May 21 2012

Couplet Workout – Body Heat Burn & Sculpt Workout & New Warm Up Flow

Hi BodyRockers,

It’s Victoria day here in Canada – a national holiday – but that didn’t stop us from cranking out an awesome workout for you guys. We were hoping to catch the fireworks celebration tonight but we hunkered down and decided to get the post up instead :)

We have been talking a lot about consistency as we training up for the summer, but now that the nice weather has finally started to arrive we want to encourage you to keep at your training. Fitness follows a very predictable seasonal cycle – people tend to train for key events like a holiday, a wedding or some kind of special occasion. Fitness is also all about making “resolutions” and this tends to happen especially at New Years. We all want to look good for the summer so we tend to use that as a motivating force, but then when the nice weather arrives we tend to coast or slack until September when it all kicks up again. The truth is that if we are consistent about putting in our daily training and avoid the peaks and valleys it becomes just about 100% easier. It’s the difference between living it and the drama of the struggle people find themselves in.

Enjoy your training today (it’s a killer).


You can download the app for the iphone here: and the android version is here:

”BodyRock Lite” starts this week !! – Like the Facebook Page to keep up to date. Think of it as BodyRock for complete beginners – the perfect on ramp to making fitness and clean eating a daily part of your life.

The 30 Day Timetable:

(*you complete all the tasks on each day – everything will be included in the daily post you need to complete each workout – so just check in everyday*)

Tip: Depending on where you are in the world, It’s handy to always work a day behind as somedays the videos include more content and do not go up until later :)

Click Here to download a copy – Cross off the days to keep you on track :))

Note: There are paper copies of all the workouts available on Lisa-Marie’s Facebook Page Here that you can print off to take with you.


 BodyRock Burn:
BodyRock Burn Workout Video:

Set your interval timer to 30 rounds of 50 seconds work with a 10 second rest – Today we work in a couplet style – repeat each couplet (pair of exercises) 3 times through before moving on to the next pair.

Rounds are 10s rest, 50 s work! Total of 30 rounds. Oh yaaaa!

Note: Intermediate/beginners – Do Two Rounds of each Couplet for a total of 20 rounds :))

Couplet 1:

1. Switch Lunge with Oblique Chop – Using the Ugi ball

2. Alternating Sandbag Swing – Using the pink Sandbag

Couplet 2:

1. Sandbag Deadlift & 1/2 Burpee – Using the pink Sandbag

2. Weighted squat jumps – Using the pink Sandbag or the Ugi ball

Couplet 3:

1. Clean and Press & Squat & Press – Using the pink Sandbag or the Ugi ball

2. Elevated Under Knee Push-Up

Couplet 4:

1. 10 x Plank Shoulder Touch  & 10 x Toe Touch – Using the Ugi ball

2. Goblet Squat & Press – Using the pink Sandbag or the Ugi ball

Couplet 5:

1. Tuck Elevated Arm Abs – Using the Indian Clubs for extra Resistance

2. Upright Row & 1/2 Burpee – Using the pink Sandbag

 BodyRock Burn Tutorial:
 BodyRock Burn Tutorial Video:

 BodyRock Sculpt:
BodyRock Sculpt Workout Video:

Leg, Ass & Inner & Outer Thigh:

Complete 25 Reps of the following 3 exercise Routines:

A) Squeezes:

1a) 25 Squeezes – Legs Hip Distance apart

2a) 25 Squeezes – Knees Together

3a) 25 Squeezes – In & Out

4a) 25 Squeezes – Hold the Squeeze & In & Out with the Knees

B) Ass Inner & Leg Workout: (Repeat Left & Right Side Separate)

1b) 25 L leg Lift & Lower

2b) 25 Straight Leg Lift

3b) 25 Straight Leg Cross Over

4b) 25 Bent leg press to the ceiling

C) Inner & Outer Thigh: (Repeat Left & Right Side Separate)

1c) 25 Straight Leg Outer Thigh

2c) 25 Forward Bent L Press

3c) 25 Straight Leg Heal Toe Static Leg hold & Press Toe forward and back

4c) 25 Small Straight Leg Presses up and down

Bonus – Chest & Back Weighted Sculpt Cool Down:

Complete the following exercises below. Ideally you should be doing either between 8-10 repetitions or 10-15 repetitions. Make sure you don’t compromise your form for repetitions.

1) Chest Press – Using the pink Sandbag

2) Bentover Row – Using the pink Sandbag

3) Upright Row – Using the pink Sandbag

4) Deadlift Left Leg – Using the pink Sandbag

5) Deadlift Right Leg – Using the pink Sandbag

6) Reverse Push-Ups – Using the BodyRock Equalizer or Dip Station

7) Around the world – Using the pink Sandbag

 BodyRock Flow:
BodyRock Flow Workout Video:

This months program incorporates:

– Intense Total Body ‘BodyRock Burn’ Workouts – 12 Minute Workouts specifically designed to maximize fat loss.

– Specific Isolated Weighted ‘BodyRock Sculpt’ Program to run alongside the Burn & Flow Components – To Dramatically Improve Overall Toning & Strength

– ‘BodyRock Flow’ – Improve strength, flexibilty and help create long lean & limber muscles to support the ‘Burn & Sculpt’ Workouts.

– Diet Challenges – Focusing on Portion Sizes, Recipes, Tips & Help with all aspects of Diet & Food – Ensuring you keep focused and on Track through the 30 Day Programme.

– Support – Everyday we will be personally checking in with you on Facebook to keep you motivated, share food & give constant tips and tricks on ways to keep motivated, stay focused & on track.

– Lisa-Marie’s Facebook page: click here, Sean’s Facebook page: click here, Freddy’s Facebook page: click here


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  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much,Lisa,today I did this.I was using 2x4kg.dumbells,it was tough but great:)
    Couplet 1:
    1. Switch Lunge with Oblique Chop –15 16
    2. Alternating Sandbag Swing –26 28
    Couplet 2:
    1. Sandbag Deadlift & 1/2 Burpee –10 10
    2. Weighted squat jumps – 36 36
    Couplet 3:
    1. Clean and Press & Squat & Press – 9 9
    2. Elevated Under Knee Push-Up-I used a chair-23 25
    Couplet 4:
    1. 10 x Plank Shoulder Touch  & 10 x Toe Touch –  1 1 sets
    2. Goblet Squat & Press – 26 26
    Couplet 5:
    1. Tuck Elevated Arm Abs – 15 16
    2. Upright Row & 1/2 Burpee – 22 24
    Bonus – Chest & Back Weighted Sculpt Cool Down:-I did 15 reps of the exercises.

  • Anonymous

    wow this required determination haha, i was drowned in sweat by the end of it!

    switch lunge and chop-23/21/21
    SB swing-28/28/29
    SB deadlift and burpee-10/10/7
    weight squat jumps-25/25/28
    clean and press and squat and press-7/6/6 and a half
    elevated under knee push up-8/8/10
    10x plank shoulder touch and 10x toe touch-1 1/2 /1/1
    goblet squat and press-12/11/10
    tuck elevates arm abs-14/17/21
    upright row and burpee-11/12/11

  • Sofia

    I absolutely love this bonus video!! I need to save it somewhere. It’s the second week that I did it after one of the workouts. This time I showed it to my friend, and it killed us both. Awesome job! 

  • Sofia

    Haha this is awesome. It’s almost what i sound like in my head. especially after the 4 oreos :). I totally struggle when it comes to cookies and sweets, yummy. 

  • Anonymous

    hey there!

    just finished “Killer body heat workout”  I used my sandball filled with 20.5 lbs for the swings, deadlifts, clean & presses, and upright rows.  used my 8lb medicine ball for front lunge ugi twist, & low squat & press.  and no weight for squat jumps.  just planked the under knee pushups as I’m trying to develop my ab strength, and just did the plank shoulder touches taking them slow and making sure I did not twist side to side at all.  the v-abs  had to put my hands down for support.

    front lunge/ ugi twist – 10, 10, 11
    sandbag swing – 29, 27, 28
    deadlift & 1/2 burpee – 14, 9, 9
    squat jumps – 20, 15, 16
    clean & press & squat & press – 6, 5, 5
    plank – held
    plank shoulder touch – 19, 18, 18
    low squat & press – 10, 8, 11
    v- abs – 20, 20, 20
    upright row & 1/2 burpee – 9, 9, 9

    followed with a bunch of the flow moves for stretching!

    got to go get ready for my son’s grad now, see ya! thanks!

  • Brittany Verner

    Finally did the sculpt today even though I did the burn on Monday. Amazing and hard workout. I loved it. I really enjoyed the matt work even though it burned like crazy! 

     I also did a hatha yoga class today because my back was really hurting. I was wondering if one of the upcoming flow workouts could be devoted to back health. I find that my back is usually the area where I hurt the most whether I am working out or not. 


  • Chris Lee

    slowed it down and went for form over reps.

    switch lunge & oblique chop (16# med ball) 18-14-15
    alt sb swing (40#) 27-27-25

    sb d-lift & 1/2 burpee 11-11-11
    weighted jump squat (40#) 16-16-16

    clean-press/squat-press (40#) 6-7-7
    elevated knee under p-u 12-11-12

    plank 10x shoulder/10x toe 1.5-1.5-1.5
    goblet squat & press (40#) 11-13-13

    tuck elevated arm abs (no weight) 18-17-17
    upright row & 1/2 burpee (40#) 8-8-9

  • Ucanl0cateme

    wow loved it! I’m sure my yogo instructure used this flow workout in my class today..this exact one :)

  • Ucanl0cateme

    wow loved it! I’m sure my yogo instructure used this flow workout in my class today..this exact one :)

  • Anonymous

    This is from now on one of my favorite workouts. Lisa why you want to kill me? I love it you want to kill me!! I came to a point I did not know what kind of exercise I was doing. I was like pouring sweat and I just went blank. I feel so good now. This was a total killer machine workout. I’m done for the day…now I can do other things…I hope…haha. Love you xxx

  • Alisa Sondhi

    this one is a KILLER!!!! goodness! Did this yesterday and once again today. both time still killed me, but oh boy.. i feel GREAT afterwards!!! :D Awesomeness!! Now im up for a good productive day! Hopefully my exam preparation will be as fun as BRing :P. Thank u Lisa-Marie!!!! :D

  • Brittany Verner

    Wow brutal! I loved the workout though and the new style of the flow videos. I was wondering…Can we have a side category for the flow videos on the website? I like to go back to them, but it is hard to go through old posts to find them. 

  • Lisa

    I decided to do 2 rounds of each couplet instead of 3…kind of crunched for time, but also a little intimidated!! I am a seasoned Body Rocker too…the 20 minutes was plenty and I was a sweaty mess after! My scores using a 20lb sandbag:

    Couplet 1:
    17, 18
    26, 27

    Couplet 2:
    13, 13
    30, 25

    Couplet 3:
    7, 8
    12, 12 (did the 2nd set from the floor)

    Couplet 4:
    1.75, 2.25 sets of 10/10
    9, 10

    Couplet 5:
    14, 17 (no weight)
    11, 12

    Great workout, guys! Thanks!

  • Sarah j

    Best workout so far for me! Great work guys I loved it! :)

  • Natalie King

    This routine was awesome. I felt the burn the entire time I was doing this. I also introduced a friend of mine to BodyRock with this routine. I’m not sure how well she’s moving today. LOL. Watching her trying to walk up her stairs yesterday was interesting!

    Me, I’m going to do a bit of yoga in the park on my lunch (mid-70s) and then this light routine before I hit my second job tonight. I am definitely seeing results. Thank you!!

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know how much weight is in Lisa’s sandbag!!??? :))))

  • Anonymous

    Lisa Marie,  I just wanted to comment on your excellent tutorial today!  I feel like you read my comments and I knew all along that you were able to do those low squats!  and the tutorial really stressed proper form over quantity!  it was excellent.  I almost didn’t watch it as I have never really needed someone to tell me how to modify an exercise, have always been able to figure that out on my own, (sometimes when you are a short person in a world designed for taller people you have to figure out how to make things work for you!)  glad I did!

    I really enjoyed the flow of Teshia’s workout as well, I look forward to seeing and doing others!

  • ZoeRocker

    Thanks Nairn! It went well. Just vegging out on the couch now:)

  • ZoeRocker

    Thanks Nairn! It went well. Just vegging out on the couch now:)

  • ZoeRocker

    I’d say start with 15lbs. If that is too light for you, try 18. Mine is 20lbs and I am a “seasoned” BRer. It is very challenging. I know that in some of the older videos with Zuzana, she was using up to 35lbs (very heavy). Hope this is helpful. Welcome to bodyrock!!! You’re going to love it!

  • ZoeRocker

    I’d say start with 15lbs. If that is too light for you, try 18. Mine is 20lbs and I am a “seasoned” BRer. It is very challenging. I know that in some of the older videos with Zuzana, she was using up to 35lbs (very heavy). Hope this is helpful. Welcome to bodyrock!!! You’re going to love it!

  • ZoeRocker

    Ya, bad timing for junk food for me but it was SUPER worth it. I had steamed broccoli for dinner and a few dates for dessert. Not a whole lot but I’m a bit woozy from the T3’s. 

  • ZoeRocker

    Ya, bad timing for junk food for me but it was SUPER worth it. I had steamed broccoli for dinner and a few dates for dessert. Not a whole lot but I’m a bit woozy from the T3’s. 

  • Jules

    Loved this w/o thanks so much. 

  • Anonymous

    I worked out with bodyrock for over a year without any equipment other than a gymboss, which I didn’t get until 3 months after I started.  I now own only one piece of equipment which is the dip station which I got in december!  You don’t need equipment just imagination and ingenuity!

  • Cindy

    I did it at home today. This killer workout made sweat like a river. I just looooooooooveeeeee!
    Couplet 1
    Switch lunge with oblique chop Med ball of 10 pounds 27-28-27
    Alt sandba swing 16 pounds 36-36-32
    Couplet 2
    Sandbag deadlift and 1/2 burpee 18-18-18
    Weighted squat jump 41-40-47
    Couplet 3
    Clean and press squat and press sandbag 12-11-10
    Elevated under knee push up 16-16-14 (This was a mental test)
    Couplet 4
    10x plank shoulder touch and 10x toe touch 2 set 1 set 2 set (used everything my med ball, stability, and basketball) I still was very hard to do it
    Goble squat and press 15-15-15
    Couplet 5
    Tuck elevated arm abs 18-20-20 (only bodyweight)
    Upright row and 1/2 burpee 12-12-10
    I ended up with the squeezes workout.
    Thank so much for this killer and effective workout!

  • Elena Ioan

    If you were questioning your body’s cool down system (and by that, I mean your ability to sweat), at the end of this workout, you should arrive at some pretty clear conclusions about it’s efficiancy! ;-)

  • Mmghia

    Yesterday did an old workout ‘The Trainer Who Loved Me’ as recommended by Isadora and man did it hurt! Time was 27:57. Last time I did this was Mar 2011 and I was not able to do the complete 60 reps so Yeah Me!

  • Janet

    Isn’t this a 30 minute workout if you do 30R 10/50 or did I misunderstand??
    I did my 5 mile hill run…warm up :)
    couplet 1 : averaged 18 lunges and 25 sandbag swings
    couplet 2: averaged 11 deadlifts and around 40 jumps
    couplet 3: averaged 12 presses and under knee half way push ups (shoulder tweaked at the moment)
    couplet 4: averaged 45 taps and I think about 12 goblets
    couplet 5: averaged about 15 abs and 11 burping rows

    good workout…off to the ocean now!

    • Anonymous

      I think it is a 30 minute workout. 

      • Janet

        Yeah, it IS alright!  I was lured into it by the 12 minute heading, suckah!

        • Anonymous

          ha ha!  that heading never changes no matter how long the workout!  It also says one exercise!  lol

          • Janet

            That only goes to show how inconsistent I am on these workouts!

  • Cindty

    This is my workout for today. I have to say that I AM ADDICTIVE TO BODYROCK.TV!

  • Jennifer Hanscom Miller

    Here are my scores, I only did the first part today. I stay home full time with my kiddos so its hard to workout for an hour or more. 20min does me fine :)   I used a 20lb sandbag, 8lb Ugi and a 15lb dumb bell. I didn’t do the shoulder/toe touches I just planked and I did the squat jumps w/o weight. The goblets I used my Ugi.  Under knee pushups I just did straight pushups on my knees.

    Couplet 1  18,19,21   
    Couplet 2   14,15,16
    Couplet 3     8,7,7 
    Couplet 4    planked
    Couplet 5    21,19,19

  • suisse anon

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a full yoga routine work out like once a month. Sometimes on a Sat or Sunday I want to to a nice yoga routine but not sure how to put it all together. Would be great to have a nice full one (like an hour long… :) to do for those active weekends when the weather sucks!!

    • Mt Girl

      You should check out yogatoday on youtube, they have some pretty long sequences on there…also yogayak.  ;)

  • Dance

    The exercises are good and Lisa is good at demonstrating and her energy is good. The yoga is ridiculous. I have been dancing and doing yoga for years, her hair all over the place and her airhead comments as she does contortion is like an SNL skit.  Just don’t watch it if you don’t like what you see. The workouts are good, that is why most of us watch it.

    • Anonymous

      Oh come on, this is a bit harsh don’t you think? 

      I think she’s sweet, and doing a great job of getting used to presenting on camera. Give her a chance or, to parrot your own words back at you, “Just don’t watch it if you don’t like what you see”, instead of leaving mean comments.

      • Sofia

        I think she’s really sweet too. I just find her so soothing, just hearing her talk relaxes me :) I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you’re right, this was mean. 

    • Anonymous

      I’m surprised that if you have done yoga for years, that you have never seen anyone with long hair do it?  and do you ever think maybe she is being asked to do the “contortion” poses? for Wow factor?  I personally thinks she comes off as sweet and caring!

      • ZoeRocker

        I think she does one “crazy pose” per video. Its just to show where you can get if you”re serious about yoga. I think Teshia is adorable:)

      • ZoeRocker

        I think she does one “crazy pose” per video. Its just to show where you can get if you”re serious about yoga. I think Teshia is adorable:)

  • Liz B

    fabulous workout…10kg sandbag here are my scores
    couplet 1
         1.) 27,27,29
         2.) 25,26,27
    couplet 2
        1.) 16,18,20

         2.) 38,40,40
    couplet 3
       1.) 10,10,10—I just couldn’t break 10 :p…will next time though!!!!!
       2.) 20,20,20
    couplet 4
       1.) 1.5 sets, 2 sets, 2.5 sets  (set = 10shoulder touch 10 toe touch)
       2.) 15,18,20
    couplet 5
       1.) 27,30,36
       2.) 12, 20, 20

    feeling FABULOUS…now I got to go teach spin class :)..loving it… thanks so much keep them coming!!!

  • Erica

    Love this workout! Its awesome that you guys are giving us more to build on and work with if 12 minutes just isn’t enough. Thanks!

  • Vivi

    Agree…KILLER one !!! OUCH. I’m sweating a lot !!
    Very challenging this kind of set with couplets ;)

    So my score is :

    – Couplet 1 :
    1/ Switch lunge & chop 10kg : 20.21.22
    2/ Swing 10kg : 37.36.39

    – Couplet 2
    1/ Half burpee 10kg : 18.19.20
    2/ jump squat 10kg : 50.53.51 (OUCH!)

    – Couplet 3
    1/ Clean Press Squat Press 10kg: 13.12.12
    2/ Elevated knee under PU : 21.22.22 (arms so sore)

    – Couplet 4
    1/ 10 Plank shouldertouch – 10 toe touch : 2 set + 10 shoulders touch / 3 set + 4 shoulders touch / 3 sets + 10 shoulders touch
    2/ Squat low & Press 10kg : 20.21.22 (Where were my arms for this one !!!)

    – Couplet 5
    1/ Tuck abs 6kg : 28.27.29
    2/ Upright row 10kg & plank : 18.16.20

    Now Bonus Chest with 30 reps
    And my own Extra Abs.

  • ZoeRocker

    I just got back from a long weekend in Portland Oregon, where they have so much awesome vegan and gluten free food! It is a great city with lots of cool stuff to do, but I have to admit, a lot of the food is still junk. Deep fried, oily, and rich. It had been YEARS since i indulged like that, so I thought, why not? Pizza, burgers, fries, CHEESECAKE! Well, I felt a little sick (literally) after eating there for four days and not having access to a kitchen the WHOLE TIME, booo! I always try and make sure to get a room with a kitchenette but everything was booked solid. I guess its a popular destination… Anyway, I am always super on top of my diet and I now have a serious junk food hangover to recover from. I also must admit that I did not work out all weekend! That’s right, no workouts for 5 days actually… I walked a LOT, but I know I’ll pay for that next time I work out for sure! I plan on doing this one tomorrow morning before my, DUN DUN DUN… knee surgery!!! I’ll be out of commission for awhile, but I am hoping to have a speedy recovery. I guess the junk food and booze aren’t going to help but I will be back on track with all my favourite veggie snacks and fresh fruit. Wish me luck!

    • Anonymous

      I was born and raised in Portland!! I now live outside of Salem though for school.  I hope you got to enjoy more then just the food. :)

      • ZoeRocker

        Yes I enjoyed the vintage shopping too, and some long fun walks around the different areas. I only had the weekend so it wasn’t enough time to do it all but I will for sure be going back. Portland is definitely my cup f tea!

    • Mmghia

      Zoe, prayers for you for a successful surgery and full and quick recovery!! Michelle

      • ZoeRocker


      • ZoeRocker


    • Anonymous

      Sounds like you had fun!  I like the “hangover” ha ha!  good luck on your surgery, and I hope you’ve been collecting a lot of ideas for “leg free” workouts!

      -pullups, reverse pullups, lots of abs, doing some of these sculpt exercises from a seated position, curls, presses, dips, one leg pushups?