know I’m super late doing this, but I’ve been on vacation, and I love running on the beach. :) I didn’t write my scores down for the mountain climbers and jump lunges, but on average I did 17 mountain climbers and 6 jump lunges.
    Crab-30, 28
    Dive bombers- 8,8
    One-leg- 4,5
    Thigh shrinker- 10, 11

    Just so you know, my thighs are jello now. I also did 10 minutes of jump rope/ shadow boxing afterward.

  • Judith Huberdeau

    I did this workout on Thusdays and it was awesome!! I don`t know why, but this workout was really special for me… I also added an extra 20 min. skipping rope at the end of it! :)
    Here`s my scores:

    Part 1
    Crab: 34-23
    Dive Bomber: 7-8

    Part 2

    Part 3
    One Leg Pistole to Pike Press: 5-4
    Thighs Shrinkers: 10-9

    Thanks again for everything that you guys are doing for us!!

    Lots of love xx

  • Rosalie Salemink

    I did it, first workout home since my holiday in Croatia! Loved it :D
    Even in Croatia I did your workouts – I printed 3 full pages of old workouts and did one 2 times a day!
    I love staying in shape, even on vacation. And it felt good too!
    My scores for today:
    Crab toe touch (accidentally did sleeping crabs, so..) : 18 16
    Dive bombers : 9 8

    One leg attack exercise ( I couldn’t go all the way down, just wasn’t strong enough yet) : 7 8
    Thigh shrinker exercise: 12 11.5

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  • Isidora

    I did it like an hour ago, loved it very intense! did 6 rounds on the first part

    Crab toe touch: 41-38-35
    Dive Bombers: 10-9-8

    Jump lunges: lowest and higher: 3-10 / 3-10
    M.climber: lowest and higher: 15-20 / 17-21

    One leg hot attack: 7 – 6 (half 1 leg squat)
    thigh shrinker: 10 – 9 

    :D stretch and 5 min headstand with wall support. 

  • Irene C

    Hi Shah Sheena80:

    I started 2 months ago. I would say to try the daily workouts in the beginner way. Don’t be hard on yourself but push to your level, in a way that you feel you are passing your comfort level. Although I’ve been training for 2 months now I still struggling with strengh, balance, power and everything else but it’s very rewarding when you see your improvement each day but remember, step by step.
    Really don’t be hard on yourself or you will quit. Just take it as a long stair up. Sometimes you will jump up two steps, and some days you will go down one but the thing is to keep looking up.
    And diet is the main thing… you can be very strong and ripped but if you have a great layer of fat on top your muscles will never show up.

    I encourage you to take the healthy path because it is really worthy. Mentaly and physicaly. I felt I should write you to cheer you up because it is really rewarding when people who don’t even know you come and tell you that they like your body and they wish they look like you like it happened recently to me. It’s the first time it happens to me!!! I used to be slimmer when I was younger but never toned and that’s the key i think.

    Good luck and bring it on!

  • MissSandraD

    Hey Zuzana and Freddy,  you guys look like your enjoying yourselves :)

    Somehow this turned into a 24 min. workout rather than a 12 min. (obviously I got confused somewhere along the way), but yeah for me :)

    Part 1:
    Crab Toe Touches: 31, 26, 31, 24
    Dive Bomber: 8, 6, 5, 5

    Part 2:
    Jump Lunges and M/C = Max. Effort X 2

    Part 3:
    1 Leg Hot Attack: 6, 6, 5, 5
    Thigh Slimmer: 11, 8, 11, 10

    Have a good one Body Rockers,

  • Isabelle G.

    Did this workout yesterday with my husband and oldest son (16), and I suffered during 12 minutes with them (they’re both quite natural athletes, and, even though I practice 4 to 5 times a week with Zuzana’s workout, they still can beat me at jumping lunges!!!  O.k., BUT I beat them at the crab toe touch (barely, I must confess), not at the dive bombers (…but I was close!!), I beat them at the mountain climbers (yeah!), the one-leg hot attack (cool!), AND the thigh shrinkers!!
    We had a really good time, doing this outside in the sun, with the apple trees in bloom all around us!
    My score:
    Crab toe touch: 44-47
    Dive bombers: 8-7
    Jump lunges: between 9 and…. 4
    Mountain climbers: ± 18-20
    One-leg hot attack: 6-6
    Thigh shrinker: 15-16
    Tomorrow, I’m gonna chose another workout, and I’m gonna start another “diet” challenge.  I mean, I want to be very conscious of what I eat, and lose that stubborn fat… last 10 pounds…  That’s my goal. 

  • Tori Larson Bradford

    Part one is 4 minutes.  4 rounds of 10 sec off 50 sec on.
    Part two is 2 minutes  6 rnds 10/10 seconds
    Part three is 4 minutes  4 rnds 10/50 seconds
    Part four is just a repeat of part two.

  • Tori Larson Bradford

     Just jump in with the most recent workout.  That’s what I did.  I just follow her calendar.  If she doesn’t have a workout posted I go back and find another workout or try one I have done already.  I hope this helps.

  • Tori Larson Bradford

    I wish I had that problem.  If I could give you some of mine I would.  I end up with awful back and neck pain  because of large breasts.  I know loosing a cup size bothers you.  As others have said most women just loose fat there and there isn’t much you can do about it.

  • Tori Larson Bradford

     Elephant dancing swan lake…great imagery.

  • Tori Larson Bradford

    Here is a virtual kick in the butt.  Hee, hee.  You can do it.  I know you can.

  • Sofi

    Hey guys! I think i’m doing this tomorrow morning.. I just wanted to share what I experienced today..
    So i went to a gym with a friend of mine, I’m a really shy person so I was ‘scared’ of what people might think of me.. So anyway I went there, and they all thought that I have been lifting weights haha the truth is that I have only been doing your workouts (and I definitely look better than back when I lifted weights) It was a very rewarding experience because I was afraid of what they might think of me, and they were very impressed cuz I never got tired :) 
    Thanks guys! i owe it all to you !! I definitely think that this helped me with my self-confidence!! And I’m definitely not going back to the gym! I got there around 10.40 am and finished by 1 pm!! Haha I think I just went there to prove what I already knew: I get more benefits with your workouts and in less time! Keep it up ;)

  • Anonymous

    I did this one today, a modified version though, because I need to be able to walk tomorrow :D . The first 2 exercises I did 10 sec with 30 sec, then next two 10 sec with 20 sec and last two 10 sec with 30 sec. Feeling good now :)

  • Anonymous

    Just finished this one. I did it outside and I loved it!
    It is so nice to exercise outside – I think that you feel the pain way less because you enjoy your workout and the nice things around you way more.
    I did the workout twice
    Here is my score:
    Dancing crab: 42/40 // 42/40
    Dive bombers: 9/10 // 9/10
    JL: 10/8 for the rest // 10/8 for the rest
    MC: 24/24/22/20/20/24 // 24/24/22/22/22/24
    One leg squat/pike press: 6/5 // 6/7 (I alternated leg after each interval)
    Vertical leap/knee up: 9/9 // 10/10
    JL: 10/8 for the rest // 10/8 for the rest
    MC: 22/22/22/22/20/22 // 24/24/22/22/22/26

    Great one! Loved it!

  • Stephanie

     This is my favourite kind of workout. I enjoyed this lots and loved the burnout each round was giving!

    My scores~
    Crab Toe Touch: 36-34
    Dive Bomber: 7-6
    Jump Lunge: 40-27
    Mountain Climber: 34-40
    One Leg Hot Attack: 5-5
    Thigh Shrinker: 10-10

    I’m pleased with these after not working out for a week. :-/ 
    Thank you guys for your dedication to us Rockers! Wow… LA… Can i join you? Hah, i wish! Have lots of funnnn!! x

  • Ronica

    With some trepidation (the jump lunge/mountain climber combo, you know) I did this workout today and discovered that it was fun!  It’s a great mixture of exercises paired to achieve a perfectly balanced workout. 

    I’ve never posted my scores before, but the feel-good post workout chemicals are swirling around in my brain so…what the heck!
    Pt1: A. 44-49  B. 11-9
    Pt2: Between 6-11 & 20-30
    Pt3: A. 6-6  B. 10-9
    Pt4: Between 6-10 & 19-29

    Thanks Z & F!


  • Zoe Quixote

    true suffering….
    but i soldiered!! 

  • Anonymous

     Hi there,

    I just finished this workout,and my scores are
    1.crab toe touch                 36,28
    2. dive bomber                    8,7 leg hot att. (assisted)     5 1/2, 5 1/2
    4.thigh shrinker                       8,7

    jump lunges,m.climbers in between were killers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    kisses to you all

  • Anonymous

    Good morning Z & F!  :)  Hope you are enjoying LA!

    I would like to start off by saying THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!  I ran a 5k this past weekend and shaved 2 minutes off my time and set a new PR!  If you are a runner, you know how good this feels!!  I had a couple of things motivating me: (1) some young college girls in front of me (probably early 20’s) (and I’m almost in my mid-30’s) and (2) mostly all I could think about was your intense workouts and how I was waiting for my timer to go off (of course I didn’t have one set), but just pushing and pushing myself until that timer (which was the finish line in my mind) went off!  Of course, I believe your workouts have helped me with not only strength but also my endurance.  When you are waiting for that interval timer to go off and you’re pushing and pushing yourself, I believe you are building endurance as well.  So again, Thank You!  :)

    My time for this WO:
    Crab Toe Touch: 30, 22
    Dive Bomber: 6.5, 5.5.  (since you have to reverse the movement to make it one rep, I was usually in the middle of the dive bomber when the timer went off)  (I hope to get better at these.  Make that: I WILL get better at these!)
    One Leg Hot Attack: 5, 6  I try not to get frustrated on these because I want to do them correctly and do several of them, but right now, that’s just not happending for me.  I WILL get better at these too!  I have faith!  :)
    Thigh Shrinker: 8, 11

    The first set of Jump Lunges and Mountain Climbers were great!  That second set about killed me! 

    Thanks for another great workout!!

  • Monstrosity5

    I doubled everything to make this a 24 min workout. 
    Warm up:
    1000M row (sub 5 min)
    20 low push ups
    10/10 KB snatches
    30 squats
    20 KB swings

    Combo 1
    8 rounds – 8 min (:10/:50)
    Crab Toe: 46-45-46-44
    Dive Bomber: 17-17-16-15

    Combo 2
    12 rounds – 4 min (:10/:10)
    Jump lunge: 10-10-10-10-10-10
    Mt Climber:  20-20-15-15-16-16

    Combo 3
    8 rounds – 8 min (:10/:50)
    1-leg hot attack: 6-6-6-6
    Thigh Shrink: 10-10-10-10

    Combo 4
    12 rounds – 4 min (:10/:10)
    Jump lunge: 10-10-10-13-10-10
    Mt Climber:  15-15-15-15-15-15

    Good Fun!!  Thank you!
    I’m from LA – Go to Manhattan Beach!

  • Miss Christine

    Crab Toe Touch 31,33Dive Bomber 8,8One Leg Hot Attack Exercise 4,5 (1st round assisted, 2nd halfway down)Thigh Shrinker Exercise 10,12

  • Mia

     Hi @d99c9c1ecb6f78119a3483e7599e2a1d:disqus,

    we women store a lot of fat in our breast, when we start losing fat we lose fat everywhere in our bodies, so we lose fat from our breast too. This is one of the places we first notice to lose from because when the bras start to feel slightly lose it becomes uncomfortable.

    I am sorry to say that is it not cause by doing push-ups, or any other upper body exercises. It just doesn’t work that way. I bet we all wished we could lose fat exactly where we want to, but…
    As a matter of fact push-ups might actually help to keep your breast snice and perky, because you build the pecs muscles underneath helping to tighten the skin and support the breast.

  • Donna

    Hi Camille, I was a bouncing C cup when I started and I am now a firm B cup but I think I need to be refitted because I have to adjust all my bras:( I am tall and well proportioned so I’m not too concerned:) I agree with Maria I don’t think there is anything to do except go under the knife:( I would never do this but wouldn’t judge anyone that did:)

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Dear Camille
    I have also lost at least 1 cup in breast size, due to the training. I am sorry to tell you, that there is absolutely nothing to do about it! Our breasts are primarily made of fat, which we also loose if our bodies lack calories from hard training, too little food and so on. We loose fat on our chest just like we do on any other place of the body. I myself do NOT wish to get under the knife, but I have to learn to love my smaller but firm breasts :)
    Love, Maria   

  • Мария Давлеева

    I started bodyrocking in January but didn’t pay too much attention to what I have een eating & when. Since I have known that we are going to the seashore in August  I made myself a goal to look great on the beach. So I have been eating clean & working out every day for a weak now but had a little “vacation” on Sunday))) that’s my inspiration)) I deserved a rest on a sunny beach & want to look good there & as soon as I know that people get used to most everything especially good things I know that even after getting back home I will go on living this healthy way of life.
    I washappy to discover a new workout on the site though I started doing the older routines one by one that I used to do before I started working out with “today’s workout”.
    My scores:
    Crab toe touch – 37, 37
    Dive bomber – 11, 8 1/2 (that’s a real bomb for me as it’s very difficult one)
    1 leg hot attack (full squats without assistance) – 6, 6
    Thigh shrinker – 11, 11 (that was impossible after series of j.lunges & m.climbers)

  • Annalise

    Dive Bomber was the major challenge for me.  I seemed to get down halfway to be able to do the whole movement.  A future challenge will be to go the whole way.  Zuzana you are looking particularly amazing in this one, hope you guys are enjoying LA, I am very inspired by your adventurous lives.

    Crab Toe Touch: 29, 32
    Dive Bomber: 7, 5
    One Leg Hot Attach: 9, 8
    Thigh Shrinker, 11, 16.5


  • Magda, Greece

    I’d describe this workout like this: Now that I’m done…somebody please call 911.

  • Cindy

    I did this workout at the gym today.
    Jump rope (different styles) 45 sec.
    Side Jump Lunges 24-25-24-25-22-21-23
    Jump Rope
    Jump rope 45 ses
    Total Jump rope repetitions -1,259
    It took 28 minutes to complete it but I was dripping with sweat.
    Zuzana, You are a person who represents beauty and health. Most people sometimes can/t achieve these qualities even with money.You are setting a good example for most of us to accomplish our goals with great effort and a positive mind. We do not need to go to a fancy gym or have a prestigious personal trainer to achieve a healthy and beautiful body. You are providing people with these tools for free.


  • Anonymous

     Hi there,

    second day of my catching up plan..I did take it off…great!!!!

  • Sheldond

    Hi Zuzana, i did this workout routine and it was awesome, i just wanted to know if there is a easier version for the 1 leg hot attack for beginners!

    I could do the rest of the work out but could not balance my self for this particular routine.

    My reps

    1. crab toe touches – 40, 30
    2. Dive bomber – 25,15
    3. the other as much as i could do.

  • Anonymous

    Wow this wore me out… I was outta breath and everything! I had to take a break after part 3 I couldn’t breathe at all haha. Here are my scores:

    part1: Crab toe touch 32, 27 – Dive bomber 8, 5
    part3: One leg 5, 5 – Thigh Shrinker 11, 12 :D

    I have been doing pull-ups as often as I can and I am able to do one… get down and do another… without jumping lol so I am excited about that :D!!

  • Lenka Slovakia

    Hi hi guys… So i have eyes infection so have to stay at home till
    thursday :{ I am like what i will be doing….Now i know, i will do
    workouts twice a day….

    So, today at 3 p.m i did 45 min skipping in this great sauna suit- its briliant and now i just finished this workout:

    Crab: 33- 26

    Dive Bo: 8- 6

    JL:between 10-6

    MC: between 20

    One leg:5 n half-6




    Loved it and now shower and dinner…Fish, veg and glass of vine :o} and good night… 

  • Sarihndipity83

     Question for the knowledgeable!! Is a shake consisting only of half a frozen banana and unsweetened almond milk considered pre-workout carbs, thus I should avoid until post? I mean… it’s half a banana. 

    • Jos

       Rather than having banana which is high in fructose, it’s better to have sweet potatoes as your pre workout carb :)

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  • Janet

    I didn’t see this new workout before I went out on a good 6 mile run but I gave it my best
    I used two timers so I wouldn’t have to fiddle in between
    Crab. 40-34
    Dive bomb 2-11
    Jump lunges between 5-7
    Mt climbers between17-21
    One leg 6-6
    Thigh 12-13
    Lungs between 5-8
    Mt climb 19-22

    Now a little green energy smoothie and a couple hours of surf before it gets scorching hot. Saturdays are the best!! Glad to hear you are enjoying LA!

    • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

       What are you made of, Janet??!! Incredible scores, cannot believe you could sandwich this between a 6 mile run and a couple of hours surfing. Admirable.

  • Janet

    Ha! You got me good on this one. I didn’t see this workout before I went for my 6 mile hill run so I hit that pretty hard. Then this workout appeared on my horizon! OMG I can’t fall behind!
    I had an old timer with a broken clip so I used two timers so I wouldn’t have to fiddle around and chat with Brutus in between.
    Crab 40-34
    Dive bombers 12-11

    Lunges between 5-7
    Mt climbers between 17-21

    One leg squat and pike press 6-6 left leg still not as confident as the right. Something to keep shooting for I guess
    Thigh shrinker 12-13 (if you say this will shrink my thighs I believe you, but mine feel poofy now)

    Lunges between 5-8
    Mt climbers 19-22

    Since it is only 7am I’m going to do a few ab tweakers and have a quick shower and off for a little mountain bike ride! I love Saturdays!
    Cheers to Sverige

    • Janet

      Oops that was supposed to read cheers to everyone. Sometimes spellcheckers come up with the weirdest garbage. Probably some little techno geek holed up in a windowless closet chuckling away as he creates these bizarre spelling corrections

  • Nina_CZ

     I have no idea why, but I cant post my score, my comments do not show up :(( I will try this last time :D
    Part 1 – Crab Dance 33-30, Dive Bomber 5-3proper+4beginners
    Part 3 – One Leg Combo 5-4 (all the way down!!!) :) and Thigh Shrinker 8-7 (this really burned).

    My butt is dead by the lunges/climbers combo! But yesterday I made myself a record and did 1000 Jumprope Highknees in 9:23! :) Great progress, my last score from Januarty was over 27 minutes :)))

    • Nina_CZ

      Ha, this one finally showed up! :)))  

      • tee

        I used to think all I had to say was my posts don’t show up, and then they show up! lol 

    • Jos

       Great job on your full unassisted one leg squats and impressive time on your 1000 high knees jump rope :D I still can’t go fast on my high knees jump rope.

      • Nina_CZ

        Thank you! I almost died during that jumping, I only took about 10-15sec break for water after 600th skip, so it could have been more, maybe next time, I really enjoyed it :)) 

    • Janet

      On your way to having a bullet butt ;)

      • Nina_CZ

        Oh I want that! :D 

        • Janet

          you gotta pick a number and stand in line

          • Nina_CZ

            No way, I am gonna skip a line by a hardwork, hahahahaaaa :D Just did Tik Tok Challenge and my legs are DEAD. Added 4 minutes of interval skipping  to the beginning and 4 minutes to the end, I really feel like my legs need a break now :D   

  • Cindy

    I just did it at the Y’s today. My scores:
    Crab Toe Touch 37-35
    Divebomber 10-10
    Jump Lunge/Mt. Climber 2 minutes
    One Leg Hot Attack 6-7
    Thigh Shrinker 12-13
    Jump Lunge/Mt.Climber 2 Minutes
    This was a real killer and the beauty of this workout is that too short but too intense. No Spinning class or Treadmill running can compete with this hard workout. Thanks!

  • diana l

     when i was doing the workout i confused with te timer and i did it twice to don´t have doubts but finally i was very tired i took a shower and i slept for one hour and i wok very well.
    the best workout that i could find
    thanks zuzana and Frederick

  • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    Let me tell ya somethin’, Zuzana: you didn’t nearly puke because you haven’t recovered from your jet lag. This workout was THAT tough.

    I’ve been dreading it since I first saw the video yesterday morning. Just the sight of it made me shake and sweat. But I couldn’t postpone the execution any longer, so Craig and I, supporting and pushing each other both did this a little while ago. I let him share his scores, mines are as follows:
    Crab toe touches: 31 | 24
    Dive bombers: 8.5 | 7
    JL (recorded by Craig): 8 | 6 | 6 | 6 | 5 | 4 | 6 | 5 | 5 | 5
    MC: 17 | 16 | 16 | 17 | 16 | 16 | 16 | 16 | 17 | 17
    My Worst Enemies: 5 | 6
    Thigh shrinkers: 12.5 | 14
    JL: 9 | 7 | 5 | 5 | 4 | 5 | 5 | 3 | 5 | 6
    MC: 20 | 19 | 18 | 18 | 16 | 18 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18

    I reached 2, that is TWO milestones today as well:
    1. I did ALL 6 right legged one leg squats unsupported (both back and forth). My lefts are still miserable, although at least I can go down and once cross that half-squatty threshold on the way up with some support I can stand up as well. Maybe in a few months’ time I can do those properly as well.
    2. I did 2 times 2 pull ups from a dead hang. For months I couldn’t do a single one, than I could do one, and for a while even two and (after a little rest) another one. Today I could do another consecutive 2 after a bit of rest. My goal is to be able to do 5 in a row by the end of the summer.

    • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

      Holy Cow! I just realised that I set the interval timer to 10 times 10-10 seconds for the jump lunges and mountain climbers (as opposed to 6 rounds), no wonder we were dead by the end of both ‘2 minutes’.

  • Anonymous

     Hi there
    so first workout in my catching up plan was Dirty bit workout,and it was wooow, I didn’t do my skipping on my trip, couldn’t do it in a hotel room, and I am shocked how fast can your (mine) condition go down…????But the good (hmm.great) thing is that now I have to push harder to catch up with some scores…!!!!push,push,pushkisses to you all


     I luv how this workout is broken up like that, awesome Zuzana!
    And I’m happy to hear you, Freddy and the doggies made it to LA safely!!  :)

    My results:
    Crab Toe Touch= 39/38
    Dive Bomber= 13/10
    JL & MC= Total Burnout!!!  I kept up with the MC’s but the JL were soooo hard after the first round!
    One Leg Hot Attack= 5/6 (With the help of a chair)
    Thigh Shrinker= 11/12
    JL & MC= Total Burnout!!!!

    Have a great day BodyRockers!!  I have a long one ahead of me but what a fantastic start I’ve had!!!  Thanks Zuzana and Freddy!  
    CHEERS!  :)

  • Anonymous

     Hi there,

    I just come back home (again), and didn’t have time or internet connection in my hotel room to check up with you all, but I had my exercise log and I did some old workouts…just wanted to say hi, and I will be catching up with you…
    Can’t wait to start with this new ones.

    kisses to you all

  • Annebelwind

    Hi everyone, 

    Wow Zuzana, even with a jet lag you are still pushing.. I hope you feel better soon.

    My scores:
    crab toe touch: 28, 29
    dive bomber: 7, 8
    jump lunge/ moutain climbers… 2 minutes
    one leg hot attack: 5.5, 5.5
    thigh shrinker: 11, 10.5
    jump lunge/ moutain climbers… 2 minutes

    Thanx guys…

  • Anonymous

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy, 

    I don’t think there is a single bodyrocker who wouldn’t try to make you feel welcome in their hometown.  I guess I’m warming to LA since you’re there for a while and everyone is being nice to you.  

    I can’t do Dive Bombers (shoulder still hurts) or Pistols (bad right knee) so not sure I will try this workout.  Love that you are getting back into the swing of things. 

    Jet lag can be a bear.  The few times I needed to reset the body clock I stayed up the next day and went to bed at the time everyone there did.

    I’m really glad you four are safe and sound and doing well!

    • Samantha R

      You sound like you’re having a bad time of it Chris, I hope your poorly bits get better soon.  Sx

    • Nina_CZ

      Aww Chris, I am sorry for your issues :( I can’t do many divebomber because my upper body strenght sucks :D Get well soon, I belive you will suprise us with some amazing score soon :) Sending many positive thoughts towards you! :)

    • Anonymous

      Chris: Take care of your knees and shoulder like they’re a sick child that you love dearly. You’ll need them for a very long time.

    • Anonymous

      Chris: Take care of your knees and shoulder like they’re a sick child that you love dearly. You’ll need them for a very long time.

      • Anonymous

        Hi Marge, Nina and  Samantha;Thank you for the support!I will treat them well.  The knee is a very old injury which left me without an ACL the shoulder injury is probably even older and mends enough to use if treated nice.  Rotating under load shoulder workouts are don’t right now.I haven’t always treated my body well and worked it harder than I should have at times.  Not sure anyone would want a kidney from me even if I was really willing to part with one. :-)–ChrisPS Where is Zuzana working out?  It looks like a dance floor.  Should use one of the ladders for Pull ups (maybe with a broom handle) which btw is one of her weak areas!

  • tee

    Hi guys!

    I did this workout earlier today but didn’t get a chance to post my results.
    crab toe touch – 35, 28
    dive bombers – 6, 6
    jump lunges – 4 each time
    mountain climbers – 13 each
    hot attack – 5, 4
    thigh shrinker – 10, 9
    jump lunges 3 or 4 each
    mountain climbers – 15 each

    I was really scared after watching Zuz do this but I actually didn’t find it that bad!  I think because I get so slowed down in the dive bombers and the hot attack, that it kind of saved me! lol the burnouts were pretty hard though.


  • Cynthia Hannah

     Glad your travels went so well :)  ,  my scores:

    Part 1- crab toe touches- 50,46
             – dive bombers- 12,10 1/2

    Part2- 2min drill
    Part3-One Leg Hot Attack- 7,7
            Thigh Shrinker- 12,12
    Part4- 2min drill

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  • Andy haros

    this workout was super awesome!! i will admit i was a little scare of starting! LoL! but like ALWAYS, i end up very very happy that i got it done! it just feels so amazing! thanks my friends! 

  • lUCy

    hi I don`t know but I find thi workout not to kill X)
    part 1: 26-26

    Part 2:  average 7 jump lunge and
    20 mountain c.

    Part 3:  5-6

    Part 4:  average 7-20
    PLUS I did 20mnts in treadmill :D

  • Donna

    Hi Zuzana and Freddy:) This workout was fantastic totally loved it:) You sure gave us all a full body workout to take care of all the requests:) You combined all body-parts into one workout to keep us all happy:) Smart thinking 99:) I laughed during the jump lunges because I kept on telling myself “I am not a cuccumber” lol During the mountain climbers I was singing “she’s got legs and she knows how to use them” and this got me through…lol
    These are my scores;

    Crab toe touch 41,39/39,36
    Dive bomber 12,12/13,13

    Jump lunge highest 8 lowest 4
    Mountain climbers highest 22 lowest 20

    One leg hot attack 7,8/8,9
    Thigh shrinker 17,17/18/17

    I have family in the catering business and while I was doing this three platters of chocolate mud cake, carrot cake and asssorted mini cakes and muffins where delivered. My fridge is full of sweets.I have been busy making assorted plates to take too whoever I will be visiting on the weekend because I wont be eating not even one crumb:) I had to touch them to put them onto plates and they were very fresh and moist but I didn’t lick my fingers:) Feeling great and looking forward to your next workout:) Thanks heaps sending cake to everyone…lol

    • Donna

      Looking at other people’s scores I just discovered I might of made an error and did this workout twice:) So it looks like 4 min of mountain climbers and jump lunges can be done:)

      • Andy haros

        wow! thats amazing! i thought 2 minutes are already super hard! lucky!

        • Donna

          Thanks Andy:)

      • Nina_CZ

        Acutally I wanted to do it twice too, it was over so fast, I had to check the website again to find out it was really just one round :) 

      • Jos

         I was going to do 2 rounds as well, but unfortunately my body didn’t want to cooperate :P

        • Donna

          I still can’t believe my body co-operated with this workout twice back to back:) My arms and legs are so much more muscular and stronger than when I first started, I’m just waiting for my mid section to catch up:) So happy I can do the dive bombers very well now also:)

    • Nina_CZ

      Donna, great job with the One leg combo! :) 

      • Donna

        Thanks Nina:) I actually enjoy these now:)

      • Donna

        Thanks Nina:) I actually enjoy these now:)

  • Lisa

    Sweat dripping down my face, out of breath, pacing the rooms…need water…can’t stop…that’s me after all of your workouts! Love it!

    Crab Toe Touch 40, 40
    Dive Bomber: 13, 10

    One Leg Hot Attack: 5, 6 (most were halfway down)
    Thigh Shrinker: 11, 10

    Where were you filming today? I’m guessing in a banquet room in your hotel?


  • lola

    Ho, guys you are crazy. I was walking in the living room, my face torn by pain . My husband was watching with an interrogation on his face. It was the end of the workout and all i could do was trying to catch my breath.
    THanks for this torture! Now a good shower and ready to face the day.

  • Kristy

    This one was killer!!! Amazing as always. :)

    Crab Toe Touches: 30, 32
    Dive Bomber: 8.5, 7.5 (first time doing this move, harder than it looks!)
    One Hot Leg Attack: 6,6
    Thigh Shrinker:  9.5,8

  • Yashizzle

    i almost threw up at some point in this workout too. omgg. this was crazyy good. 

  • Sarah G

    Crab Toe Touches: 36, 31
    Dive Bombers: (mostly from knees) 8, 7
    Max JL’s: 10. Min: 4 / Max MC’s: 55. Min: 26
    Hot attack: 4, 4 (just barely half-way down)
    Thigh Shrinkers: 8, 9

    Man I am dripping! Thanks!

  • Felisha

    I’m still sore from “Yeah!” two days ago, but I felt good enough to give this one a go. (Cartwheels use muscles I apparently don’t use very often, lol.)

    Crab: 22, 23
    Divebomber: 10, 10
    OL Hot attack: 7, 7
    Thigh shrinker: 14, 14

    I still don’t have the full pistol yet, but I get lower with each workout :)

    PS: Celebrating my 50th BodyRock workout today! Z & F, thanks so much for making these past 13 weeks amazing! You’ve shown me I’m capable of so much more than I ever believed was possible.

    • Anonymous


      Happy Birthday my dear Taurus or Gemini? Not sure what time zone you’re in.

       Hope you enjoy your 50’s. I had heard you get a second wind in your 50’s and I’m really seeing that. I am diggin my 50’s so much more than the 40’s.

      Cheers! LeM

      • Felisha

        Haha, thanks, but it’s my 50th workout, not 50th birthday:)

        • Anonymous

           LMAO 50th Workout is probably a time you’d get a second wind too!

          • Janet

            You have to keep believing you haven’t peaked yet if you want to go beyond 50 workouts or years. It is all in the mind. Change your beliefs if your results aren’t what you are seeking! :)

            • Anonymous

               100% Janet there’s always room for growth, learning and challenging ourselves. If that stops, what’s the point?

  • Isidora

     looks good! ill try this next week cuz on weekends i do long workouts and week days short :)… My butt and thighs are so sore from yesterday workout Grand Theft Booty! 

    Ive just discovered a new exercise which works alot the abs, balance and one arm strenght. Its a one arm  knee tuck!

    Get in plank position with just one arm, the other arm put it on your back or wherever it doesnt bother you lol, then do a knee tuck on the one arm direction-. :P  

  • Jos

    Finally, a new workout! So weird even though now you’re in the same time zone as I am, I still do your workout one day behind :P oh well I got used to it anyway.

    So I did it this morning and here are my scores:
    Crab Toe Touches (aka Dancing Crab) 38-32
    Dive Bomber 9.5-7

    Jump Lunges (10-3)
    Mountain Climber (15-10)

    One Leg Squat and One Leg Pike Press – I did assisted one leg squat


    Thigh Shrinker


    Jump Lunges (9-3)
    Mountain Climber (19-15)

  • Micha79

    what an awesome workout!! you know it was tough when the workout creep happens! you know… the part when you’re sitting down at the end of the night, and you get up, and you feel the jump lunges you did earlier :) Hope you’re having a great time in LA!! 

  • Anonymous

    First bodyrock workout ever that I could not complete due to leg cramping on the second set of  One leg Hot Attack,  and I love that exercise!

  • Haben

    You’re such an inspiration. You are one of my greatest motivations to get fit. From day one you have constantly encouraged me in my fitness goals. Whenever I feel myself slipping I think of you and all the hard work we’re doing together. I have yet to meet you and may never, but you are my personal trainer in every respect. Thank you for everything. 

  • Anonymous

     ECHO lol :) where r u guys? 
    anyway, ive been sick the past few days and this is the longest ive gone without a workout!!! 3 days! 3 whole days!!! Im going through withdrawls, im literally getting itchy and restless and last night i couldnt handle it i just started doing burpees and one leg squats in my room.  I had a cold and maybe a fever cuz i was a little dizzy, but idk if i should take off completely or just take it easy on these short workouts? 

    anyway (again) im working out tonight, and i feel rly fat (i know im not rly) lol because i eat sooooo many carbs when i have a cold- its the only thing that makes my throat feel good.  So i think im going to ride the stationary bike for like an hour while i read a book for school, then do the take it off workout i still have not yet done!!! hope to get a rly nice sweat and not feel so bad anymore.

    And ive decided to push super hard in diet and workouts the next month, even tho its gonna be packed, i rl y want to look HOT come summer.  

    Looking good is the best revenge ;) if u know what i mean (cough.. hate my Ex… cough)

  • Annebel Wind

    Hi Guys, I need some help again.. i do not know if I am eating right. I almost eat no carbs at all. I do not eat bread any more, because I almost allways workout in the evenings. So if I have to earn my carbs, I do not eat them all day long. Only during supper I have patato’s, pasta or rice. Is it ok to ad some oats or something else in the morning with yoghurt, even if I haven’t done my workout jet?
    I am getting really irritating  comments from my boyfriend telling me it’s unhealthy to leave the carbs out all day, and that I am missing out on good fibres. So I’d like to tell him to stay out of it.. But am I right?

    • Haben

      When you say carbs I hope you don’t mean fruit too; not all carbs need such strict limits. It’s a good thing that you’re taking your diet seriously but I would suggest you try not to obsess. Not to say that you are, because I can’t know that. 

      I would suggest a well rounded diet. Not everyone has the same dietary necessities. Maybe holding off the carbs until you workout isn’t going to work for you and maybe it will. What I’m trying to say is that you need to see if your body accepts not eating certain carbs over others. If you feel fine with what you’re doing then chances are that your body is doing just fine. If that’s not the case then reevaluate your dietary choices. Hope this helps. 

      • Anonymous

         I’m with you Haben. Not all carbs are created equally. For me some carbs agree with me and some make me gain weight really quickly.

        Annebel: When in doubt, go see a nutritionist to start. Get a good balanced diet for your activity level, age and gender then modify from there.

      • Anonymous

         I’m with you Haben. Not all carbs are created equally. For me some carbs agree with me and some make me gain weight really quickly.

        Annebel: When in doubt, go see a nutritionist to start. Get a good balanced diet for your activity level, age and gender then modify from there.

    • Felisha

       If you’re seriously interested in a “low-carb” diet, you need to make sure you do some research. You can’t simultaneously do low-carb and low-fat.  You might want to check out He is the creator of the Primal diet, which is what I basically adhere to. For Paleo, I highly recommend If you’re interested in research behind paleo, I recommend This guy provides links to published research and discusses the findings. I no longer eat any kinds of grains, but I eat tons of veggies and some fruits. If you’re worried about your nutrient balances, you can create a free account and log your intake for a few days. It will give you a nutritional breakdown. Hope this helps!

      • Annebelwind

        Hi Felisha,

        Thanx soooo much for your replay… I have bought the digital book, and allready it’s helping me a great deal.. I will check out the other links.. You have been really helpfull… THANX! 

    • tee

      hi annebel

      This is just a suggestion from Zuzana, it’s not law!  It is designed to make you more aware of what carbs you are eating, sometimes we can mindessly eat too many carbs and then they can add up on our hips!  Look at Zuzana’s post on superfoods we would try to eat at each meal, you will find grains there, and other carbs, also look at the comments as many people came up with some good stuff! Pick some good whole grains etc to eat and if you’re concerned with earning your carbs, then take 4 min before you eat and do a quickie workout, before your breakfast, lunch etc.Zuz has a couple good ones or make up one. 
      I do my workout usually before lunch, and in addition to that today I did 4 min before I had my dinner at work
      (4 round two 30 sec intervals -squat with vertical jump, side knee ins right side, side knee ins left side, and front kick ups & touch opposite hand, then repeated it all over) 
      then I had a bit of carbs with that meal. and then since I wanted a snack that had a carb in it tonight after I got home so I did another 4 min quickie
      (4 rounds two 30 sec intervals skipping, sumo squats)
      So, sorry your boyfriend is right, good fibres!  Have some oats with your yogurt, but if you want bread or pizza you might want to earn it!

  • Melanie

    Crab toe 36,33
    Dive bombers 8,7
    One leg hot attack 8,8  Sort of motified it, I cant do a one legged squat without holding on to a chair at certain points.
    Thigh shrinker 10,11 
    Burnout again.
    Thank you Zuzana and Freddy. I hope you enjoy your time traveling. : )

  • Anonymous

     I did the 4min intervals in a row and finished with 2min of jump lunges and MC.

    crab toe touch 37, 34
    dive bomber 12, 11 (on knees)
    one leg hot attach 6, 6
    thigh shrinker 12, 12

    Happy Friday!!

  • Kat:)

     crabtoe: 35 28
    dive bomber 10 11
    one leg hot attack 5 5
    thigh shrinker 12 18

    dripping sweat!!! thank you Zuzana and Freddy

  • Luke Says No

     My Score:
    Part I: 4 X 10/50
    – CRAB TOE TOUCH: 30, 24
    – DIVE BOMBER: 8, 7
    Part II: 6 X 10/10
    Part III: 4 X 10/50
    Part IV: same as Part II

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, happy that you arrived safely :)  hope you have a very nice time in LA :) I would like to be there too :D :D

    My scores for todays workout:
    Crab toe Touch: 35 32
    Dive Bombers (yeaaah – love dive bombers): 10 8
    Jump Lunges: max. something between 15-12
    Mountain Climbers: max. something between 17-15
    One leg hot attack: 7 7
    Thigh Shrinker: 11 10

    <3 this workout – thanks Zuzana and Freddy!

    Enjoy your day!

  • Mia

    Hello everyone,

    this was a great wkout, my thighs felt rock hard at the end! I can’t believe I did so good, I pushed really hard but it must have been the working out outside feeling the nice summer breeze.
    I can almost almost do the one leg squats all the way down, but i still tuck in the other leg a bit, I just can’t extend it yet. yuppy!  Anyway…here are my scores:

    Crab: 34 . 27 (loosing some balance there)
    Dive bomber: 7+1/2 . 7

    One leg hot attach: 6 . 6
    Thigh Shrinker: 10 . 10 (tring hard to keep low… ouch ouch)

    Take care!

  • Charlie D.


    • Dheana

      Yay!!!! Congrats Charlie, I’m super excited for you! :) 

    • Anonymous

      Wow!! I am so proud of you!! u rock!!! :-)

    • Anonymous

      Good for you!  Can’t wait until I can say the same!!!

    • Anonymous

       Wooo Hooo Charlie, that’s something to celebrate!!

    • Natalia Trofimova

      ME TOO! but only on the right leg :) for the left, i had to push with my hand from the floor to get the momentum :)

    • Nina_CZ

      Congrats, Charlie!!! :) I did mine last week, but I could only do them on left leg, my right leg is wearek and I keep falling on my back :D 

    • Janet


  • Vala


    Crab Toe Touch – 43 – 42
    Dive Bomber – 11 – 9,5

    forgot to count

    One Leg Hot Attack – 4 – 4 (I can go al the way down but am really slow going up again)
    Thigh Shrinker – 13 – 15

    Jump Lunge – Max 10 – Min 2
    Mountain Climber – Max 24 – Min 13

    + 54 Push Ups :)

  • GoustiFruit

    My scores…
    Crab Toe Touch: 35 / 34
    Dive Bombers: 9 / 8

    Yuk, after the first round of jump lunges and mountain climbers, my thighs were already burning !

    One Leg Hot Attack: 6 / 6
    Thigh Shrinker: 10 / 10

    And for the final part, in the 6th round – because I knew it was the last round – I tried to push to the max… at one point I really wanted to do a few more jumps, but my legs would just not respond ! My brain was like “hop, hop, hop”, but my legs wouldn’t move !

  • Heather Schultz

     Is anyone else having trouble watching the video on the site? It only plays about 40 seconds and then stops and goes away, then I get an ad for Heritage College! I have to go to youtube to watch the video. I wonder if it’s google chrome?

    • Anonymous

      hinky, I’ve never had the video stop and start and pop up an ad.

       Try downloading some other browsers. Firefox is the most compliant with W3C regulations and Internet Exploder is variable.

      I usually run these in FireFox with no problem, but so many things may be effecting the stream, provider, browser, firewall behaving differently ….

  • AudraFit

    It’s great to hear from you Zuz! You look like your having a blast in LA =D.
    My results for this workout:
    Crab Toe Touch: 36/24
    Divebomber: 9/8
    JumpLunges: 11-4
    MC’s: 21-14
    PistolPikePress: 6/5
    ThighShrinker: 12/10

    Thank you Freddy and Zuzana for posting workouts! This time I hope you have time to actually enjoy the sights in LA :)

  • Anonymous

     Hi Zuzana and Freddy ! Good to see you again :) .Hee hee Zuzana, I never saw you so wiped out, that means it’s really good !

  • Anonymous

     It looks brutal – that’s my workout for tomorrow!! Thanks for sharing it.
    I hope you are enjoying LA – Can’t wait to see your new house.
    Zuzi I love your new hair color!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Guys!!! So happy that your back, I’am glad you had a safe trip and I hope you have a blast traveling!!! Thanks so much for this workout, Ive been doing ones from last summer ( the ones with Zuzie and Sean…BRUTAL)  This one was great too!! My scores…
    Crab Toe Touches-37,39
    Dive Bombers-11,10
    Jump Lunges and M.C’s were insane!!!
    One leg hot attack-8,61/2….I can’t get as low as you, but every time I do them I can get a bit lower YAY!
    Thigh Burner-12,12
    and 20min of jump rope.

    Thank you so much for posting new workouts, you never cease to amaze me in all you guys do for other people…and because you are so dedicated to us, it makes me want to make you proud by dedicating my self to your site and workouts, I LOVE being a bodyrocker!!!…..apparently this workout makes you high on happiness lol

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to doing this WO soon!  Doing a 5k in the morning.  Will try to fit this in over the weekend or it will be Monday’s WO!!  Thank you!

    LA huh?  I have family in Monterey and it is fabulous there!!!  If you feel like traveling (hahaha – like you guys didn’t just travel for hours and hours!), head out to Big Sur – breathtaking view and would make for an awesome WO backdrop!!  Good luck and thanks for posting the new WO!!

  • Mary Lou

    @dheanafit:disqus  Try doing them in the doorway like this: Leslie-Anne posted this for me a ways back and it does do wonders! I only have to hang on with one hand now and actually did this workout just by holding onto a dresser drawer that was slightly pulled out. I only managed 4, but I went all the way down! Good Luck!

    • Dheana

      Hey Mary Lou, thanks for the tip (and thanks to Leslie-Ann for the original post). This looks like a good way to train up to the real thing. I’ll definitely try it because I’m now DETERMINED to master the one legged beast!!!
      btw – congrats on your progress as well Mary Lou! :)

    • Donna

      Thanks Mary Lou:)

      Now I have no excuse for not getting down as low as Zuzana:)

  • Kat:)

     Gonna do this today :)  Looks Brutal!  Thanks Freddy and Zuzana :)  

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  • Dheana

    I was so excited to see a new workout today – and so happy you two are safe and sound. 

    Any words of encouragement for those of us severely “challenged” by the dreaded One Leg Squat? I mean, I know it’s SUPPOSED to be challenging…and I know it will get better the more I try…but it’s hard not to slip into discouragement when my efforts seem so…feeble! :-P 

    I know, I know, just keep trying, right? Right. I’ll do this one at lunch time today and post later…wish me luck (and positivity!)

    • Donna

      Hey Dheana, just do the best you can with the one legged squats:)

      Good luck and let positive thoughts flow:)

      Hope this helped:)

      • Dheana

        Thanks Donna! I think it did!! :) 

    • Kayla

      It took me a few months of doing it on a regular basis (5 on each leg 2-3 times a week) with a chair for support before I was able to do one on my own.  I can only do a few on each leg, but I know I will get better.  You’ll get there, don’t worry!

      • Dheana

        A few on each leg is better than none – in fact it’s great!

        It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be today. I probably got about half way down, which is better than the 1/4 way down I could go a few months ago! I think part of it is that I’m working out in public now and tend to push even harder (vanity! lol)

        It’s so nice to hear from others who are making progress – thanks for sharing and the encouragement! :)

    • Dheana

      Ok, my scores for this little doozy are…

      Crab Toe Touch 31, 28  (LOVE this one!)
      Dive Bombers   10, 7 (so hard!) 

      Jump Lunge/ Mtn Climber Combo  (total brutality!)

      One Leg Attack 6, 5 (going about 1/2 way down and with bench support)
      Thigh Shrinker 7.5, 9

      The Crab Toe Touch is one of my new favourite exercises. I love that it forces you to be totally present and in control or land in a wobbly plop on your butt! LOL

      Thanks for the encouraging words for the One Leg Squats. I was dreading them, but tried to stay positive and had a much better go of it than ever before. You’re right, all of you, patience and perseverance are the tickets. My goal is to be able to do 5 unassisted on each side – and i WILL achieve it!

      Happy long weekend to all my fellow Canadians!

  • Arika

    I’m looking at this before I go to class and I can’t wait to get home and try this! Thanks Zuzanna and Freddy for posting this new workout. I did the hot body beach workout yesterday and noticed that I was doing way better than the first time I did it… but this…this looks like a killer!

    • Arika

      Okay my scores:

      Crab toe touch: 30/27
      Dive bomber: 6/5  I can’t do these! Is there a modified version to work my way up to Zuzana’s level?;)

      Jump lunges + mountain climbers together are my arch enemy. Grrrr I did them continuously…barely.

      One leg hot attack-9/6
      Thigh shrinker- 14/11 I loved these! You should see me jumping around my living room like a crazy person.
      I finished this workout 5 minutes ago and I’m still sweating.

      • Nina_CZ

        Hi Arika, do Dive Bombers from you knees if you need to, I can only do like 4 regular ones in a row and I usually have switch to beginners mod… 

        • Arika

          Thank you! For some reason it never crossed my mind to just do them on my knees. I tried them and… they worked. Silly me!

  • Aleksandra Bilcane

     wow!! looks like the weather is really nice in LA. Have fun!!
    thanks for the workout – you really managed to torture me a lot and i appreciate it :)
    my scores:
    crab toe touch 26/22
    dive bomber 10/10 (i’m still doing the beginner version)
    one leg hot attack exercise 7/6
    thigh shrinker exercise 13/11
    +20min of cardio
    i feel awesome!! can’t  believe i wanted to take a rest day after tomorrow’s Burpees Are Forever Workout ^_^

  • Samantha R

    Lovely to see you arrive at your destination safely along with the pooches.  You look so relaxed, I’m a tad envious I’d love to be sat around a pool in the sunshine today – I’ve got housework on the cards.  Anyhoo – this workout….it was ok for me until the last 2 min round, what a killer!

    1. Crab Toe Touch: 37, 34
        Dive Bomber: 11, 10

    2. Jump Lunge: Max 10 Min 8
        Mountain Climber: Max 21 Min 14

    3. One Leg Hot Attack: 9, 8
        Thigh Shrinker: 13, 14

    4. Jump Lunge: Max 11 Min 7
        Mountain Climber: Max 22 Min 16

    Off for a bit of a skip to loosen my legs up now;)

    Thank you! Sx

  • Patricia Grade

    OMG! Zuzana are you crazy?????
    Are you trying to kill me all in one workout?

    I’m getting stronger and faster and all that, no doubt about it, but now you’ve gone and condensed all my fears in one workout!
    Dive bombers? One leg hot attack? Jump lunges?

    God all mighty… I’m gonna get crushed tonight!

    … can’t wait!

    And by the way, gotta a question for you, would you please answer?
    See, I gain muscle very easily, the loosing fat part is the hardest. My legs are really strong and hard, but then, the thighs are larger and I was wondering if those thigh shrinkers really do work, or are they gonna make my thighs bigger then they are?

    Thank you both for such good public service. You should be recognised for your work, ’cause doing this and charging nothing is worth a place in Heaven, that’s for sure!!!
    XXXXXX and hugs

    • Donna

      You can do it Patricia:)

      Your stronger than you think:)

      • Patricia Grade

         Thnaks Donna, and you know what? You’re right!

        Even so, my legs feel like they’re going to burst and I’ve got sore joints right now!

        But I’m feeling powerful, especially right after the workouts, when I’m dripping sweat and sometimes a few tears as well (usually after finishing dive bomber or particularly hard push ups!) eheheh

        • Donna

          If your body is in pain then I would suggest you take a rest day and do some light stretching:)

  • GoustiFruit

    This workout looks like a “best of” of your most brutal exercises. I’m already in fear I won’t be able to do the one leg squats after the jumps lunges and mountain climbers rounds :-O

    • Donna

      I am planning on doing jump lunges and mountain climbers as a 4 min pre-breakfast mini workout tomorrow morning so I can enjoy my toast:) Then this one before lunch:)

      Maybe tell yourself you will and can do the one legged squats after anything:)

      Good luck Gousti:)

      • GoustiFruit

        4 minutes of this !? Impossible ! :-D 

        • Donna

          I would never never say impossible to anything:) Had a lie in this morning so I didn’t get to do this but when I do I will get back to you:)

          Nothing gives me more inner strength than someone saying something can’t be done:) Thanks for you help with this:)

  • Maria Lanier

    Yes, Zuzka and Freddy, you are our celebrity star here… I’m more happy to meet you guys than the hollywood stars. :) I even look up on you for all the things you do for all of us – that is priceless!!! A never ending thank you for you two…. Hmmm, just wondering how I’m gonna cross path with you here… I’m closer and yet I can’t see you… one day, I will!!! :)  Angie and Stephenie, I guess let’s walk around hollywood, maybe we can meet Z&F. Hehehehehe

    As for Cali and Charlie, take them to Silverlake, there’s a dog park there. They will be happy. :)

    I will do this training tomorrow. Thanks again. :)  Miss you, guys!!!  

    • Donna

      Where there’s a will there’s a way:)

  • Maria Lanier

    Yes, Zuzka and Freddy, you are our celebrity star here… I’m more happy to meet you guys than the hollywood stars. :) I even look up on you for all the things you do for all of us – that is priceless!!! A never ending thank you for you two…. Hmmm, just wondering how I’m gonna cross path with you here… I’m closer and yet I can’t see you… one day, I will!!! :)  Angie and Stephenie, I guess let’s walk around hollywood, maybe we can meet Z&F. Hehehehehe

    As for Cali and Charlie, take them to Silverlake, there’s a dog park there. They will be happy. :)

    I will do this training tomorrow. Thanks again. :)  Miss you, guys!!!  

  • Donna

    Hello Zuzana and Frederick:)
    Great to see you Zuzana but I couldn’t wait for this workout as I had to earn my carbs for lunch so I did “Red hot girl” workout today and I felt like you did in this one “I was glad it was over”. Don’t know why but I missed it back in March:(
    Today was my 101th BR workout in 5 months:) I still have 13 more workouts that were missed or not finished to catch up on since I started body-rocking on the 30th of Dec:)
    I have been earning my carbs and following all your diet challenges for the past two weeks and I have seen major changes in my body:) I have lost body fat and my lower abs are showing more:):):):):)
    My goals are to make my six pack pop and do a pull up:) I could only hang on my pull up bar but now I can lift myself up a quarter of the way:)
    I am stronger with my diet and I am LOVING the results I am getting:) I always follow the workouts with no problems it was my diet that was stopping me from getting what I wanted:) I earn my carbs for breakfast and lunch now with no carbs at dinner:) This is really working for me:)
    The information was always available you just have to apply it on a daily basis and don’t eat CRAP and it will work:) Always nourish your body and it will thank you sooner than you think:)
    Thanks for the new workout which I plan on doing tomorrow:):)
    Sending lots of love:)
    Enjoy L.A:):):)

    • Donna

      Forgot to post my time which was 19.33 for “Red hot girl” workout:)

    • Dheana

      Hey Donna,

      Congrats on your results – and thanks for sharing…very encouraging! One thing though – can you clarify…are you working out twice a day? Just wondering b/c you said you earn your carbs for both breakfast and lunch…just curious! :)

      Thanks again for the positive words and congrats on your dedication and results! :) 

      • Donna

        HI Dheana,

        The answer to your question would be Yes and No:)
        I am doing a 4 min pre-breakfast workout with two exercises back to back if I eat toast, quinoa or oats:)  But if I have yoghurt, protein ball, fruit, nuts, eggs or veggies then I don’t:)

        • Samantha R

          This is the answer to my breakfast dilemmas thanks Donna – don’t know why on earth I didn’t think of doing this!  I don’t feel right now if I have my breakfast (usually eggs with wholemeal bread or organic oats – I just need my carbs in a morning) without doing a workout first but I notice a fall in performance if I train (the full workouts) first thing with no food on board.  Going to try your way.  Congratulations on your results by the way! Sx

          • Donna

            Thanks Samantha:)

            Give this a go and you will notice a difference in the first week:) I haven’t giving in to anything I shouldn’t eat in these two weeks:)

            It’s not easy some days but can be done if you really want it:)

            • Sarihndipity83

              Hi Donna, I’m also interested in trying your pre-breakfast mini workout idea. However when you say you haven’t given in to anything you shouldn’t eat, are you crediting that to your double workouts? Just wondering because I HAVE been cheating lately, and the more I cheat, the easier it gets to cheat again =/ and I was doing so good. 

              • Donna

                Hello Sarihndipity83, I have made a decision not to have any cheat days anymore because I want to get my full six pack showing:) I believe earning your carbs with a 4 min workout in the morning has helped with this decision:)

                • Sarihndipity83

                  Hi Donna, thanks for the response. Does this mean that the only carbs you have is a serving after your workout(s). For example if you do your complete 12-20 min workout in the morning and then add you carbs post workout, you don’t eat any carbs (aside from fruit) through out the day or even for dinner? 

                  • Donna

                    Hi Sarihndipity, I only do a 4 min pre-breakfast workout with two exercises back to back because I believe any longer would affect your stamina and strength with no fuel in your body after a full night of sleeping:) A couple of hours after breakfast I do one of the BR workouts so I have a two hour window to eat my carbs for lunch:) After lunch I avoid carbs for snacks or dinner:) Then no more carbs aside from fruit and veggies for snacks or dinner:) I always experiment with my body to see what works and what doesn’t:) It’s good to keep the body guessing so it burns more fuel:)

            • Sarihndipity83

              Hi Donna, I’m also interested in trying your pre-breakfast mini workout idea. However when you say you haven’t given in to anything you shouldn’t eat, are you crediting that to your double workouts? Just wondering because I HAVE been cheating lately, and the more I cheat, the easier it gets to cheat again =/ and I was doing so good. 

    • Anonymous

      Way to go Donna!  Such an inspiration!  :)

      I have been eating cleaner/healthier too since I started BR (around April 7 or 8, 2011) and I’ve noticed a change in my body as well as the scales going down.  My stomach is getting flatter and flatter.  A six pack is what I am aiming for too!  Just like you say and what has been stated over and over again – changing the way you EAT is what is going to change you.  Working out is just an added benefit.  I read this somewhere and thought it was funny: Everyone has a six pack and can obtain it without ever working out – it’s usually just hidden under a layer of fat!  SO EAT RIGHT!!!  :) :)  

      So it sounds to me that eating clean/healthy is 90% of the battle – and these wonderful workouts of F&Z are only 10% of the battle.  If we can endure these intense, sweat-filled, OMG-I’m-gonna-die workouts, then we can surely eat right.  Right?!  :)  Don’t worry, I’m saying this to myself as much as I am to anyone else; I have my moments, believe me!!!

      Keep up the good work Donna!

      • Donna

        Thanks Jen:)

        It’s not easy but it can be done:)

    • Lenka Slovakia

       Very nice post you wrote… and i didnt get to do “Red hot girl” either… So tomorow i am up for it….:}

      • Donna

        Thank-you Lenka:) I would like to help other people reach their goals also:)

      • Donna

        Thank-you Lenka:) I would like to help other people reach their goals also:)