May 17 2012

Week 3 Day 3 – Teeny Bikini Workout! – BodyRock Burn & Sculpt & Flow Workouts

Hi BodyRockers,

We are so freaking excited!!!! The Free BodyRockTv App is now available here: Our App has loads of cool features and it is currently ranked at #1 in the free fitness section of the app store :)

The really cool thing about the app is that it allows you direct access to your workouts from anywhere – plus there are BodyRockers from all over the world posting their pictures and sharing tips, meals and supporting each other. We have been listening to all of your feedback and in June we launch Real-Time versions of our workouts with a built in interval timer so all you will need to BodyRock anywhere will be your phone :) You can now carry Lisa, Sean and Teshia and all of your workouts around in your pocket plus connect with the whole BodyRock community all right here and 100% for free:

These cool new features are really just the very beginning of what we are working – the more we connect as a community and the more you guys contribute your feedback the better we can make it for everyone. Thanks for making our community #1 in so many ways :)


Freddy, Sean, Lisa & Teshia

The 30 Day Timetable:

(*you complete all the tasks on each day – everything will be included in the daily post you need to complete each workout – so just check in everyday*)

Tip: Depending on where you are in the world, It’s handy to always work a day behind as somedays the videos include more content and do not go up until later :)

Click Here to download a copy – Cross off the days to keep you on track :))

Note: There are paper copies of all the workouts available on Lisa-Marie’s Facebook Page Here that you can print off to take with you.


 BodyRock Burn:
BodyRock Burn Workout Video:

Set your interval timer to 12 rounds of 50 seconds work with a 10 second rest – You will complete the following circuit 3 times through.

1) 1/2 Burpee, Star Jump, Burpee – Using the Ugi ball

2) Elevated Push Ups & Tricep Dips – Using the Ugi ball & the BodyRock Equalizer or Dip Station

3) Sumo Knee Touch & Front Raise & Squat – Using the Ugi ball

4) Wide Leg’s Touch Toe Abs – Using the Ugi ball

 BodyRock Sculpt:

BodyRock Sculpt Workout Video:

Set your interval timer to 3 rounds of 50 seconds work with a 10 second rest – You will complete the following exercises below, each for 50 seconds

1) Low Squats – Using the Ugi ball

2) Punch Abs

3) Touch Ball Squats – Using the Ugi ball

 BodyRock Burn:
BodyRock Burn Tutorial Video:

 BodyRock Flow:

BodyRock Flow Workout Video:

This months program incorporates:

– Intense Total Body ‘BodyRock Burn’ Workouts – 12 Minute Workouts specifically designed to maximize fat loss.

– Specific Isolated Weighted ‘BodyRock Sculpt’ Program to run alongside the Burn & Flow Components – To Dramatically Improve Overall Toning & Strength

– ‘BodyRock Flow’ – Improve strength, flexibilty and help create long lean & limber muscles to support the ‘Burn & Sculpt’ Workouts.

– Diet Challenges – Focusing on Portion Sizes, Recipes, Tips & Help with all aspects of Diet & Food – Ensuring you keep focused and on Track through the 30 Day Programme.

– Support – Everyday we will be personally checking in with you on Facebook to keep you motivated, share food & give constant tips and tricks on ways to keep motivated, stay focused & on track.

– Lisa-Marie’s Facebook page: click here, Sean’s Facebook page: click here, Freddy’s Facebook page: click here


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  • Anonymous

    1/2 burpee, star jump and burpee-18/16/16
    elevated push up, tri dip-7/7/7
    sumo knee touch, front raise and squat-19/24/22
    wide leg toe touch ab-13/14/15

    low squat-85/74
    punch abs-16/17
    touch ball squats-23/25

  • Nicole Tmy


    Workout –

    1. 15, 14, 16
    2. 5, 5, 5
    3. 11, 13, 12
    4. 15, 15, 13

    Sculpt –

    1. 56
    2. 18
    3. 24

  • Yamila

    Burn 1) 1/2 Burpee Star Jump 12 9 9 2)Push Ups 20 19 213) Sumo Knee Touch & Front Raise & Squat  8  8  84)Touch Toe Abs  18 17 17
    5) Elevated Tricep Dips  16  16  18

    1) Low Squats  52
    2) Abs  25  25
    3) Touch Ball Squats  48


  • Yamila

     Choose a WO of your choice !

  • Andrea Riofrio

    1) 1/2 Burpee, Star Jump, Burpee – Using the Ugi ball
    14, 20, 20
    2) Elevated Push Ups & Tricep Dips – Using the Ugi ball & the BodyRock Equalizeror Dip Station
    5, 5, 6
    3) Sumo Knee Touch & Front Raise & Squat – Using the Ugi ball
    22, 25, 25 —> 10 pounds
    4) Wide Leg’s Touch Toe Abs – Using the Ugi ball
    16, 15, 18 —> 10 pounds

    Sculpt 1) Low Squats – Using the Ugi ball
    2) Punch Abs
    13 —> 2.5 pounds each arm
    3) Touch Ball Squats – Using the Ugi ball25I did flow for 12 min. Flow seems easy but is not it just proves that I need to improve my flexibility.I really like when Lisa, Sean, and Freddy add punches or anything similar to kickboxing is really cool and it motivates me more.Thank you guys!

  • Natassia Chalmers

    I am curious about what else Teshia does for exercise! She is so flexible and also is super lean! Anyone know how I could get an answer?

  • JessJN

    Thanks Kim! How great that your friend is starting too!

  • Nina_CZ

    Teshia is made of rubber, right? :D Love BRFlow, will be doing some, I need to get more flexible and I really like this idea :) Suffering from tonsillitis now, not allowed to workout till I am 100% fit :( Will watch and observe till then :)

  • Cindy

    What about a Kettlebell Kickboxing workout? I would love to see Lisa or Sean doing this type of workout.

  • Anonymous

    Hi did a workout from another site today and followed it with teshia’s flow from this workout and the fit test flow.  Could you please put the breakdown’s for the flows underneath please?


  • Anonymous

    I know that I probably won’t do them if I don’t! lol and then I do more! sometimes I just add an extra 3 round on the end.

  • shanellc

    Ug I LOVE the new app! Whats the ONE thing you carry with you when you workout? You’re phone/Ipod! Now I can go to the gym (by gym I mean my backyard) and workout without having to lug around my poor computer :) 

    Its awesome and I’m so greatful that its also free! 

  • Anonymous

    argh..i wanted to try the BR app..but i have a droid. T.T It’s only for apple technology phones? boo hoo… :(((((((

  • Ania M

    really enjoyed this workout – for the last few days just done a mash up of a few of my favourite ones, still enjoting the 30 day challenge and and Flow work outs to finish off with a great for claming down and stretching out. Thank you to all of you for this! So scores on the doors are:
    1) 21, 22, 24
    2) 6, 5, 6 did these using saw horses and an old pub stool! still can’t get as deep as Lisa on the p/u, and if i was doing on the floor it’s be bent knee.
    3) 12, 12, 12 using a 5lb dumbbell in each hand
    4) 14, 15, 15 using one 5lb dumbbell
    1) 47 (trying to squeeze sandbag)
    2) 19
    3) 39 (using stool)


  • Rehtaeh05

    I always include sculpt with the other exercises so it ends up being 20 minutes of interval training instead of 12. Usually I’ll just add it on the end or include it in the original list of exercises, but I set my timer for 10 seconds X 50 seconds X20 rounds.

  • Frostypond

    I am glad to hear I am not the only one that has had trouble loading the site. It is super frustrating! I find it funny that the point of HIT (high intensity interval training) workouts is to save time, yet the site takes FOREVER and a day to load, with numerous skips and pauses in the video and audio. Quality has been sacrificed for quantity. This is super frustrating for the user, and it adds to the “sold out” feeling the site has displayed in the last couple months. As others have mentioned, I haven’t shared this site with anyone in a while either, whereas I raved about it when I stumbled upon it about a year ago. The raciness of the site used to be well within reason but I agree with others that it comes across somewhat trashy now. 
    I also hate to complain and criticize, as this has been an outstanding, well executed idea for a fitness blog, that has made a big difference in my life. I especially appreciate that it is offered for free, and had been kept virtually advertisement-free for so long. In recent months, the site seems to have “sold out” however, and it seems to be doing so at the expense of the user experience (and that is what brought so much  success in the first place).
    I also really miss the amazing recipes…

  • Jill Hobbs

    Loved the new combos….Ugi Half Burpee Jump and Elevated Pushup Tricep Dip.

  • Anonymous

    whew!  I did one round of born this way workout first using my new sandball!
    sandbag sumo squat L – 16, 12
    plank knee touch – 19, 19
    sandbag sumo squat R – 13, 12
    sandbag swing L – 17, 16
    side to side plank jumps -33, 40
    sandbag swings R – 16, 16
    one leg squat & kick L – 5, 6, 6
    one leg squat & kick R – 7, 6, 6

    then I did teeny bikini with the butt bonus together 21 rounds
    ugi burpee punch – 12, 12, 11
    pushup to dip – 8, 6, 6
    sumo knee touch & ugi swing – 14, 10, 11
    wide leg toe touch (no weight) – 14, 17, 18
    ugi squeeze – 45, 40, 43
    2 punches sit up – 14, 14, 13
    ugi squat – 15, 14, 12

    thanks off to work!

  • Anonymous

    there is a tutorial video!

  • md

     yes – listening to our emotional bodies – our subtle bodies (there are several) is crucial (so hard yet so easy to do)…

  • Anonymous

    pick an older workout

  • Anonymous

    no there wasn’t, just pick an older workout!

  • Anonymous


  • Janet

    Teshia’s flow movies are wonderful inspiration to add some productive stretching to the mix and I really admire her dedication to yoga.  Personally I have always been in a battle to do the hard core aerobic workout over the yin yoga stretches and I have a collection of long term nagging injuries to show for my choices.  This morning I rolled out the yoga mat and stretched for 20 minutes and my hips feel sooooo much better for it.  Thank you so much for supporting this choice!

    • Anonymous

      nice to see you again janet!

  • Anonymous

    Hi,guys,here is my score:
     1/2 Burpee, Star Jump, Burpee –12 12 13 13
    Elevated Push Ups & Tricep Dips – 10 10 11 12

    Sumo Knee Touch & Front Raise & Squat –18 19 19 19

    Wide Leg’s Touch Toe Abs –25 26 25 26

    Bodyrock Sculpt:
    Low Squats –64 
    2) Punch Abs-24

    3) Touch Ball Squats –25
    + BFE
    Thank you so much,guys :)

  • Sanne Truijen

    I really want the app! But I got a Android phone, so how do I download it for Android?

  • shannon

    I’m liking all the new content (especially how workouts are dividing into burn, sculpt, and flow sequences) but let’s not lose organization for the sake speed!  The “Workout Breakdown” is hardly ever correct (“Time, Workout Type, Exercises” table for example).  Why not create a little sidebar with all the equipment links so that the big list doesn’t have to cramp up the page (I know you probably get money from advertising their stuff, but maybe it can just be on the top of the page instead of each post.)  Plus, things like the monthly timetable and “this months program incorporates” that don’t change but are reposted each time… perhaps those can go on the side bar as well?  Or perhaps simply a link for new comers (“If you’re new and want to join our month of special training click here for more info” etc).

    I don’t mean to complain, but the clutter and disorganization discourages me from visiting the site. I’m already hooked, though, and can’t stay away long, but am sure that there are new comers out there who wouldn’t come back. 

    Just a suggestion.  I’d even volunteer to do some reorganizing! :) Let’s just get the site as clean as we want our bodies and diets to be!

    • Mrw322

      I’m pretty sure that no amount of disorganization or clutter could keep me away from visiting the site daily, but I do think that Shannon has made some very helpful suggestions.  It might be especially good for newcomers, as I have gotten the same feedback about how confusing it is from the many people I have recommended the site to.  But a junkie like myself could care less about minor inconveniences.  :)

  • Kat<3bodyrocker4life

    Ok so I made some slight changes to this workout =)  Hope you like it!!
    3 rounds 10 each exercise 100 skip inbetween the exercises all for time!!
    so looks like this
    1/2 burpee (actually did the pushup) + star punch jump 10 reps
    100 skip
    elevated pushup + elevated dip 10 reps
    100 skip
    sumo knee touch + front raise with sq 10 reps
    100 skip
    star abs with UGI ball 10 reps
    100 skip
    that is one round do that 2 more times for a total of 3 rounds…
    next same idea 3 rounds only 20 reps each now with 100 skips inbetween
    low sq with UGI ball 20 reps
    100 skip
    punch abs 20 reps
    100 skip
    touch ball sq 20 reps
    100 skip
    that was 1 round repeat 2x for total of 3 rounds =) After the 2nd round I was wanting to quit!!  Don’t Quit!! Keep pushing yourself..
    My time was 36:36

    My legs and arms are killing me =) Enjoy!

  • Anonymous

    hi guys

    after work tonight I did “no fear exercise challenge”  I increased the sets I did this time by 5.  but I improved my form immensely.  I have almost mastered ninja’s!

    I ordered a sandball by alpha strong,  it should replace the ugi, so I’m excited to try it out tomorrow!

  • ZoeRocker

    Teshia, I really love your talks. It helps me calm down and take a moment to thank myself for “doing” what I want, but also taking a break when I need it. Sometimes these workouts can be a a lot to handle especially after a long day at work. If all I had to do is “BodyRock” as a job like Lisa Marie, then I would for sure be in crazy shape like her and work out like a mad woman. But it’s not my job, so I have to fit BodyRocking in, rather than fit my job in (cuz we all gotta pay the bills!) What I’m saying is that I am happy that you brought the point up of making sure to listen to your inner self. It is just as important as pushing yourself to your “edge”.

  • JessJN

    I didn’t BR tonight, but I went for a walk.  I can’t believe how much fatigue is caused by a little growing baby!  I’m looking forward to a few months from now when supposedly my energy will increase… I made a tasty turkey & vegetable soup tonight: 

  • Veronika Schwarzova

    Shouldn’t this be a day 2 week 3?

    • Anonymous

      hi veronika, they revised their schedule.  according to the revised schedule they will only post this tuesday and thursday, if they have time, next week tuesday & thursday will be lite

  • jjboch

    LOVE all the  new moves!!!  Yeehawww!