Nov 2 2011

I’m Sexy and I know it! Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

Freddy here :) My little brother Sean is back to lead you guys through a killer full body routine. Sean first started BodyRocking about a year and a half ago when he came to Prague to visit Zuzana and I. He made a guest appearance in about 10 workout videos with Zuzana and got his arse booted all over the place :) Up until then he had worked out about 5 days a week at the gym focusing on hitting the weights and doing the odd bit of cardio. I think it’s safe to say that he was shocked at how underdeveloped his flexibility, endurance, agility and overall strength was at that time. Since then he has been BodyRocking consistently and has seen a huge improvement right across the board. BodyRocking has really changed his whole approach to training and has delivered him the best results he has ever experienced. It’s really nice to have my little brother here on the site and have someone in our family step up and show once and for all that these routines are not gender based and as some wise asses like to claim “just for the ladies”. You guys will be seeing Sean on a regular basis and he is really looking forward to meeting you and answering your questions. You can “like” his BodyRock facebook page here.

I really hope that you guys are up for some brutal new workouts over the next few weeks, because we are going to really start to ramp up towards the holidays. We want to hit the whole holidays season in top form with all kinds of killer workouts behind us. When other people are fumbling about writing New Years fitness resolutions we are going to have already reached cruising altitude – well on our way to being in the best shape ever. Get a ticket cos the BodyRock direct flight to butt kicking is taking off! :)

Enjoy your training!


Workout Breakdown

Time: 12min.Workout Type: Interval trainingExercises: 5
  • Low Jacks with Sandbaginterval
  • Walk over push ups & 5 mountain climbersinterval
  • Reverse Push Upinterval
  • Elbow Plank10 sec. interval
  • Reptile Push ups50 sec.interval

Get your gear for this workout here:


This workout is only 12 minutes long and it’s made up of 2 parts.

The first part is 9 minute long interval training. Set your Interval Timer for 9 rounds of 10/50 second intervals. There are 3 exercises in a circuite that you will go through 3 times (3 x 3 minutes = 9 minutes) and your goal is to complete as many reps as you can during each 50 second interval. The circuit goes like this:

1. Low Jacks with Sandbag Sean’s scores – 52, 44, 40

2. Walk Over Push Ups & 5 mountain climbers - 5, 5, 4

3. Reverse Push Up (legs extended) on the Dip Station - 29, 24, 19

Part 2 of the workout is 3 minutes long interval training without any rest interval. Set your Interval Timer to 3 rounds of 10/50 second intervals.

You will be holding Elbow Plank during each 10 second interval and Reptile Push Ups during the 50 second intervals - 16, 12, 9

Please watch the entire workout video above, because I went over each exercise, proper form, and easier variations for beginners.

Enojoy your workout, do Burpee for Erin and everyone else you would like to send your energy to and see you tomorrow!




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  • creedy2280

    30,32,33  10lbs weighted bar

    no counting for second part.

    omg so tired!  so glad with each round i progressed.

  • Cindy

    I revisited it this one today
    1- 52-50-50
    2 7-6-4
    3 16-15-15
    4 14-11-9

  • Anonymous

    cau i just finished this workout,was short,but good 1)105×2)18×3)34x +extra 3min………………………….petra london

  • Mary Lou

    We did this just a month ago so my numbers were pretty similar, I did manage to crank out more straight leg reverse push ups before switching over to bent knee ones though. Ow.

  • lUcY

    hi guys, score:
    -30.25.23 (oh my legs!)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Analine,

    I posted it at Sexy Time Abs Workout and you could find it there, but here is the link:


  • Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    Mmm…I don’t think she *usually* does.  When she does, she mentions it.  I think it’s more about being active in life in general.  She makes a huge point about how all you need are these short workouts–plus the warm up and cool down, of course.  I get the impression she doesn’t usually skip afterwards.

  • Latifah

    Sean ? much weight is in the bag? I did the last to rounds with just body weight and I feel like my legs are falling off

    • Anonymous

      40lbs :)

  • Isidora

    Loved this workout! Didnt use any weight:

    1. Low jacks (no weight) 41-39-34
    2. Two walkover push ups + 5 m.climbers: 6-5-5 
    3. Elevated plank get ups (feet elevated on chair and get ur elbows up and down) 13-10-10 these are haaard!

    10 sec plank
    1. reptile push up: 11
    10 sec plank
    2. reptile planks: 25
    10 sec plank
    3. reptile push up: 8

    extra burn: 8 rounds 20/10 mostly high knees but also some skipping and jumping with feet together. 
    :D +burpee for erin and some stretching!! 

  • Marion

    My favorite part was ‘the face’!! That part of the workout where you get super tired and are feeling super incredulous at what the trainer is asking of you! :)
    THAT’S hard work!!

    Well done, Sean!!

  • Dakkotah

    Hi Everybody:
    Part 1:
    1) Low Jacks with SandBag (16 kg): 30,45,30
    2) Walk Over Push Up (X2) & Mountain climber (X5) combo: 5,5,6
    3) Reverse Push Up (Legs extended!): 20,20,20
    Part 2:
    4) Elbow Plank (X10″)
    5) Reptile Push Up: 15,15,15
    Amazing the Sean’s  body change from 2 years ago… Good job Sean!!!!! :)

  • Tippaket Thammavong

    Okay I’m a newbie here and I came across this site when I finished watching one of the bodyrocker’s video on youtube. And I’m glad I did because I’m becoming more and more hopeful as I watch more videos that show how do-able these workouts are and that doing one 15 minute workout a day can yield such bodyrocking results (can someone verify if I’m understanding this right or correct me if I’m wrong)? 

  • tee

    oh my!  that was a lot of upper body!  whew!  though I was not soaked, if fact I didn’t start sweating even!  but my arms and chest were a shakey mess!
    low jacks – 27, 25, 21 (counted in & out as one)
    walk over pushup & mc -3 full +5 mc, 2 full +5mc &1pu, 2 full +5mc & 2pu
    reverse pushups – 12, 10, 10

    reptile pushups – 14, 12, 12

    my duffel bag has 20lb of sand in it, walk over pushups were all full pushups, my reverse pullups even though my knees are bent I am high on a pullup bar I am on that angle that sean was on with his legs straight, reptiles were just a small bend for the pushup part, until the last set which I just did reptiles (couldn’t even bend my arms anymore!  ha ha!)

    thanks sean!, thanks zuzana!(miss you!) thanks freddy!

    burpees for erin and anyone else needing good vibes!

  • Brian

    As tee said, scheduling is the key. Decide at the start of the week when you have time, write it down and when the time comes do your workout. Maybe start 2 workouts per week initially. You could even pick a couple of 12 minute workouts and set your interval timer so they are just 6 minutes. Do that for the first week. Second week go up to 12 minutes, do that for 3 weeks then 3 workouts per week and so on. Planning is very important, plan it then stick to the plan.

  • tee

    you just have to do it brianna.  make a promise to yourself, schedule it in and then do it!  I know its hard when you haven’t done it for awhile because you know its going to be harder and more painful than when you do it every day but the longer you wait the harder it gets!

  • Anna Carolina F

    1/ 16-20-16
    2/ 4-4-4 (3 walking PU & 5 MC)
    3/ 12-10-9
    Reptile : 11-12-12  
    +30min strengthtraining
    +20min. Row Machine

  • Isabelle G.

    Hi everybody!  Where are your scores????
    I already noticed that, and now I’m commenting on that…..: I really enjoyed it when people were posting their scores, not for comparison purpose, but for the fun of belonging to a group of like-minded people (in regard to working out, at least, haahaha…) and trying to be the best I can be, and getting to know who was similar to me in strength and speed, and noticing where I was improving along with the others…. anyways.  If some other feel like that, please!!  Don’t hesitate, and post your scores!!
    Mine, today:
    Low jack: 45-39-40
    2 walk-over push-up/ 5 mountain climbers: 5-5-5
    reverse push-up: 16-15-13
    reptile push-up: 12-13-13
    Yé!  Have a good day! 

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Great workout – thanks for showing us, Sean :) You are really pro behind that camera, I am impressed!

    I used 15 kilos in my sandbag and counted every 2nd jump in the Low Jacks:

    Part 1:
    1. Sandbag Low Jacks: 46-46-48 (great exercise!)
    2. Walk Over Push-up & 5 M.C.: 9,5-8-7,5 (ab killer!)
    3. Dive Bombers: 16-13-12

    Part 2:
    Reptile Push-up: 26-17-15 (bruuuutal!)

    Have a NICE Sunday, Folks!

    Love, Maria

  • lala

    I prefered this one than the one with jess, because we hear what sean has experienced.
    Jess seemed to be suffering as much as sean, and by seeing those videos i realise how strong zuzanna is (not that i doubted that, she’s a warrior ) and it’s great to see that it is possible to achieve her level.
    By seeing the other struggle i realise why i was exhausted the next day and why i can’t do them 5 days in a row while working (waitress), why i am sick when i do that.
    Anyway thanks for your hard work .

  • Courtney

    This workout was beyond challenging; it was excruciating. I don’t know if it was the two days I took off or if it was the fact that I failed to stretch during my two days off, but this was painful. I had tourettes for 12 minutes.

    Low jack w/ sandbag: 34/30/34
    Walkover push ups + MC: 4.5/4.5/4
    Reverse push ups: 17/16/14

    Elbow Plank
    Reptile Push ups: 7, 8*/5, 4*/4, 29^
    ^Mountain Climbers

  • Vivi

    Just finished after “250 shake it”.
    The last part of this one is really really hard !!! OUCH !
    1/ 42.46.50
    2/ 7.7.7 (I did 3 walking PU & 5 climbers)
    3/ Reverse PU : 19.17.19

    Reptile : 25.17.18  (I believed to die !!)

    • Anna Carolina F

      haha xD. It didn´t thought to die but my breath was so hard, that someone said to me I sound like I´m getting a baby in the gym:P

  • sheniye

    where is Jess?

    • GoustiFruit

      I think she lives far away from Freddy so it’s not easy to do daily travel, capture the workout then travel back, do the montage and send to Youtube; hopefully we will see her every once in a while but we can’t expect to have her everyday. Also, they are still looking for new hosts from what I know, so maybe it would be nice to have Jess or another host once a week for example, then Sean for a couple workouts… and I also would like Zuzana to find someone to help her so that she could post at least one workout a week.

  • ZoeRocker

    Wow this one was tough! I managed to pull through okay. Here are my scores:
    PART 1
    1. Low jacks- 50,47,49 (I used olny 5lb weights on either shoulder because my “sandbag” was too floppy)
    2. Walk over PU/+5 mtn climbers- 5,4 +1PU,4 (I did 3 push ups for one set like Sean)
    3. Reverse PU/Legs extended- 10 +8 knees up (18), 5 +13 knees up (18), 19 knees up VERY HARD!!!
    PART 2
    Plank+Reptile PU- 13 +5 on knees (18), 7 +5 on knees +9 no push up (21), 22 no push up ALSO VERY HARD!!!!!

    + 3 Burpees. One for Erin as always and one each for Zuzka and Freddy. I love you guys… so cute all the time!

    Those Reptile push ups kill me every time! They are way harder from the knees than I thought they would be. When you’re that out of breath, they are pretty much the same as doing them correctly. Even the ones with no push up at the end were extremely difficult.

  • Lila Alejandra ♥

    Wow, tough workout! Great job Sean and you look great!! I loved seeing you struggle and almost dead lol :) Ok, my scores are:

    Low jacks with sand bag    48   53    50
    walk over pushup & mountain climbers (I did it with 3 push ups and then I saw Zuzana doing 2, got confused)    51/2     51/2      4
    Reverse push ups did not do all of them  with extended legs , too tough :(       17    23    24

    Second part
    Reptile push ups (beginners modification knees on the floor)  16    13     13

    Good to have you back Sean. I do hope we see a lot more of you in future videos :)

    Zuzanita I love you, my #1 inspiration!!  Freddy keep up the good work!!

  • BodyRocker_Bonnie

    Thanks Darcie!

  • BodyRocker_Bonnie

    Thanks Michey! :)

  • Yoseline

    I’m amazed you took that picture of you yourself Zuzanna! You’re doing a great job with the self pictures and the self-videos.  Once again, it shows your creativity to find solutions to get things done!

  • Luisa

    Sean – you are awesome!!!  the work out looks brutal – i;ll try it tomorrow.  Zuzana – I’m so happy we are still seeing you!!!   

  • Cindy

    I did it at home.
    Low jacks with 11 sandbag 50-44-47
    Walk over push ups & 5 mt climber 5-5-4
    Reverse pushup 15-13-15 (I am in love this exercise)
    Part2 Reptile push ups 13-10-8

  • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    This WO was too good (and incredibly challenging) to not repeat.

    Today I made my husband give it a go too, and oh, he looked soooo sexy doing those reverse push ups :-P . He did well too – I knew this was more of a man’s cup of tea.

    What’s even funnier though is that my 8 year old stepdaughter also wanted to have a shot – after all it was “only” 9 minutes (by the way, before anybody thinks I’m a wicked stepmother trying to kill my little girl, FYI I wouldn’t have let her tackle the 2nd part).

    So after having seen Daddy and I suffer, she warmed up nicely and all and begin the low jacks (with a pillow as her “sandbag”). Guys, I could not believe what I saw. She persevered and did all three rounds of the 3 exercises (cutely shedding her school clothes during the execution :-) ).

    My heart pounded from worry and pride all at once seeing her push so hard on the dip station. I guess it was alright, after all her body is lighter to pull and kids are energy bombs by default anyway.
    So, ladies and gentlemen, she DID it, she didn’t give up and we scored as follows:
    # Low jacks:
    — Craig: 43, 48, 44
    — Sünci: 72, 64, 53
    — Freya: 80, 80, 88
    # 5 MC & 3 Walking PUs:
    — Craig: 3 sets, 3 sets + 2 PUs, 3 sets

    — Sünci: 5 sets + MCs, 5 sets, 4 sets + MCs

    — Freya: 3 sets, 4 sets, 4 sets
    # Reverse PUs:
    — Craig (proper): 16, 13, 11

    — Sünci (knees bent): 24, 19, 17

    — Freya (knees bent :-) ): 10, 10, 10

    # Reptile PUs with 10 sec elbow plank “rests”
    — Craig (all proper): 10, 10, 10
    — Sünci: 15 (proper), 12 (just knees) + 30 MCs, 12 (just knees) + 30 MCs

    My scores improved since yesterday but I’ll keep coming back to this until I can do all those darn rev. PUs and reptiles properly. :-)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Angela,

    You are not the first person to ask these questions.  Actually a while ago Zuzka said she would check her BFP.  No data yet?  The last time she officially weighed herself  she weighed in at 125 pounds and she is 5 foot 6 inches tall.  She doesn’t have a lot of body fat, but it’s probably above 12-14 percent.

    Zuzka doesn’t do other things beside her own workouts and her Capoeira classes that I know of. She of course can correct me in this.


  • Anonymous

    Hi Guys,

    If you read this before 4 PM PDT on 11/5/11 please at that time spend a couple minutes thinking positive thoughts for all Bodyrockers.  Try imagining we are all in a very large room holding hands and smiling.


  • Mindy McT

    I actually really enjoyed watching the workout with a guy doing it for a change. Still miss Zuzana though :(

  • Mindy McT

    I actually really enjoyed watching the workout with a guy doing it for a change. Still miss Zuzana though :(

  • Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    Eating is super important, but so is rest!  It’s when you rest that your muscles build and repair themselves.  And they repair themselves with what you eat.  I don’t know your situation–maybe you are resting enough, but keep that in mind!  Sometimes if my body is feeling fatigued I’ll do something light to moderate instead of an intense BR workout–like a light jog, or a long walk or hike.

    I DO find that working out without having eaten, i.e., first thing in the morning, makes a difference in my performance.  I like to have some energy stores in there, myself, but I’ve also heard it’s better for weight loss to do it first thing.  

  • Bodyrocker_Audra

    I only used 20lbs for the low jacks for my knees and so that I could maintain pace and not have drop to bodyweight.  I also did 2 walk over pushups instead and the reverse pushups were a total of 23 straight leg and 27 bent leg.  All my reptiles were with pushups :)

    20lb Lowjacks:  57/55/56
    PU & MC Combo:  7/6/5
    ReversePU:  20/16/14
    ReptilePU:  24/18/17

    + healing burpee for Erin :)

    Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

    • GoustiFruit

      Wow !

    • BodyRocker_Bonnie

      Hi, Audra! What do you use for weight in your sandbag? I have been using lake shore stones with some towels in there. My idea was that it would be easy to change out weight (add / subtract). I think I need to include some more towels, because those low jacks with Sean were not fun with that SB on my shoulders banging around. I was thinking of maybe switching to sand for something more comfortable. But when I looked for some all I found were these huge bags of wet looking sand stored outside probably for kid’s sandboxes or construction projects. I wasn’t sure about the idea of putting wet sand into my SB! Anyway, I’m always curious about what other BodyRockers use for weight in their SB, so I thought I would ask. I’m getting ready to try adding some weight and thought I’d think about changing my SB innards while I’m at it. thanks :)

      • tee

        I”m not positive but I believe audra does not own a sandbag,  I think she usually uses barbells.

        I haven’t done this one yet, but my duffel bag has medicine balls in it, and I’m wondering if they will be bouncing!  lol

        I think you might be able to buy sand at a hardware store,  here in canada we can buy bags of sand at gas stations.(you put them in the trunk of your car to add weight so you don’t slide so much on the ice!)  I think they come package in 10lbs

        • Bodyrocker_Audra

          You’re right Tee!  I’ve been using my trusty barbell since the beginning :)

          • BodyRocker_Bonnie

            Okay!  thanks Audra :)  

          • tee

            I thought so audra, but I thought maybe for this challenge you might have used something else, as I thought jumping with a barbell might of hurt!

          • tee

            I thought so audra, but I thought maybe for this challenge you might have used something else, as I thought jumping with a barbell might of hurt!

            • Bodyrocker_Audra

              Hi Tee! I actually prefer it over my backpack or dufflebag because they flop around. With the barbell you grip it behind the shoulder and it stays put.

        • BodyRocker_Bonnie

          Thanks Tee.  I’m sure I can find some better sand if I keep looking around, especially at this time of the year as you point out!   

      • Bodyrocker_Audra

        Sorry Bonnie, I don’t own a sandbag :(   But, the rest of amazing Bodyrocker’s here like Tee can help you out, I’m sure :)

      • Tori Larson Bradford

        I have rice and beans and wheat in my sandbag.  However I probably need to find something heavier next time I up the weight.  My homemade sandbag is pretty full.

        • BodyRocker_Bonnie

          Thanks Tori :) nice mix of filler!

      • Anonymous

        I use pea gravel.  it has the same weight as stones, but it moves more like sand, so it’s softer feeling.  you can buy it for really cheap at home depot, rona, whatever.  I think it was about $7 for 20kg, which is more than enough for me.

        • BodyRocker_Bonnie

          Thanks Chris! good idea. I’ll check it out.

  • Anonymous

    This was amazing workout! It left me wiped out, the second part killed my arms, but I LOVED it! :)  
    Can’t wait to see what you have for us today! :)

  • Chelsea.

    I don’t get whats going on here on…
    I used to come to this site and be so motivated and inspired to do these workouts because Zuzana 
    was the leader. Zuzana is the whole reason I started these workouts and I believe the same must go for you guys? I mean the whole reason I ever found Bodyrock was because Zuzana’s stretching video on you-tube and quite frankly its just not the same when you hardly get to see Zuzana anymore. I mean I want it back to the way things used to be, when Zuzana showed us the workouts and we could see her participating in them. I dont mean to be negative because that not what im trying to do im really just voicing my view on this situation. And Why are the workouts not being posted everyday, ive noticed this for awhile its now november 4th and November 3rds workout is not even up.. idk.. I just hope zuzana you come back around because we dont want anyone else as our host. We want you.. 

    • Dr. Angela

      Hi Chelsea. I just wanted to share my opinion on your statement. I surely can understand what you are saying about missing Zuzana, but may I suggest that even if she were the initial reason that you began Body Rocking…you should be continuing them for yourself! Your decision to make these sessions part of your life should not be based on who leads them, it should be based on your love for yourself and your health and well-being. No matter who leads them, these workouts are about YOU! And may I also add that because this is Body Rock training, you can be confident that they are still the top quality investments in your growth and development that you have come to expect. Keep on Body Rocking Hon. Take care…

    • tee

      You know what chelsea,  I think you are just going to have to get used to it or stay in the archives.  because frankly zuzana is living in LA and freddy is living in canada.  this is the new direction that they are going in.  considering that their marriage has broken up in the last three weeks or so, the fact that they are posting anything at all is great of them & I think that maybe all of us (not just you) should maybe not give our opinions so much and just accept what they are offering of this free service and say thank you very much & we love you guys no matter what and any & all people that are hosting are great!

      remember little thumper in the movie bambi – if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all!

      • Bohdanam

        You are right Tee. We need to give them space. We don’t know what is happening and it is not our business. We need to be thankful ,that under these circumstances , they are putting new workouts out and keeping it together as well as they are. 
         Actually they are pretty unbelievable , what a dedication!
        You guys Z&F are UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!!!
        THANK YOU

      • Bohdanam

        You are right Tee. We need to give them space. We don’t know what is happening and it is not our business. We need to be thankful ,that under these circumstances , they are putting new workouts out and keeping it together as well as they are. 
         Actually they are pretty unbelievable , what a dedication!
        You guys Z&F are UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!!!
        THANK YOU

  • Cindy

    This will be my workout today. Welcome back Sean! You and Zuzana look amazing. I wish that Zuzana will design her own clothing line in the future or having your own perfume.

  • Joanne Pabst

    Part One:Low Jacks (No SB) – 55 51 56Walk Over Push Up 5 MC – 4 6 4Reverse Push Up – 18 19 14Part Two:
    10, 10 girl, 8

  • Ally

    sean is a great host !! thumbs up!
    and I’m happy that zuzka is explaining the workout.
    it would be so unusual without her ;)

  • GoustiFruit

    I’m getting psychologically ready for this one, I will do it in a few minutes :-) I need to re-watch the video to check all the exercises but I’m afraid it will scare me instead of motivating me…

    • GoustiFruit

      Eww, finished !
      Still using my light “sandbag” (about 8kg backpack), one quick tip: I held it tight in my arms during the Low Jacks because on my back it was knocking too much !


      Low Jacks with Sandbag: 69 – 70 – 72 (counting each jump as one rep)
      Walk Over PU + 5 MC: 5 sets + 2 PU – 5 sets + 1PU – 5 sets + 1 PU (counting 3 PU + 5 MC as 1 rep)
      Reverse PU: 22 – 19 – 19 (first 3 with legs extended, then knees bent ! :-D Still have to improve those)

      23 Reptile PU – 21 Reptile Planks – 16 Reptile PU (in the second round I switched to Reptile Planks but it felt harder than PU so I did PU again in the third :-p)

      And I did 10 additional minutes of mixed high knees, jump jacks, lunges and jump lunges, to relax my arms ;-)

  • AmBoaksy

    Ow ow ow…like Sean I couldn’t do Part 2 all the way through with the Reptiles.  I switched to doin them on my knees mid-way through the first round.  My arms are dead.  lol. 

    Lowjacks w Sandbag: 37/21/19
    Walk over Push Up + Mtn. Climbers: 5.5/5/4
    Reverse Push Up: 14/13/15
    Reptile Push Ups: 12 (5 easier variation)/12 easier/10 easier.

    Thanks guys for yet another challenge today!!!

  • Peta

    Low jacks (13kg bag): 34, 30, 30
    Walk-over pushup & 5 Mntn Climbers: 6, 6,5
    Reverse Push-up: 15, 16, 15
    Round 2: 6 reptile push-ups & 20 reptiles, 26 reptiles, 26 reptiles
    Still no arm strength :(

  • Annebel Wind

    Hi everyone,

    I did this one yesterday.. And am not going to share my scores.. Because this muscle man is so much better than I am… I feel like a beginner again.. ;(  
    i would like to see your scores Zuzi.. My scores are almost half of Sean’s scores…
    I had a really hard time during the second part.. I just couldnt keep on moving all the time, because i had no breath and had to stop in the plank… So this was a Killer! Big time! And Sean you did great.. Nice seeing a man do these workouts.. i hope this will inspire more man to be bodyrockers! Hope to see more workouts with Sean.. Thanx!

  • Lenka Slovakia

    Hihi LOVED IT, But i have to admit i am not sweating like i supposed to… Not so happy
    about that. But i tried to push for maximum, strange. Does it happend to you guys? Have to go now, but in the
    evening i have to do Workout with Jess:} Cant wait to do that as well…

    Anyway my score
    Low Jacks 63-37-85 /7 kg bag tried to stayed low low hope i did proper form…
    Walk over zuzi push up 9-7-5 forgot MC 
    Reversce push up (not ext leges) 10-12-11
    Rept push up-16
                         20-modified without push up
                          5 -proper reptile push up, rest of reptile-knee tuck(mix and mach):}
    So again thanks Zuzi, Jess, Sean and last but not at least Freddy.

    • Brian

      Sometimes I do the workouts and it doesn’t seem to push me, like you just described. As I repeat them a few times, or maybe after a break of a month or two, I then find them more taxing. I think for me it is with certain of the moves my form is not good enough, so I am not getting the full benefit. As I get stronger I am able to get the correct form so really push it. One example is the Real Hot Workout, the first few times I did it, I wasn’t really that done in, but now it absolutely kills me.

  • Anonymous

    oh…all the good ones are not single..or far,far,far away like Sean…:)

  • Anonymous

    oh…all the good ones are not single..or far,far,far away like Sean…:)

  • tee

    freddy,  I like how in filming sean, you weren’t quite as zoomed in.  we could see all of sean,  which helps us in form.  I think maybe this would be good on all the hosts.  I think it might be easier on them too, not having them concerned about how close you might be zooming in,   just a thought.

  • tee

    freddy,  I like how in filming sean, you weren’t quite as zoomed in.  we could see all of sean,  which helps us in form.  I think maybe this would be good on all the hosts.  I think it might be easier on them too, not having them concerned about how close you might be zooming in,   just a thought.

  • tee

    actually, zuzana said that sean designed his own torture!

  • tee

    wow sarah, hope you’re not still up!  lol ’cause it’s still not uploaded!  lol

  • Мария Давлеева

    today i did this wo as the 1st thing after waking up and having coffee. my hubby came into the room and made me confused as he doesn’t like me bodyrocking. he’s afraid me to get bulky and has arms bigger than his own… 
    So I replaced reversed push-ups with rows of 10kg sandbag or waterbag as i call it))) my scores:
    1. low jacks – 16 (with 1 kg), 43 and 39 w/o sandbag.
    2. 2 walking push ups and 5 m.climbers – 7 reps each set.
    3. rows – 23, 24, 20.

    reptile push ups – 4 push ups and 12 knee tucks both 1st sets and 4 push ups & 14 knee tucks last set.

    I was sweating and thinking am i sexy while the sweat drops fall down on the floor from my face))))

  • tee

    I have a question!  On facebook you said that sean is a regular host now, does this mean you are not doing anymore guest bodyrocker hosts? or is sean just going to be in between different hosts?

    also zuzana,  you wanted more time to do recipes, so where’s our food!  lol I’m just joking!  ha ha.  I tried your meatballs,  they were good!  I’m hoping to make the cookies this weekend!  mmmmmm

    I’m finding all this new stuff quite interesting!  going to do this workout tomorrow,  if you hear from me, it means I didn’t die!  lol
    thanks guys!

  • Anonymous

    2 chairs + a broomstick is what Zuzana used pre-dip station.  You could also sub bent over rows.

  • Anonymous

    This was so hard!  I took about 1/2 the weight out of my bag…my shoulder is bruised a bit from carrying my bag & dip station Tues night.  I think I had about 12-15 lbs in it tonight.

    Low jacks  39 – 40 (25 with bag) – 35 (24 with bag)
    pushup combo 4  4(2knees)  4(2knees)
    reverse pushup, knees bent  15  14  12

    Part 2:  My arms were jello, so I went straight to reptile planks.  I THINK these were my scores (I didn’t write them until all 3 rounds were done)  32  - 23- 24

    I followed with 30 core splits (in 10rep increments) & 10 moon runners on the dip station, then 20 min of 10/20 skipping (6/6/5/3 min).

    Thanks for a great workout!

    Are you done looking for hosts now?

  • Jazzy

    Low Jacks w/ sandbag: 60,44,39 ( 15lbs sandbag only used it on the 1st round and half of the 2nd round)

    Walk over push-up and 5 Mnt Climbers: 4,6,6 ( did 3 push-ups only on the 1st round, the rest was 2 pushups)

    Reverse Push-up: 27,26,25

    Part 2: I did reptiles no push ups. I tried a push up but fell on my face…hahaha.. my arms were dead..
    Awesome workout.

  • Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    BLERG.  That was ROUGH.  I was a baaaaad BodyRocker. :(  I just couldn’t not take a second to rest during some of those.  I had to change the weight in the sandbag from 35 lb to eventually nothing, and the last part I was really bad and had to stop a few times.  I don’t even think I could have held a plank without falling, let alone do mountain climbers or, God forbid, reptiles!  Maybe that’ll be a 3 minute challenge some day when I wnt an extra ab boost.

    I’m counting each jump on the low jacks as one rep, though normally I count an in and out as 1.

    low jacks (35lb, 20lb, 0lb): 36-30-52push up combo: 4-4-4reverse push up: 23-21-19part 2:a mess.  I did get 18 reptile push ups in round 1, and rounds 2 and 3 were a hodgepodge of everything. :)

  • Joshy

    Freddy, buddy, I think your little brother is bigger than you.
    Awesome workout ! I loved seeing a man do a workout. My son and I did this together and we are both jello now.

  • ZoeRocker

    Hahahahaha!! Awesome!

    • Bohdanam

      lol, great girls! You are right Adriana , he is jealous. What guy wouldn’t like that comment?

      • Brian

        Jealous? LOL! I’m in my 40s, even in my 20s I would not have been able to have competed with Sean in the looks stakes. I became content with my appearance a long time ago and have no hang ups about who I am. Jealousy doesn’t enter into it. I was just making an observation on what I perceive as a double standard. Sorry if that upsets a few of you, not my intention. I was under the impression that this site was open to the expression of opinions providing they are done with respect and without malice. My mistake.

        • Anonymous

          it seems to me that all of these great women were joking about that, they were not upset…the truth is that we are aware that you have a point,but all emancipation a side…we will never be the same…for me, your comment was funny, cute and truth!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          it seems to me that all of these great women were joking about that, they were not upset…the truth is that we are aware that you have a point,but all emancipation a side…we will never be the same…for me, your comment was funny, cute and truth!!!!!

  • Laura

    I heart seeing Zuzana in the vids!

  • Anonymous

    Okay I got pummeled here…

    Low Jacks with Sandbag (21,16,18)
    walkover push ups 5 mountain Climbers (7,6,6)
    Low Plank (10sec) Reptile push up (50sec) (10, 9,12)

  • Anonymous

    Hey Sean is single! :)

    • ZoeRocker

      Sweeeeet! Haha!!


      EYE- YIYE-YIYE…..!  

  • Ezza

    Hi Zuzana, Freddy and all the BodyRockers,

    Firstly, I like to thank Zuzana and Freddy for making available for
    everyone who wants to improve themselves, whether it’s in fitness, health or
    just make a difference in someone’s life by commenting.


    Since about a year ago, I’ve watch BodyRock grow into a very
    supportive, positive and inspiring blog to be on. Everyday, I comment on the exercise,
    workouts, coffee talks and various others on BodyRock blog and on my own… But I
    have never been involved with actually doing the workouts besides a few days
    here and there (when I can workout).


    So, I have made it official that I am starting a 365-Day
    Fitness Challenge, based on with a combination of yoga, vibration
    technology, eating right and improving my health. This challenge is very much
    inspired by Zuzana, Freddy, BodyRockers and all the commentees. You have
    inspired me to better. Thank you.


    Now, I have the courage, support and motivation to go out,
    be better and fitter all at the same time. Here is the link to the challenge – 365-Day
    Fitness Challenge


    P.s Its starts on the 13th November 2011. I would
    love support and any feedback as I would seriously love to be apart and be a
    BodyRocker for Zuzana and Freddy  but in Australia!


    All the Best,


    • ulla

       Yay, Ezza! You go :-) Good luck with your challenge!

      • Ezzy Wheeler

        Thank You Sandra. I appreciate your enthusiasm and support. I will be posting before and after shots, every 1-6 weeks to show my progress. OMG! I can’t wait to see what I will look like in 3-6 months. I believe I may look like some of you guys by then.

        Love to stay in touch!
        xx Ezza
        Right For Your Body

        • ulla

          Not that I really mind, but if you DO want to stay in touch, you’d better have a closer look: it’s ulla, not Sandra.
          Otherwise, call me names :-)

  • thelittledelights

    SEANS SO CUTEEE!  I like him :) hahaha
    by the way..anyone have any ideas to replace the reverse push up?  I dont have a dip station! :(

    • ZoeRocker

      Use two chairs and a broomstick. Type “Sexy Beast Workout” in the search box and you will see an older workout where Zuzana is doing reverse push ups that way.

  • Bmariethreads

    I am going crazy — I have never used an interval timer and I NEED to in order to make these workouts a bit simpler instead of always checking my clock on my phone.  I purchased an interval training app on my iphone that received great reviews but I honestly don’t know exactly how to set one according to the time outlines given in the instructions for each workout..HELP!! P.S. I want to leave my times after each workout I like the competition aspect but without using the timer correctly I can’t!! :)

    • ZoeRocker

      Order the timer. Its so worth it. It really is impossible to do the workouts without one:)

    • Anonymous

      The Gymboss is great, definitely recommend getting it. But in the meantime since you have the iphone I can recommend a great app that’s free. Its the RoundTimer, and it’s really easy to use. Sometimes when I do my workouts at work I’ll use the app if I’ve forgotten my Gymboss at home. Anyway hope this helps a bit.

    • Bohdanam

      there is a very simple app on iphone , free , it calls GYMLAPS TIMER, looks just like face of Zuzka’s gymbos . Gymbos had good free app too on Iphone , but it stop working with new I phone software , supposedly they are working on fixing it, we will see.

    • Anonymous

      If you don’t have an iphone, the android market has a nice one called HIIT timer.  It’s easy to use, & you can save timer settings.  I also love the round timer on my itouch.

    • Gabija D.C.

      Hi! I use the timer on this site:

      Hope it helps :)

  • Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    I must say, I have so much appreciation for Zuzana’s instruction, knowledge, and leadership now.  I really love seeing other people host the workouts, but Zuzana’s the mama of the operation, and I LOVE that.  It also means that other people aren’t replacing her, they’re just fulfilling a different position.  I know Zuzana said she is a stickler for form, and WOW…now I really get it.  Her form is AMAZING.  And I like how Jess can lead us through, and Sean, but I still feel like Zuzana is the top dog, the queen bee.  But then it’s really nice seeing different types of people, with different bodies, and how they perform the workouts and what struggles they have.

    So I’m saying I think I’m really going to love this.  I hope you’re all doing well with the changes–Z, F, S and J.  I think you’re all fantastic. <3   

  • Brian

    Just an observation, lots of comments here about Sean looking hot, take your shirt off etc. If I, or any of the other guys on the site made such comments about Zuzana or Jess then we would be called sexist, be told we were objectifying women, called creepy etc. Maybe even get banned. Bit of a double standard, I think.

    • ZoeRocker

      Oh whatever. I’m sure he likes it, and I’ve seen PLENTY of remarks made about Zuzka’s sexalicious appearance. Look at the tiltle of the friggin’ workout!!!

    • Anonymous

      great..don’t you think…to be a woman…!!!
      we can all play on hormones or something like that…come is not the same, we are cute when we talk like that…yeah girls???
      great comment, you made me laugh!! :) )))))))))

      • Brian

        I’m glad I made at least one person smile today. Not my only good deed of the day, but they all count :)

    • Nina_CZ

      Haha, because it is almost sure that women in this community are in this community because of workouts and not because of a hot guy in the video, but you can notice that many guys who comment on Zuzana (not just here, youtube too) has really NO INTEREST about workouts and are just a bunch of horny and sad losers :D  

      • Brian

        I agree about youtube, but that’s the sleazeballs that frequent youtube. The comments from guys on this site though are, IMHO, totally different, very respectful. The guys on this site are interested in the workouts and getting and staying fit. Plus the first comments a person makes are vetted prior to posting, it is only after a person becomes a trusted site contributor that their posts immediately get posted(if that makes sense). I’m sure if a guy on here made disrespectful comments about any of the women on here then Freddie would remove their posting privileges, and rightly so. In order for the site to continue to be a supportive and nurturing place we need to maintain a level of respect and decorum toward one another.

  • Tori Larson Bradford

    When you did the walking pushups did you do three push ups or two?  It looked like in part of the video you did three, but Zuzana does two?  When I did the workout I just did two because that is how we normally do it.  Just wondering.

    • ZoeRocker

      He did 3

  • Jessica Dodson

    Hmm..suddenly I feel much more motivated today…

  • Anonymous

    BRUTAL! longest 12 minutes of my life lol I only got to record my scores for the first half.. I kinda was just trying to stay up on the last set
    Low Jacks:22,23,22
    Walk over pushups w/5 mtn climbers: 6,7,6
    Reverse pushups: 17,19,19 ( I did 3-5 with my legs straight out in each set)

  • Geekiegirl

    How much weight was in Sean’s sandbag? Trying to convince my boyfriend who thinks you can only get a “good” workout by going to a gym, that these workouts rule. I love the workouts you guys put together. I dislike going to a gym, so thank you for your hard work and building this community.

    • Anonymous

      Sean has 40lbs :)

  • Ursula Lopez Ramirez

    sean is so cute!!!!

  • Latin BodyRoker_Apu

    Great job Sean!!! I loved to see a guy doing the excersises!!! you really know how to do the changes and innovate, keep going. I love your creativity for everything, every picture, every rutine, all your site is an explosion of creativity! .. I just love you Freddy and Zuzana

  • Adriana Pingel

    Ok, I just finished this workout……..I love how Sean direct us thru the workout (Freddy your brother has style!!!!)
    Going back to my workout, this is my score:
     Low Jacks with 30 lb Sandbag 28-28-28
    Walk Over Push Ups & 5 mountain climbers 5-4-4
     Reverse Push Up (legs extended) on the Dip Station 24-19-20
     Reptile Push Ups 20-20-20

  • Alana Stacy

    Wow! Sean! Looking good! :D

    Low Jacks with sandbag: 30, 30, 38
    Walkover pushup with mountain climbers: 7, 6, 7
    Reverse pushups: 8, 10, 10.5 (did half way pushups)
    Elbow plank with reptile pushups: 16, 17, 18. Modified reptile pushups to reptile leg lifts! Sweaty! Time for a cool down, then a shower. Man, it feels great to workout again! <3<3<3

  • LaurenP

    Absolutely BRUTAL.  And I was really tired to begin with.  I did this with my husband, he admits it was VERY hard and didn’t want to do another round, he still doesn’t think it’s enough for him (though he’s trying to build big muscle so he does other heavy lifting stuff), but he was winded, can’t deny that.  I think he still thinks the small amount of time makes it less of a workout, clearly he’s wrong.  I know this was much harder than 40 minutes of cardio would have been.

    Loved seeing Sean and Zuzana.  Thanks guys!

    My lowly scores…

    Low jacks w/25 lb bag – 27, 17, 24
    Walking push ups (2) with mtn. climbers – 5, 5, 4
    Pull up on dip station (bent knees) – 17, 15, 13

    Reptiles- 3 sets of 7 (more reptile than push up)

  • mag

    I like the idea of both doing the workout!! I miss Sean, and he looks great!

  • Stefan Korthals

    Nice going, I´ll definetely try this one, but the Low Jacks will seriously kill me.
    Sore muscles incoming!  :)

  • Mel

    Great work Sean but where are your scores Zuzana?!

  • Anonymous

    Good luck!  Like a lot of things, the thinking about it is actually worse than the doing of it.  Just get yourself moving!

  • Melina

    Way to go Sean! you are inspirational, at first  i thought  i’d just watch it, then i just had to get off my butt and get to work(out)! He’s sexy, and now we know it, too :P .

  • Anonymous

    Great tough workout!  I can’t seem to work to my maximum effort and keep count at the same time!  If I keep count I end up reducing my effort for some reason. If I push as hard as I can I always lose count! I hope that as I get more fit I will be able to do both! LOL

  • Anonymous


  • Janet

    I warmed up immediately beforehand with a hard 5 mile steep hill run to tire my legs and get the heartrate cooking.  I just upped my sandbag to 35.5 lbs yesterday.  The low jacks nearly killed me!
    lo jax: 36-34-36 (counting every jump)
    walkover push ups: 8-8-8 (all full push ups) 
    reverse p/u on broomstick:  10(plank)/5(bent knee) – 10/8 – 10/7 killer
    reptile :  14-12-15 (every one full push up and full reptile) ouch
    Then I took the paddleboard out for about an hour and a half of surfing.  The surf was pretty bouncey on the high tide, so a great leg workout.  Oatmeal breakfast.  Feeling great!
    I am so happy to see Zuzka’s posts continuing to be a vital part of Bodyrock.  I love her dedication to perfect form, and (of course!) it is always a joy to admire her splendid body.  Inspirational as always!!  Thanks to Sean for stepping up to the plate and showing these are not just girlie exercises.  Nice to see your progress and how you really pushed yourself.  Good effort on Jess’s part, too.  Not easy shoes to step into in the best of circumstances.  You guys are handling these dramatic changes incredibly well and using it to your best advantage.  Kudos!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think all of us are up for some new brutal workouts! I’m syched!

  • Larisa Scott

    Love how Sean just WOULD NOT STOP!!  He kept going using variations, thanks Zuz for reminding us how important that is.  High intensity training requires non stop action in short bursts :)   Looking forward to trying this one.  I posted earlier that I’m a little scared :)   Excited as well! 

  • Tori Larson Bradford

    Here are my scores:
    pt 1:  1. 42, 47, 48 with at 25 lb sandbag.  (I counted each jump)
             2. 3, 4.5, 4.5
             3.  11, 11, 10
    Pt. 2:  I did one round of reptile pushups but had to finish this part with just the reptile.

    I kept hearing Zuzana saying don’t stop.  So I didn’t.

  • Svenja R.

    my scores for the first part:
    low jacks: 46/46/47
    walk over push ups/mountain climbers: 4,5/3,5/4
    reverse push ups: 18/17/15

    second part was killer :o I really tried to keep going the whole time but in the third 10 seconds I just broke down..

  • BodyRocker_Bonnie

    I totally love hearing Freddy make those comments to Sean (and Jess) to keep them going.  Makes me wish I had someone to be a toughie with me sometimes :)   You rock, Freddy.

  • Jenn

    I liked Zuzka’s advice about switching to easier variations as you get tired.  That really helped me push harder today!  Especially with the Reverse Pushups and Reptile Pushups.  I also liked that Sean demonstrated that advice.  I think seeing a man switching to easier variations as he tires will encourage my husband to do the same (he typically quits when he gets tired and refuses to try the easier variations).

    Here are my scores:
    Part 1:
    Low Jacks (no sandbag today): 52, 44, 38
    Walk Over Pushups & 5 mountain Climbers: 5, 4 + 1 pushup, 4 + 1 pushup
    Reverse Push Ups: 13, 12, 11 (I could only do the first 2 with my legs extended)
    Part 2:
    Reptile Push Ups: 6 + 14 reptiles
    Reptiles: 22
    Reptiles: 23 (last half on my elbows)
    Part 2 really exhausted my shoulders!

  • Amanda

    Really cool to see a guy doing the workout! Something about seeing someone who is in killer shape like him and Z really makes you want to push hard. I think Jess did a good job but she just didn’t make want to push as hard.

  • Svenja R.

    yeay Sean is back :)
    It was a little strange to see you doing this workout, since I got so used to see zuzka moving. but I liked it a lot!Gonna do that now!I’m scared..

  • Anonymous

    Whislt I wasn’t impressed with Jess – it’s her first time and she’s never really done this before – I don’t believe she’s an instructor or trainer, is she? SO she’s not used to presenting. Zuzana herself wasn’t the most confident presenter in her early vids. Due to that I’m going tp reserve judgement on her and give her a chance to get more comfortable with the role. Sean has done this before and was working out with a family member so he’s bound to be more at ease in this situation.

    It’s unfair to say she didn’t push. It looked to me like she was pushing too hard. poor chick probably crashed in a heap when he said “Cut!”

    That said, I do prefer Sean or Zuzana doing the workouts.

  • Anonymous

    Whislt I wasn’t impressed with Jess – it’s her first time and she’s never really done this before – I don’t believe she’s an instructor or trainer, is she? SO she’s not used to presenting. Zuzana herself wasn’t the most confident presenter in her early vids. Due to that I’m going tp reserve judgement on her and give her a chance to get more comfortable with the role. Sean has done this before and was working out with a family member so he’s bound to be more at ease in this situation.

    It’s unfair to say she didn’t push. It looked to me like she was pushing too hard. poor chick probably crashed in a heap when he said “Cut!”

    That said, I do prefer Sean or Zuzana doing the workouts.

    • Caroline

      Hey guys! Give the poor girl a chance! She (Jess) only did ONE video! Like HeatherKirby pointed out, Zuzanna wasn’t a “great” motivator/instructor in her first vids. Also, we have to keep in mind like Freddy said, that she had been driving 5 hours, did some shopping for the video, then jumped into her first workout video—imagine someone filming you up-close like that (your stomach, your face, your bellybutton, your shaking muscles, your frowning face, your sweat, even the wierd sounds that come out of your mouth when you’re forcing (yeah you know which ones I’m talking about!) ? Well, I’d be a wreck and I’ve been bodyrocking since Sept. 2009. What I really appreciate are these new videos which show other people pushing to their maximum effort. Sean, Jess and maybe others. I really enjoy watching others looking like a blob of sweat like me and finding it tough and having to switch to “easier” versions. This is what this whole community is about: working our way to a better us. I would even enjoy and appreciate watching some bodyrocker that is not “perfectly” fit, you know that has some love handles or something, do these workouts on camera. This could encourage those people that are always afraid that these workouts are too difficult…We will always have Zuzanna right there at the beginning and at the end supporting us and showing us the proper form and continuing to motivate us! I like change and I like when things/people are not perfect. So, again, congratulations Z&F on your Bodyrock project! I’m a sincere follower! 

  • Anonymous

    I had something to say, but I lost it after the shirtless photo

    • Nina_CZ

      The best comment today :D :D :D

    • Nina_CZ

      The best comment today :D :D :D

  • Anonymous

    I had something to say, but I lost it after the shirtless photo

  • Bohdanam

    nice burn,  35 lbs sand bag
    1)  58  44   34(16 w/weight+18n/weight)
    2)6+2pu – 5+2pu – 5+3pu
    3)25 (7reg. +18 w/bent knees)  -  26(4reg + 22 w/bt knees)  -  26(5reg+ 21 w/bt knees)
    4)19 –  20(9reg+11n/push up)   –  24(7reg+17n/push up)

    and now when I caught my breath I can go do burpees for all…
    5 b’s 4 E
    5 b’s 4 F&Z
    5b’s 4 Sean&Jess 
    love Bohdana

  • Bohdanam

    nice burn,  35 lbs sand bag
    1)  58  44   34(16 w/weight+18n/weight)
    2)6+2pu – 5+2pu – 5+3pu
    3)25 (7reg. +18 w/bent knees)  -  26(4reg + 22 w/bt knees)  -  26(5reg+ 21 w/bt knees)
    4)19 –  20(9reg+11n/push up)   –  24(7reg+17n/push up)

    and now when I caught my breath I can go do burpees for all…
    5 b’s 4 E
    5 b’s 4 F&Z
    5b’s 4 Sean&Jess 
    love Bohdana

    • Bohdanam

      Zuzko please share your scores

    • Bohdanam

      Zuzko please share your scores

  • Richard Callaby

    Really Killer workout! This whole new format is something I am starting to really enjoy! More variety means faster progress.

  • Anytochka_1

    This is so much fun having different people in the video!

  • samantha

    Great Job sean!!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome workout Sean!! It was a killer :) Great to see some new faces. You did a great job!

  • Anonymous

    thank you guys, I’m dead!… but in a positive way ;)

  • Patrice Read

    All I want to know how much Sean’s sandbag weighs. It looks like there’s a ton of rocks/rice/sand/whatever in it. I almost felt like I was cheating not having such a heavy looking bag.

    • Bohdanam

      I know what is in his bag
      Old sunglasses with gold on it ( there is a video on Sean’s FB where Freddy dislikes his glasses)
      Sean put your new pair in that sand bag too.
      Sorry , just joking.

  • Melody

    “Pain is weakness leaving the body!”

  • Chloe Ma

    Same!!! I was also super happy to see someone as physically strong as Sean getting tired only because I used to think I’m a loser because I would be so out of breath and dying doing the workouts! Now instead of feeling like a failure I know that I am doing the workout right by pushing at my maximum! I am much more motivated to do these workouts since my mindset has changed from thinking loser to knowing i’m giving it my all. Thanks Sean!

  • Stephanie

    I’ve missed quite a few workouts lately… But I am reading every day, and coming here every day. I love and support everything you guys do… I can’t do anything else. :)

    Low jacks w/ dumbells – 54-48-49
    Walk over pushups & 5 M’tn climbers – 4-5-4 (loved these!)
    Reverse pushups – 13-14-13

    Reptile pushups – 11-16-18

    Oh and Freddy, I loved the way you were simplifying things for Sean as he was tiring on one, those were great ideas and really helped me to push through the workout like Zuzka said instead of just using the time as rest. I don’t think i ever did that before, duh!

    Oh and it was a nice change to see a guy Bodyrocking, go Sean! :)

    • Bohdanam

      yeah , that helped me to , not stopping , just making it easier and going!

  • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

    I haven’t felt so utterly defeated for ages. I did push incredibly hard but I still feel like I should have done better – just because I had to switch to easier variations with the reptiles. My scores are not too bad though:
    1. Low Jacks with Sandbag: 46, 42, 42 (every jump counts as one)
    2. 3 Walk Over Push Ups & 5 mountain climbers: 4 sets + 1 PU, 4 sets + 1 PU, 4 sets + 2 PUs
    3. Reverse Push Up (legs bent due to lack of space): 21, 19, 18
    4. Elbow planks and reptile PUs:
    – 13 proper reptile push ups in first round
    – 10 improper reptiles (without the push ups) + 22 MCs
    – 10 improper reptiles + 38 MCs

  • Lina

    can you please share your scores? thank you.

    • Anonymous

      We posted Sean’s scores. They are now on the site.

  • JoannaKonieczna

    I wasnt so good as Sean ;) but i am WET after this great workout! THX  Z&F&S :*

  • Vegan-Rocker

    1. low jacks – 35, 23, 27
    2. walk over pushups – 4, 4, 4
    3. reverse pushups – 14, 13, 13

    1. reptile pushups (from knees) 19, 10, 10

    I also took zuzki’s advice and dropped the sandbag once I got tired.  Killer!

  • Maya

    Hey guys,

    what can I use as an alternate for a dip station? I’m a student, hence no funding to buy all this gym equipment :(

    • Anonymous

      for the reverse PU i just hang under a desk and pulled myself up. you can also put two chairs back to back and put a broomstick between them to hang on. I’m a student as well but saved up and after 9 month or so I bought myself the DS and i love it!! =)

  • BodyRocker_Bonnie

    Can I just say how good I have been feeling all day after this workout?   Excited to have the next one up later today :) whoo hoo, line me up for more butt kicking!

  • Anonymous

    I agree – nothing against Jess what so ever, I’m sure it was VERY hard to workout with a camera in your face and you know tons of people will be watching. I just felt Sean was more my cup of tea since I’m so used to Zuzana.

  • Bodyrocker_Majka

    Hello everyone! I just would like to ask all of you if you think that he was doing exercises well?? I think Mountain Climber does Zuzka differently..and also walk over (before push up) legs and hands were doing different jobs!! Is it ok? I knew these exercises from Zuzka and she does them another way so I am a little bit confused ;-)

  • tidan

    Is Sean still doing a weight lifting routine in addition to his bodyrock excercise?

  • Isidora

    Today i was going to do the 250 rep workout, but since breakfast my stomach has hurted badly, and i finally vomit like 15 min ago. Im feeling really good right now, but i dont think its a good idea to workout lol.

    This workout looks really good! cant wait to try it!

  • Lauren Day

    My previous posts didn’t show. HMPF! Anyway, I’m glad that a male is doing the workouts, too. Some men scoff at these workouts (non-bodyrockers, that is)…. until I force them to try. It’s amazing to me the number of people who write off jump-roping! LOL

    So here are my scores: 

    Low Jacks: 40/30/33
    Walk-Overs: 5/6/4
    Reverse Pushup: 23/21/20

    Reptile pushups: 25/18/15


    I don’t have a sandbag so the jacks are with my own bodyweight (freaking killer!!!)

    I love the diversity the site is taking. I know I don’t post often (but that’s because my posts usually don’t show up….. :( )

    Happy Rockin’ ALL!!

    OH! Side note: We are a military family living in Germany (with our 3 kids) and we are going to take a post-deployment vacation to Prague tomorrow!! How do I post my burpees videos to the site?? Kind of want to dedicate them to all of the body rock community, and military families still having to deal with deployment (this was lucky number 4 for us). Glad my husband is home!!! 

    • tee

      if you look under the bodyrockers tab, there is an option that says how to post and it gives you the instructions you need!

  • Amanda (Maryland)

    Good to see Sean again!! I’m glad the guys are being represented. This is an excellent idea.

  • Anonymous

    Ha ha…I thought I saw him starting and an “f” word :) ) while rolling his eyes on the dip station. I have this biiig smile while watching him struggling… he he… sometimes while I workout I am thinking “why am I putting myself through this ?”. He was more like ” and I put this together ?”

  • Anonymous

    click on the picture of Zuz, it’s not a picture but a video. The second picture of her, it has a play button in the middle.

  • Anonymous

    Good job Sean! You look great!
    Part  1
    1/ Low Jacks  30/30/30
    2/ Walkover Push Ups and 5 climer  3 1/2 / 3/3
    3/ Push ups ( i don’t have a dip station) 18/13/12
    I do some push ups on my knees

    Part 2
    Reptile push ups ( without push up) 22/17/18

  • Randi

    i’m wondering why he is wearing a shirt……..

  • Roxyjo18

    Hi Zuzana, Freddy and the rest of the BodyRocker team. I am a Caribbean born female, currently living in New Jersey. I have been following your routines for a few months now. I have a 2 1/2 year old son and I work long hours, so getting a chance to work out is challenging in itself. I am not fat, but I have the usual trouble zones in my thighs/legs, abs and the back of my arms. they are not as toned as i would like them to be. I find your workouts to be innovative and not time consuming at all. However, I don’t have the dip station that you use in most of your exercises now. I improvised and created my own sandbag, using my hand weights and an old handbag.  I tried using my dining chairs and a broom, but the bar on the chairs are to low for me to use it properly. and the chairs are to wobbly to do the leg lifts. Can you give other variations for the exercises with the dip station that can be done if a person does not own one or cannot use the chairs they have? I would really like to be able to do all of the exercises in a particular workout. Thank You. Keep doing what you do. You are a motivation to many.
    New Jersey

    PS. Sean, Thank You for coming back. Now I can show my husband these workouts and get him to do it. Though I tell him that Freddy also does the workouts, it is better that he can actually see a male doing the exercises.YOU ROCK

  • Heather

    Sean, that was BRUTAL. Thank you.

  • Ingrid

    I must say that I did not make the same exercise today , OMG but that beautiful is SEAN :) )) thank zuzana like always u are amazing woman kiss

  • Anonymous

    wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah.

  • Leilany

    Is it just me, or is there not a video up yet? I can’t see where to ‘click’ on anything for the video. I’m just seeing to pics – one of Zuz and one of Sean…. anyone care to help me out here, please??

  • Anonymous

    1 Rep is considered doing 3 pushups to one side then 5 mountain climbers :)

  • Anonymous

    YES!!!! To Sean….he has the personality, he look great on camera, he is fit and strong and he had proper form, HOWEVER, Sean you need to take your shirt off and bare some sexy skin for the ladies, we had to watch Zuska bare it all now it is time for the fella’s to show the same in return….hehehehehehe :)
    Sorry, unfortuntaly, I still dont like Jess, maybe the next time around :(

  • Jeimy

    Good Job Sean!!! nice to see you again :)

  • Anonymous

    Holy Crap.

    pt 1
    sb lo jack (with sb/without) 15kg sb
    30, 20/11, 16/11
    3x walkover pushup + mtn climbers
    5 + 3 pushups, 5, 5
    rvs pushup (straight leg/bent leg)
    10/13 10/12 10/10

    pt 2
    reptile pushups (pushups/reptiles/mtn climbers)
    26, 5/11/15, 10/20/30

    finished with 5 sets of 5 doorway pullups and 5 B4E

    Great work, Sean!  Thanks a lot!

  • Kacy Celeste

    After watching today’s workout I was even more motivated to hit it harder than ever.  Sean looks phenomenal, and I can really see a difference compared to the last workout video he was in.  His form was really good and I was nice to watch someone I hae seen before push through a tough workout.  I am excited to try the rest of the new workouts this week, and I’m ready to sweat!! ;)
    PS: I am also very proud of myself because I have always had trouble with push ups, however now I can do the full pushups without the use of my knees through the entire workout. Yeah me!! haha!

  • Sarina L

    I must say I do enjoy seeing Jess and Sean struggle only because it helps me to realize these workouts are hardcore and I love them!! Sean you are awesome and its good to see you back.
    Low Jacks 25 25 25
    walkover pushups mtn climbers didnt count cause couldnt keep track lol
    Reverse Push ups 15 15 14
    elbow plank and Reptile pushups WOW I only did one full correct set the last two were mountain climbers
    I feel amazing thanks guys

  • Anonymous

    Finished this workout, 
    First Half: 

    Honestly, this workout wasn’t that hard. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?
    I did ten burpees plus 20 V crunches also, and planning on doing some cardio for 30 min.

  • ZoeRocker


  • Nina_CZ

    I do not think Jess wasn’t giving it a full effort. I prefer Zuzka of course :D  
    But I think for a girl, who is really not used to be in front of a camera, it is quite an unusual situation to sweat and breath hard on camera, in front of people she never saw before and realizing that the whole bodyrock community will SEE THAT!!! I can’t imagine that the whole community would see ME, sweating like hell, going red, with legs like jello, making not really pretty faces, PLUS, I am sure Jess may also be a little worried that EVERYBODY here will compare her performance to Zuzka, which we do, but we should not, because she is not here to replace Zuzka, just to add something new :) Try to see yourself in her shoes for a moment, I am sure she will “get better,” open up more and she will show us what she’s really made of :) ))
    But with all this being said (written) I am still 100% on Team Zuzana :) ))

    • ZoeRocker

      I think you’re right Nina. I think once we see other bodyrockers doing the workouts we won’t be so focused on comparing and it will just be seeing different people sweating it out just like we are at home :) I know I would feel self concious for sure. Jess was great for a first timer and I think these videos will only become more inspiring.

    • Steffi dk

      That´s a nice thing to write and I´m absolutly with you here. Í think that Jess did a great job!! I´m also surprised how much fun it is to see some other people doing those workouts. Nice :)

    • Anonymous

      I think Jess did a great job too but even not comparing her to Zuzana – it just wasn’t my type of workout I’d want to watch and go do (other then the breakdown) it’s motivating to me to watch Zuzana’s videos and then do the workout. Yesterday it wasn’t the same. Today watching Sean it’s back to normal – I can’t wait to do the workout! So not that Jess didn’t do a great job and I agree it’s not fair to compare her to Zuzana. Watching her workout just wasn’t for me. I am a personal trainer and my style is completely different then other trainers in the gym – some take better to my approach, others to theirs. Everyone is different. Yesterday just wasn’t my bup of tea. Loved doing the workout tho! It was a good one.

    • Bohdanam

      definitely agree. Jess did great job , but for some of us it feels someone is replacing Zuzku , and we would not , like that. Yesterday I’ve read one comment from someone , they dreamt Zuzka died in their dreams. And that is why one would resist any new girl , no matter who it is , except for Sean hihihi.
      So today I will do 5 burpees 4 Erin 
                                5 burpees 4 F&Z 
                                5 burpees 4 J&S 
      SO EVERYONE IS HAPPY NOW ))))))))))))))

  • Anonymous

    My impression was that Sean struggled more than Zuzana :D . I rarely saw Zuzana changing to something easier so she can finish the workout. But then again, this workout looks like uber-super-tough. It’s good to see  a guy struggling so much bwah ha ha ha :) )). These workouts are definitely not sissy workouts as some might think. 
    Um…how can I say this…um…yeah… Sean you can wear tighter pants, I don’t mind :) . No dirty thoughts here, you’re really good to look at ( I call it “rinsing my eyes” ), but I see so many guys with huge biceps and puny calves, or an overall overdeveloped upper body compared to lower body. These workouts definitely work the lower body and bring some nice definition on the leg muscles. I would call them harmonious workouts, especially that they develop strength and agility, which is like ” I am not only looking good, but I have some great functional fitness”.

  • ZoeRocker

    What does the name Bungle come from? Is it the band? If so, I’m a HUGE fan :)

  • ZoeRocker

    I love that Sean was so wiped out at the end and dripping with sweat
    because I’m finally getting to convince my boyfriend that he should do
    these workouts! He thought they were girly before but not for long! So far I
    have got him to do two 12 minute routines and he was MANGLED at the end.
    I still can’t get him to do it regularly but I think he’s starting to figure it out… hehe!

    I also don’t mind that it was an upper body routine because I find that Z does a lot of lower body exercises, and as much as I love that, I really want to tone my arms more. I find my legs are sore a lot more often than my arms or anywhere else :) ~

    • Maria Sweden

      I love it when Z puts together upper body routines. My legs need their rest too. =)

  • Ellavemia

    Oh man, I forgot to mention…Zuzka, you’re wearing one of those “I ❤ boobies” bracelets for the Keep A Breast Foundation, right? That’s awesome.

  • Lauren Day

    Are Americans living in Germany and tomorrow we start a 3 day visit to Prague! Can I post my Burpees around Prague video on the site?? I’ll be thinking about my bodyrockin’ community founders the whole trip :)

  • Lauren Day

    I’m glad that you also have a man showing the workouts! A lot of men discount the difficulty of the workouts (non-body rockers that is) until I force them to try. Great call!!!

  • Kirry_kaatje

    Loved this workout, very tough. :D
    My score:

    1- Low jacks with sandbag (8kg): 22, 21, 20
    2- Walk over push ups (3) & Mountain climbers: 4, 3.5, 3.5
    3- Reverse push ups: 14, 15, 12
    4- Reptile push ups: 11, 8, 10

  • Samanthina

    Hi,guys,I  did this great workout half an hour ago.Here are my scores:
    Low jacks(without sandbag)-40 51 50
    Walk over push ups/Mountain climbers-4 4 5
    Reverse push ups-35 35 35
    P2-I didn’t count them,,just push through.
     and after that i did Jesie’s workout in 14:08 min.
    + a burpee for Erin

    Thank you ,guys:)
    Good night to everyone!

  • Nina_CZ

    GUYS, this was SO BRUTAL!!!
    I was at work and I was checking the page through my mobile phone every hour to see if there is a new workout up, and I finally found it, read it and was looking forward to it all day. I got home, had a preworkout meal (it was a late lunch for me, since I was sooo busy at work I forgot to eat my lunch at usual 1pm) and I watched the video.
    OMG I got so scared!!! Sean, you did amazing job over the past year and a half, I admire your progress and your hard work!!! I am so glad you are back in videos :) How did it feel when you big bro was pushing you, didn’t you feel like kicking his butt and make HIM do it too? :D
    I did Zuzana’s version of walking PU+5 MCs (did 2 pushups). I only did 2 reverse pushups with legs extended, others with my knees bent. AND while doing Reptile Pushups, I did Pushups for all 3 rounds, but 2nd and 3rd round they were only halfpushups (I call them sloppy pushups), I feel like I am gonna die now.
    My score:
    Part 1: 1) Sandbag Low Jacks (9kg): 15 – 22 – 23
    2) Walkover PU + 5 MCs: 6 – 5 – 4
    3) Reverse PU: 2+11 – 13 – 11

    Part 2:
    1) Elbow Plank: done – done – done :)
    2) Reptile PU: 13 – 10 – 9 (last two rounds halfpushups, but PUSHED HARD!!!) :)

    It was amazing and super challenging for me, I am so glad it’s over but at the same time it boosted me with amazing energy and I feel like doing 2nd round… But I am not gonna, I know this high, if I do it, I won’t be able to walk tomorrow :D

    Thank you thank you thank you :)

    • ZoeRocker

      Hahaha! Nina you are so funny! I love reading your comments. I know that feeling of pushing too hard and then not being able to move the next day.

      • Nina_CZ

        Haha, thank you Zoe :D I love expressing how I feel and here I really can, and sometimes it just comes out funny :D I love being funny, I am a funny person :D I am trying to do my own November challenge (aka workout every day in November) so I don’t wanna screw up by putting myself out of order for the next day :) ) I wanna finish this, last time I did the whole month was… I don’t even remember when, but 100% I did it in November 2010 :)

        • ZoeRocker

          I love being funny too. I love it on the site as well, I really feel like no one is judging. I guess cuz no one can see me…;) Thats a great challenge. I’ve been looking for a challenge to do too since Zuz hasn’t made one up for us in a while. I think I’ll join you on that. 27 more days here I come!!!

          • Nina_CZ

            GREAT!!! Thank you for joining me! :) Now I can’t fail, because there are more people joining me, haha. Good luck to you and stay with me :D

    • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

      Now YOU kicked MY butt, Nina. Although I could do the first round of reptiles properly, I was dead after it and in the second round I was only doing “half reptiles” only pulling the knees and not bending the elbows at all.

      • Nina_CZ

        Yay, I kicked Ildi’s butt :D
        I have no idea how, but for some reason I felt really strong and confident today (could have been the pre-workout meal? Cause I usually eat post-workout…) I am trying to improve my upper body strenght, so I guess it is working :)

        • Ildikó Sünci Mázár

          I’m pretty sure I would have thrown back my pre-workout meal if I ate before this torture ;-)

          RE: upper body strength – for a while I forgot to test my pull ups. I remember that when I started BodyRocking in January I couldn’t do a single proper pull up (from a dead hang), so I kept trying and trying every day and sometime around May I surprised myself by being able to do 2.

          Now I nearly jumped out of my skin when I casually tried again the other day and did 3 that is THREE consecutive proper pull ups. I cannot get over the fact that there’s no stopping in getting better in this BodyRocking business ;-) .

          • Nina_CZ

            WOW Ildi, that is HUGE!!! CONGRATS!!! I am so happy for you!
            I myself am not able to do a pull-up from a dead hang or from a stand, but I started my “training plan” for that and I wanna be able to do at least one chin-up until the end of 2011. 

  • Anonymous

    I must show this workout for my boyfriend who don’t believe that it is really brutal! Really inspiring, I love it :)

  • Anonymous

    I have to say I just about lost my breaky in the 3rd round of part 2! Just got home from a 75 minute hot yoga class and thought I’d give this beauty a whirl….it was a great sweat guys – thanks!! Here’s my scores:

    Part 1:
    LJ: 32, 29,34 – had to drop the bag 1/2 way through this last round (25lb sandbag)
    WOPU&MC: 5,5,4.5 sets
    RPU: 18,18,18

    12, 4(then took out the pushup – 15), 3 – switched to mountain climbers – 28

    Burpee for Erin, would LUV to know how you’re doing by the way…sending lotsa good vibes girlfriend!


    Have a great day guys….nice job Sean!! Welcome back,


    • ZoeRocker

      That is crazy!!! I could never do these workouts after Bikram’s or something. Too wiped out. Good for you!

  • Anonymous

    omg – my arms!!!
    My scores:
    Part I:
    1. Low jacks w/ SB (11kg): 22 18 18
    2. Walk over push up and 5 MC: 4 4 4
    3. Reverse push up (all leg extended): 10 12 11 (that was brutal)

    Part II.
    my aaarms *ouch ouch* but amazing :) ) really love it!!! I did 11-15 reptile push ups!!!

    + burpees for Erin, Zuzka, Freddy, Jess and Sean :) )

    Sean, thanks a lot for today´s host :)
    thank you guys for a great sweaty workout!!

    proud to be a BODYROCKER!!!!

    nice day, bodyrockers!

  • michelle from chicago, il

    sean looks good from last yr :D  ur right sean this was brutal.  i wasn’t in a pool but man was i drip’n with sweat and gasping for air.  

    my scores are as followed:
    35 35 31
    4 5 6  (wish i could get better but my wrists are very small and tend to hurt a lil with pushups)
    rev p/u 17 17 19

    part 2 was no joke thanks for the push those pushups caused me to rest a lil more frequently than i wanted to.  suggestions????


    WOWZA’s!  Tough one….good job Sean, thanks sooo much!  :)
    PART 1:
    Low Jacks w 25 lbs SB= 30/32/28
    Walk Over Push Ups w 5 Mountain Climbers= 3.5/3/3
    Reverse Push Ups (hockey stick between bar stools lol= 12/31/17
    PART 2:
    Elbow Planks & Reptile Push Ups…..sooooo hard….I rotated between Reptile Push Ups/Half RPU/MC.

    5 daily burpees and 20 minutes of interval skipping!
    Off for my ice COLD shower (my fav part of the day LOL) and some protein!

    Have a great day BODYROCKERS!!  
    CHEERS!  :)

    • ZoeRocker

      Cold shower??? I can’t do it even though I want to try. Every time I try I have to just make it hotter. I am always cold!

      • KIMBERLAKE93

        LOLOLOL! Only when I’m super hot and sweaty, right after workouts! It’s the best! LOL

  • Anonymous

    Hi Z&F&S
    This was hard becouse you can’t stop I push all the way and that was hard.
    My score:Low jack-41,54,46
                  Walk push-up-5,5,5
                  reverse push-up:17(14 leg extended)17(6 extended)14(7extended)
    part 2) I din’t count becouse it was hart I feel it so much
    Thank you Sean for that.

  • Bodyrocker_Gwyn

    That was one of the most brutal workouts yet.  I was feeling all cocky thinking, “oh yeah, low jacks w/25lbs in my Sandbag–No problem!”  Um, yes, big problem, but I powered my tired ass through it.  Same thing with the leg extended Reverse PU.  I did the first ten in each set with my legs straight, but had to bring my feet in after that.  I’m eating some humble pie, but I burned so many calories on this one I doubt it will go to my waist;)  
    My reps:

    LJ w/SB: 38,35,35
    Walk Over PU w/5 MC: 5.5,5.5,5 ( I am taking credit for every move in that one!)
    Reverse PU/legs extended: 24,18,18

    Part Deux:  Okay, so I had to modify on these as well. In the first two sets I did 10 without modifying, then I just did Reptiles with no push up.  On the third set I did the full exercise for 10 reps, then finished out hard with Mountain Climbers.  My arms are still weak that even typing this is hard!!!  So, I did 18 reps the first two sets, then 10 on the 3rd.  

    Thanks for the killer workout.  I have a riding lesson in 2 hours on my horse.  That ought to be interesting…

  • Dana

    If you search his name on the site, it will bring up the workouts he did with Z :)

  • Jessica

    BRUTAL!  The walkover push ups with mountain climbers, my feet were literally dragging on the last set….lol.
    Thanks, Sean!


    • ZoeRocker

      Nice pic! you look great!

  • Dana

    Oh my arms!!! Great routine Sean!!!  

    Low jacks with (only) 12 lbs weight-40,32,39
    WOPU- 8,6,6
    Reverse PU-I could only do 3 straight line then switched to Z style 22, 25, 26
    part II- 17 full, then 34, 37 just reptile.

  • Lowrainstorm

    I approve of a guy leading workouts! And Sean is a great pick:)

  • Flavia Requim

    I love your exercise top! Where did you bought it?
    This is a great workout but I’m still sick… Hope I get better soon to get back on track!! =)

  • Anonymous

    also I wanted to add that I liked hearing about the rest intervals just to rest because I have stopped during the work intervals before just to catch my breath or give me muscles a quick rest but its so true that i should have just switched to the beginner just so I could keep going. At least then Im still pushing myself so from now on no breaks for me except the rests :)  

  • Maya

    Hi bodyrockers!
    It’s really good to see guys doing this workout!!! I want to see Freddy’s workout too!! This routine was so hard!
    Part I
    Part II
    1-regular reptil push ups
    2-only reptil
    3-only reptil
    …..and obfE!

  • Tania

    Sean, what can I say that you haven’t already read.  Your form throughout the workout was perfection.  When it comes to leading the workout you are truly mirroring Zuzana in every way.  I think your search is over Freddy.  I think this trio works beautifully.  No negative on Jess.  I thought she was very good for her first time, however, this has a much easier flow to it.  In other words, watching Sean and Freddy’s interaction  felt like Bodyrock again.  Zuzana you are still my first choice.  Great job guys!  Looking forward to more.

    P.S. Would love to get an update on Erin.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome back, Sean!!!!! :) )) Wow, you improved a lot!!!! Congrats :)

  • Anonymous

    He is going to be a regular now :) He works with great intensity!

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys! Wasnt sure when I first heard of the new people and workouts, how things would work but Im LOVING it! I am more excited now about looking on the site and doing the workouts then I have ever been! Its new and exciting and I love seeing Sean (wanted him to come back since I saw him) and Im happy we still see Zuzana yet get to meet new people! this was seriously an awesome idea and I absolutely love it :) thanks Freddy and Zuzana! you were right, its definitely made it better :)

  • Sheila

    First time seeing Sean…great job!  Good to see a male perspective!  
    My scores:  LJ 38-34-40 with 20 lbs of weight
                      WOPU- 5-4-4
                      RPU- 14-13-12
                      Rep. Push up- 13…then switched to just reptile-17-18
    Was a hot sweaty workout!

  • Anonymous

    Looks great…Excited to do this later…

  • Anonymous

    My scores:
    Low Jacks with Sandbag (50 lb) 30,30,30Walk over push ups & 5 mountain climbers (3 pushups) 6,5,4.5Reverse Push Up 24, 23, 23Elbow Plank Reptile Push ups 23,17,14

    Nice to see Sean leading the workout and that the new format is progressing. I am in the guy minority group, coming up on my one anniversary bodyrocking. No question these workouts keep me in the best overall shape I have been for a long time and hooked on wanting to continue. Guys out there that are lurking , indecisive or incredulous; this is a good workout to start with.

    I am very appreciative of the effort and good vibes that Zuzana and Freddy give to Bodyrockers everyday. Hats off.

  • Gerrilee Schafer

    WOW is all I have to say…wasn’t sure how much weight to use in my sand bag…went with 20 lb
    1/ low jack w/SB 52-45-38  I counted each jump as one
    2/ walking PU 3 plus 5 mountain climbers……  5 sets plus 3 push ups each time
    3/ reverse PU legs out 20-10 extended/6 knees bent-8 extended/8 knees bent
    round 2
    the first set I did the best reptile push ups I’ve ever done…the weight bearing side I had right down touching the ground…beautiful I tell you…did 18 with this form in round 1…went to 3 PU 17 reptiles round 2 and straight 20 reptiles last round

    finished it off with 10 rounds 10/20 high knee skip

    thanks guys

  • J J Fitzgerald

    Hey Freddy, how much weight is in Sean’s sandbag?

    • Anonymous

      his bag was 40 pounds

  • Ellavemia

    I’m so happy that Sean is going to be making regular appearances leading the workouts. NEEDS a regular male presence in the workouts themselves because of all the reasons Zuzka and Freddy stated. Some men see bodyrocking as a girl’s thing, and it’s totally not. Bodyweight exercises are obviously extremely challenging for anyone, and then you throw in a sandbag for good measure. I’m sure this is going to open the doors to new bodyrockers, so welcome back Sean! And thanks as always Zuz and Freddy.

  • Anonymous

    Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart, bend your knees and lean forward slightly, keeping your back straight. If you have hand weights or a sandbag then do upright rows, pulling your shoulders back as you lift the weights (I’m pretty sure Zuz said that works more or less the same muscles as reverse push ups a while back). Hope that helps! I’ve just got my dip station and find the proper version at least 10x harder, but I probably wasn’t using nearly enough weight.

  • Anonymous

    Way to go Sean!! ;D 
    This was brutal one! At least for a precnancy woman. ;D Here are my scores:1.low jacks with 6kg sandbag: 40,44,50 2.walk over push ups & m.climbers: 6,6,6 (two push ups)3. reverse push ups (under the chair): 16,14,18 Second part was… killer. ;) I did first round of reptile push ups, and the next two rounds reptiles and mountain climbers alternately. Couldn’t calculate the reps. ;D Hugs and Kisses!♥ 

  • Anonymous

    Here are my scores 
    1. Low Jacks body  weight  50 52 52 (counted each leg apart at 1 rep)
    2. 2 Walking push up and Mountain Climber 5+ 2push up all 3 round
    3. Reverse push up 20 20 20

    Part 2 Didn’t count..

    Killer workout. Thanks guys  

  • Lvette #1

    Part 1
    1. 24-20-16
    2. 3 full reps +2 push ups – 4 – 3 full reps+1 push up (I did 3 walking push ups like Sean)
    3. 18-18-14 (Knee bents on all)

    Part 2:
    1st round: I averaged about 5 regular reptile push ups, then just reptiles
    2nd round: All reptiles, no push ups
    3rd round: Same as the 1st round
    Even the elbow planks were torturous.

    Sean, you did a superb job. Glad to hear you’re going to be a
    regular host, welcome back. Your routine was brutal. I’m wondering if you
    thought you could breeze through it when you were putting it together. I
    enjoyed Freddy in the background motivating you … nothing like a big brother pushing
    you to do your best.  Job well done guys;
    Arnold would be proud.

    • Lvette #1

      I used a 12lb bar for the low jacks.

  • Anonymous

    Holly …I can’t believe that’s a 12 minute workout ! It looks so tough !
    It’s good to see you Sean ! Really great workout ( I can only look at it for a couple of weeks though ).
    Freddy, you made me laugh :) ). Sean was dying there and you were like “push it, do this , change that “. I was wondering when will he stop and chase you around the room to give you a smack :) )).
    Though I was skeptical about the changes when you guys announced it, I am really loving it. It is really great !

  • Samantha R

    So fab to see Sean again and how much his fitness/agility has changed in the past year.  This workout looks tantalisingly good and I’m going to try it on Sat and do Jess’ workout tomorrow – I’m into my SIXTH day off with a stinker of a cold virus.  I’ve looked back through my diaries and I have never had a week off in 2 years….its killing me.  You are all doing such a fantastic job with the site thank you, it must be a difficult time for everyone involved and to continue must have taken some hellish willpower over the past few weeks.  Sx

  • Anonymous

    Hi there…

    hmm, we are all cheering for Sean, but I don’t see any scores yet?????

    Ok, I just did this and my scores are:

    1.low jacks with sandbag                                     35 28 29
    2.walk over push ups & m.climbers                       5 5 4 (two push ups)
    3. reverse push ups (under the table, knees bent)   18 17 16

    second part was very hard…I did first round of reptile push ups (around 18 push ups), and the next two rounds reptiles without push ups (around 25 reps.), and those elbow planks were OMG!!!

    kisses to you all

  • Kat

    Got my ticket and I am looking forward to getting my butt kicked. Bring it on! Gonna hit this workout this morning :)

    • kat

      low jacks with sandbag 26 26 35
      walk over pu and mountain climbers 7 6 5.5
      reverse pushups 24 20 28

      second part killed me
      reptile pushups (I only did the repitle no pushups)
      26 28 last one was mountain climbers 89

      also completed
      5 healing Burpees
      50 crunches
      20 knee raises on dip station
      1000 skipping rope
      50 crunches (yes again LOL)
      10 ninja jump tucks

      WOW I am beat I can imagine just how bad I would be if I just did the reptile pushups… maybe next time or this afternoon if I am not too sore LOL

      Thanks Sean for leading this Workout!

    • ZoeRocker

      ticket for what?

      • tee

        I think she meant her ticket for the pain train!  ha ha!

  • Anonymous

    it was great to see Sean again and it’s been nice to see Zuzana too. This looks like a butt kicker and butt melter. I might have to invest in a dipstation. I find when I use the bars at the gym I have to sit with my butt touching the floor or it feels like I’m assisting with my legs. Maybe the bars are a different position

    Sean does look much leaner – still way buff lol.

  • BodyRocker_Bonnie

    Nice to see Sean for my first time, fantastic job!  I really appreciated watching you push through when you were struggling…and combined with Zuzka’s awesome reprimand-reminder “do not rest except during the rest period!!!” I kept it going when I was dying for a break. (THANK YOU ZUZKA).

    Low jacks with  22lb SB  32, 30, 28  (SO distracting, bam-bam-bam on my shoulders as I jumped)
    WalkOver PUs and Mnt Climbers  5.5, 5.5., 5
    R-PUs (w/ knees bent)  21, 21, 17

    Part 2  – I quickly had to move to doing reptile knee tucks combined with a few “mayday!” mountain climbers just to keep from putting my knees down :)    And a burpee for Erin.

    I enjoy the mix of Zuzana’s tutorial and the new bodyrocker working out and talking with us – keep it coming! love it!  I’m ready for more brutality.  I am on board and buckled in :)

  • Anonymous

    Sean made this workout up on his own.

    • ZoeRocker

      Its a REALLY good one!!!!

  • Bodyrocker Tonya

    Great job Sean!

  • Fliplike9

    Hey guys, i have an interesting challenge for these holidays. First I need to explain the challenge, then I’ll explain the problem. A friend and I agreed to a fitness challenge over the holidays. From November – January, we both have to lose about 5-8 lbs of fat. Seems like a fair challenge right? Here’s the kicker, he is at 190lbs 5’10, while I’m 145 5’6.

    Now the question! Is losing 8lbs of fat, which is the same caloric deficit, the same the both of us? I personally don’t think so, but he thinks it’s fair. If you do the math, the percentage it takes for both people to loose the same amount of weight is very different. What do you guys think?

    • tee

      you are right, it is different,  just because he weighs more he burns more calories, doing the exact same thing at the exact same level.  I can’t tell by your name whether you are male or female, but in general he might have an advantage if you are female because he probably has more muscle mass as well.   but you agreed to the challenge ( you should have gone with a percentage)  but you can’t give up or make excuses!  just beat him!  work harder!  and smarter!

  • megfacteau

    I LOVE it!!!!! Still get to see Zuzana but it’s AWESOME to have a guy leading the workouts, if it can’t be Zuzana of course! I’m always trying to convince my husband to do the workouts with me and after watching this he’s game tonight! I hope we see Sean leading more workouts in the furture!!!!!!!!!! Very exciting!!!!!!

  • kthreinen

    I think this is going to work out. Everyone is pumped up over this. Variety adds more to life, just like these workouts. I think Jess and Sean did great and I look forward to seeing more of them. It’s great that Freddy and Zuzka are still very much involved.

  • Fitnessnut

    Nice workout….My score: low jack: 16,16,22 (2nd set dropped sb) WOPU: 3.5,4,4 sets RPU: 20,20,20 (knees bent all 3 sets)  Phase II: Rep PU’s: 8 toes + 8knees, 16 knees, 8 knees + 14 mountain climbers…planks no problem :)   I’m spent….have a great day BodyRockers :)

  • Romy


  • Jennifer

    I am really comfortable with this sequence; Zuzana on tutorials with her best times to match/beat then Sean leading the workouts. Not simply because I am female and Sean adds the “eye-candy”-ness others have stated but he is Freddy’s brother, that keeps it really personal for me. Nothing against Jess, I wouldn’t mind seeing her lead again, but this is very comfortable. I think Freddy felt more comfortable speaking and encouraging Sean which provided me with a second voice “Keep pushing. Drop the bag. Use your own weight.” 
    Excellent work Sean, Zuzana, and Freddy! 

  • Shadow_Dance

    Just completed the workout:

    Low Jacks: 36, 30, 49 (the first two sets with 7,5kg; last set with bodyweight)
    Walking Push Ups and Mountain Climbers: 5, 5, 5
    Reverse Push Ups: 32, 32, 34 (did Tricep Dips from my bed, don’t have a Dip Station)
    Reptiles: 45, 38, 30 (Reptiles without push ups)

    The last part was really heavy ;) . I liked the last three seconds of the video Sean ;) .

  • Anonymous

    so, this was really hard :P
    low jacks: 84, 83, 75
    pushups with mountain climbers: 5 (+1 one push up), 5, 5
    reverse push-ups (only the first four with legs extended: 13, 12, 12

    reptiles push ups: 11, 7, 10


  • Sabrina

    So Good to see you doing these a year later Sean. I always wondered if you continued with the workouts or if you just went back to doing your gym stuff after your first appearance. I would love to see one with you and Jess working out together because if I remember correctly one of the prominent themes the last time u were on here was that with competition you and Zuzka both worked a lot harder! So what do you say?

  • Julie

    YES to SEAN:):)  It was awesome to see you again Sean.  It was also really awesome to see a dude trying to get through these brutal routines.  I can’t wait to see you go through a routine again, you did an amazing job.  Good Job!!!!   Nice to see Zuz at the end giving the breakdown as well <3

  • Dheana

    Nice work Sean – good to see you in front of the camera again and yeah – your improvement since Prague is amazing.

    I have one suggestion and one funny observation:

    Suggestion: After Zuzana does the intro, it would be nice for the person “leading” the workout to say just a little something. It seems abrupt to suddenly see this person sweating and huffing. Freddy is the constant here, so I think if Freddy asked something like: “So, are you ready to do this?” it would give the person an opportunity to say just a little something that would act like a bridge and make the transition a little more natural, you know what I mean?

    Funny Observation: Anyone else notice the difference in how Freddy was speaking to Sean during the workout? You can totally tell they’re brothers “Switch to body weight”….”I’m good”….”Drop the bag”. LOL Even the “Let’s go” was different…. Not a bad thing and totally not criticizing, just think it’s funny. Anyone who has a sibling can totally relate, you’re not going to be quite as ‘gentle’ with a brother or sister.

    Anyhow, I’m already done my w/o for today, so this killer will have to wait ’til tomorrow.

    Have a good day everyone! And thanks again Freddy, Zuzana and Sean. Great team effort! :)

    • tee

      I also noticed that freddy was talking like big brother,  and as being the youngest in my family I was cheering sean on to say,  shut up freddy, I’m going to do it!  which he did during the low jacks!  then he did what freddy said after that :(   sean, don’t do what freddy tells you,  keep pushing!   lol   just joking, it was a good job all around!

  • Kirry_kaatje

    I sound like such a fangirl, but I really really really! liked this workout with Sean allot!
    I recognise myself when I see him working out; trying to sqeeze one more push up out, and deeply disagreeing with another reverse push up, hehe. Also his commentary on the workout is great; nice voice and confidence. I vote for more Sean. :)

    I’m doing this workout later tonight, followed by Burpees for Erin and Freddy & Zuzana. <3

  • Anonymous

    I did the Fast Burn workout this morning, so I will be doing this workout tomorrow!
    It looks super intense and I like it!!! :) I just want to say that it’s nice to see Jess and Sean hosting the workout and still have Zuzana in the video explaining the proper form! I’m really happy to see some variety and other bodyrockers doing the exercise. I haven’t “met” Sean before so this was my first time seeing him hosting the workout. It also proof that this workouts are not only for the ladies as Freddy wrote it, even guys can be wiped out just doing these exercises!! Keep on rocking you guys!! :)

  • Maude R Villeneuve

    I can’t wait to show this to my husband!!! He might want to bodyrock with me instead of going to the gym and hitting the weight. Thanks a lot Sean it was nice seeing you going the work out (great shape by the way).

    and Freddy it’s so ice hearing you pushing your little brother :)

    Have a nice day guys!

  • Anonymous

    Get a ticket cos the BodyRock direct flight to butt kicking is taking off! :) Well said Freddy. I’m ON..

    Wow this looks like 12 Min of pure brutality. Can’t wait till i put the kids to nap, that when i do my WO.
    Sean did a good job and looks so ripped.
    Zuzuka good point.. When i’m tired i stop in the work interval to shake my hands or catch my breath, but from now on i try not to but change to easier  variation..Have a good day all.

  • CAS

    I LOVED this workout, and it was good to see someone else have to modify part of the way through!  Great job Sean!

  • C Fuereder

    omg this one is short but really brutal – the second part turned out to 3 minutes of painful fight lol

  • GoustiFruit

    Duh, just reading the workout, it felt intense ! And then the video with Sean… it’s just crazy ! I think this will be the first time ever I will have to switch to easier variations ! :-O Sean, your arms are huge !

    A couple questions:
    - Walk Over PU: 2 or 3 ? Sean did 3, Zuz’ instructed 2 ? I think I’ll follow Zuz’ :-p
    - You sandbag looks too heavy Zuz’, it seems it gave you shocks on your knees when doing Low Jacks !?

  • Daniela(Duovka)

    Good to see you again Sean!!!I’ve got a running nose,so unfortunately I have to move workouts from this week for time I will get better:(((


    • Anonymous

      T-Shirt would be great too ;)

    • Ash

      I might go to the craft store and just make my own.

  • Anonymous

    just one thing……thank you for this, really…as much as we love Zuzana, this was so great to see..the ladies will kick this workout,I know that!!!
    Go Sean!

  • Lily Zinchuk

    O yes! Now THIS is bodyrock!!! I loved how personable he was with us, talking to the camera, and then the funny little, “Im back…” quip at the end :D I also love how zuzka’s workout kicked his buff butt just like it does ours, and I adooooored Zuzka kicking MY butt and reminding me about the resting….LOVE this post! Thank you guys so much! Im excited to continue Bodyrocking!

  • Pav

    Ladies! Calm down over here! Hahaha!

  • Miss Rebecca

    Yay!!!  We have been waiting to see Sean work out again since last June!!  :-)

  • Ricky 29

    new day, new chance. keep on voting for zuzka!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Z & F & S
    That look gread Sean you look very good and the work out look very hard.Your physical change from the time your workout in Prague.I am very happy to see you again and happy that you will be back.
    Thank you

  • JoannaKonieczna

    Sean!! yeaahh!:) I can’t wait to do this workout today evening!:)

  • Anonymous

    Woohoo! That was GREAT! Keep on (body)rocking, Sean! :)

  • Anonymous

    By the way: :)

    (I wanted to post that here since I first saw it.)

  • tee

    I loved watching you workout sean!  that was great, you push really hard.  I’m really scared to do the workout!  lol  I love when people push so hard they are almost muttering to themselves.

    Oh and I loved the tricep move!  rise up from elbow plank! smooth!

    I’ll be back!  stick around!

  • Nisha S

    SEAN LIGHT – YOU “LIGHT” UP OUR DAY WITH THIS KINDA WORKOUT! This one rocked!!!! I yet have to do it but DAMM! I can’t wait !!! My new MOTTO for you is ” SEAN LIGHT will ‘LIGHT” up your DAY, “LIGHT” up your soul with awesome energy with a KILLA bodyrock circuit!

    FOLLOW THE ‘LIGHT” !!!!!!

    Good stuff!!! Keep the video’s coming

    Nisha Surve

  • Brian

    Great post Freddie. I particularly like the “for the ladies” comment. The site does seem to have a female bias and I feel a little strange at times when people ask where I get my fitness routine from. However, the workouts are killer, I can barely talk for 2 mins after most of these workouts. I am in my 40s now, have been a runner all my life(was “skinny fat” at one point a few years ago) but have never been as fit as I am right now. 

    Another good point about the New Years resolutions. I never have to make them any more. Bodyrock is a part of my weekly routine(at least 5 days a week) and the added bonus is it has made me take more care in my nutrition and my alcohol consumption has decreased markedly. I no longer have a desire to eat unhealthy food or drink to excess.

  • Elle

    Sean, you did so good and you are great on camera. It would be nice having you host on a regular basis. And Zuzka, so glad to see you today! I can’t wait to try this workout tomorrow. My arms hurt just watching!

  • Anonymous

    Omg kinda scared now to see Sean struggling so much … lol!!


    AMAZING Sean!!  You did soooo fab!!  Not just on the creation of the workout but performing it as well.  Looks like a doozie!  I’m excited for it tomorrow!!!  CHEERS!  :)
    Amazing hearing you again Freddy and seeing you Zuz!  Different watching someone else infront of the camera but you guys are doing your best to make it feel like old times!  Thanks for everything you do!

  • Hazel

    Its really great to have Sean leading some of the workouts because like Freddy says, now people cant say its “just for the ladies”. Its really fun to see Sean do workouts too…at least, reassuring because now I know I’m not the only one close to passing out halfway through the combos! :D

  • Anni

    Zuzka… I appreciate you emphasizing  the importance of continuing to move especially when we start feeling fatigued.  That is fantastic information.  It’s so easy to lose proper form when we start getting tired.  Changing the intensity, and continuing to move… great advice!!!

  • James Dayton

    Amazing work Sean, good to see you at this again. Sorry for this off topic comment but I’ve been having this sad feeling all day about Zuzana cause I had a dream she died. Even though it was a dream, and  I never met you Zuzana it hurt a lot to think I lost you, thats how important you and Freddy are to me. Anyways sorry bout that good to see you alive and well:-)

  • Kcabeza

    Hi, I’m new and don’t have dip station yet, how can I go around this workout,most of the work out w dip station I have to skip, can I get an idea of an exercise I can do instead. Thank u guys for ur time and the love for ur community to share this for free :D

    • Hazel

      You can try dumbbell rows in place of reverse push ups. If you dont have free weights, you can use water bottles weighed in with sand or pebbles, or just use your own body weight to do the rows. The dip station doesnt ship to my country, and I dont have stable enough chairs or tables to do the reverse push ups, so the dumbbell rows are handy. :)

    • tee

      if you have a kitchen table, get under it and grab the edges and pull yourself up.  or prop a broomstick between two chair backs (or other stable surface)  go to a thrift store and buy a walker

    • Ricky 29

      I use 2 bar chairs. for the reverse push ups I use a broomstick. they chairs are strong enough even for knee raises and stuff.
      these are my chairs:

  • Ybetts

    Where are your scores Sean & Zuzana? :)

  • Kristine

    i know this is going to kill me tomorrow but am sooo looking forward to it… Thanks for blending Sean & Zuzana into the workout vidoes. 

    Cheers from Alberta :)

  • Tasha Crankshaw Anderson

    Excited to see a male leading the workout! My husband love this site! He will LOVE this!!!

  • BodyRockerNicole

    I’m still back a few workouts from last week b/c I wanted to make sure I had a workout to do everyday… But I’ve been keeping up with the updates and watching the newly posted workouts and I’m super excited to get to the new workouts hosted by Jess and Sean!!  They look intense and I’m tingled with excitement haha.

    I’m on Day 13 of BodyRockin and have took a few days off due to various reasons, but have lost 5 pounds :-)  I know if I continue on BodyRockin FULL FORCE I will reach my goal weight of losing 25 lbs.(My pre-baby weight!!)

    • Mmghia

      Great Job Nicole, 
      Keep up the good work and don’t forget to take before and after pictures so we can see you 25lbs lighter!!

  • Anonymous

    loved the workout… SEAN keep your knees behind your toes :-D

  • Alaina D Wood

    Awesome to have a guy doing the workout! Sean you really took the intensity up a notch. 

  • Alaina D Wood

    Awesome to have a guy doing the workout! Sean you really took the intensity up a notch. 

  • Luz

    Great workout, thanks Zuzka, Freddy and Sean, you are awesome! And Sean, you are really good on camera, like you’ve been doing this forever. Loved it.

  • Markdani

    I was on a walker after my pubic symphasis split.  I use that if you have one

  • momrocks

    Awesome job Sean, plus we got to see a peek of a smile! I love that we hear Freddy and still see Zuzana…

  • Stephanie

    Is there anything we can sub for a dip station? I don’t have one yet…


      Zuzka use to use a broom between two chairs.  I personally use a hockey stick between two bar stools.  My dip station is being delivered, I don’t have it yet either.  Hope it works for ya!  :)

  • Valerie Valor

    Sean did great! He really worked his butt off and gave it his all. He would make a really good host. This guy has a lot of potential.

  • Vivi

    It’s a real pleasure to see you again sean!
    As Zuzka saied you gained agility ! You look less “heavy” in your movement.
    But always a such beatifull body !
    We could think that with a such body this workout should be easy for you. As what zuzka’s workouts are killer for everybody !!
    Hope we’ll see you pore often Sean ;) But’ I’m sure with you little sentence at the end! Too Funny !!
    I noticed just one think…..the difference of tan between both (you & zuzka) !! Not enough sun in Canada !! haha

    • ZoeRocker

      I am in Canada and I second that statement for sure! Oh how I long for the sun everyday :P

    • tee

      aaah vivi,  some of us are just white,  no matter where we live!  ha ha!  you should see my youngest son, have to wear sunglasses to look at him in the sun!  he reflects so much light!  ha ha!

  • Dymplz203

     Zuzka, Can I substitute the sandbag w/dumbbells?

    • BodyRockerNicole

      I’ve been substituting Sandbag exercises with the BowFlex Dumbbells and to be honest I am going to invest in a sandbag b/c in some exercises I had to stop using the dumbbells b/c they don’t sit well on your shoulders or upper back w/o HURTING!  :-(

      Best Wishes,

      • Mmghia

        Have you tried a backpack with books that works but a “real” bag would be nice.  

      • Dymplz203

        I know, I use  dumbbells to substitute the sandbag but some workouts, I think the sandbag is needed. Best wishes to you as well.

    • tee

      sure,  you might want to hold them by your sides though.  use whatever you have!

      • Dymplz203

        That’s what I’ve been using thanks.

  • ZoeRocker

    So stoked the workout is up!!!! Sean you are such a cutie! Great job on the workout! You looked so wiped out! You are definitely more toned and fit looking than the last videos you were in. I’m going to try this one tomorrow :)

  • KimJ

    Can’t wait to try this tomorrow! this will (hopefully) be my first workout in almost 8 months!! I spilled chemicals on my feet and haven’t healed till just about a week ago. I know I need to take it easy, but I need to get back on track, as I can’t even do a cartwheel anymore! I truly miss coming to the BodyRock site and seeing all of your lovely faces and comments! It was too sad for me to come on here, knowing I couldn’t work out with you guys, but I’m back now, and I really hope I can stay on my feet for good this time around! <3 to all!

    • Mmghia

      Welcome back your just in time for all the fun :) happy workout

  • Natassia Marchbanks

    This guy is a FABULOUS host. Thank you, Sean, for sweating it out on camera!!!

  • BodyRocker Jaclyn

    Great Job Sean!! Look forward to seeing more of you!!

  • ۞ BodyRocker ♥ Beth ۞

    HAHA !!!

     First time I saw the older videos w/ sean (just looked/searched around you YT channel) I actually thought it was YOU Freddy !!! LOL :D
    Can’t wait for zuzka shot Freddy Working out :)

    We love U fred !!! & sean, & zuzka :D

    <3 BR Beth



  • Ashley Roy

    excited to try!

  • Anonymous

    FYI – Sean was doing 3 walking push ups and I was doing only 2 in this workout and I switched the order of the exercises.

    • ZoeRocker

      What is the order you did?

    • Bohdanam

      I was just going to ask about that, oh well , that happens.
      Can’t wait to try it tomorrow.
      Great to see you Sean again, you definitely lost some weight , looks good.
      Watching yesterdays video left me feeling little strange, I do like Jess , but it was strange.
      But today I’m feeling happy seeing Sean.
      Us girls with all our feelings , I know …
       Thank you guys ALL!!

      • Dheana

        “Us girls with all our feelings”…funny! :) Thanks for the giggle this morning Bohdanam! 

    • Anonymous

      I wasn’t sure about the walking pushups…..I was watching the tutorial video and you showed it the proper way…..but, then I wasn’t sure….so, ended up doing them like Sean.  Gee, if I would have just done the 2 pushups….guess my scores would have gone up by a couple of sets….will have to do it properly next time. 
      This was a toughy!  The second part I thought for sure that I’d be able to get through just doing the reptile pushups….but by the second and third round I did 6 reptile pushups and then resorted to doing just the reptiles.  Never realized how much this second part really ‘burns’ those abs… it, love it, love it!!!!
      And…great job Sean!  I agree with Bohdanam… girls….hehehe…..was a nice change of scenery (wink, wink!!)….lol
      Can’t wait to see what the next workout for all of us is…….this one was awesome!!!! =)

      Also wanted to add that I love that we still get to see Zuzana….even though it’s different…..WE ALL MISS YOU ZUZANA!!!!!  Waiting for more recipes……<3


      Zuzana where are your scores?  Don’t see Sean’s scores either…. :(
      Here are mine.

      Part I
      low jacks – 26,25,27
      3 walk over PU & 5 MountC.- 5,6,6
      Reverse PU, legs extended – 12,12,12
      Part II
      reptile PU – 12,7,7

    • Arianna T

      Zuzka, could you let us know, what are your scores?

      PS. It is great to see you in the videos

    • BodyRocker Michey

      It doesn’t matter, people…just move your body and get in a great workout. These workouts are awesome but they can be personally modified. The most important thing is when you are done and you are panting and sweating then you know you have accomplished something.

  • Anonymous

    Freddy you sound so bossy! way to direct :-)
    Sean those reptiles are a b…h for me too! good job though… nice to see a guy doing the workouts too, now maybe i can convince my guy friends that its harder than it looks :-)

  • Jayma Jizzini

    For starters…..Freddys brother….WOW…..:)

    • Tammylicious

      So freaking hot! Hellooooooooo Sean!

      • Elle

        I couldn’t agree more! Way to motivate a Bodyrocker here!!!

  • Sandra S.

    LOVE IT!!

  • Sarah Spencer

    Awesome! It’s finally here! Can’t wait to do this awesome workout!! Thanks for uploading it guys!

  • Anonymous

    Well Done! Sean, you look amazing and can’t wait to see more of you!

  • Jazzy

    YAY Its here… ill do this tomorrow!

  • Jazzy

    YAY Its here… ill do this tomorrow!