Sep 18 2011

Burpees from Colorado

Dear Bodyrockers, Freddy, and Z –

I’ve become a huge fan of the community that has been cultivated here. Thank you all for making it living, breathing, and healthy.

I have always been active but there’s a privilege I’ve recently found in really taking care of your body and mind correctly. Your website and online community comes up often in conversation and although I love bringing friends with me when we decide to go running/jumping/climbing trees, I’m always sure to direct them to you as well. It’s much more than at-home workouts.

So thank you Freddy and Zuzana for creating this environment – and thanks to the Bodyrockers for making it a home.

If any Bodyrockers are ever in Colorado, there’s so much to do and enjoy here (I’ve lived here over a decade and I’m still finding things) but I fully recommend ‘the incline’ trail just outside of Colorado Springs (and a great bistro/bakery we found today at the base of the trail called ‘Croquettes’). The Incline was packed with the friendliest people of all fitness ranges though all motivated – and I’m happy to say I had quite a few 65+ year-olds burn right past me on this trail (one of them more than once!).



Bodyrock on, Erin!


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  • Natalie Lane

    That was a totally sweet impression of Z :)  brought a smile to my face! <3

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Thanks for sharing, Brian :) It looks beautiful!

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Thanks for sharing, Brian :) It looks beautiful!



  • Liliya

    Keep on Rocking, Brian!! Woot!! :)

  • Anonymous
  • Derek Land

    Congrats Brian. It’s more motivating for me to see it’s not girls-only. Due to a heart problem, I can’t lift weights that are too heavy – has been perfect for what I can do staying fit without getting obsessed with using weights.


  • Romy Wolters

    I love to see more guys on the bodyrock site!:D Keeps my bf motivated aswell to keep going with me!:D

    You look great! and i love your state of mind! you seem like a really nice guy! Cool that you did a burpee for Erin!! I am also very jealous of people living Colorada now:P!

  • BanannaN

    I love the incline! I have fond memories of hiking that! It was pretty brutal when I was home for a summer playing collegiate volleyball! I used to live just south of Colorado Springs and I miss it! :) I thought I recognized the background of your picture.  Thanks for posting.

  • Resa Groff

    woohoo! a fellow Colorado Bodyrocker! Cheers from Denver:)

  • Jessica Bell

    Great I idea to do a burpee at the the top of the incline. I live in Colorado Springs and that is one of my favorite places to burn some calories!! Definitely cool to to know there are body rockers in Colorado Springs!!

  • Atvols777

    I was there 2 years ago in November and there was ice/snow all over the incline and this guy ran up, down and back up again in the 35 min it took me and I was wearing microspikes and him just plain ol tennis shoes! those natives are amazing! :-) Good Job BRB!

  • Annes Lane

    Most fun burpee post yet, Brian. And it’s so cool that you gave Erin a shoutout (hi, Erin! I do burpees for you too!) 
    Brian, you are one of the shining examples of the awesome people in this community; I’m high-fiving you through my laptop.

    Ramble on~!

  • ۞ BodyRocker ♥ Beth ۞

    Really nice !!! Keep up rocking guys !!!


  • Anonymous

    wow, your dad does sound a little crazy….and totally awesome!  =)  

  • BodyRocker_Bonnie

    Awesome comments Bryan, I agree completely.  And great video – sweet of you to include your Erin burpee!

  • Anonymous

    You are very right, is much more than at home workouts.

  • Marika Nováková

    hey! nice guy!!!! :-*


    Such sweet, kind words!  I couldn’t agree with you more, Brian!  :)

  • Anonymous

    hey brian! 
    i’m in denver, and i agree, colorado is awesome!  i’ve never heard of this incline trail, but i’ll definitely have to check it out.  are those steps?  looks pretty intense, but i love the applause you get when you finish!cheers!

  • Anonymous

    Looking good, Brian! =)

  • Lvette #1

    Happy to hear from our bodyrocking fellas. Brian, you’re total right, this is the best community ever.

  • Sherice Potter

    Hi Brian~ I tell everybody I know about this awesome community as well! I would love to visit colorado sometime, it just looks so beautiful!!
    Bodyrock on!!

  • Lisa

    Nice doing the burpee for Erin, Brian!

  • Mindy McT

    I have several friends stationed in Colorado and they all love it and the great hiking that goes along with it! My and my husband are considering requesting that are for our next duty station. We’ll see :)

  • Irina

    Really nice guy)