Jul 11 2011

Dirty Bit Workout – Encore

Hi guys, Freddy here :) Today we are going back to an older routine because as some of you guys know, Zuzana is recovering from a root canal. She is on a cycle of antibiotics and is still in quite a bit of pain. It was our hope to at least introduce an older workout with a new video, but Zuzana was just not feeling up for it. We will be posting workouts for you guys all week, and hopefully we will be back with a new a video tomorrow :) In the meantime keep up with your training and enjoy today’s workout!



Workout Breakdown

Time: 12min.Workout Type: Interval trainingExercises: 4
  • High Knees with Jump Ropemax. reps
  • Backward Lunges with Sandbagmax. reps
  • Reverse Push Upsmax. reps
  • Monkey Push Up and Jumpmax. reps

Get your gear for this workout here:


This workout is exactly 12 minutes long and you will have to set your Interval Timer for 12 rounds and two intervals – the  10 second interval has to be the first one followed by the longer 50 second interval. The 50 seconds have to be always super intense so keep that in mind and go for maximum reps for each exercise.

Watch the video above until the end to see the explanation of each exercise and easier variations for beginners.

There is skipping with jump rope in between each exercise and the sequence goes like this:

1. Skipping (132, 109)

2. Backward Lunge with Sandbag (21, 18)

3. Skipping (128, 123)

4. Reverse Push Up (21, 17)

5. Skipping (123, 114)

6. Monkey Push Up and Jump (15, 15)

You will repeat this circuit one more time before the timer goes off. The numbers in the brackets are my reps for both rounds – try to beat me 😉

High Knees with Jump Rope

Backward Lunges with Sandbag

Reverse Push Up

Monkey Push Up and Jump


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  • kat

    My skipping was hillarious today trying to avoid my crawling son 😉  will do better next time LOL
    skipping 92 95
    backward lunge with 25lb sb 15 17
    skipping 89 95
    reverse pushups 20 25
    skipping 100 105
    monkey pushups and jump up 9 13
    also did
    10 Burpees for Erin
    10 Dive Bombers
    10 Tricep pushups
    10 regular pushups
    10 dips
    10 knee raises
    10 diagonal knee raises (alt sides)
    10 oblique ab on dip (alt sides)
    30 sb abs
    30 ab choppers
    30 bridges (elevated)
    30 leg raises
    30 broom stick ab exercises
    20 prisoner squats
    20 elevated mountain climbers
    20 flying jump lunges
    20 jump side lunges
    :)  Thank you Zuzka

  • Dakkotah

    Hi Everybody!
    This is my score:
    1) Skipping Rope: 120,119
    2) Backwarg Lunge wiht Sandbag: 20,20
    3) Skipping Rope: 100,103
    4) Reverse Push Up (Me Leg Raises): 13,15
    5) Skipping Rope: 100,107
    6) Monkey Push Up and Jump: 11,11
    Thanks and Have a nice day!
    Regards from Spain 😉

  • Anonymous

    skipping:  148-134
    bwd sb lunge:  16-13
    skipping:  141-126
    rvs pushup:  28-31
    skipping:  136-133
    monkey pushup & jump:  13-13

    messed up a bit and did a squat transitioning between lunges and did a jump tuck instead of a jump up on the monkey exersize.

  • Gerrilee Schafer

    Workout # 6 for the week…I take Mondays off and boy do I need it after this week…thanks guys and gals
    I used 30 lb sandbag for all three times I’ve done this WO
    1/ HKS 140 – 136                July 13- 139-115   May 14  132-115
    2/ back lunge w/SB 22-23    July 13 19-20       May 14 21-23
    3/ HKS 131-118 (tripped)     July 13 124-108    May 14 121-103
    4/ reverse PU 20-19            July 13 16-14        May 14 17-17
    5/ HKS 110-115 (tripped 2 times both sets)  July 13  118-109   May 14 111-110
    6/ monkey PU/jump 16-14   July 13 13-12        May 14 15-14

    I stayed low during the lunges and monkey PU, really adds an extra burn to the quads.  I also remember having to stop during the skipping last time….totally gassed…I’ve been doing interval HKS most days after workouts all month and it has really helped.

    Rock on

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  • Cindy

    I did it again this workout. I am happy because I beat my old scores
    Skipping 121-110
    Backward lunge with 10 pounds 29-30
    Skipping 125-110
    Dive bomber push ups 12-11
    Skipping 122-105
    Monkey push ups 17-18
    This is a very good workout. I tried to followed with Side Burpee Challenge. I was able to do only 30 rep. because I pushed so hard for the Dirty Bit workout that I had no energy to complite it.

  • http://zoe-in-wonderland.blogspot.com Zoe Quixote

    hmm… it looks like i didn’t write my scores last time.
    but this time:
    (i couldn’t manage counting AND skipping today, why?? i don’t know)

    squat-lunge: 19, 20
    rev. push-ups: 14, 15
    monkey push-ups and jump:  13, 15

    obviously, i should get back to working on those reverse push-ups 😛 ok…
    thanks so much!!!!!

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Beat my PB today :)

    1. High knees: 205-200 (199-190)
    2. Backward lunge with SB 15 kilo: 40-40 (36-35)
    3. High knees: 207-205 (194-192)
    4. Reverse push-ups = Dive Bombers: 17-15,5 (13-11)5. High kness: 206-206 (192-200)
    6. Monkey Push-up and Jump: 22-20 (20-19,5)

  • Anonymous

    My reps for today in order:

  • Anonymous

    finito……………………………..petra london

  • Annalise

    Rockers.  I think overall I beat my scores of a month ago by a little.  Awesome.  Previous scores are in brackets.

    High knees: 152, 182, 178, 190, 187, 186 (175, 170, 166, 180, 175, 183)
    Lunge w sandbag: 22, 23 (24, 25)
    Push ups: 9, 12 (9, 9)
    Monkey Push up and jump: 8, 10 (8, 9)

    I do regular push ups because I don’t have a dip station.

    I feel that my form on monkeys was much better: half way through I got the knack of shifting my weight on the way back up, without having to use a hand along the way to get me up.


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  • Kendra

    This was great!  I put off doing it because I have to run outside my apartment to do the skipping, and sometimes neighbors give me funny looks.  Oh well.  These workouts are so intense you really don’t care! But to accommodate running down and up the steps each time to do the jump rope I made the rest 15 seconds, and it worked perfectly to then run inside, write down reps and get moving to the next.  I kind of love-hate skipping–it’s really hard for me, which is both why I like it AND hate it. And I’ve already seen a great improvement, so that’s good!  But when I get tired I still trip. 

    skipping: 111-88
    sb lunge step back: 19-16
    skipping: 100-85
    reverse push up: 17-18
    skipping: 106-87
    monkey push up: 12-13

    BTW, 30 lb “sandbag” and two chairs and a broomstick for dip station (I also put a 20 lb weight on the chairs to counter my own weight)

  • ingrid haustein

    my scores today for this are
    high knee without rope: 118-106
    SB whit 6 kilos: 18-20
    high knee:106-114
    reverse pu: 11-15
    high knee: 120-109
    monkey pu: 10-10

  • Vivi

    Oups I made a mistake ! I did 3 round of each exercises, instead of 2 with skipping between them !
    Anyway, It was great ! :p

  • Vivi

    I did it today after “Stronger Hotter wo” (which one killed my legs !!)

    My score is for this one

    High knees with jump rope : 140-128-126
    Bw lunge with 10kg : 26-27-30
    Reverse PU : 20-20-21
    Monkey PU & jump : 15.16.18

    I’m very happy I beat my score in reverse push up on this interval (before it was 12, then 15 and now 20!!!) and with jump rope too, i’m better !! yeahhhhhhhhh <3<3<3

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Samantha-Robinson/1573777458 Samantha Robinson

    I did this one back on 5-23 and again today (7-18) 

    5-23 scores (I did the high knees on a mini trampoline and I didn’t keep track of how much weight was in my sandbag)
    high knees – 119, 88
    backwards lunge with sandbag – 13, 12
    high knees – 88, 80
    reverse push up – 10, 8
    high knees – 82, 90
    monkey push up – 6, 6

    Scores from today: (I did the high knees without the trampoline this time and my sandbag weighs 10lbs.)
    high knees – 133, 73
    backwards lunge with sandbag – 16, 12
    high knees – 114, 90
    reverse push up – 8, 10
    high knees – 100, 90
    monkey push up – 6, 6

    Not really any improvement but I have been slacking on the workouts and my diet sucks. I have a really hard time with eating healthy at work. =P

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  • lUCy

    S. 103-100
    B. 18-17
    S. 108-85
    R. 20-21
    S. 100-103
    M. 9-11

  • Anonymous

    Ok so last time I did this workout I didn’t record ANYTHING! But of course now that I am a official BodyRocker I keep track of EVERYTHING now! ;o) I do know that last time I did this one I did NOT use a sandbag at all and this time I used a 20lb sandbag and on top of that NOW I am actually able to do more than ONE reverse push  up….haha SO great improvement there!! I am a pretty proud bodyROCKER!!! :o)

    High Knees: 120, 120
    Backward Lunge With 20lb Sandbag: 12, 12
    High Knees: 110, 130
    Reverse Pushup: 19, 20
    High Knees: 115, 149
    Monkey Push Up and JUMP: 11, 10

  • Lisa

    Hi Nico. Welcome to Body Rock!

    I would just start working out with the many workouts on this site and try different ones. There are so many to choose from and they will help you get fit and lose weight, tone up. After you’ve done workouts for a month or so, you could go back and try one of your first workouts again and compare your scores. You will definitely improve if you make a consistent effort and maintain a healthy eating lifestyle (check out the food and diet section, it’s just as important as the exercise). Make sure you keep an exercise log book to write your scores in so you can see your amazing improvements!

  • Lisa

    The videos with Zuzana cooking and having wine are old. Zuzana and Freddy actually made a decision back in March to stop drinking completely. There was quite a Body Rock discussion around the topic (check out http://www.bodyrock.tv/2011/03/14/lose-yourself-workout/). 

    I don’t know if Z and F have mentioned how it’s going on the site somewhere, but I also was interested in hearing how it’s working out for them. I know for me, I’ve been alcohol free since December 2010 and it’s been an amazing life change! Then I found Body Rock at the end of Feb. 2011 and I’ve been rocking ever since! Someone on the discussion forum about this topic said something that sticks with me, “when I’m drinking, the last thing I want to do is workout, when I’m working out, the last thing I want to do is drink.”

  • Lisa

    Nice, welcome to Body Rock, Natalie! You will get hooked!

  • Lisa

    Try it first without the rope and just adjust the height of your knees. Then when you feel ike trying the rope, just do regular skipping, then slowly start getting your knees up. You will improve, it just takes time. Eventually, you’ll be doing the high knees with the rope! As long as you are getting your heart rate up and pushing yourself, that’s what matters!

  • Lisa

    Great scores, Alyssa!!

  • Lisa

    I did this workout on May 15th for the first time, and today (July 15th) to see how I would do against my older scores…good results today!

    1) High Knee w/Rope: 142, 112 (old 131, 106)
    2) Backward Lunge w/ Sandbag: 22, 23 (old 17.5, 16)
    3) High Knees: 134, 108 (old 118, 110)
    4) Reverse Pushups: 21, 20 (old 19, 19)
    5) High Knees: 122, 116 (old 121, 119)
    6) Monkey Pushup: 15, 14 (old 13, 13)

    Overall I made definite improvements, especially with the lunges. I think I am also using a heavier sandbag, but I didn’t record the weight back in May. Today, I was using a 20lb sandbag. Those high knees with rope are soooooooo killer!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lilliana-Beltran/100000698083005 Lilliana Beltran

    My small but amazing accomplishment! 😀  Happy that I am able to increase my reps over a small amount of time following BR and is now motivating me to exercise on a daily bases.  Old reps (new reps)

    High Knees: 110/116 (114/104)Backward Lunge 10lbs: 15/17 (20lbs: 16/17)
    High Knees: 100/89 (128/121)
    Reverse Push Up: 9/7 *partial (13/10 *complete)
    High Knees: 92/118 (129/116)
    Monkey Push Ups: 7/7 (11/10)

  • Maria Sweden

    Hi Sarah,

    I have the same problem. The high knees with jump rope kills me every time but I’ve noticed an amazing improvement from when I first started bodyrock(about four weeks ago). Sometimes I’ll do the skipping without the high knees but only for a few reps. My goal is to keep going, ignore Brutus, and complete the whole thing.  

  • Maria Sweden

    Hi Sarah,

    I have the same problem. The high knees with jump rope kills me every time but I’ve noticed an amazing improvement from when I first started bodyrock(about four weeks ago). Sometimes I’ll do the skipping without the high knees but only for a few reps. My goal is to keep going, ignore Brutus, and complete the whole thing.  

  • Anonymous

    short, but intensive! <3
    my scores:
    1. High knees w/ JR: 110 110
    2. Backward Lunge w/ SB (9kg):  24 24
    3. High knees w/ JR: 110 115
    4. Reverse push up: 20 17
    5. High knees w/ JR: 100 104
    6. Monkey push up and jump: 12 13

    thanks for revisiting this workout 😀

  • Anonymous

    Hi Nay,

    You might try a bigger breakfast and more proteins in the your diet .


  • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

    I have a bad day today, for some reasons, they are tiny reasons and they are nothing serious to worry about, but as a sensitive (and lately VERY HAPPY) person, I am touched by those 😀 So I really needed a workout today, to boost my mood up, and it happened :)
    My score is the same as the last time in BackLunges, Reverse Pushups and Monkey Pushups, but I significantly improved in jumprope highknees and I am very proud of it :))
    My score new (vs. old)
    1) Jumprope Highknees 100-114 (110-87)
    2) BackLunge with Sandbag 23-22 with 8kg (22-23 with 6kg)
    3) Jumprope Highknees 120-110 (84-68)
    4) Reverse Pushups 14-14 (15-13)
    5) Jumprope Highknees 129-111 (95-100)
    6) Monkey Pushup+JumpUp 13-12 (13-12)

    Bad mood is GONE for good :))) Well, at least for today :) Gonna have some tasty paleo post workout meal and shower and bed. I have a day off tomorrow, visiting my eye doctor and enjoying a free day in a city :) Thanks for another great workout, can’t wait for a new one! :)

  • Donna

    1. High knees with jump rope 144,142
    2. Back lunge with 10 kilo sandbag 24,26
    3. High knees with jump rope 162,120
    4. Reverse push up with broom stick and 2 chairs:) 26,27
    5. High knees with jump rope 137,125
    6. Monkey push up 11,13

  • Aletinita

    Heyy !!! yo vivi en Rio grande !!! 10 años… que bueno encontrar a alguien de ahi por aqui!!! keep it  up!  saludos! 

  • Maria Sweden

    Skipping;   121, 85
    Back Lunge (10 kg);  20,19Skipping; 100,90
    Reverse Push Up;  13,11
    Skipping; 83,90
    Monkey Push Up; 10,9

    Monkey push up is really difficult! 


    Wowza’s!!!  I think I had a bit of tears in my eyes at the end of this one cause I kept giving it 110%.  I’m SOOO happy to know I absolutely KILLED my last scores from May 17th just after I started.  It feels great to see improvements but then again….why wouldn’t we see improvements right?  It’s gotta be worth it for a reason!!  LOL.  My results:

    High Knees= 135/124
    Backward Lunges (30lbs. Sandbag)= 22/22
    High Knees= 164/118
    Reverse PushUps= 18/19
    High Knees= 162/142
    Monkey Push Up and Jump= 12/14

    Again, I had no skipping rope so I did plain ol’ high knees.  I know with the rope you’re using more muscles and you get a better workout from it, as Zuzana has stated several times.  However, is it possible plain High Knees could be just as effective considering the following:  When I use a jump rope, I tend to trip on it so very often and stop the workout to re-group BUT when I do plain ol’ high knees, I’m pushing at max effort and I do NOT stop until my beeper goes off.  Freddy….could you answer that for me????…….Curious.

    Have a fantastic day BODYROCKERS!!  :)

    • Lisa

      I think you have a point, maybe just make sure you are pretending you have a rope, so using your arms like you are skipping…as long as you are pushing yourself to your limit (which you are…tears in the eyes is a good indication!), do what feels right for you. And…when I trip up with the rope, man it burns! I had whip marks on my arm last time we had to do the low jack with rope!

      • KIMBERLAKE93

        Agreed! I usually have whip marks ALL over….legs, arms, butt….I’m a mess! LOL


    Welcome Natalie!!!  Good Luck on your new journey!!  :)

  • V.I.G.


    Happy that you listen to your body Zuzana, and let it heal. We all learn that it is ok to do that, and that it will not ruin our routine:)


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  • Gerrilee Schafer

    did this one this am..last time was May 14, so 2 months
    HK skip 139-115            old scores  132-115
    SB lunge 30 lb 19-20                       21-23  
    HK skip 124-108                             121-103
    reverse PU 16-14                             17-17
    HK skip 118-109                              111-110
    monkey PU 13-12                            15-14

    last time was on my birthday, so I was stoked to do well, this morning I’m just really tired and have no energy…hope I have more energy tomorrow for the marine corp workout

  • Anonymous

    I did this one today followed by take it off workout with no break between the two (the intervals for take it off workout are different: 18x 30/10 sec so I turned it into 2 rounds of 10/50 sec)
    So basically I did 24 rounds of 10/50 sec – SWEATING!!! (The high knees became very challenging when I started the take it off workout)Anyways, here is my score!High knees: 126/124Back lunge: 18/20 – 31LB BAGHK: 126/120Reverse PU: 22/24HK: 120/120Monkey PU: 12/14(take it off)HK: 120/120Ninja: 10/10HK: 126/120One arm swing: 22/22 – 31LB BAGHK: 126/120Core split: 16/20HK: 120/126Woo!! Feeling so good – Off to work! 

    • MariaBjørgJepsen

      ROCK ON, Claire!!! Such a cool and determined combo!!! I hope you have the greatest day 😀
      Love, Maria

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Maria – I am waiting for your scores for this combo too 😉
        Have a great day too sweetie 😀

        • MariaBjørgJepsen

          Just scroll down, my dear 😀 What is your job, if I may ask?
          Have fun today!!!

          • Anonymous

            WOW – That’s impressive!! your score are killing me – that is bodyrocking!! Awesome job (it is an understatement). Well, it motivates me to push harder. Who are you? Superwoman?!! 😀
            I am working in marketing => online marketing specialist 😉

  • http://twitter.com/misathemeb m

    high knees: 124, 101
    backward lunge w/ sandbag (10lb): 15, 17
    high knees: 100, 100
    reverse push up on dip bar: 15, 15
    high knees: 100, 90
    monkey pushup: 11.5, 12

    i love how my high knees went from 124 to 90 lol :)

  • Anonymous

    So, I did this one early this morning – trying to catch up, (seems to be the story of my life lately…), I unfortunately did not beat my personal best, which makes me realize when you slack on your workouts it really shows in the numbers. Soooo many bodyrocker’s stories have motivated me this morning which is why I am making a promise to myself, Z & F, and to the BodyRocker community out there that I’ll get my workouts in EVERY day without skipping, and I’m NOT going to let my crazy insane schedule get in the way. Because I’ll only have myself to blame if I don’t reach my goal. What’s my goal you ask? I’d like to lose more inches than wieght, I’d like to tone my legs, abs and get rid of my love handles! Anyhoo, enough with that, here are my new vs old scores:

    1) High Knees: 130,110 –  (132,109 old)
    2) Backward Lunge (20lbs): 20,18 – (21,18)
    3) High Knees: 120,120 – (128,123)
    4) Reverse Push ups: 20,21 – (21,17)
    5) High Knees: 120,100 – (123,114)
    6) Monkey Push up with Jump up: 14,12 – (15,15 )

    Bummer is all I have to say to those scores :( Oh well, on a happier note I FINALLY ordered my sandbag!! I’ve been waiting sooooOOOO long to get it and am sooo excited about it! Now on to “Teenage dream Workout”!

    Happy BodyRock’in!


      Yaaaay the Sandbag!!! :)
      Soooo jel….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rosalie-Salemink/618241291 Rosalie Salemink

    Great one! I really pushed for time this time, was in a hurry 😛 But My scores were good though!
    Part 1:
    Squats: 12 13 11 13 12 13.5 11 13
    Plankjumps: 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 7
    Part 2: 2:13 and 2:28
    Part 3: 
    Squats: 28 29 30 29 27 29 27 29
    Supergirls: 7 6 6 6 6.5 6 6.5 6

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Davleeva/100001702041662 Мария Давлеева

    Idid it today, didn’t beat my old scores but increased the weight from 5kg to 10 kg & did high knees with a jump rope. my scores are: high knees – 57, 64, 57, 65, 78, 64. lunges – 23, 26 (last time – 24, 26), reverse push-ups – 20 both times (last time) 19, 21. monkey push up & jump – 12, 13 (last time – 15, 17 – what a f..k??? :-) then I did 30 min of bodyflex & 1 hour of Fit-bo.

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    Do you ever dilute the fruit juices to thin the sugar levels?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=706388249 Tori Larson Bradford

    Just finished this workout.  I didn’t improve a whole lot from the last time but I was at a water park all day and was pretty tired when I started my workout.  Now I am exhausted.   I’m not going to post my scores, mostly because I’m feeling lazy.

    Zuzana, I hope you feel better soon!

  • Anonymous

    Because it’s a wide world and we want to explore as much of it as possible while we are here :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KWYNAN3YBVHDVE4SFFIO66GLNQ Abby

    I missed a day – did a different workout, but nothing is as fun as bodyrock – I love being able to listen to my own music (or, I’m a nerd) listen to the news! (:

  • Aletinita

    my reps:
    high knees: 70 65 63 76 60

    backward lunges w sandbag 21 20

    push ups (not reverse) 29 24

    monkey vaina 14 & 16.

    Congratulations to all of the new bodyrockers starting and just started, i think this is a happy path that you all are starting, i started 5 months ago and i feel great, as i never felt before in my life with my body. 
    to all those who can’t do the complete exercises don’t worry!! you will soon! the thing is to start one day and to keep it going. no matter what.
    i was just looking at my old reps in other work outs and i read “i couldn’t finish” “not complete” or “only 3 rounds” which now makes me feel great! soooo keep it going you will laugh one day about your sad performance of today’s. haha!
    Love and good vibes to all of you.

  • Aletinita

    once she showed a way to do this with 2 chairs and a broom stick. i cant do that because my chairs are not like hers, but i do only the push ups. at least you do something instead of nothing! which i believe is good. good luck!

  • Czerskii

    I did the ‘grab your balls’ workout bc I didn’t have a chance to do it yet.  I didn’t have a ball or anything like it.  But I stilll had the challenge and sweat.  My scores are: woodchop R-46 woodchip L-56, just burpees-38, sprint lunges-80, ball climbers(no ball)-171, toss and catch the ball(just did v-ups)-52….great workout….I was pooped, I guess I’ll have to do this one tomorrow…oh well…thanks guys have a great day….Tracy

  • Cindy

    Skipping 104-106
    backward lunge with sandbag (8 pounds) 25-27
    Skipping 104-110
    Reverse Push ups 21-21
    Skipping 108-111
    Monkey push up & Jump 16-18
    I did it as it is because I did it with modifications last time.

  • Amandafit

    Great Workout! I hope you are feeling better. I gave it everything I had today….

    High Knees:  127,110
    Backward Lunge: 15,18
    High Knees:  122,123
    Reverse Push up: 27,31
    High Knees 122,113
    Monkey Push up &Jump: 12,15

  • Kishalacska

    Sorry, I didn’t catch, where are you going to? It must be soooo good moving from one place to another all the time. X Suzanne

  • Anonymous

    Sweated my balls off today 😀
    My scores in order:

  • Anonymous

    Hi Nay, 

    Lots of things could be effecting your diet.   Maybe if you gave us a rough outline of what you ate yesterday we would have a better idea why you are wanting sweet foods at night.  Also, you might try a bar of dark chocolate instead of the box of cookies.


  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Beautiful scores and great weight level :)
    Love, Maria

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Beautiful scores and great weight level :)
    Love, Maria

    • Lisa

      Yes, awesome scores Andrei!

  • Anonymous

    No there aren’t, that was his brother :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sarahi-Gomez/1501689496 Sarahi Gomez

      Haha oh yea i remember those! Zuzana kicked freddy’s brother’s butty!!  ;D

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=587742254 Lauren Limauge

    Haven’t done this one yet, my booty is soooo sore (literally!!) from those sprint lunges yesterday!!

    Gonna save this one for tomorrow I think.

    Have a great day Bodyrockers! :)

  • Lily F.

    Yay, my first workout totally achieved EVER !! Thank you Zuzanna and have a great recovery with our support :)
    As a complete beginner my scores are not so impressive as yours, guys, but whatever we’re not here to compete too much 😉

    High knees (without rope): 130/130
    Backward lunges (no sandbag but free weights): 20/19
    High knees: 99/110
    Reverse push-ups (with a table): 17/11
    High knees: 90/110
    Monkey push-ups and jump (beginner): 11/7

    Woa. I feel SO exhausted and well… Strange, I like it !!
    I am also quite curious to watch Freddy performing the new workout 😉 Zuzanna wants perhaps to keep him just for herself 😉 (I’m also kidding, by the way…)

    – Lily F.

  • http://delightfultastebuds.com Jos

    Hope you feel better Zuzana!! As for your toothache tribute I did your 300 rep Nightmare workout from way back when you were in Malta in 2009 and finished it in 33:31 all in proper forms! I read the post that time you also had some toothache problem.

    Maybe you should also revisit that workout and show some modifications for beginners so they won’t be scared right away, especially that one leg squat to roll back 😀

  • http://twitter.com/cschuurr Chelsea Schuur

    Dirty bit workout encore complete! It’s crazy how long I’ve been doing Zuzana. She’s such a great inspiration for people to see what she’s been through and who she’s become now. I love her. If I ever got to meet her in person oh man. I say we vote a Zuzana tour? She comes around he world giving
    speeches, working out, and inspiring even more people!? I would die with joy.

    high knees – 147 and 150reps
    backward lunge with bag – 23 and 23reps
    high knees – 150 and 150reps
    chin ups (non assisted!) – 8 and 8reps
    high knees – 151 and 152reps
    monkey push up and jump – 16 and 16reps
    After this I did the insanity fit test! My results?

    switch kicks – 155reps
    power jacks – 55reps
    power knees – 82reps
    power jumps – 60reps
    globe jumps – 10reps
    suicide jumps – 24reps
    push ups jacks – 24reps
    low plank oblique – 65reps
    Yeah, I repped that S*$# OUT! hahaha =d

    • Anonymous

      Insanity fit test – that’s the first time I hear about that. Looks great. Will try it 😉
      It looks as insane as Zuzie & Freddy’s killer workouts!

      • http://twitter.com/cschuurr Chelsea Schuur

        It was intense ha! But so worth it.
        I just googled it and found a crappy video quality of it but still did it!

    • Anonymous

      I just tried the insanity test.
      It was really easy and my reps showed it.
      Good warmup workout though. 

  • Bohdanam

    141 120   no rope
     24   23     35 lbs bag
    138 145
      40  40
    138 144
     18   20

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    Phew.  Really drained today but tried to do the hill run (jog) anyway (old habits die hard).

    I really felt the fatigue in the jump rope coordination…not so hot…I think I averaged three fumbles every round!  Oh well.  Completed and it felt dang hard.  The last half of jump ropes were hampered by a shoelace coming undone.  I think Brutus undid it for me  :)
    hi knee  102,63
    bwd lunge 18,20
    hi knee  100,95
    rev push up 27,31 these are my strength
    hi knee 90,63
    monkey 8, 15 first round I did jump tucks and second I just gave up and just jumped since the tucks         weren’t happening

    Going to flounder in the ocean now.  Take it easy for the rest of the day.  Take care of Zuzana, Freddy.  Tooth pain is the worst!!

  • http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage.asp?id=VW_STEPH Stephanie

    I hope the pain goes away for you very soon Zuzana ! 

    Glad that i’d done this once before – although it certainly didn’t make it any easier. =P My scores aren’t miles better, as i’ve literally only started up training again. Maybe 3rd time round will be up to scratch, when it comes! (old in brackets)
    High knees- (106,88) 106-101
    Back lunges w/ dumbells (16, 19) 17-20
    High knees (105, 88) 106-105
    Reverse pushups (16,14) 15-15
    High knees (111, 93) 98-105
    Monkey pushup&jump (11,12) 12-14

    Phews! Thanks Freddy! 

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    I feel amazing right now – thanks for pushing me, Zuzana :) I have been fasting for 1,5 days, until I finally gave in and had my late lunch today. Most needed meal EVER, since I felt horrible during the faste and didn’t sleep once during the whole night. Now I’ve tried it!!!
    I found my older scores (from May 15th) and it looks like I beat it :) 

    1. High knees: 199-190 (172-173)
    2. Backward lunge with SB 15 kilo: 36-35 (28-26)
    3. High knees: 194-192 (161-170)
    4. Reverse push-ups: 27-25 (DiveBombers: 13-11)
    5. High kness: 192-200 ( 176-176)
    6. Monkey pushup and Jump: 20-19,5 (17-15)
    Have a fab night, friends.
    NOW: shower and dinner, mmmm :)
    Love, Maria

    • Anonymous

      Wow!! Impressing scores, especially the high knees…. 200 reps in 50 second.. Wow that all i could say..

      • MariaBjørgJepsen

        Hey Swiss :)
        Thanks a lot – but please note that I can’t use a jump rope where I live. Too bad :(
        Sorry that I forgot to mention it in my post.
        Love, Maria

        • Anonymous

          Ah ok, but i’m always amazed by your score.

          • MariaBjørgJepsen

            Aww, that is so kind, thanks a lot!!!! You are a true fighsty Rocker yourself :)
            Love, Maria

        • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

          Phew, thank goodness you now mention that.  I was embarrassed to post my score!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kirry-Kaatje/100002370762608 Kirry Kaatje

      I don’t know which fasting plan you’ve tried, but if you want to try it again. I got a whole plan you can use, which involves 2 or 3 days of preparing your body for fasting, 2 or 3 days of fasting and 3 days of recovery. It’s a very healthy fastingplan made for your body to cope better with the not eating and the slow building up afterwards.

      • MariaBjørgJepsen

        Hi Kirry! What a sweet and thoughtful offer! Did you try it yourself? And did you get the results you wanted? Is there a specific purpose by following it? I would like to try something new, as long as it won’t make me lack so much energy as this first attempt did. If you want to, you are more than welcome to mail it to me at: mariajepsen@hotmail:disqus .com. Thank you so much :)
        Love, Maria  

    • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

      I am so sorry the fast did not agree.  I figured I needed to do it after our chat.  I’ve currently done 3 full days (my sweetie had cooked a yummy breakfast the day I was planning to start or it would’ve been 3.5 days). I felt great and really strong up til today (check out my abysmal effort above on hi knees haha), so I am adding in veggie juices and fruit juices today.  I have slept like an absolute log.  Out cold!   Everyone is so different!  

      • MariaBjørgJepsen

        That is so kind of you, Janet! You gave me a lot of interesting advice and ideas – all of them only meant in a kind, loving way, I am sure :) I DO NOT believe, how you can work physically and mentally on such low energy intake. Plus your daily hill runs! That is inhuman and very admirable :) I just feel I have to listen to my body, since I truly felt horrible. That must mean something was going on inside my body. But at work today, when I felt I couldn’t function properly, I had to throw in the towel. Too bad. I feel very weak for not pushing any further, but I was literally affraid of fainting. I had no idea it would affect me so much. Like I said, I am not even a “big” eater, but I guess no food vs. small healthy portions makes a hell of a difference. To me, it surely did! You are so lucky you are able to sleep during your fast. Maybe I would be today, because I didn’t sleep once during the night, ha ha. Horrible tiredness all day!!!
        Love, Maria

        • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

          It sounds like a truly miserable experience all the way around, and I am very, very sorry for that!!  It sounds like your blood sugar levels plummeted. Do you usually eat many sweet things during the day or have a lot of caffeine?  If you are used to doing this a fast will be hell.  I forgot to mention lots of water to cleanse your system.  Usually the further I get into it the less interested I am in food. I typically call it quits because I don’t like my workouts to suffer too much.  The whole thing is a bit unnerving at first.  
          I will let you know how tomorrow goes.  Tonight I ate a plain salad and had a glass of fruit juice in the am.  I also surfed for a couple hours after my post this morning and felt fine.  Tomorrow I am planning a mountain bike ride and surf plus whatever Zuzana has posted.  We’ll see how it goes.  :)

          • MariaBjørgJepsen

            Hey Jan :)
            No, that is the weird part about it. I totally stopped my sweet-snacking a long time ago, and I am so busy at work, that I mostly only have time for 1 cup of (mild!) coffee and a tiny glass of Greek Yoghurt with a little seeds on. Love that stuff! Then, when I am done for the day, I always have a light lunch with veggies/salad and lean protein. Sometimes an apple as “dessert”. Then I normally don’t eat anything before dinner, which is also some kind of roasted/raw veggies and lean protein. Sometimes I do enjoy another MILD cup of coffee when I get home, but that is the maximum of caffeine I get daily. I try to chose tea instead, when the time passes 4 pm :) Of course, I do snack on a little home baked banana bread once in a while, but I try not to bake too often anymore. When the cake is in the house, I don’t try to stay away from it. It’s easier if it hasn’t been made at all, ha ha. Maybe the fast was worse because I had a terribly festive Sunday? Lots of INCREDIBLE tapas, home baked breads, spanish sausages, cheeses, sparkling wine and beer. Sorry, I enjoy life too much sometimes. It was the best Sunday ever. Everything enjoyed on a hilarious boat trip with great friends :)
            I guess the fast is easier for you, because your body is used to “the purest of the purest”? Let me know how you did with all the activity today!
            Love, Maria

            • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

              Oooooooh!!!  The sad truth has emerged that you had a hoopla on Sunday!  You evil little thing….confessions, m’dear!  No wonder your system went into shock when you suddenly slammed into reverse and fasted, haha!  Good for you to indulge in festivities.  Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, not denied.

  • Rosannewalden101

    I’m sorry you had to get a root canal.  Please get well soon.. I hate to know that you’re in pain.  You’ve done so much for me and for you I only wish you happiness and health.  Take time on your recovery, you deserve it. :)
    team Portland USA

  • Samanthina

     Yeah! I’m so glad that i beated my own personal best:) Here are my scores:
    1.Skipping-old score-150,153 new-173,169

    2.Backward Lunge with sandbag-old score-12,13 new-14,15

    3.Skipping-old score-160,166 new-176,168

    4.Reverse push up-old score-27,26 new-27,27

    5.Skipping-old score-163,167 new-158,178

    6.Monkey Push up & Jump up-old score-13,14 new-15,16

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=685197005 Johanna Speachless Hajnos

    Perfect workout for today! Really felt the calories burning even an hour after the workout!
    Thank you! <3

  • AudraFit

    So I have been saving my favorite meal of the day for after my workouts and it has ramped up my results. It’s my oatmeal with vanilla protein powder and blueberries, yum! The rest of my meals are only lean protein and veggies or a piece of fruit.

    Skipping: 137/142/132/135/131/129
    30LBBackLunge: 22/21
    ReversePushup: 24/22
    MonkeyPushupJump: 14/14

    Definately earned my carbs after this!

    • Anonymous

      I also save my favorite meal after my workout…

    • Anonymous

      Same – my oatmeal with nuts and banana is my little reward after each workout. LOVE IT 😉

  • Felisha

    I hope you’re feeling better, Zuzana!

    Skipping: 120, 99
    Bw lunge with bag: 22, 22 (19, 18)
    Skipping: 120, 112
    Bent over rows: 20, 17 (12, 13)
    Skipping: 99, 108
    Monkey push up and jump: 10, 12 (9, 10)

    I don’t know what was wrong with my skipping today! I couldn’t stop tripping. My numbers for that are terrible, but I did improve on everything else. I used two 20’s instead of 10’s for the rows, and still blew away my old scores. I also had much better ROM through the monkey push ups this time. My old scores are from 5/16.

    After bodyrocking, I decided to do some bike intervals since my skipping was so terrible today. After the second sprint, Brutus tried to convince me I couldn’t make it the full 20 minutes. I pushed through and proved him wrong, though I did feel sick for a minute when I hopped off the bike, lol. I have been thinking a lot about what Freddy said regarding intensity the other day, and I’ve been making a real effort to give until there’s nothing left. Thanks for helping me realize I could dig a little deeper!

  • Anonymous

    This is my first time doing this workout!
    Cant wait to revisit and beat my scores! the backward lunges really eased the pain on my legs and butt from yesterday’s jump lunges!!!

    1. Skipping 111, 105

    2. Backward Lunge with Sandbag 21,20

    3. Skipping 115,104

    4. Reverse Push Up 21,21

    5. Skipping 88, 85 (I don’t know why I went down so much after reverse push ups?!)

    6. Monkey Push Up and Jump 13, 13


  • http://kenjibankhead.posterous.com/ ashtromanius

    I totally kicked my old scores butt… except for reverse pushup. Its about the same. But living proof you can improve while pregnant :) yay me. hahaha.
    lunge (25lb)- 15,16
    skip- 122,130
    reverse pushup- 14,16
    skip- 128, 142
    monkey- 9, 11

  • http://www.facebook.com/andsch Andreas Schüttler

    Very nice, short, intensive workout. I liked it very much :)

    My scores:
    High knees with jump rope: 91 / 79
    Back lunges with backpack (14.5 kg): 16 / 15
    High knees with jump rope: 72 / 86
    Reverse Pushups (using two chairs and broom stick): 13 / 13
    High knees with jump rope: 77 / 76
    Monkey push ups: 10 / 9

  • http://www.pure2raw.com Pure2raw Twins

    Hope you feel better Zuzana! Root canals are not fun. Just did this workout today! My heart was racing the whole time, love the mix of jump rope in there! Great cardio style workout! 

  • Janessa Reimer

    My scores are:
    High knees: 165.165
    Backward lunge with sandbag: 24.24
    High knees: 166.168
    Reverse pushup(regular pushups) 24.25
    High kness: 177.169
    Monkey pushup and jump: 15.15
    I beat my scores from last time! yay!

  • Janessa Reimer

    My scores are:
    High knees: 165.165
    Backward lunge with sandbag: 24.24
    High knees: 166.168
    Reverse pushup(regular pushups) 24.25
    High kness: 177.169
    Monkey pushup and jump: 15.15
    I beat my scores from last time! yay!

  • stefmonet32

    that is exactly what I did! Watched, wished, and wanted to do them for awhile but used not having a timer as an excuse. Getting that little timer has been one of the better things I have ever gotten!

  • Anonymous

    Here are my scores: 

    1. 86,90 = 176 
    2. 24,25 = 49 
    3. 90,88 = 178 
    4. 17,17 = 34 
    5. 93,95 = 188 
    6. 16,15 = 31 

    This was my second time to do this workout, and I beat my old scores with 41 reps!! :) 
    After this I went to 20min jogging. Hope you feel better now Zuz!!!! ♥

  • Samanthina

    Wow,this is the same workout that i did two days ago so at 09.07 when Zuzana didn’t post any workout.It’s awesome workout and it’s one of my favourite.I hope that today i will beat my scores.

  • Monstrosity5

    I made this 24 mins or 4x through each of 6 intervals) – 3rd time through was killer, definitely wanted to throw in the (sweaty) towel…then thought I will feel better in the end…and I do!  Killer fun as always!  Can’t thank you guy enough for pulling these together they totally WORK!
    1. Skipping (Z 132, 109) – My Scores (goal was 140 ha!) 132-130-124-118
    2. Backward Lunge with Sandbag (Z 21, 18) – My scores (goal was 20+ w/25# SB) 21-25-24-24
    3. Skipping (Z 128, 123) – My scores 131-121-124-116
    4. Reverse Push Up (Z 21, 17) – My scores (goal was 20+) 25-25-24-26
    5. Skipping (Z 123, 114) – My scores 122-131-120-125
    6. Monkey Push Up and Jump (Z 15, 15) – My scores (goal was 20+ not sure what I was thinking) 12-13-13-12  

  • ۞ BodyRocker ♥ Beth ۞

    Hi zuz, I saw/read one of your older posts where you were writing about eating 3 main-meals (here I found it: http://www.bodyrock.tv/2010/07/30/pasta-with-portobello-mushroom-recipe) a day w/ 2 mini-meals/snacks inbetween the meals.
    So I just wondered – do you still earning all of your complex/”other” carbs ?
    & If you do – how ? is it with the 4min pre-Breakfast WO ? please give me an idea !
    and also – which pre-WO snacks would you reccomend ?

    thanks, BR Beth

    PS the dark-colors are Really beatiful for your hair !!! :)

  • Anonymous

    BTW how are you guys trying to beat your PB?? Did you check your old scores first??
    I personally did check my old scores, if i do i feel like i would’t push as hard..

  • Anonymous

    Hi BodyRockers Here are my scores 
    1. Skipping 138 140  Old 130 130
    2. Backward Lunge with Sandbag 19 21  Old 17 16
    3. Skipping 136 140  Old  130130
    4. Reverse Push Up 20 19  Old  15 16
    5. Skipping 133 138  Old  130 124
    6. Monkey Push Up and Jump 10 11 Old 8 9
    Considering i didn’t wanted to workout, i kicked  my butt. Thanks guys posting workout and get well Zuzana!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rosalie-Salemink/618241291 Rosalie Salemink

    Oh, I really hope you recover soon! Antibiotics can seem even worse than the ailment itself, I’ve experienced myself.. But it’ll get better, I’m sure 😀
    My scores:
    High knees: 66 90 93 90 102 97
    Lunges with 10kg: 22 24
    I did regular pushups on my toes instead: 28 28
    Monkey pushup+jump: 14 13

  • Mary Lou

    Get well soon Zuzana! I know root canals are miserable, but I am glad nothing ‘bad’ has happened. I am a worry-wort or nervous nelly as they say and start to panic when I don’t see anything new for a couple of days. I think ‘Oh no! What could have happened? Elephant stampede? Quicksand???? …’ Yes, I know you’re in LA but still…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kirry-Kaatje/100002370762608 Kirry Kaatje

    Yay! Welcome to Bodyrock. :)) 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kirry-Kaatje/100002370762608 Kirry Kaatje

    I keep tipping over when doing lunges. ^^

    1 – High Knees with Jump Rope: 133, 136, 129, 135, 135, 130
    2 – Backward Lunges with Sandbag: 17, 15
    3 – Reverse Push Ups: 16, 16
    4 – Monkey Push Ups: 11, 10

    Great workout, lots of sweat.

  • Svenja R.

    Am I the only one getting terrible red marks all over me when trying to do high knees with jump rope? 😮

    anyways.. I think I found my Sandbag alternative :) An old tent case.. it’s a little dirty but it even comes with its own weight.. isn’t that amazing 😀
    I just wrapped some ordinary adhesive tape around it to get it tighter but in order to make it safer I think I have to look for some duct tape.. -I guess u call it in english. In german it’s “Panzertape” 😀

    Maybe I’ll post a picture when I’m done with it :) 
    uhh I’m so euphoric right now 😀

  • Lauren Day

    Get well Zuzana! I know how much tooth things can hurt, I had to get all 4 wisdom teeth out at once :(
    We all understand so no apology necessary! Just take care of yourself and we are glad to get you back when you are 100%!

    • Svenja R.

      I just got two out at once. and I couldn’t even bite the “crust” of white toast (untoasted of course) so I stuck with hipp glasses. Never lost so much weight in such a short time period 😛

  • Anonymous

    Hi Guys,

    Seriously this is when Zuzana should switch places with you Freddy.  Yes!  You Frederick Jame Light in the front of the camera in the limelight working out while Zuzana is behind the camera!  It would give you a new perspective and I’m willing to bet the girls here would love it.

    PS Please no profanity there are children who read this blog!

    • Donna

      Hey Chris, I really don’t see Freddy having a need or desire to swap places with Zuzana, but if you would like a glimpse of him you can get it in Grab your balls workout at 2:24 from their mirror…blink and you will miss it, that’s how much he would like to be in front of the camera…

      • Anonymous

        Hi Donna,

        If you want to see Freddy before the camera there is plenty of that in “life and travel”.


        • Donna

          Hi Chris, thanks for that, will do:) I have only seen there trip to Italy and I totally enjoyed that video. They are such a beautiful couple and get the most out of life with their travels.

    • http://kenjibankhead.posterous.com/ ashtromanius

      I agree… he may be a little shy… but it would be so much fun for the rest of us :)

    • Alina

      Yeah!!! Freddy, be a Man ))))) Do it! Do it! Do it!!!! Or maybe you are scared?! ))))))))))))))

      • Anonymous

        Hi Alina,

        The guy uses a pink beach towel. I don’t think courage is lacking in Freddy!
        In case someone is mistake I was only kidding.


  • Anonymous

    High knees with rope: 65, 51
    Backward lunges (no sandbag): 14, 16
    High knees with rope: 63, 59
    Reverse push-ups (used a table): 6, 5
    High knees with rope: 68, 60
    Monkey push-ups and jump: 6, 6

    Nowhere near you all, but I’m beat! :)

    • Alina

      Great job! Keep on rocking!

  • ingrid haustein

    I also do not feel well on Sunday I at 39.8 with a bad flu with fever and really hardly move .. I will do when they feel better, Take care zuzana and good work bodyrocker


  • Vivi

    I never did this one yet. I think to do it but without the lunges (because of my spasm). I’ll put another exercises instead of. O I’l invent my own workout ! :p

  • http://www.facebook.com/ildiko.mazar Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    However good and consistent I am with skipping (according to my old standards, anyway), these 50 sec high knees are still killing me. In the last round I simply froze at the 60th jump, my legs couldn’t skip anymore until I took 2 deep breathes. Recovering from this killer cardio exercise is also something that takes longer than 10 seconds :-). In a word, I struggled, but it was a good little workout. I’m going back to Scotland in an hour. I’ll miss my parents sturdy oak chairs and stainless steel broom stick, but I look forward to having my ultimate groceries bag and walking frame and pull up bar. …and most of all my beloved fiancee and BodyRock Buddy, Craig.

    My scores today were:
    1. Skipping (134, 124)
    2. Backward Lunge with Sandbag (19, 19)
    3. Skipping (124, 120)
    4. Reverse Push Up (21, 19)
    5. Skipping (126, 100)
    6. Monkey Push Up and Jump (12, 14)

    See ya tomorrow! …and Zuzana, dear, get better soon!

    • Donna

      Have a safe flight back to Scotland:)

  • Alina

    Yes!! Great idea! Why is Zuzana always doing the workouts? We want to see Freddy sweat! COME ON!!!!!

  • Vivi

    I don’t have a dip sattion too. Me I use an aluminum handle which I put between two bar stools (the others use chair backs) for reverse push up. But for knee raises I use chiars backs, and as you it is square and not confortable !! I often faster have pain in the hands than somewhere else :(
    And for pull ups I use a satir, so we can’t say that the grip is not terrible (ad more if my hands sweat!)

    Homemade to bodyrock !!

  • Anonymous

    hope you’re getting better very soon :)

    another question: is there anyone else having the problem with the facebook-like button? I can hit the like button for a week or so and I can’t see how many people already like it. What’s wrong?

    • Vivi

      No problem for me. I can hit and see the others results. I don’t know why you can’t?

      • Anonymous

        when I hit it, it shows that I like it but doesn’t appear on my FB wall. Than I refresh this page and my like is lost. Really don’t know what’s wrong because it worked all the time before…

        • Donna

          Hi Lilola, instead of hitting the like button at the top under the first
          photo you scroll down to the end of the photos and past the black eyed
          pea video and there is another like button there and that’s where Vivi
          presses hers:) It’s not allowing anybody to like it there anymore. Hope this helps!!!

    • Donna

      Hi Lilola, instead of hitting the like button at the top under the first photo you scroll down to the end of the photos and past the black eyed pea video and there is another like button there and that’s where Vivi presses hers:)

  • Vivi

    I think there is nothing  worse that the evil of tooth !!! Take care about you, and how it was said before, it doesn’t matter if this week we had no new workout, we have only the very wide choice with an old one !

    The most important is your healt dear zuzana. I’m sure charlie & cali are going to comfort you !! <3

    I think I shall not can to do this one, because of my yesterday's spasm. I feel better than yesterday, but I feel it, the pain is still here ….:(
    I'll see what shall I can do without seeking my butt…difficult but not impossible !!!

    • Donna

      You must have the fittest butt in France Vivi…lol

      • Vivi

        lol !
        The fittest in France maybe not, but fittest that I have never had, YES !!
        My husband thanks you Zuzana !!! hahahaha

  • http://thats-rad.tumblr.com/ Jenn Coppack

    Get well soon Zuzana :) Pain in your teeth is not very nice at all..

    Here are my scores for todays workout:
    1. Skipping:  153/155

    2. Backward Lunge with Sandbag:  22/21

    3. Skipping:  154/157

    4. Reverse Push Up:  16/17

    5. Skipping:  155/161

    6. Monkey Push Up and Jump:  13/14

    Note:  I can’t skip inside so I completed high knees.  I don’t
    have a sandbag so I used my heaviest dumbbells.  I don’t have a dip
    station so I used my dining room table.

    If I can do it with all these modifications due to not having equipment, then you can too!

  • Dominika

    This is exactly the workout I picked yesterday before you posted this :-))) feel better Zuzanko!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1746562272 Cynthia Hannah

    First and foremost, Zuzana  I hope you are pain free and recovering well. This is of course , another great workout. Today my added challenge was doing this workout during an intermittent fast. This is my 3rd 24hr fast , did two last week , but tonight I went into this workout very hungry and felt a difference in my strength. With that being said, my numbers improved in some areas of this workout from the time before and in others stayed the same, so in that regard I did see improvement in my performance. I used a 25lb sandbag and my scores are:
    1. Skipping (138,134)2. Backward Lunge with Sandbag (23,22)3. Skipping (122,130)4. Reverse Push Up (21,21)5. Skipping (140,130)6. Monkey Push Up and Jump (17 1/2 , 18)Have a great night everyone 😉

    • MariaBjørgJepsen

      Cynthia, can I ask you, what is your personal goal with the fasting? I “just” survived 1,5 days on lime-cayenne water, only, and it was the most horrible hours of my life. I didn’t feel very hungry, just almost like I had a fever. I didn’t fall asleep once during the night, and today, before I had to give up, I felt dizzy, tired and very unfocused at work. Not to mention this morning’s workout, in which I felt a huge lack of energy and strenght. Do you not have troubles sleeping when you fast? Thank you in advance.
      Love, Maria

  • Danielle

    You guys take such good care of us :) take all the time you need Zuz! Trust me we can find plenty of workouts from the past if you guys aren’t up to posting them every day! Hope the pain gets better soon!

  • Jazzy

    I hope you feel better zuzi. Take good care of her Freddy 😀

  • http://www.eroticstore.ro rox

    did this on 5th of July, so I will do it again later on. Today will chose something else.
    my score was:
    1. 106,88

    2. 16,16

    3. 88,84

    4. 11,12

    5. 80,77

    6. 9,10

  • Anonymous

    Sending you get well wishes Zuzana.

  • Janessa Reimer

    Hope you feel better soon Zuzana!

  • http://twitter.com/cschuurr Chelsea Schuur

    You guys are making me nervouuus :( I’m getting a root canal, extraction, and a cap placed all this month…EEK!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kirry-Kaatje/100002370762608 Kirry Kaatje

      My bf had one last week, was done within minutes and he suffered no afterpain, also didn’t use antibiotics.  Goodluck. :)

  • Anonymous

    It depends, but usually about 20+ pounds.

  • ~Haley

    Feel better, Zuzana!  Take some pain meds, laze around in bed, watch movies, and make Freddy bring you hot tea and snacks.  I think a foot massage would help your tooth ache as well, don’t you?  :)  Take care.

  • Shayna

    I really like this workout. Monkey push ups are definitely my favorites and I recall the first time I tried I couldn’t even do them!

    I wanted to ask if there are any bodyworkers out there from Minnesota. I find it difficult and challenging to have friends around me who don’t care so much about what they eat and how healthy they are. it would be great to meet new people who share the same interests!

  • Hal

    Hi Zuzana:

    I have not done the workout yet but as a dentist I want to offer some advice on your root canal.  Antibiotics can help if the pain is caused by the infection, however, more often it is caused by inflammation (caused both by the infection and also purely by the mechanical irritation due to the root canal work itself).  An anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen can work wonders.  Tylenol has no anti-inflammatory effect so, while a good pain medication, it won’t help as much in this case.  Good luck and I hope you are feeling better soon. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=671770196 Leticia Perez

    Zuzana you rock and you were def right,this was a hard one, those lunges were killing me!

  • Jennifer

    Wish you a speedy recovery!!!  Mouth work is no fun!!! :(

  • Donna

    Zuzana take all the time you need:) Even in pain you looked amazing yesterday showing us your fashion haul with your new shoes, shorts, tank top and bracelet…

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  • Anonymous

    Hi Zuzana. I started working out regularly to your routines about two months ago. Before I’d do them sporadically. My main motivation then would be to look as good as I could as quickly as I could. I’d always wind up doing a week or two of your routines at max intensity, injuring myself and giving up. I can’t stress setting realistic goals and listening to your body enough. My goal this summer was to have toned arms by now and to see my abs in a month. The first few weeks I took it very easy so I wouldn’t injure myself and now I can do your workouts 4-5 times a week.  My arms still aren’t toned and I might have to wait 6 months for those abs, but I’ve never seen this much definition in my arms and my body fat percentage has gone from 21% to 17%!! I feel healthier and more energetic than ever, and have started to look forward to and really love to exercise. 

    For this exercise I did highknees instead of skipping because I have low ceilings. My scores were:
    High knees: 107, 104
    Weighted backward lunge: 25, 24
    High knees: 105, 106
    Reverse Push Up: 17, 16
    High Knees: 109, 115
    Monkey Push Up/Jumps: 16, 17

    Get well soon!


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1395292098 Sherice Potter

    hope you feel better soon Zuzanna!! 

  • Gerrilee Schafer

    be brave, it’ll get better soon.

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  • Anonymous

    :( I want to workout so bad!!!! Im with you zuz, my foot is still healing so i cant do it either

    • Donna

      I know how you feel Beck:) Third day no workout as I keep on getting a chill (it’s winter here) from doing my favorite thing – BODYROCKING!!!

    • Anonymous

      I know where your coming from I was out all last week waiting for my leg to heal. It felt more like a month but i finally started working out again today. I chose a workout that was a little easy on the legs just in case. I felt so good after wards. You’ll be back in no time just listen to your body and let your foot heal. Good luck and hope you start feeling better soon.

      Zu Feel Better Soon!!! :)

    • Anonymous

      I know where your coming from I was out all last week waiting for my leg to heal. It felt more like a month but i finally started working out again today. I chose a workout that was a little easy on the legs just in case. I felt so good after wards. You’ll be back in no time just listen to your body and let your foot heal. Good luck and hope you start feeling better soon.

      Zu Feel Better Soon!!! :)

    • Donna

      Hang in there Beck, you need to heal first:) Totally understand your craving too BODYROCK:)

  • stefmonet32

    yes feel better! I feel very close to you after 50 workouts!! Like a sis! Hope thats not weird….:)

  • Stephitza

    Feel better Zuzy!