Oct 21 2011

Set Fire Workout – Beating Personal Best

Hi BodyRockers,

Set a fire under your arse because you are the one that has to make it happen. In life the knee jerk reaction is to look to others to save you, motivate you, notice you and give you permission. It’s always easier to look outside of yourself for the answer. How many times have we thought that if we could just meet the right person, land the right job, live in a better house, drive a nicer car – make more bank – whatever – we would be happier. The joy of these accomplishments fade and leave us looking for the next magic thing that we hope will deliver the soul stretching fulfilment that life promises . The truth is true contentment can be found down a path less trodden – each of us has everything we need to live meaningful, fulfilled lives – right inside of us. We just have to give ourselves permission to reach into the incredible uniqueness that each of us radiates. It starts inside. Before you train today give yourself a little heart pat – place your palm over your heart place and just check in with yourself. Say a quick thank you, offer a prayer or just give yourself a smile for all of the good stuff that’s in there :)



Workout Breakdown

Time: 16min.Workout Type: Interval trainingExercises: 4
  • Mountain Jump Lungesmax. reps
  • Sliding Push Upmax. reps
  • Crunch Scissorsmax. reps
  • Reverse Push Up & Knee Tuckmax. reps

Get your gear for this workout here:


This workout is 16 minute long interval training which means that the intensity is super important, so make sure to put all of your energy into this routine. Set your Interval Timer for 24 rounds of 10 and 30 second intervals. Your goal is to complete maximum reps during each 30 second interval. This workout is very dynamic and all you have time for during each 10 second interval is to write down your reps. The reason why we write down our reps is to beat our personal bests the next time we do this workout. This way you will be able to push yourself harder and to see that your workout performance is improving.

Todays workout is made up of a circuite of 6 exercises. You will complete this circuite 4 times – your interval timer will lead you through it.

10 seconds rest

1. Mountain Jump Lunge (2 jump lunges and 2 mountain climbers counts as 1 set – go for max. sets) – 30 seconds … My scores – 7 reps, 7 reps, 6 reps, 6reps

10 seconds rest

2. Sliding Push Ups – 30 seconds … My scores – 9 reps, 8 reps, 8 reps, 7 reps

10 seconds rest

3. Mountain Jump Lunges – 30 seconds … My scores – 7 reps, 6 reps, 6 reps, 5 reps

10 seconds rest

4. Crunch Scissors – 30 seconds … My scores – 15 reps, 14 reps, 14 reps, 12 reps

10 seconds rest

5. Mountain Jump Lunges – 30 seconds … My scores – 6 reps, 6 reps, 6 reps, 6 reps

10 seconds rest

6. Reverse Push Up & Knee Tuck – 30 seconds … My scores – 12 reps, 12 reps, 12 reps, 10 reps

BPFE – Burpee for Erin :)

Watch my workout video to see the proper form of each exercise and easier variations for beginners.


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  • Bodyrocker Nano

    Mountain Jump Lunges : 6/5/4/5
    Sliding Push Up : 6/5/5/5
    Mountain Jump Lunges : 5,5/5/4,5/5
    Crunch Scissors : 9/8/8/8
    Mountain Jump Lunges : 5/5/4,5/5,5
    Reverse Push Up & Knee Tuck : 9/10/11/9
    Proud to be a BodyRocker! :)

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    April 25, 2012

    Did this one again today.

    1/ MJL 7-8-8-8
    2/ sliding PU 11-12-12-12
    3/ MJL 7-8-7.5-8
    4/ crunch scissors 15-14-15-16
    5/ MJL 8-8-8-7.5
    6/ reverse PU/knee tuck 16-15-15-14

    followed with

    50 HK – 6 band assisted pull ups – 20 military PU – 26 star floor crunch
    50 HK – 6 BA.pull ups – 20 sumo PU – 25 weighted sit ups 10 lb
    50 HK – 6 BA. pull ups – 20 knee tuck PU – 25 froggie crunches
    50 HK – 6 BA, pull ups – 20 sliding PU – 25 dip station straight leg raises
    50 HK – 6 BA. pull ups -  20 regular PU – 100 mason twist 5lb

  • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    This was great!  I did this yesterday with my boyfriend.  So we could each use the dip station (a walker) I did the reverse push ups second and the crunch third (third among the exercises that aren’t mountain climber jump lunges).  Also, so I started on a different leg, I did 3 mountain climbers instead of 2.

    mcjl: 8-8-7-7.5
    sliding push up: 8-6-6-7 
    mcjl: 9-8-7-7
    reverse push up and knee tuck: 16-18-17-15
    mcjl: 7.5-7.5-7-7
    crunch scissors: 14-13-13-12

  • Anonymous

    cau i just finished this workout and was superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb 1)28×2)48×3)56×4)46x and this ist it………………………petra london

  • BodyRocker_Bonnie

    11/30/11 – I’m not attempting some of the longer new workouts posted this week until the weekend because I know I won’t get them in before work.  I last did this on 10/22 and overall I beat all of my scores, and I know my form was way better in the Mountain Jump Lunges, they felt good.

    Mnt JL:  6, 5, 6, 5
    Sliding PUs: (on knees, I will work up to regulars) 11, 14, 15, 13
    Mnt JL:  6, 7, 7, 6
    Crunch Scissors: 20, 22, 22, 23
    Mnt JL: 5, 6, 6, 5
    R-PU with Knee Tuck: 15, 16, 13, 13

    Plus a bonus round to send November out with a bang:  10 rounds / 10×30 sec  Alternating High Knees (no rope) and Knee Raises on the dip station

    High Knees:  80, 79, 62, 69, 70
    Knee Raises: 15, 15, 17, 17, 16

  • Sam Cherif

    wow, really hard, between how do I join the website. I’m subscribed on youtube and facebook

  • Annebel Wind

    Hi guys,

    I did this one again today.. But didnt pay enough attention.. So did something wrong and ended up with 8 rounds left and saw that I had to do the moutain jump lunge after every other exersice.. So did only the moutain jump lunge for 8 rounds.. that was a KILLER big time.. So if any of you guys are looking for a total burn out.. This is the way!!!  My score looked this:

    Moutain jump lunge: 7, 6, 5, 7
    Sliding push ups:5, 7, 7, 7
    Crunch scissers:11, 11, 11, 11
    Up right row: 8, 12, 8, 11
    8 Rounds more of mountain jump lunges: 6.5, 5.5, 5, 5, 6, 5, 6, 6

    It killed me!   But feels nice :D   Thanx..

  • Karla

    My first ever bodyrock workout! intense… i haven’t exercise in a whiiiiiiiiile and I’d been dying to try your workouts zuzanna and so i just did it! It was so hard, i think i did really bad, but i will get better! thank you for the workout! :)

  • http://janinascasa.blogspot.com/ Janina

    Pinning on Pinterest. You Rock Zuzana :)

  • Ellen

    This went soo quickly! I modified a lot – I could not do the sit ups whilst ‘scissoring’ my legs, so I alternated between scissoring and doing sit ups. I don’t have a dip station so I did star jumps instead. I was doing 4, then 3, mountain jump lunges. As always, everything was harder than it looks! Loved it.

  • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

    Hahahaaaa, did it just now, my score is on the picture! 
    (Yay, I borrowed my daddys camera, finally!!!) :D


  • Cindy

    I did it today at home and I give this workout a gold medal for challenging my body as well as my mind.
    my scores
    Mt Jump lunges 11-12-12-12 (10-10-10-9
    Sliding Push ups 11-12-12-11 (10-10-11-10)
    Mt Jump lunges 11-12-11-10 (10-10-11-10)
    Crunch scissors 23-24-20-21 (20-20-18-17)
    Mt jump lunges 12-11-11-9 (10-9-9-9)
    Reverve push ups 18-18-18-18 (15-15-15-16)
    Thanks to Z&F!

  • http://aphrodiitee.deviantart.com/ Isidora

    Did this today, though instead of 2 m.climbers i did 3, cuz by reading some posts i realized that u end up using more one leg than the other if u do 2 m.climbers. Still, my reps were higher/ same on that exercise than when i first did it. (march) 
    Oh and i remember my sliding push ups were horrible, especially on my left side, but today i could do them on both sides with no problems at all! 

    1. M. jump lunge: 6-5-5-5
    2. Sliding push ups: 9-8-8-73. M. jump lunge: 6-6-5-5
    4. Crunch scissors (not lifting from the floor, like bicycles): couldnt count them
    5. M. jump lunge: 6-5-5-5
    6. Push up & knee tuck:  21 (first round i did shelf butt exercise but decided to switch it) – 10-10-10

    then i added and extra burn. 4 min countdown of max sets of:
    - 10 elevated plank jumps (on a step long chair, i put my hands on it with my feet apart and then jump over and then back to the floor)
    - 8 elevated plank get ups (with feet elevated, put in a plank position then go down to elbows, and then lift up again) 

    i could only do 3 rounds, it was much harder than i expected! 

    then 100 high knees with jump rope + stretching + burpee for erin! 

  • ZoeRocker

    I just finished this one, and Freddy you are right. This one almost made me puke! Also I didn’t beat my PB which is too bad but maybe next time.

    1 MTN Jump Lunges- 7,5,5,5
    2. Slide PU- 9,7,6,6
    3. MTN Jump Lunges- 6,5,5,5
    4. Scissor Crunches- 12,10,10,10
    5. MTN Jump Lunges- 5.5,5,5,5
    6. Rev PU/Knee Tuck- 13,12,11,12

    + 3 burpees. One for Erin, one Freddy, and one for Zuzka

  • Anonymous

    Great work out after a long busy day! :)

    My scores:
    Mountain: 5 4 4.5 4
    Sliding push ups: 8 6 6 5
    Mountain: 5 5 4.5 5
    Crunch: 9 8 9 8
    Mountain: 5 4.5 4 4
    Reverse push ups + knee tuck: 10 10 10 10 (I alternated it a bit cuz I dont have my dip station with me).

    and.. a burpee for Erin! :)


  • http://twitter.com/hannschgal Hanna Pirklbauer

    good to be back after a long break! Did this workout yesterday right in the morning, it was definitely the perfect way to start my day!!
    1.mountain climbers: 4-6-3-7
    3.mountain climbers: 4-5-4-5
    4.crunch: 15-19-25-21   (did the regular crunch with lifted legs)
    5.mountain climbers: 4-5,5-5-4,5
    6.tricep dip: 17-17-19-17 (i don’t have dipping station so I did another exercise)

    I couldn’t do the workout like Zuzanna but I gave my best and it felt amazing!

  • V.I.G.

    1. 6,5,5,6
    2.12,12,11,12( on the knees)

    Thank’s a lot….

  • Danica



    7,7,7.5, 7.5



    thanks for the great workout!

  • Jenn

    This was a good one!  Those sliding push ups were really hard, and I felt like the crunch scissors were trying to push my dinner back up!

    I didn’t note my reps this time because I still can’t jump (I’m getting closer to returning to jumping- my leg injury seems almost healed).  I substituted the mountain jump lunges with alternating one-legged squats.

  • http://aphrodiitee.deviantart.com/ Isidora

    I forgot to say last saturday i did a workout inspired on this workout http://www.bodyrock.tv/2010/01/31/bodyweight-interval-training/

    I used 2 intervals. 6 rounds 30/10 and 8 rounds 30/10

    1# 6 rounds 30/10
    Jump lunges with 2 pulses: 19-18-17
    Dynamic push ups: 13-12-10

    2#6 rounds 30/10
    1-2-3 sumo pulses and jump up: 11-7-8
    Half burpees (plank jumps): 27-26-26

    3# 8 rounds 30/10
    Side lunge right: 17-16
    Breakdance push up: 6-6
    Side lunge left: 17-16
    Breakdance push  up: 6-6

    4# 8 rounds 30/10
    Front step on chair Right: 21-21
    Crab exercise: 15-17 (first round i did this exercise http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5ihG6a9iRQ , but if i wanted to do it right i realized i shouldnt combine it with front steps, ha, so i switched to crabs)
    Front step left: 22-21
    crab exercise: 17-17 

    5#6 rounds 30/10 
    Butt lift & toe touch: 16-15-15
    Jump rope jumps: 63-64-69

    and i decided to do an extra round of these http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5ihG6a9iRQ ,  i love that exercise, its so much fun! 6 rounds 20/10 . and i didnt count my reps, first round i did like 15 and i ended up doing 6 

    It was really intense and complete!

  • Maria Sweden

    I haven’t posted my scores in a while. :/ Here are the scores from yesterday:
    Mountain Lunges: 8-7-7-7Sliding Push Up (modified): 9-9-9-9Mountain Lunges: 8-7-7,5-8Crunch Scissors: 12-12-13- 7+5 modifiedMountain Lunges: 7,5-7-7,5-6Reverse Push Up & Knee Tuck: 14-13-13-9

    Not a big fan of the crunch scissors but I realise it’s because I find them hard for balance. It’s a challenge and I should welcome a challenge right? =)

  • http://www.youasamachine.com You As A Machine

    Did Banging Body Workout today, just two rounds though. Have been neglecting my 15lb. KettleBell so was happy to give it some attention. However, it felt so light compared to using my sandbag! Amazing how we adapt…be it physical or emotional.

    I did two rounds in 12:38, but added an 8th exercise – 10 reps of hanging knee raises.
    Followed by 30 minutes of Ashtanga Yoga Standing postures, including first 4 seated and backbends + close (no inversions).

    Hope everyone is feeling a little better today. Remember that this news isn’t new for Zuzana and Freddy, they’ve been dealing with it and processing it for some time. It might be helpful overall if before leaving a comment regarding a situation we know very little about, take a moment to consider if our comment will add or detract from what being supportive means.  

  • Ingrid

    I’m really very sad for these things that are happening and I’m so sorry for you …. and I feel involved because of my situation is not better in this emotional moment, so even worse ..but I know and observe you for being so brave and to have a choice from, so you can be both very happy and live peacefullyI love you and wish you the best from the heart to both kiss

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mily-Miguel/592457099 Mily Miguel

    Set fire I did it on saturday, I beat my personal best (I wanted to write beast as a joke hehehe)

    1) mountain jump lunge, 6, 5, 3, 4
    2) sliding push ups, 5, 6, 7, 8
    3) mountain jump lunge, 6, 6, 5, 6
    4) crunch scissor, 13, 13, 15, 13
    5) mountain jump lunge, 6, 6, 6, ,6
    6) Reverse push up and knee, 8, 10, 8, 10 (this part was new to me because when I did it the 1st time I did not have the dip station)

    The mountain jump lunges the 1st time were 3 to 4 and no more!!! So cool right now :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mily-Miguel/592457099 Mily Miguel

    Set fire I did it on saturday, I beat my personal best (I wanted to write beast as a joke hehehe)

    1) mountain jump lunge, 6, 5, 3, 4
    2) sliding push ups, 5, 6, 7, 8
    3) mountain jump lunge, 6, 6, 5, 6
    4) crunch scissor, 13, 13, 15, 13
    5) mountain jump lunge, 6, 6, 6, ,6
    6) Reverse push up and knee, 8, 10, 8, 10 (this part was new to me because when I did it the 1st time I did not have the dip station)

    The mountain jump lunges the 1st time were 3 to 4 and no more!!! So cool right now :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mily-Miguel/592457099 Mily Miguel

    I did a very old workout today FAT EXORCISM WORKOUT hehehe I loved the name!
    My time was 21 with 5 seconds, not so good, I was exhausted :) Very cool because I did this workout downstairs,my equipment is upstairs, long story sooo it worked perfect for no equipment.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mily-Miguel/592457099 Mily Miguel

    I did a very old workout today FAT EXORCISM WORKOUT hehehe I loved the name!
    My time was 21 with 5 seconds, not so good, I was exhausted :) Very cool because I did this workout downstairs,my equipment is upstairs, long story sooo it worked perfect for no equipment.

  • Anonymous

    Hi there,

    I just did MARINE CORPS WORKOUT,and I did beat my PB again..so my scores new and (old)..this week is so  much fun, doing old workouts to see the improvement…

    part 1.
    1.sandbag squat l           12 9 // 11 8      (9 8 //12 11)
    2.plank jump push up      8 6 // 7 4         (6 5 // 7 4)
    3.sandbag squat r            11 8 // 8 8       (8 8//11 10)
    4.plank jump p.u.            8 6 // 5 5          (5 5//5 4)

    part 2.
    time 1:    3:30  (4:42)
    time 2:    3:08   (4:09)

    part 3.
    1.s.mini squats r            25 21 // 25 22      (18 18 //19 17)
    2.super girl                    7 5 // 5 5              (5 5//6 5)
    3. s.mini squat l             22 20 // 23 20       (18 18// 19 17)
    4. super girl                   6 6 // 3 5              (5 4//5 6)

    so not every score is better but as a whole it is better and faster!!!!!!

    kisses to you all

  • Anonymous

    In March, this was one of my first BR workouts.  I didn’t have a timer or dip station back then.  I remember I couldn’t do the crunch scissors properly ( I think I ended up doing something else) & I did something wierd hanging from the patio railing instead of the reverse push up knee tucks.  I also remember how lame my jump lunges used to be.  My scores were lower tonight, but I know that I am stronger than I was in March.  I also know my form is much better. 

    Mtn Jump Lunges 7  6  5+1JL  5
    Sliding PU (knees) 12  12  13  12
    MJL 6.5  5.5  6  5+2JL+1MC
    Crunch Scissors  14  14  13  13
    MJL  7  5+2JL+1MC  5+1JL 5.5
    Rev PU + KT  8  8  7  6

    Before the workout I did a 40 min run/walk on the boring treadmill….it was pretty cold outside & I wanted to be warm when I did my bodyrock workout!

    Thanks :)

  • Anonymous

    I used to have that problem when I first started.  I always do a warm up & cool down (from the ones they have posted on the site) which includes wrist circles & stretches…that has helped alot!

  • Anonymous

    KILLER picture of you!  I love it – your abs look better than ever (which is saying a lot!)  Love you guys!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    Woooo hooooo!!! This workout is just FABULOUS.  AND…I beat my PR!!!  Yayyyy….  I did this just a few weeks ago, however I DID do it after that dive bomber challenge, so I’m sure I was tired last time, too.  

    mountain jump lunges: 8-8-6-5
    sliding push up: 9-7-7-7
    mountain jump lunges: 8-8-7-7
    crunch scissors: 16-13-11-12
    mountain jump lunges: 8-7-7-7
    reverse push up and knee tuck: 16-15-14-13

    Those sliding push ups are a killer!!!

    I think I’ll do the Do It challenge now because I meant to do it yesterday and didn’t get around to it, though I did go for a beautiful run by the bay with my man.  

    Burpees and jump lunges and hugs to Z, F, the two little C’s, Erin, Kristin, and all BodyRockers.  Let’s make it a beautiful day!

  • Tanyamarquiss

    I sure hope you guys incorporate the UGI ball again, because I ordered one and have been waiting to receive it (back ordered).  I had noticed an increasing number of workouts with it, but now I’m see the opposite trend, and I don’t see it under your “Equipment” section.  Starting to have buyer’s remorse!

  • Katie

    Wow, what a powerful day! Just a question concerning the workouts, when I do my workout on the hardwood floor with my yoga mat and the workout calls for crunches, the last couple of times, I got the yoga mat equivalent to a rug burn on my tailbone!  Ouch!! And it’s not pretty!  It hurts and now I am avoiding those exercises until my tailbone heals, after that, only on the carpet for me! Anyone else have this issue?

    • http://profiles.google.com/marlla.singerova Marlla Singerova

      Hey Katie. I have the same when doing abs exercises on the mat. I had an accident two years ago and my tailbone sticks out a bit so I always use folded towel or something soft that I place under my tailbone. It helps.

      • Katie

        Thanks guys, I am stocking up on antibiotic ointment too!  ;)  


    • Jeeplover01

      I have the same problem too…I use a flat pillow, it works very well.

  • Manuel

    my score:
    Mountain Jump Lunge 6 8 7 7
    Slide Push Up 8 11 10 10
    Mountain Jump Lunge 5 7 6 6
    Crunch Scissors 14 16 18 15
    Mountain Jump Lunge 6 6 6 6
    Reverse Push Up + Knee Tuck 16 17 19 16

    Amazing workout!

    Greetings to all BodyRockers in Germany. Feel free to contact me via facebook: facebook.com/manuelpreuss.
    I am curious how many German BodyRockers there are.

    Grüße an alle BodyRockers in Deutschland. Meldet Euch gerne über facebook bei mir: facebook.com/manuelpreuss.
    Ich bin neugierig, wie viele deutsche BodyRocker es gibt.


  • mag

    Mountain Jump Lunge:
    Sliding PU:
    Mountain Jump Lunge:
    Crunch Scissors:
    Mountain Jump Lunge:
    (I don’t have a deepstation, so I did push ups ):
    now I am dead!!! :D

  • GoustiFruit

    Let’s not let us down…

    Mountain Jump Lunge: 8 – 8 – 8 – 8
    Sliding PU: 11 – 11 – 11 – 10
    Mountain Jump Lunge: 7.5 – 8 – 8 – 7
    Crunch Scissors: 15 – 13 – 12 – 13
    Mountain Jump Lunge: 8 – 8 – 7 – 7
    Reverse PU & Knee Tuck: 13 – 12 – 11 – 12

    This was one vicious workout !

  • Anonymous

    Hi there,
    I just finished this, and I beat my PB,my scores new and (old)

    1.m.j.l                              7 4 4 3 (6 4 3 4)
    2.sliding push up              10 9 11 12 (8 7 8 7)
    3.m.j.l                              5 5 4 4 (4 4 5 4)
    4.crunch scissor               12 14 15 15 (10 10 9 9)
    5-m.j.l.                            5 5 4 3 (5 3 5 4)
    6. reverse p.u knee tuck    13 11 12 13 (9 8 8 10)

    and burpee fo Erin

  • Anonymous

    UN-believable photo! Gorgeous! UGH!

  • Bohdanam

    did this one yesterday morning. Today active reset day.
    8  7  6  713 12 16 20
    6  7  8  8 
    20 20 20 20
    8  7  8  8 
    14 14 16 16 
    and 3B’S for E

  • Remy LP

    Well said – Its this sort of simple obvious statement that I find I must be reminded of often. This just lifted me up and gave an extra push today. Thank you

  • Anonymous

    I remember doing this one! I loved it the first time, and this time was even better. I didn’t beat my old scores, tho. :(

    I did 8 minutes of jump roping and some boxing before hand
    1. mountain jump lunge-5, 6, 5, 5
    2. sliding pushups- 8, 9, 8, 9
    3. Mountain jump lunge-  5.5, 6, 5.5, 5.5
    4. Crunch scissors- 11, 11, 9, 10
    5. mountain jump lunge- 5, 5.5, 6, 5
    6. Reverse pushup/ knee tuck- 7.5, 11, 10.5, 8

  • Annalise

    Mother body rocker.  Close to vomiting also.  But very happy:)

    MJL: 8, 7, 5, 4, 5, 6, 6, 5, 6, 6, 6, 6, 
    Sliding Push Up: 10, 12, 14, 12
    Crunch Scissors: 12, 13, 12, 11
    Reverse Push Up Knee Tuck: 5, 6, 7, 5

    Burpee for Erin.  Love.


  • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

    Thank you for your today’s pre-workout talk, Freddy :)
    My life journey is very lonely these past few months, but I do NOT feel alone at all and I do not feel sad or depressed of missing anything. I feel great about myself and I am proud that in a short period of time I accomplished SO MUCH and I did it all by myself, just because I wanted and I was the one who was pushing myself and who knew I can do it and I never let myself down, I learned to love myself and I am ready to do even more in the near future. I am so proud of myself and proud of everyone who is taking their lives in their own hands. You, Bodyrockers, you all rock and you all should be proud of yourself! <3


      Well said Nina!!  :)

  • Bodyrocker_Audra

    Thanks for the post Freddy!  I’m definately grateful for everything life throws at me and Bodyrock of course!

  • Bodyrocker_Audra

    Don’t let discouraging comments get to you Lelnron.  If we don’t take care of ourselves then how else are we going to?  We have to be strong and healthy for our children and if it means carving out 12-20 minute Bodyrock workouts or 2 hour gym routines then by all means be selfish because you deserve that “me” time as I call it.  It’s what makes you happy, not your friend, that truly matters and good for you on showing your children that being active is healthy :)

  • BodyRock Addict

    Someone once told me I was selfish because I said I did not want children.  He believed a woman’s job is to have children!!!  I looked at him….laughed and said bite me! I turned around and walked away chuckling loud enough for him to hear….and never spoke to him again.  I only like positive people around me so as far as I was concerned I had no need for him or his unwanted opinions.  It still makes me laught just thinking about it and find it hard to understand some people’s logic.  Needless to say I still don’t have children and have never regretted the decision.  My fiance has children so I have the best of both worlds!   People like your friend need a wake up call.  It’s not easy to have so called friends say something mean - perhaps she is jealous of how fit and healthy you are!!!  My mum was a firm believer in looking after herself first, which like you – allows you to give more to your family.  Not enough parents nowadays are teaching their children about health and fitness so you should be congratulated not critisized.  Well done for not listening to your friend and I’ll give you a heart pat to you too!
    Bodyrock Addict

  • http://tattoosnob.com Julene

    MJL: 5. 5. 4, 4.5
    sliding pushup (knees): 7, 9, 9, 10
    MJL: 5.5, 5, 5, 5
    crunch scissors: 8, 7, 8, 8,
    MJL: 5, 5, 4.5, 5
    reverse pushup tuck: 8, 7, 6, 7.5

    not too shabby – freddy was right, this sucker was TOUGH!

  • Rlefker13

    You go girl! You are absolutely right, you are working out not only for yourself, but so you will be around when your kids are adults and having babies of their own! Don’t let anyone discourage you!! Keep rockin!

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    I did a long hill run first, about 50 minutes, as warm up. I had been lagging on my Bodyrock the last month so I was curious how I would fare on this toughie.
    1 mt climb
    2 slide push ups. 14-14-12-11 all regular style, none on the knees
    3 mt climb
    4 crunching scissors
    5 mt climb
    6 reverse broomstick push ups knee tucks
    This was a cool workout; I liked the quick tempo…phewee! Time to hit the paddle board to cool off!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Zuzka, Freddy and bodyrockers!
    I just finnished this workout!! And I loved it, just like I love all the workouts. I love when I do a workout that makes me push a lot and sweat a lot!lolHere are my scores:
    1)montain jump lunges: 8-7-7-7
    2)sliding push ups (I was strugling with my form at first, but then I got the move right): 8-9-8-9
    3)montain jump lunges: 9-8-8-8
    4)crunches scissors: 12-15-14-13
    5)montain jump lunges: 9-8-8-8
    6)side to side squat and leg lift (I decided to change the reverse push up for this one): 14-14-12-14

    Sonne you’re going to see my “before & after” pictures :P
    I liked your inspiring talk of today Freddy =) 
    Keep bodyrocking everyone!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lenett-Kendall/100001864842079 Lenett Kendall

    I enjoyed how quick this workout was, i only wish i had a dip station for the reverse pushups-
    1. 7777
    2. 7765
    4.5778- the toughest exercise, i really need to work on my abs more :/
    6.7101010 – used the broom and chair method.

  • Brian

    Wow!!!Keep rocking. This is the the best!

  • BodyRocker_Bonnie

    I liked the fast pace and combo of these exercises.  And thanks for your wonderful comments Freddy.  I did put my hand on my heart and I gave myself a nice little pep talk and love before I got started.  Such a positive meditation seemed to make Brutus slink out of the room,  pouting :)  

    Mnt JL  5, 5, 5, 4
    Sliding PUs (on my knees – I will have to work up to these)  14, 14, 14, 14
    Mnt JL  6, 5, 5, 5
    Crunch Scissors  16, 16, 16, 17
    Mnt JL  6, 5, 5, 5
    R-PUs & Knee Tuck  15, 15, 17, 17

    & Burpee for Erin.

    Thanks.  And Zuzka, wow!…you look incredible.

  • Brian

    Hey, your’e my friend. Thanks but I don’t get it

  • Anonymous

    Lean…not thin.  Strong…not skinny.  You look great Zuzanna!

  • Lvette #1

    I came to get the routine, then started proscratinating with reading all the comments. I guess it’s time I get my arse up and do the routine. Thanks Freddy!

  • Brian

    Cool alternative. Thank you. I’ll try that.

  • Isabelle G.

    Little beautiful Zuzka!!  You are gorgeous, I’m always so amazed!!
    But… in this picture, bella, you’re becoming a little too thin (in my opinion…)
    Hope you’re all well, in great health, and happy, you beautiful friend!!

  • Vivi

    And I’m very imprresed by your body Zuzka ! You are so “dry” (sèche en français) AMAZING !! This week I don’t eat enough protein…I have to be more serious if I want to gain muscle like you !!

  • Vivi

    It was the third time I did this one and beat my scores !!

    And after I did “Burpees fusion Wo” a very killer cardio workout !! OUCH !

  • Christine Bastien

    I think I’m going to go for 3 mnt climbers instead of 2. That way it’s not always the same leg that is in front when bending down. Have a good workout!

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to do this workout in the afternoon =)

  • Anonymous

    Hi there,
    I just had great trip, short due to the weather,but still very nice…Here is a picture…
    me and my dog… remember him?…  http://www.bodyrock.tv/2010/11/23/bodyrocker-puppy/

    • MariaBjørgJepsen

      You are so cute :D and your doggie, too!!!

      • Anonymous

        Doggie???hahah you must be kidding?? he is so big and strong,my cute monster!!!!

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Freddy, you almost made me wipe a tear with today’s “lesson”. You write so beautifully that it leaves me breathless. Excuse my sentimentality!!! I am just growing older, I guess :) Have a great weekend.
    Love, Maria

  • Anonymous

    Hi Z&F,
    I truly hope you’re thinking of writing a book Freddy, because you’re very skilled with words like a true writer and I love reading you’re posts. This one today is especially inspiring and motivational and brilliant. Writing is definitely one more thing you’d be great at! :)
    It would be great if when Bodyrockers profile go alive, you start posting photos of Zuzka more often in her gallery. She is absolutely gorgeous, photos of her are very inspirational and you Freddy do amazing job with these photos! You guys rock!!! :)
    Enough of sucking up from me, enjoy your day! ;)

  • Brian

    What are people using as a substitute for the reverse pushup, for those of us without a dip station?

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely love Adele’s voice and love this song! 

    But this is my favorite song by her: Someone Like You http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLQl3WQQoQ0&feature=artistob&playnext=1&list=TLzDmxSebwxhI


    • MariaBjørgJepsen

      Me too, Chris! That voice is stunning and the text is so… real!!!

    • Anonymous


    • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

      Do not wanna offend anyone or something like that :)
      I love Adele so much, her lyrics are so beautiful and true and she has an amazing voice
      My boss is playing her CD EVERY-SINGLE-DAY-SOMETIMES-TWICE-A-DAY at work and I am going CRAZY from “Someone Like You song,” and I honestly HATE that song because of that!!! :( That is too bad, she ruined it for me :(
      But I DO think Adele rocks :)

      • Anonymous

        Hi Nina,

        I suggest you buy her a new CD of music you like and think she would like as well.

        Anyway, you should know by now we all have different likes from each other and what makes this place great is the acceptance of your very odd tastes in music, Nina!  :-)

        PS Who’s that pretty girl you are using as an avatar now?

        • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

          LOL Chris, you are too sweet :D I always use my own pictures for avatars :) Haha :D
          Acutally I was thinking about bringing Jessie J’s CD to work to show her, but I am too scared that she would ruin that one for me as well and I do not want that :D

          • Anonymous

            Hi Nina,

            It needs to be something you like , but don’t love and fear it’s ruin. I’ve had a song “ruined” for me by to many repetitions, but heard it much later and found it restored to my list of loved songs. Some songs easily withstand the test of time.


            • http://www.makavelina.webnode.cz Nina_CZ

              That is so true… I have music that can never get ruined for me – Whitesnake, Queen, Pink Floyd – those I can listen to over and over and over and never have enough :)

      • Anonymous

        Hi Nina,

        I suggest you buy her a new CD of music you like and think she would like as well.

        Anyway, you should know by now we all have different likes from each other and what makes this place great is the acceptance of your very odd tastes in music, Nina!  :-)

        PS Who’s that pretty girl you are using as an avatar now?

  • http://www.nanines-bubble.jimdo.com Nanine82

    Freddy, as always, I love your posts. You both are truly inspirational and thoughtful.
    I love your natural and intimate points of you and thank you for sharing these soulful pieces of mind.

  • Anonymous

    I love your words on this post, Freddy. We all need to nurture ourselves, but most of the time we forget to. This is a great reminder for me to start relying on myself completely again. I know this means freedom. Thank you! :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi there…
    It is around 6:30 in the morning, I am drinking my coffee and I am going to climb some mountains today..
    Have a nice weekend everyone…

  • http://www.youasamachine.com You As A Machine

    Gorgeous photo and great words to live by.

  • Ursula Lopez Ramirez

    really wise!!! you always surprising me! I need become a strong woman so i hope this workouts give me the chance to reach it, i mean  i hope my body could reach the strength enough to be like zuzana, not only her body, I guess she´s a so wonderful soul.

  • Anonymous

    I have fallen off the wagon in a lot of ways recently. I love this site, and I love the workouts, but I just don’t feel like working out…I think this post is just what I needed! I know this weekend will be a good one now – thanks Zuzka, Freddy, and all the bodyrockers out there!

  • kat

    Wow Freddy you are really a wise man.  Thank you for all your wisdom you bring to the community :)   Much Respect for you and Zuzka :)  
    I did this workout earlier today :)
    Love you guys!!

  • Jazzy


  • BodyRocker-Nathalie

    I have to agree, Zuzana you are looking leaner if that’s possible. I have a renewed connection with my BodyRocker family. I wanted to ask you guys if you listen or follow Oprah’s life classes. The things you say are always what I need to hear when I need to hear it. I send you all positive love and light. Have a great night.

  • irreverend

    so glad to see Adele on Bodyrock. Now how about “Set it Free” by Sarah Slean? talk about inspirational!

  • ZoeRocker

    My goodness Zuz, your body is incredible. Thanks for the write up Freddy. I needed it today. 

  • Anonymous

    Zuzana, your body has made so much progress in these past few weeks– You look like a Greek Goddess, and I find that an understatement.
    *_* I am in awe!! Awe-stricken!
    So just eat healthier, when you’re hungry, while maintaining a calorie deficit– and you can get a body like that? (Plus the workouts of course :o ) ))
    I’m totally in!
    Annewed motivation for the WIN

  • KristieB


  • Sarah G

    Wowzers.. Zuzka… My jaw dropped when I saw your new picture for this post!! You are such a stunner! Dayum! ;P