Feb 20 2012

Naked Ambition Workout – Fit Test #2 – Day 1 Week Three of The February 30 Day Challenge

Hi Bodyrockers,

Today I wanted to talk about Motivation …..

How many of us have said ….

  • If only I had a Personal Trainer ….
  • If only I could go to a boot camp I’d look like her ….
  • If only I could afford a gym membership I’d be able to get fit ….
  • If only I had more time …..
  • I can’t afford to have healthy food it’s too expensive ….
  • If only I had a Diet Plan, or Meal tips to follow …..
  • I can’t I’m too old to get fit …
  • I don’t have a choice, It’s all there is to eat when I’m at work ….

Any of the above ring true ?

How many of us out there have joined a gym & are still paying the membership and yet rarely go ? Or, attend a week before any major holiday in the hope that you can loose a whole year of naughtiness in one pilates class & the cabbage soup diet for a week :/!.

Maybe you one of the 1000’s of people who wake up every single day with every intention of eating clean and drinking nothing but water and green tea. Only to be found at 2pm tucking into a naughty treat that you know you shouldn’t be eating & you are only eating because you haven’t prepared your meals and snacks for the day, so instead, you find yourself snacking on whatever is ”available” while telling yourself ”one biscuit won’t hurt I didn’t have any breakfast so ill use those calories for this”….. only to be snacking again 30 mins later feeling totally disappointed with yourself but unable to stop with no idea what steps you can take to keep you on track & focused.

That’s when the ” I’ll Start Tomorrow” excuse begins right ??  … and before you know it, it’s wednesday … and the ” Starting Tomorrow” is now ”Starting Monday”.

Well, for those of you who haven’t already seen the results BodyRocking has brought to their lives – Today is the day that we are going to ditch the negativeness & take charge of  your diets and more importantly your lifestyle choices – No more are you just going to eat whatevers ”available” or use words such as ”can’t” –  You Can & You Will & we will help you every step of the way :)

You don’t need an expensive Gym Membership – This is a FREE programme designed to suit all fitness levels and as you will see from the 100′s of posts from last 30 Day Challenge – people are BodyRocking their way to amazing changes & phenomenal results everyday.

In as little as Two Weeks you will not only see a huge change in your lifestyle, you will loose weight, eat right, feel better, have more energy, feel more positive, focused & energized, and will be on the first step to working towards your dream goal with an army of 250,000 + to provide you with advice and  support and help you along the way …  all for FREE & you only need 12 Minutes everyday & a healthy eating plan.

New to BodyRock:

Hello :) & Welcome to the worlds biggest Free workout class.:)

We are following the Following Programme – 30 Day TimeTable – post this to your fridges, desks etc… as this is your Free Personal Training programme for the next 30 Days.

The First Step you need to take is to click the links below and watch the videos & then Perform the Fit Test. This is to see where your fitness level is at from day one. Then visit the Website or The Facebook Pages to get your daily workout & diet plans.

Fit Test Introduction & Timetable: Click here

Fit Test Day One : Click here if you are just starting the Fit Test

Download the Timetable on Facebook Here (Click the Download button below the Picture to enlarge)

Seasonal BodyRockers – Week Three Fit Test:

Here it is !! It’s Fit Test Time !!

Push really hard today & make sure you post your progress on the Facebook& Website

The Fit Test Workout:

You will complete 8 exercises for 50 seconds on with a 10 second rest in between each exercise.

Make sure you write down your scores in your journals/diet books and post them on the site to share.

Then once the 30 day trial is complete – you will be able to look back and be proud of how far you have come in such a short time with a noticeable difference in your strength & fitness.

We are going to push hard with intense total body workouts that will leave you feeling muscles you never knew you even had! In 30 days you will feel leaner stronger, fit healthy, and completely energised & ready to take on the world. Start today and be challenged, get fit & reach your true potential-without expensive gym membership, this 30 day program is guaranteed to take your regular workout routine to the next level !

All you need to do is do as many of the following exercises below at your own pace and your own level in the 50 seconds.

Note: Remember to write down what level you performed each exercise at i.e on your toes, or knees etc – this way, you can also keep track of your progress over the 30 Days. Remember tho, this may effect your time as well but overall will show a huge progression in strength, and the speed will come as your strength improves :).

The Fit Test:

Set your interval timer to 50/10 and complete as many as the following exercises in the time as you can. We will be using our interval timers in every single workout of this 30 day challenge and it is basically the only must have item for BodyRocking. Our timers let us know when to switch exercises and the “beeps” keep us all pushing harder then a regular clock ever could. Ask any seasoned BodyRocker and they will tell you that working out with our timers takes it to a whole different level.

1. Squat Jumps

2. Push Ups

3. Burpees

4. High Knees

5. Switch Lunges

6. Tuck Jumps

7. Tricep Dips

8. Straight Abs

Your next workout will be posted on the site everyday to follow along with a NEW Diet Challenge & also supplement information to support your fitness & training programme. If you still need convincing, Just read this from last months 30 Day Challenge – Click Here

We will be checking in everyday on Facebook, giving tips and little pep talks so please “like” BodyRock.Tv on Facebook here to receive these updates.

No Excuses ….

Let’s Do This !!!

Freddy, Sean & Lisa-Marie


Here is my new Lululemon skirt/shorts Fashion Haul Video – I’m not sure what to think of them …Let me know your opinion of on our new Fashion Haul Page here! This is where I will be sharing all of my new workout clothing, shoes, accessories and everything I love to wear.


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  • Whaleytasha

    Does anybody know of a good preworkout supplement I could use that is caffeine free??Suffering from a bit of adrenal fatigue and cannot stand not getting through my day and workout :)

  • Jessicaawallace

    I am brand new today is my day one! I have some special challenges like I am disabled and have chronic pain syndrome but I think with some modifications of the exercises I will be able to gte back in shape. The hardest thing for me is I have a bad left foot which makes any work out on my feet basically impossible. I have to get cardio off my feet and not with swimming or bike riding. Any ideas would be great. I am trying to drop 30 lbs before I go into my 2nd foot surgery.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=722306768 Sandra Habiger

    My scores for Fit test 2 were much worse than for the first Fit Test. Why is that?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=722306768 Sandra Habiger

    My scores for Fit test 2 were much worse than for the first Fit Test. Why is that?

  • Anonymous

    Ok fit test done!

    1) squat jump (33) 35
    2) pushups (24 – 10 full the rest on knees) 21 full
    3) burpees (12) 11 ugh
    4) high knees (97) 106
    5) jump lunge (23) 30 – really pushed for those because I hate them
    6) tuck jump (20) 28
    7) tricep dips (somehow I missed these on the first fit test) 25
    8) situps (26) 17 I’m not sure if I was doing a different variation in the first fit test to have such a different score this time but I do know that my feet were not elevated for either.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=663328267 Julie Robel

    4/18/12 | 4/30/12

    FITNESS TEST 50/10

    1. Squat Jumps 20 | 33

    2. Push Ups 20 4half | 28, 2 half

    3. Burpees 10 | 12

    4. High Knees 122 | 129

    5. Switch Lunges 22 no jump | 30

    6. Tuck Jumps 21 | 29

    7. Tricep Dips 27st, 3bnt        | 25st

    8. Straight Abs 19 | 17 elevated

    • Anonymous

      Great improvement Julie! You’ll be killing the last fit test if you keep this up. I fell a bit behind but will catch up to you by the end of the week. I usually don’t get to do 5 days in a row but eventually get it all in. Glad to see someone’s in this one with me :)

  • Anonymous

    I’m doing great anina!

  • Anonymous

    good improvement Anina!

  • Ania M

    phew…i did ok, but think i could have done better if not for the big easter roast turkey lunch and 2 portions of dessert yesterday! So here are the scores, first fit test, followed by todays fit test

    squat jumps, 15, 24
    push ups (bent knee) 17, 17
    Burpees 14, 16
    high knees, 85, 95
    Switch lunges, 17, 23
    tuck jumps, 20, 15
    tricep dips, 20, 20
    sit ups 13, 16

    i’m happy ish, i do feel bloated still from yesterday, but i can see improvement in each of the days work outs, so will keep at it, and look forward to the fit test on the last day. then keep on body rocking!

  • Anonymous

    So I may actually be the only one doing the February challenge at the end of March / beginning of April lol but I’m a late bloomer ;) I’m so happy about my scores for this second fit test I had to share!

    Exercise: old score, new score
    Squat jumps: 38, 40
    pushups:20, 27
    Burpees:12, 13
    High knees: 74, 99
    Switch lunges: 28, 29
    Tuck jumps: 13, 17
    Tricep dips: 11 straight legs w/ 7 bent, 10 straight legs w/ 11 bent
    sit ups: 12, 20

    I love these workouts! I am fitting into dresses and clothes that I never could before! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Please keep it up!!!!!!

  • http://www.makavelina.cz Nina_CZ

    OKAY! So I decided it was enough holding back for me, need to step out of my comfort zone and accept the challenge. Yes, I still miss Z and I do her old and new stuff, but achieving goals is much better when doing something less comfortable ;)
    Did my first fit test today, I feel exhausted, not really super happy about my results, but I am gonna do 2 weeks of “new routines” (they are new for me, haha!)
    My score for today’s fit test:
    1) Squat Jumps – 262) Push Up – 153) Burpee – 104) Highknees – 1405) Jump Lunge – 186) Tuck Jump – 147) Tricep Dip – 188) Straight Abs – 20

    Looking forward for my first real New Bodyrock workout tomorrow!

    • Anonymous

      glad to see you here again nina!

  • Anonymous

    Squat Jumps-20       28   
    Push ups-10             19
    Burpees-5                 8
    High Knees- 80        107 
    Switch Lunges-10    20
    Tuck Jumps-5           9
    Tricep Dips-10         14
    Straight Abs-8          14

  • Anonymous

    Squat Jumps-20       28   
    Push ups-10             19
    Burpees-5                 8
    High Knees- 80        107 
    Switch Lunges-10    20
    Tuck Jumps-5           9
    Tricep Dips-10         14
    Straight Abs-8          14

  • Jaraguadom

    Does anybody miss Zu as much as I do?

  • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

    On my site, Disqus lets comments get through before I moderate them, but I can delete comments if I choose. Also, Disqus lets you “whitelist” or “blacklist” someone. I think that unless someone is whitelisted, there may be a delay in how long it takes for comments to post. I imagine that it’s tedious to click “whitelist” for all the commenters on BR!

  • Kah05

    I just started the 30 Day challenge today and just now completed Fit Test number one. :)
    I finished 36 Squat Jumps, 43 push-ups, 15 burpees, 72 high knees (per leg), 26 switch lunges, 26 tuck jumps, and 20 straight abs.  Looking forward to making progress with this program. I am additionally doing the Supreme 90 Day challenge and have been for several months, I just need a bit extra to help me get over that plateau and keep changing my body for a more fit and healthy lifestyle. :)

  • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

    No, but my genotype test is 100% Nomad.  Since I am B+ & a Nomad, I must be a secretor based on the calculator I used.  I’d have to be a different genotype & be B- to be a secretor…so I never did the secretor test.  If it wasn’t something clear-cut like my case, I absolutely would have done the test.

  • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN


  • Jwilliams1587

    Hi everyone,

    I’m feeling a bit discouraged today. I did this workout yesterday and my scores went down :( Before I started this program I was in the gym lifting and doing cardio every day. I decided to try my hand at this and on my first fit test I was very proud of myself. But after this second fit test, I feel awful, like I have just wasted my time. Does it get better? I am thinking about switching out my workouts from at homes to in the gym every other week. Any suggestions? Anyone else feeling a bit down?

    Jenny :)

    • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

      My scores plateau sometimes, or are impacted by the previous day’s workout.  Also, as I got stronger & my form improved, I lost reps.  It’s harder to do things with proper form than with poor form.  I know that my squats last year were less deep than they are currently.  My squat jumps are higher…push-ups are deeper, etc.  SO 15 of a move last year vs 14 this year may not be a true comparison unless I take into account how crappy my form was last year.  

      I still think this beats the gym, even if the fit test doesn’t show drastic improvement. :)

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        totally agree

  • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

    How funny, I was a biology major. I think that this diet is appealing to me because it makes sense form a biology standpoint. Let me know what you think if you try it out! I may start to rate recipes for all blood types, since I know a few As are checking out my site, too…

  • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

    I think they are challenging for everyone..even Lisa says she doesn’t like them.

  • lc

    first fit test!! I definitely have to work on some of these exercises more :P thanks bodyrock!

    Squat Jumps: 32
    Push Ups: 33
    Burpees: 15 [yeah, i’ll work on those]
    High Knees: 150
    Switch Lunges: 20 
    Tuck Jumps: 27
    Tricep Dips w legs extended: 21
    Straight Abs: 22

  • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

    I love it!  I have been following it since early Nov 2011 & have noticed these changes:
    1. Less of my hair falls out daily in the shower.
    2. My skin is much more clear.
    3. I don’t have to clear my throat all of the the time after I eat…as soon as I eat an avoid food, I have to clear my throat because it feels phlegmy.  Yuck.  (I read someone’s testimonial who is also a B+ who had trouble like this…that was one thing that convinced me to try it out.)
    4. I feel satisfied with less food & don’t have erratic cravings.
    5. I have had to go out and buy new pants twice now, since my old ones are too loose. I was wearing a size 6/8 in pants depending on the store.  Now I’m a 4. I have lost about 6-8 lbs without changing my portions.  I was body-rocking & watched what I ate before ER4YT, but was mainly eating foods on my avoid list. Those foods make me gain weight, according to ER4YT.  

    There is an ER4YT app for Android & iPhone.  The app has a featured that lets you build a family food list based on everyone’s blood type.  

    I do all of the cooking & grocery shopping for my husband & I, so he eats what I make.  He won’t let me do a blood test on him, so I just make meals that are B+ friendly…one day I’ll get him if the cat scratches him or he cuts himself shaving.  The way I see it, if I’m cooking & shopping, we’re eating healthy.  If he wants junk food, he’ll have to get it himself.  He used to love a meal of pasta roni (boxed pasta meal) with grilled chicken.  He made it for himself last week for the first time in about 6 months, & didn’t like it.  I think it’s because he’s so used to the meals I make without processed junk. :)  If you pull the boat alone for a while & get everyone eating healthy, they may start to prefer it since their bodies will crave healthy food rather than be addicted to crappy food.

    That was a long answer!

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    The skirt looks like you are ready for a tennis match.  Every time I see runners in skirts it just seems odd, like they must be late for a match.  Probably comfortable,though?

  • Cindy

    I did it today.
    Squat jump 61-60
    Push up 26 34
    Burpee 24-24
    High kness 210-200
    Switch lunges 68-65
    Dips 28-25
    tuck jumps 28-28
    straigh abs 27-25
    I followed with Advance Ab workout
    Wall walk push up 5, 3 ( felt like a Ninja)
    Wall plank hold and knee tuck 18

  • ulla

    they did something a little while back so that they just show up right away anyway :-)

  • Anonymous

    happy birthday!  good present!

  • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

    That’s awesome :)  I bet you’ll be addicted like the rest of us.

  • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN


  • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

    Thanks!  I don’t know how millet is for fat loss, but the blood type guidelines I follow recommend it for my bloodtype (B+).  I don’t need to eat very much to feel satisfied (same with rice).  The walnuts are so good with the spice combination & the fish.  

    I LOVE sweet potatoes (the dark-orange-fleshed ones)!

    If you try this recipe, let me know what you think!

  • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

    I hope you like it!  It’s slowly growing….I only have about 20 recipes posted so far, but I’m trying to post at least one per week.  

  • Anonymous

    awesome improvement Lababla!

  • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

    Facebook is too cluttered….plus I don’t want everyone I know seeing me post about workouts all the time.  It’s bad enough they see me posting about recipes all day!

  • Anonymous

    finished Major Hot Abs Workout http://www.bodyrock.tv/2010/12/20/major-hot-abs-workout/ this afternoon,  hoping to do Fitness is sexy workout tonight, looks sweaty! http://www.bodyrock.tv/2010/09/03/fitness-is-sexy-workout/

    wondering what torture sean has in store?

  • Anonymous


  • David Shoup

    the test with some modifications due to shin issues:

    Jumps – 46/49

    – 71/73

    Burpees –
    16/17 (first time in the lat 5 attempts that I broke 16 ;-)

    Knees 151/164

    Lunges – 95/110

    Jumps (mod Prisoner jacks) 60/74

    dips – 27/30

    abs (legs on chair) 42/48

    After a
    bad week, I was very surprised with my scores :-)

    Great Job

  • Paivi

    Here are my fit test results, new (old):
    1. Squat Jumps 41 (41)

    2. Push Ups 30 (30)

    3. Burpees 19 (19)

    4. High Knees 85 (83)

    5. Switch Lunges 66 (69)

    6. Tuck Jumps 64 (52)

    7. Tricep Dips 34 (28)

    8. Straight Abs 31 (30)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1664089288 Mihaela Venkova

    My third fit test (the previous two in brackets):
    1) Squat jumps 25 (25 24)
    2) Push Ups 42 (50 39)
    3) Burpees 12 (11 11)
    4) High Knees 127 (129 130)
    5)Switch lunges 32 (28 25)
    6) Tuck jumps 26 (21 23)
    7) Triceps dips 30 (missed previous tests)
    8) Straight abs 32 (29 26)

  • Anonymous

    1. Squat Jumps      30 (28)2. Push Ups     21 (21)3. Burpees     14 (12)4. High Knees     100 (90)5. Switch Lunges     30 (23)6. Tuck Jumps     25 (25)7. Tricep Dips     27 (20)8. Straight Abs     21 (13)Well, I’m feeling so much better but my results after this fit test aren’t better in every exercises… I thought I got better with my push ups.. but I don’t. Maybe next fit test :DI have to admit that I hate Tuck Jumps almost as much as I hate Burpees – they are both killer. :DDAnyway.. keep on rockin’. :)

  • http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage.asp?id=VW_STEPH Stephanie

    New Fit Test scores~
    -Squat Jumps – 28 (26)
    -Pushups – 20 (18)
    -Burpees – 8 (13)
    -High Knees – 95 (115)
    -Switch Lunge – 33 (29)
    -Tuck Jumps – 18 (16)
    -Tricep Dips – 19 (17)
    – Straight Crunch 21 (23)

    Mostly improvements… So I’m quite happy. Although I’ve gained some weight due to my bad eating… But all that is about to turn around… For Lent! ;)

    Thanks guys! 
    And Lisa-Marie – I like the skirt when it’s down as a skirt… and I’m unsure of the back part when the front is up too… Kinda looks a bit out of place. x

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

      i posted my reps last night but they didn’t show…..will try again…LOL…from Monday Feb20

    it…..today was my day off…..so I just went down and did the fit
    test…LOL…I wasn’t going to do the mid month one…I was
    reminded to use proper form for the push ups, nose to the ground, so
    my numbers dropped a bit there….I’ve had about the same numbers for
    the last three tests now…guess this is me fit…last test is the
    second number…this is day number 7 of working out in a row 1/ jump squat 49 47 2/ push ups 40 45 3/ burpee 17 17 4/ high knees 158 159 5/ jump lunge 55 56 6/ jump knee tucks 64 64 7/ chair dips 45 46 8/ abs 24 24

    • BodyRocker_Bonnie

      way to go, Gerri Lee, those are some killer reps :)

    • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

      Those are great numbers!!

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        thank you..pretty stationary though….LOL

  • Samanthina

     Hi,everyone here are my score:
    1. Squat Jumps 43 (33)

    2. Push Ups 67 (58)

    3. Burpees 14 (13)

    4. High Knees 164 (152)

    5. Switch Lunges 42 (42)

    6. Tuck Jumps 37 (33)

    7. Tricep Dips 27 (28)

    8. Straight Abs 31 (30)
    a healing burpee for Erin
    I ‘m looking forward for tomorrow,guys :)
    Good night to everyone :)

    • Anonymous

      OMG..those push ups!!!!!!great job!!!!

  • Anonymous


    I did Balls of Fury, and it was one of most intense workouts..

    I took 5 minutes break and then I did FIT TEST, scores new (old)

    1. squat jump        40 (37)
    2.push up             27 (25)
    3. burpee              19 (20)
    4.high knee           167 (160)
    5.jump lunge         37 (30)
    6.tuck jump          28 (23)
    7.triceps dip         35 (25)
    8.straight abs       44 (41)


    kisses to you all

  • Anonymous

    Hi there…

    so everybody is on Facebook???? Is that a main thing and this site become second…???What about us, old and loyal Bodyrockers who doesn’t want to have a Facebook profile??
    I feel left out…and Bodyrock is a huge part of my life for a good deal of time!!!???

    • Anonymous

      I suspect they haven’t had as much time to moderate, so mostly us old bodyrockers comments are coming through! lol

  • Anonymous

    did Body Like a Carry Out Workout http://www.bodyrock.tv/2010/09/01/body-like-a-carry-out/ after work tonight, my legs are tired now! 

    Tomorrow I have Major Hot Abs Workout on my to do list – it looks tough!

  • ZoeRocker

    I’m psyched for this fit test. I’m 2 workouts behind but catching up! Sorry Lisa-Marie, I’m not a fan of the skirt. The whole skirt part seems pointless. the shorts underneath are cute though:)

  • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

    Today is my 1-yr Bodyrock anniversary :)  Here are a few of the positive changes in my life that I attribute to your awesome website & motivation:

    I am stronger
    I am more fit
    I feel more comfortable in my skin than I ever have been
    I look forward to working out – it is not a chore
    People I know who may not otherwise workout workout with me if I lead these workouts

    Thank you.

    Here was my lunchtime workout:
    Fit Test
    Squat Jumps – 40 (+11)
    Pushups 22, 12 full (18full last time)
    Burpees 17 (+2)
    High Knees 137 (-1)
    Jump Lunges 28 (+2)
    Jump Tucks 21 (+3)
    Straight Abs 19 (+2)

    Followed with 9/3/2012 “Fitness is Sexy”
    Ninja Jump Tucks are rough after jump tucks!
    Low Jacks 24 20 20 20 22 18
    Bicycle 30 28 27 26 30 28
    Dancing Crab 15 15 15 17 17 16
    Nina Jump Tuck 5  4  5* 4* 4(3 squat only) 4.5 (1*)  *=no jump

    +4 min 10/20 skipping

    Last night I made a walnut-crusted white fish.  It was delicious & healthy!  Here’s the recipe:http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/02/walnut-encrusted-orange-roughy-with.html

    • Anonymous

      Hey Jess! happy bodyrock anniversary! whoop whoop!

      • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

        Thanks Tee!

      • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

        Thanks Tee!

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

       happy anniversary!!!!!  mine was Feb 4…one year….keep on rocking…nice reps for you WO too

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

       happy anniversary!!!!!  mine was Feb 4…one year….keep on rocking…nice reps for you WO too

      • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

        Thanks :)  
        Happy Belated anniversary to you, in case I missed it.

    • Anonymous

      Happy anniversary!! Woot Woot…. 

      I tried your Tangerine Ginger Baked Salmon and LOVED, very yummi.

      • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

        365 burpees?!  All I can say is WOW.  That’s a great way to celebrate strength.
        I’m glad you tried & liked the salmon!   Have a great day too :)

    • BodyRocker_Bonnie

      Jess, very happy 1-year BR anniversary.  Happy to share all of this with you! 

      • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

        Thanks, Bonnie!

    • Anonymous

      I am singing to you..but you can not hear me…happy anniversary…:)

  • AmBoaksy

    I guess I’m the first one to post so here goes.  

    I did the Fit Test earlier today knowing what I need to do from the last ones that Ive done.  Ive lost the scores for Fit Tests 2 and 3 but have them for 1, 4 and 5 (i.e. from first week of Jan to today):Squat Jump: 25/31 (1 rest)/30Push Ups: 15/14/15Burpees:13/15/15High Knees: (lost count, but took no rests)/142/147Switch Lunges: 20/32/33Tuck Jumps: 14/20/20Tricep Dips: (wasn’t in Fit Tests 1-3)/8 (rest after every 3)/8(rest after every 5)Straight Abs: 17/20(feet off floor)/25And for the last two fit tests, Ive added:Walking Push Up: 11/11Dipstation Ab Crunch: 13/16 (legs straight out in front)Running Man: 20/19Toe Touch – V: 15/15So I may not have made huge strides forward, but at least I haven’t gone backwards and over the past almost two months, there’s been some improvement.  I’m happy w my scores!  I hope everyone else is too!!!!