May 24 2012

BodyRock Lite & Flow Cool Down Routine – We love you Mom!

Hi BodyRockers,

Sean is back to host today’s BodyRock Lite after a long break from being in front of the lens :) He has been BodyRocking right along with us, but has also been helping out behind the scenes – shooting and editing videos and generally just doing a great job. I would really appreciate it if you guys would show this post some “like” love because Sean was feeling a bit nervous and he could really use some support and encouragement – thanks!

Speaking of family, we have a really personal investment in the BodyRock Lite – because our mom recently quite timidly expressed an interest in starting to follow BodyRock and to be honest when we make these videos we picture our sweet little mom trying the exercises. We want to create Lite routines that are full of love, are gentle enough for true beginners, and can be a starting point for Mom (and Dad – how cool would THAT be). For everyone else out there – welcome to the family!



BodyRock iphone App is now available : are BodyRockers posting meals, sharing tips, and generally just being supportive and awesome – it’s a free lovefest so check it out :)

The 30 Day Timetable:

Click Here to download a copy – Cross off the days to keep you on track :))

Note: There are paper copies of all the workouts available on Lisa-Marie’s Facebook Page Here that you can print off to take with you.

 BodyRock Lite:

Complete the following exercises below:

- Aim for 75 reps of 3 x 25 split intervals of each :)

1) 50 or 75 Air Squats

2) 50 or 75 Beginner Push Ups

3) 50 or 75 Bent Over Row – Using the pink Sandbag

– Add 30 Slow Bike Crunches to Finish

 BodyRock Flow:
BodyRock Flow Workout Video:

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  • Amy Jensen

    What happened to the rest of May’s 30 Day Challenge?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Bella Rifatta! The concept of “time is money” is not misguided at all, even if the “time” I’m speaking of belongs to me or you.

    Let me put it this way: Do you pay for facebook? How about YouTube? What about Yahoo Mail?

    These are all companies providing services (not “products” like a prepared meal) to thousands of people, and for free. One, because it’s the only way to spread their material around effectively (who would PAY per email? Or buy an album of an unknown band? Or to watch workout videos from a person they don’t know or care about yet?).

    And two, because they know that once they get a big enough audience, that audience becomes a cash cow. Millions of viewers, means millions of clicks, the end. And if Vitamin Water can steal some of the clicks from your website over to theirs, they’ll PAY Bodyrock tons of dough just to feature their ads on the side. THAT’s what I mean by “attention” worthy. I do not mean “workout time,” as you have so cutely put it.

    TV shows cost thousands of dollars to produce, but that’s really NOTHING compared to the money that those shows reap in advertising. This is cultural studies 101: content is FREE because audiences are NOT. Reel in the eyeballs, and sell them off to ad space.

    While I agree with you that “A few outliers are always expendable,” I also believe that the website quality (perceived to be dwindling by some) is an issue I have right to comment on as a viewer. This is the COMMENTS section. That was mine.

    Thanks for sharing yours!

  • Justinatayl

    On positive note I absolutely love flow in the sequence. I been doing it everyday after my workout since it’s been posted. I would love to see more flow workouts in sequence. Thank you. Justina

  • Justinatayl

    On positive note I absolutely love flow in the sequence. I been doing it everyday after my workout since it’s been posted. I would love to see more flow workouts in sequence. Thank you. Justina

  • Chelsey_rawlings

    This BodyRock Lite was perfect for me today. I was sick yesterday and I can’t tell if I’m still sick today or if I’m just weak from laying around all day yesterday, so I’m just slowly trying some of the moves. I didn’t want to get completely out of my workout routine, and I’m definitely taking it easy, but I was SO relieved when I saw it was a Lite routine today! Thanks so much, guys! 

  • Anonymous

    Hahah thanks, Nicole. Used Indesign CS5 and a whooole lotta copy/pasting.

  • Anonymous

    Hope this works…

  • Lacey

    I really like her. She makes BR worth checking in on anymore.

  • Lacey

    I just wonder what happened to making people functionally strong with body weight workouts, and actually seeing a “real” person share her workouts with us — and that is not to say that Lisa-Marie is fake. Just that I feel like BR is no longer about a group of people who want to be healthier and part of a community, but about Advertising and “a WAM-BAM thank you MAM” type workouts.

  • JessJN

    I like this routine; it’s easy to tweak into something more challenging for any experienced Bodyrocker.  It’s in my log to do later.

    I’ve been making up a lot of my own routines lately, since I’m pregnant.  For anyone interested, here’s a link to those routines:

    Here’s a yummy ginger peach smoothie I made, too: 

  • Janet

    I like the addition of the flow videos and the attention it brings to the need for strength plus flexibility.  That being said, it is my personal thought that overall the workout/strength/HIIT options are getting spread too thin.  I’d love to watch each one of them, but I simply haven’t got the time to pick and choose (AND workout!).   It’s a bit like if you walk into a shoe store and get overwhelmed by the selection…very often you tend to walk out empty handed rather than muddle through a decision. 

    One option per day worked well for me: a quick check in, jot down the details, no choosing to be done other than which variation  accommodates one’s personal strengths and weaknesses.  I truly appreciate you are trying to appeal to all levels, but I would probably say less is more.  

    Also, is it possible to update the menu bar at the top of each workout that give one a quick overview of the length of the workout, etc. (I have discovered they are not all 12 minutes long, with one bodyweight exercise!)  It is a handy reference when squeezing a workout into a tight schedule.  If you can reference what equipment is needed within that particular workout only it would be extremely helpful, tooI only mention these things because it is obvious you are all working very hard to expand the interest level of BR (very much appreciated, too)  and you have requested our thoughts on what appeals the most.  

    Thank you!

  • Cindy

    I did it after #19 and Hot Pink Workout. I am not flexible at all, For this reason, I am going to try these yoga moves from now on. I am not into yoga because you have to be patient and hold the pose while breathing. I feel that I am rushing to finish.

  • http://BodyRock.Tv/ Lvette_1

    Okay Freddy, you asked for our opinions, so here is mine. Hopefully, you see it as my caring for Bodyrock.Tv. First and foremost I think you got just a bit shaken by events  this year and because of that amped up / pushed BR.Tv  sexualization a bit too much in order to get youtube viewers. I’m not a prude, BR.Tv was always sexy but there is something different about how it has been portrayed this year. I like seeing athletes showing their well tone bodies in full splendor. I’m quite uncomfortable with still shots this year (I can’t explain why I’m so unnerve by the pictures now).

    Also, in trying to be and do everything BR.Tv I feel losses it core. We really don’t need three routines for  one day.  I want to do the excerise Lisa Marie/Sean/Teshia does at home, and it doesn’t feel that way anymore to me. I’m not against equipment (owe Ugi, Dip Station and sandbag), but I really don’t want to use all three in one routine. I may as well go to the gym if running from one equipment to another was my goal. I’ve liked and enjoyed every host, but I think lately  their talent are not utilized well.

    My advise is to get a focus group (your Mom, Dad,  Auntie, Sean, Lisa,  yourself and some honest friends) to look through past videos and then compare them to the ones be produced lately. I believe all will come to the same conclusion.   Something is not working and it has nothing to do with the  hosts. Take the time, detached yourself  and critic BR.Tv as a fan not a producer.  

    I hope this post is not  interpreted by anyone in this community as a nagative post. I’ve never posted a negative comment. I tried to be attached but I need to say my peace. I still workout but tend to do my own mashups these days. ” I’m not a hater or a member of a BR hater group” what I am is just a dishearten BRocker. I not asking for or even want the old BR.Tv back, I want a better BR.Tv. I know I’m not getting that  now. Gone for now but hopefully not for good.


  • Anonymous

    hi precious pets (heidi)

    they have made a facebook page for teisha and flow.  here’s the link

  • Anonymous

     Your time and mine is worth something. The service is free, but not exactly “free” if you catch m’drift. This is how content and the internet works, free makes the world go ’round. Rock on, Sharill! :)

    • Carrie

      I think all the above comments have been really constructive, and not about ‘complaining’ – the whole point of having a comments section is for just that, ie comments and feedback. And no Leverlock, you’re not a simpleton – I tried someone’s tip of doing a couple of reps of each exercise before starting the workout, and sometimes I still get muddled up in the workout, which could cause injury at worst and an unsatisfying workout at the least.

      Responses of ‘don’t follow it if you’re not strong or smart enough’ are a little off the mark; if someone has an interest in following an exercise website and seeing it progress, of course they’re going to comment on things they find frustrating. If they didn’t, the BRTV crew would have no idea about their target audience’s needs. It’s not about not being smart or strong enough –  since when were you obliged to have a minimum IQ and strength level to partake in a workout here? 

  • Anonymous

     Your time and mine is worth something. The service is free, but not exactly “free” if you catch m’drift. This is how content and the internet works, free makes the world go ’round. Rock on, Sharill! :)

  • Anonymous

    Howdy, Tina. The new moves are pretty cool, but memorizing them takes longer than performing them, I find… Maybe I’m just a simpleton?

  • Anonymous

    Hey, Tiff. Oh, managed my expectations a long time ago. I just miss having workout partners online in the hosts and followers. I fly solo, now… sigh.

    I’ve even made a handy document that’s over 100 pages of all the old workouts if anyone’s interested. I’ll PDF it you you!

  • Anonymous

     Kgilliam, I heart you.

  • Sofia

    I love the sculpt and flow sections, I can’t say enough about how much i love it. It addds on to each workout and it makes me feel challenged. When I’m wiped out after 12 minutes, I can be like, “5 more minutes” and feel accomplished that I pushed myself harder rather than taking the easy way out.

    However, I’m not a huge fan of the lite workouts. I think they’re great for beginners, as some of the other workouts can seem intimidating. However, I fell in love with BR because of their intense workouts that left you like you were going to die. The lite workouts just don’t feel as challenging for some reason.
    I’m by no means in the advanced stage and have to use modifications a lot of the time :) but even when I was a beginner, I appreciated the super intense workouts. I think a more important message is, make it feel intense and get through it, whatever that means to you. If you have to use moficiations through the whole thing, do it. If you can only do one round of the exercises instead of 3, then by all means do that. For people who don’t like the intensity, there are plenty of other sites that show how to do squats and push ups, but BR has always been unique because of the focus on HIIT and it would be nice for it to keep that essence.

    Anyways, as always, thank you guys for all the hard work you put into this. You’re not afraid to try new things and that’s awesome because it allows you to grow, but just like anything, some changes will be a hit and some will not. Sean, you shouldn’t be self conscious about being in front of the camera, you do a great job and I enjoy the empathy that comes through (if you can say there is empathy on working out)  

  • Brittany Verner

    Hey Sean! Great to have you back! You did a great job as always in explaining how to do all of the moves and adding great variations. 

    On another note, I loved the flow cooldown! I would even like longer flow sequences and videos! I just can’t seem to get enough of them! I love doing my bodyrock and then doing a flow video afterwards. Even if it is more strength training or really hard the pace is slower which helps me to slow my breathing more and become more connected with my body! Thanks again guys. 

    p.s. I know it isn’t about weight and it is more about how you feel and the way that your clothes feel…but i am really excited because I have already lost 4lbs doing the challenge this month and we aren’t even done! :D 

  • Anonymous

    Hi,guys,this workout took me 09:05min.I used 7kg. ketlebell for the bentover row .Thank you very much:)

  • Anonymous

    To slightly clarify my other post:  the workouts have gotten uneven but some are still very challenging and what I expect.  I guess my biggest issue is absences of workouts.  It would be quite easy and appreciated if on any given day there is no workout to just put up a post with a link to an old workout to use as a suitable replacement.

  • Mily Miguel

    And well me?
    I will do teeny bikini workout that I have not done and then I will do this for a little extra.

    Have a nice day everyone.

  • Mily Miguel

    Hi Sean,

    Wow this was very cool, I am going to pass this lite workouts to my sis, she used to workout very hard but for some health issues she had to stop and now she thinks she cannot workout, she thinks BodyRock is too heavy for her. I will download these videos and organize them for her, I hope she can start doing them.


  • Mily Miguel

    Hi Sean,

    Wow this was very cool, I am going to pass this lite workouts to my sis, she used to workout very hard but for some health issues she had to stop and now she thinks she cannot workout, she thinks BodyRock is too heavy for her. I will download these videos and organize them for her, I hope she can start doing them.


  • TonyaN

    Welcome back Sean!

  • Brandi Kern

    I am really confused.  I am not complaining, I just want to know if there is something I am missing….. I haven’t found a new workout for non-beginners since last week.  Am I not looking in the right place?  I have been doing old workouts over and over.  I thought we were in the middle of a thirty-day challenge.  Are there more workouts somewhere I am not seeing?  I am probably just being flaky….

  • Jules

    Welcome Back Sean!!!! Nice to see you back.  You did an awesome job after taking so much time away from the camera and being behind the scene.  Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sean!  welcome back!  I like how your trying for more likes by showing sweet little Cali!  Aww, I like ya even without her!  :)  you’re just funny!  and sheepish!  Hope your Mom likes the workout, but maybe it’s just me but for beginners, 50 – 75 reps, whoa, isn’t that a lot? sometimes I’m not sure I can make that many!  lol  Glad to see you again, come back more often!  Your explainations were very good!

    I love the flow!  2 thumbs up!
    and I think I agree with Freddy, that might be my favourite posture as well!

  • Anonymous

    We do have a policy – we don’t mind if somebody disagrees. People can
    disagree or be critical of what we are doing as long as they do it in a
    respectful and intelligent way. We don’t allow people to be rude or
    personally attack anybody. If they cross that line then we may remove
    the conversation, but other than that it’s a fairly open forum and
    people do tend to be really supportive.”

    I have been a BodyRocker for almost 4 years, and I can tell you that
    the focus has definitely shifted. I have tried to express this sentiment
    multiple times, and only ONCE rudely (out of sheer frustration).

    A nicer camera, while excellent for production quality, does nothing
    for the actual quality of the workouts, which is where I think the focus
    should ultimately be. The content is slipping in light of the marketing
    “slicken-ing”, and that’s my biggest issue.

    The workouts have become more complicated than ever, and the feedback
    is not being heard. Keep the workouts simple, accessible, and based on
    the kind of routines/exercises that made BodyRock famous in the first

    I work in marketing, and I see a lot of endeavours being mishandled.
    The app, for example, should have a branded interval timer. It should
    have score-keeping capabilities for tracking performance and chasing
    fitness goals. Boob job journeys should not be publicized on Facebook.
    Photo shoots should be less model-esque, and more fitness-moves based.
    BodyRock Lite (for extreme beginners) should not make use of any
    equipment so as to make the point of entry that much easier. Videos
    should be shot in advance and released on a schedule, not intermittently
    and at the whim of technological diffs and life’s little interruptions.
    The site should have workouts searchable by body part focus, length,
    equipment, etc.

    I think working out in ANY capacity is a great thing, and I have
    BodyRock to thank for changing my life and the way I think about my
    health & fitness. It’s just disappointing on a personal level to see
    the brand head in a different direction from what it could be, should

    • Mmghia

      Leverlock go to they have the videos seperated not only like you mentioned but even more specifically

      • Hautebg doesn’t feature the new Bodyrock workout. Kind of a shame :))) I would have liked to see them all in one place :)))

    • Sofia

      Hey that’s a cool idea! Having an interval timer on the app, or just being able to write the reps on it. Because I understand they get money from Gymboss, and if everyone has a free timer, then we need to pay for the workouts :).

      • Anonymous

        Hi Sofia. Orrrr they could push Gymboss’s digital version on the app, everyone wins!