May 28 2012

Week 4 Day 1 – Show Your Skin – BodyRock Burn, Sculpt & Flow Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

Want motivation? Use LOVE. It works. Many people believe that love is the most powerful force of energy in the universe. I happen to think it’s the whole reason that we are here on this planet. Get some love behind you and you will find that you fly through your workouts. I’m not talking just about romantic love (although that is quite the rocket fuel) it could be love for family, friends, the music you blast while you BodyRock – anything! With all this love flowing, and sweat dripping don’t forget that BodyRocking is an expression of loving yourself too :) So dial up the love guys – I’m going to give Lisa a huge Kiss right now ;)



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 BodyRock Burn:
BodyRock Burn Workout Video:

Set your interval timer to 12 rounds of 50 seconds work with 10 seconds rest. Complete as many reps of the following exercises below as possible.

1) Side Plyometric Jumps

2) Alternative Box Oblique Twists

3) Reverse Push-ups – Legs in & Out Alternate – Using the BodyRock Equalizer or Dip Station

4) 2 x Side Plank Push-Ups,Oblique Knee, Tuck Jump – Alternate between Left & Right Side

 BodyRock Burn Tutorial:

 BodyRock Sculpt:

BodyRock Sculpt Workout Video:

Set your interval timer to 4 rounds of 50 seconds work with a 10 second rest –

You will complete the following exercises below, each for 50 seconds

1) One Leg Box Lunge & Press (Left Leg) – Using the pink Sandbag or the Ugi ball

2) One Leg Box Lunge & Press (Right Leg) – Using the pink Sandbag or the Ugi ball

3) Single Leg Deadlift & Bent Over Row – (Right Row- Left Leg) – Using the pink Sandbag

4) Single Leg Deadlift & Bent Over Row – (Left Row- Right Leg) – Using the pink Sandbag

 BodyRock Flow:
BodyRock Flow Workout Video:

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  • Anonymous

    side plyo jumps-63/59/65
    box oblique twists-26/26/26
    reverse push up-11/13/10
    2xside plank push up, oblique knee, tuck jump-4/4/3

    one leg box lunge and press-18
    one leg box lunge and press -15
    single leg deadlift and bentover row-16
    single leg deadlift and bentover row -17

  • Lena

    I used to love this website, but now all of the workouts need all sorts of equipment that I can’t afford. I’m 17 and I work part-time on minimum wage… I just want to get in shape haha. Could you please post some body weight videos? Thanks!

  • Cindy

    Bodyrock in my kitchen! I did it today.
    1 Side plyometric jumps on a chair 60-60-62 (really felt it in my core)
    2 Alternate box oblique twists 37-38-38 (cute exercise)
    3 Elevated push up with knee tuck 12-12-11
    4 2x side plank pushups oblique knee tuck jump 9-9-9 (made me feel like a superwoman)
    This feels hot
    1 Step lunge L 18
    2 Step lunge R 17
    3 Single leg deadlift and bent over row with 10 pounds bag 17
    4 Left 17
    I ended up with a Kettlebell home workout 3 rounds
    1 10 pounds KB front squat 10
    2 KB swing alternate arms 10 rep
    3 Single arm KB snatch L 5
    4 Single arm KB snatch R 5
    5 Burpee 10
    So nice to workout at HOME!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Conzo
    here’s a workout that has skaters in it, and it’s one you can do if you modify the reptile to your elbows

    this one has snowboarders, and you might be able to modify the other exercises

    this one has turkish get ups in it, and with a little modification you might be able to do it

    here’s some other workouts for you
    I’ll hopefully back later with the links
    Rock your body workout (zuzana’s)
    Killer 600 rep workout
    bubble butt workout
    young tight buns forever workout
    drowning in your own sweat
    cardio & core
    hit your butt exercise challenge
    passionate side lunge jumps
    push back challenge – squat & leg lift
    sexy legs exercise challenge

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    that’s what I thought too, but heard her one time say (or maybe it was a comment on facebook) that it was a filler bag. but it’s not prefilled, you can fill it with water or sand

  • Anonymous

     I used Adobe InDesign!

  • Sarah Spencer

    Today wasn’t as intense as I wanted it to be, I was at work doing it. I just put together 4 exercises and did them three times around. Here are my scores, after not doing it for a while:

    1. Triceps Dips (with folding chair)-20/12/12
    2. Pushups-8/8/8
    3. Elevated Sit ups (Legs on chair)-17/18/20
    4. Squats-20/20/17

  • Anonymous

    80-96-90 Plyo Jumps! Thats incredible!!! The breakdance comment was funny!

  • Amandafit

    80-96-90 Plyo Jumps!  Thats incredible!!! The breakdance comment was funny!

  • Anonymous

     Patience, my pet. Should be up again tomorrow!

  • Anonymous

     Admittedly, once the moves reached a certain level of complication, I deleted those files. I actually recorded quite a few, but couldn’t continue on.

  • Brandi Kern

    This workout was epic. Thank you!!!

  • md

    Hey Lisa – please don’t take this the wrong way but it seems to me as though you are extra skinny lately (were you recently taken ill)??!  Maybe it has something to do with the camera – just wanna make sure you’re not over doing it…

    • rybka

      hey yeah I noticed it too, especially the legs seem sooo tiny. Maybe its just the camera or background. I also hope that Lisa is ok.

  • Anonymous


    I had my workout all planned today, then I just decided I felt like skipping!  so I just made this up!  32 rounds of 10 sec and 20 sec do each exercise twice in a row then do the whole thing over again
    twice high knees skipping – 37, 35 round two – 27, 47
    pushups 8, 7 round two – 10, 9
    HKS – 39, 35 round two – 26, 30
    assisted pullups one set wide one set chinups – 5, 5 round two – 6, 5
    HKS – 28, 40 round two – 38, 36
    squat jumps – 12, 9 round two – 12, 12
    HKS – 41, 34 round two – 33, 34
    sit ups – 5, 7 round two – 6, 6

    have a good day!

    • cindy

      I love to add skipping to my workouts. they are a fantatic fat loss exercise.

  • Anonymous

    Hi,guys,I did it today,here is my score :
    Side Plyometric Jumps 47 52 55
    Alternative Box Oblique Twists 27 38 38
    Reverse Push-ups 12 14 14  (it was hard with the legs out)
    2 x Side Plank Push-Ups,Oblique Knee, Tuck Jump 6 7 8

    Bodyrock sculpt:-  I used 8kg.kettlebell for the exercises.
    One Leg Box Lunge & Press (Left Leg)- 22
    One Leg Box Lunge & Press (Right Leg)- 21
    Single Leg Deadlift & Bent Over Row – 15
    Single Leg Deadlift & Bent Over Row-15+ BFE
    Thank you very much,guys :)

  • Xercisechick

    I would love to get more exercises to do when I can’t use my wrist at all–I’ve seriously injured it, and can’t do rows, push-ups, burpees, reverse push-ups, etc…. I got a GREAT suggestion for a workout on Lisa Marie’s FB page, but it looks like I have another week (at least) of complete inactivitiy for my wrist. I want to keep my trajectory straight for my workouts, but I’m getting a bit discouraged when I can’t do my BR! I would appreciate any suggestions!!

    • Anonymous

      hi Xercisechick

      here’s some – snowboarder, leg raises, sit up, toe touches butt lift, superman/roll to chest lift, side crunch, star crunch, rolling jump tuck, jump tucks, turkish get ups,jump to side & lunge or kick, side lunge jump, round kicks over chair,walking lunges, skaters, jump lunges, low jacks, v-abs,one leg deadlift, one leg touchdowns, one leg wall sit, jump squat, one leg jump squat, squats, one leg squat, dynamic squats, prisoner squats, squats with knee up or step up, sumo squats, with side leg lifts or front kick, jump forward two jump back, box jump, and those toe touch on box like lisa was just doing  and then depending on your wrist you could maybe do planks on your elbows, knee unders, one leg lifts, side to side jumps, jacks off floor or off your couch etc.

  • Zmonky

    It seems to me that you’re in a hurry and sacrificing the form for the number of reps..but it’s just my humble opinion.

  • Jules

    Love the burn and sculpt so much…??? how do you fill the sandbag with water???

  • Nicole Tmy

    I like your shoes in the Bodyrock Burn Workout… reminds me of ninja turtles ^-^ PS haven’t been following you guys as such for a while because no internet at home (actually for about 5 months). SUPER happy that your videos are only 3 mins because i am only using my mobile download limit. Excited to get back into the groove of things again as I have already started yesterday and I am feeling the burn baby!

  • Anonymous

    Hello BodyRocking amigos! For anyone who’s interested in a nice little document to help you keep track of your workout breakdowns and progress (especially for the older routines), I made this pretty little ditty…

    • Kaydea

      This is really great!
      Thank you so much for your effort and time, I love it. I create my own workouts daily putting toghether different exercises and since I forget very often the older ones I believe this will really help me to be more creative :)