Nov 13 2011

BodyRocker Ria

Hello to Zuzana, Freddy and all the Bodyrockers!

I’m Ria, 25 years old, and have been a follower of this site for four months now.

I was a competitive swimmer on my school and college days. Unfortunately, I did not pay much attention to health and fitness when I started working and I gained more than 25 pounds in less than a year. I know it may not sound like a huge weight gain, but for someone who has always been fit and trimmed, it was a major blow. The first thing people were telling me every time they saw me was that I gained a LOT of weight and blah blah. I think most of you can relate to this.

It affected my self-esteem. I no longer felt confident. I stopped buying clothes because I don’t want to get anything bigger than my previous size. I resorted to crash dieting, yo-yo dieting, and everything else I could look up to.

Thankfully, I came across your workout videos on youtube and they are amaaazing & challenging. I am now following your HIIT and within a few months I have seen great results! I’ll keep bodyrocking with you until I get amazing abs like yours! cheers!


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  • ladyalexa94

    Congratulation! You look amazing! Keep bodyrocking and good luck!

  • ۞ BodyRocker ♥ Beth ۞

    I want to be happy like you & know how to make the progress of where I want to go… :(


    First of all, you look great!!  Secondly, you already DO have nice abs!!!  Congrats on the new journey of BODYROCK and your big improvements.
    Unfortunately, I can 100% relate with you about gaining weight and forgetting about the importance of working out.  I, too, gained about 30 lbs or so and I’m still working hard to get the remainder off.  For me, it was when I went to college and changed up my birth control-never been the same since and weight has always fluctuated.  I am shorter too which makes it all that much more evident.  It makes me angry that a few years of my life were somewhat wasted and I can’t get it back but I try to stay focused on “today” and “tomorrow”.  It totally struck a nerve with me when you said you refused to buy clothes, I feel the EXACT same way!!!  I told myself when I’m close to my goal, I am going out to buy a pair of jeans without even looking at the pricetag because that is MY gift to myself!  LOL!  
    You look fantastic, Congratulations!!!  Keep on BODYROCKING!
    CHEERS!  :)

  • tee

    that is soooo sweet!

  • Sheena

    I know exactly how you feel Ria. I’ve gained about the same amount weight after my work schedule changed and I felt like I did not have enough energy to work out. I’m just starting to get back into it again and am hoping that my clothes will fit (I’m also avoiding new ones in bigger sizes). I’ve been looking up a lot of the recipes here too for when I’m eating at home. You look amazing! Keep up the great work!

  • Mimi

    Ria, I can totally relate to this! I’m actually going through it now because of college and stress :( Anyways, you’re looking great..keep up the good work ;)

  • Marta

    You’r in great shape :D Keep the good work Ria.

  • Anonymous

    you look fantastic! keep going! =)

  • Dominika

    Keep up the good work girl you’re absolutely gorgeous. Be the best you possibly can…..

  • tee

    Oh ria, you look tiny!  25lbs must have been a lot on your frame, no wonder you felt bad!  but you look great now! Way to go!