Sep 25 2011

BodyRocker Andrea – Team USA (Florida)

Dear Zuzana, Freddie and BODYROCKERS,

Hi!!! My name is Andrea and I live in Florida with my husband and dog Milo J Words cannot express how thankful I am that I stumbled upon your website a year and a half ago! I feel like I’ve been on this journey with you guys because you’ve come such a long way and I feel so proud to be apart of this community. I’ve always been an exercise enthusiast and until I found you guys I was feeling bored and stuck with my workouts. I never liked going to the gym so I’ve always worked out at home. I remember trying a few of your workouts and seeing exercises like the ninja jump tuck and one legged squats and feeling so empowered when I finally conquered them! I feel stronger, fitter, healthier and more confident than I ever have.

Not only do you guys have the privilege to inspire thousands of people around the World, us bodyrockers have the ability to be good examples to our friends and family. I feel like the best gift I can give someone is to tell them about your website! I can’t wait to continue on this journey and watch grow even more! You guys deserve it! I’m also inspired by the way you both are living out your dreams.

I wish I had before pictures of me because there is definitely a difference from when I started.  I finally got my husband to do the workouts with me recently and now he is hooked too. He finally agreed to try them after seeing my results and soon figuring out that these are NOT just workouts for girls J I’ve also gotten other family members hooked on bodyrock too.

Knowing that thousands of people are sweating and pushing hard all over the World is enough to make you want to get off your butt and do something! Thank you again for all the hard work and effort you put into this amazing community. Have fun on your burpee travels!!!

All the best!



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  • ۞ BodyRocker ♥ Beth ۞

    Would U share your diet/meal plan with us ??? or even your macros intake ??? (=Carbs, Protein & Fat content in each one of the meals thorugh out the day)

     We would Thank you so much if U do…

    <3 BR Beth & All BodyRockers !!! We really <3 & appreciate U !!!

  • Anonymous

    Wouw you look amazing! Beautiful pictures.

  • Jaraguadom

    Andrea, not only you look great but i think you are very sweet…please, tell me how you conquered that one leg squat!! i’m still dealing with it! shame on me!:( but i’m getting an expert in burpees because i do everyday for erin!:)

  • Courtney

    I hope my body looks like this after a year and a half. You look amazing.

  • Ugamerican


  • Maria Lanier

    You look great Andrea. I agree with you, Zuzie and Freddy are amazing people who are always there for us to keep us motivated. I’m addictive here. There are times that I’ve missing bodyrocking due to some people around me but keep coming back in this blogs, it indeed helps me back in track. I love being here. I guess, I’ll be bodyrocking even if I reach 60 years. Hahahaha… but I mean it… I am now 42 years and still rocking. :D

  • Gry

    You look wonderful and happy :)

  • Travis Bradford

    You look fantastic.  It is very obvious from your results that you are dedicated and healthy with your exercise and nutrition regimen.  Keep up the great work.

    When people ask me what I am doing, and I tell them about this site, I always say that they are “girl” exercises as well.  It isn’t true, but it just shows the mentality that most men have ingrained into their thoughts.

  • Teresa

    Awesome job!  Would love to know your height, weight and measurements and any supplements you take! : )  Thanks!!

  • Trish Tamez

    Andrea,  My name is Trish and I’m from San Antonio.  I have yet to begin the workouts on this site; however, I will begin this week. 

    I am curious to know what your diet plan is.  What does a day’s menu look like for you?

    Thanks in advance,
    Trish Tamez

  • Beadensmoore

    You look great! I am so proud, keep it up!

  • Allpurpose

    Here’s to another Florida Bodyrocker.  Your abs are fabulous!!

  • Maria

    how about some before pictures for motivation?? you look great!

  • Anonymous

    AMAzINGGG! whatt in the world do you eat have such an amazing body?

  • Stephani Livingston

    You look amazing! Great job :)

  • ۞ BodyRocker ♥ Beth ۞

    Now how cool is that ? would you tell me which sups your’e using ?

    as you can see in my comment above I chose natural whey, GT extract & multi – but tried non of them yet… as soon as they arrive I’ll tell you what is my expreince w/ ‘em :)

    Spread out your Secrets !!! Successful people !!! :)

    <3 BR Beth

    BTW it took me a LOT of time to convince my parents that the prosucts Im gonna buy are safe & low-cost… hope they would agree to buy them all year long !!!

  • ۞ BodyRocker ♥ Beth ۞

    That’s the Secret nobody have talled us ! :}

    We Are Lack Of Protein In Our Diet !!! (or we might have it from high-calorie foods that keeps us fatty & chubby!!!)& THAT’S WHY Im stuck at where I am !!! I bought my first Natural whey proetin powder ever this week & Im still wait for the order to arrive…as well as Green Tea Extract & High-Quality Multivitamin… (=some more hidden secrets)Nothing would stop us now BodyRockers !!! we can all achieve our goals !!!
    & You know something ?! For the long term using of protein powder instead of most of my low-fat dairy products (=dairies are for example) It can actually SAVE US UP MONEY !!! so…

    Hope (SURE) it would help both me & everyone else !!!




    <3 BR Beth

  • Anonymous

    because all comments are moderated :)

  • Irina

    Amazing body and very good quality pictures!Your husband must be so proud of you!

  • Leilany

    You look amazing! Great job~

  • Anonymous

    Wow, you are beautiful!I love your shoulders :) Keep on rockin´!!

  • Bodyrocker_Audra

    Hi Andrea, you have a nicely toned body :)  I love your back too!

  • Anonymous

    really good picture! You seem happy :)

  • Patrick

    you are not even sweating on that dip station!!!  :)

    great results, inspirational.

  • ZoeRocker

    Nice!! You look great Andrea, keep it up!!

  • Nina_CZ

    You look just stunning Andrea! Another inspiration and motivation for me, thank you :)

  • Cheeksme

    WOW!! Very inspiring!! Thank you for sharing.

  • Romy Wolters

    You are really an inspiration to keep going with my workouts and diets!!! Really something to look toward to:D You are absolutely amazingly beautiful!!:D

  • Mary Lou

    Fantastic work! Keep it up and keep convincing people! HOW else, other than the terrific results, did you convince your husband???

  • Zealot Protoss

    Very very beautiful

  • Indiraindii

    really nice body…keep on doing it….

    • Indiraindii

      u make bodyrockers proud…….

  • Jenn Coppack

    You look amazing ! Great job :) Such an inspiration to our community

  • Dorota T.

    GREAT job, You look perfect.:) very womanly, lean and strong! :) beautiful. :)
    how old are U? :)

  • ۞ BodyRocker ♥ Beth ۞

    First !!! LOL :D

    Are you using any protein powders?

    <3 BR Beth