Sep 17 2011

Chunky Light Salad

Hi BodyRockers,

Here is a recipe for a salad that will make your day. It’s amazingly simple, you can have it done in less then 10 minutes and it’s absolutely delicious. This salad has been aproved by Freddy which means that your husband (boyfriend, girlfriend, wife) will most likely love it as well.


Baby spinach (about 6 cups), 1 large can of tuna in water, 1 can of kidney beans, 1/2 cup of fat free plain yogurt, 1/2 cup of fat free feta cheese, dijon mustard (about 1tbls), honey (about 1tsp), 2 avocados, 1 cup of chopped green onions, 1 garlic clove, olive oil (about 2 tbls), paprika, salt

Start by rinsing the baby spinach and put it in a big salad bowl.

This is where I got the name for this recipe :)

Open the can and add the tuna to the spinach.

Open the can with kidney beans

and make sure that you rinse them properly before you do anything else.

Now you can add them to the spinach as well.

Chop the avocados into pieces. As a rule of a thumb – make them the size of your thumb.

Add them to the salad.

I used 8 pieces of green onion.

Chop them and add them to the bowl of spinach.

I used only half of the package of the feta cheese which is about 85g.

You can just use a fork and make crumbles out of it.

I love this picture. Anyways, take just one clove of garlic and mince it.

put the minced garlic into a smaller bowl and add about 2 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil.

I think that I used about 1 teaspoon of paprika and 1 heaping tablespoon of the dijon mustard. I also added about 2 pinches of garlic salt, but regular salt will do it.

I added half package of the fat free plain yogurt which is about 85g. Mix all of these ingredients with a fork.

Last ingredient is a little bit of honey and I believe that I poured about 1 teaspoon into the dressing.

Mix it all up until the dressing is smooth. I have to warn you – it’s delicious so try not to eat it by itself.

This apple was just something that crossed my mind towards the end and it turned out to be a really good idea.

Chop the apple into small cubes and add it to the salad. Mix all of the ingredients with the dressing and you are ready to serve.

Bon Appetit!


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  • Karolina Lemel

    i tried today – it’s super delicious!

  • Karolina Lemel

    i tried today – it’s super delicious!

  • Aggy

    This salad rocks! It’s the best salad I’ve tried so far! :)

  • Anonymous

    This was sooooo goood!! Thank you

  • Anonymous

    Made this tonight minus the kidney beans :P delicious!

  • Markdani

    Zuzana, this salad is yummy, thank you for sharing with all of us. 
     I had no red kidneys so I used the white ones I had, no feta, no yogurt and I also pressed some shallot through my garlic press.  Can’t wait for more recipes from your kitchen

  • Markdani

    Zuzana, this salad is yummy, thank you for sharing with all of us. 
     I had no red kidneys so I used the white ones I had, no feta, no yogurt and I also pressed some shallot through my garlic press.  Can’t wait for more recipes from your kitchen

  • Jessica R.

    Tried this with my boyfriend and it was okay… not great and I think it is because of these things:

    We used spring mix and arugula has really strong bitter taste, ick!
    The apples were not very crunchy or sweet.

    Hope others have better luck! 

  • Tamar

    this was the best salad i’ve ever had! it’s was soo yummy even though i forgot to put the mustard..
    i can’t wait to have more of it
    thnks and hope there will be more salad sharing soon :)

  • Anonymous

    This salad is soooo good!!! You all have to make this. I love it! thank you for sharing Zuzka. xxxxx

  • Anonymous

    This is my lunch for today….can’t wait to try it Zuzka. Btw my daughter is now in Praque for a school holiday :). Isn’t that so cool? We are from The Netherlands. I hope she takes a lot of pictures. xxx

  • _no name_

    That was delicious. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • pink

    Does anyone know who many serving this make?

  • Christeec

    People don’t believe me that mustard goes great in tuna salad to replace mayonnaise! It’s good to see I’m not the only one for once! Dried cranberries and walnuts are also great in this for the sweetness and fattiness if you don’t have avocado or apples on hand!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always struggled getting enough fish in my diet as I’ve never been that keen on the taste – problem solved – this is absolutely scrummy!

  • Indiraindii

    …………..super salad……….I love it….I used to do almost the same receipe but without mustard….I`ll try it today with it…..

  • Eleni Greekteach

    We had it for dinner tonight.  I doubled the tuna for extra protein, so I also made more of the dressing (which issucculent!).  Tasty dinner, thanks Z!

  • Savannah

    ZOMG this is so delicious!  Didn’t have any avocado cuz none were ripe enough at the store, but everything else complements the other ingredients so nicely!  Love the dressing too, so yummy!  Thanks Zuzana, you rock!!

  • Sofia

    this looks delicious, i’m always looking for new salad recipes. I can get pretty bored of the same ones over and over 

  • Kim

    I’ve just made this and it was delicious! I’m trying to get my parents to eat healthy. Normally when I make something fresh and fat/sugar/fast food free and I ask if they like it, my mom always says “yes, it’s very healthy”. Which basically means she’s eating it because she knows it’s good for her, but she doesn’t enjoy it as much as French fries. This time she was constantly saying “it’s really really tasty”. So this recipe is a winner on both taste and healthiness!!! I loved it :)

  • Raylea

    You should publish a BodyRock recipe book :) I’d purchase on in a heart beat.

  • Jessica R.

    Oh I have got to try this! my boyfriend finally decided to get on the salad track and i think he will love this!

  • Lu

    I made it right now instead of feta cheese I used blue cheese. And it is so yummy.

  • Aida

    It was the best tuna salad ever.  I think that some chopped walnuts could have go well with the salad.  Thank you so much.  :)

  • Jyesenia23

    I’m not a fan of tuna! So, I could not eat it. I tryed so hard to eat it. But I can say my 8 yr old LOVED it!!!!!! Thank u for sharing this w/us.

  • Jyesenia23

    I’m not a fan of tuna! So, I could not eat it. I tryed so hard to eat it. But I can say my 8 yr old LOVED it!!!!!! Thank u for sharing this w/us.

  • Heather McClure Winger

    It looks yummy!  gonna have this tomorrow night

  • Heather McClure Winger

    I’m gonna have this tomorrow night.  It looks yummy!

  • Maria

    this looks delicious!!

  • Maria

    this looks delicious!!

  • Bodyrocker_Audra

    Let me know how you like it Kristin!  They are my healthy spicy very,very low-calorie bell pepper chips as opposed to fattening high-calorie potato chips :)

  • Virginia

    I just made this salad and it is delicious.  I didn’t have any ripe avocados though.  I will be making this again!

  • sarah s

    is this recipe meant to serve 2?  

  • Lish Weese

    Oh good!  Another recipe from you Zuzana!!!  I love your photos when you do these diet posts…so nicely done.  I bet this does taste great, I love tuna in almost anything~thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Killer calcium content in this salad. and much tastier than a pill or calcium chew!


  • Anonymous

    guys…. it’s just a salad :)

    • Lauri Pitman

      Even if everyone still has their own opinion one thing is apparent…the passion for Body Rocking really is deep… EAT, sleep and breathe Body Rocking! :)

  • Anonymous

    Really? danke. Have to take a look

  • Dheana

    Gorgeous photographs – and yummy looking recipe – thanks!

  • Naliak22


  • Irene C

    I wanted to comment that I’ve been sticking to a healthy no sugar low fat small portioned meals (6 through out the day, every 3 hours) for almost 5 months and it worked really good lowering a lot my body fat but afther these months now I can’t control it any more. It is like all the hunger and cravings I’ve had are back more powerful even. Maybe it is stress maybe it is ??don’t know, but I can’t reach my next goal. I didn’t gain much weight because of the daily bodyrocking and all the sins have been healthy ones but I’m trying to get back again to my old habits. I’m just focusing on stay away from sweet things, I mean… I don’t crave into chocolate bars or premaked stuff any more but… nuts make me nuts!! peanut butter or homemade popcorn… hmmm… I’d love to go back to little portions and control this late night anxiety and cravings… any tips out there?

    This salad looks amazing!!! Thank you!

    • Armriley

      You NEED fat. Fat is essential to survival and good health. Look into getting some virgin, unrefined coconut oil. There is so much information about it out there from REAL doctors: Mary Enig, Bruce Fife, Cherie Calbom, etc. If you do not include healthy fat in your diet, not only will you never be able to beat hunger and cravings, you will be perpetually unhealthy. Please, please, please do not buy the low fat lie. It is false. Get some good coconut oil and you will be golden.

      • Sofia

        Just some random fact that your comment reminded me of. According to one of the theories of evolution, our ancestors had a hard time getting the necessary fats and salts our body needs to survive (they were pretty hard to come by). As a result, our body developed a natural craving for these things because evolutionarily it made sense; that is until we started putting bad fats into everything. So, fats are necessary, and the cravings will always come back if you’re not eating enough of them. The problem with the cravings is that they’re usually not for the good fats like avocado, but more for things like fries and cake.

        Anyways, random science fact i learned in my anthropology course :)

  • Anonymous

    This looks like my type of salad. My salad had at list  5 ingredients  and i top that with nut and seeds. Definitely  gone try your dressing soon, looks yammii 

  • Anonymous

    mmmmh, yummy, this look so delicious!!! I try this tomorrow :) thanks for sharing this recipe :)

  • Kirry Kaatje

    Mmmm, tasty! I love each ingredient you use in there, so I will deff be trying this one. Nomnomnom!

  • Anonymous

    Looking gooood!! Living in Germany we don’t have these fat free products here.the low fat joghurts are loaded with sugar and don’t taste that good but I will still try it. Love this combination. Thanks for posting.

    • Marlla Singerova

      I believe that fat free or low fat dairy are very bad choice, because as you pointed out, the fat in them is replaced by sugar and it is sugar what makes you fat. So I would look for the sugar content on the lables of products rather than fat. Anyways, this salad looks delicious and I have Zuzka to thank for my tomorrow lunch idea:-)

    • Kirry Kaatje

      Just use the plain yoghurt. You don’t use allot of it anyway and fat is not bad for you. I always use Greek Yoghurt; delicious! 

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I regularly eat plain yogurt, that ‘s what I will use for the salad and I found fat reduced feta which isn’t full of sugars. Can’t wait to try it

        • Anonymous

          Uh, where did you find that feta?

          • Anonymous

            I get the feta in Netto Markt :-) and it tastes really good. I also like this soy yogurt.but I also love the Bio Joghurt vom Aldi with 3 or 3,5 % it’s really yummy and cheaper than andechser or similar. Yeah, fresh spinach is hard to find. But I’ll try in tengelmann/Rewe or in the food department of Karstadt. They sure have some fresh cut and washed in the fridge.

    • Anonymous

      I always get the alpro soja plain joghurt (kaisers z.b.) it’s higher in protein and lower in fat and sugar content, but a little pricier (sp?). on the other hand it tastes wayyy better than regular plain joghurt! what I find more annoying, is that we can’t get fresh spinach here anymore.. =(

  • AudraG

    Finally a yummy recipe with tuna!  I have been bored to death with tuna lately so thank you so much Zuzana!  Way better than straight out of the boring package.  It sounds weird but, try tuna with a sliced up bell pepper on a plate drizzled with spicy jalapeno mustard.  Mmmmm.  It’s a crunchy, spicy, healthy low cal snack.  Only if you like mustard tho ;)

  • mag

    it’s look amazing!, I was waiting a new recipe for so long!! thanks
    Zu and Freddy I want to know what happen with fruits? can we eat them everytime? or now it’s better to control the number of the during the day? how much do you recomend tu eat? how mech do you eat in one day??
    please post a tipical diet day like the other day! it was very helpfull
    sorry for my english but I speak spanish! :)

  • Courtney

    This looks very tasty. I love the variety of ingredients; my salads are usually pretty boring. I just bought apples today, so I’ll probably make this tomorrow. Thanks Zuzana!

  • Kayla

    Now I know what I can use my spinach for :) Though I’m trying a no meat/no dairy (except for a cheat day!) thing right now to try and lean down, so I will probably skip the tuna.  Not sure if the yogurt can be skipped, though!

    • Mary

      Hey Kayla:) Why do you try to leave out meat from your diet? Meat, especially the lean sorts, is great for getting lean because it’s full of proteins. I’ve been trying this paleo/primal lifestyle for past few weeks (it’s about avoiding all grains, products made of them like breads, pasta, rice, legumes and dairy and of course, processed foods and refined sugar…but what you do is eat a lot of veggies, meat, eggs, fish, healthy fats, such as olive oil, avocado, nuts..) and I have to say I’ve never looked as good and lean as I do now. And I don’t even exercise as often as I used to before. Give it a try, I can only recommend:)

      • Kayla

        As Volcomgrl_e below said, you don’t *need* meat to get an adequate supply of proteins.  I’ve tried Paleo and I’ve tried low carb and what I always find is that I get bored with my diet, and start reverting back to old (bad) habits.  I am trying a more vegetarian approach now because I grew up on a very meat-heavy diet and I wanted to learn and get creative with a new way of eating.  Before, I just felt like I was eating chicken, pork, or fish, and re-hashing that to get 5 meals a day, and I was just sick of the food.  So by cutting meat out of my life right now, I am forcing myself to learn about new foods, new ways to thinking about meals, and adding tons more recipes to my box.  Dieting is an individual adventure, and what works for some will not work for others.  And I have to say, right now, I feel pretty great!

  • Anonymous

    I am so happy to see that I made you guys hungry :)

    • ulla

      You definitely did. > Off to lunch now, working out later.

  • Michelle Torrance

    can’t wait to try it!!!

  • Chrisan

    Looks like tomorrow’s lunch will be amazing – thank you!!

  • Jonnel Mamauag

    oh wow .. that sounds really good. Might be my next pre-workout meal next time.

  • dragonfly180

    that looks really yummy!

  • Liliya

    This is going to be absolutely AMAZING!! Thank you, guys! You Rock (: as always :)!! xx