Jul 22 2011

My New All Natural Supplements

These are the supplements that Freddy and I have started to use on a daily basis as part of our diet that support the 4 major goals – health, happiness, athletic performance and bodycomposition (fat loss, and body sculpting). As I have mentioned many times, protein intake is a key factor in accelerating fat loss. We jump start our metabolism every morning with this protein to help sculpt our bodies. The greens also assist in metabolic functions and fat loss. Packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and fiber, this supplement is a great substitute for fresh veggies when you are on the run or when you can’t access fresh whole foods. The super Omega-3 Fish Oil helps to increase metabolism that boost calorie burning ability, but its also extremely important for our overall health. The health benefits of Omega-3 Fish Oil includes improve memory, focus, recall and reasoning, boost in our immune system, cardiovascular function, and much more.


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  • Anonymous

    a good thing instead of UGI is the crossfit ball from bad company, its only about 60€ and in different weights.

  • Jenny Brodie

    Where can I buy these products in the UK?

  • Naomi

    Have you all tried Vega? they are all vegetarian/vegan, gluten, dairy, soy free, GMO free and sugar free. They are full of protein, fiber antioxidants omegas, probiotics and phytonutrients. I use the Whole Food Optimizer in a morning shake or mix in with blueberry oatmeal. The protein shake is fabulous. I do triathlons as well and they have a great endurance drink without all the crud you find in other mixes. I totally recommend a try :)

  • Lorraine_tunon

    Im so pumped, I have never used any supplements but I can not wait to try something new! I’ve lost so much weight and everyone keeps telling me I am skinny, but I dont want that I want to look fit, clothes on and off!!! So hopefully I keep rocking (beginner) and start on these supplements. My main concern is the mid section I know its all about the food so I am trying. Love this site its amazing!! I can’t help but log in and read something new. This just shows that there really is no excuse, you just have to have the drive to want to be healthy.

  • Heather_pipia_

    Hi Zuzana!

    Are the Supreme Greens and VIta Whey safe while breastfeeding? I’m 2 weeks postpartum and have 10lbs to lose. I can’t wait to start your workouts! I’m looking forward to the challenge, and most all, the RESULTS! 


  • Emilie

    I am from Canada too.. and looking for supplements too.. the good thing is that they came with greens and omega-3 capsules ..to me it looked like a great price!
    If you found something, tell me please =P

  • BodyRocker_Bonnie

    Hi Freddy and Zuzka,  How often in a day do you use your protein powder and the greens supplement? 

  • Anonymous

    Fav ones so far. We really like them :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1395292098 Sherice Potter

    do you find that the fish oil capsules cause nasty burps…I’ve heard this is common with fish oil capsules &  I don’t like fish but do know that fish oil is a great supplement… I just don’t want to be burping fishy taste!! thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Lori – we take the greens that are in the pill form so they have no taste and are way easier to take :)

  • Candice

    Hi Susan, this is quite common.  Whey protein, despite its pros, definately has some cons.  If you enjoy taking it, just up your daily pure water and fibre from vegies intake. 

  • Kagray_98

    I use whey, I also have a mix of greens which I add to my smooties and I buy the liquid omega 3’s and 6’s.

  • Anonymous

    its great to see your guys are taking and encouraging green supplements.  I cant personally drink any whey products because I am lactose intolerant but I do use all green supplements, casein occasionally when competing (I guess the slow digestion doesnt have an effect on my stomch).

  • michelle

    just ordered mine as well.. just wondering does anyone else get bloated from the GREENS makes me super gassy can’t really tolerate the wheat…..

  • Lorena

    No shipping outside the U.S.  though :(

  • Cinnia

    Go for brands/products that ONLY contain whey protein isolate, not concentrate or partly concentrate… This makes the protein as pure as possible, since the sugars and fat have been removed.

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  • NU-nu Nour

    what about your last supplements ( Pro-grade) ??!
    do you think the new supplements better in quality than pro-grade?

    • NU-nu Nour

      since we’re talking about supplements, i want to share something,, maybe weird happened to me..

      about 4 months ago i started taking whey protein shakes,, and after a month my face exploded with pimples!!! ( looks like acne!!) it is so weird! and sad :(
      i don’t know if it was from the whey protein as allergy! I’m not sure why or from where those pimples came from, but before i took the whey protein my face was clear!! and the thing is that although i stopped taking whey protein ( for 2 months now) my skin still didn’t clear out!! (by the way I’m 25 so it not a teenage problem)

       just wondering.. have you heard something similar happened??! is it possible that i may developed an allergy from whey protein that shows as PIMPLES!!    i hope not, because i liked taking those protein shakes :(

      • Busy Mummy

        í had friend with the same problem, and the doctor that the protein was not pure maybe mixed with another things that boost his acne, some people has a sensitive skin, and they are sensitive to some substances. Some substance that contains in this Whey trigger your acne. try another one but becarefull.

      • michelle

        Hi check out trueprotein.com they have every protein known to man and they can help you mix a great pre and post workout protein with gemma pea hemp brown rice. etc good luch

      • Anonymous

        Hi NU-nu,

        I heard, that too much protein is bad for the skin, doesn’t matter wichh one. 
        if you are taking too much, your body tries to get it out. too much protein is also bad for the kidneys, maybe you just took too much??

  • ۞ BodyRocker ♥ Beth ۞

    Well… I was thinking to myself, even tho those sup are all natural, is it natural to consume them on a daily basis ???

    … (: ???

  • AudraFit

    Hi Zuzana, Just thought I’d let ya’ll know my current supps and tell me what you think. I’m currently taking a multivitamin, Omega 3-6-9 (with Safflower, fish, and flax oil), Super Cissus (joint supplement), and a Super-B Complex vitamin. I do have a vanilla protein powder I will add to my oats but that’s pretty much it. Love the joint supplement especially with all the jumping around it gets tough on the joints. I also take Glutamine for recovery. It sounds like you got a good foundation of supps there as well. Thanks for sharing Zuz :)

    • michelle

      hey have a question.  my joints are an issue have tried everything what is super cissus… never heard of it!!

  • http://twitter.com/FlaviaRequim Flavia Requim

    this is soooo nice!!! =D but it´s a shame I think I won´t find those here in BRazil…

  • Anonymous

    It’s only available online :)

  • http://delightfultastebuds.com Jos

    Zuzana, just wondering have you considered having high quality beef jerky as your to-go protein instead relying on whey protein powder? High quality beef jerky (no preservatives/chemical and from grass fed beef) is surely more optimal because it’s less processed than whey protein.

    Btw I’m so amazed with the Fish Oil that you picked! Their EPA/DHA ratio is surely high!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jos, 
      I chose this protein for many reasons – one of them is that it is a really high quality stuff, and that I can use it in my salads, soups, smoothies since it doesn’t have any taste, or I can mix it in a glass of water. As for the beef jerky – sounds great except that I am not crazy about the taste which does play a major role for me. 

      • http://delightfultastebuds.com Jos

        Thanks for the reply :D Btw what do you think about canned wild caught fish like salmon and tuna? Do you like seafood?

        • http://twitter.com/misathemeb m

          just got back from my grocery haul this week! i picked up some grassfed ground beef, pasture raised ground turkey, boneless leg of lamb, 2 tins wild caught tuna & some sockeye salmon. still need to get eggs/egg whites to round out my protein for the next 7-10 days. my produce is: 3-4 bags frozen mixed veggies, sweet potatoes, 2 huge bunches kale, 3 large zucchini, avocado, 1 head cauliflower, 1 pint blueberries, cremini mushrooms & some tomatoes.

          i’m a big advocate of getting enough food for a week and not going to the store during the week. it forces me to eat the high quality food i bought and not be wasteful :) also, i’m less likely to eat junk if i know i have a good supply of satiating protein/fat at home when things start to get tempting after a rough day at work ;)

          • http://delightfultastebuds.com Jos

            Quite a grocery haul you got there! :D I also don’t keep junks in the house so for sure I won’t be tempted to snack on those. I don’t use protein supplement either and I do take 2 fish oil capsule gels as well (Pure Alaska Omega brand)

            • ۞ BodyRocker ♥ Beth ۞

              Hi Jos !!! (: wow… I was writing ya a reply that have deleted somehow but never mind… I have so much Qs to ask you then !!! (if your’e not eating legumes)… May I ask ??? (:
              I just wanna know what others do cause I think my diet isn’t balanced at all w/ the protein issue specifically… <3 BR Beth

              • http://delightfultastebuds.com Jos

                I don’t eat legumes because my stomach can’t digest them :) they make me feel bloated and gassy, just not pleasant. After I read around, I found out legumes actually hard to digest by human because they contain anti-nutrients (Lectin is one of them). Also I highly recommend you read Whole9 blog, especially their manifesto series. Here’s their post regarding legumes:

                They also have other posts regarding grains and gluten (all in manifesto series category)

                Mark’s Daily Apple also has some post regarding legume – but he’s a bit more lenient about it than Whole9: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/beans-legumes-carbs/

                Hope this helps! :)

                • Michelle

                  It could also be the way they are cooked as well. 

          • ۞ BodyRocker ♥ Beth ۞

            I “take” 2tbsp of CHIA SEEDS everyday after my WO !!! it’s a damn EXPENSIVE superfood but I forced my mother to buy it… well I can say that’s it’s the only thing I “takes” (of course Im not consider it as a sup. it’s just a tiny holy seed.) (:

        • ۞ BodyRocker ♥ Beth ۞

          Hi Jos (:
          Seafood (for my opinion) is much nutrishious then chicken/beef etc…(& much easier digested) personally I eat seafood almost everyday, probably tuna fish in water (the other choice is in soy oil… you know why I not prefer that (:) or Norwegian salmon which is SUPER healthy… of course that there are much more omega-3 rich lean fishes… sometimes sardines, Varying very imporatant :)
          I think that even if I wanted to take this sup I just couldn’t cose they don’t sell these in my area. But this issue doesn’t real matter for me… as I did pretty well without those, have never took any sup like for my WOs… non. I think that if you eat well & vary your diet frequently you don’t really have to worry ’bout missed nutrients etc… OK I think ya got it. everyone will do what they can afford themselves :D

          OK so Yawwwn man havafabolous dreams (it’s 10pm here…) Im gonna take my shower now, CAN’T wait for tommorow’s WO !!! BTW I STILL have my issues w/ animal protein… nahhh… somethimes I eat too little portions, I just got freakin mad of this & just let it go… ahh & Q for you: I just wanna make it clear !!! can I eat legumes WITHOUT earning them/doing a WO ??? in the previous zuzana’s siet post she said we have to earn ‘em (along w/ starchy veg/grains etc…) & now she adding ‘em to every meal to make sure she gets enough carbs along the day something… sorry for the mess I did… thank you so much for your help… promise to help ya too along the way :D !!! “yalla”… boy-boy !!! :}

          • http://delightfultastebuds.com Jos

            I do love seafood but it’s just so expensive (especially wild caught ones!) and I’m not too keen to have canned fish too often- except when I really need some emergency protein.

            Not sure about legumes since I don’t eat them – makes me gassy and bloated…you could try to experiment by eating them post workout and without working out and see which one that makes you feel better. Hope this helps!