Apr 13 2012

Fat Killer Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

We are closing off this week with 2 workouts. You can do 1 or the other or both if you are feeling the need for some serious fat killing BodyRock style :)

Big news!!! Lisa will be back with us to lead all new workouts starting Monday. She will have to take it a little easy, so if you are a beginner or have just been watching the videos, Monday will be an excellent time to get started. We will also be including beginner modifications in picture format here on the site because so many of you guys have requested that feature.

In other news Lisa surprised me and everyone else for that matter with a new long hair style. She looks completely beautiful but some people are using it as an excuse to be mean to her – if you get a chance please stop by our Facebook page and show her some support – the more positivity we can shine the better. She is slowly growing a thicker skin but some people can be extremely hurtful. The first picture of her new look is up on our page here: https://www.facebook.com/BodyRock.Tv I know she would appreciate hearing from you.

Have a great weekend!


Lisa’s Workout Video:

*** The Sandbag guys are offering BodyRockers $10 Off until Monday here: http://bit.ly/ULTSANDBAG

Lisa’s Workout BreakDown:

Set your interval timer to 12 rounds of 50 seconds work with a 10 second rest – You will complete the following 4 exercises three times through.

1) Walking pushup with Jump Tuck

2) Low Jack Pull Up

3) Ugi Side Plank Pick Up- Using The Ugi ball

5) Core Balance Using The BodyRock Equalizer

Sean’s Workout Video:

Sean’s Workout BreakDown:

This is a 200 Rep Workout!  25 reps per exercise move as fast as you can.  It’s an alternate upper body lower body workout.

1) Switch Lunges using the Pink Sandbag

2) Burpee’s

3) Switch Lunges using the Pink Sandbag

4) Diamond PushUp

To celebrate our upcoming 4th anniversary we have decided to give away a bunch of  prizes on our Facebook pages. Lisa just finished giving away 40 Tops last weekend and this week she will be giving away a BodyRock Equalizer to one lucky BodyRocker.  Sean is giving away a pile of Stainless Steel BodyRock.Tv Water Bottles on his page and we also are giving away a brand new iPad 3 so that you can BodyRock with us from anywhere.  Every single day a BodyRocker will win anInterval Timer and the cool prizes will continue all summer long so make sure you like our Facebook pages now to have the most shots at winning :) The main Facebook page is here. Lisa’s page is here and Sean’s Page is here. Last but not least I will be giving away an Ugi Fitness Ball on my page here :)


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  • Porkybear

    Lisa- you are a total beast!!!!  Thanks for inspiration.

  • Write2niki

    Lisa you’re energy and passion for fitness is encouraging and motivating to stay on a healthy path. Thank you for your passion and your honesty when you’re in front of the camera!

  • Lisa

    Just finished Sean’s workout! Awesome! Did the 200 reps in 14:02! I had to move to modified diamond pushups from my knees. I was using my 20lb sandbag. (I just got my sandbag in the mail 2 days ago! So excited!) Thanks!

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Ooohh, I have a nerve stuck in my back, somewhere in between my spine and shoulder blade. It hurts just to breathe and move my left arm, aaaarrggh!!! It was evil doing push-ups! I don’t feel like taking a break from working out, but should I? I am no expert, but I’ve heard it should go away by itself. 

    I made this workout into a 15 minute routine. I did V-Lifts on my dip station instead of chin-ups. I only used 5 kilos today, because of my back pain. I accidently did “Plank to Elbow” jumps instead of regular side plank jumps, but I guess it’s not less challenging :) 

    1) 2 Walking Push-ups & 1 Jump Tuck: 12-11-11.
    2) Low Jack & V-Split Abs: 21-20½-21.
    3) Ball Plank to Elbow Jump & Press-up (5 kg): 12½-12-12.  
    4) Get-up & Jump Up: 12-12-12.
    5) Super Man Elevated Push-up (HARD!): 17-13-14.

    Abs Mash-Up: 06×10/50:
    1) Bicycle & Toe Touch: 16 sets.
    2) Sit-up & Punch L & R: 20.
    3) Side Plank Hold & Toe Touch Up & Front, L: 14 sets.
    4) R: 14 sets.
    5) Sitting Tuck Abs: 30.
    6) Ball (5kg) One Leg Toe Touch & V-Split Sit-up. 8½ sets.

    Love, Maria

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    NO MODS for chin-ups = Be PROUD!!! So cool :) Nice effort, Kendra! I also made it into a 15 minute workout this morning.
    Love, Maria

  • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    PS. I also wanted to say that your English is actually pretty great from what I can tell!  And I’m sorry that people make fun of you.  Those people are lame, mean, and just insecure about themselves.  No one who felt good about themselves would ever make fun of someone else.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    Hi Railey!  First, CONGRATS to you for even trying.  Please understand that at 15 you’re just beginning this journey of fitness, and let me tell you–it is a JOURNEY.  Everyone’s is different.  The most important thing, though, in fitness, I believe, is to be excited about that journey.  I’ve gone through SOOO many phases of fitness, and how I work out, from running, to sports to DVD’s at home, to weight lifting at the gym, to where I am now–BodyRock and at-home workouts.  I think my love of fitness started when I was your age and I did sports for the first time, and I understood the feeling of being really fit.  I also had a coach telling me to work out, and sometimes that outside influence is really good. 

    Anyway, here’s my advice.  First of all, DO NOT beat up on yourself.  Sometimes we do that because it feels better in a way, but it’s counter-productive.  Ultimately you want to get to a point where instead of working out because you’re afraid of getting unfit and fat from NOT working out (that was my motivation for most my life), you’re EXCITED and invested in your fitness, feeling better, and the new changes to your body.  

    Second of all, KEEP TRACK of your workouts.  Aim for a certain number per week.  Tell yourself that in 12-20 minutes you’ll be DONE.  That’s what got me hooked.  I used to work out 4-5 times a week for 30-45 min.  But when I knew I had to work out and I was facing that amount of time, it was hard.  With these short workouts, I found it a lot easier to motivate myself because I would say to myself, “I can do 12 minutes!” As Zuzana, the former host said, shorter than a shower!

    Thirdly, don’t worry about getting lost.  There are HUNDREDS of workouts on hte site–old and new, and every single one I’ve done has been a fantastic workout.  You might want to consider following one of the 30-day challenges on the site.  That way, you set a good goal for yourself and you’ll be able to see your results in the 30 days.  I would suggest the January one, just because some of the Sean challenges in the February challenge are very challenging both mentally and physically.  But I believe they’re starting a new 30 day challenge very soon, too, so you could follow along with that!  

    I don’t know if that helps.  I hope it does!  At any rate, you can always come here and talk to us.  We’re happy to help.  Oh!  And if you’re on Facebook, if you write Lisa-Marie about your concerns, she’ll write you back.  And she is one of the most fitness-inspiring people EVER.  

    Good luck! -Kendra

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ruthanne-Riley/1720604985 Ruthanne Riley

     Ok, seriously, Sean? Your chest is ridiculous. Is bodyrock all you do or do you do extra weight training? I am in awe……and I’m a chick. lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    I’m sorry you are down, Christine!  It’s scary when things like that happen.  Something similar happened in my parents’ neighborhood a few months ago.  But thank you for sharing your story with us!  I couldn’t agree more that exercise really helps with mood.  I don’t have any diagnosis or anything, nor would I call myself depressed, but sometimes I only work out because I KNOW it will help keep my mood up.  It’s done wonders for me, and it’s done wonders for my stepson who also fell upon track and field once he came into high school, and he’s totally addicted to fitness now.  I think it’s a wonderful gift we give ourselves.  I’m so proud that he found his own way to it, too–we didn’t push it on him, it was his own choice.  And everything’s gotten better for him, I think because of it–friends, confidence, grades, happiness.  Everything.

    Hope you feel better.  Have a wonderful night (or day!)

  • Anonymous

    Hi,guys,I did this on Sunday but I hadn’t Internet to post it.I used 8kg. dumbells for the exercises.
    Lisa’s wokout:
    Walking pushup with Jump Tuck-7 7 7
    Low Jack Pull Up-9 8 9
    Ugi Side Plank Pick Up- 5 5 6
    Turkish jump up-6 7 7
    Core Balance-24 24 25

    Sean’s workout-25 reps:-I did it in 05:14 min.+ BFE
    Thank you much ,guys,I’m really looking forward for the next workout :)

  • Lvette#1

    Aislyn, I’m glad you read the article. Sadly, we’re still dealing with the issue of  nagative body image in 2012.  Ten years ago I made a conscious decision to be nicer to myself in regards to the way I see, feel or think about my body.

  • Anonymous

    happy monday everyone!  I did Wild & free exercise challenge today!  http://www.bodyrock.tv/2011/06/22/wild-free-exercise-challenge/ great sweat!

    • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

      That workout is GREAT but I haaaaate it!  I don’t know if that means I’ll never do it again, or that I HAVE to do it again! :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

      That workout is GREAT but I haaaaate it!  I don’t know if that means I’ll never do it again, or that I HAVE to do it again! :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

      That workout is GREAT but I haaaaate it!  I don’t know if that means I’ll never do it again, or that I HAVE to do it again! :)

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    I agree on those perfect Burpees :) I admired them, too!!! Great to have you back again, dear Kate!

  • Bodyrocker_Audra

    I warmed up with my skipping rope and split Sean’s workout in half with round 1 bodyweight only and finished in 5:58.  After Lisa’s workout I used my 20lb SB for round 2 and finished in 6:55 for a total time of 200 reps in 12:53.  I also didn’t have room in my doorway to do a low jack so I did a burpee and pullup instead and it worked just as good.  I felt like I was dragging my butt through this workout tho, lol.

    WalkingPU/JT:  7/5/5
    BurpeePullup:  8/7/7
    SidePlankPU:  7/6/6
    SBGetups:  5/5/5   

    I’m gonna finish this off with 20 min interval rope skipping.  It’s just what I need to kick my butt into gear today.

  • Anonymous

    Just did Sean’s 200 rep. WOW, I am weak. I did not time myself. I had to pause three times while doing burpees. I could not really do switch lunges, they were more like hop lunges. Did the push ups on my knees. All in all, great workout, I hope I get stronger

  • http://www.facebook.com/louise.sterritt Louise Sterritt

    My arms are burning!

  • Anonymous

    You were pleased and we are proud of you. That´s everything what is needed and I think you are doing perfect ;)

  • Anonymous

    I have realized I did only half of Sean´s Rep Challenge (= one round). So I just want to make it clear to not mystify anyone with my time :)

  • http://aphrodiitee.deviantart.com/ Isidora

    Yesterday’s workout.: (It left my butt sore today :D) 

    4 rounds of:
    1. Side lunge knee up – 20 reps each leg
    2. Crab toe touch – 50 reps
    3. Half pistol + pike press – 10 each leg
    total time: 27:30 min

    + leg bonus: 4 rounds
    1. one leg wall sit (with 3kg weight on the leg that is not lifted) – 1 min each leg
    2. Broomstick squats – 15 reps
    time: 14:20 min. 


    Todays workout: I went to an older one “I’ts so on right now workout” but instead i did it as a time challenge. (oh and i modified some exercises were i didnt have extra weight to make it more challenging)…. IT WAS INTENSE!

    1. Monkey business push up (do the monkey push up, return to squat position, repeat) – 30 reps
    2. Crossed leg burpee: 25 reps
    3. Get up and jump up: 20 reps
    4. Tricep leg lifts: 100 reps
    5. Side leg lift squat Right: 25 reps
    6. Side leg lift squat Left: 25 reps
    7. Side leg lift squat Right: 25 reps
    8. Side leg lift squat Left: 25 reps
    9. Jump lunge + knee up: 30 reps
    10. M.climbers on plastic ball – 140 reps
    11. Jump jack + backward lunge – 26 reps 
    12. 2 sumo squats knee up + half ball burpee: 20 reps
    Total time: 24:45 min

    + upper body bonus:
    1. Side plank 1 min each side
    2. Chin ups till failure. (first round: 4 reps, second: 4 reps, third: 3 reps, fourth: 3 reps) 
    total time: 12:11 min.


    • Mmghia

      I have missed your posts Isidora glad to see it here!!  Another challenging workout for me to do tomorrow, looking forward to it! Thanks Michelle

  • Cindy

    I did both workout at the gym today. These two workouts left me feeling strong and happy.
    Lisa Workout
    1 7-7-7
    2 3 low jacks and dip 24-15-15
    3 7-7-7 with 10 pounds med ball
    4 8-10-10 (felt it in my core)
    4 10-10-10
    Sean Workout took me 13 minutes. I love Sean’s workouts because they test your physical and mental strength at the same time.
    I finished with 100 squat with Med Ball between legs in 1 minutes and 30 sec.

  • http://moveeatlivewell.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessicas-beginners-guide-to-bodyrocktv.html JessJN

    You guys are the best….I love that if I forget my workout log I can design a quick, effective, challenging workout based on what you teach us.   I did another workout today, then made a up a fun balance-building 101 rep bonus that I will turn into a full workout.  
    1 round of
    25 1-leg deadlift with fitball (like ugi) RT
    25 1-leg deadlift with fitball LT
    26 reverse plank knee tucks, hands on fitball
    25 sit-ups with fitball
    in 5:44min

    20  min 10/20 skipping

    For a full workout, do 3-5 rounds (303-505 reps).  If you don’t have an dynamax fitball/ugi, make it bodyweight , use a regular medicine ball.  Make the deadlift more challenging by adding a little hop on the standing up portion.

    Also, I made a tasty fennel, shallot, & citrus zest marinade this week, which I used on halibut.  It can also be used for a salad dressing base, mix in to rice/quinoa/millet, tuna salad, etc.


  • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    DAAAANG that was good!  I did both workouts, and I was really pleased that I didn’t have to modify anything–I could do the pull ups all regular, and I could do all diamond push ups on my feet!  I had to take breaks, but I could still keep doing them.  I DID modify one thing–well, I modified the exercise that I don’t think is supposed to be in the workout.  I added the extra exercise, but instead of the get ups I did turkish jump ups (like in It’s So on Right Now Workout, one of my favorites) because I’ve had lower back trouble, and you could really hurt your back on the get ups if you’re not careful.  You still could on turkish jump ups, but because it’s more of a dynamic move, the lower back is in a compromising position for less time.  

    I also subbed in a jump squat instead of the tuck jump because of downstairs neighbors and instead of just lifting the ugly ball I lifted it and jumped in the ugi side to side plank thing.  I used a 10lb ugly ball, my pull up bar and my 18lb sandbag for the turkish jump ups and the jump lunges on the 200 rep challenge and the arm  of a chair for the core balance.

    walking push up and squat jump (2 pu’s and jump =1rep): 7-6-6
    low jack and pull up: 9-8-8
    ugi side to side plank and jump up: 6-6-6
    (added) turkish jump up: 10-10-10
    core balance: 13.5-12-12

    15:00 exactly.  
    round 1: 6:54
    round 2: 8:06

    Also, for the record–either of these is an awesome workout on its own!  I was definitely outside my comfort zone on both, and had to take breaks.  Both of these workouts are getting high scores for me!

    Happy Saturday! xoxo

    PS. Take your time sending it, but I am anxiously awaiting my boob tube!  Can’t wait! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    I’m going to do this now!  But I have to get out of bed, LOL!  

    For all those asking, I think the extra footage is a mistake.  I think what they wrote for the instructions is what you’re supposed to do, but they didn’t properly edit out the get ups and the other stuff at the end.  Um…howEVer…now that I saw the get-ups I kind of want to do them…so I might make this a 15-min workout.  Last time I tried to do the get ups they didn’t work, but I did the turkish jump-ups instead, which I looooooovvve, so I’ll do that, maybe :)Here goes!

  • http://twitter.com/IronFistGirl Tara Fox

    I did this  today (sunday for me) as I can’t bring myself to have a rest day, as much as I try I find myself thinking all day about how I havent worked out al that I should just do it so I just end up doing it.  Anyone else have this problem? Its not like Im not busy coz I have a 12 wk old daughter and a 4 yr old to chase after but I can always find time to workout, i just love the way I feel after.  I guess u could say exercise is my drug :)    I blame bodyrock.tv for this when i started  a 1yr ago and THANKYOU for making exercise a habit for me.

    my scores:

    Walking pushup – 7.5, 5.5, 5
    2xlowjacks + 2 dips – 6,5,6
    Sandbag side plank pick up – 5,5,5
    Sandbag getups – 4,5,5


    V ups – 27
    Side oblique left – 30
    Sandbag situps – 9  ( all out of beat for these)
    Side oblique right – 29

  • Anonymous

    Pretty pumped (literally and figuratively) did Sean’s 200 rep in 4:27 after strong and sexy workout. Who beat me? I can’t see any timess with all the drama.

    • http://twitter.com/IronFistGirl Tara Fox

      im gonna attempt it this arvo, see how i go. your time is very impressive but i doubt ill come close. how heavy was your sandbag?

    • http://twitter.com/IronFistGirl Tara Fox

      im gonna attempt it this arvo, see how i go. your time is very impressive but i doubt ill come close. how heavy was your sandbag?

      • Anonymous

         15lb . I bet you can!

        • http://twitter.com/IronFistGirl Tara Fox

          4:40 – not bad not bad at all :)

  • Azerick

    I will have to try this work out soon. :) I am thinking of buying a hoodie. Does some of the money go to Zuz, and everyone who helps make bodyrock big? That will be my determining factor, since she did help build the site for the past many years. ^_^ Of course, money should go to Sean and Lisa-Marie too.

    • http://twitter.com/IronFistGirl Tara Fox

      I would say that Zu and Freddy would have sorted this out between them, now that she has her own chanel now I doubt she would be getting anything from bodyrock.tv, shes making her own tshirts now but you could just buy one of them and a hoodie  to help show your support for both  :)

      • Azerick

         Sweet! I didn’t know Zuz was selling t-shirts now.  I believe I will do that. ^-^

        • Azerick

           And by that I mean, buy a hoodie from bodyrock and buy a t-shirt Zuz is selling.

    • http://twitter.com/IronFistGirl Tara Fox

      I would say that Zu and Freddy would have sorted this out between them, now that she has her own chanel now I doubt she would be getting anything from bodyrock.tv, shes making her own tshirts now but you could just buy one of them and a hoodie  to help show your support for both  :)

  • NastassiaC

    Bodyrock.tv is sexy : why not? Today, I will do my comeback on bodyrocking after a long winter being sick. Also, I try to stop all dairy products to see if my health improve… Wish me luck : it’s gonna be soooo hard that I’m scared lol

    • http://twitter.com/IronFistGirl Tara Fox

      Good luck ! you can do it :)

  • Cindy

    My first workout was Sexy By Summer and my time was 15 minutes as before. I followed with #9 and I ended with a few Pull ups and hanging knee ups and 5 incline treadmill sprints (speed of 7.0-78)

    A nice weekend for all Bodyrockers!

  • Chris Lee

    i did 13 today.  finished with my april abstravaganza! and pushups/pull ups to failure.  i did 13 pullups and i don’t know how, but i managed 58 pushups, up from 53 two days ago, so that’s pretty exciting (for me, anyways).

  • Lvette #1

    I liked Lisa right from when she sent in her picture in 2010 (my liking her was solely base on her physical look then). As a fan now, my liking her  is base more on substantive qualities from the little clips  of her life she has show here (here are just a few of those qualities..her positive self-projection,  humility,  fortitude, siliness and  wackiness.)   I know is hard to do, but Lisa don’t worry about the negative feedbacks. Find some good or lessons in even the most trying comments.

     Here is a good read for all of us. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/04/09/ashley-judd-slaps-media-in-the-face-for-speculation-over-her-puffy-appearance.print.html

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    did this today


    alright Kyla, got it done this morning. Took me 6:55. Instead of doing 2
    or 3 rounds today, I added in some extras, well another whole routine
    really…lol..here is what I did, two times through.

    50 HK – 5 band assisted pull ups – 5 unassisted dips – 10 military push ups – 20 hand to toe star abs.
    50 HK – ” ” – 10 regular PU – 20 hip rock and raise.
    50 HK – ” ” – 10 super wide PU – 20 froggie crunch.

    50 HK – ” ”
    – 10 reverse PU – 20 dip station straight leg raises.
    50 HK – ” ” – 10 reptile PU – 20 side leg drops.

    Will do some interval skipping after work today too.

    • Mmghia

      Thanks for the site went there and did the 250 rep wo today. I wish I could say my time was in the sixes but no 8:34, then I did a second round w 15 reps in 5:32 and ended w 10 pistols. I appreciate you sharing that info. Thanks Michelle

  • Kathy_Bodyrock

    I love the new look, Lisa! you are so beautiful!! inside and out :)) happy to see you on monday again :)
    Bodyrockers, enjoy your weekend :)

  • Anonymous

    Lisa’s video is 28 something minutes long, but after the workout, the screen goes black and it continues to be so for the next 10min or so, and then you can see Lisa explaining some of the exercises. Just thought to let you know, so you can fix it, if you want. :)

    Can’t wait to see Lisa and do the new workout on Monday! :D

  • Maria

    Honestly Lisa, you need to just ignore people’s negative comments and keep doing what you do. I know it’s hard and hurtful, but if you show them they’ve made no impact then they just look & feel foolish. They’re the ones being bogged down with negative thoughts – not you! And to be honest, the people saying mean things are probably just jealous they can’t last through your workouts HAHA.

    Don’t change anything about your personality. Anything you want to do looks-wise is your own personal decision. If these people felt that strong about implants or hair extensions then they should be picketing outside of cosmetic surgery facilities and hair salons lol..

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Gerri Lee

    I have checked out her blog once in a while, but not recently.  I would like her to come host here once in a while still.  I didn’t realize we were not allowed to talk about her though?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Gerri Lee

    I have checked out her blog once in a while, but not recently.  I would like her to come host here once in a while still.  I didn’t realize we were not allowed to talk about her though?

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      I don’t think they mind if we talk about her, but her new page is a work out site, hence competition…so…..

      • Vivi

        I follow her new site too. And it’s great I find <3

  • Anonymous

    yes I agree totally.  just flag the comment and keep your own mouth shut!  us criticizing is just reinforcing those behaviours.

    you are so smart Mmghia!  :)

  • Mmghia

    Why are people who dislike something always labeled “Haters”?  Is it the way their opinion is stated that makes it offensive to some?  or just the fact that they said something negative? Change always brings on a strong reaction, people are comfortable with what they know.  Remember when Zuzka left?? Poor Jessie!  Some will like LM’s new look and other will not, either way if we can stop criticizing the criticizers it helps to stop the cycle and then we can just get back to working out!!  

    • Mominator_2

      I agree!!! They are getting the attention they want! Don’t give it to them!

  • Jill Hobbs

    Happy to hear that Lisa will be back leading workouts! I have missed Lisa’s energy!

  • Anonymous

    Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on the getups. I have real trouble with, well getting up. I am not overweight and relatively fit. Do you think this is a strength issue or just a lack of flexibility? Any ideas on how I could work on this?

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

       try giving a one hand assist to get up…it’s a flexibility thing for me…I still hand assist every time…I can do roll backs and get ups because of momentum.

      • Anonymous

        hmmm are we supposed to do the get up jumps? they are not mentioned in the breakdown, it says 4 exercises 3 times through.  and if we are to add them are we supposed to add them twice?

        are we supposed to do the foot drag pushups, swiss ball pike press pushup, the side leg lift, the jump jack pullup again, and the sandbag get up yet again, the ab bonus – star toe touch, leg raise toe touch situp & cross knee tuck plank as well?  lol  This is quite a workout!   or did anybody else watch the full 28 min video!  lol

        I do sure miss kyla, wish she would come back once in a while!  Nice to hear her voice in Sean’s video!  Her 1000 rep workout is one of my favourites when I wish to torture myself.  Haven’t been able to finish it yet!

        • Gerri Lee Schafer

          hi Tee, she just launched a new site if you miss her..hope you grab this quick cause it’ll get deleted bodyripped.net and no I didn’t watch the entire thing, just a bit and now I’m moving on to something else

    • Anonymous

      it can be a bit of strength, you do need ab strength, but flexibility could be the problem too.  I wouldn’t use weight at first until you get the technique down, then you can use your hand or hands to get your butt off the floor.  Also I prefer the two foot stance like lisa is using but some people prefer folding one leg under as you come up and then using one leg to get up.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks everyone for your imput. I think it is a flexibility thing for me because I can’t seem to get my feet close to my butt when getting up. Is this a hip thing? I tried just pulling myself up and sitting in that low squat position and I found it difficult just to stay in that position. I ended up finding a mod that I can do using my Bosu so I’ll try doing them like that and maybe get more stretching in to loosen up.

  • Bodyrocker_Audra

    Hey Lisa!  You’re beautiful inside and out.  Don’t let the jealous people get to you.  I don’t have a Facebook but I always visit your page and the others through the links here.  As another Bodyrocker posted on your FB photos, I wanted to repost this saying.  “Haters don’t really hate you, they HATE THEMSELVES because you’re a reflection of what they wish to be.”  Go ahead and shine your light Lisa!  You are inspiring so many people Worldwide! 

    • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

      I second everything you say Audra!  


      Well said Audra!!!  AMEN!  xo :)

  • ZoeRocker

    I honestly can’t STAND how people have treated her since she came to BodyRockTv. Seriously! She’s here to HELP US get in shape and live a healthy life!!!! Why can’t people see that? They choose to attack and insult her for no reason and then hide behind their comments where no one can see them. It’s PATHETIC!!!! If you don’t like Lisa (because you are crazy) then GO AWAY AND LET THOSE WHO LOVE HER ENJOY HER BECAUSE SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Lisa you are amazing and you shouldn’t care about what those people think. They are cowards. I bet they couldn’t go in front of hundreds of thousands of people everyday and put themselves out there like you have. You had incredibly big shoes to fill and I think you have done a spectacular job. CHEERS!!! 

  • jjboch

    Double trouble!  One for the morning and one for just before work tomorrow!!  Think I will throw in a 5k run too!

  • jjboch

    Double trouble!  One for the morning and one for just before work tomorrow!!  Think I will throw in a 5k run too!