Oct 20 2011

News for BodyRockers!

Hi guys,

I have a brand new coffee talk for you please watch the video and leave your feedback in the comments below!




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  • http://www.facebook.com/Latifah.Nadiyah Nadiyah Abdul

    whatever happened to jess?…..oh welll Excited about the new site!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Latifah.Nadiyah Nadiyah Abdul

    whatever happened to jess?…..oh welll Excited about the new site!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for great inspirational videos.  I am a black belt in ITF Tae Kwon do and am hoping to get to my second degree later this year. Your routines are an inspiration to me. I teach a fitness portion of the curriculum and I hope you don’t mind but I use a number of your routines in my classes. Please keep posting videos and routines.

  • Moccagirl8

    Everyone needs rest.  Zuzana especially because you need it and you and Freddy need time as a couple. I am sure Jess will rock.  Welcome Jess!  However, I still want to see the 50- ish rockers because some of us are forerunner workout warriors and former personal trainers where life, in all types and accidents, took its toll on our perfection look.  I asked where the 50 somebodies were before and someone said they were there.  Maybe you will have a 50 plus warrior special once a year.  Love to all.  Brandy 

  • Cindy

    I came across this quote that I would like to share with all bodyrockers.

    “Whatever is in your way, You are stronger that it, You are tougher than it, and You are better than it. You are going to beat it.”

  • http://www.pure2raw.com Pure2raw twins

    congrats on the new community section, cannot wait for it!

  • http://www.pure2raw.com Pure2raw twins

    congrats on the new community section, cannot wait for it!

  • monika

    I have been happily married for almost 18 yrs and we never wear rings.I am not a ring woman and my hubby stopped wearing his as well after he broke it once at work and had to have it fixed.It doesn’t change anything,noone even questions it.
    As far as the new host,we’ll see…I’ve also grown attached to you guys and would rather see new workout videos once a week of you then daily of someone else(no offence Jess,you’re prob amazing girl).I just love Zuza and Freddy,they’r so nice and funny!

  • Angelanyk

    welcome board jess!

  • Hydro42002

    Best of luck to you Zuzana…it will be difficult for many to stay bodyrockers for life without you as the host…Your wonderful personality is what keeps many of us coming back to your site.(not to mention how gorgeous and fit you are)…
    Much Love…Dena

  • Katie

    You know in this vid you ask for our opinions, then when we give a fair one, you either moderate it off, remove us from your facebook, or retract the request for the opinion.  My understanding is that a website that doesn’t sell anything outright and gives away content for free, exists because of the advertising revenue generated from the user generated content, thus making the users the product.  That makes me a product on this website, my comments, my contributions are now your profit.  In the next vid, you act like you don’t want our opinion over the new host, and the news that Zuzana will be in less vids.  So I am sorry to have offered my opinion, but I thought that was what you were asking for.  I know now the tactic will be to say this comment was rude or disrespectful, but it is not, it is honest.  I haven’t used foul language, or called names, I am just giving an honest opinion, I am sorry that it isn’t as positive as you would like, but that’s life, sometimes the truth hurts.  I am not trying to hurt you for sure, I am just trying to be an honest, contributor to you site. 


  • Anonymous

    just go to home workouts section and scroll to the end of site, you have in previous pages all you need.
    Welcome to bodyrock!

    • tee

      plus there are even older ones on her youtube channel – charliejames1975,  but unfortunately all the breakdowns aren’t there, but you can guess at them!  sometimes you here her counting etc!

  • Anonymous

    just let me tell you you look beautiful on this video!
    If you can put your Iphone on a table you could film your workout videos also…
    I mean this as a suggestion, Freddy films Jess professionaly, and we get also to see you in an extra video took over your Iphone…
    You are a strong women Zuzana, I know you will be all right,
    lots of Kisses to you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    I had to watch this just to hear Zuzka say again that she’s not going anywhere!  Change is good, yes, hard, yes, but I love seeing your smiling face, even if it’s less often. :)

  • Annalise

    Thanks Zuzana, will check out Jess.  I am sad and excited about the changes.  Nice work with the iPhone:)

  • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

    I love Bodyrock.tv, and Bodyrock.tv will ALWAYS mean Zuzka+Freddy to me. BUT we all know that nothing can last forever, people change and things evolve! And nobody said Bodyrock.tv will not go on :) Bodyrock.tv is not evolving, just like everything else. Nothing can stay the same all the time, can you imagine how BORING would life get if it was the same every single day??? I will never stop thinking that “ZUZKA IS THE BEST,” but let’s give Jess a chance to show us what is she made of! (Honestly, I would prefer Zuzanka to stay and do all vids, but we can’t always get what we want, right?) :)

  • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

    I can imagine her going “too ripped” too after a few months hosting for Bodyrock.tv :D :D :D  

  • Ela

    Zuzka, don’t leave us…please! ;)

  • Daniela(Duovka)

    Thanks Elissa,I tottaly agree with you!!It came from deepest of your heart and it’s very honest and I feel the same:)Zuzi and Freddy we love you….so simple!!!I hope that the new idea what will start from November will really help to get nearer to people :) )

  • Lvette #1

    I thought bodyrockers were more level headed. I’m beginning to question some of the comments posted, how these people just trying to get attention with the crazy theories been posted. There is one more crazy for you guys..Freddy has been kidnapped by aliens hence he’s not tied to Zuzana right hand as of this coffee talk; and Zuzana is filming herself with her iphone because she’s hidding from the wolvepack leader that’s trying to impregnate her with his wolfbaby.  Please dis. cuss this new findings  amongst yourselves becuase we need to save our dear bodyrocking leaders. ENJOY!!!

  • Bodyrocker_Audra

    Geez Zuzka and Freddy, you sure had people freaking out just by reading all the comments.  A lot of mixed feelings in cyberland I’ll say.  Whatever the outcome, I’m sure you and Freddy know whats best for Bodyrock and I’m anxiously awaiting the new websites launch in November =D

  • tee

    Oh!  my comment is back!  I wonder where it was?  wouldn’t you like to ask your comments, where were you when you weren’t here?  what’s it like lost in cyberspace?  teehee!

  • Natalie Anna

    I think that having other hosts will be good!!! I mean, can you imagine the hours and hours of work freddy and zuzanna put into making these videos??? they NEED some help!!! everyone needs a break once in a while! they cant keep doing it by themselves! i dont know if that’s the reason why… but i know that’d be my reason haha. And we’re not “losing zuzanna!” don’t make her feel bad!! she obviously still cares about body rockers and this site since it’s still up. she’s just making some changes. everyone give her a break!!! 
    -Natalie. (: 

  • http://BodyRock.Tv Candace

    Ooooh the drama….

    1. In response to people questioning whether or not Zuz and Freddy’s marriage is still good, since I’ve been following (Feb 2009) they have never consistently been wearing their wedding rings. My husband and I never consistently wear our wedding rings (I’m a Massage Therapist, he’s a Doctor…it’s not always possible). And if there was something concerning their marriage, it’s none of our business unless they wanted it to be. Would you honestly hound a friend at home about their marriage if they weren’t wearing their ring? And if so, beware of what you’ll get in response.

    2. If she was pregnant I have a hard time believing they wouldn’t share that exciting news with us. The fact that they asked the community’s opinion on having kids tells me they would be very willing to share that news with us.

    3. Sometimes, when you are involved in a career that requires you to give ALOT of your emotion and energy to other people, you end up not having enough to give to yourself and your loved ones at home. I see this new change as an opportunity for Zuz and Freddy to ‘catch their breath’ and recharge a bit (have you noticed they’ve been sick more frequently?). As well as reserving some energy so they can put more into CONNECTING with BodyRockers. It looks to me that Zuz would rather put more energy into the MIND and HEARTS of BodyRockers than their eyes (doing the videos).
    It’s like building a business. You put your heart and soul into it in hopes that one day you can hand part of the raines over to someone that believes in the business just as much as you who can help lighten that load and evenly distribute the energy output. In turn, that allows for more GROWTH (ie. more people will be reached to teach about a healthy, fit, balanced lifestyle)!!

    Of course, Zuz and Freddy will always be the meat and potatoes of BodyRock and I guarantee we wont have a chance to miss them because they ARE BodyRock. Additional hosts just mean a fresh face and variety. Imagine what different point of views these new hosts may bring to the table. They may attract people that don’t relate to or learn from Zuzana (like different learning styles). This new change will bring a lot of dynamic to BodyRock. 

    Personally, I am very proud of Zuz and Freddy for making this decision even though it was going to bring about so much chatter and some resistance. Because it means they value their HEALTH more than our speculations and they value the connection they can have with BodyRockers.

    Have faith and trust in these two wonderful chickadees! Change is part of the pure essence of BodyRock! Try and embrace the change rather than resist it. It’s really quite freeing :)

    That’s my two cents worth of intuition interpretation HAH!

    • sselcann

      they are really splitting up by the way!. It is really sad to hear. Zuzana means a lot to body rockers. Jess is of course welcome but hopefully we will still see Zuzana appearing in videos time to time.

      • http://BodyRock.Tv Candace

        Unfortunately, i know…. :’( i actually woke up thinking about it this morning after reading the news last night. It really hit my heart. my point was to not pry about and if they wanted us to know they would tell us….and they have *sniff* *sniff*

        • sselcann


    • Zouzou_polpapitchou

      You are completely right and I think the same. I have nothing to add, really, you said it all and said it very , very well. 

  • Nai

    When are you coming to the UK….one very keen bodyrocker waiting in anticipation!
    I think this is a great idea, spreading your bodyrocker wings far and wide and giving many others their chance to shine!
    Jess Im so positive for you and know you’re going to be awesome…cant wait for your first video. Your photos look amazing, what a stunner!.

    P.s for all of you who are panicking! Im sure everything is fine.

    All the best

    Burpee for Erin and her family


  • Grazyna

    I like Jess.  Yeah …I like Zuzka – it is a bit like one of your best friend says we wont see each other so often now. :(  :(  but thats llife I guess.  Tears will dry one day :( Good luck to everybody.  Lets think – Changes are good – one cannot stay in a same place forever – too boring.

  • Ingrid

    I agree with annie_bI have seen in this video Zuzana much more lean. You do not know what you think,
     maybe needs a bit of time for she  Support will still always kiss

  • Ingrid

    I agree with annie_bI have seen in this video Zuzana much more lean. You do not know what you think,
     maybe needs a bit of time for she  Support will still always kiss

  • tee

    where did my comment go?  Is it lost in cyberspace?  lol

  • Estelle_France

    I do not mind having a new host. Jess looks really fit and nice so I am sure she will do a great job. As a matter of fact, I also hope she will introduce new exercises.

    • Anonymous

      I hope Zuzana gives her the excersises – she is THE BEST in it….

  • ۞ BodyRocker ♥ Beth ۞

    Hi zuz, I don’t understand… is being “in shape” considers as one of the adventages? well…
    I don’t know but I don’t really care for mt trainer to be in shape, for me – as long as he is inspirational & committed enough for the challenge THAT is what would make him a good trainer. personally I really don’t care if one or another is in shape or not. It is a matter of time & education for some & for others it might not.
    I would be very happy to train w/ Jess to switch the things up a bit, Im sure it’s gonna be more intresting & refreshing :)

    <3 BR Beth

  • Steffi

    Please don’t go! Lol sad day, but as long as I can still body rock I guess I really can’t complain. On your coffee talk please explain nutrition and what you focus on to make your body so perfectly trim, so many controdictoury facts on nutrition I am completely lost, thanks bodyrocker steffi

  • Anonymous

    Thanks :) But we are both still going to be here!!! Don’t be sad :)

  • Heather

    I think it is a bun in the oven, personally. I really don’t see these two ever splitting up. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QJJI6SPNRUINPFKBU6S6TX6LJI Pav

      She already said few times she is not preggo! Ha!

  • Tania

    Okay Bodyrockers,

    Lets all take a deep breath and relax about these changes.  Change is good. We are sometimes hesitant about stepping out of our comfort zone, but maybe Freddy and Zuzana want to explore new avenues and expand this great site.  We owe it to them to come into this with an open mind.  So lets show them our support : )

    Okay Freddy & Zuzana,

    There is a lot of speculation circulating on the site about the reasons you guys are making these changes.  As human beings we always tend to come up with our own conclusions and I am hoping it is not that you guys have taken a time off from each other.   But if that is the case we need to respect your privacy and stop trying to dig into the reasons why these changes are occurring.  We love you guys and wish you both nothing but continued success, happiness and great health <3

    p.s.  About Jess, you couldn't have picked a better person to take your place for the time being.  She shines.  If what you said about including the U.S, in your search, I will be submitting my info. very soon.


  • Anonymous

    haha :) awww that sounds great.

  • Becki

    Just curious-will Zuzka be developing the workouts that the guest hosts are posting, or at least approving them? I think I would feel better about the guest host idea if I knew the workouts were Zuzka’s, or approved by her.

  • LA


    Although Jess is a good pick, Im here to tell you that NO ONE can replace you!! I think you are the best host and will always be. I hope the best for you and freddy! :) Thank you for introducing a new lifestyle to all of us!

  • Bree

    This is very depressing for me. I’ve been following you guys for almost two years, and Zuzka is one of the main reasons for that. But still, I don’t think people should be mad about this. If she doesn’t want to do the videos anymore, she doesn’t have to. And she doesn’t owe us an explanation either. But still, it’s a huge letdown. :(

  • Annie_B

    Hey, Zuzka is not going anywhere Jessica….calm down :)
    PS. You really took your time typing this comment lol.

  • Annie_B

    Hey, Zuzka is not going anywhere Jessica….calm down :)
    PS. You really took your time typing this comment lol.

  • Katie

    You know, there are a couple of things going on here.  First of all, I wish Jess all the best, this is a great opportunity that I am sure any one of us would jump at.  Second of all, in regards to people being upset that Zuzana not hosting, that’s a separate issue and shouldn’t reflect on how we feel about Jess.  We love Zuzana though, and that is why we are here watching her, and there are going to be people who are sad and upset she is not going to lead workouts everyday.  Third, people seem to have some concern over Freddy and Zuzana, one thing I know is not to make assumptions.  However, I too was worried at first, we have created a little community here and I just wish the best for everyone, whatever that may be.  In summation, good vibes to all, I am sure Jess will do a great job leading us through our workouts, we should look at it as a way to test our commitment to our workouts.  It isn’t really up to any one host to make us workout everyday, it’s up to us.  I admit I have some concerns, but I am sure everything will pan out in the long run, just take a deep breath and relax.  Here is a favorite song for you, I think it’s fitting! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhNrrrCCTdA


    • Anonymous

      Hi Katie, 

      Landslide is one of my favorite tunes of Stevie’s…Thank you!


  • Eleni Greekteach

    I’ve been following Z & F for a year and a half. I am grateful that they share their hobby (lifestyle) and dedication with me.  Whether it’s Z or Jess, they are both good role models for physical and mental fitness.  By supporting Jess, we continue to support Zuzana and Bodyrock.tv

  • Cally

    Zuzana will you still be composing these workout or will Jess be?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QJJI6SPNRUINPFKBU6S6TX6LJI Pav

    Lol I always skip comments like these!

  • http://aphrodiitee.deviantart.com/ Isidora

    Zuzka! Of course bodyrock wont be the same without you doing all the daily workouts but we gotta be positive! 
    She’s still going to be doing recipes, coffee talks and sometimes workouts so it isnt a complete good-bye, I think this changes will be fun and good, i just hope the site will continue like it is, i mean, the same type of workouts, little equipment, and of course with freddy and zuzana! 

    Bring it on! 

  • Isabelle G.

    Hey!!  Go with the flow, you people!!  Change IS good!  It’s not easy, but it’s good!!!  It absolutely doesn’t take away the authenticity of the blog!!  It’s so authentic that they let us know and offer us the best they can do to make THEIR life better !  Don’t they deserve respect, privacy, time alone, little secrets?  They give so much of themselves!  Just be grateful, it’s a huge offering!!  It’s a huge opportunity for the community!  Let’s be supportive of what they decide, and let’s be supportive of Jess! 
    I can’t believe how selfish some of the comments are….. If you like Zuz, Freddy and Bodyrock.tv, be confident in Zuzana and Freddy’s ability to give us the best of themselves, as always!!

  • Anonymous

    I like Jess’s vibe.  Anything you guys set out to do is okay by me.  As long as this website and community still exist, I am okay with it evolving.  Everybody needs to send out positive, happy thoughts to Zuz and Freddy!!  Love, love, love!!!

  • Daniela(Duovka)

    It seems that something serious happend guys…..Zuzka lost some wheight  I can see on video…..she is said and tired…no ring…….I am on this ship since 2009 and all people who is too have to see what I can see…You are our family so as we’re yours……living in the dark is killing me:(((

  • Sarah Spencer

    Zuzka, all those workouts that you do, and your arms get tired from holding a cell phone? lol, that’s quite alright! We Bodyrockers love you anyway!

  • Pamela

    this is so cool!! I wonder if these openings are temporary.. I’m 17 right now so im still underage… I turn 18 next October :o ) and I have been following you guys since May 2010… So many changes since a year and a half ago!! It’s insane. I love bodyrock, and congratulations to you and Freddy for the success and growth of bodyrock tv!! A little blog turned into a growing community, who knew!?

  • Daniela(Duovka)

    Full respect to you both,but why??I cried when I watched todays video,just feeling to loosing something Zuzi,but I don’t know why I ‘ve got this feeling and what am I loosing?I ‘ll try to keep head up !maybe time will help:)))Can’t wait for another coffee talk!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I hate this. I know I have no right to complain because this site has been so great and its free, but I can’t help it. I want to be the person to say, “Give Jess a chance” or “This is going to be awesome.” But it was Zuzana who inspired me day after day and kept me motivated even when things in life would set me back. Zuzana IS Bodyrock.tv. I suspect that her and Freddy are going through some things right now (I hope you both are well) and this new host might be best for them, but I’m just so sad :(

  • Anonymous

    I know that it is your life,and that you are not leaving us but I have a feeling that you just broke up with me!…call me crazy, I know that is not like that, but I miss you already…:(((
    btw Jess seems cool

  • Leilany

    I think it would be good to have other hosts helping out! Jess was a good choice and I think she’ll be great! As for the posts that are so concerned with you guys getting someone to help out, we are supposed to be a compassionate, dominating, supportive community…. which would start with the people who started all of this. If F & Z want other hosts, let’em and be happy that they’re expanding so much that it’s needed. And keep in mind, they truly don’t need to justify their actions as this is their site which they’ve shared so willingly. I support all the changes and am eager to see new faces of people that started where I did and are still moving forward! Thanks Freddy and Zuzana! 

  • Carrie

    I’d just like to add my twopenny’s worth here. I really hope people aren’t going to start knocking the new hosts and their way of doing the workouts. As I said on another post, I think this is a fun idea, and it will be great to see ‘real’ people coping with leading the workouts (I mean that in the nicest possible way). As long as the workouts are still broken down and explained, there’s no reason to be whinging about who’s doing the workout and criticising the way they do it. I’m happy whether it’s all super-fit Zuzana types or ‘regular Joes’ leading the workouts, as it keeps it all interesting, though a mix of the two would be really interesting. So let’s calm down, have a nice coffee, do our workouts and be positive about the new hosts. We’re all here to learn from each other, after all.

    • http://profiles.google.com/marlla.singerova Marlla Singerova

      I totally agree with you, Carrie. I, personally, don’t really care who’s performing the workouts as long as this website is still running (I can’t live without it:) I surely like Zuzana (she’s Czech, I am Slovak so I kinda feel close and I’m soo proud of her) but the routines are the main reason why I’m here for. And as you said, it’s going to be pretty interesting to watch someone of us, fellow bodyrockers, to fight the Brutus for a change.

  • Katie

    I agree, that something is amiss.  Maybe they just have new projects going on, I remember a while back Zuzana was in a photo shoot in California, right after they moved to LA. Then a huge trip around the world, then a nice article about her in the NYTimes.  So I thinking either they have crazy new commitments or something is wrong.  Why would you stop being the face of Bodyrock now when it seems as though the site is taking off and you are getting all kinds of good publicity? I come to this site because of Zuzana, I know Jess is probably great, if I could be the new host I would do it in a heartbeat, but alas, I don’t want to watch someone else.  She should just have her own vids on youtube. Here’s the other oddity, why is Zuzana sitting on the floor filming herself on her iPhone, while Freddy is in Canada filming Jess?? And where are Charlie and Cali?  Well, maybe my imagination is running wild. I just hope all the old videos will continue to be available.

    • Lvette #1

      Difinitely letting your imagination run wide here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=18718826 Gina Melissa Robles

    Where is the dislike button??? noooo please I want you as a host! is everything okay???

    • Joesy

      Jesse, sorry but not someone to get excited about. She doesn’t have your body, which is why I tuned I to your site in the first place. Something is definitely wrong, as the weekly schedules are all older workouts. Great workouts, don’t get me wrong, but nothing new with Zuzanna has appeared of late. What gives…………

  • sselcann

    Zuzana, how can you leave us? it will never be same without you. If there are private reasons, you guys should tell us too. You have thousands of people following and supporting you. We deserve a little bit more explanation on this :( ( Though we also respect your privacy but it is just hard to understand. you said before that you guys moved back to canada but it wasn’t few months ago you guys were very excited to move to LA. what s going on? :(

  • helena p

    Sorry, I just want to add that me not liking the idea yet, doesn´t mean I´m stopping I´m so bodyrocking as always. Especially now that I´m going through some hard stuff, working out with you guys helps me heal.

  • Liliya

    I am going to miss you,Zuzana..really REALLY bad :’( 

  • helena p

     know this might sound childish and immature but I don´t want another host either!!! I don´t know if you guys are going through something I hope everything´s all well. But I agree with everyone here that Zuska is my inspirations and I want to see her in the workouts. Sorry guys! I love you and your site but I don´t like this idea :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/Xkath Katherine Russell

    PLEASE keep giving us coffee talks, recipe videos, and random videos of you doing Burpees with Charlie…
    I know its hard not to wonder what is going on in your personal world right now, becasue like others have said, you guys have become such amazing parts of our lives. We truly feel like all of us our friends..

    BUT sometimes when friends are going though hard times, they just don’t want to talk about it.
    The best thing to do is just be there for them…

    So my plan is to keep bodyrocking and send as much positive energy as I can to both you and Freddy and everyone else in our little community.  

    Thank you again Zuzka and Freddy for everything.
    Its Burpee time…   haha

  • BodyRocker-Nathalie

    Oh my goodness people, calm down. We have this great free supportive community that Freddy and Zuzana have “managed” for us and they would like to take it to the next level. his is just part of our communities evolution. Change isn’t always easy but lets trust Freddy and Zuzana to continue doing what they obviously do best. Creating AMAZING workouts that kicks butt and sending positive vibes out to the world. So with that said, lets just trust them.
    Thank you Freddy and Zuzana for following your hearts and taking us along :)

  • Ioana_mo86

    I have to admit I am very upset and a bit angry that you are considering not to be the face of Bodyrock anymore…..

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mily-Miguel/592457099 Mily Miguel

      SHE is THE face of bodyrock, it doesnt matter, everything started here, Zuzka is the one, always and forever :)

    • Annie_B

      She is the face of Bodyrock, nothing will ever change :) Please stay positive and support Zuzka :)

    • Isabelle G.

      Relax, people!  What makes me upset is when someone doesn’t respect Zuzana and her decision.  She’s considering having a private life, maybe!  She’s considering taking a step back, maybe because of people not being supportive and respectful….

    • Isabelle G.

      Relax, people!  What makes me upset is when someone doesn’t respect Zuzana and her decision.  She’s considering having a private life, maybe!  She’s considering taking a step back, maybe because of people not being supportive and respectful….

  • Daphedan

    Wahhhhh…….I love Zuzana!!!  I’m sure that Jess is great, but I don’t want anyone else to host!!!  Zuzana, please don’t bring in a new host!!  We just want you!

  • Anonymous

    question number 1 why a new host?  I dont like her….LOL..it takes away the authenticity of the entire blog & workouts :(

    • Lvette #1

      Maybe because a successful business cannot be run by two people alone. What if something happens to one of them.  I actually think, F&Z should start looking for other videographer to shoot the videos once in awhile.

  • Pavlina

    Where was Freddy filming this, has something bad happened? :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mily-Miguel/592457099 Mily Miguel

    Jess, welcome ! 
    I love the site, I love Zuzana, I love Freddy, I am grateful is for free.
    This site has given me SO MUCH. I said it once and I will keep on saying it.
    I will follow Zuzana forever and I really mean it.

  • Ashley

    Hi Zuzka,
    I have a coffee talk request! Can you talk about traveling with dogs please? Specifically air travel; which airlines you’ve had success with, any tips, and really just what the whole process is. My husband and I really want to travel but leaving our dog at home just isn’t an option! haha. Thanks so much! 

  • kat

    I am going to miss seeing you Zuzka!!  When I think of Bodyrock.tv I think of you and Freddy :(   I will continue to Bodyrock but I know deep down it will not be the same.. OK off my soap Box LOL..
    I trust you Zuzka and Freddy with who ever you pick :)

  • Patrick

    hey zuzana,
        just watched the video, could you explain why you are making this decision, or…if
    it is private, just say “it’s private”…that will be respected.

    thanx for all you have done, sincerely!!

  • Christine Bastien

    I like you so much Zuzana. I don’t know you personnally but I feel like I do. Of course I will continue bodyrocking with Jess, but I will never forget how amazed I was the first time I saw you and how it sparked motivation to live healthy, and how you made me understand that working out can be fun and bring positiveness into my life. I could go on like that for a while, but I think you get my point. I like you.

  • BodyRock Addict

    Hi Zuzana & Freddy

    I don’t know about other people but I come to Bodyrock to see YOU going through the routines and to see YOU pushing yourself.  YOU are bodyrock and I don’t mean to sound out of order – as nice as Jess is – we don’t want anyone else.  YOU have made the difference to our lives and as someone else posetd YOU have become like a best friend who we catch up with everyday.  I’ve also noticed you are not wearing your wedding ring?  At first I also thought you were pregnant – but someone said you are not.  No one on here wants to invade your privacy, but we are all very worried about you – you after all our family – and we only want the best for you as we would any of our family members. 
    I really do hope we are all just thinking something is wrong when there isn’t as I do not know 2 other people that deserve only good things in their life like you and Freddy.  You have given so much of yourselves to the world and to making people feel good about themselves and helping them become better people. 
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    All our love
    Mr & Mrs Bodyrock Addicts

    • Christine Bastien

      hey there, you made me notice the no wedding ring… on Freddy also. I fear the worse. I think Feddy is back in Canada (hence the host search in Toronto, Ottawa, Kinston) and Zuzanna is still in L.A.

      • GoustiFruit

        I never noticed any wedding ring before and if she has one, she is not wearing it in (most ? I quickly checked – of) her videos. But to tell you truth, I think I’m thinking the same as you may be thinking :-

      • Kirry_kaatje

        Lets not asume the worse, allthough your comment has created a knot in my stomache. :(

      • Anonymous

        what does wedding ring have to do with a marriage???
        My husband never wears his- this is so not important…

    • Sabrina

      Whoa Whoa everyone! :D they almost never have their rings on, didn’t u see the wedding anniversary video from a few years back when they both realized they didn’t have them on even then! For their Anniversary:D I’m sure they are solid and still together. Maybe she is prego but if she is it is probably way to early to be telling people, the first three months can be risky. Most likely they are just setting up their lives to accommodate them better and having a new host is part of that. Change is not terrible its a good thing! And we’re BodyRockers we don’t whine and cry we embrace challenge so everyone Stop being worried and start being excited! I know I am!!


    • Annie_B

      Wedding ring,pregnant,still married or broke up…whats going on with you guys!?!?! Please give Zuzka and Freddy some respect about their personal lives.
      I’m reading these comments, I know you have a good intension you said you aren’t mean to invade their privacy but I’m sorry you sound like one. 
      The new host is also one of the bodyrockers and we’re supposed to support each other, aren’t we? I’ve been following BR for almost 2 years. Zuzka,Freddy and all bodyrockers here have changed my life. I’m really grateful and won’t ask for more.I’m happy for the new change and I repect their decision.
      Why don’t you stay positive and think like Z & F are looking for the new host so they can have more time doing,editing the new site or even creating new workouts for us. They’re doing thing better for  of us after all.
      In the end, whatever is going on between Zuzka & Freddy…it’s their lives and all we can do just give them support.Please stop demanding too much.

      • BodyRock Addict

        No one is demanding anything – people are simply expressing their opinions as to why they do or don’t want another host – and what bodyrock means to them – I have nothing against having another host – but ZUZANA IS BODYROCK. If peanut butter isn’t made with peanuts – it’s just not peanut butter.  Everyone is really concerned as there have been drastic changes lately – and I speak for myself and I’m sure others – we don’t want to lose Zuzana or bodyrock as it is - you may be taking that as being nosey but if you thought you were about to lose a best friend you would want to know why.   You can’t get a community like this anywhere else and WE ALL LOVE AND RESPECT ZUZANA AND FREDDY for any decisions they have made or haven’t made AND WE WILL ALL SUPPORT THEM WITH WHATEVER BECOMES OF BODYROCK – New host or not – it just won’t be the same.  WE ALSO ALL ARE VERY GRATEFUL FOR ALL THE HARDWORK AND TIME THEY HAVE PUT INTO THIS AND GIVEN US!  Very few people nowadays will give you something for nothing – and Bodyrock is beyond kindness.
        Opinions aren’t right or wrong – it’s how people feel and we are all entitled to express them freely and I think from reading other peoples comments – everyone has been honest & respectful with their comments and just because your opinion isn’t the same as everyone elses doesn’t mean it’s negative.  Please don’t think I’m having a go – but I am as concerned as everyone else and we don’t want to get shot down for caring.
        All hope everyone has a good day and we should all pull together and have an extra hard workout just for them and maybe add an extra Burpee after Erin’s to send love to Zuzana & Freddy.
        BodyRock Addict


  • Kathy-ann

    She seems great!  You will definitely be missed but its great that you guys are expanding the site.  Anxious to see her first workout.


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U3TJHFDETUEFHQHSYSSNQ5O5B4 brettm

    i’ve been really emotional lately lol, and this post has tears welling up in my eyes :(
    i’m not good with change, and it just wont be the same without you

  • Vala

    I’m ok with whatever you guys want to do :) I’m a curious person, so whatever will happen, I’m open to it. BUT please don’t start holding the iphone camera above of you. I don’t know why so many girls do this and make pouty faces. Maybe they think their bodies will appear smaller. So, please don’t line up with them, you don’t need to :)

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I need to have someone whose physique i can aspire to, such as yours, Zuzana. Someone like Jess, no offence to her of course, does not have a physique I aspire to, as i prefer far more definition and/or size on muscles. Other than Abs, Jess isn’t amazingly defined or sculpted like Zuzana (sorry, Jess). I don’t want to be rude, as Jess is a pretty girl, but I don’t BodyRock to look at a pretty girl, I BodyRock as I want a body like Zuzana!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I understand where you are coming from and it always helps to actually see someone who you would love to look like through your workouts but I think its more than looks and all about health. Jess may not have look just like zuzana does so she doesnt look as defined but she could be just as strong and healthy and hopefully that will come through on the videos and inspire everyone just as much :) but I do understand because I will miss seeing zuzana who has the body I would love to have haha

  • Anonymous

    Zuzana, I think the changes will be good, BUT please tell us WHY is it that you guys want to have other hosts. Do you have other commitments coming up ? Will you still do these workouts, because if so, why not filming you and post them ? I don’t mean to impose this on you, but since I have discovered bodyrock almost 2 years ago, you are like my best buddy, my virtual super fit best buddy that changed my life. I will really miss seeing you, hearing your cute accent, making your silly jokes with Freddy.
    I wish you two the best, whatever decisions you make ! But as a true follower for almost 2 years I really wanted to express my thoughts about these changes. Jess looks she’s going to be a great addition to bodyrock . Wish you all good luck with everything !

    • Pamela

      I’m pretty sure in a recent post they said that Zuzka isn’t going to stop hosting for bodyrock tv… Instead of one host, there will be Zuzana plus a few others. Zuzana will always be bodyrock tv They have already made it clear that Zuzana isn’t going to stop making  videos.

    • MissJLadron

      I totally agree with “workitoutyourself”.

  • ZoeRocker

    She already said she is not pegnant.

  • Ellavemia

    Hey Zuz, thanks for the coffee talk video. I found that using a little tripod or stand helps when making iPhone videos. I just have a tiny stand but Joby has some nice GorillaMobile tripods that flex all different ways. I’m really going to miss you in all the workouts but I will get used to it. Just remember that nobody is going to replace you in my eyes.

  • Janetha

    The video is private!