Oct 14 2011

Im Crazy But You Like It – Exercise Challenge

Hi BodyRockers,

I hope that all of you guys keep on bodyrocking and following this weeks workout schedule. I don’t know what I would do without these workouts and bodyrock and all of you guys – it keeps me sane. It’s like an energy boost everytime I do something for this site or read your comments. My friends from Prague left yesterday back to the reallity of their own lives and I am getting back on track with my workouts. I took some time off thanks to the flu/cold that I had the entire time when the girls were here – they got it from me and we were all sick, but no one gave me hard time :) Today’s exercise challenge wasn’t easy for me at all and even tho I wasn’t able to beat my personal best, I am so proud that I did get off of my butt and pushed myself through it as hard as I could. It will take me a few days to get my strength back, but keep in mind that Bodyrocking is a life long  journey so it is only natural that you will have to stop every once in a while to take a few breaths or even take a few steps back. Just make sure that you always find your way back on the right track. If you fell down you have to get up and keep going – it’s like with everything we do in life.



P.S. Don’t miss your training tomorrow!

Workout Breakdown

Time: 10min.Workout Type: exercise challengeExercises: 1
  • Jump Up-Knee Hug-Power UpDo as many reps as possible

Get your gear for this workout here:


Set your Interval Timer to count down 10 minutes for you. Your goal is to complete as many reps of the Exercise Combo that I showed you guys in the video as possible. My old score is 61 and 1/2 rep – you should try to beat that :)


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  • nim

    i just did this one… i feel great! i was gonna stop at 5 mins but i was just like “NOOOO! I CAN DO THIS!” ahaha :D i feel amazing and i’m about to do another workout :D!

  • Anonymous

    hi i just finished,but just 40x…………………………..i see u soon petra london

  • Ellen

    Only 35. really focused on correct form though. little things like aligning my elbows with my knees – wow, what a difference. thanks for the work out.

  • Anonymous

    managed to do 62 which I’m happy with :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KWYNAN3YBVHDVE4SFFIO66GLNQ Abby

    Finally! I remembered how to login! I shared a great granola recipe on my blog this week! Bodyrockers will love it!

  • tee

    I finally did workout for the lovers! :)  today as I had been dreading it because of the 24sets with no rest!  but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be!
    managed to break my good skipping rope on the second set!  had to try to use the lousy one for the rest!  didn’t count my reps.  for the 24 rounds managed about 5 & hang flexed for the set up to 15 reps for the mini reverse pushups.   managed between 13 to 16 reps for mini squats with my ugly ball.  probably should have used more weight!  and I managed to fit in every jump tuck!

    Yah conquered another fear!  fear of no rest!  ha ha!

  • Samanthina

    Hi,guys i did this challenge yesterday and completed 65 sets + the  Ninja Jump Clapping Push up challenge-50 sets,but infortunately i hadn’t written my old scores.
    Thanks guys:)

  • AmBoaksy

    Holy Cripes.  I have no idea how Zuz did 61.5 of these.  I lost count at one point, but I did 46 (give or take a couple).  Shower time.  lol

  • Daniela(Duovka)

    I choose one of the realy old workouts called Fat Exorcism for today and my time is 16:41 min.I hope you feel better Zuzi after short break and I hope you are full of energy what your friends brings from Czech;))
    We all know that this Bodyrock journey is like Matrix for you both and nobody is like bottomless well:) ,but You are constantly giving us so much positive energy,power to fight for everyday life and I think a lot of people is some way addicted to you to your website,to your life style,fashion hall,cooking,because everywhere is you and your incredible charisma.Every person in the world is unique and I don’t know if I will get to use to somebody else.Feel sorry you are leaving Zuzi,but you have my understanding:))
    Kisses to you and doggies!!

  • Diana Cyrill

    This was great. My score 42. Not bad for just starting out.

  • Lisa

    That would be “Abs Now!” workout. :-)

  • lala

    hi , my score is 51 and exhausted.

  • Marta

    My score for this workout is 70 sets!! Yeee! I’m really happy, because I really pushed my best :D
    Bodyrock 4ever :D

  • Anonymous

    I did this+five minutes of skipping and 10 one-leg squats (per leg)
    my total was 45 reps.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/empowart Jessica

    Im so glad you took the time to rest and heal Zuz. Its so important to listen to the needs of your body. I twisted my ankle a couple days ago and it hurts to walk on my left foot. Even though the pain is small in just one joint I think its important to stay off of it for a couple days. Before I started Bodyrocking this is the kind of pain I would ignore and try to fight past, but I have learned through Bodyrock that these situations are the most crucial. Know, respect, and listen to your body. 

  • Vivi

    ACtive sunday for me, with this sun here in France !!
    1/ 365 rep belly blaster Wo (beat my old time)
    2/ Survivor Wo (beat my old score)

    So this week I could do 7 workouts(on 4 days), very happy !! I begin to organize better my time with kids & work ;)

  • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

    It is so great to see you back and to actually BE back! I had no internet connection for the past 2 weeks (my fault), so I was not able to read, blog, see new workouts or post my scores! Yay, it is so great to be back online again!  Life without internet is too bad! :) I was doing some older workouts this week and today I did the Pump It workout. I am gonna do this challenge tomorrow, I remember this one very well, I think I did it when I was sick this spring…
    Glad you are both okay now!

  • Anonymous

    Hi there…
    so I was also ill and didn’t workout for 2 weeks, flu, back pain,and had some problems in my private life..and I decided to do this today, but it is so hard to start..need some push from someone..I know, it is all up to me, it is in my head, but I have to talk about that with someone who understand..like you all do..

    now, that said I have to do this, I don’t want to disappoint you

    kisses to you all

    • Anonymous

      So,I have a little trick that I use when I don’t feel like working out…I write down the workout in my ex.log and it is like a promise to myself..I put the date and I have to do it!!!

      And I did this (power of talking to myself…hihi)…

      So last time I did 58 sets…TODAY 66 sets..after 2 weeks of being sick…I am so proud of myself…

      kisses to you all

      • Vivi

        You see very good score !
        I don’t think that 2 weeks without training make us most bad. Muscles are always there !!!
        Good job !

        • Anonymous

          thank you Vivi…well I am getting better..and my private things will get better,I am stressed out but workouts are always helping!!and of course this community here…
          once again…thank you

      • MariaBjørgJepsen

        You should be very proud, sweetheart!!!! So cool you pushed yourself into doing this challenge. WELL done!!! But your health is on top again? It helps me to imagine the incredible feeling I know I will get, when I have finished my workout. The amazing feeling of beeing wiped out and totally energized, at the same time. I also do the same as you, write down my workout and set the date. I don’t want to change it, when it is on the paper :) Are you happy in your new job? I really hope so <3
        Love, Maria

    • Vivi

      You don’t disappoint us with your problem. I understand what you want to say ;)
      I hope all is fine now for you (too in private life)
      When we have a few rest days, I have the feeling that we don’t know where to begin! legs, push up?? a workout, a challenge?? but when you re-start the rythm is here again !!
      Before I did 2 workouts a day, but now that I work it’s most difficult and I know rest days in my week now and at the beginning it was hard to accept. But now It’s good; Another rythm with my taining that’s all.
      Try this one, it is very great and not intense or brtal for your body after 2 weeks without workout.
      Enjoy your workout and take care about you ;)

  • GoustiFruit

    Did you warm up before ? I usually don’t (bad me !) but I’m doing a little stretching, specially back and neck, to avoid these problems…

    • Vivi

      Like you usually I don’t warm up…and a very little strech for legs. :p

  • Brittanyverner

    I just finished this workout! Just barely made it for counting for my saturday workout since it’s 20 minutes till midnight where I live! :) 55 reps!

  • Annalise

    43 sets for me. I am also recovering from a cold and not at my maximum, but it’s good to get panty and sweaty again:)  Burpee for Erin.  thanks, Annalise

  • http://delightfultastebuds.com Jos

    Welcome back Zuzka!! So happy you feel a lot better!!! Miss you so much!

  • Courtney

    I thought I had done this exercise challenge before, but I can’t find it in my log. Oh well.

    My goal was to complete 50 sets and I’m happy to say I met my goal! I completed exactly 50 sets. It’s not an impressive score, but I’m really proud of it because I was pushing really hard. I had to take one or two short breathers, but other than that I was pushing at max effort the entire time.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HIRA7W7OJ6ZHXMTHXJDPVS7VLE Melanie

    69. Thank you Zuzana and Freddy, Glad you feel better.♥

  • GoustiFruit

    67 for me today, and 57 for the “no fear” challenge yesterday by the way.

    Zuzka/Freddy, do you have stats or estimate of the female/male ratio here ? My guess is that it’s at least 80/20… I’m always surprised by the scores the best bodyrockers post here, I’m even more amazed to note these top scorers are females !?

  • Vivi

    90 reps for me. But I don’t know for you, but me my nat slide and I lost time to put it right to my butt ! Grrr
    But good one for abs. Not brutal.
    I did after this one You push me Wo which was on workout schedule.
    Most intense this one !!! :p

  • http://www.pure2raw.com Pure2raw twins

    Glad you are feeling better! We took a few days off from our bodyrock workouts, mainly due to traveling and resting, but glad to be back into it! like you said, it is getting back on track matters :)

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Hey dearest Zuzie :) I am so glad to hear you are feeling better and coming back on track with us. I really missed your always positive attitude and sweet smile. You look incredible on the picture! So lean, mannn! I enjoyed this sweat in my littlesisters BIG bedroom at my parents place. I love to spend a few days here in my  peaceful childhood home,when they are all away on holidays. Of course, I also love visiting them when they are here :)

    This was great cardio, I really kept on pushing hard!!! My first goal was 80 reps. Then 90. Then I refused to stop before 100.

    I reached 102 ½ reps.

    That nice hot bun, egg, croissant and sausage at breakfast surely gave me fuel :)

    Love, Maria.

    • Vivi

      What a breakfast !!! I can’t eat so much the morning me. Just a cottage cheese or a fruit with my coffee. it’s enough for my stomach !! I know there is no enough portein… :p

      I’m gonna to do this one this afternoon, and try to have an amazing score like you !!

      • MariaBjørgJepsen

        Normally my breakfast (and all meals) are small. Like a small cup of greek yoghurt with nuts/seeds. Today it was family time with brunch, so we ate slowly for an hour or so. It was only half a bun, 1 small croissant, a little sausage and 1 egg, but still, I got very full :) Nice. And some cups of coffee, ummmm! Today I just relax after the 10 min. workout. I need it, since my work is very busy from monday to friday. I am very bad at resting those 5 days a week! We will eat a nice dinner, chat and watch some movies. I might enjoy a beer and a glass of red ;) Shopping for clothes?
        Love, Maria

        • Vivi

          yes & shoes ;)

    • Anonymous

      wow…when I grow up I would like to be Maria!!! :))))))

      • MariaBjørgJepsen

        You are the sweetest :)

  • Patricia Grade

    Ok Zuz… I did this wo the best I could, considering my abs are burning like crazy from another wo I did 2 days ago and I can’t even laugh it hurts so bad!!!!

    I’d love to host, but Portugal is a little bit off track… maybe later on?

    XXXXXs and hugs from Team Portugal

  • GoustiFruit

    You got back on track quite fast, it usually takes me 3 weeks just to deal with the flu and then a couple more to fully recover my previous energy.

  • Kirry_kaatje

    So true, being fit and healthy is a lifestyle, and it comes with high intensive periods, and breaks when you need it. I took a 2 week off, because I got both my feet tattooed and I didn’t want to risk it healingwise. 
    Tommorow I will be back on track and I look forward to it. I got my new sandbag ready and for the first time I bought a protein powder made from hemp hearts. 

    Take a break if you need it, because it’s very important to keep your body balanced. 
    ps; I can’t seem to sign on with FB, as well. :)

    • Lisa

      Good advice, Kirry. I have slowed down on my workouts. I am working out every other day right now. I was working out almost every day and I think I needed to just cut back a bit. I will always be an active person, but I think I was getting a little too intense. Or maybe I’m just in a funk? I haven’t been as strict with eating, although I do eat healthy, I am allowing myself some sweets or carbs that I may not have had when I was working out more frequently. I think it was when Zuzana went back to her Malta eating style, with everything in moderation was when I did a bit of a switch as well.

      It’s good to read that we are not alone in this tricky balance of healthy living and exercise and letting loose a bit!

  • http://www.facebook.com/felinemenina Anna Carolina F

    Sadly I´m from Germany..no chance for me :P. As Vivi mentioned Zuzi´s outfit looks jealous! Looks like  hot “hell´s angels” Zuzi :P.

    I´m watching out for new coffee talks soon. Oh guys what you´ve done since today is sooo huge!! Everytime I´m looking back on old videos..I can´t believe how much you just have explained and done in all kind of sportsector and nutrition knowledge.

    Love, Carol

  • Vivi

    It seems that your new diet is very good to see your six pack ! I would love so to have the same !! But not with my diastasis recti :'(
    I really love your clothes as always ! Without talkink of your tan! Jealous I am !! haha
    You’re so beautifull, Freddy still make you more in more beautifull ! Congratulations Freddy for all Zuzka’s pictures !

    And if one day you’re looking for a host in France, I’m here !!! :p I have time to perfect me so!!

    • MariaBjørgJepsen

      Vivi, I am sure you are perfect just the way you are. We have to remember, that no bodies are similar. We can’t all look just like Zuzka, because we are not build totally like her :) Love and embrace your own strenghts and your lovely character :) What are you doing this weekend?
      Love, Maria

      • Vivi

        Yes of course ! I totally agree with you, that we can’t be as Zuzka. I’m not focus on it don’t worry.I’m very proud of my body today, as I never be ! And fo that I’m very thankfull to Zuzka <3 <3
        I try to be nearest of her body even if I know to have hers stay a dream. But It's not a problem for me. I enjoy my workout and this is the most important. ;)

        This week end it is shopping for me ! And you? something with your sister ??

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1746562272 Cynthia Hannah

    So glad you are feeling better Zuzana,  I did not beat my personal best either today , but for as hot as it was and what little sleep I had the night before, I still felt great for doing the challenge and got close enough ;-) I completed 73sets today

  • Bodyrocker_Audra

    Glad your feeling better Zuzka.  It’s great to give your body some time to rest & recuperate or else your immune system won’t be able to fend off illness and it’ll lower and make you take a break as yours did.:)  Wow you look amazing in the sunset the way the natural light hits your beautiful tan and muscles!  Great shot Freddy ;)   I’ve been Bodyrocking and haven’t been sick but I’m in one of those ruts where my work schedule has changed and so I’ve missed some workouts here and there.  But the great thing is I now have some weekends off here and there unlike, the last six years of working every single weekend. Ugh!  Love your necklace, is it a new one?

  • http://profiles.google.com/marlla.singerova Marlla Singerova

    I feel for you, Zuz. I’ve been run down with urinary tract infection (fewer and kidney pain included) for past week and although it’s better now I still can’t walk properly (my kidneys hurt as hell) let alone exercise. I dread the day when I try to get back on track because this is the longest break I’ve ever had from your exercises. But seeing you made it make me more positive and I guess I’ll also be looking forward to it:-) Thank you, Zuzi, for everything you’re doing for us…:-xx

  • http://tattoosnob.com Julene

    46 reps. Little disappointed in myself for not starting as strong as I would’ve liked – but I’ll do better next time. :)

  • Ihaveaspyhnxcat

    Where do you get your jeans Zu?  They are always rockin’!  I have horrible time finding jeans =(.  And I don’t think I’m the only gal out there with the same prob!  I would love to host, but I live in Texas…that’s not near Canada.  

    • Anonymous

      These jeans are from Diesel – my favourite brand for jeans ever followed by Guess :) we have to start in Canada but I think it would be amazing if we could expand to the rest of the world one day and feature BodyRockers from everywhere.

      • MariaBjørgJepsen

        That could be so awesome :) My favourite jeans brand is also Guess, because they are the only ones my “ghetto booty” can fit into!!! Ha ha :P I hate that I always feel too “big” when I go jeans shopping, so it almost never happends. So sad!

  • van

    I think I missed those diet challenges. Where can I find them?    Will try the exercise challenge tomorrow morning.   By the way, it is very important to listen to your body and not push through something that is hurting.   I learned that the hard way and I should know better!!!

    • tee

      hi van,

      this exercise video was from february, so the diet challenges were from then too.  if you look under the tab “food and diet” and go back to feb. 10th you will find diet challenge #1.  each week she introduced one thing at a time we should work on!

  • Lvette #1

    For a sick girl, you’re looking not too shabby. Glad to hear you’re up and about again …I hope the ladies had a great visit with you and Freddy. I did this challenge right after doing the NO FEAR challenge for a 20 minutes workout.

    I was able to complete 39 reps.

  • LynnM

    I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better, Zuzka! As luck would have it, I feel like I’m coming down with something today. So, this message was a great reminder that I should listen to my body and take it easy… as much as I hate to miss a workout, guess I’ll skip it today and reassess tomorrow. Cheers!