Feb 22 2012

Turn Up The Music Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Workout – Day 3 Week Three of The February 30 Day Challenge

Hi Bodyrockers,

Sometimes it seems like no matter how good you are with your diet, or how hard you try to be good & train everyday nothing seems to work. Once you get stuck in that rut doesn’t it seem almost impossible to get back on track? Thats where we come in, you don’t need to have a gym membership, expensive trainers, or know a special handshake to BodyRock, you just have to get involved and give your body and lifestyle the kick in the ass it needs to get your heart pumping & your metabolism burning. The feeling you get after sweating through and completing a 12 min workout with us will leave you energized and ready to take on the day, feeling empowered, strong and accomplished. 12 minutes of BodyRocking with us will make you feel like a better parent, friend, partner and reach into all areas of your life giving you greater strength and confidence in yourself. Looking hotter in and out of your clothes is just a natural by-product.

BodyRock may not be as slick as the fitness personalities you see on TV, but we shoot in a real living room, we do real exercises and we pour real sweat into every rep that we do. Our sweat comes from our pores – not a misting bottle :) This is as real as it gets – and the Word of Body that proves that all of this works belongs to the tens of thousands of BodyRockers who have changed their lives – not just their clothing sizes – by following along with us each and everyday. We are building the world’s largest free workout movement – and busting our asses to bring you new and fresh moves and exercises that are responsible for the cancelization (is that a word?) of gym memberships everywhere! This is your movement so make sure and get involved – post your scores, subscribe to the Facebook pages for your daily workouts – support each other and be kind to those BodyRockers taking their first steps.

If you are here for the first time, don’t worry we have beginners, intermediate and advanced workouts that have been broken down and modified to suit every level. If you want to see changes then this is where you need to be !! No DVD’s, no gyms, no signups or contracts – just your trainers and a space to bust your ass is all you will need to BodyRock :)

Ps, Don’t forget theres Diet Challenges & Help & Advice on our Facebook Pages everyday.

Set your interval timer to 10/50 for 12 rounds. You need to complete the following 6 exercises twice through – Pick your Level & Just Go For It !!

Beginners Workout:

Complete 2 Sets of the following exercises for 50 Seconds on with a 10 Second Rest In-between

1) Squat Jumps

2) Side Jumps

3) Push-Up Hand Raise

4) Knee Lifts – Using the BodyRock Equalizer or Dip Station

5) Lunge & Twist (Left Leg) – Using the Ugi Ball

6) Lunge & Twist (Right Leg) – Using the Ugi Ball

Abs Bonus!

Complete 1 Set of the following exercises for 50 Seconds on with a 10 Second Rest In-between

1) Tuck Abs

2) Reverse Crunch

3) Oblique Twists

Intermediate Workout:

Complete 2 Sets of the following exercises for 50 Seconds on with a 10 Second Rest In-between

1) Walking Push-Up & Tuck Jump

2) 3 Way Plank Jump & Clean & Press  – Using the Ugi Ball

3) Low Jack & V split abs – Using the BodyRock Equalizer or Dip Station

4) Superman Push-Up – Using the BodyRock Equalizer

5) Stand Up & Jump Abs – Using the Pink Sandbag

6) Sumo Kness & Half Burpee – Using the Pink Sandbag

Abs Bonus!

Complete 1 Set of the following exercises for 50 Seconds on with a 10 Second Rest In-between

1) Tuck Abs – Out & Raise Arms

2) Reverse Crunch – Diamond Legs

3) Touch Toes – Left & right Alternate

Advanced Workout:

Complete 2 Sets of the following exercises for 50 Seconds on with a 10 Second Rest In-between

1) Towel Drag Push-Ups – Using a Towel

2) Push-Up & Pike Ball Rolls – Using the Stability ball & 2 x Kettle Bells

3) Side Plank Inner thigh leg lifts – Left Leg – Using the BodyRock Equalizer or Dip Station

4) Side Plank Inner thigh leg lifts – Right Leg – Using the BodyRock Equalizer or Dip Station

5) Low Jacks & L Pull Up – Right Leg – Using the Pull Up Bar

6) Stand up Abs & Jump – Using the Pink Sandbag

Abs Bonus!

Complete 1 Set of the following exercises for 50 Seconds on with a 10 Second Rest In-between

1) V Sit-tall & Touch – Left & Right Alternate

2) Touch Toes Sit & Reverse Touch Toe Reach

3) Ball Plank & Under Knees – Using the Stability Ball


This months 30 Day Challenge incorporates:

  • Intense Total Body Workouts – 12 Minute Workouts specifically designed to maximize fat loss.
  • Specific Isolated Weighted Program to run alongside the Fitness Component – To Dramatically Improve Overall Toning & Strength.
  • Diet Challenges – Focusing on Portion Sizes, Recipes, Tips & Help with all aspects of Diet & Food – Ensuring you keep focused and on Track through the 30 Day Programme.
  • Support – Everyday we will be personally checking in with you on Facebook to keep you motivated, share food & give constant tips and tricks on ways to keep motivated, stay focused & on track. For Lisa-Marie’s Facebook page click here,Sean’s Facebook page click here, Freddy’s Facebook page: click here

New to BodyRock:

Hello :) & Welcome to the worlds biggest Free workout class.:)

We are following the Following Programme – 30 Day TimeTable – post this to your fridges, desks etc… as this is your Free Personal Training programme for the next 30 Days.

The First Step you need to take is to click the links below and watch the videos & then Perform the Fit Test. This is to see where your fitness level is at from day one. Then visit the Website or The Facebook Pages to get your daily workout & diet plans.

Fit Test Introduction & Timetable: Click here

Fit Test Day One : Click here if you are just starting the Fit Test

Download the Timetable on Facebook Here (Click the Download button below the Picture to enlarge)

Push really hard today & make sure you post your progress on the Facebook & Website


Enjoy the feeling of the 12 min satisfaction ;)

Freddy, Sean & Lisa-Marie


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  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    I needed an extra sweat today and tried the Intermediate “Why Stop Now”. I used my 15 kilo sandbag for all, except from my 5 kilo gymball in the 3 Way Plank Jumps.

    1) 2 Walking Push-up & 1 Jump Tuck: 10½-10.
    2) 3 Way Plank Jump & Clean & Press: 10-11.
    3) Low Jack & V-Split Abs: 19-20½.
    4) Elevated Super Man Push-up: 19-19½.
    5) Sandbag Stand-up & Jump: 11-13.
    6) Sumo Knee, Press-up & ½ Burpee: 9-9½.

    Abs: 1) Reverse Crunch – Diamond Legs: 43. 
    2) Tuck Abs – Out & Raise Arms: 25.
    3) Touch Toes: 31.

    Love, Maria

  • Shellyvr22

    For this workout-I did a mix of beginers and intermediate -and for Abs I did the advanced!!
    squat jumps- 27, 26
    Side jumps-6 with 15lbs dumbell & 8 with 12lbs dumbell
    Pushups (on toes) 15, 18
    Knee Lifts 20,24
    Stand up Jump Abs-7 with 15lbs dumbell & 9 with 12lbs dumbell
    Sumo Knee 7 with 15lbs & 9 with 12lbs.
    V sit tall & touch left to right- 25
    Touch toes & reverse toe reach- 12
    Ball plank & under knees- 25 ( I had to use a box- the ball was tooo hard)!!!
    Great workout – Thanks Lisa :) :)

  • Brandi

    HI first time posting. I did the beginners
    squat jumps 26, 24
    side jumps 11, 11
    push ups 9, 11
    knee lifts 17, 16
    lunges left 12, 11
    lunges right 12, 13
    tuck abs lost count but 20 something
    reverse crunch 25
    oblique twist 23

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=817268319 Sandy Verschoore-Moeller

    I should not have gotten on the scale today.  ) =  Feeling very discouraged.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    This was great! I did a mix of the advanced and intermediate workout.  I used a 38lb lump of ankle weights for the weighted stuff, but dropped down to 19lb for the second round.  I then did a second round of the stand up and jump ups and the walk over push ups and tuck jumps because I felt like I finally understood how to make those good.  Oh–I did snowboarders for legs/plyo instead of the low jacks/knee ups.  I was having a hard time witht he stand up ones until I realized they’re kind of like a turkish jump up, and did it like that instead–which basically just means the weight is over my head.  That allows better momentum to then stand up.  Doing it with the weight to my chest put INCREDIBLE strain on my lower back.  So if you feel that–put the weight up above.   

    walking push up and tuck jump: 8-6
    push up and pike ball rolls: 9-7
    snowboarder: 26-24
    superman elevated push ups: 13-15
    turkish jump up: 5 (38lbs)-6 (19lbs)
    sumo knees and half burpee: 4 (38lbs)-7.5 (19lbs)

    turkish jump up (19lbs): 10
    walking push up and tuck jump: 7

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1037690594 Karen O’ Reilly

    I did the fit test followed by this workout. I’m beat. My scores were similar to my last fit test some weeks ago but a couple of scores were lower. My workouts have been sporadic lately, due to illness but it shows how your fitness level goes down with inactivity.
    Keep it up guys!!

    1) Walking push up & tuck jump 5, 5
    2) 3 way plank jump, clean & press 5, 8
    3) Low jack & v abs 12, 15
    4) Superman push ups 9, 11
    5) Stand up & jump abs 7, 6
    6) Sumo knees, half burpee 5,6

    Tuck abs out & raise 19
    Reverse crunch 24
    Touch toes 16

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1037690594 Karen O’ Reilly

    Modify it for what you have got. Use a chair, a table, broomsticks. I don’t have a sandbag, I put weights into an old handbag. :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

      Yup! It’s the BodyRock way!  Most of my equipment is homemade–just improvise.  The bottom line is–there’s no excuse!  If it’s too easy, then there’s ALWAYS a way to make it harder.  If you need suggestions, ask any of us, Alecia.  :)

  • Anonymous

    Ooooh I did the intermediate version today and it rocked!!! :) I enjoyed it very much and my arms are killing me! :D My inner thighs are still sore from the “thigh killer” exercise from the We Found Love wo which I did couple of days ago, so the advanced version will have to wait a day or so more. :) Here are my scores:

    1. Walking Push Up 7, 5 (counted after each tuck jump)
    2. 3 Way 6, 6 (no ball so used 5kg DB)
    3. Sumo Squat + V Split 9,11
    4. Supergirl Push Up 11, 12
    5. Get Up + Jump (5kg DB) 7, 8 
    6. Sumo Knee Lift + 1/2 Burpee 4, 6 (2x5kg DB)
    + Ab bonus
    + Butt Squeezes
    + 20min HIIT Skipping 30(10/30)

    Now I feel more like me, which is brilliant! ;)

  • http://www.dcneuro.net/ Dr. A. R. Scopelliti

    Perhaps I am kidding myself trying to do the advanced routines at 53?  I am still sore from yesterdays workout.  This was difficult and I had to modify.  I did one arm reverse pushups, (essentially a one arm pull-up) in place of the L pull-ups, clean jerk and presses with a 16kg kettle ball in place of the sit-up and clean and presses.

  • Chris Lee

    i will do this one tonight.  this morning i did this:

    db snatch x10 ea side(40lbs)
    25 pushups
    run hard 400m
    x5 for time (23:00)

    and an hour or so of jiu jitsu this afternoon.

  • Chris Lee

    i will do this one tonight.  this morning i did this:

    db snatch x10 ea side(40lbs)
    25 pushups
    run hard 400m
    x5 for time (23:00)

    and an hour or so of jiu jitsu this afternoon.

    • Chris Lee

      towel drag pushup 25-16
      pushup & pike roll 13-14
      side plank thigh lift R 27-28
      side plank thigh lift L 24-26
      low jack & pull up 7-7
      stand up abs & jump 7-7

      v-sit & toe touch 24
      toe touch & rvs toe touch 8
      ball plank/core twist 21

      i used my trx instead of a ball for the pushup/pike roll and the ball plank.  it worked ok, but it was awkward trying to get my feet in and out of the straps.  for the drag pushup, i was working on concrete, so i put my feet in a stainless steel food insert.  it was pretty noisy, but it worked!

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        hahaha…and what does the bottom of the food insert look like now?

      • Anonymous

        OMG chris! are you kidding! didn’t it get all scratched up, and didn’t people come looking to see what all the noise was? lol

  • AmBoaksy

    WOOOOOOTTTT!!!  I did the advanced; maybe not as well as Lisa-Marie, but I did it!!!!  I know I’m a few days behind, but I’ve been at a conference with no internet so couldn’t keep up w the Challenge.

    Towel Drag P/U;: 11/9
    P/U w Dipstation and Ball (Don’t have an equalizer): 6/5
    Side Plank Leg Lift (L): 24/29 
    Side Plank Leg Lift (R): 22/26
    Low Jacks + L Pull Up using Dipstation (Don’t have a pull-up bar): 4.5/5
    Stand Up Abs + Jump w Sandbag: 5/8

    Ab Bonus:
    V-Sit-Tall and Touch: 17
    Toe Touch Sit + Reverse Toe Touch: 13
    Ball Plank + Under Knees (this I kind of failed at.  lol): 8

    Phew…Have a great day everyone!!!!

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Fun workout :) I had to modify a little. I have a full carpet on my basement room floor, so I couldn’t do the drags – such a shame, they look fun and killer! I will try in the living room. I have no pull-up bar, so I did 2 Low Jacks and 1 Knee Up on the dip station as 1 rep. I have no medicine ball, so I did 4 elevated knee tucks and 1 push-up as 1 rep. I still had a great sweat!

    1) “Towel Drag” aka. 2 steps & 1 Push-up: 23-22.
    2) Elevated Push-up & 4 Knee Tucks: 12-12½.
    3) Side Plank Inner Thigh Leg Lift, L (chair): 32-34.
    4) Side Plank Inner Thigh Leg Lift, R: 30-32.
    5) 2 Low Jacks & 1 Knee Up: 12-14.
    6) Stand Up Abs & Jump, 15 Kg: 10-11½.

    Later I did “Fit Hotties Rock”, a FUN short and intense sweat :)

    Love, Maria

    • MariaBjørgJepsen

      Ab Bonus: 
      1) V-Sit & Diagonal Toe Touch: 64.
      2) Touch Toes Sit: 15 (sets)
      3) Chair Plank Knee Under: 72

    • MariaBjørgJepsen
    • Anonymous

      hey maria,  I believe if you put paper plates under your feet it will work on the carpet.

      • Mary Lou

        Ooh, fantastic idea tee! I’m gonna try that, shiny plastic plates might work too…

      • MariaBjørgJepsen

        Thanks a LOT, Tee :)

    • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

      Maria, you can do a towel drag on carpet if you place your feet on paper plates or any smooth flat plastic plate/disc.

      • MariaBjørgJepsen

        Thank you so much, Jess :) Great idea!!!

  • Vivi

    I did it today after Z6 ( 9 rounds!!)
    But I modified the advanced with intermediat exercises because I can’t absolutly do the side plank inner. Always I have a hard pain to my bone of the pond at the level of the pubis :( :(

    So mine was :

    1/ Towel drag PU : 21.16
    2/  Plank jump & clean & press 10kg : 9.9
    3/ Superman PU elevated : 12.16
    4/sumo high knees half burpee 10kg : 10.9
    5/low jacks & pull ups : 11.12
    6/stand ups & jump 10kg : 11.12

    Abs advanced BONUS (twice)
    1/ Star abs : 33.28
    2/ Toe touch : 13.15
    3/ Plank elevated knee tuck : 60.73 (I count each knee tuck)

    • Vivi

      With this workout I feel more my shoulders than my abs ….

  • Cindy

    I did the intermediate workout at home today.
    1 9-9
    2 7-7
    3 10-14
    4 12-10
    5 16-12 (used only bodyweight)
    6 12-12 (with 12 pounds on my sandbag)
    Ab bonus
    Tuck abs 27
    Reverse crunch 25
    Touch toes abs 20
    Workout finisher- ZW*6 for six rounds.
    I really like these workouts.
    Thanks to Freddy, Sean and Lisa-Marie!

  • Claudia Diaz

    you are using many accessories and sometimes it is not easy nor motivating replace them with other exercises, I really would like to see more workouts without all the extras : (

  • Lisa

    I’m wondering what we can do if we don’t have a dip station or an equalizer.  There used to be a modification for it, but it hasn’t been said anymore, and I don’t have enough money for a dip station or an equalizer.  Please advise :)

  • yboog

    Get it girl!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Haha i used to hate burpees the absolute most.
    Now, they are my biatch.

  • http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage.asp?id=VW_STEPH Stephanie

    Woohoooooo I am feeling FAB after that! Ahh just rocked my Friday night with this workout.
    I did advanced and it looked like this~
    -Walking Pushup + Tuck Jump – 6-4.5
    -3 Way Plank Jump + Clean&Press (14kg) – 4.5-4.5
    -Low Jack + Split Abs (Using Pullup Bar) – 10-9
    -Superman Pushup – 9-10 (elevated for half of first round)
    -Stand up + Jump Abs (10kg first round, 5kg 2nd round) – 6.5-8
    -Sumo Knees + Half Burpee (5kg) – 6+1sumo-7

    THANK YOU guys…12 minute satisfaction! x

    Whoops! Forgot to add abs bonus scores!!
    -Tuck Abs – Out&In Raise- 1
    -Reverse Crunch w/ Diamond Legs – 21
    -Toe Touches L+R – 21

    Feelin’ the burn! :)

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    Morning all…so I made this WO my own…very modified….I wore my weighted vest for the WO, but took it off for the abs.  I had the weight at 28 lbs.

    1/ jump squat 41-31
    2/ 3 point plank on upside down bosu ball/ ball lift over head 7 plus 1 plank – 8
    3/ push ups, hand lift…very hard with the vest on…LOL…18-18
    4/ sumo squat/ v- split on dip station 14-14
    5/ left leg forward lunge and twist w/ 2 x 10 lb dumb bells 14-15
    6/ right     ‘                          ”                    ”                   13-14

    I had quad burn out in round 2 for the jump squat after doing left and right lunges with 48 lb total

    1/ hip rock and raise   (P90X)   30
    2/ froggie crunches     (P90X) 41
    3/ star abs…think they are called v sit tall and touch this time? 21
    4/ mason twist  (P90X)  110

    no extras for me today…have to unload a 2500 lb pallet of stock at work today, each piece being about 40 lbs…and shovel MORE DAMN SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chris Lee

      holy crap, gerri lee – you never fail to IMPRESS!!!


      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        thanks Chris..you’re the cave man smashing things and throwing big rocks though….LOL….when is the mudder happening?…ps…loving the vest

        • Chris Lee

          june 23 in whistler. you coming?

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            nah, don’t even know what a mudder really is….plus i run my own business and can’t really take the time…would find it interesting to run an obstacle course though…LOL..if there is beer at the end for a reward of course

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        oh, gonna do Z 6 in the am….might put the vest weight down and wear it too….

        • Anonymous

          4 rounds plus 10 pulse jumps & 8 side burpees!  could hardly breathe! lol  It was kizmet, decided to watch Ricardo on the sidebar and next video up was #6 so put it on & did it!  It was a sign! lol

        • Chris Lee

          i did z#5 today – 5rounds + 2 curl/press. then i did a 10k run. i am going to take a page out of your book and start mixing things up a lot more. i like what you said about listening to your body. lately i’ve found that many of these exercizes are tough on the knees, esp the weighted lunge motions, so i’ve been doing other stuff to make sure my knee stays strong and un-injured.

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            nice job on Z 5…that was a tough one for me..been over a year since I did weight training…curl/corkscrew press…but it felt good

            and yes, too many exercises focusing on one body part almost every day doesn’t make me a happy camper…it’s all push ups or all over head presses, or all step ups….variety is the key to happiness and health…I’ve been mixing it up with Maria’s WO and my own, Jess is great too, Kyla, Vivi, etc…so many to choose from…I’m taking the next 2 days off…13 in a row of BR…need a break…my weighted vest is making me very aware of my quads…LOL

  • Anonymous

    Even the intermediate looks scary!! Lisa how do you do all of these workouts in one day?? Beast :)

  • Anonymous

    wow this workout looks brutal but a lot of fun! thank you guys for the fun new innovative moves (the towel pushup looks awesome) Im going to do this now, be back w my scores!

  • http://twitter.com/DreamLily7 DreamLily

    Been watching the videos for the past month. Finally decided today. No more of the I will start tomorrow. Today I start! Over the past weeks I started to eat more healthy. Totally difficult to give up carbs in Germany. The breads here are amazing! 
    Squat jumps 23,25
    side jump 5,7
    push up hand raise 6,6 totally need to work on push ups!
    Knee lifts 5, used chairs…didn’t work out so well.
    Lunge twist right 14, 15 Left 14, 15
    abs tuck-12,12
    reverse crunch 15
    ob twist 20, 22

    Thanks so much!! Much love and positive energy to all from Germany! 

  • Mary Lou

    This mix-n-match stuff is really growing on me. I still have to mind my shoulder, but here are the scores:
    walking p/u & tuck jump: 4, 4
    3 way plank clean & press: 4, 4.5
    low jack & v abs: 12, 11
    superman p/u (not elevated): 9, 9
    stand up and jump: 6, 6  (20lbs)
    sumo knees & half burpee: 5.5, 5.5 (20 lbs)
    tuck abs out & raise: 20
    rev crunch diamond legs: 17
    touch toe alternating: 16

  • Mary Lou

    This mix-n-match stuff is really growing on me. I still have to mind my shoulder, but here are the scores:
    walking p/u & tuck jump: 4, 4
    3 way plank clean & press: 4, 4.5
    low jack & v abs: 12, 11
    superman p/u (not elevated): 9, 9
    stand up and jump: 6, 6  (20lbs)
    sumo knees & half burpee: 5.5, 5.5 (20 lbs)
    tuck abs out & raise: 20
    rev crunch diamond legs: 17
    touch toe alternating: 16

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    I did my own body weight version of the good “old” Silent Killer this morning and just did ZWOW6 this afternoon = 9 full rounds. Intense!

    Gonna try the Advanced version of this one tomorrow morning!

    Enjoy your weekend, Bodyrockers :)
    Love, Maria

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

       I’ve got Z in for the morning tomorrow…love the Silent Killer WO

      • MariaBjørgJepsen

        Me too, always a pleasure in a kind of sick and painful way, haha. Butt burn :)

    • midimidi

      wow maria, 9! 6 here! great job

      • MariaBjørgJepsen

        Thanks a lot Midi – you too!!!! :)

    • Vivi

      9 rounds too !! For the first time I have the same score !! lol ! I will make my day !!!!!Even if these squats killed my legs !

      • MariaBjørgJepsen

        Mine too, such a BURN!!!! Nice :) My legs were already so tired, so the ZWOW6 was intense for me. I am glad I did it, anyway. I love her :D

  • ulla

    Both cartilage and muscle damage, in different places, so not resulting from the same incident? If I were you, I’d give it a rest. To me, this sounds like overtraining…
    I don’t mean to be a spoilsport, but you might want to talk to your doctor before you decide on anything. If he gives the all-clear, the obvious solution would be swimming, since it’s a full body workout, a terrific fatburner, and easy on joints, musles and cartilage. 
    I’m sorry this sounds so negative :-(

  • Anonymous

    Hi valerie,  welcome!  Just to let you know I’m almost 48 and bodyrocking for over a year now!

    Sorry, no medications here, healthy as a horse, just a little slow sometimes! lol

  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    Thanks, Michelle T.  Those side planks are tough!  I am waiting for my dip station…any day now!  I am hoping it will be easier than the coffee table.

  • BodyRocker Ellie – Team Canada

    I did the advanced one today! Holy crap it was hard!
    :)))) I loved it! I didn’t have a pull up bar so I did a reverse pull up
    instead. Also, I used a bench instead of the stability ball. The towel
    pushups were awesome!!!! Loved them. Side plank lift – on elbow and off
    bench. Stand up abs – 15 lbs dumbbell.
    1) Towel Drag Push-Ups – 4.5, 6.5

    2) Push-Up & Pike Ball Rolls – 6, 3 ( I got interrupted arrgghhh)

    3) Side Plank Inner thigh leg lifts – Left Leg – 20, 20

    4) Side Plank Inner thigh leg lifts – Right Leg – 20, 20

    5) Low Jacks & L Pull Up – 4, 4 ( I did 3x low jacks + 3x one leg RPU = 1 rep )

    6) Stand up Abs & Jump – 6, 6

    Abs Bonus!

    1) V Sit-tall & Touch – Left & Right Alternate – 9.5 alternating both legs = 1 rep

    2) Touch Toes Sit & Reverse Touch Toe Reach – 6

    3) Ball Plank & Under Knees – 15 ( painful!)

    Thank you thank you thank you for those awesome triple workouts that we can choose from! 

    Love ♥


  • mel

    I have been doing these “slider” type workout moves with 2 small (very soft) towels under my feet (on tile floor) for over a month now.  Tons of moves – mountain climbers, pikes, lunges (usually one legged)… all sorts of stuff.  Much easier on my joints (to me anyway).  And that first bonus ab move you did Lisa – I have been doing that one for at least a few weeks (legs not so far apart though) – with the opposite arm starting overhead you really utilize the entire core this way (plus this takes any emphasis away from my hip flexors)!

  • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN
  • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

    2/23/2012 Lunchtime workout

    I did a mix of the intermediate & advanced, but had to modify for my limited equipment at work. This was tough!

    Towel Drag Push-ups 10 7 (weak!  I’m sore from last nights push-up marathon)
    Swiss ball pike/plank using a swivel stool 12 (no cross knee tuck) 9 (with knee tucks) 
    Low jacks 39  40 (2 foot falls = 1 rep by my count) no core split – no dip station 
    Side plank + leg lift off a chair LT 18  23  RT 19  20
    Stand Up Abs with 16#  6  7  I did these like prisoner get ups + a little hop
    Sumo Knee Plank Jump 8  7

    Ab Bonus
    Knee tuck arm out/up 24
    Single leg toe touches 25
    Diamond reverse crunch 27

    + 8 min 10/20 skipping.


  • jujube

    Hi guys, I’ve been browsing this site for a month now and I finally decided to get up my ass and do one of the workouts, but I’m a bit puzzled. Take today’s beginner (that’s me!) workout: it says that it should be completed twice. Does that mean for example squat jumps for 50+10, followed by squat jumps for 50+10, or does that mean the entire circuit x 1, followed by another entire circuit? 
    I know this question might seem a bit stupid, but I’m a beginner and I would like to get it right, so I’d be grateful for any answers :)
    Thank you and here’s hoping that BR helps me (and all of you) change for the better:)

  • Mary in San Diego

    Thank you so much for these beginning workouts!!!   

  • Anonymous

    My arms were still sore from Sean’s WO yesterday so I focused on the abs bonus. I did the intermediate ab and advanced ab routines both twice through with 50/10 high knees inbetween each.
    Here are my scores:

    Tuck Abs: 29, 29
    High Knees:180, 202
    Reverse Crunch: 36, 42
    High Knees: 180, 205
    Touch Toes: 29, 30
    High Knees: 196, 199
    V Sit Tall & Touch: 18, 19
    High Knees: 203, 194
    Touch Toes Sit & Reverse Touch Toe Reach: 10, 11
    High Knees: 196, 199
    Ball Plank & Under Knees: 36,43
    High Knees: 183, 209

    • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

      What a great modification!

  • jb

    Love this workout!!  And just when i myself was saying that i need to do more pull ups in my workouts!! 

    I did the advanced…
    towel drag psuh up 15/12
    swiss push and pike roll 8/9
    elevated inner thigh plank l 29/27
    elevated inner thigh plank r 28/28
    low jack l pull up 7/7
    30 lb sb get up and jump 8/8

    v sit and touch 22
    tow touch rev and reach 8
    ball plank and under knee 14 (had a hard time getting balanced to start…)


  • http://www.janetspreiter.com Janet

    Feeling pretty tapped out from Sean’s push up fest yesterday, so this was a welcome focus on ABS, yes yes!!

    Advanced WO:
    towel drag (why didn’t I polish the kitchen floor first?) 12-10
    push up pike on ball 10-12 
    side plank thigh killer (on slippery low coffee table) killer L17-17 R18-17
    lo jax pull up L 10-10
    stand up abs/jump up  16 lb sandbag  7-8

    1.  20 each touch
    2.  8 sets
    3.  11  ball kept rolling away.  I think I need to pump it up more.  Kinda soggy. 

    Off to paddleboard!  Aloha everyone! 

  • Kathy_Bodyrock

    I really feel my abs … love love love this workout :))

    I did the advanced WO and here are my scores:
    1. Towel Drag PU: 12 11 (that was a lot of fun)
    2. PU+Pike Ball Rolls: 7 5
    3. Side Plank inner thigh – L: 22 23 (using a chair)
    4. Side Plank inner thigh – R: 24 29 (using a chair)
    5. Low Jacks + L-Pull up: 6 7
    6. Stand up Abs + Jump w/SB (11kg): 5 8

    1. V-Sit + touch: 22
    2. Touch toes sit + Reverse touch toe reach: 8
    3. Ball Plank + under Knees: 18

    + Burpee for Erin!!!

    love this workout – thank u so much :)

    much love and nice day to all bodyrockers!! :)

  • Samanthina

    Hi,guys,here are my scores:
    1) Walking Push-Up & Tuck Jump-7 7 8

    2) 3 Way Plank Jump & Clean & Press  –6 6 7

    3) Low Jack & V split abs – 10 16 20

    4) Superman Push-Up –8 15 17

    5) Stand Up & Jump Abs (I did it with kettlebells) – 5 9 9

    6) Sumo Kness & Half Burpee – 7 7 7

    Abs Bonus!

    1) Tuck Abs – Out & Raise Arms-18

    2) Reverse Crunch – Diamond Legs-19

    3) Touch Toes – Left & right Alternate-23
    +a healing burpee for Erin
    Thanks mch,guys and have a good night! :)

  • Michelle T

    Hello. I did the advanced workout but modified.

    Foot Drag Pushup, since I have carpet and towel wont slide: 19/  14

    Pushup on bench/ Pike on ball: 9/  8 I lost some time because it took me a bit to get setup!

    Side Plank/ Leg Lift Left. I did these on forearm off of bench while letting top leg raise up. 23/  29

    Side Plank/ Leg Lift Right: 29/  30

    I don’t have pullup bar so I did the Sumo Knee and 1/2 Burpee from intermediate workout: 9/ 9.5

    Stand up Ab/ Jump with 20lb bag. Ok so I am unable to stand up from laying down position with both feet on floor. I had to tuck 1 knee under to stand. I will need to work on that!  6/  6

    On the ab bonus:

    V sit/ touch Alt: 33

    Touch Toes sit/ Reverse Toe Touch: 13
    Ball Plank/ Under Knees. Ok so I started on the ball, but I lost stability so I switched to couch. I only got 10 of these in. 

    Unhappy with myself, but I refuse to do anything less than the advanced workout.  I’m stubborn like that. Hope you guys have a good day.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1084011129 Sheri Pulis

    Finally did my first workout.  It was great.  Here are my stats:
    Squat Jumps = 12
    Side Jumps = 5
    Push Up Hand Raise = 7
    Knee Lift = 5
    Lunge & Twist (Left Leg) = 7
    Lunge & Twist (Right Leg) = 6
    Ab Bonus:
    Tuck = 2
    Reverse Crunch = 8
    Oblique Twist = 5

    Looking forward to more!  it Helps so much when they show alternatives.  Didn’t even think about using my bar stool chairs!  They worked perfectly!!

  • http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/monica-turner.html Monica Turner

    Hi ya’ll! Just finished the advanced version but w/out the pull up bar. 
    toe drag push ups: 11, 12
    push up & pike: 9, 11
    side plank inner leg lifts L: 22, 26
    ” R: 26, 31
    low jacks/pull up on dip station: 4,7 sets of two each
    stand up abs+jump w/ sandbag: 5, 3.5

    ab bonus
     star cross toe touch: 16
     alt toe touches: 9
     elevated knee twists plank: 41

    liked this one!!!

  • Reenae Young

    what would be a good replacement for the L sit pullup and low jacks? I do not have a pullup bar in my room.

    • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

      Low jacks & pike presses?  The pike press would hit your lats, shoulders, & chest.  Maybe 5 low jacks, then 5 pike presses.

  • anina cowie

    Hey there
    I’ve got Osteoporosis in my knees and am unable to do any of the jumping exercises is there any way you can give alternatives for those of us with knees that are hindering any workout progress?  I am visiting the physio everyday and am now able to go for a run.  Any tips would be awesome.

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    Morning all, was going to do Sean’s latest torture test this morning, but not sure i had time…will look at that for the weekend.  Ended up doing Maria’s Silent Super Woman work out…2 rounds for time

    1/ 20 elevated PU
    2/ 30 frog squats
    3/ 50 diagonal star abs
    4/ 30 chest lift/leg lift/butt squeeze..lay on belly, lift upper and lower torso off and squeeze
    5/ 30 left leg elevated lunge squats
    6/ 30 right leg elevated lunge squats
    7/ 20 diamond PU
    8/ 30 frog squats
    9/ 30 reptile plank knee tucks
    10/ 20 chair dips
    11/ 50 plank jacks
    12/ 50 running woman abs

    my time round one 10:56….round two 11:45

    my extras for today

    100 HK – 20 santana PU – 25 sit ups – 20 frog squats
    100 HK – 20 dynamic PU – 25 leg drop/hip thrust – 20 jump lunge
    100 HK – 20 left side one arm PU – 25 left side v-up – 20 jump lunge
    100 HK – 20 right side one arm PU – 25 right side v-up – 20 frog squats
    100 HK – 20 super wide PU – 26 legs elevated knee tuck/reptile tuck – 20 jump lunges

    • MariaBjørgJepsen

      I am so glad you tried it, Gerri :) I hope you liked it!

  • kat<3bodyrocker4life

    I did this workout 3x thru
    walking pushups + tuck jump 5/4/6
    3 way plank jump +clean + press (used 15lb sb) 4.5/4.5/6
    low jacks + v splits 12/13/13
    superman pushups (1st round used chair second and thrid round used a couch more stable) 7/12/10
    stand up + jump abs (used 8lb medicine ball) 7/11/12
    sumo knees +half burpee (8lb ball) 6.5/8/8
    abs I did 3x thru too
    tuck abs out +Raise Arms 12/10/15
    r crunch diamond legs 21/22/25
    touch toes 32/33/36

    Thanks for this Amazing workout BRCrew =) keep them coming!! XOXO

  • Brandi Kern

    I did a ZWOW for the first time yesterday.  I think it was a good idea to mix it up a bit.  Today I am going for the advanced workout.  I looooove that side plank inner thigh leg lift exercise!!!! I felt it last time for DAYS!  Thanks for bringing it back.

  • Anonymous

    Cool WO. Here are my scores.

    1.walking push up & tuck jump    6,6                 
    2.3 way plank jump & clean & press  ( From floor)  7,7          
    3.Low Jack & V split abs     14,13                          
    4.Superman push up   (From Chair)     11,12      
    5. Did Prisoners    get up      9,9                          
    6.Sumo knees & half burpee (body weight)  10,10
    Have a wonderful day all.                       

  • Anonymous

    Hi there…

    I just did the intermediate variation and it was nice and interesting..
    I am a little bit sore from yesterday, and have a light headache..but I did it, and now I am better .. :))… I used my 5 kg ugi ball for all


    1.walking push up & tuck jump                     6 4
    2.3 way plank jump & clean & press             6 6
    3.low jack & V split abs                               11 10
    4.superman push up (from floor)                   9 9
    5.stand up & jump abs                                9 9
    6.sumo knees & half burpee                        7 7

    AB bonus:

    1.tuck abs out & up arms      19
    2.reverse crunch -diamond     30
    3.single toe touch                 25

    + 4 min interval high knees

    kisses to you all

  • Brian

    I’m so sore today from the pyramid workout yesterday that I decided to go for the intermediate. Even that was too much for me and I struggled through it. That pyramid workout has totally wiped me out. I’m taking a break to recover tomorrow and resume on Saturday.

  • Brian

    I’m so sore today from the pyramid workout yesterday that I decided to go for the intermediate. Even that was too much for me and I struggled through it. That pyramid workout has totally wiped me out. I’m taking a break to recover tomorrow and resume on Saturday.

  • Anonymous

    Hi freddy!  I was wondering if you could keep all the videos with the same name.  I like to search for workouts and if I wish to do the beginner workout or the intermediate workout say 2 or 3 months from now, their titles will not show up as they don’t match the title at the top.  thanks a bunch!

  • Anonymous


    I did Fit Hotties Rock Workout after work tonight!  http://www.bodyrock.tv/2010/09/07/my-workout-and-score-fit-hotties-rock/  good sweat!

    Lisa, I like that you’ve included some old favourites!  turkish get ups, supergirls, pikes, the jacks and pullups, and even the hands up pushups – they are really hard to not cheat on.  now to figure out which ones to do & when to do them!  ha ha!  thanks.

    freddy – so sorry to hear about your pants!

    • Anonymous

      Ditto this.

      But I’m curious…what happened to the pants? Have i missed something?

      • Anonymous

        freddy posted a pic on facebook, he split his favourite diesel jeans while filming a workout! crotch shot pic! lol

        • Anonymous

          Bahah it’s funny cuz every time i wear my jeans til they disintegrate, it’s always in the crotch.  Oh, the crotch.

  • http://twitter.com/IronFistGirl Tara Fox

    Kettle bells ? like Zu? hmmm funny that

  • http://focusandfeelfreetofly.blogspot.com/ masage

    Finally I see workouts are becoming more versatile, different moves – they are becoming interesting again. I’m beginning to like it (again). :) Thanks, guys!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Sofia.B.LopezBilbao Sofia

    I had to take a look at the advanced to see what i could do if i dedicate myself and that looks just HARD CORE haha. Hopefully some day I’ll get there. I’ll stick to intermediate for now haha 

    • Anonymous

      Bahaha i know what you mean!
      It’s almost like looking into the future!

    • Anonymous

      Bahaha i know what you mean!
      It’s almost like looking into the future!

    • Anonymous

      Bahaha i know what you mean!
      It’s almost like looking into the future!

  • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

    As I was posting my scores from tonight, this posted!  It’s in my log for tomorrow :)

    I made Quinoa Primavera for dinner last night.  I posted the recipe on Facebook, but forgot to post it here.  It’s perfect for a meat-free high protein/high veggie meal or side dish.http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/02/quinoa-primavera.html

  • ZoeRocker

    This looks wicked. I’m behind a couple days, but looking forward to this workout!

  • Anonymous

    Somewhat random, but oh well…

    I did the New 400 Rep Workout (all burpees) and finished in 54 mins 48 seconds!

    Had to tell someone!!

    • Gerri Lee Schafer


    • ZoeRocker

      Good for you!!! That is the hardest workout I’ve ever done. Sean’s the other day came pretty close tho…

      • Anonymous

        Thank you, friends!

        I was intrigued by Sean’s as well, gonna hafta try that one next i think…

    • Anonymous

      way to go!

    • Anonymous

      Wowzers! way to go girl! !! great respect for pushing through

    • Anonymous

      omg that workout is so brutal, the most i have done is 3 rounds i think because it was just too long.  good for you!

    • Vivi

      For me still the hardiest workout never done !!