Aug 3 2011

Burpees Everywhere – Six Flags – Julia Team Brazil (USA)

Hi Zuzana and Freddy!

I was introduced to your site by a friend in Brazil in Dec/2010. I instantly was hooked on
Since then I’ve lost 10 kilos (20 pounds) and have been living a better, healthier life because of you. I still have my weaknesses with food and I feel, because of that, I haven’t been able to have a better body. I complaint about it, but as my husband always say, I should look at how far I have gone since I started your workouts… I just thought that once I started seeing the improvements in my body, my mind set further goals and, sometimes, I forgot how much I have already accomplished.
I have so much to tell you Zu and Freddy, but I will try to make it short.
I’m from Brazil but I’ve been living in NY since 2007. I got married in 2008 and probably won’t be living in Brazil again anytime soon.
I’m 1.80m (5’11”) and I was never really fat because of my height, but just had an OK body. I was in my comfort zone, thinking that I would have that belly forever and my body would be like that, because I’ve never done anything to make it better.
It happened that my friend Andrea (from Brazil) showed me your website 2 weeks before Christmas time in 2010. She explained to me about the site and the videos…I remember thinking: ” Wow, that is nice… I will be 30 in 3 years and I don’t want to have this body anymore!! 20 minutes of my day is nothing…I have nothing to loose. I will start to do it”. I think that the bodyweight exercise was what really hooked me. The fact that I didn’t have to go anywhere to work out gave me NO excuse to not do it.
Congratulations Zuzana for your wonderful work along with Freddy. I’m super thankful to my friend for “meeting you”. I hope you will always be there for all the Bodyrockers around the world ;)
I’ve tried to hook other people up with your site but I haven’t had any success….but as a friend of mine said: ” You have to stick with whatever works for you”…I’m doing it and I love it!!!
Thanks for every-everything :) I made a short video of Burpee at Six Flags on July 25th, 2011. I’m still learning how to enjoy Burpees and I’m not really good at it but I couldn’t loose this opportunity, so I did!
(My husband was laughing in some parts…I think he was embarassed…but he recorded it, most of the time!! hahaha.)

Take care and thanks again,
Julia – Team Brazil (and USA)!

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  • Juliana Monteiro

    Valeu Julia!!!!!! Voce esta em otima forma:)

  • Jaraguadom

    Great burpees!! I love your husband was nice and  supportive:)..It looked like you guys had a lot of fun,LOL

  • Maria Lanier

    very nice. how I wish I can ask my hubby to do that for me… hmmm… one day… :P :)

  • Anonymous

    De nada! :) Haha.
    I live in Washington in the North West now. I used to live in Connecticut, I remember that area had a lot of Brazilian and Portuguese people. I love it here though!

  • Ciera Nichole Thomas

    hahahaha I love :53… you guys are so cute!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yesss so much fun! I love the burpees everywhere. I have to do this too here in Holland next to a mill. So funny!

  • Anna Carolina F

    Cool video!

    If I were you, I had asked ´Bugs Bunny´and ´Daffy Duck to do Burpees with ya :D !!!

  • Ali

    Hahaha So funny when you go up the hill to do the burpee! :)

  • Melanie


  • rox

    great Julia, you look so nice, and I must say you have very nice smile. Your story has so many points in commune with mine. You made a very good decision back in December. Congratulation for that, keep on bodyrocking!!!

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    You look so cute :) Thanks for sharing! Your husband is right – we ALL have some kind of tiny or larger weaknesses, when it comes to diet. You should be VERY proud of yourself, because you already look very slim, toned and hot by now :)
    Love, Maria

  • Aleksandra Bilcane

    It seems like you had a lot of fun and I personally think this is the most important part. Your husband did too, didn’t he?
    BTW, I think you’re burpees are really good. I have to always pay attention to the proper form of the push  up :)


    Good Job Julia!!!!!  I luv’d the video!  TEAM BRAZIL…..luv’s it……keep up the burpees!  Atta Girl!  :)

  • tee

    good job julia!  I always think its funny how most of the time, no one pays any attention!

  • Leilany

    Julia and hubby – Thanks for sharing!! That was awesome! Keep up the great work!

  • Samantha Robinson

    Love this! I plan on doing this when I go to Disneyland for my b-day in November! I’m going to do them EVERYWHERE! =P

  • Jayma

    I love the fact that you have a big smile on your face through the whole video!

  • Anonymous

    hhaha guys I DID BURPEES THERE TOO!!! but i didnt record it.  what was your favorite ride? lol did u go on kingdaka?? 

  • Katie

    That was a good one!  It looks like you became less shy as you went through the day.  Awesome work, keep it up!  I have tried to turn some friends on too, but it makes me happy to see all the Bodyrockers here, so maybe one day there will be so many of us we will out number the ones who haven’t tried it yet, and then we can convert them more easily!!  

  • Stephitza

    Aww that was so cute and fun to watch!

    My best to you and you husband, Julie!  Keep rockin’ it!!!!

  • ingrid haustein

    fantastic guys :)

  • Anonymous

    Nice! I was born in Rio de Janeiro :) I’ve been living in the US for quite a while now, too… I love the video! Thanks for sharing!! It’s so brave of you to perform the burpees in front of so many people like that.. I’m incredibly shy! You look great, good luck in achieving your future endeavors!

    Bodyrocker Pamela